January 3, 2009


Let's talk about LOST! The Glass Ballerina.

A beautiful glass ballerina figurine is tumbling through the air. It crashes down and shatters in front of the fireplace.
A little girl runs away from the broken figure.

The little girl sits at the piano. {A metronome keeps tempo/time} SHE IS NOT IN TEMPO/TIME WITH THE METRONOME.
She hears the door open; she stops playing and stops the metronome.
Mr. Paik enters the room with the broken pieces of the figurine in a white bag/sac. The little girl backs away from him. This is Sun.
He asks the child if she broke the ballerina.
Sun- "NO."   She says that the maid broke it.
Mr. Paik tells her if the maid did it he'd be forced to fire her, so he asks her a second time.
Sun stands her ground  saying it was the maid's fault.
A frustrated Mr. Paik walks out.
He little girl appears to have no guilt over her decision to lie.
Sun looks in a mirror and splashes water on her face. She is on the boat. Jin knocks on the bathroom door, tells her to open the door. Sun isn't feeling well.
She says it’s, "Morning sickness."
We see a shot of the sailboat with black smoke rising up in the background.
Sayid is working on a map with an obvious marking pointing north. {Binoculars.}
Sayid is wearing a watch.
Sun translates Jin's request, "My husband says it’s time to leave. He doesn't think Jack and the others are coming. It's been over a day since we lit the fire. It should be here by now."
Sayid insists that Jack knows they are there, "He's counting on our signal."
He goes on to suggest that maybe, if Jack is North of there, the mountains would be blocking their signal and he wouldn't be able to see it.  They need to sail forward along the coast, clear the mountains and start another signal fire.  All along Sun is translating to Jin but Jin won't go for it.
Sayid tells Sun he “Told Jack I would light a fire. I'm not abandoning him."
When Sayid says that, Jin turns away.  Sun attempts to explain to Jin but he gets pissed, shakes her and says, "Sayid is not your husband." {Sayid doesn't even react.}
Sun says to Sayid, "My husband thinks we have to do as he says, because he's the only one who knows how to sail. But he's wrong." {Ah, another wonderful secret brought to you by, Sun!} She will help sail the boat. She defies Jin.
Jack is in his glass cell sleeping in the corner.
A video camera with red blinking light is watching him.
A man guarding him opens the door and Juliet enters bearing food on a tray.   Jack wakes up. She asks him if he's feeling better.  Juliet  made the soup herself. {Well if she isn't friggin' Martha Stewart!} She knocks on the door 2 times to signal the guard to open it and she leaves.
Jack sits in the corner never saying a word.
Juliet knocks twice on another door and Ben opens it, removes his glasses.
He has been watching everything and everyone via various locations video monitors.
Ben-"You never made soup for me."
Just then a woman climbs down a ladder; she asks if she's interrupting something, as she looks at them with a bit of suspicion.   Colleen reports to Ben that they have a situation.   Colleen informs them Ryan radioed in that "The Iraqi found the decoy village."
Ben feels that's good, that's what they wanted.    Colleen goes on to tell him that they have a sailboat. This shocks Ben! "How?"
Juliet is unimpressed as she feels that "Sailing in circles will keep them busy."
Colleen fears "They could find us."
All of this has worried Ben. A team could be put together within the hour. Colleen gives Juliet a dirty look and leaves.
Ben-"And Colleen, I want that boat."
Sawyer in his cage/cell picks up a black rock, trying to retrieve food like the bears.
We hear the fake sounds of nature/animals. Then fan fair music plays signaling he got food.
Kate wakes up in her cage/cell.
Kate- "Nice alarm clock."
Sawyer "I've woke up to worse."
Armed Others take Sawyer and Kate out of the cages; they are given lunch boxes.
As they walk to wherever, they are interrupted by Colleen.   She speaks privately to Danny and he gives her a kiss on the cheek. {They sure do have a lot of guns.} Sawyer watches them.

On the sailboat Sun sees Sayid load a rifle; he is focused!  Jin is looking through the binoculars. Sun apologizes to Jin for disagreeing with him in front of Sayid. Jin says she shouldn't have disagreed period.
Jin- "Why did you even come with us?"
Sun didn't want to be without him.
Sun is lying in bed. The man next to her is revealed to be Jae.   He asks her what's wrong.
Sun-"What's wrong is that I'm married."
He seems unimpressed with that answer; they kiss.
Sun tells him she’s sorry, "I can't." {Note the dark lamp on the table with the light lampshade. Red.}
Jae gives her a gift of PEARLS! Sun  can't wear them because Jin will ask where they came from.
Jae tells her in English he doesn't want to share her anymore, "Your English is excellent now. You can go to America."
There is a knock at the door. Surprised Sun says no one knows she is there.
Jae answers the door and a hotel worker in uniform lets in Mr. Paik.
Jae-"I'm sorry I didn't realize…”
Mr. Paik walks right into the bedroom and sees Sun in the bed wrapped in RED sheets. He tells her to get dressed and walks out.
Suns face initially shows shame, but then...

Sawyer and Kate are led to an area where many people are at work with building something. They are grating and pounding down the ground.
Danny instructs the two- "Alright here's the gig, see these rocks here, that's where you two come in. {He points to Kate} "You're gonna chop em loose, {points to Sawyer} "You're gonna haul em outta here."
Kate comments about her working in a dress.
Danny tells her it's up to her; she can take it off if she wants. Sawyer wouldn't mind one bit if she took it off! {Ah, true love. Uh...Or lust}
Danny goes on to instruct them if they need anything they must raise their hand and they get 10 minutes for lunch.
Like a student in school Sawyer raises his hand but Danny says "No Questions".
Sawyer (child-like) says "She got to ask a question.”
Danny not missing a beat says if they try to run off they will be shocked.
Sawyer mishears him thinking he says shot, 'without a warning?'
Danny continues, if they talk, touch, slacking- if they do anything at all that pisses him off, they will be shocked!
Kate says she's not getting to work until she sees Jack.
Without hesitation Danny walks up to Kate and shocks Sawyer! He tells her "That was a ¼ charge, anymore questions?"
Danny tells Sawyer when he's "able to walk, the wheelbarrow's right over there." (Wheelbarrow- 3 wheels.)
Jin had been summoned to Mr. Paik’s office.
Paik informs Jin "We have a problem." He pushes a file in front of Jin.
Jin opens file to see there's a picture of Jae.
Mr. Paik goes on to tell Jin that this man has been stealing from him and he needs Jin to put an end to it. {Note the liquor in the bottle behind Paik. Also the unique statues and art.}
Jin asks what he stole.
Paik says that's not important. Jin is told that 'delivering a message' as usual will not suffice in this situation.   He NEEDS to put an end to it!
Jin tells him he cannot do that.
Paik says he can.
Jin replies that "It's not his job to..."
Paik-"Your job is what I say it is!"
Jin feels then he can’t work for him anymore.   Jin slams the file down and quits, bows to Paik and starts to walk away.
Upset Paik tells Jin - "You don’t get to quit! This man has shamed me."
Paik says that Jin is "married to his daughter that makes you my son" {as he touches Jin's right shoulder} my shame is your shame. I need you to restore our family's honor."
He picks up the file and gives it back to Jin.
Jin takes it and bows to Mr. Paik.

Jin is on the sailboat cutting the head off a fish with a cleaver.   Sun calls him to the deck. Jin climbs up through the hatch. Sun points out{with 2 friggin fingers, no less}.
Sayid gives Jin the binoculars to see the dock with a covered area at the end.
Sayid comments that the docks decaying, overgrown, like it hasn't been used in quite some time, "Whoever built it they're not here now."
Sayid says they'll bring the boat in, tie it to the dock, build a fire on the beach, the visibility's excellent, Jack will see them for miles.
Jin- "Safe?" in English.
Sayid-"Of course it's safe." {As if Jin asked a silly question!}

Kate is chopping rocks in the dress. Sawyer wheeling away the rocks. There is a small fire burning. {Why?}
Sawyer is eying Kate's backside!
Juliet and Danny are under a covered shelter looking at what appears to be 'plans' or blue prints/diagrams.
Danny won't stand for Sawyer taking a breather so he demands he get back to work! Sawyer calls him boss. {Again}
Rocks are thrown and sounds come from the shrubs; someone is trying to get Kate's attention. It is Alex.
Alex tells Kate to be sure they don't see them talking.  Alex asks if they are keeping her in the cages. She also asks about another guy her age named Karl, was in there with her.
Kate says NO, it's just Sawyer and her. {Like this girl knows Sawyer?}
Alex happens to say, "You’re not even supposed to be in that cage."
Kate looks confused and asks her what she's talking about, who are you? {Kate's not supposed to be in there! What changed to make her be in there? Where was she supposed to be?}
Alex asks where she got the dress because it belongs to her.
Sawyer walks over.  Kate tells him to "Quit staring at her ass."
Danny yells for them to shut up!
At the dock, Sun carries a red container of gasoline.
The dock's sign says "PALA FERRY".
Sayid is preparing for start a fire. {Again}
Sayid tells her to help her husband; they need as much wood as they can find.
Su-"We're building quite a large fire."
Sayid says it’s so Jack will see the smoke.
Sun wants to know why he's lying to her.
Sayid-"And what would you know about lying Sun?"
She tells him that he's putting their lives in danger.
Sayid shares that he is "fairly certain that our friends have been captured. There are tracks all over the dock; they're fresh. As resent as yesterday."
Sun-"You said this dock was abandoned."
Sayid-"That would be part of the lying you mentioned."
Sun -"You're not building this fire for our people, you're building it for the Others."
Sayid-"I suspect that when they see the smoke, they'll send a scout party to investigate. By then it will be night. When they arrive, I'll ambush them. I'll take two of them hostage, and I'll kill the rest."
Sun- "Two?"
Sayid- "One to make the other cooperate."
Sun wants to help. Sayid is sorry, "But I'm going to have to ask you lie to Jin for another 20 minutes."
{Does Jin really understand English ?!}
Sayid explains to her once the fire is lit, it will be too late to go back. He tosses the red gas can.
Sun is looking at her reflection in a dark plate/dish. Jin enters through double doors; he has a file. Jin is troubled.
Sun looks pretty dressed in black and white. Jin sits at the table. {Note what appears to be 2 plates hanging on the wall- framed}
Sun lights a match; her hands shake. Candles are lit. Jin mentions he saw her father today and he called him son for the first time.
This surprises Sun, "Why would he do that?"
Jin- "He wants me to deliver a message."
Sun -"No. You don't."
Things aren't that simple.  Sun suggests they can start a new life. Jin feels if they run away her father would...{would what?}
Sun-"He won't know where we are. And you won't have to do this anymore."
Jin-“I do this for you, Sun.  I do it because your father expects it.  I do this because that's what it takes to be married to you."
Sun-"And what does it take to be married to you?"
Pissed off Jin takes the file and leaves to deliver the message.

Sayid is building his fire.  Jin is pissed; he wants the "GUN" from Sayid.
Sayid-"I don't think I understand." {Yeah, right.}
Jin calls for Sun and in Korean admits to her that he knows what they are planning. Sun shares with Sayid that Jin knows what they are doing; he knows it's a trap!
Sun-"He says he understands English better than I think he does {Fucking Finally! There it is!!!} He knows I betrayed him."
Demanding Jin says- "Gun."
Sayid gives him the gun. {WOW! Jin knows how to handle that gun! Does Sayid understand Korean?}
Sayid tells Sun she'd be safer on the boat.  He also tells her, if by chance they get past them there's another gun, it's inside the blue tarp beneath the Geiger counter.   Sun feels if the Others get past them that would mean her husband is dead and she wouldn't care anymore.  Sayid reiterates the gun is inside the tarp. {So does he know for sure, they will get past them?}

Danny is working on those blue prints again.
Sawyer is hauling rocks. Juliet and Sawyer share a look.  She tosses him some water in a canteen. He pours it out in defiance.
Sawyer is hurting for Kate; he hates to see what she is going through  . Sawyer walks over to her and plants a giant loving kiss!  {Kate's kiss here is very different than her kiss with Jack. She's not uncomfortable with this kiss like she obviously was with Jack. With Jack there was confusion and a sense of 'what am I doing?' The kiss with Sawyer was almost- "Right." Not that I'm an expert judging other peoples kisses! LOL}
Danny is pissed! They run over and knock Sawyer in the head with the butt of a rifle. Sawyer fights back and gets possession of a rifle.
Juliet calls him James as she has a gun pointed at Kate and Danny Shocks Sawyer! {Sawyer loves Kate.}
Sayid and Jin in the trees...waiting.
The fire is burning.
Sun is on the boat; she lights a fire for cooking.   Sun hears noises on deck. We see that people are indeed on deck.  Sun retrieves the gun from the blue tarp.
Gun on top of a picture/file of Jae, in the car.   Jin sits behind the wheel.
Jin looks in the rear view mirror at Jae talking to a doorman wearing a top hat.   Jin heads out after him.
Jin steps out of the elevator on the 2nd floor. {Ding!}
Jae is about to enter the double doors {number on the door 1516} has key card in his hand.   Jae's head is slammed into the door; then we see Jae get beat up inside the room.
Jin asks Jae, "Do you know who I am? Do you know why I'm here?"
Jae crying says he's sorry.
Jin tells him, then you know what I must do.  He pulls out a gun and puts gun and pillow against Jae's head. Jae is still apologizing.
Jin can't do it!
Jin tells Jae, "You will leave this country. Do you understand me? You will leave and never come back. Start a new life. And if I hear you've returned, if you have any contact at all, I will finish this. Am I clear? You don't exist!" {WOW!!}
Jae is left crying and Jin leaves.
We see Jin exit the building. He opens the car door, sits down. Jae crashes down upon the windshield of his car. Jae is holding the pearls.

Sayid and Jin in the trees. Sayid doesn't think they're coming.

On the boat with Others on deck, Colleen comes down the ladder {Again} into the cabin. Colleen silently notes the fire and the pot.  Sun is there holding the gun on her.   Sun wants to be let off the boat.  Colleen can't do that as it’s not her decision to make.  She tells Sun that 5 of her friends are up there.
Sun wants her to lower her voice.
Colleen tries to take a step ahead but Sun tells her stop or she'll shoot.
Colleen-"No you won't, Sun. I know you Sun Hwa Kwon, I know you're not a killer.  Despite what you may think, I am not the enemy, we are not the enemy. If you shoot me that's exactly what we'll become. {How would Colleen know all that? Hmmm?! YEAH!!!}
Colleen takes a few steps and again Sun threatens to shoot. The boat starts up and Sun shoots Colleen. {Sun kept her word here!}
There is a shootout on the boat.

Sayid and Jin hear this and run toward the boat. Sun tries to escape!

Jin is desperately calling out for Sun!
The boat is leaving! Shots are fired at Jin and Sayid.
Sun escapes through the boat hatch.
Tom sees her and shoots at her and Sun goes overboard!
Jin is yelling and swimming for her!  The boat leaves!  Jin fears the worst.  Sun finally answers him!
She is safe. They are together!
Emotional Sun is at Jae's funeral; she’s standing in front of a pagoda.
Mr. Paik tells crying Sun that she "shouldn't be here."
He is there because he does business with the young man's father. Paik shares with Sun he was told Jae jumped from a balcony. He must have felt great shame.  He tells her to go home to her husband.
Sun- "Will you ever tell Jin?"
Mr. Paik- "It's not my place to tell him."

Sun and Jin sit by the fire.  Jin tells her he doesn't know what he'd do with her- the both of them. {Referring to their unborn child}
Sayid comes over apologizes for "dragging you into this, "And please communicate to your husband that next time I will listen to him." {NEXT TIME!!!! And communicate with him yourself! HA!} They have a long walk ahead of them.

Night at the cages:
Sawyer and Kate get thrown into their cages. Weird animal sounds can be heard.
Kate asks what he was thinking! Sawyer says she was so damn cute swinging the damn pick ax, "Chain gang looks good on you, Freckles."
Sawyer gets up explains to her, "Two of those guards have some real fight in them. The rest of them, I ain't that much worried bout."
He goes on to detail the fighting style of the other guys, I.e. martial arts, etc... He tells her the zapper things have a safety on them. They talk about the look on their faces when Sawyer got the rifle. He figures they never saw any real action, "That blond who had a gun pointed at you, she would have shot you."
Kate asks why she called him James.
He admits that's his name and also admits she tastes like strawberries. {WTF? When did she have strawberries? The strawberries at the Ben breakfast? Didn't she have fish biscuits since then? LOL!} Awww, he tastes like fish biscuits.
He tells her that now they wait for them to make a mistake.

We see TV monitors. Ben has been watching!
Jack is on monitor 2.
Sawyer is on monitor 5.
There are 6 monitors.

Jack in his glass cell still sleeping in the corner. {He hasn't moved the whole time? The soup is still there.}
Ben is standing there, waking him up.
Ben brought his own chair.   Jack is out of it, groggy.
Amused Ben says to Jack-"You know what's crazy Jack? A week ago you and I were in exactly the opposite situation.  I was the one locked up and you were the one coming in for visits. And I know that you're angry that I lied to you about who I was but, hell, do you blame me? I mean let’s face it, if I'd told you I was one of those people that you and your friends have been calling Others all this time, it would have been right back to Sayid and his fists. Wouldn't it?
Jack-"What do you want from me?"
Ben-"I want for you to change your att…Perspective. And the first step in doing that would be for me to be decent enough to introduce myself honestly, so (he gets up, crouches down to Jack's level, extends hand to shake) Hi. My name is Benjamin Linus and I've lived on this Island my whole life."
Jack is not going to shake his hand.
Ben gets up and yells "Bring it in please."
Jack asks where Kate and Sawyer are. Ben says they're fine, they're close. {Close? Jack's not really underwater? Or That Kate and Sawyer are close-romantically?}
A TV is brought in room; it's behind the glass.
Ben has a remote in his pocket and tells Jack if he cooperates "We send you home."
Ben will tell him what he wants when the time is right, "Patience, Jack. Patience."
Jack asks if that's where he sent Walt and Michael.
Ben says yes.
Jack wants to know if you could leave the Island, why would you still be here.
Ben- "Yes Jack, Why would we be here?"
Jack thinks they're stuck there just like the Castaways.
Ben recounts- "Your flight crashed September 22, 2004.  Today is November 29, that means you've been on our Island 69 days.  And yes, we do have contact with the outside world." That how we know that George W. Bush was re-elected. Christopher Reeve {SUPERMAN!} has passed away. Boston Red Socks won the World Series.
Jack doesn't believe the Red Socks won 8 straight.
Ben shows him proof on TV!   Jack is shocked.
Ben taunts him- “That's home. {On the other side of the glass} If you listen to me. If you trust me. I will take you home."

The Glass Ballerina is a Great Episode!!!
Is Sun privy to her father’s business dealings?   Is she privy to business of the "Island"? Sun has shown us since the beginning that she is a secret keeper and liar.   She is capable of keeping her word as well as secrets. She is capable of at least pulling a trigger so she must be capable of throwing someone off a balcony.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Tarp...anagram=TRAP.   Escape. Exit.
* Sleeping. Wake up.
* Sun plays OUT OF TEMPO with the metronome, then STOPS it.
* Ben and the Others unaware of a sailboat? Could they not know about Kelvin or Desmond? Could this be a hint to another group of people on the island? How many groups of residents are on this island? Maybe they all just don't know what to call each other! LOL!
* "You never made soup for me.” Is this because they shared a romance and Juliet whips up an awesome soup? Or was Ben ever in the same position that Jack is in right now? Just a question...
* For a hot tropical place all these chicks love wearing 2 shirts!
* Everybody always has a backpack! Where the hell is the backpack store on the island? They need a place to carry all their collected items. Maybe it’s just a metaphor for carrying baggage.
* Jae's eyes are different.
* Jin understands English! Languages understood. I think Michael understands Korean. Could Hurley really know how to speak Korean? Maybe Sayid can speak French too! Or maybe one day he'll speak with a British accent! DAMN!
* Language/linguistics...learning
* What really happened to Jae? Did someone save Jin by finishing the job he was supposed to do? Did Jae kill himself? If not, someone had to be watching to know that Jin didn't see this job through. Did Sun do it?
* Where does Ben consider home? What is home to Ben? Where did Michael and Walt go? REALLY?
* "The outside world."...Proof that they are 'inside' something; in an “unreal world”.
* Video cameras everywhere, I mean everywhere around the "Island"!  Ben watches them. Is there anyone watching Ben? Who is watching the watchers?
* Fire. Signal Fire. Beacon. Light.
* The word Apollo- Apologize- Paulo. Sound kinda similar? lol
* Pearl necklace-Oysters and Pearls- Pearl Station
* Did we ever note how Suns hair got SO long in just 69 days. I'm just saying!
* Building something. Blue prints/Diagram/Plans.
* How long has Juliet been involved with the "Island", REALLY?
* Hints to children, child-like behavior and punishment.  Learning.
* Opposition.
* They are all in a LOOP! Circle.
* Fire wood, water, walk, silence, mirror, learn.
* Map=Key

Vocabulary and Research…
* Geiger counters are used to detect radiation, usually alpha and beta radiation, but also other types of radiation as well. The sensor is a Geiger-Muller tube.
*A Beacon is an intentionally conspicuous device designed to attract attention to a specific location. Beacons help guide navigators to their destinations. Types of navigation beacon include radar reflectors, radio beacons, and sonic or visual signals. Visual beacons range from small, single-pile structures to large lighthouses or light stations and are located on land or in water. Lighted beacons are called lights; unlighted beacons are called day beacons. Classically, beacons are fires lit at well-known locations on hills or high places, used either as lighthouses for navigation at sea, or for signaling over land that enemy troops are approaching, and alerting the defense.
* The Map. HM Melbourne Assessment Prison is an Australian remand and reception prison located in Spencer Street, Melbourne, Victoria. The prison is also known by the nickname 'The Map'.
- Map-In many programming languages, map is the name of a higher-order function that applies a given function to a sequence of elements (such as a list) and returns a sequence of results.
- Video games, a level (also known by many other names) is a discrete subdivision of a video game's virtual world or set of challenges.
- Map of the mind. A diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea.
- A pendulum is a mass (or bob) on the end of a string of negligible mass, which, when initially displaced, will swing back and forth under the influence of gravity over its central (lowest) point. The regular motion of a pendulum can be used for time keeping; pendulums are used to regulate pendulum clocks.
The most widespread application is for timekeeping. A pendulum whose period is 2 seconds is called the seconds pendulum since each swing takes one second. Clocks that keep time with the use of pendulums lose accuracy due to friction. Pendulums are also widely used as metronomes for musicians.
-A metronome is any device that produces a regulated aural, visual or tactile pulse to establish a steady tempo in the performance of music.
Also Click track.
is always measured in beats per minute (BPM); metronomes can be set to variable tempi, usually ranging from 40 to 208 BPM.

A very interesting thing I want to point out is that you can always exchange the Castaways usage of the word "dock or doc" for "Jack" and the story seems to connect right back to him.
The Glass Ballerina...Has something interrupted this ballet? Who exactly is choreographing this dance?

Love to all who are "LOST”™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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