January 25, 2009

Jorge Garcia to join us on the ODI LOST Podcast.

Hi Losties,

Next week LOST Actor and fan favorite Jorge Garcia (Hurley) will be joining Karen and Anil on the ODI LOST Podcast!!

This is great news for not only us, but also all of you out there because he will be answering fan questions!

Of course he will not be able to answer questions about MAJOR spoilers, but hopefully we will be able to get his thoughts on what has happened on the show so far and what he expects will happen.

Based on his filming schedule we will be interviewing him in the next few days, so if you have a question that you would like to ask him please leave it as a comment here or email it to us at:

Since many fans will be sending in questions please limit your questions. We will do our best to ask as many questions but can not guarantee your question will be asked or if he can answer it.

Also please do your best to avoid duplicate questions.

Thanks in advance and we can't wait to do the interview.


~Karen~ and The ODI

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  1. Karen, please ask Mr. Garcia this question, "How many times takes did they make you shoot of Sayid on your back at the door, or was that a fake Sayid? Also, thank you for a great synopsis of LOST at the end of "The Lie." You seem to have a faith as an actor in the writers of LOST who sometimes give you lines a bit out of character. For instance, I would not have expected the dialogue in "The Lie" regarding NOT helping Sayid when he needs help in the future. Did you question the character's motivation, or do you just play it as written?


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