November 3, 2008


Let's talk about LOST! Cabin Fever.
{click the pics}
A teen girl starts up her record player. {The song "Everyday" is playing.}
She dances around as she prepares for a date. {Mirror, make up, pearls, teddy bear}
This is Emily Locke.
Her mom asks her where's she's going.  Emily tells her she's going out with him and she can't stop her, "I'm in love."
Mom-"He's twice your age, Emily."
Emily asks if she's jealous.
It's a rainy night.
Emily {Red jacket} leaves her house with her mom trying to stop her but Emily keeps on walking away from the house because she "loves him".
Emily gets hit by a car.

Lights are passing by overhead.   As she is wheeled down the hallway in the hospital Emily is drifting in and out of consciousness. The Doctor forcibly opens her right eye.
The nurse asks Emily if she can hear her; Emily wakes up.
The nurse tells her "to try and stay awake now."
We hear "She's - her heart rates dropping fast..."
Emily and admits to the nurse she's five, almost six months pregnant.
Delivery room:
Emily is in labor.
We hear "Baby's crowning...dilated ready to go..." {Blood} A baby boy is born.
Emily has blurred vision and then she's unconscious.

Emily wakes up.
The nurse reveals news to Emily the baby, "He's okay for now. He's just real early."
The baby is put in the incubator but Emily wants to hold him.
The nurse is sorry but "He's just too little. We have to take him away now."
As they wheel him away Emily tells her to name him "JOHN. His name is John."

John and his torch is leading Hugo and Ben on their quest to find the cabin.
Hugo wonders "Who builds a cabin in the middle of the jungle anyway?"
Good question!
They are on their way to the cabin because "Hopefully the man who lives in the cabin can tells us what to do about the people who are trying to kill us."
Ben looks tired and Hugo remarks they've been walking all day, "Are we gonna get there soon?"
John asks Ben "How long?" but Ben doesn't know; he's been following him/Hugo.
John- "What? What do you mean you've been following him?"
Hugo is confused, "I'm not even in front!"
Ben says he doesn't know where the cabin is, "Hugo's the last one who saw it."
Ben asks John what he thinks they should do.
John wants to camp.
Hugo's concerned because it's dark and the monster and him/Ben.
The rest will do them good. Hugo wonders what's gonna happen when those freighter guys come back.
John doesn't know, "Yet."

The helicopter flies toward the freighter.
Desmond is sound asleep on the freighter. {Unlabeled cans.}
Sayid wakes him to tell him the copter is here, so they head up on deck.

Up on deck the copter lands; Dr. Ray needs to tend to one of the soldiers who is badly hurt. Keamy tells the Doctor that a black pillar of smoke threw him 50 feet in the air and ripped his guts out. Keamy demands Sayid tell him exactly how many people are on that island and where every single on of them is.
Sayid won't tell him. Gault steps in and asks Keamy what he's doing. Keamy holds a gun under Gaul'ts chin and says, "You gave me up."
Linus knew who he was, his name, knew everything about him.  Gault informs him he's not the one who gave him up.

Gault leads Keamy to the room they have Michael handcuffed.
Keamy bullies Michael, "Do you know who I am?"
Michael plays dumb.
It's revealed that Michael gave Ben the info on Keamy.
Right in front of Gault, Keamy fires his gun at Michael but nothing happens!!
Keamy checks his gun to see why this would happen.
Gault tells Martin "We need him. He's the only one who can fix the engines...Because he's the one who broke them."
Keamy knocks out Michael.
John's left eye opens to the sound of chopping wood.
Ben and Hurley are sleeping. {Light/white smoke rises from the campfire.}
John investigates and comes upon Horace Goodspeed chopping down trees.
John is not shocked to see him. {Dharma logo-Arrow.}
Horace chops and pushes down a tree.
Horace-"Hello there" to John and introduces himself. He tells John he's out there building a place, "A little getaway for me and the Mrs."
He goes on to explain to John that sometimes you need a break from the D.I., the Dharma Initiative. "I'm not making any sense, am I?"
Horace turns around; there's blood from his left nostril, "That's probably because I've been dead for 12 years."  The tree is standing again, and he pushes it over again, "Hello there."
The tree is standing yet again!
Horace–"You gotta find me, John. You gotta find me. And when you do, you'll find him." {No blood from nostril.}
Horace w/blood, says, "Jacob. He's been waiting for you a real long time, man."
Horace wipes the blood. The tree is there in its original position again and Horace introduces himself again, pushes over the tree and says, "Godspeed, John."
John's left eye opens; he wakes up.
Ben is sitting up watching him.  {Watching him sleep/dream.}
John hits Hugo tells him to wake up. Hugo is still sleeping but mutters "Mallowmars", obviously dreaming.
John-"Time to get up. We gotta get going."  
John knows where they're going now.
Ben is looking a bit sad and tells the guys, "I used to have dreams."

Infant John is in the incubator.
The Nurse comes in to see Emily and Mrs. Locke. {Mom's hat has stars on it.}
The nurse says the baby is amazing, "He's the youngest preemie to ever survive in this hospital. {View from viewing window.} He's had infections, pneumonia, you name it and every time he knocked them out. He's a fighter, your little John. The other girls say he's a miracle baby…" {There are three cribs in the room! Two blue blankets One pink!}

Mrs. Locke's unimpressed.
Today they're taking him out of the incubator so Emily can hold him for the very first time.
Emily feels,"I can't do this. I'm sorry I can't!" and she runs out of the room crying.
Mrs. Locke is about to smoke and asks "Who do I talk to about adoption?"
She's told she can't smoke in there.

Mrs. Locke sees a man through the viewing glass; it's RICHARD ALPERT!
The nurse asks her, "Is that the father?"
Mrs. Locke claims she doesn't know who that is. {Bullshit!!}

Locke slashes his way through the jungle.
Hugo asks John "Why am I here, man?"
John- "You're here because you can see the cabin. And that makes you special."
Hugo's theory to why they are the only ones who can see it is, they're the craziest.
Hugo-"How did you figure out where it was, Dude?"
John didn't. They're not going to the cabin, they're making a pit stop first.
John asks if he ever wondered whatever happened to the Dharma Initiative. Ben just watches.
John-"There must have been at least 100 of them, living on this island. Manning the stations, building those homes, making all that ranch dressing that you like. And then one day, they're all gone, they just disappeared. You wanna know where we're going? We're going to see them."
John shows him the mass grave. {Bullet-like hole in skull?}
Hugo asks what happened to them.
John-"He did."  {Speaking of Ben.}
Young John is playing a colorful game of backgammon. {Red and white pieces.} Melissa calls the game stupid and knocks it over.
His foster mom is carrying a baby, she tells Melissa to bring her brother into the kitchen. Richard Alpert wants to see John.
Richard in his RED tie, comments that John has a good sense of the game; backgammon.
Richard claims to run a school for kids who are extremely special and he has reason to believe that he/John may be one of them. Richard will show John a couple of really neat things. He then notices drawing on the wall drawn by John {Stick figure, Nine fingers, laying by campfire/black smoke.}
He unpacks and lays out on the table, a baseball glove, Book of Laws, jar of sand, compass, Sci-Fi comic book, old knife.
Richard asks young John, "Which of these things belong to you?"
John-"To keep?"
Richard-"No. Which of these things belong to you, already?"
John takes the sand and compass. Richard is pleased.
Then John takes the knife.
Richard asks him if he's sure the knife belongs to him.
John is sure.
Richard's disappointed, so he grabs the knife out of John's hand and says, "Well it doesn't!"
Richard packs up and tells the foster mom "I'm afraid John isn't quite ready for our school." He just up and leaves.
The foster mom asks little John, "What did you do?" {Yeah, Kate, 'What did you do?' lol}
Quiet John just sits.

John digs through the Dharma bodies looking for something.   Ben sits on the edge of the grave. Hugo wants to know what John is doing down there.   Ben confirms this is where he shot Locke and left him for dead.
Ben-"I was standing right where you are now, when I pulled the trigger."
Hugo steps back.
Ben should have realized at the time that was pointless, "I wasn't really thinking clearly."
Hugo-"Is that why you killed all these people too?"
Ben is shocked- "I didn't kill them."   The Others did wipe out Dharma but it wasn't Ben's decision; it' was their leader's decision. Ben is "not always" the leader.
Locke comes upon Horace the mathematician's remains. In the left zipper pocket he finds Blueprints/map for the cabin. Ben is surprised.
John claims "The cabin. He was building it."
John tells Hugo he found what he was looking for.

On the freighter Keamy tells Gault he needs his key.
Lapidus interrupts to tell the Captain that Mayhew {Chewbacca!} just died.
The Doc couldn't do anything for him and the crew's asking questions about what happened over there.   Keamy is dealing with it, so he tells Frank to gas up the chopper "We're going back."
Frank-"Going back? What the hell for?"
Determined Keamy wants the chopper gassed up. Gault explains to Keamy while he was gone the crew came down with a sickness with strange behavior; maybe Keamy has it too. While Keamy appreciates his concern all he wants is the Captain's key. Gault won't give it up because it's not the protocol, so Keamy rips it off his neck!
Inside the Captain quarters Keamy removes a key from around his neck and opens a file drawer and unlocks a safe.
Gault-"The reason there are two keys is we're only supposed to open it together!"
Keamy removes a large RED envelope with SECONDARY PROTOCOL DHARMA MANUAL! It says where Linus is going. {IT KNOWS!}
Gault wonders, "How would Mr. Widmore know that?"
Apparently Widmore's a very smart man. If Linus knows they're gonna torch the Island there's only one place that he can go.
Gault-"What do you mean, torch the Island? That was not the agreement"
Gault agreed to ferry them there for an extraction mission.
Undeterred Keamy demands Gault fix his gun.

Daylight on the ship's deck, Desmond and Sayid watch the crew move a solider on a stretcher with/ IV from the helicopter. Dr. Ray is there.
Desmond observes and says, "That aint your man. That was no gunshot."
Sayid doesn't know what happened but when they go back they'll be certain it doesn't happen again.
Gault calls out for Omar.
Keamy wants Omar in the armory. Gault will watch Sayid and Desmond for him.
Omar's Sat-Phone receives the MORSE CODE signal. {black/white bracelet}
Gault directs Sayid and Des to a pantry below the galley; there's room enough for two men. He left them a supply of food and water.
Sayid asks if Michaels' dead and it's shared that he is not; but not for lack of trying. Gault tells them the two need to be hiding before Keamy comes up on deck.
Sayid feels hiding is pointless. He wants to use the zodiac raft to ferry the people from the beach, "The only way to save our lives is to get our people off that Island."
Gault tells them to meet him behind the container in 10 minutes, "The boat will be in the water."

Locke locates the cabin on the blueprint/map; up the coast.
Hugo gives them water.
Locke gives Hugo permission to go back; head north to the beach. After all he held him at gun point and forced him to come, because Locke was led to believe he needed him to find this place. It will be dark soon.
Hugo-"I get it. Now that you got your magic map, you don't need me anymore."
Locke is offering Hugo a chance to leave.
Hugo decides not to deal with the dark and the monster, etc., so he'll stick with them. Hugo with the knife leads the way.
Ben is impressed and tells Locke "He actually thinks staying was his idea. Not bad, John. Not bad at all."
John assures Ben, "I'm not you."
Ben-"You're certainly not."

Teen Locke is banging to get out of the locker he's been trapped in.
Cowin Heights High School. Knights.
The science teacher lets him out. The kids laugh at him. John has a bloody left nostril. A Geronimo Jackson (band) and Burton pic hang proudly inside the locker. Mr. Gellert wants him to go to the nurse's office.
Mr. Gellert has exciting news for John. There's a company in Portland that's doing new things in chemistry and technology. Mittleos Laboratories. Dr. Alpert's interested in finding young bright minds for theses new fields of science. They want John to go to their camp. Summer Science Camp. John feels his social downfall is because of science.
The teacher assumes they know about John by sending a rep to the science fair and seeing his Costa Mesa display.
John insists, "I'm not a scientist!" He likes boxing, fishing and cars. Sports. {Wow!}
Mr. Gellert opens up and shares with John, "You might not wanna be that guy in the lab surrounded by test tubes and beakers, but that's who you are, John. You can't be the prom king, you can't be the quarterback. You can't be a super hero."
John-"Don't tell me what I can't do.", and gives back the brochure.

Frank enters Michael's brig. He wants to know why cuffed Michael didn't tell him he was a survivor of 815. Michael feels he wouldn't believe him.
Lapidus-"I tell you that I'm one of the only people in the world that think that plane on the bottom of the ocean is a hoax. And you don't think I'd believe you?"
Michael didn't think he could trust him, as his boss put that plane there.
Lapidus laughs-"I thought I was Mr. Conspiracy but you got me beat there."
Michael tells him not to fly Keamy back to the Island because he's gonna kill all of them, "You don't want that on your conscience man, trust me."
Lapidus and Mike see Keamy getting something strapped onto his arm.
Frank's getting Michael down to the engine room.
Gault tells Sayid to stay on a bearing of exactly 305. Faraday says that's the only safe way to and from the island. Gault will say Sayid stole the zodiac if Keamy notices it's missing.
Desmond looks at the zodiac and decides he can't go with him. Desmond has been on an island for three years and swears he'll never set foot on it again. {Never say never, dude!} He'll wait for Penny to come. Sayid tells him he'll be back with the first group ASAP. Des tells him to stay on the bearing. Gault tells him to go, now! {OMFG! They barely made it in the helicopter, he's going to try it in this piece of crap?}

Locke with his torch says it should be about 200 yards this way.
Ben-"What if the cabin's moved? Again."
John assures him it hasn't moved, he was told this is where it would be.
Ben was told a lot of things to, but ended up with a spine tumor and his daughter's blood all over his hands.
John shows compassion for Ben.
Ben feels, "Those things had to happen to me. That was my destiny.  But you'll understand soon enough that there are consequences to being chosen.  Because destiny, John is a fickle bitch."
Hugo sees the cabin. {Why does Ben look amazed?}

John is in physical therapy learning to 'walk'. Abaddon brings John his wheelchair.   John hates that chair. Abaddon tells him not to give up; that anything's possible.
Locke is cynical, "You should read my file. My spine was crushed. There's a 98 percent chance I'll never get any feeling back in my legs. So I don't even know why I'm trying to drag my..."
Abaddon did read his file and proceeds to recount Locke's fall eight stories out of a building. It's a Miracle. He asks Locke if he believes in miracles. Locke does not. Abaddon says he should because he had one happen to him. {WHAT?!}
As Abaddon is pushing the wheelchair to the elevator and too close to the edge of the red steps, Locke fears he'll roll down the steps.
Abaddon pushes the button for the elevator and tells Locke, "You know what you need Mr. Locke? You need to go on a walkabout." It's a journey of self discovery. You go into the Australian Outback with nothing more than a knife and your wits. Hello! Locke's a cripple!
Abaddon asks, "Is that what you are, Mr. Locke?"
Abaddon went on his walkabout convinced he was one thing, he came back another. Found out what he was made of, who he was.
Locke refers to him being just an orderly.
Abaddon shares, "Oh, I'm a lot more than just an orderly, John." {YEP!}
Ding! Elevator ride!
Abaddon tells him when he's ready he'll listen to what he's saying, "And when you and me run into each other again, you'll owe me one."
Locke rides the elevator alone.

The freighter soldiers cowboy up.
Dr Ray is there; the chopper.
Sexy Desy watches from the stairwell. Omar tells the Doc about the weird Morse Code message from the beach, "Said that the Doctor washed up on the shore with his throat slit."
Dr. Ray-"But I'm a Doctor."
Omar-"Crazy, right?"
Frank asks Keamy what he's gonna do with all the 'weapons'. Keamy won't answer that; he just wants the chopper fired up.
Frank-"Mr. Keamy. I was hired to fly scientists."
Keamy wants the chopper fired up!
Lapidus says he aint taking him so Keamy threaten to kill him; but then there'd be no one to fly them back to the Island.  So Keamy slits the doctor's throat and throws him overboard in an effort to show he's serious.
Desmond witnesses all of this.
Keamy wonders, "Does that change anything, Frank?"   He threatens another life in 30 seconds.
Gault fires Keamy's fixed gun, {Desmond has front row seats to this show!} tells Martin to stand down.
Keamy hands the knife to Omar. {Omar has blood on his pants.}
Gault asks what's on Keamy's arm but Keamy just shoots Gault!
Filthy Frank will ready the chopper, "We're flying."
Frank wraps and hides a Sat-Phone in a pack/bag. Keamy takes the gun from Gault.
Jack eats dry cereal in the beach kitchen.
Juliet reprimands him saying he needs rest; she doesn't want him to tear his stitches, "Doctors make the worst patients."
They hear the chopper coming; then see it. Juliet and Kate are happy!
The beach troupe watch it fly over and see something is thrown from it. Jack runs for it; it lands near Aaron's crib. It's the Sat-phone, maps, schematics/book.
Jack-"I think they want us to follow um." {I wonder how fast/slow the chopper flight was.}

At the Cabin:
John will go in alone.
Ben won't go in, "The Island wanted me to get sick, it wanted you to get wellMy time is over. It's yours now." {Are there WHISPERS????}
Hugo's cool with him going in alone. John hands the torch to Hugo.
Ben wishes him luck.
John lights the lantern and enters.
There is a man sitting there.  John asks if he's Jacob.   The man says no, but he can speak on his behalf, "I'm Christian." {Wearing work boots.}
John sits with him at the table.
John-"You know why I'm here."
Christian-"Yeah. Sure. Do you?"
John-"I'm here because I was chosen to be."
Christian-"That's absolutely right."
There's Claire, smiling, just hanging out all relaxed! {Looking loopy!! Still has band aide} Claire tells John don't worry she's fine, "I'm with him."
Christian tells him the baby's where he's supposed to be, "And that's not here. It's probably best that you don't tell anyone that you saw her..."
John wants to ask questions but there's no time for that.
Christian tells him, "The people from the boat are already on their way back. And once they get here all of these questions won't matter one bit, so why don't you ask the one question that does matter."
John-"How do I save the Island?"
Outside Hugo shares half of an Apollo bar with Ben while they wait.
John comes out.
Ben asks, "Did he tell you what we're supposed to do?"
John reveals, "He wants us to move the island."

Cabin Fever is a GREAT episode!  Has John been spending his life being something he is not?  Fighting the REAL being he is.  Locke claimed all along to be a man of faith and here he is shown to be a man of science.  But from an early age it seemed he wanted to fight that; he picked the knife.   John tells his science teacher he likes boxing, fishing, sports, etc...yet we find he excels in science.   Then Abaddon tells him about miracles, giving him something to think about. John must be struggling with himself!
Can anyone be both?
I wonder if it's possible that Ben/Locke, etc., kill the freighter people and move the Island, and that's when Ben travels to see Widmore and confronts him about killing his daughter.

The "TIME ISSUE" is messed up way too much.  The Dr. washed up on shore BEFORE he died on the ship, YET the pay load from a few episodes ago, arrived 31 minutes AFTER it should have been in. So it's not consistent! The pay load was delayed but the doctors body was ahead!
Add to that, in John's dream we are shown that things being are being replayed by evidence of Horace and his chopped down tree reappearing and him going through the same motions. Except here it looks more like a "glitch".

Things to note...Questions to ask…

* WHO IS GUARDING THE GATE?  Is there literally a 3 headed watch dog?
* 3 Cribs in the nursery 2 Blue blankets, 1 Pink!!!
* Proof of REPLAY!!! DO OVER...and Over... and Over....... LOOP. Circle/Zodiac/crown.
* Game. Leader. Beat.  Laws/rules.
* Emily didn't look pregnant.
* Daddy- Richard, Roger, Christian, Jacob?????
* John's foster sister's name here is Melissa, not Jeanie.  Different foster sister?
* Apollo Bars. Gas.
* Costa Mesa- Tie to the Island, Dharma, Roger, Ben.
* Why didn't Ben need a map to find the cabin previously? And why would one be needed now?
* Super Hero. Comic Books.  Smoke Monster.
* Blueprints! Manuals! Written Steps! EVERYTHING IS BLUEPRINTED out!!  Written out like a script or strategy guide.
* Dead=not literally "dead".
* Birth. Life. Alive.
* What role does Richard Alpert have….Really?
* MICHAEL CAN'T DIE. Keamy tries to kill him-No Luck!
* Mrs. Locke is a redhead.
* John and Ben- Both moms named Emily- Both preemies- Both had spine issues! Coincidence...NO!
* Locke sharpening his Jedi mind trick skills!
* Incubator. Hatch….Fertility? {Nurture}
* Learn. Teach. Growth.  Learn to walk.
* Why didn't Dr. Ray's body get eaten by the Dharma shark?
* Christian wearing work boots, as did Horace in John's dream.
* Geronimo Jackson!
* "Everyday" by Buddy Holly and the Crickets- released July 1957, a year after one of Locke's birthdays -of May 30, 1956.{firearms birth date November 15, 1946. Also seen March 30, 1956}
* Ben says he took the lives of over 40...John tells Hugo over 100 Dharma people….
* Ferries operate on regular, frequent, return services.
* Is this "Island" tethered to something?
* Hugo and John are special.
* Teen John bleeds from his left nostril and Horace bleeds from his left nostril.
* MOVE THE ISLAND! There it is! WooooooHooooooo!

Vocabulary…and Research...
* Godspeed, as a word, is a wish for a prosperous journey, success, and good fortune.
* Pit Stop A/K/A water stop is a break and a place to break for drinking water in sports events (competition or training). Similarly, a water break is a break to drink water in some sports events held in one place.
* Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton March 19,1821– October 20, 1890, was an English explorer, translator, writer, soldier, Orientalist, ethnologist, linguist, poet, hypnotist, fencer and diplomat. He was known for his travels and explorations within Asia and Africa as well as his extraordinary knowledge of languages and cultures. According to one count, he spoke 29 European, Asian, and African languages.
* Cabin fever is a slang term for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a party is isolated and/or shut in, alone or together, for an extended period. Symptoms include restlessness, irritability, forgetfulness, and excessive sleeping.
- Islomania is a craze for or a strong attraction to islands. The condition, first identified by British writer Lawrence Durrell in his book Reflections on a Marine Venus.
* The Wiccan Laws, also called the Craft Laws, the Old Laws, the Ardanes (or Ordains) or simply The Laws.
* The torch is a common emblem of both enlightenment and hope.
* Georges Delerue was a renowned French film composer who composed over 350 scores for cinema and television. Including the movie TWINS.
* Incubation in psychology is the process of thinking about a problem subconsciously while being involved in other activities.
* A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system.
- A computer glitch is the failure of a system, usually containing a computing device, to complete its functions or to perform them properly. It frequently refers to an error which is not detected at the time it occurs but shows up later in data errors or incorrect human decisions.
- Incorrectly written software (software bug)
- Incorrect instructions given by the operator (Operator error) (considered a software bug)
- Undetected invalid input data (a software bug)
- Computer security cracking (sometimes erroneously called "hacking")
- Computer viruses.
In video games: a glitch is a programming error which results in behavior not intended by the programmers. Glitches may include incorrectly displayed graphics, collision detection errors, game freezes/crashes, sound issues, and others. Some glitches are potentially dangerous to the game save data.
Glitching” is the practice of a player exploiting faults in a video game's programming to achieve tasks normally impossible if the game's script runs as intended, such as running through walls or defying gravity. It is often used to gain an unfair advantage over other players in multiplayer video games.
In other words...a loophole or cheating.

A cabin is on a ship. Hatches, armory, kitchen/galley, operations room, berth and brig is too. Imagine the "Island" is one fucking giant ship. A space ship filled with scientists…Hehehehe!!!

John has a good sense of the game...hmmm.  Of course he does, but why would that be? Is he just a competitive player or is he one of the creators of the game or a "game master", perhaps.  Game, computers and technology hints are all over the place.

John has been struggling to find out who he really is and where he belongs.   Is this "Island" adventure the medium that showed him the way?
John seems to still have to complete another "test" or "Quest/Mission". Will we see who and what John Locke really is?
John claims to have found what he was looking for.  So I must ask...What happens next for John?  If people are removed or exit when they find what they're looking for is John ready to move on too?

Cabin fever is a condition experienced. How long have all these people been in this container?   And who does this cabin really belong to?

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Redhead Mrs. Locke's hat has stars, earring 3 pearls!

Geronimo Jackson! ROCK ON!
Looks kind of like these two Dudes could have been in this band.
What do you think? Who could the other two people be? Hmmm?

Posted on Myspace May 2008.

Disclaimer:I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

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