January 28, 2009

Because You Left.

Let's talk about LOST! Because You Left.

8:15. The Alarm is beeping. Pierre Cheng and wife are waking up; the baby also has been woken up.
It’s "his" turn to tend to the baby.
Cheng feeds the baby and readies himself for the day.
We pass through imagery that is very much like meeting Desmond in the Swan hatch".  {Shaving, brush teeth, etc}
Record on the record player skips; the needle is stuck ("If you can’t make a record").

Dharma folk, dressed in regular clothes go about their daily chores.
Cheng opens a door to reveal a film crew (Dressed in Dharma jumpsuits) and film set.
The Doc proclaims he doesn’t need a script.
Dharma orientation film #2, take 1.
A dude looking like Sawyers stand in is behind the camera. “Action.”
Dr. Marvin Candle introduces the orientation film for Station 2, The Arrow.
This Station’s primary objective is to develop defensive strategies and gather intelligence on the islands hostile indigenous population.
Eric, a construction worker storms in announcing to Dr. Cheng, they have a problem down at the Orchid.
(Click the pics!)

The Orchid is being constructed; Dharma vans and workers are busy.
Cheng takes the elevator down. He looks focused (or pissed).
The Foreman tells Candle, “We were cutting through the rock, right on your specs. That’s when the drill melted. 3 meters from the margin line on the plans.”
They went through six carbon drill bits then the last one just fried. He goes on, ”Then my operator grabbing his head and freaking out….”
They sonar imaged the wall; there’s an open chamber behind the rock. There’s something in there.
{Five holes are drilled}
The Foreman suggests laying charges to get to whatever is inside the wall. Cheng won’t have it!
Cheng tells the foreman if they can harness the limitless energy, they can manipulate time.
Foreman asks “What? We’re gonna go back and kill Hitler?”
Cheng- “Don’t be absurd! There are rules! Rules that can’t be broken.”
Cheng tells him not to drill any further; he doesn’t want to risk releasing the energy. A bloody nosed worker is being placed on a stretcher.
Cheng bumps into Faraday (Wearing an Orchid logo hardhat).
Cheng tells him to “Watch yourself!” 
 Faraday- “Sorry sir. It won’t happen again.
The foreman says to Faraday, “Did you hear that? Time travel. How stupid does that guy think we are?

Inside the funeral parlor, Ben, dressed in black, tells Jack to close that up now, let's get him in the van; it’s out back.
Jack asks where they are taking him.
Ben tells him they’ll worry about that "once they pick up Hugo.”
Jack- “Hurley is locked away in a mental institution.”
Ben- “Which should make recruiting him considerably easier than the rest of your friends.”
Jack feels "They" are not his friends anymore.
Ben-“Well that’s the spirit.”
Jack-“How did we get here? {He asks this to Kate in the jungle too.} How did all this happen?"
Ben- "It’s because you left."

At the Motel Jack is shaving {Mirror. Watch. Cut on right side forehead. Football game on the TV}
Ben is laying out clothes.
Jack asks "So once we get Hurley, then what?"
Ben- "Then we get Sun. Sayid. And Kate of course."
Jack- "I don't see that happening. When was the last time you saw him? I mean Locke."
Ben- (sighs) "On the Island. In the Orchid Station. {The Orchid Station is shown.} Below the greenhouse. I told him I was sorry for making his life so miserable. And then he left. So obviously John's visit to you made an impression. What did he say to make you such a believer?"
Jack- "Sawyer. Juliet. Everyone from the boat…everyone we left behind. John said that they'd die too if I didn't come back." {not 'go' back?}
Ben- "Did he tell you what happened to them after the island moved?"
Jack- "No. No he didn't."
Ben- "Then I guess we'll never know."

3 Years Earlier:
Ben pushes the frozen wheel. The “island” residents are experiencing buzzing and humming and bright light. The island disappears.

John stands in the rain and looks at his right hand. {Was he holding something?}
He’s confused and calls out for “Richard?….Anyone?” {JOHN’S EYES.}

On the zodiac raft, Frogurt asks what happened. "What was that light?"
Faraday- “We must’ve been inside the radius.”

Shirtless Sawyer asks Juliet, “What the hell was that?”
She doesn’t know. Sawyer asks where the freighter is.
Juliet comments, “Maybe it went down.”
Sawyer- “Can’t be, a minute ago it was coughing “black smoke” now there’s nothing."
The helicopter was heading for that boat.

Bernard is calling out for Rose; he can’t find her.   Rose comes running out from the “church”. They all shouldn’t be panicking, but the camp is gone.  We see the camp residents looking around, lost. The kitchen and tents, gone. {Note bright flowers.}
Bernard, “…gone. Everything but us.”
Faraday in his tie, tells them it’s not gone. Charlotte hugs Faraday. Sawyer doesn’t know who Faraday is.
Miles informs Sawyer, “That’s Dan. He’s our physicist.”
Dan tells them they have no time. {lol! No time!}  He wants Juliet to take them to something man made, anything built, any kind of a landmark. She suggests a Dharma station that's 15 minutes away.
Sawyer asks, “You mean the hatch? The one we blew up?”
Dan feels that’s perfect. They need to get moving before it happens again.
Dan tells Sawyer, The camp isn’t gone; It hasn’t been built yet.

Kate’s house: 

Cartoons on the TV. Coffee.
Aaron who is watching the cartoon says, “Choo choo, tunnel.” {N.Y. train-subway?} (Eggs, funny pages.)
Kate thinks Choo choo knows better than that, “He’s goes into that tunnel, he’s never coming back out.“
The doorbell rings. Kate tells Goober to watch is cartoons; she'll get the door. There are two men at the door (Dan Norton) from the law firm Agostoni and Norton. They claim to have a court order for Kate to relinquish hers and Aaron's blood. This of course, is an effort to determine their relationship. Mr. Norton isn't at liberty to divulge the identity (ID) of his client.
Kate's not having any of that so she demands they get off her property.
He threatens to have to come back with the sheriff. She tells him to come back with the sheriff; she shuts the door.
Kate kicks into her “on the run“ mode. Packing clothes, large amount of cash (in a yellow envelope) and guess what else?....A gun! (Really)
Aaron asks her where she's going. Kate tells the boy they're going on vacation.
There's an interesting photo of Jack with a blond young child (in vibrant color).
Kate takes the keys and tells Aaron to "Say bye bye, baby."

Sawyer tells Juliet he jumped off the helicopter to make sure she, uh, they got back to the boat.
Dan needs the two of them to pick up the pace.
Shirtless Sawyer wants Dan’s shirt, but Dan feels they have more pressing matters than that; they should keep moving.
Sawyer calls a “time out”.
Dan wants him to trust him, but Sawyer doesn’t know him.
Dan tells him he doesn’t have time to explain things, “You have no idea how difficult that would be for me to try explain this, this phenomenon to a Quantum Physicist. That would be difficult. So for me to try to explain whatever is happening..”
Sawyer slaps him! And he threatens Charlotte for interrupting.
Dan explains the “Island” like a record, spinning on a turntable, now, that record is skipping. Whatever Ben did down at the Orchid Station, “I think it may have dislodged us.”
Dis-lodged them from time.
Juliet- “So, that’s our camp is gone. Because the island is moving through time?” {Aren’t we all moving through time? lol}
Dan-“Either the island is, or we are.”
This baffles Sawyer.
Dan- ”It’s just as likely we’re moving. Your people and us.
Not everyone in the group is accounted for...Locke.

Locke climbs up the hillside, walks through the grass and hears a motor rumble. He sees the Nigerian drug plane (Black smoke) fly over his head, and apparently crashes. He picks up a Virgin Mary statue.
John carries the statue through the jungle to the drug plane. There it sits above him. Black smoke pours out of the plane.
John calls out to see if anyone is in there. He climbs up the roots.
John is shot at; hit in the right leg. It’s Ethan with a rifle, “Who are you?” ….” How many others on board?’"
Locke tells him he didn’t come on that plane (Drug plane).
Ethan- ”Wrong answer.”
Locke tries to chill out Ethan by revealing that he knows him, “I know who you are. Your name, your name is Ethan.”
Ethan seems intrigued, “Who are you?”
Locke, “My name is John Locke. I know this is gonna be hard to understand but Ben Linus appointed me as your leader.”
Ethan finds that ridiculous, “Goodbye John Locke.”
Then as Ethan aims…bright light…whooooosh! {Convenient, huh?} John’s in the dark.

Shirtless Sawyer and the gang are in the dark. They look around as if hearing something {perhaps?} Sawyer asks the Wiz kid, “When are we now?”
Dan tells him, they either in the past or the future. {Oh, friggin brilliant! We can only ever be in the past or the future. There is no present. Constant motion. NOW.}

Sun descends an escalator in the airport on her way to L.A.. She’s on the phone. {In the background you can hear ‘Flight 23 Paris to boarding at gate 15. Sun still wears wedding ring.}

She checks in at the Oceanic counter.

It’s evening. The attendant scans her passport; this apparently sends up a red flag.
She asks Ms. Kwon to wait there.
Sun is taken to a guarded room.
Sun bangs on the door to be let out, “Open this door! Open this door!”
Mr. Widmore appears, tells her to save her breath. “They only do what I tell them to do.”
Widmore had her brought in.
He’s insulted that Sun had the audacity to approach him in broad daylight, in front of his business associates. In public! Apparently she didn’t show him any r-e-s-p-e-c-t. {sing it!}
Widmore- ”I will be respected, Sun.” {The time on the clock approx- 9:22} That’s fair. Since she’s worried about her plane, he’ll get down to business. He wants to know about their common interests.
Sun- “To kill Benjamin Linus.”

Ben watches the news about the guy shot in his car outside Santa Rosa hospital. A private health care facility outside L.A.. {action 8 news} They mis-identify the shooter as Hugo Reyes, who escaped the hospital earlier that evening.
Jack’s ready to “Go get um.”
Reyes lived at the facility for 2 years. Why Hugo would murder is a mystery.
Ben informs Jack, “Looks like we have a change of plan.”
Jack looks troubled.

Night, at the Rainbow drive in:
Sayid hands Hurley over his fast food order. {chicken}
Hurley offers Sayid a fry and suggests, “Maybe if you eat more comfort food, you wouldn’t have to go around shooting people.”
They pull up to a motel looking building.
Hurley asks who the dude was that Sayid shot outside Santa Rosa.
Sayid doesn’t care, he was armed and watching Hurley, that made him an enemy.  Sayid isn’t taking any risks after “Benthem died.”
Hurley-“You mean Locke.
Yes, he means Locke. Hurley feels he too needs a cool code name.
Dog barking...
Hurley in his Santa Rosa attire and eating a sandwich, asks Sayid when he became so paranoid. Sayid reveals, "If you spent the last 2 years doing the things I was doing, you'd be paranoid too."
He was working for Benjamin Linus.
Hurley is surprised that, "He's on our side now?"
Sayid tells Hurley if he ever has the mis-fortune of running into him, whatever he tells you, just do the opposite.
Sayid discovers there is a breach (tape) into the room. He protectively shoves Hurley to wait here.
Sayid gets into it with the two guys who were inside the room. Sayid throws one guys off the balcony.
Inside the room while fighting with the other guy, Sayid gets shot with a dart.   Sayid fakes being "out" then hits the guy with a pan.
They struggle some more.
The dishwasher conveniently opens with knives conveniently pointed up, and the bad guy falls on top of them.
Hurley, still outside, stares at the gun on the ground.  He picks it up and looks over the balcony. As a crowd gathers below him, a man takes a photo of Hurley holding the gun. Someone yells "The guys got a gun...Run...get out of here."   They scatter. {like bugs}
Hurley helps a weak Sayid out to the car.
Hurley comments, he thought it was supposed to be a safe house, "I never should have left that island."

Juliet leads the gang in the dark.
Charlotte asks Miles, “Do you think he’s looking for us?"
Miles- “Who?”
Miles shares that it took him like 20 years to find this place the first time. I’ll start holding my breath now.”
Juliet reveals the imploded hatch. {or exploded} It was the hatch.
Sawyer- “Blown up, just like we left it.”
Dan determines the “now” as after your people crashed on the island.” {Wow! He’s a fucking genius!} With that, it’s possible that the camp is back on the beach again, so Sawyer is going back, shirtless.
But Dan tells him it’s pointless. They don’t know when the next flash is coming, because by the time Sawyer got back to the beach the camp could be gone again.
But what if it aint?! What if the helicopter hasn’t taken off yet. They could warn them; Stop them from flying to the boat.
Dan rains on this parade, “It’s not the way it works.”
Sawyer-“Who says?” {Yeah! Who says?}
Dan- “You cannot change anything. You can’t. Even if you try to, it wouldn’t work.”
Dan explains time is like a street. "We can move forward and reverse on that street, but we cannot ever create a new street. If you try to do anything different, we will fail, every time. What ever happened, happened.”   {Is this the same as “the computer is only meant for entering the code, nothing else, BS?}
Sawyer asks Danny boy how he’s knows so much about this.  Danny boy knows about this because he spent his entire adult life {how long has that been?} studying space time.  He knows all this because “this journal contains everything he’s ever learned about the Dharma Initiative. This is why I’m here. I know what’s happening.”
Sawyer wants to know how they can stop it.
Guess what? You can’t stop it.
Sawyer, “Then who can?”

John, shot, in the dark jungle, lays on the ground.  He sees the over turned plane on the ground.
He limps his way over to it. {lots of cobwebs on it.} Virgin Mary statues {unburned} and skeleton are inside. John tourniquets his leg and leans against the plane.
A torch is approaching!
John readies himself with the knife.
It’s Richard. John asks what’s happening.
Richard-“What’s happening is you’re bleeding to death.” {Hmmmm}
Richard takes out an old {looks like Dharma} first aid kit, prepared to remove the bullet.  He tells John he knows about the bullet because John told him.
John says he didn’t tell him.
Richard-“Well, you will.”
John reveals it was Ethan who shot him.
Richard-“Well, what goes around, comes around.”    Ageless Richard wears spectacles.
John- “When am I?”  {When are you, what?}
Richard tells him that’s all relative.
John asks Richard, “The noise, when the sky lit up, Where did “you go?”   {Hugo. lol}
Richard-“I didn’t go anywhere. You did.”
The bullet is painfully removed.
Confused John doesn’t understand. He wants to know how Richard knew where to find him. Of course Richard wishes he had time to explain, “But you’re gonna be moving on soon and we need to go over a couple of things before you…”
He tells John he’ll need to clean out the wound every couple of hours and keep as much weight off the leg as he can.,“The island will do the rest, John.”
Richard tells him to pay attention, “The next time we see each other I’m not gonna recognize you.”
He hands John a compass.
John- “What does it do?”
Richard-“It points North, John.”
Again, Richard wishes he had more time to be more sensitive about this because it’s a lot to swallow.  “You need to know it in order to do what you gotta do.”    He’s just gonna say it…”The only way for you to save the island, John is to get your people back here. The ones who left.”
John thinks the chopper and boat thingy may have "killed" them.
Richard also explains they are fine and they’re already home. “So you have to convince them to come back.”
To accomplish this feat, John’s gonna have to die.
Bright light….Whoooosh!...
...Daylight. John, shielding his eyes, holds the compass. The drug plane is again perched up above him. {puffing black smoke}

The gang looks  into the imploded hatch.
Miles- “What was this thing before you guys blew it up?”
Juliet tells the tale, “It was a Dharma Station…A man named Desmond was living down in it. He was pushing a button every 108 minutes to save the world.”  { Really?!}
Noise….Bright light…. Sawyer, “Son of a…..Whooosh!
Daylight…..Sawyer, “Bitch.”
Juliet sees the hatch is back! She says to Sawyer, “I guess you haven’t found it yet.”
She uncovers its window.
Frustrated Sawyer has had enough. He’s going in through the back door to get supplies. Dharma food, beer and clothing.   Dan tells James to wait. It’s not a good idea.
Sawyer- “The sky can flash all it‘s wants. I aint starting over, Dilbert. I aint rubbing 2 sticks together to start a fire and I aint damn boar.”
He’s getting Desmond to let him in one way or another.  Dan tells him that won’t work because Desmond didn’t know him when he first came out of the hatch. That means they never met. “Which means you can’t meet.”
Sawyer- “This would all be fascinating if I was listening to you.”
Dan asks how he knows it’s Des in there, “It could be anybody.”
Sawyer don’t care.
Dan tells him it won’t work.
Sawyer thinks it will. Sawyer starts banging on the door, “Open the damn door…. It’s the ghost of Christmas future.”
Dan- “No one is gonna answer you.”
Sawyer continues to bang and yell. Dan tells him he’s wasting his time, “If it didn’t happen, it can’t happen. YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE PAST, James!”
Sawyer grabs him, “Everybody I care about just blew up on your damn boat. I know what I can’t change.”
Juliet suggests they get back to the beach, “It’s been a long day.”
Juliet looks sad/troubled.
Miles asks why they’re going back to the beach if there’s nothing to go back to.
Juliet sarcastically says, “So stay here.”
Miles thinks she’s flirting with him.
Charlotte gets a nose bleed. She hasn’t had one since she’s little.
Dan looks in her eyes but she insists she’s fine. He doesn’t like the sight of blood. {me neither!} It’s a good thing he’s a physicist then. He stays behind to retrieve his pack from the hatch crater.
Charlotte- “Don’t Dillydally” and goes on ahead. {Ha! He wouldn’t think of it. Lol}

Dan flips through the pages of his notebook. Eureka! Dan knocks on the Swan’s back door, 5 knocks. He whispers, “Please let this work. Please….”  
5 more knocks.
Out busts out a Yellow Haz-mat suited Desmond. Complete with rip in left leg and sportin a rifle. Des pulls the gun on Dan wants him to explain why he’s been banging on the door for the last 20 minutes. {did Des hear Sawyer?} “Are you him?”
Desmond wants to know if Dan is his replacement. Nope.
Desmond- “Do I know you?"
Dan- “In a way, but that’s not important.” {WTF?} What is important is what he’s about to say to Desmond.
Dan-“You’re the only person who can help us because Desmond, the rules, rules don’t apply to you. You’re special. You’re uniquely and miraculously special.”
What the heck is he talking about???
There's a noise/high pitch buzz…they both look up into the trees. Dan goes on  telling Desmond if the helicopter got off the Island and he got home…Desmond doesn’t know what he’s talking about…Dan tells him to listen or people are gonna die. “My name is Daniel Faraday. And right now me and everyone else you left behind, we’re in serious danger. You’re the only person who can help us. I need you to go back to Oxford University, go back to where we met. I need you to go there and find my mother. Her name is…” Bright light…..Whoooosh!

Desmond sleeping and sweating; he wakes up. Penny asks if he’s alright.
Desmond- I was on the Island.”
Penny reminds him he’s been off the island for 3 years. He’s safe now. It was just a dream. Upset Des bolts up, ”It wasn’t a dream It was a memory.”
Desmond runs up on deck. {looks like Greece} They’re leaving to go to Oxford.

Because You Left is a GREAT EPISODE!!!
The "skipping"…Is this the first time we’ve seen this? I’ve always felt like things were not in time order.  Is this the same thing, only heightened?  When see things like, Artz has a structure built to house his named jarred bug collection, Mikhail not dying, Richard not aging, Charlie in the front of the plane, but ends up on the beach, two versions of the bearing map in the helicopter, etc…
Does this “skipping” happen "off the "Island" too?   Why do we see two versions of Hurley’s lottery ticket? Why would Jack’s name be spelled differently?  If that’s “time travel” then it is showing things being changed (slightly).   But those changes/differences seem more like by-products of the dream state/altered state, the imagery of the experience, or even perception; happening in their heads/minds.
You know I NEVER throw out the metaphor possibilities in the story.

Let's use our brain power, Losties!

Things to Note…Questions to ask….
* Is there a glitch in the matrix? A bug in the system?
* Fake. Staged. Sets, cameras, script, etc.. Fake names/ID
* Eye color.  Why would ageless Richard need glasses?
* Cheng, stage name Marvin Candle, wears (wedding ring) Swan logo while filming the Arrow orientation video. Both arms appears to be normal.
* Flash…Dream…Memory...Consciousness.
* RULES. Things cannot be changed. What ever happened, happened.
* The computer screen at the airport shows "adobe photoshop"
* The zodiac makes it through the “skipping”, but not the tarps/tents/kitchen, etc….
* RAINBOW Drive In.   There was a rainbow patch on the pilot’s sleeve in S4. Somewhere over the rainbow.  We must be over the rainbow!
* X-ray/Sonar of the wheel.
* Cartoon. Comic references, names.
* Train in a tunnel. New York subway? Connecting Stations.
* Who is the baby with Pierre?
* ID-identity. No and/or new  identity.
* It seems they need to get they're (moral) compasses to point North.
* The ID of the client wanting the blood work. Could it be Ben? Something like this would encourage Kate to be on the run again, make her want to go back to the "Island". Or is it someone else?
* Sheriff.
* Faraday reads his journal, realizing he is the one who is to knock on Desmond’s door.
* A Christmas Carol. A story about redemption; about becoming a better person. Scrooge experiences “life” through different time periods of his life. Past, Present, Future. This happens when he is sleeping in dreams and memory.
* Charlie killed Ethan in “Homecoming”.   How did John play into that? Did he kill Ethan?
* How come Richard didn’t go anywhere but John did?  That’s a pretty personalized fucking time travel.
* Richard tells John he wouldn’t recognize him. Really?!   This guy knows him forever! But John recognizes Ethan and the drug plane and Richard.
* Widmore is attached to Oceanic/Airline.
* When Locke takes Boone to the drug plane (and has a vision of himself in a wheelchair) Locke can’t walk.
* There are inconsistencies with these friggin rules of “time travel”.    Faraday better go read some more playbook/strategy guide notes.
* Is the healing power of the "Island" due to said “time travel”?
* Jack isn’t the only one who left.  Desmond, Hurley, Sayid, Kate, Aaron and Ben all left.
* Starting over.
* Wouldn’t Widmore be privy to the “time travel” talents of the “Island”?
* Game.
* If there’s time travel, then there always was time travel.

Vocabulary and Research…

I thought about this “time travel” element a lot.  Maybe I didn’t think about it enough. I don’t know…it all gets so blurry and confusing.  I thought about the mad scientist angle, that maybe we are seeing a machine at work here, like Morel’s invention (from the book The Invention of Morel). A machine that can use projectors, records, etc and replicate people/reality.  Computers would work in conjunction with that. I thought about the “Back to the future” angle.   Checked out more research on time/space, food poisoning and spirits.   Maybe it’s reanimation or reconstitution.   I know we’re dealing with a unique LOST story, but that didn’t change the fact that I needed to keep some things in mind.   The “time travel” experiences of the Losties were bizarre.   There are verbal and physical interaction with people from the past, items disappearing while other items stayed, who remembers/recognizes people/things, who does not, who is effected by the Flashing, who is not.
Are there still mad scientists involved here?   
Can't the “Island” residents just be crazy inmates or fugitives, prisoners living in psychiatric facility being manipulated, tricked and tested?   But this all would still serve a purpose...finding what you lost.

That brings us back to consciousness. The conscious and subconscious mind.

Let's touch on things pertaining to memory/the mind. Because I have scheduled my lobotomy already and I can’t back out now.
* In psychology, memory is an organism's mental ability to store, retain and recall information. Traditional studies of memory began in the fields of philosophy, including techniques of artificially enhancing the memory.
* Telescoping effect: the tendency to displace recent events backward in time and remote events forward in time, so that recent events appear to be more remote, and remote events, more recent.
* Misinformation effect: that misinformation affects people's reports of their own memory.
* Misattribution: when information is retained in memory but the source of the memory is forgotten.
* One of Schacter's Seven Sins of Memory, Misattribution was divided into Source Confusion, Cryptomnesia and False Recall/False Recognition.
* A mnemonic device is a memory aid. Commonly met mnemonics are often verbal, something such as a very short poem or a special word used to help a person remember something, particularly lists, but may be visual, kinesthetic or auditory.
* The word mnemonic is derived from the Ancient Greek word mnemonikos ("of memory") and is related to Mnemosyne ("remembrance"), the name of the goddess of memory in Greek Mythology. Both of these words refer back to("remembrance").
* Mnemonics in antiquity were most often considered in the context of what is today known as the Art of Memory. The major assumption in antiquity was that there are two sorts of memory: the "natural" memory and the "artificial" memory.
* Mnemonic verses are a type of mnemonic using rhyme, meter and meaning to help in remembering facts.
* In Mathematics: Matrix multiplication, a common mnemonic uses the song "Oh, My Darling Clementine". Row by column, row by column. Multiply them line by line. Add the products, form a matrix. Now you're doing it just fine!
* Echoic memory: Echoic Memory, the auditory version of sensory memory, refers to the phenomenon in which there is a brief mental echo that continues to sound after auditory stimuli has been heard. 3-4 seconds.
* rTMS: Repetitive Tran cranial Magnetic Stimulation: a noninvasive method to excite neurons in the brain: weak electric currents are induced in the tissue by rapidly changing magnetic fields (electromagnetic induction). This way, brain activity can be triggered with minimal discomfort, and the functionality of the circuitry and connectivity of the brain can be studied.

More bits…
* Metrodorus of Scepsis. Remember, Jack was experiencing scepsis after Juliet performed her appendectomy on him.
* Dharmachakra, “Wheel of Dharma”. Sometimes translated as wheel of doctrine or wheel of law. The symbol represents Dharma law in Hinduisn and the Buddha’s teaching of the path to enlightenment. The Dharmachakra symbol is represented as a chariot wheel with 8 or more spokes. The 8 spokes represent the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism.

Remember, we have heard straight from the horses mouth that we’re dealing with the conscious mind. WTF does that mean, really?!
All this skipping...the universe has a way of course correcting. Does history repeat itself? Could the word "universe" really mean "Island", which in turn may relate to something else completely. Yep!

Moral of the story…You can’t change the past. You can only learn from it.

Love to all who are "LOST" ™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.


  1. Karen, "If I had only started note taking from the beginning . . ." I applied your method to opening S5 epis and whoosh . . . took a big step up in viewing pleasure. I only noted that Daniel Faraday call Sawyer "James" in the walk to Swan hatch. To my knowledge only Locke and Ben use that name. Daniel also seems to be aware that the O6 got off the island or why make the case to find his mother? Is sharing a memory breaking the RULES?

    I think the tunnel reference means we're finally going underground. We know what lurks there. And the 'he'll never come back' is ominous.

    There are some great examples of the skipping starting right with S1 Pilot. I think Jack is our first clue that a memory is projected. He is definitely looking for someone in particular on the beach. Only going back and watching S1-S4 will out all of the possibilities. I'll need another hiatus for that!

    Looking forward to "The Lie" notes.

  2. Oh hell, I left you a long comment and it's gone:( Just came over to show you love dear. I loved this episode so much. Lots of my Daniel in it!!xoxo Debby


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