March 25, 2009

The Brig.

Let's Talk about LOST. The Brig.

John reads the contents of a red file by firelight. We hear the sounds of a gagged man struggling.
John tells him, "Save your breath. Nobody's gonna hear ya."
John burns the red file.

8 Days ago:
John sees that Anthony Cooper is gagged w/black gag and tied up.  Ben and Richard "showed" John that this is what came out of the "magic box."
Tom is there standing guard.
Ben informs John, "You brought him here."
John says he did not.
Ben warns John about getting to close to Anthony.  Tom has a zapper for protection from Anthony. John wants to know where he found him and why he brought him here. John will just ask Anthony how he got there.
Ben-"Be my guest."
John takes off Anthony's gag and Anthony bites John {Like a dog!} Tom Zaps Anthony!
Ben- "I warned you, John."
Tied up Anthony asks John in a very scary manor, "Don't you know John? Don't you know where we are?"    Bitten John and the guys leave the room, leaving prisoner Anthony.
John asks Ben what Anthony meant.
Ben-"We don't have time to deal with that now."
Tom closes the door from the inside; Richard appears to lock it from the outside. {Is there another way in and out of that room? Why would Tom want to be locked in with him?}
Ben informs John they're going to a new place, "Well, an old place, actually. Would you like to come with us?"
John- "Yes."
Ben tells him they're holding Kate a few buildings over from here; maybe he'd like to say goodbye.

Sawyer is sleeping, Kate is awake. She slips away from his loving arms but it wakes him.  Kate says she can't sleep if she's not in her own tent. {There is something seriously wrong with her!!!} He's fine with that; they'll go over to her tent. Apparently that not really what Kate wants.
Kate tells him "It's nothing personal, just old habits, you know?" She only lives five tents away; she can walk by herself. Sawyer has to pee anyway. Sawyer takes a gun with him. {If there's so much danger out there, why not walk her home or give her the gun?}
Sawyer catches Hurley and Jin by Hurley's tent. Coincidently they say they're going to take a leak too.
Sawyer is out in the jungle to pee. He hears noises and grabs his gun. Its Locke shinning is flashlight at Sawyer, "Hello James."
Locke asks Sawyer, "Wanna zip your pants up?"
Locke was looking for him. {His right hand is not bandaged.}
Sawyer- "Okay, Tarzan, so now that you're back from your blow up everything that can get us off the island tour, how bout you tell me why you joined up with the damn enemy?"
Locke says he didn't join them; he infiltrated them.
Sawyer- "You're undercover with the Others?"
Locke- "That's right."   And James should believe that because, "A few hours ago, I snuck into Ben's tent and kidnapped him. Tied him up and dragged him into the jungle.
Sawyer- "And you came all the way back here to tell me this because…"
Locke- "Because this is the same man who tortured you, beat you, humiliated you. And I want you, to kill him."
Sawyer tells him if he wants him dead then he should kill him. Both men say they are not murderers.
John informs Sawyer, "Except for the man you killed in Sydney. They got files on us, James. All of us."
Sawyer says the files got their facts wrong.
Locke-"Then I made a mistake coming to you. Please don't tell anyone I was here."
Sawyer follows an undeterred Locke into the jungle, barefoot and all!
This pleases "Locke."

3 Days Ago:
The Others tent city.
Everyone is wearing bland colored clothes. {Not the costumes} John is there; right hand bandaged and helping Cindy put up a tent. She has fabric tied around her neck. John was glad to help her. The people of the camp give him smiles as they pass by.
Cindy tells him, "Don't mind them. They're all just excited you're here." They've been waiting for him. Tom comes over tells John Ben asking for him.
Ben in the wheelchair in his very comfortable tent is listening to the tape recorded by Juliet- "Ben, its 6am on Saturday morning. Kwon is pregnant. The fetus is healthy and was conceived on island with her husband. He was sterile before they got here."
John arrives. {Bandage hand}
Ben shuts off the tape. Ben tells him Juliet is gathering information from John's former camp for them. She's determining if any of the women are pregnant; then they're gonna go in and take them.
John-"Take them?"
Ben-"This is not the first time we've done this, John. Trust me, no one will get hurt."
Ben asks John to pass him a walking stick. Ben believes he has John to thank for this because a week ago he couldn't move his toes. But the minute "he" showed up, he began to feel pins and needles. This is only the beginning, "I can't wait to show you what this island can do. But unfortunately, you're not ready, John."
John insists he is ready.
Ben feels "You're still crippled by the memories of the man you used to be before you came to this island. You'll never be free until you release the hold your father has over you. Why do you think you brought him here?"
John mocks the magic box.
Ben reveals the "Magic box is a metaphor, John. I can't show you anything until you can show me that you're ready and willing to be one of us. When people join us here on this island, they need to make a gesture of free will, of commitment. That's why you're gonna have to kill your father."
John looks outside the tent to see Anthony tied to a huge column, while the Others are all going about their business as if he's not even there.
Charlie is in the beach kitchen/pantry; he's packing a suitcase with fruit and water. He sniffs an old jar of jelly, {Preserves} peanut butter, pineapple, and bananas.
Jack asks him, “Hey when did you get back?"
Charlie- "Last night. Well, this morning actually."
Jack asks what they were doing camping. Charlie tells him they figured they'd explore a bit, "Male bonding."
Jack lets him know the next time they go out "Sign me up."
Charlie- "Yeah, next time. Sure."

Charlie gives Jin the suitcase to take into the tent. Charlie and Hurley tell Desmond they think Jack should be told about the parachutist and check out her wound.
Des asks the guys, "Can you give me your word that Jack can be trusted, he spent 10 days with those people and nothing happened to him, and that woman he's spending time with…? Aye, Juliet 2 weeks ago she had your friends in cages. Naomi. Now your heard everything that she said. If we keep her safe, she's our way off this island. So, given that, do you trust Jack? Or don't you?"
The guys don't answer.
Desmond continues, "Right. So we'd better bring in someone we can trust.

John and James walk through the jungle. James' bare feet are bloody. James asks what else is in the file they've got on him.
John tells him, not much, "That your parents died when you were very young. But it doesn't say why your father shot your mother, or why he turned the gun on himself. {James is still} That must have been hard for ya." There's also high school transcripts, criminal record, for the con jobs he was arrested for.
John guesses that's why he uses and alias, "Why did you choose the name Sawyer?"
James snaps and hits him with the gun; knocking him to the ground and holds John's knife to his neck, "How stupid do you think I am? I already been conned by Ben once! Maybe you heard about it? Bunny with a number painted on it? Think I'm just gonna follow you through the jungle..."
John tells him he has to trust him.  James demands to know where he's taking him and what he wants from him. John again insists he's doing exactly what he said, to kill Ben. James angrily asks John why he came back to get him to do it. Why won't he do it himself...And don't call him James!
John can't do it himself, “That's why I came back for you."
Sawyer-"I'll go to where ever you got him. But then we're bringing him back to our camp. I ain't killin nobody. Understand me?"
John says yes, "When you hear what 'he' has to say you'll change your mind."

Sayid is digging a hole.
Hurley-"Hey dude." {Sayid has a Band-Aid on left shoulder.} Hurley asks him if he can keep a secret.
Sayid and Hurley arrive at the tent. Charlie says Sayid gonna wanna hear what she has to say for himself; they still haven't told Jack .  Desmond is happy to see Sayid.
"Her" eyes are closed. Sayid introduces himself to her, "I understand your helicopter crashed onto the island."
She says, no, it crashed into the water. Her name is Naomi Dorrit. She tells him she took off from a ship, a freighter, 80 nautical miles west of "here".   She's part of a search and recovery team.
Sayid-"You told my friends the wreckage of flight 815 was discovered. Did you mean the partial wreckage?"
Naomi-"No. They found the entire plane off the coast of Bali.  In an Ocean trench 4 miles deep. They sent down these cameras and these little robots to survey the wreck. The bodies were all there."
Sayid says obviously they're not dead.  If she wasn't looking for them, then who was she looking for?
She says "Him." {Desmond} She goes on to say "My company was hired by a woman named Penelope Widmore. I don't know why, I never met her.  She gave us a set of coordinates. We'd be conducting a differential GPS grid search ever since."
Naomi-"Island? We were given coordinates in the middle of the bloody ocean. We thought it was a fool's errand. Til three days ago. I was flying back for the ship when all of a sudden the clouds cleared and I saw land.  The instruments started spinning, I realized I was going down so, I grabbed my chute and I bailed."
Sayid-"Did you actually see her helicopter?"
She asks him if he thinks she's lying.  He takes it that there's no way of communicating with that freighter of hers.
Naomi-"What was your name? Sayid? {He says yes}Remind me not to rescue you, Sayid."

John and Sawyer stop by the stream. Sawyer cools his feet in the water. He questions John about him changing his mind about killing Ben when he hears what he's got to say, "Do you wanna give me a heads up?"
John-"It's not really my place to tell ya."
Sawyer tells him what he read in that file about the guy in Sydney, "I thought he was someone else. I made a mistake. I didn't mean to kill him."
John-"Well. Who'd you mean to kill?"
Sawyer-"Are we almost there?"

Three Days Ago:
Night in Other tent city.
Tents are illuminated by the lanterns inside them. Campfires burning.
Ben pokes at John with his walking stick! John's sleeping on the ground, not in a tent. "Wake up, John. It's time."
John follows him. {Right hand bandaged}
Ben takes John to where Anthony is tied to the column.
Ben gives John a knife, "I know it won't be easy, but the quicker the better."  He takes the gag out of Anthony's mouth.
Anthony says to Ben, "You're kidding me, right? You expect him to kill me?"
Ben says to John the hesitation that he's feeling is just the part of you that still feels like he has a perfectly good explanation for stealing your kidney, throwing you out an 8 story window. Don't you wanna be free from him?"
Anthony says the hesitation he feels is "because he's a spineless…."
John wants to think.
Ben- "Don't think, John."
Anthony tells Ben, "You're wasting your time, Bug Eye. Me and him have been through all this. All he wants is his daddy."
Now all the Others watch.
Anthony-"You really haven't figured it out yet, have you?"
Ben-"Let go of him, John."
John has the knife at Anthony's throat, "Why are you doing this to me?"
Ben says he's doing it to himself, "As long as he's still breathing, you’ll still be that same sad pathetic little man that was kicked off his walkabout tour, because you couldn't walk."
John can't do it.
Anthony-"I'll be here the rest of the week, John, if you change your mind."
Ben knocks out Anthony with his walking stick.
Ben takes the knife from John, says to his camp, "I'm sorry. He's not who we thought he was."
John is pissed! We see the faces of Richard, Cindy and the kids. {They are the only kids we see}

Locke leads Sawyer to the Black Rock.
Sawyer's surprised to see the ship, "Nice place you got here, Locke."{Locke!}
Locke tells him Ben's inside in the brig. Sawyer's ready.

Locke with his flashlight leads Sawyer the way. {We are looking down through a big hole. Note that they guys are wearing similar, not the same shirts}
Sawyer sees the skeletons and asks Locke, "Friends of yours?" {They just might be!}
Locke explains, "It's an old slaving ship. Mid 19th century. {Again, how does he know that?} His guess is they captured the slaves and brought them here to try and mine the island. There's dynamite in the boxes.
We hear grunts.
Sawyer-"Son of a bitch. You really kidnapped the little bastard. We aint killing him, Locke." {Again, calls him Locke!}
Locke-"Whatever you say, James." {He’s not supposed to call him James}
Locke opens the door. There's man, black bag over his head, cuffed. Sawyer leaves the knife outside the door and enters. Locke slams the door shut, leaving Sawyer in there alone with him. Sawyer bangs on the door, "Open the damn door!" {Sawyer still has his gun in the back waist of pants} Sawyer tells the bagged guy to shut up! He takes the bag off. This is not Ben! "Who the hell are you?"

Sayid tries to fix the phone.
Hurley-"Is that like a radio?"
Sayid-"It's like a radio, yes. But I've never seen equipment this sophisticated."
Hurley hopes he can make it work, "What about the other part? The part about they found the plane and we're all dead?"
Sayid tells him, one thing at a time. {WTF? Why?} Sayid gets the phone to turn on; it gets feedback and beeps.  There's not a single audible channel.  Whatever the interference is, it's blocking our ability to send our transmission. If we..." {The screen changes, locating channel}
Kate-"What's that? Is that a radio?" {She always has to know everything!}
Hurley lies and says he got it from the luggage. Sayid will explain it to her if she keeps it very quiet.

Sawyer's banging on the door for Locke to open it. Locke sits calm and content whittling . {Maybe he's making wooden dolls} Another door opens. It's Rousseau.
Locke-"What brings you to the Black Rock?"
She needs dynamite. All the while there is banging and yelling continuing from behind the door. "Crates are right over there" points with his flashlight. He tells her to be careful. She picks up a crate labeled "Explosives."
She doesn't ask what's going on there at all, she just gets what she came for and just leaves.

Two Days Ago:
John, right bandaged hand, sitting on a hillside overlooking the Other's tent city. He removes his bandage and sees he is healed.
Richard joins him; tells him "No matter how much time you spend on the island, you just never get tired of this view".
Richard formally introduces himself. {Richard is wearing a watch!}
Richard shares with John, "He wanted to embarrass you…Ben knew you weren't going to kill your own father. He put you in front of everyone in our camp just so they could all watch you fail….'Cause when word got back here that there was a man with a broken spine on the plane who could suddenly walk again, well... People here began to get very excited, because that could only happen to someone who was extremely special. But Ben doesn't want anyone to think you're special, John."
John wants to know why he's telling him this.
Richard reveals "Ben has been wasting our time with novelties like fertility problems. We're looking for someone to remind us that we're here for more important reasons….I want for you to find your purpose. And to do that, your father has to go, John. And since you're not gonna do it,.."
Richard takes out a red file and gives it to John; he suggests someone else.
John opens the file, "Sawyer? Why would Sawyer kill my father? He doesn't even know him." Richard tells him to keep reading. {File labeled Ford James aka Sawyer. The papers seem to be written in French or something. This is a lovely loophole, if I may say so!}

Sawyer is banging on the door. Cooper gagged. Sawyer removes the gag but wants him quiet. Sawyer through the door, he is very upset, "I'm pointing my gun at you, John Boy. You got three seconds to open this door."
John- "You're not gonna shoot anyone, James."
Sawyer counts 1, 2!
John- "If there were any bullets in that gun, why would hold a knife to my throat?"
Damn it!
Cooper-"I guess I didn't raise no dummies…It means that bald headed bastard outside the door is my son."
He claims to be John's father. {He didn't raise him!} "You do speak English?"
Sawyer is surprised, "How did you get here? To the island."
Anthony- "Island? Haha. Okay. I'm driving down I-10 through Tallahassee when, bam, somebody slams into the back of my car. I go right through into the divider at 70 miles an hour. {Not 88 mph?! Ha!} The next thing I know, the paramedics are strapping me to a gurney, stuffing me in an ambulance, and one of them actually smiles at me as he pops the I.V. in my arm. And then nothing, just black. And the next thing I know, I wake up in a dark room, tied up, gag in my mouth, And when the doors open, I'm looking up at the same man I threw out a window, John Locke, "My dead son."
Sawyer is confused. Anthony goes on to tell him John survived the toss out the window that permanently paralyzed him and also says John's dead because the plane he was flying on crashed in the Pacific.
Sawyer- "I got bad news for you Pops. 'Cause I was on that plane with your son. He sure as hell wasn't crippled. And we didn't crash in the Pacific. We crashed right here on this island." Anthony, "You sure it's an island?" {NO. It's a freighter. With a ward on it called Santa Rosa! LOL!!}
Sawyer- 'Well, what else is it?"
Anthony insinuates it is HELL.
Sawyer- "So, we're dead."
Anthony says they found their plane on the bottom of the ocean. One minute he's in a car wreck, the next he's in a pirate ship in the middle of the jungle, "If this isn't hell, friend…Then where are we?"
Anthony tells Sawyer he threw Locke out the window because he was becoming a nuisance, "I conned him into giving me one of his kidneys. He never got over it.
You can see Sawyer trying to comprehend everything that's going on. The word "con" gets to Sawyer.
Sawyer- "What's your name?"
Anthony now uses a slight southern accent, "Con man goes by many names, friend. I've been Alan Seward, Anthony Cooper, Ted MacLaren, Tom Sawyer. Lewis Jackson, Paul…{Tom Sawyer gets to Sawyer.} I was young and Huck Finn was taken. And the ladies love that one. Made me charming."
Sawyer- "How bout that?...Sawyer's my name too."

Locke wakes up on the ground. {Just as if Ben never woke him the night before.} His back pack is his pillow. Everyone around him is packing up the tent city. {Wow! He can sleep through anything!}
John asks Ben what's going on. Ben, who is reading a book, tells John, "We're moving."
John asks where "we're" going?
Ben-"We are not going anywhere, John. You are going to stay behind. You both are going to stay behind."
John-"You're not taken him?" {Pointing to tied up Anthony/column}
Ben-"He's your mess, John. Why would we clean it up?"
John- "If you're trying to put me in my place or embarrass me."
Ben asks him where he would get a ridiculous idea like that." {Yeah right}
John-“You can't leave me. After everything…"
Ben- "Don't tell me what I can't do, John."
But John thought he was special. Ben tells him, everyone makes mistakes. {Not Ben} They will leave a trail, one that John can track, "And John, unless you're carrying your father's body on your back, don't bother.

Locke is still whittling. He's listening; it's quiet. Just the creaking and howl through the ship. Sawyer asks Anthony if he's ever been to Jasper Alabama.
Anthony- "Yeah. I've been to Jasper. Don't tell me I'm your daddy."
Sawyer-"No. you killed my daddy."
Anthony's face changes. Sawyer takes out the letter he wrote as a young boy to Mr. Sawyer, from his back pocket. He makes him read it. Anthony begins the letter. As he reads aloud, Sawyer is hypnotized.
Anthony mocks the letter, "So what. Is this supposed to be you? You wrote this letter? Hey, wait a second. Did you take my name because you were on some kind of revenge kick?"
Sawyer wants him to keep reading. He's getting very emotional.
Anthony- "Look I ran that con two dozen times. If your mother was one of the ladies…"
Sawyer tells him her name was Mary.
Anthony remembers her. He tells Sawyer she practically begged him to take her $38,000 and rescue her from her sorry little life. Sawyer with tears in his eyes wants him to finish the letter. Anthony says he only took her money. It's not his fault his dad overreacted. If his dad pulled the ol murder-suicide, then I'm sure he's down here somewhere. {I'm sure his is too} Sawyer yells for him to finish it! Defiant Anthony tears up the letter. Sawyer freaks and chokes him with the chain; apparently kills him.
Locke opens the door and thanks an emotional Sawyer.

Jack and Juliet sitting on the beach, eating.
Jack asks her if she's missing the cheeseburgers yet.
Juliet-"Only every second."
Kate comes over needing to talk to Jack in private. Jack tells her she can say anything in front of Juliet {WTF?} Kate's fine with her hearing, since no one wants to tell Jack, "There's a woman in Hurley's tent, who parachuted onto the island yesterday."
She explains that a woman jumped from her chopper before it crashed. {Watch Juliet here} The boat that she took off from is 80 miles off the coast and if she can find a way to contact it, we'll all be rescued. No one told Jack, because they don't trust him. {Juliet looks at Jack} Jack wants to know how. Kate said she had a phone radio thing and Sayid's trying to get it to work.
Juliet- "We should tell her."
Jack- "No…Not yet."
Jack walks away from them. The ladies just look at each other.

Sawyer pukes in the jungle.
Locke-"You can go back now."
Sawyer asks him why he did this.
Locke-"He ruined my life. And he ruined yours. And he had it coming. Juliet is a mole…She's working for Ben. He sent her back to find out which of our women were pregnant. Three days from now, there's gonna be a raid on the beach and they're gonna take them. They say they don't want anyone to get hurt."
Locke wants Sawyer to warn the camp. Locke can't warn the camp because, "I'm not going back."
Sawyer- "You're going back undercover?"
Locke-"No. I was never undercover, James. I'm on my own journey now."
Sawyer feels even though he's been trying to tell the camp that since she showed up, they won't believe him. Locke gives him the tape recorder with the notes on it that he stole from Ben, "They'll believe you now."
Sawyer asks if it's true he threw him out a window, "That you were a cripple?"
Locke-"Not anymore."
They both leave in separate directions.
Locke looks back, puts on his back pack and carries the 'sack o Anthony.'

Locke is told by Ben, as a gesture of free will and commitment that he has to kill his father.  Locke can't kill his father because he can't let go of him.  Locke recruits Sawyer to kill Anthony Cooper via a loophole provided by Richard.  While this "may" give Sawyer a chance to close this chapter of his book, it in turns opens up another chapter for Locke.   Locke is trying to con his way into knowing about the "Island."   Con? Yes, con.   He talks Sawyer into this deed, then takes the credit for and lies about the deed.  All to show Ben he is committed to being one of them. Is Locke really "One of Them?"
The beach camp is already starting to split up into sides.

Things to note...Questions to ask.
* WAKE UP!  Is everybody friggin' sleepwalking?!!!
* Hear. Listen. Look. See.  Be quiet-silent-don't speak.
* Let go-purge
* Is this really Anthony Cooper? Why is he there? Who really "brought" him there? Locke "brought" him.
* John sure does a lot of 'guessing.' Or is he really "Knowing?"
* Time.
* People on the island are starting to find out that the 'outside world' thinks their all dead from the crash of flight 815.
* "I was on that plane with your son. He sure as hell wasn't crippled. Sawyer seems pretty sure about that!
* Bug.
* Father. Dad. Daddy. Pops.
* Post hypnotic suggestion? Knowing how to use words to influence people.
* Why did Richard give Locke the red file on Sawyer? What angle is he playing there? Is her really trying to help Locke, or Ben?
* Anthony Cooper. Bottle of MacCuteons. Sawyer had a bottle of the stuff in his hidden stash.
* Does Desmond know that Jack won't make the right decision? Charlie and Hurley don't trust Jack.
* Sayid, band aid on left shoulder. Gunshot from Mikhail
* Naomi must know these island residents.
* Rousseau and Locke must know each other. They always seemed like they do. Share history, perhaps?
* John wants his daddy.
* John knows a lot about the Black Rock.
* Where exactly is Ben taking his people?
* They all stick their guns in their back waistbands of their pants.
* Ben can never be far away from his books.
* Anthony describes his trip to the island. From what we've seen, basically, that is how they get to the "island".   It really seems that they're never out of the "confines" of the "Island".
* Everyone is still conning everybody else!
* Robots. Cameras. Tape recorders. Books. Notes.
* Files. Retrieving (real life) documents, or 'scripted' lives?
* GPS. Tracking.
* Michael has used a very similar line to Locke. "Old Habits, You know?"
* Rose uses a similar line about "Fool's errand" in another episode.
* Watch out for Kate. She's a big tease with Sawyer. She uses and uses him! She always has her hands in everything. Island treks, investigations, searches, exploring with the guys when they want to check things out. Always has to be a part of everything! Here she finds out about Naomi, and then she runs to tell Jack, even though she said told Sayid she would keep it very quiet!
* Sawyer has his moment with "Mr. Sawyer."
* Black Rock.
* Journey. That's the truth! They're all on their own journey to enlightenment.

Vocabulary and Research…
* BRIG-In nautical terms, a brig is a vessel with 2 square-rigged masts. During the Age of Sail, brigs were seen as fast and maneuverable and were used as both naval war ships and merchant ships. While their use stretches back before the 1600s the most famous period of the brig was during the 1800's. A brig is also a type of ship which is derived from a brigantine.
-An abbreviation for the rank of Brigadier.
- A military prison or jail on a ship, navy base, or (in fiction) spacecraft.
- Military prison (This is in a building)
- The Brig Enterprise in the film Star Trek Generations.
- The Brig is a nickname for the Doctor Who character Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.
* Jasper is an opaque, impure variety of silica, usually red, yellow or brown in color. This mineral breaks with a smooth surface, and is used for ornamentation or as a gemstone. It can be highly polished and is used for vases, seals, and at one time for snuff boxes. Jasper can appear as an opaque rock of shades of red due to mineral impurities. Patterns can arise from the formation process and from flow patterns in the sediment or volcanic ash that was saturated with silica to form jasper, yielding bands or swirls in the rock.
* The Black Rock is a hybrid laying bird originating from America. They are bred from a Rhode Island Red cockerel and a Barred Plymouth Rock hen. The birds are notable for their handsome appearance and long and productive lifespan.
-Blackrock (geology), a type of limestone.
-Blackrock(comics), an adversary of Superman's in DC Comics.
-G. B. Blackrock, a character in the Transformers comic book series
-Black Rock is a British slave ship. The Black Rock was allegedly owned and run by the British trading group the New World Sea Traders. The slave trade had been outlawed in 1807, indicating the New World Sea Traders operated in the black market. The company owned a fleet of fifteen ships, including a frigate, two sloops, and three slave ships. The Black Rock may have been one of these slave ships, though they were sold in 1882, a year after the Black Rock disappeared, suggesting the company may have had actually sixteen ships pre-1881. The New World Sea Traders was owned and operated by Magnus Hanso, a former ship's captain who became a business entrepreneur. While no direct ownership has been stated, it is known that the Black Rock sailed out of slip 23 in Portsmouth docks, and Hanso's trading group managed slips 18 to 27.
* Guest Island is a glacial island in the Ross Sea approximately 100 kilometers off the coast of Ross Dependency, Antarctica. The island part of New Zealand.
* An alias is a pseudonym, an artificial, fictitious name. Stage name.
* Alias was a "Spy-fi" television series.
* Pins and needles Paresthesia or par aesthesia. Like when your arm or leg falls asleep. Funny, this is how Jack describes Ben's tumor symptoms too. Numbness. Chronic paresthesia indicates a problem with the functioning of neurons. Or poor circulation . Paresthesia can also be a symptom of vitamin deficiency and malnutrition, as well as metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypothyroidism. Also, it could be that Nerves below the head may be compressed where chronic neck and spine problems exist and can be caused by, amongst other things, muscle cramps which may be a result of clinical anxiety or excessive mental stress, bone disease, bad posture, unsafe heavy lifting practices or physical trauma such as whiplash. Another cause can be Radiation Poisoning.
* FILE- A column of the Chessboard. A specific file can be named either using its position in algebraic notation, a–h, or by using its position in descriptive notation. For example, the f-file or the king bishop file comprises the squares f1–f8 or KB1–KB8.
* File (formation) Military term for a single column of men one in front of the other.Ranks.
* A File (Unix), a Unix program for determining the type of data contained in a computer file.
* A File (hand file) is a hand tool used to shape material by cutting.

Metaphors Galore!!! WoooooooHoooooo!
I LOVE THAT! Come back. Came back. Go back. When did you get back? I'm going back. I'm back! Over and Over again!

The Brig.  Is the "Island" the "ship/vehicle" and they're all prisoners in the brig?  Or is someone a Brigadier General in charge of something big?
This all can't be about "Anthony" being tied up in a broken down pirate ship. Aye! Someone please tell me!
Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin!
I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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