June 9, 2009

House of the Rising Sun.

Let's talk about LOST! The House of the Rising Sun.

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Eye opens. Sun sniffs the flower of a plant. {Bromeliad with roots} She sees Jin catch a fish with his hands and listens to a conversation being had by Jack and Kate.
Apparently Kate asks Jack a personal question and he doesn’t want to “put it out there.”
Kate- “It’s just that you and your tattoos, don’t add up.”
They’re flirty as she secures his backpack. Kate's curious if he’s “one of those hardcore spinal surgeons.”
That’s Jack...hardcore.
Charlie suggests if those two are finished verbally copulating they should get a move on, “There’s a whole beach of people waiting for us to get some drinking water for them. And the great white hunter’s getting restless.”
Locke is shaving with a broken mirror. Kate jokes and tells Charlie to ask Jack about his tattoos. Charlie’s amused that those two have an inside joke.

Sun watches the four take off. Jin kills a fish by hitting it against a rock. She’s startled but goes on gathering plants around her.

{Flash Whoosh.}
Night at a party.

Sun is giggling with a couple of girlfriends.
A waiter brings over three glasses of champagne. She smiles, takes a glass and a napkin. {Her ring has 3 pearls.} The napkin contained a note from the waiter, Jin. Sun waits for Jin for their rendezvous.
Sun is concerned about her father finding out about this, but Jin assures her that her father is busy being a host.
Sun wants to “get away to America.”
But Jin doesn’t want to elope with her but Sun feels that’s the only chance they have. Jin knows her father will never allow that. Sun tells him it’s not dad’s choice; it’s their decision to make. Jin will talk to her father and make him understand. Sun’s concerned because Jin doesn’t really “know” her father.
Jin presents her with a beautiful white flower, “I know me.” {Oh, I love romance.} He wishes it were a diamond; someday it will be.
They kiss.

Jin stomps right on Sun’s plants. This snaps Sun back to reality. {Jin is wearing a watch} Jin tackles Michael and they fight. {Michael is wearing a watch.}
During the fight Jin pushes Walt. Jin tries to drown Michael. Sun and Walt are freaking out. Sayid and Sawyer break up the fight.
Sayid yells for the handcuffs from the 'Sky Marshall'.
Sawyer pulls the cuffs out of his pocket and Jin is cuffed to the wreckage. {Left hand only}
Sayid asks Sun what happened; she doesn’t respond at all.

Jack leads the way to the water. Kate asks him how he found this place.
Locke, at the end of the line, looks around at the jungle. {Listen to the sounds.} They find the inside of the cave amazing.
Charlie says to Locke, “Totally you.” {As if this was Locke's house/place.}
Locke says that Charlie has a point about looking through the “stuff” there; it could be useful. Charlie seems surprised that Locke appreciated his suggestion. Jack tells Charlie to keep an eye out for any medical supplies; drugs in particular.
Charlie-“Drugs. Right.” {Watch Charlie. WOW!} They fill the water bottles.

Outside, Charlie pulls out some drugs from his pocket. {Note the ring and LATE on fingers} Locke tells Charlie “Don’t move...Do Not Move.”
Kate and Jack show up and ask what’s going on.
Charlie is standing on a bee hive.

Charlie is starting to panic,”What’s a bee hive doing there? Bee hives are supposed to be in trees!”
Locke says if Charlie moves now he’ll split the hive. Charlie shares he has an irrational fear of bees; he thinks he’s allergic to them.
Locke tells him to be quiet,
“We need to get something to seal the hive."
Kate- “To cover it?”
Bees are landing on Charlie.

Michael is getting tired of saying this to Sayid, “I was just walking the beach with my son and all of a sudden this dude is all up on me! I didn’t DO anything.”
Jin yells something at him. {Did he understand what Michael said? Did Michael understand Jin? Hmm.}
Sayid- “Surely there must be something you’re not telling us.”
Michael’s insulted. He asks Sayid where he’s from.
Sayid shares he is from Tikrit, Iraq.
Michael doesn’t know how it is in Iraq, but in the U.S, Korean people don’t like black people. Sun tries to point out communicate something on her wrist.
Sayid loudly says, “The cuffs stay on!”
Sawyer- “A little louder Omar maybe then she’ll understand you.”
Hurley feels that Chinese dude is gonna get pretty crispy out here, “How long are you gonna keep him tied down like that?” {WTF? Didn’t he just hear that Jin is Korean?}

Sayid says Jin tried to kill Michael, “We all saw it. The cuffs stay on until we know why.” {Michael and Sun share a quick look but seem connected. Did Sawyer catch that?}
{Flash whoosh}
Sun {long hair and gold watch} waits. Jin in a silver/gray suit arrives. Sun looks disappointed. Jin plays upon that but ultimately reveals her father gave permission. Sun is overjoyed but hits him for pulling that tiny prank on her. Jin says he reasoned with her father, “After a year of management training and a year of work at the factory we’ll have all the money we need.”
Sun is upset he’s going to work for her father. Jin feels it’s the right thing to do, he has to, “It's temporary.
Jin presents her with a diamond ring; he can afford that now. Sun looks like she has mixed emotions. But they are in love.
On the beach Sun looks very troubled.

Charlie stands still on the hive. Jack‘s going to try to cover the hive with a suitcase. Charlie thinks that’s a crap idea and won’t work.
Locke- “Now, pull yourself together, son.”
Charlie-“There wouldn’t be an irrational fear of bees if I could just pull myself together would it?”
As Jack tries to position the suitcase over the hive. Charlie smacks a bee on his face and that causes him to break open the hive. Bees are buzzing all over the place. They all take off running, swatting away the bees.
Jack and Kate make their way in to the cave. The both take off their shirts and swat at the bees. {Yep. That’s what they do. Lol}
Kate discovers a skeleton.

Kate-"Who is he? How’d he get here?”
Jack-“I can’t exactly perform an autopsy but there don’t seem to be any major trauma to the bones. There’s another one over here. Someone laid them to rest here.” {They are laid out in separate alcoves. Is one skeleton wearing a vest like Locke's?}

Kate wonders who and where’s they came from.
Jack remarks on the resent weirdness, “Didn’t you guys shoot a polar bear last week?”
Jack- “Where’d that come from?”
Jack has an idea they’ve been in there a long time. As he inspects the skeletons he tells Kate it would take 40-50 years for the clothes to degrade like that.  Jack finds the pouch with two stones in it. One black, one white. Locke enters asks if everyone’s OK. They have a few stings.
Charlie comes in, “You two run away fantastically. Glad my diversion spared you. I was only stung several hundred times. Oh, and, someone left this.”
He hands Kate her shirt.
Kate-”It was full of bees.”
Charlie jokes, “I’d have thought C’s actually.”
He notices the skeletons, "These are the people who were here before us?"
This peaks Locke’s interest; he asks Charlie what he’s talking about. Clearly there could have been people there before them.
Jack informs Locke these aren’t male skeletons; one’s female.
Locke remarks, “Our very own Adam and Eve."

{Interesting clothes on the skeleton. Don't ya think? Look.}

Sun applies Aloe to Jin’s cuffed wrist. {Couldn’t he just slide that cuff off then? Lol}
He gets agitated with her. She again looks troubled.
Sun enters the fancy apartment with designer shopping bags. {Chanel.} There’s a gold gift box on the table; inside is a puppy. Jin feels the puppy would be good company for her since he’s been working long hours, “Of course you’ll have to train it and feed it.”
Sun looks sad, “Remember when all you had to give me was a flower?”
Jin’s cell rings; it’s her father.
{Flash Whoosh.}
Sun on the beach stares, her thoughts are somewhere else.

At the caves, Kate and Jack pack up the filled water bottles to bring to the beach camp.
Locke suggests, “I think one of us should stay and help Charlie salvage the wreckage.”
Locke’s offering to stay will give him a chance to get to know him a little better.   Kate tells Jack they should “move out” people are probably getting thirsty. Jack looks happy. He shares with Kate that 46 people need to drink a half a gallon a day each, carrying all the water back and forth is gonna be a real pain in the ass.
Kate- “You’re starting to make me regret volunteering.”
Jack thinks the caves make too good a shelter just to be used for burial, “Adam and Eve, they must have lived here. Their plane crashed or maybe they were shipwrecked.  They probably found this place and knew they could survive here.    Unlimited supply of fresh water. Tree canopy keeps the temperature down, shields out the sun.   The openings are narrow, easier for protection against predators. We don’t need to bring the water to the people; we need to bring the people to the water I think we can live here.”
He’s very pleased. Kate, not so much.

On the beach Walt plays with the sand. He’s sitting only a few feet away from cuffed Jin. They just look at each other. Sun comes over to Jin as Michael walks over to Walt. {At the same time!} Michael asks if Jin said something to his boy.   Jin replies to him in Korean.   Sun and Michael share more looks at each other. Sarcastic Michael tells Walt to move it. Walt asks Michael how come he doesn’t like them. “You said people like him don’t like people like us.”
Michael tries to say that’s not true, “I don’t think like that anyway. I was…I was ."
Walt- “What did you do to him?”
Annoyed Michael-”What did I do to him? You tell me. I’ve been with you since we crashed. Have you seen me do anything to anyone? What kind of man do you think I am anyway? What did your mother say about me?”
Walt reveals she never talked about him. They really don’t know anything about one another. Michael says he knows a lot about the kid; knows Walt’s birthday is August 24th.
Michael asks him, “When’s mine?”
No answer. Realizing this conversation is going nowhere Michael tells Walt to forget about it.

Sun pleads with Honey/Jin that she should go and try to explain to the group what happened and maybe they’ll let him go.
Jin asks how she will explain, “Your place is by my side. And we will not explain ourselves to a thief.”
{Flash Whoosh.}
Sun is sleeping on the couch. The puppy has grown. Jin hurries into the bathroom; to wash blood off his hands. Sun is upset; he has blood on his white shirt too. She asks if he’s hurt, “What were you doing? Whose blood is that?”
She demands he tell her what happened. Jin says he was working. She tries to get more from him but he doesn’t answer. They get a bit physical and she slaps his face! Jin reveals he does whatever her father tells him to do, “I do it for us.”
Jin is angry, Sun is devastated.
Stunned Sun backs out of the room and closes the door.


Kate and Jack stop to rest on their way back to the beach. Jack checks Karen’s, Uh, I mean Kate’s ass. Kate asks what he’s thinking about because it wasn’t about checking her out.
Jack confesses he was thinking if they were living in the caves they could build a dam around that spring so that everybody can have fresh water and they can get the infirmary off the beach, “Do you think it’s a bad idea?
No, it makes sense.
Jack comments that a lot of people are still hoping the rescue boat’s gonna show up. They aren’t thinking about their own safety. {I guess he knows its not coming.}
Jack- “We’re gonna have a lot of convincing to do.”
Jack hasn’t convinced Kate yet.

In the cave Locke is shadowing/following Charlie. There’s no need, Charlie’s just going to the loo. Locke asks him if there’s something he wants to tell him.
Locke feels it’s dangerous out there, until they get back to the beach he’s not breaking line of site Locke knows who Charlie is and what he’s looking for, with Charlie. “Driveshaft. You played bass.”
Charlie smiles, “And guitar…on a couple of tracks.
Locke has indeed heard of them, “Just because I’m over 40 doesn’t mean I’m deaf. I have both your albums. Although, I thought that you’re self titled debut was a much stronger effort than Oil Change. It’s a shame what happened to the band. How long since you played?
Charlie who is thrilled he is recognized recalls, “My guitar, uh… 8 days 11 hours. Give or take.”
He misses it.
Locke’s right, there’s a lot of wreckage it might still turn up.
Charlie- “Undamaged? Still playable, I don’t think so. I mean I wish, but…There was this bloke at the counter made me check it in. Yeah, there wasn’t enough room in the cabin. Fascist.“
Locke squats down to Charlie’s level, “You’ll see it again.”
Locke says that because he has faith. Charlie just nods.

Sayid chops wood with an ax. Jack arrives. Sayid is happy to see him, “It’s about time. I am dying of thirst.”
He tells Jack he’ll let Jin sit in the sun a while longer, “Then I’ll take his wife aside, find some way to communicate. I think she knows why he attacked Michael.” He’s sure he doesn’t want Jack to talk to her. Jack feels as long as Sayid’s got that under control, he’ll start talking to people about the caves. He might be able to get a few to go with him before nightfall; set up camp. Sayid seems a bit surprised by Jack’s seriousness. {So does Kate.}
Sayid asks, “Is there a reason you didn’t consult us when you decided to form your own civilization?”
Jack’s only talking about moving into the valley.
Sayid-“What happened to live together, die alone?
Jack feels that digging in together is the only way they’re gonna survive. Sayid’s has a different opinion. He feels they’re best hope of survival {isn’t} being spotted by a plane or a ship and for that they need to organize everyone to keep that signal fire burning while others scout the island for supplies. Digging in anywhere else is suicide. Kate chimes in with supporting the fact it is the only source of fresh water.
Jack- “And staying on the beach, without water…that’s not suicide?”
Sayid takes his ax, wood and water bottle, “I’m not going to admit defeat.

Walt plays ball with Vincent. Michael watches.
He sees Jack and Kate informing folks about the caves. As Sayid approaches, Michael says, “Now what? I already gave you my statement, sheriff.”
Sayid apologizes; he shouldn’t have been suspicious, “You were the victim in the attack this morning.”
Michael knows he’s not there for that. Sayid shares the news of the caves and Jack seriousness to have folks follow him to the caves. He wants to know where Michael stands.
Michael stands “right here.”     His only priority is getting his kid off this island, “If a boat passes, I’m not gonna be on the hook for missing it.”
This pleases Sayid.

Jack gives water to cuffed Jin; instructs him to sip slowly.  Jack’s glad Hurley’s going to the caves. Hurley goes where the boar’s at.
Hurley asks Jack "So, What up with you and Kate, You guys gonna move into the caves together or what?" {Yep}.
Jack laughs, “Sorry. Am I in high school?”
Hurley notes that wasn’t a denial. Happy Jack tells him to get his stuff together, “we gotta get outta here soon.

Sawyer in sunglasses walks up to Kate, “Well, well, well if it aint the bell of the ball. So what’s it like having both the Doctor and Captain Falafle fightin' over you?”
He just calls em how he sees em.   Truth be told he’s not the only one wondering where she’s gonna weigh in on the whole “moving off the beach thing. Are you going with the pessimists or stayin' here waitin' for the rescue boats?”
Kate asks if he’s going.
Sawyer- “Well that’s the real trick, isn’t it? We all pack up stakes for the caves, the next day a plane passes by, they’re gonna go on their merry way and be none the wiser.
On the other hand stay here get eaten by boars, fall off a rock. There’s not gonna be anyone around to answer that 911 call.”
They really didn’t answer each others question and handsome Sawyer asked first.

Sun watches Michael and the gold watch walk into the bamboo jungle. Michael is chopping wood/bamboo with the ax.
{Flash Whoosh.}
The decorator shares with lucky Sun that Jin informed her money was no object in the redecorating project. Jin is on the couch talking on the phone. {The dog is bigger/older} He yells for Sun to move the dog. Sun tells the decorator they can look at the apartment from the bedroom. {Huh?}

In the bedroom Sun looks at swatches.  The decorator asks Sun if she’s sure about her plans to leave Jin.
Sun has taken “lessons”.  They have cooked up a whole scheme. Jin and Sun’s father will do whatever they can to find her. Sun asks her if she’ll care for her dog when she’s gone. The lady in black takes the red passport out of the yellow envelope and gives Sun instructions, “During your trip, at the airport, at 11:15, you make an excuse and walk out of the airport. Bring nothing. A car will be waiting. For the first week your family will think you’ve been kidnapped. You will stay out of sight until they come to think you are dead. After that you will be free to move wherever you want.”
She gives Sun new ID/identification, papers and money and quizzes her to be sure she knows the drill. 
Sun repeats the directions over and over.

In the bamboo forest Sun stares lost in thought. {Her top button is closed}
Michael is aggravated to see her, “Oh great. Look who came to chat.
Sun is hesitant but then speaks English, “I need to talk to you.”
Michael’s confused, “You speak English?”
Sun reveals her husband doesn’t know of her new accomplishment due to his bad temper. She goes on to explain what Jin did to him was a misunderstanding.
Michael-“No! I got it loud and clear.”
Sun tells him, “It was the watch.”
Michael-“Your husband tried to murder me for a watch? I found this watch two days ago.”
Sun reveals it belongs to her father, “Protecting that watch is a question of honor.”
Apparently her father is powerful and dangerous Sun asks for his help. {Does it belong to her father or is this the one Jin was to deliver in L.A.? Are they one in the same? Or are we talking about “watching”?}

Charlie heads off alone into the jungle. {He keeps looking back} Locke pops up right in front of him. {Not from behind him}
Charlie wants Locke to listen to him; he’s going into the jungle. “A man has a right to some privacy.”
Locke wants Charlie to “just hand it to me... You’re gonna run out.”
Locke guesses sooner rather than later and painful detox is inevitable, “Give it up now at least it’ll be your choice.”
Charlie tells him not to talk to him as if he knows something about him. Locke knows a lot more about pain than he thinks. He doesn’t envy what Charlie’s facing but he wants to help. Locke asks Charlie if he wants his guitar more than his drugs.
Pained Charlie says yes, “More than you know.”
Locke explains to Charlie that the island might give you what you’re looking for, but you have to give the island something. Locke holds out his hand and Charlie gives him the heroin.
Charlie-“You really think you can find my guitar?”
Locke tells Charlie to look up, and there's Charlie's guitar! Charlie is moved to tears. {Locke=Island?}

Kate sits alone on the beach starring out to the water. Jack tells her it’s almost time to go. Kate doesn’t want to be Eve although no one’s asking her to be.
Kate-“I just can’t dig in.”
Jack asks why not, “Someone else can stay here, keep a lookout, wait for rescue. Why does it have to be you?”
He asks her how she got to be this way, “Just what is it that you did?”
Evidently Jack blew his chance to know. Realizing she’s not budging he tells her if she needs him she knows where to find him.
After he walks away she says, “You know where to find me too.”

Pissed off Michael approaches cuffed Jin with an ax and says to him he knows Jin can’t understand a word and normally he’s not the talking out loud type, but since he’s got a captive audience, “I hope for your sake you pay attention. I'm not exactly having the best month of my life.
I barely know my son and now I gotta be his daddy. And then to top it off, I have a deranged Korean guy trying to kill me and for what?! Look I get t it. Hmm?... Right, it’s the watch. Mine broke. I found this in the wreckage, and I figured hey, why let a $20,000 watch go to waste, which is ridiculous since time doesn't matter on a damn island".
He throws the watch at Jin and frees him from the wreckage. Michael tells him to stay away from him and his kid. Michael and Sun share a look.
{No Flash Whoosh}
Jack’s at the Oceanic counter with Krissy. Jin is on line/queue. Sun waits alone looking over at Jin. The Oceanic clock shows 11:15. She sees a black car waiting next to a bus outside. She’s hesitant to leave. Teary eyed she looks over at Jin and smiles. Very slowly she starts to make her move, crying she looks over at Jin again. He makes eye contact with her and shows her a beautiful white flower. {He’s so handsome!} She walks back to Jin and he gives her the flower. She makes like her tears are due to the beautiful flower gesture. He kisses her on the head.
Sun still standing on the beach. {Same position}
{Flash Whoosh}
In the dark cave Charlie sits playing his guitar among the wreckage. He’s not playing very well. Jack led the new tenants to their new home. Hurley complains about the “short walk…They lied.
He puts on his headphones and CD player. The song “Are you sure” is playing.

Sawyer, Kate Sayid, Boone and Shannon are a few that stay at the beach. They will keep the signal fire burning.

Walt asks Michael when his birthday is. Of course we don’t hear an answer.

Jack sits near Locke at the cave campfire. Sun shows Jin a sexy nighty/dress. Charlie strums his guitar.
Kate sits at the beach camp fire with tears in her eyes.

House of the Rising Sun is a great episode!
There is no doubt that Jack, Locke, Charlie and the "gang" are damaged people who are suffering very deep emotional pain and loss of a part of themselves, and seem to need to find a way to heal.

Things to note…Questions to ask...
* 2 sides. Black-White. Adam and Eve. Caves-Beach.
* Apparently Sayid feels Sun can understand him the whole time. Who else understands other languages?
* Decorator changes/transforms the appearance of a room.
* Once they discovered the skeletons the bees went away.
* Bees (B)
* Who are Adam and Eve? A Pair of Losties? Looking ahead to Desmond and Penny? Rose and Bernard? Props? Or are they just skeletons in the closet?
* Again I ask how this “old” wreckage got inside the caves.
* Do Michael and Sun know each other?
* Gather up plants, water, water bottle, medical supplies, drugs, cuffs, ax, etc..
* Move. Move it. Move out. Make a move.
* What makes Sun’s father so powerful? What is he hosting?
* Lies. Deceive. Secrets. Hurt. Pain. Anger, Addiction. Sad. Lonely. Deranged.
* Lessons. Learn. Communication. Talk. 
* These people are “thirsting” for something.
* I don't recall seeing Claire at all in this episode.

Vocabulary and Research…
Watch- 1). To keep awake. 2). to guard, for protection or safekeeping. 3). A lookout. 4). To keep under attentive view or observation, as in order to see or learn something; view attentively or with interest. 5). a period of time, usually four hours, during which one part of a ship's crew is on duty, taking turns with another part. 6). To be careful or cautious. 7). to keep vigil. 8). a small, portable timepiece, as a wrist watch or pocket watch.

Are You Sure lyrics-

Oh, look around you
Look down the bar from you
The lonely faces that you see
Are you sure that this is where you want to be
These are your friends
But are they real friends
Do they love you the same as me
Are you sure that this is where you want to be
You seem in such a hurry to live this kind of life
You've caused so many tears and misery
Look around you, take a good look
And tell me what you see
Are you sure that this is where you want to be
Don't let my tears persuade you, I had hoped I wouldn't cry
But lately, teardrops seem a part of me
Oh, look around you, take a good look
At all the lonely used-to-be's
Are you sure that this is where you want to be

* HIVE is an abstract game programming library.
* The beehive's internal structure is a densely packed matrix of hexagonal cells made of beeswax, called a honeycomb. The bees use the cells to store food (honey and pollen), and to house the "brood" (eggs, larvae, and pupae).
, non-medical name for Urticaria, a common form of allergic reaction.
-The H.I.V.E., which stands for the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination, is a DC comic’s supervillian team.
* Hive Mind: Collective consciousness refers to the shared beliefs and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society.

This episode is all about "time".  Time on the island or time with the island is an important part of this story.  References to the watch, the growth of the dog, the word temporary (short period of time), the decaying of the clothes, month, etc.. Michael even says "time doesn't matter on a damn island".

Adam and Eve, who can they be? Besides this episode being about Sun and Jin, I can't help but keep in mind the fact that it was Jack and Kate who discover the skeletons, and Hurley's remark to Jack about moving into the caves together.  Kate shares different connections with Jack and Sawyer. There's still the possibility the skeletons are just props/items or my other favorite..."metaphoric" skeletons in the closet. I guess only TIME will tell.

This episode is about Sun (and Jin) but it’s also about Locke. Yes, Locke.
I always pay extra close attention to Locke in every episode. In this episode, Locke explains to Charlie about giving something to the "Island" and the "Island" will give Charlie something in return.
Here Locke holds out his hand and Charlie gives the heroin to LOCKE! Locke in turn "gives" Charlie his guitar.  
Is Locke a representative of the island or is Locke the island?  I've always felt Locke is “part” of the island!  Again, only time will tell.

Love to all who are "LOST"™


Posted on MySpace in 2007.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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