June 13, 2009

The Moth.

Let's talk about LOST! The Moth.

Hooded Charlie strums the guitar, but his having difficulty focusing. He is going through withdrawal. Locke comes into the caves and suggests to Charlie they go for a walk, "The fresh air will do you good."

At the beach Jack is looking at Kate's mug shot. From behind him, Kate mentions she takes better pictures than that. Jack just came by for a few things and the mug shot was with his stuff. He gives it back to her.
Kate- “So, you’re not staying."
Jack- "Call me a broken record but, the caves are natural shelter and a hell of a lot safer than living here on the beach.”  He’s not mad at Kate he just doesn’t understand why he won’t go with him/us. The caves aren’t even a mile away. Kate says they crashed 8 days ago and she’s not setting up housekeeping. Jack knows they want off this island, “but we both know that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.” {Again, he KNOWS they’re not going anywhere!} Kate reveals Sayid has a plan. Jack already knows about Sayid’s plan to find the source of the distress code and that signal’s been running on a loop for 16 years, “And the woman who left it, she wasn’t rescued. What makes you think its gonna be any different for us.”
Kate- “I believe it.”
Jack wishes he shared her faith. The signal’s coming from somewhere on the island.
Sawyer arrives, heard the doc was vacating the premises. He interrupts them by claiming his new digs, “I can fix this place up real good.”    Sawyer has the hots for Kate.  Jack heads off; he’ll talk to Kate later.

In the jungle hooded Charlie hears strange sounds and animal growl/snorting noises. He loudly whispers, “Locke! Is that you?” (Locke's not walking with him) Charlie is scared of the sounds and what appears to be a boar chasing him. Charlie runs. {Listen to these sounds.} 

Bless me father for I have sinned”, says Charlie.
The confessional door is opened by the priest sitting in the booth. It’s been a week since Charlie’s last confession. He proceeds to confess his sex-capades (participating and watching while partaking in relations, etc) and temptations that come with the territory being in Drive Shaft. They've been playing in clubs in Manchester; they’ve been getting some heat, and a following. The priest confirms we all have our temptations but giving into them that’s your choice. He goes on to explain that life is nothing but a series of choices.
Charlie-“Well then I’ve made my choice. I have to quit the band.”

Charlie enters the church wearing his red/black plaid scarf. There’s a Virgin Mary statue near the holy water; he blesses himself. There is a musical tapping coming from a man/Liam sitting in a pew. “And the meek shall inherit the earth”, says Liam.  Liam is sitting disrespectfully in the pew. {Music $lut black tee shirt} Charlie is upset that Liam has his feet up and behaving disrespectful in church. Liam tells choirboy to relax, “I bring good tidings of great joy.”  He reveals they’ve just been signed; a recording contract. “You’re gonna be a rock god.” {Yellow envelope}

Charlie runs from the loud boar that is chasing him. A net comes down and traps the boar. Locke set the trap. {I guess Danielle's not the only one who knows how to make traps} Locke ties the rope from the trap, “Nice work Charlie. You make excellent bait."  The boar is squealing and trying/fighting to get out. Locke is pleased. Charlie is angry, “Now give me my bloody drugs….Did you hear what I said? I want my drugs back! I need em!”
Locke- “Yet you gave them to me. Hmmm?”
Charlie regrets it, “I’m sick, man. Cant’ you see that?!”
Locke isn’t deterred by any of this. He tells Charlie that he thinks he’s a lot stronger than Charlie knows. “And I’m gonna prove it to you. I’ll let you ask me for your drugs three times. The third time I’m gonna give em to you. Now just so we’re clear…(he flips open a knife) This is one.” Charlie asks why he’s doing this, “To torture me? Just get rid of them and have done with it.”
 But if Locke did that Charlie wouldn’t have a choice, “And having choices, making decisions based on more than instinct is the only thing that separates you from him. {Boar} Locke walks over to the trapped hanging boar and slits its throat. Charlie is disgusted.

At the beach, Sayid is working on triangulation for the radio signal. “Three antenna. Three points of a triangle. One here on the beach. Another Kate will position in the jungle roughly 2 kilometers in. {He hands Kate a watch not the one from his wrist.} And the third, I’ll take the high ground, up there.
If the French transmission is coming from somewhere within our triangulation, I’ll be able to locate the source.  But there are two complications…The power cells I grafted on to the antennas are dry. There’s no telling how long they’ll last. A minute. Maybe more, maybe less.” {Three minutes? lol} Smart Kate realizes they have to wait until they’re in position before they switch them on. Boone asks how they’re going to be able to tell when they’re in the right position, “We have no way to communicate with each other.”  Sayid presents three bottle rockets, “Thank god for firework smugglers.”  When Sayid’s in position he’ll fire his rocket. When Kate and Boone see it, they’ll fire off theirs. As soon as the last one has gone up, they’ll all switch on their antennas.
Kate-“You said there were two complications.”
Sayid tells her the battery in the transceiver is dead, without the transceiver all of this is for nothing. Something from a laptop computer would probably work but he’s not been able to find anything.
Kate- “I think I might know where to look.

Kate chats with Sawyer at his new digs, “You’ve been hording like a pack rat since the crash and you don’t have a single laptop.” Smiling Sawyer has been relaxing reading Watership Down, “We are testy. Still upset about your little break up? You and Jacko...”
Kate remarks it must be exhausting for him living like a parasite, “always taking, never giving.” Sawyer’s amused she’s got him pegged. Kate gets it now, he doesn’t want off this island because there’s nothing for him to go back for; nobody you miss and no one misses him. She doesn’t feel sorry for him; she pities him.
Sawyer reveals he does indeed have a laptop and gives Kate the battery, “All you had to do was say
 At the cave Charlie strums his guitar. Hurley is helping Jack carry “cinder block” filled suitcases. Jack packed everything he thought useful without leaving the others shorthanded. Charlie offers to lend a hand as his experience comes from lugging the band's equipment before they had roadies, “way back in the day.”

Charlie picks up a suitcase that has a broken zipper and medical supplies spill out. He was just trying to help. Charlie digs through the medical stuff. {That’s temptation for ya! Lol} He has a bunch of prescription bottles in his hands when Jack asks what he’s doing. Charlie complains of a headache. Jack looks at a prescription bottle “Diazepam” and mentions it’s for anxiety; its pretty strong stuff for a headache. {Well, couldn’t it still help Charlie?}   Charlie says he was looking for aspirin. Jack notices Charlie not looking too good. Charlie again insists it’s just a headache. So Jack suggests he get some water, maybe he’s dehydrated. He makes Charlie stop picking up the stuff and tells him to go take care of himself, “We don’t need you right now.” {Jack just had similar dialogue in White Rabbit.}

Charlie sits and picks up his guitar.
Bells toll.

Liam tells Charlie boy they can’t do this without him, “You are bloody Drive Shaft.” {Liam wears a dark hoodie} Two nuns in full habit walk by. {Black and White} Charlie warns Liam to watch the language. Liam explains this is their shot at the big time, “You don’t wanna be famous?”  It’s not about all that; Charlie only cares about the music.
Liam- “Yeah, your music, your songs that got signed. I’m just a clown with a pretty face that sings them. Now you wanna take away my chance to be somebody.”
Charlie tells Liam, “It’s not about you. Its…I love the band. It’s not who I am. Sometimes I just get lost in it.” Liam assures him it won’t happen because he’ll be there looking out for him, “We’ll look out for each other. All brothers do, right?” Liam starts to playfully hit him. “Wait. Wait! Just promise me one thing...” says Charlie. “If things get too matter what...if I say we’re done... we walk away.” Liam agrees; they walk away but Charlie makes him promise. Liam looks into his eyes and says, “We walk away. You’re the rock god, baby brother.” The brothers run off playfully.

At the waterfall inside the cave, Jin tends to his hurt left wrist. Sun {wearing a thin strapped top} suggests the doctor take a look at it. Jin says its fine, “It will heal.” Jin asks Sun what she’s wearing as she is dressed indecently, “Cover yourself.” She defies him, “It’s too hot.”
Hurley carries the guitar case asks Charlie if it’s his. Charlie {working on a stick} seems flattered that Hurley asked him, wondering if he realizes Charlie’s the bass player for Drive Shaft. Charlie shares he wrote a bunch of tunes on that, “You all everybody.”   Hurley’s not impressed; he just delivers it via instructions from Jack who wants him to find another place for it. “He’s moving supplies and says it’s in the way.”  Hooded Charlie is mad.
{Jack is shining the light on Charlie's heart!} Hooded Charlie marches into another {hole} interior cave to confront Jack.
Charlie- “You know... a lot of people look up to me. They respect me. And you... you just treat me like I’m some bloody child, like I’m some useless joke.”
Jack doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Charlie goes on; gradually starts yelling, “Charlie’s not good enough to do this, Charlie’s just in the way, put Charlie up to that...Oh you’re gonna look out for me, yeah? We’ll look out for each other... That’s how it is. I’m not interested!” {Read that again! Who is Charlie talking about/to?!}
Jack wants him to calm down, “You’re not yourself right now.”
Charlie yells, “You don’t know me! I’m a bloody ROCK GOD!”
That triggers a huge cave in. Hooded Charlie gets out but Jack is trapped!

Hurley yells for Jack; see if he can hear him. He tells Charlie to go to the beach and get help and be sure to tell Kate. {Really?!} Charlie’s on it.

Sayid and Kate walk through the jungle to get in their triangulation positions. Kate asks Sayid about what they’re doing, chasing some phantom distress signal, what the odds of this working is. {Well, if it's Phantom, the odds are pretty shitty.}
Sayid- “No worse than the odds of us surviving that plane crash.”
Kate feels people survive plane crashes all the time.
Sayid- “Not like this one. The tail section broke off when still in the air. Our section cart wheeled through the jungle and yet we escaped with nothing but a few scrapes. How do you explain that?” Kate feels its blind dumb luck. But no one’s that lucky.
Sayid-“We shouldn’t have survived.”
Kate’s sorry, some things just happen, no rhyme, no reason.{Hmmm.}

Frantic Charlie arrives at the beach. He tells the group they need help because Jack’s trapped in the collapsed cave. “We don’t even know if he’s alive."

Michael recruits Scott, Steve and a couple of guys to aid in the emergency. Boone wants to help at the cave so he entrusts Shannon with the very important task of turning that antenna on {There’s a switch at the base}. He explains they’re triangulating the French signal. But the antennas power’s really weak so you have to wait until they fire their bottle rockets, then you fire this one, then you turn on the antenna. All at 5:00 sharp. Shannon, “The switch is where now?” Boone’s concerned, “Can you or can’t you do it?”  Little Miss Sunshine feels she can. Charlie’s on his way back to the cave but remembers he has to tell Kate the news. Sawyer tells Sport he just missed her, “Her and Mohammad headed into the woods about 10 minutes ago.”  Shirtless Sawyer knows which way they went so he’ll go tell her, “You keep doing, whatever it is you do around here.” Charlie’s insulted.

We hear a huge cheering crowd at the Drive Shaft concert. The Pace brothers seem to be having a good time on stage until Liam over steps his bounds by singing the chorus he’s not supposed to sing. This really pisses off Charlie. The girls chant for “Liam”.

The band makes their way down a dark hallway {Camera Flashes going off} to the green room. {PUSH} Waiting there are fans, girls, food, drinks, cameras and security.


Charlie confronts “happy partying/drinking” Liam about his singing the chorus.
Charlie sips a beer, “I sing the chorus to You All Everybody.“  {Flashes going off; pose for pics} Liam assures him it won’t happen again but the show was going so great, he got caught up in the moment and it seemed like the crowd wanted it. Focused Charlie understands, but tries to explain if they come in at the wrong times it causes an issue. Liam’s not really listening to him; he’s caught up with the exciting life of a rock star.  Charlie watches Liam with a blond chick and drugs head into a doorway marked B. “Chill baby brother.”  He closes the door on Charlie.      
 Charlie stares...

...Charlie just stands in the jungle,staring. 

At the caves, the Castaways have formed a (Human chain) line to aid in the removal of the rubble.   Jack is still in there. Michael wants them to wait so he can check things out before they start moving things around.  He has 8 years of construction work. Michael tells Walt {w/Vincent} to get back; he doesn’t want him by the rocks, “And take the dog with you.”  Walt suggests they get Mr. Locke.  Hurley tells them, “Locke’s out in the jungle killing stuff. Who knows where he is.”   Michael checks things out, “This area here is load bearing. We gotta dig where there’s no danger of the wall buckling in on itself.”   He finds another area, “We dig in here so the wall doesn’t collapse. Four at a time, by hand until we can find some kind of shovel. We take shifts and go slow…” Michael goes on directing the whole operation and Walt seems impressed with him.

Sayid and Kate still on their way. They are met up by Sawyer, who, by the way, ends up ahead of them. {How did he know that’s where they’d be? Plus he obviously knew another route to them, otherwise he would have been behind them!} Kate has a nasty attitude toward him. He just came to tell her something.
Kate-“What makes you think I'm interested in anything you have to say?"
Sawyer reconsiders his motive for being there and makes up another excuse. “I just came to tell you, you were right about me. That I don’t help anyone but myself. Well, here I am. Ready to pitch in.“

In the jungle Locke's skinning his hanging boar. Charlie wobbles over to him and shares the story about the accident and Jack being trapped in the cave in. Locke is unimpressed and undeterred; he continues to skin/cut up the boar but asks “Is anyone trying to get him out?
Locke asks why isn’t he with the rest of the people trying to get Jack out. He doesn’t answer.
Locke- “You didn’t come here to tell me about Jack. Did ya?”
Charlie is nearing a breakdown, “I want my stash, Locke. I can’t stand feeling like this.”
Locke shows Charlie a moth cocoon. What’s in there is much more beautiful than a butterfly. Butterflies get all the attention, but moth’s spin silk, they’re stronger and faster.
Locke shows Charlie the little hole at the top of the cocoon. The moth is just about to emerge. “It’s in there right now, struggling.It’s digging its way through the thick hide of the cocoon. Now, I could help it. Take my knife,gently widen the opening and the moth would be free. But it would be too weak to survive. Struggle is nature’s way of strengthening it. Now this is the second time you’ve asked me for your drugs back. Ask me again and it’s yours." {Locke presents the drugs in the hand he was just holding the knife in! lol!!}

Back at the caves, they break through the rubble.
Michael announces, “We got a hole!”
Hurley yells in there to see if Jack can hear him. They hear him.
Jack-“I’m pinned. I can’t move… I can’t move!
Jack- “Charlie was with me.”
They let him know Charlie’s OK. He made it out. Michael yells in to Jack that they're going to get him out of there.

At their mark, Sayid says they will place the second antenna here. He also tells helpful Sawyer to attach the antenna high up in the tree. Sawyer climbs the tree.  Sayid tells Kate, “5:00. Watch for my flare. Then it’s your turn. I don’t trust him.”
Kate- Who does?” {Who?! Sawyer? lol}
Sayid- “I don’t trust him with you.”
Kate can handle him.

Michael tells the group they can’t make that tunnel any bigger, “But since Jack can’t get out, one of us is gonna have to go in and unpin him.”  Someone “smaller”.   Jin offers something in Korean… Hurley says, “Dude. We don’t understand Chinese.”  Michael corrects Hurley, “Korean, man. They’re Korean.”  {How does Hurley not get that they’re Korean by now?Hooded Charlie offers to go in and help Jack. {Removes his hood}
Michael- “No man. You’re still too shook up…”  Charlie insists he’s the one to go in by showing the rest that they’re needed by someone close to them, but he’s alone here on the island.  Michael lets him go.
Kate stands nervously waiting for 5:00, constantly checking her watch.  Sawyer calmly tells her it, “Still aint five, just like the last time you checked your watch.”
Kate doesn’t want to miss Sayid’s signal, “Remember, I’ll fire the flare, you set off the antenna.” Sawyer thanks the good lord he’s got her there to keep reminding him. Kate knows it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.  Sawyer is curious about what gets her all weak in the loins about Doctor Jack. “The ladies dig the doctors.  Hell, give me a couple of band-aids, a bottle of peroxide, I could run ‘this’ island too.
Kate-“You’re actually comparing yourself to Jack?”
Insulted Sawyer lets her know the difference between them isn’t so big,“I guarantee you if he had survived a few more weeks on “this island” you’d have figured that out.”
Kate- “What did you just say?”
Ahh, damn... Sawyer didn’t tell her. He reveals the word from the valley is Saint Jack got himself buried in a cave in. Kate’s shocked.
Sawyer-“Look at the bright side, now you have someone else to pity.” {Sawyer’s eyes are green, with envy perhaps?}
 Kate throws the bottle rocket at him and runs

Charlie flashes the flashlight on and off 4 times. Michael advises him to go slow; try not to nudge any of the rocks around him, “Good luck.” Boone gives him bottled water. They wish him safety and luck...
Dirty Charlie heads in to the dirty tunnel.

Cameras flashing.
Charlie walks down the light hallway to the green room. There are mirrors everywhere! Angry Charlie kicks the girls out. Liam tells them to come back in 5 minutes. Charlie confronts irresponsible Liam about missing sound check, not showing up for rehearsal; they’ve got a show in an hour.  Liam likes those things; he heads over to hit some drugs.

Charlie is displeased, “After tonight we cancel the rest of the tour...We walk away.”
Liam- “Are you off your head?”
Charlie says they’re walking away like they said they would if things go...“Go where?” asks Liam. Charlie feels Liam’s killing himself with this junk and destroying Drive Shaft.
Liam yells, “I am Drive Shaft!”
Hurt Charlie listens to him reveal that no one even knows who the sodding bass player is, “This is it Charlie. End of the rainbow. You really think you can walk away. Then what? Face it...If you’re not in this band what the bloody hell use are ya?”  Liam walks away telling Charlie to piss off.  Charlie takes a seat at the vanity and looks at himself in the mirror.  {Red streaks in hair. Black nail polish, 1 green nail DS ring} Charlie pushes the bottle of alcohol aside but picks up the heroin. {Heroin is hidden in film containers. BTW...Love all the rings in front of the hobbit.} He starts to cry.
He starts to cry. {We don’t see him use or drink.}

Charlie struggles his way through the dark tunnel. Things start to rumble in there. Concerned Michael yells for Charlie to “Move!”  Charlie moves faster, reaches the clearing where Jack is and the cave collapses behind him.  He is trapped with Jack. Charlie tells Jack, "I'm here to rescue you."{Ahhh Star Wars.}

Boone and Hurley are trying to figure out how move to get them out of there before they run out of air. Pacing Michael yells for them to stop talking; he’s trying to think.
 Kate runs in wanting to know where Jack is and does anyone know if he’s alive. Michael doesn’t know, “Charlie went in there through a tunnel that we dug, but it collapsed.”
Kate wants to know why nobody’s digging. She starts moving rocks herself. They all pitch in.

Charlie unpins Jack by moving the boulder that was trapping him. Jack's right shoulder is dislocated and Charlie will have to put it back in its place. (Juliet claims dislocated shoulder-a few times- in season 3}
Charlie feels he can’t do it!
Jack- “Yes you can.”
Charlie takes Jack’s hand and pulls as hard as he can.

Three chimes clank in the breeze. Sunglass wearing Charlie walks up the porch and knocks on the door. {Tricycle. 52}
The door opens. Liam happily asks what he’s doing here.
Charlie-“A bloke can’t pay his brother a visit once in a while?”
Clean cut, eyeglass wearing Liam welcomes him in, “Of course you can. Why didn’t you call? You lunatic. What are you doing in Sydney?”
Charlie tells Liam the plan he has all lined up; An 8 week tour opening for some band called Meatcoat. The first gig’s in Los Angeles.

Liam listens while pushing Megan in the swing; then he puts her in the sandbox. {Teddybear}
Charlie goes on to say this is their chance to get back on a “real” label, “This is our comeback.” {tiny toy keyboard.}
Liam replies, “Charlie, I don’t want to comeback.” {Say that again.}
Charlie explains the thing is they won’t book Drive Shaft without him, “So I’m asking... as a brother...the way you asked me.”
Liam appeals to Charlie, using the “Night I missed Megan’s birth” bit, “You were the one I stumbling around Dresden with trying to find a sodding fix.”
Liam notices Charlie’s still using {Shaky hand} and that’s why Charlie hasn’t been retuning his calls. Charlie tells him not to change the subject and he lost his sodding number. Apparently Charlie told Liam he would get help.  Charlie blames Liam for doing this to him, “It was about the music! Music, Liam. You took that away from me.”
Liam offers Charlie to stay with him and Karen a few weeks as Sydney’s got some really good programs. Charlie is annoyed and walks away.  Liam asks him to please stay, “I’m just looking out for ya!
Charlie yells back, ”You never looked out for me!
No response from Liam.Charlie turns to leave, “I have a plane to catch."

In the cave Jack asks Charlie, “How longs it been since your last fix?”
Almost a day and a half. Jack asks about the withdrawal, “Any hallucinations?”
Charlie- “Apart from the conversation I had with you about an hour ago in the jungle?... No, not really.” {That is very interesting.}
Jack feels if Charlie had said something he could have helped him through this.
Charlie- “You think I’m useless and a junkie to boot.”
Jack tells him he’s not useless, “That took a lot of guts getting in here and trying to rescue me. I won’t forget that.”
Charlie- “For the rest of our lives?” At the rate their using their oxygen that won’t be too long.
Charlie- “This reminds me of confession. Those little claustrophobic booths.”
Jack wouldn’t have taken him for a religious man. Charlie shares he used to be.
Charlie smiles, “Hey... You wanna hear my confession?...It might take a while”
Jack confesses that he’s no saint either. A moth behind Jack catches Charlie’s eye. He follows it.

The Losties are still working hard to get to Jack and Charlie. Michael wants Kate to take a break as they’ve got enough people to dig, “You keep going at this pace, you’re gonna kill yourself. Kate goes on working removing rocks.
Charlie sees light up to where the moth flew, “I can see light.” He looks up and digs.
 Kate removes more rocks. Charlie with his flashlight, crawls forward through the tunnel. He then is able to push his way through the earth above him, clearing the way. They get out! Charlie saves the day!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!

The Losties continue to dig.
Walt, who’s playing ball with Vincent, announces, “Hey! It’s the Doctor!” {What about Charlie? Lol} In stroll Jack and Charlie. Kate runs up to Jack and hugs him tight. Jack’s happy to see her too. Jack tells them they were able to get out because Charlie found a way out. Hurley hugs Charlie, “Dude. You rock!” They congratulate Charlie and welcome them both back.

 Sayid looks at his watch. {Puts his watch wrist to his head} He launches his bottle rocket, “Alright everyone. Now it’s your turn.

Shannon {'Is in Malibu part of the year'} launches hers, but may have forgotten to do it if the girl didn’t bring the other launched rocket to her attention. 
Sayid waits for “One more.” {He thinks Kate’s doing the launch} The rocket is launched. Sayid gets a signal on the transceiver and asks aloud, “Where are you?” He gets hit over the head with a stick and is knocked out.

In the caves hooded Charlie is suffering withdrawal. Jack is with him. Hurley asks Charlie if he’s feeling okay. Jack quickly answers, covering for Charlie and says he has the flu. Charlie sees Locke roasting the boar and tells Jack he’s going to go stretch his legs. Excited Walt tells Michael, “This place is cool. Can we live here?”  Michael doesn’t answer the question; he looks over at Sun who is folding clothes on the other side of the cave. {What’s that about?!}

Kate gives Jack his very first sling. She made it. {Wow.}
Kate- “So these are the safe caves you’ve been going on about.”  Jack feels this was a fluke. Michael checked out the integrity of the rest of the cave, it’s OK. Kate’s headed back to the beach because if Sayid’s plan worked then they’re one step closer to getting off this island.  Jack seems disappointed. He thanks her for the sling.

Charlie asks Chef Locke for the drugs a third time. He tells Locke he’s sure about wanting them and he’s made his choice. Locke hands him the drugs. Charlie tosses them into the fire. Locke is proud of Charlie, “Always knew you could do it.
Charlie looks up and sees a moth fly away. He removes his hood. 
Locke is pleased. Charlie is free!!

The Moth is a GREAT episode! Things are all connected and intertwined. No matter what happens on the “Island”, in “Flashes” or with other Castaways, events we see not only reflect the issue at hand but they seem to blur together. Interesting, huh?

Things to note... Questions to ask...
* Eye color changes. Always pay attention to all of their eyes in ALL the episodes, even in "Flashes". * Light. Dark. Even Liam’s eyeglasses.
* Real. Not real.
* Remember. Forget.
* Source. Distress code. Signal. Transceiver. Laptop computer. Battery. Bait. Territory.
* 1. 2. 3. 4. 8. 16. Numbers.
* Net. Shift. Flash. Flash memory.
* Languages. Understand. Cover up.
* Mental and Emotional Health: Pain. Anger. Loss. Torture. Regret. Addiction. Withdrawal. Bad choices. Feeling trapped. Walls caving in. Anxiety. Nervous. Attitude. Sad. Phobias. Kill yourself. Sick. Head. Ego. Envy. Addiction.Lunatic. Hallucinations. Pride. Mirror/reflect Confess.Integrity. Safe. Self.
* Thank God for fireworks smugglers. Lol! Otherwise how would they pull off this mission? Get in position, synced/timed execution of the bottle rockets, territory. Sounds very military and game-like to me.
* Chill. Cool/Hot. Heat. (Opposite-opposition)
* Odds. Chance. Choice.
* Do some have a connection to the caves?
* It is finally acknowledged in this episode about the plane “crash”. Maybe they were NOT a real plane crash? {YEP!}
* Band= Circle-loop-vinyl record.
* I’m sure the words I highlight will take on two meanings.

Vocabulary and Research... 

** The Moth The first computer bug. On September 9th 1947, when the primitive computer was experiencing problems, an investigation showed that there was a moth trapped between the points of Relay #70, in Panel F.
* 1). Triangulation in Chess a maneuver in which one player moves a piece (often a king) in a triangular pattern in order to force the opponent to make a weakening move.
2). Triangulation in family dynamics: a phenomenon described in some dysfunctional families.
3). Triangulation in politics: the act of a candidate presenting his or her ideology as "above and between" the left and right side of the political spectrum.
4). Triangulation in Social Science: the use of multiple cross-checked sources and methodology.
5). Term is used in math and computer science.
* The original Microsoft Windows Entertainment Pack (WEP) is a collection of simply-designed computer games. Here is a complete list of the original Microsoft Windows Entertainment Pack titles: Chess. Chip’s Challenge. Cruel. Dr. Black Jack. FreeCell. Fuji Golf. Go Figure! Golf. IdleWild(screen saver). JezzBall. Jigsawed. Klotski. Life Genesis (based on Life simulation). Maxwell’s Maniac. Pegged. Pipe Dream. Rattler Race. Rodent’s Revenge. SkiFree. Stones. Taipei. Tetravex. Tetris. Tic Tac Drop (like connect four). TicTactics. TriPeaks. Tut’s Tomb. WordZap.
* SOS is the commonly used description for the international Morse code distress signal • • • — — — • • •)
* Diazepam (first marketed as Valium.) It possesses anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, hypnotic, sedative, skeletal muscle relaxant and amnestic properties. It is commonly used for treating anxiety, insomnia, seizes, muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal and benzodiazepine withdrawal. It may also be used before certain medical procedures (such as endoscopies) to reduce tension and anxiety, and in some surgical procedures to induce amnesia.
* Phantom: 1). apparently seen, heard or sensed, but having no physical reality, a ghost or apparition; something elusive or delusive. 2). An image that appears only in the mind; an illusion.

It is obvious what this episode is primarily about... Heart and the power of "self". It is a beautiful story. We see the metaphor of these people in a state of feeling “lost”. It's not only about Charlie’s addiction, but baggage that burdens the other Castaways. An example is Jack is pinned and can’t move. I'm sure there are times when many of us have felt we were in a 'dark' place and needed to find our way out of it. I'm not a religious person... Just like Charlie I went to catholic school and church every Sunday. Who would have thought?! Lol! Anyway, we learned about the number three being the symbol of the holy trinity. This episode did include religious imagery; church, confessional, Virgin Mary statue, number 3. These things seem to be part of Charlie; who he is. Charlie felt the band wasn't who he was. Charlie did find his strength and freed himself, ON HIS OWN! He faced his past, temptation, anger, etc.. He made a choice and stuck to the decision to move forward from addiction.

Locke, although he was a wonderful teacher and guide for Charlie, I can’t ignore he used Charlie as bait. {We're going to keep that little bit of info for another time!} It's very interesting that Locke doesn't freak out when he hears the news about Jack, he seems to really only be focused on Charlie.

Pain, hurt, choices and other emotions can devastate us in to an existence of feeling alone and totally lost. Can we heal from these things? Can we emerge into a new self once we come to terms with the past and forge a new future? Charlie may be on his way, but Jack made need a bit of help. I gotta go listen to Pink Floyd’s, The Wall.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace June 28, 2007

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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