June 4, 2009

White Rabbit.

Let's talk about LOST! White Rabbit.

A chain/chain link fence can be heard.
The bully tells him to, “Stay down.”
Another bully is beating up a boy against a chain link fence.

The boy on the ground is told by the bully above him, “Your choice, man. You can walk away now and you won’t get your ass kicked.”
Seeing the other bully continue to punch the kid at the fence, the boy on the ground gets up and the bully prepares to knock him out, “You should’ve stayed down, Jack!”
...Black screen. “Jack! Jack! Jack!”
Jack is on the beach just staring out to the water; he’s somewhere else.
Finally he snaps out of it and realizes Charlie is calling for him.

Charlie tells him there’s someone out there, “The current...There’s someone out there, look! I woke up and just…I don’t swim! I don’t swim.”
You can faintly hear a woman calling for help. Someone is drowning and Jack dives in to help.
He can’t seem to locate the person in the water; the waves are blocking his view.  He dives under for a better look.
Jack comes up with Boone. He tells Boone he’s okay and to take deep breaths. "Just breathe. Just breathe.
Boone-“Did you get her? There was a woman…”
Jack looks back and sees the drowning woman.
Boone-“We gotta go back.”
Jack is torn with concern.
Kate and Charlie take Boone from Jack and Jack heads back in for the “Someone else still out there.”   Kate looks confused.
Boone sits staring out to the water. He looks annoyed as he looks back at Jack.

Jack asks Kate, "What’d they say? Who was she?”
Kate reveals her name was Joanna. She wasn’t supposed to be on the plane. Joanna was scuba diving off the barrier reef, got an ear infection and the doctor grounded her for two days. She bumped her flight; that’s how she ended up with them.
Jack feels bad, “She was just swimming this morning, got caught in a riptide. We’ve been here 6 days and I never talked to her, I never said a word to her. There were 47 of us and I never said a single word to her.
Kate-“You tried.”
Jack-“No I didn’t…I thought I could bring him back and still have the time...and I was there, in the water…I didn’t try. I decided not to go after her.”
Beyond Kate Jack sees a man in a dark suit standing in the water. Then the man disappears.
Jack asks Kate if she saw the man standing in the water, “You didn’t see that?”
Kate asks him when the last time he slept was.

Vincent {collar} plays with a tennis ball on the beach.
Walt brushes his teeth with Aloe plant. Michael asks him who taught him that.
Walt-“Sun. The Korean lady.”
Michael advises Walt not to swallow the Ocean water; it will make him thirsty. Michael gets annoyed by the boy asking "why?"  
Sun is watching them from a distance.

Jin {Watch} comments about her lips, “You really need water.”
Sun tells him she’s all right and asks “When will someone tell them what to do?”
She doesn’t think anyone is coming.
Jin-“Someone will come.”
Sun-“The others, they ignore us…If we tried harder to communicate…”
Jin insists they’ll be fine. They don’t need anyone else as he’ll tell her what to do.
Sun is annoyed.

Shannon {wearing flip flops} asks Sawyer if he’s got it or what.
Sawyer who is sitting comfortably in a chair, reading looks up at her, “You’re in my light, Sticks.”

She wonders what they hell is lightsticks.
He clarifies “Light comma Sticks.” As in those legs of hers.
While she really loves her new nickname she wants… Sawyer tells her to calm down. He’s got her bug spray; It even has aloe. She’s concerned about sand fleas. She’s asks him how much. {She is scratching herself}.
Sawyer-“Your money’s no good here.”
Yep, he wants something; “5 grand.”
He was negotiating, “I can take an I.O.U... Something tells me you’re good…for it.”
Shannon is annoyed, throws the can at him and walks away. Sawyer smiles.

Kate is sorting clothes. Claire asks if she’s found a hairbrush in there; she’s looked through 20 suitcases and found "nothing".
Claire gets lightheaded, she blames the heat, “And I’m pregnant.”
Claire asks Kate if she’s a Gemini.
Yep, she is.
Claire thought so, “Restless. Passionate.” She goes on sharing that everyone thinks astrology is just a load of crap, “It’s just because they don’t get it. I can do you chart if you want to...or not.” Seeing as how Kate responded.

Hurley runs over to talk to Jack. He notices how he looks remarks, “Whoa! You look tired, brother.”
Hurley’s there to tell him they got a problem. There’s only 18 bottles in the red suitcase. {Water} People just took what they needed because they were supposed to be rescued but they weren’t.

Charlie-“Even if we divvied it up, split the bottle in half there wouldn’t be enough for 47 people.
Jack corrects him, “46. There’s 46 of us now.”
People are gonna freak out when they find out. Plus the boar’s running low until they catch another one. Hurley suggests they make a water finding stick. The guys are looking for Jack’s guidance but he doesn’t know what to do.
Hurley-“Maybe the dog can find water?”
Charlie suggests putting the suitcase in the tent; it's best if no one knows how little is left. Hurley’s going on about dogs finding pot and bombs, etc.
Charlie suggests a couple of things to Jack until Jack decides what to do.
Jack snaps, “I’m not deciding anything.”   This surprises the boys.
Hurley-“Why not?”  Jack just walks away from them.
{No Flash Whoosh here!}
The sound of ice cubes in a glass.
Christian,sitting in a chair having a cocktail, sees young Jack standing in the doorway.
Christian-“You wanna come in?” {You can hear the tic-toc of the clock}
Jack, with his bruised eye tells dad that a couple of guys jumped Marc Silverman.
Christian-“But they didn’t jump you”
He gets up to mix another drink and tells Jack he had a boy on his table today, about a year younger than Jack, “He had a bad heart. It got real hairy real fast. Everybody’s looking at your old man to make decisions. And I was able to make those decisions because at the end of the day…after the boy died…I was able to wash my hands and come home to dinner…You know, watch a little Carol Burnett, laugh till my sides hurt.  And how can I do that? Hmm? I mean, even when I fail…{He whispers} how do I do that, Jack?  Cause I have what it takes. Don’t choose, Jack. Don’t decide. You don’t wanna be a hero. You don’t want to try and save everyone. Because when you fail…you just don’t have what it takes.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Tired Jack just stares.
A voice says, “Why didn’t you leave me?”
Pissed Boone is talking to him. {White shirt, black cord with a cross}
Jack-“Not now, man.”
Boone feels he could have made it back, “I told you to leave me.”
Jack-“You were drowning.”
Boone feels Jack should have saved her.
Irritated Jack replies, “But I didn’t save her. And neither did you.”
Boone doesn’t let it go, “You think you’re all noble and heroic for coming after me? I was fine! You’re not the only one who knows what to do around here, you know that? I run a business!...Who appointed you our savior? What gives you the rightLook at me! Hey, I’m talking to you! Look at me, Jack!
Something has caught Jack’s attention over Boone’s shoulder. It’s Christian. Jack follows Christian, who has turned and walked away.
Boone is pissed Jack ran off.

Jack runs after him into the jungle and stops when he sees Christian stand there with his back to Jack. As Jack reaches out to touch him Christian turns to face him.  Confused Jack falls back, “Dad?” Christian walks on.
{Flash Whoosh}
It's raining.
Jack looks out the window.{Reflection}
“Your father’s gone, Jack. Did you hear what I said?”
Jack, not fazed by his mother’s comment says, “He’ll be back.”
Mom tells him this time it’s differentI want you to bring him back.”
Jack seems amused, “He hasn’t talked to me in two months, mom.”
Mom mentions Jack hasn’t talked to him in two months.
Jack-“He doesn’t want me to bring him back{Jack has no wedding ring; we're sure to see Jack's left hand here.}
His mom is pissed because Christian doesn’t have friends anymore, “Why do you think that is?...He was right about you…You don’t understand the pressure that he’s under…”
Jack understands pressure.
Mom calms downs, “Jack, please. You know how he gets. He doesn’t…he won’t take care of himself. You have to go after him.”
Jack apologizes, he can’t.
Mom’s pisses again, “I can’tYou don’t get to say I can’t. Not after what you did!
Jack looks troubled.
Mom stresses, ”You bring your father home, Jack.”
They’re both a bit teary eyed.
Jack-“Where is he?”
Mom brings herself to say, “Australia.”
{No flash whoosh}
Jack gets up from the jungle floor and heads into the jungle.

Walt runs through the beach camp to Kate, informing her, “That pregnant lady fell down.”
Charlie and Michael carry unconscious Claire to a tent.  Kate asks if she’s breathing, “Let’s get her inside.”
Kate tries to wake her up.
Very slowly Claire comes around. Kate tells Charlie Claire needs water.
Kate tells Claire not to move; she thinks she has a fever.
Charlie discovers the suitcase with the water is gone, “Someone stole it!” {Note they have huge containers and coolers to store things in. Remarkable! Lol}
Kate, Sayid and John at the beach.
Locke-“Where is the Doctor?”  {All three are wearing white shirts}
Kate says no one knows, “No one can find him.”
Sayid notes that keeping the last of the water supply in one place is foolish.
Kate offers to go into the jungle to find fresh water.  Protective Sayid says she’s not going alone.
Locke-“When the others find out that the water is gone it’s gonna get ugly. And when they find out some one pinched it, it’s gonna get uglier…I’ll go. The camp needs you two here especially with the doctor gone. And besides, I know where to look.”
He smiles proudly. {Interesting hmmm? He knows where to look, why didn't he mention it earlier, before they were running out of water?}
Jack runs aimlessly through the jungle searching…
”Where are you?...Where are you?...Where are you?!”

“The maid said he hasn’t used the bed in the past three days.”

 He didn’t rent a car from the concierge either.
Jack is in Christian’s hotel room in Australia.
{Meds, ashtray, cigarettes, alcohol, USA TODAY}

The manager doesn’t think Christian rented a car at all, “There was an incident a few nights ago, here at the hotel bar. I had to get security to escort your father to his room.”
Jack wonders what this has to do with renting a car.

Reluctantly the manager reveals that he didn’t think any rent agent would lease his father a car in his condition.
Jack gets defensive, “My father is the Chief of Surgery.”

The manager apologizes.

Jack picks up Christian’s wallet,Who leaves a wallet?”  {No I.D.}

The manager suggests Jack talk to the police.
Confused Jack asks, “Where are you?”

In the jungle Jack still searches.
He’s sees Christian has his back to Jack again.
Jack takes off after him.

 Christian walks quickly into the jungle. {Many different sounds are happening. Do you hear any monster 'clicking' at all?}

Christian disappears. Jack continues to frantically search.
Christian appears behind Jack; again with his back to him.
Jack runs after him but ends up rolling down a hill and over a cliff!
He manages to hang on to a vine and tries desperately to climb up, but to no avail.   He starts slipping. A hand reaches over the side.  It’s Locke, right there to save him! {It’s a good thing he's out looking for water. Lol}
Locke asks Jack if he’s okay and Jack just breaks down in laughter.

Charlie brings sleeping sick Claire water.   Claire’s been out a couple of hours.   She drinks the tiny bit of water and thanks him for it. Charlie comments that there would be more water if someone hadn’t stolen it. Claire only asks if Jack’s back yet.
Charlie says no, “No one’s seen him. But I wouldn’t worry.  Good ol Mr. Locke’s gone in to the jungle to get some water for ya.”
Claire-“Great. Our only hunter’s gonna get eaten just so he can get the pregnant girl some more water.”
Charlie tells love not to worry, “You tell me who’d you rather meet in a dark alleyWhatever’s out there or that geezer with his four hundred knives? I mean, who packs four hundred knives? Personally I can only have space for two hundred, three hundred at most.”
This makes Claire giggle.
She wonders “When are they gonna rescue us?”
Charlie, with his “Living is easy with eyes closed” tat and “LATE” on his left hand fingers, tells her with total reassurance, “Soon.”
Claire thanks Charlie; she feels people don’t seem to look her in the eye there.She thinks she scares them; the baby, “It’s like I’m this time bomb of responsibility just waiting to go off.”
Charlie-“You don’t scare me.”

Hurley runs over to tell Sayid and Kate that the Chinese people have water. Sayid asks Sun repeatedly and loudly where she got her bottle from.
Kate tells him “She’s doesn’t understand you.”
Sayid feels she absolutely understands him. He asks, “Did you steal this water?”
Sun replies in KoreanAngry Jin confronts Sayid in Korean.
Kate tells Jin to take it easy, “We just want to talk, all right.”
Kate asks him about the water bottle, “Who gave you this?”
Angry Jin understands and points directly at Sawyer.  Kate is about to go over to Sawyer but Sayid stops her because he doesn’t see the water, “If you go after him now he’ll give you nothing. But if you wait, a rat will always lead you to its hole.”

Someone walks through the jungle. It’s Sawyer going to uncover his stash. He grabs a pack of cigarettes.  Kate {White shirt} tackles Sawyer {Black shirt}; she's ends up on top of him.
Sawyer says "It’s about time…I made this birthday wish 4 years ago" {HOLY SHIT!}
Sayid demands he give them the water now. Kate goes through his stash. Sayid knows he gave two bottles of water to the Koreans.
Sawyer didn’t steal it, “I don’t give nothin to nobody.”
Kate confirms its not there. Sawyer traded Mr. Miagi his water for a fish he caught. “We worked it out caveman style.”
Sawyer tells Freckles water has no value. It’s gonna rain sooner or later, after all he’s an optimist. Sawyer tosses Kate the Marshal’s badge seeing as she’s the new sheriff in town, might as well make it official.

 ''Locke lets water  drip off a leaf into his water bottle.
Jack- “How are they?...The others.”
Locke tells Jack they’re thirsty, hungry, waiting to be rescued, “And they need someone to tell them what to do.”
Jack feels he can’t because he’s not a leader.
Locke-“And yet they all treat you like one.”
Jack doesn’t know how to help them, “I’ll fail…I don’t have what it takes.”
Locke-“Why are you out here, Jack?”
Jack thinks he’s going crazy.
Locke informs him he’s not going crazy, “No. Crazy people don’t know they’re going crazy, they think they’re getting saner.
Locke sits and again asks Jack, “Why are you out here?”
Jack’s chasing something, someone.
Locke brightens up, “Ah, the White Rabbit. Alice in Wonderland.”
Jack scoffs, “WonderlandCause who I’m chasing…He’s not there.”
Jack confirms he sees him, “But he’s not there.”
Locke asks Jack if he came to him with the same things what would his opinion as a Doctor be. Jack would call it a hallucination, result of dehydration, post traumatic stress, not getting more than two hours of sleep a night for the past week, all of the above.
Locke says than Jack must be hallucinating, “But what if you’re not.”
Jack-“Then we’re all in a lot of trouble.”

Locke goes on to explain he’s just an “ordinary man. Meat and potatoes. I live in the real world. I’m not a real big believer in magic. But this place is different. Special. The others don’t wanna talk about it because it scares them. But we all know it. We all feel it. Is your White Rabbit a hallucination? Probably. But, what if everything that happened here, happened for a reason? What if this person that you’re chasing is really here?”

Jack feels that’s impossible.”  
John-“Even if it is, let's say it’s not.”
Jack asks what happens when he catches him.
John doesn’t know, “But I’ve looked in to the eye of this island…and what I saw…was beautiful.” He smiles.
John gets up to find some more water. He doesn’t want Jack to go with him because Jack needs to finish what he started.
Jack- ”Why?”
John-“Because a leader can’t lead until he knows where he’s going.” {Gotta love those Locke pearls!} John heads in to the jungle.

Jack sits staring into a camp fire. Footsteps echoing.
“The police found him in an alley in Kings Cross. Our tox screen showed a blood alcohol content, which for a man his size probably brought on myocardial infarction - a sizable and fatal heart-attack.”   Says the coroner. {We don't have a 'date' for this at all. We don't see Jack's left hand at all here, to see if there's a wedding ring on it, We don't know if Jack had been to Australia other times to retrieve his dad, we know now that Christian has reason to go to Australia every so often (Claire and Claire's mom) again keep it in mind}

The coroner does not appear to have a thick Australian accent. He leads Jack into the tiny shiny room with the body bag.
Jack ID's is dad, “That’s him.”
He cries. {This scene is bathed in blue}

Jack cries sitting by fire. We hear ice cubes in glass clanking and a figure walks behind Jack.

The sound of snapped twigs. Jack follows the sound.

He finds the caves with fresh running water! There are dolls strewn about. He takes one out of the water. {Now, this is the shit that freaks me out! In the caves, Jack sees a doll in the water, dolls around the ground, stuff, plane wreckage, Christian’s casket!! HOLD THE PHONE!!! I wasn't blown away by the casket being there (okay, maybe a little), I was AMAZED to see Oceanic plane wreckage in the cave- complete with Dharma logo/bagua on it, OLD OCEANIC PLANE WRECKAGE INSIDE THE CAVE! It's a friggin' CAVE, it didn't fall into it from their crash! WHO put it there? How many Oceanic planes with "possible" Dharma logo's crash on that island, in that exact spot and end up inside a cave!?!?!?}
A woman’s voice announces “Final boarding call for Oceanic airlines flight 1 2 5 Non- stop to Singapore leaving from gate14. All ticketed passengers…”
Jack is at the ticket counter where Krissy is telling him that they won’t put it on the plane, “Our policy says the body must have the proper documentation. There’s just no latitude.”
Jack pleads with Krissy to get the coffin to LAX.
Jack-“You can’t do this to me. I’m ready to go now.”
Krissy- “Perhaps another carrier…”
Jack yells “NO!...I want you to listen to me OK, because I’m asking you a favor.”
Jack is standing in front of her in the same suit he’s wearing to his father’s funeral; he’s asking her for a favor. Jack is getting emotional, “In 16 hours I need to land in LAX. And I need that coffin to clear customs because there’s gonna be a hearse waiting there. And I need that hearse to take me and that coffin to a cemetery. Why? Why, Krissy can’t I just bring him to a funeral home and make all the arrangements why can’t I really take my time with it? Because…because I need it to be done. I need it to be over. I just…I need to bury my father.”
Jin is on line. {Jack's eye color, dark navy blue, not his natural color.}
Inside the cave Jack opens the coffin. It’s empty! In anger he smashes up the coffin.
Each THUD is heard in the jungle.

Night on the beach, the survivors sit by campfires.
Three bottles of water are brought by sleeping Claire. Boone is giving Claire water.
Claire-“How did you get…”
Charlie exposes Boone as the thief.
Michael asks where Boone hid it. Charlie is upset because Claire could have died.
Boone says he tried to give some to her sooner but it got out of hand, ”No one would have understood.” They’re all pissed at him.

Jack yells for everyone to leave him alone. “It's been six days...and we’re all still waiting. Waiting for someone to come. But what if they don’t?   We have to stop waiting. We need to start figuring things out. A woman died this morning just going for a swim.   And he tried to save her and now you’re about to crucify him?   We can’t to ‘this’.  Every man for himself is not gonna work.   It’s time to start organizing. We need to figure out how we’re gonna survive here.   Now, I found water, fresh water up in the valley. I’ll take a group in at first light.   If you don’t want to come, then find another way to contribute. Last week most of us were strangers, but we’re all here now. And god knows how long we’re gonna be here. But if we can’t live together…we’re gonna die alone.”

Everyone shares water.
Sun thanks Jin for getting her water today.   Jin feels that’s what husbands do.
Walt is sleeping. Michael gives Vincent water.
Boone is sitting alone when Sawyer comes up and asks him how it feels, “Taking my place on top of everyone’s most hated list. Sucks, don’t it?”
Jack sits alone, Kate brings him water. She asks where he was today. He had to take care of a few things.
Kate-“That’s all I’m gonna get, huh?”
Jack reveals his father died in Sydney.
Kate is sorry.
Jack-“Yeah…I’m sorry too.”

White Rabbit is a GREAT episode totally revolving around emotions in life; past pain and how they may shape a part of our future self.  Is this foreshadowing for the season 3 finale?   Jack makes a decision; tries to save everybody, to be a hero and ultimately CANNOT live with it.

Things to note…Questions to ask…
Please note: The “Flash Whoosh" isn’t heard every time we change perspectives
* Boone, a licensed life guard is drowning.
* Water.
* Jack has 4 scratches on his face; 2 on each side. Kate has 4 all on the same side.
* Mirror. Window. Reflection. See. Look.
* Watch. Guard.
* Language. Communicate. Talk. Understand.
* Gone. Missing. Stole. Dead
* Sleep. Slept. Unconscious. Hallucinations. Light headed. Crazy. Magic.
* Eye color changes.
* Heart.
* ID. Identity.
* Roles. Husband, Hunter, Lifeguard, Doctor, Thief, Sheriff.
* Based on Mrs. Shephard’s chat with Jack, I feel we discover Christian makes these rash trips to Australia often. But how often?
* Where’s the Doctor? No one can find him…Which lost Doctor, Jack or Christian?
* “Where are you?” Jack asks this in the Flash and on the “Island”. Things are blurred together.
* Locke-“What if that person is really here?”
* Trading. Negotiate. Supply stash. Value. No Value. {Can't find a hairbrush}
* Do Sawyer and Kate know each other a long time? Have they done this before? He made this birthday wish 4 years ago. Interesting.
* This episode has a very weird amount of obvious breathing sounds.
* Locke knows where to look for water.
* They are in a “wonderland” of sorts.
* The coffin is empty. Where’s his father? Is this a metaphor of some sort?

Vocabulary and Research…
* White Rabbit. Alice in wonderland is a story about Alice’s journey into the rabbit hole, where she meets strange people, bizarre happenings and a living-life size chess game. All this takes place not in reality but while she is sleeping.
* Watership Down- A heroic fantasy novel about rabbits. One rabbit is a “seer”. A couple of rabbits try to convince the rest to evacuate due to imminent destruction. The bunnies have many roles and there are themes of heroism, religion, political issues, exile, community and survival. {Water-Ship-Down}
* A divining rod (aka dowsing rod or witching rod) is an apparatus used in dowsing. Claims to be able to find ground water, oil, and other mineral resources by non-scientific means. Expert dowsers are allegedly capable of dowsing exact depth measurements of water veins, electromagnetism, currents and telluric phenomena. They are also allegedly capable of measuring blood toxicity, white cells, and sugar levels, and detecting human illness and health. Expert dowsers are allegedly not limited to any specific time and space, claiming the ability to dowse any material at any given time from any location.
* Astrological signs represent twelve equal segments or divisions of the zodiac. According to astrology, celestial phenomena reflect or govern human activity on the principle of " as above, so below”, so that the twelve signs are held to represent twelve basic personality types or characteristic modes of expression.
- Gemini (The Twins) (mutable, air, personal): It is the third astrological sign. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. The tropical duration of Gemini is May 21 to June 20.
* Water. Chemical substance essential for the survival of all known forms of life. In typical usage, water refers only to its liquid form/state, but the substance also has a solid state, ice, and a gaseous state, water vapor or steam..
-Water is a life force.

Jack is dealing with this "role" of leadership.  He doubts his abilities because of dear old dad. I always keep track of little things in "Flashes" because we're never told a time line.  In this case how many locations has Jack had to go to and get Christian from in his life, and how many times?  This seems to be a pattern with Christian. We don't know what Jack did to his father, but we do know he's still the chief of surgery when Jack goes to this hotel.  I feel Christian's dialog with young Jack is very telling and what Jack discovers in the caves is very telling (Not the fresh water either).   Jack is lost and is searching for something…something very deep. I think they all are.
So, is this why they’re all really there? But I must ask…is this place real or fantasy?

Here's the pic of Oceanic and possible Dharma logos.
Click the pic!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.


  1. Great post Karen! Can you post a picture of the Dharma logo on the plane wreckage in the cave? I've never seen that one before!


  2. I watched White Rabbit, but did not see any evidence of Dharma in the cave. The wreckage of the plane is clearly there, but that is undoubtedly why the coffin is there. No one else has ever commented on any Dharma connection. Are you certain?

  3. On the plane wreckage in the cave there is a faint outline of what could be a bagua shape. This was talked about a long time ago. It is open to interpretation, of course.
    Also, remember Losties, these are notes from back then too.
    I'll try to find the possible little hint to the bagua/logo and post it here.

    Thanks :)

  4. Hi Losties,

    If you click on my slide show here on this page titled "It's all in the details..." and bring up the whole section, then click on gallery view, you will be able to find the Oceanic Dharma pic.
    Thank you :)

  5. I just ended up posting that pic into the blog here. Makes it easier :)

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