January 29, 2009

Jughead photo connection.

Hi Losties,

I just wanted to post this picture to keep you entertained until I post the blog.

This is the woman Desmond talks to at Oxford.
This is the woman at the Oceanic gate in Exodus part2.


  1. Good eye! Mary Ann Taheny plays both charcters. Both her Lostpedia and IMDB page confirm it.

  2. WOW!!!!!that's great! good job Karen!!!!!!

  3. I get a "kick" when certain characters make a surprise appearance in an unexpected place.

  4. Do you think it means anything? (It has to, right?)

    I wonder whose "side" she is on. Since she is thwarting Desmond in this case -- though not too effectively, I have to say -- and Desmond is carrying out Faraday's wishes, and Faraday's motivation is to...well, we don't know for sure...then I'm not sure if she'd be an agent of Ben or of Widmore. Because in the end, Widmore did help Desmond out, so he doesn't seem completely anti-Faraday. I'm totally stumped! This season has been unbelievably mind-bending.

    Allison (one of your loyal followers on MySpace) :-)

  5. Oh man! That's where I've already seen her! You're great Karen! I thought I had already seen her but I gave up! It could be a connection or just the fact that creators didn't think someone would have done the connection and decided to use the same actress for two different characters... but here's Karen! Eye!!! How do you manage to do that? Anyway: I wanted to congratulate with you for the interview with Garcia, can't wait to listen to it!

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  7. I did read the article about the actor pool in Hawaii and how they're having to re-use the same actor in a different role. I'm happy for the actors!
    But on the other hand, on a show like LOST, where the powers that be know how closely we look at things, would be smarter than to do that.
    After all, they brought back Randy Nations from L.A. to be in a scene that took up only a few seconds. (S4)

    You know...put a pair of glasses on Clark Kent and we can't tell it's really Superman. lol!

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  9. Is Kinda like when Hurley's boss at the chicken place turns out to be Locke's boss at the bos company... hmmmm


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