October 11, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! More of Ben's Notes. Part 1

Hi Losties!
A couple of weeks ago my friend and fellow Lostie Jooky22, sent me the very first look at pages from Ben's journal.  I shared the exclusive pages from Ben's journal here for you to have a peek at.
A few days ago Jooky22 mailed me the (many) loose pages of notes that were also part of Ben's messenger bag of goodies to scan.
Of course since this is the site where I post and keep track of my own LOST notes, naturally Jooky22 knew that I had to do some fun investigating into the journal and loose notes to see if there are any connections to the story.

Logically, if someone is paying good money for props to an iconic show that is built on solving a mystery, I had hope that the pages Jooky22 acquired weren't just torn out pages of old irrelevant books and such, just to fill up the "desk set" and/or fill up a bag.
The good news is the loose pages did indeed connect to the many layers of the story.

Now, I know there are many of you out there that do not count anything outside of the "aired" episode as "canon", but I do.   I have fought the "canon" and "continuity" issue for six seasons.   With my investigating the LOST story I have come to find that all bits of information that is sent our way, whether it was via the show itself or ARG's/books/games, etc. Everything always connected to the story, always.     Mind you I understand that it is in a supporting role that the additional information is to be utilized, but it was to be utilized and not just tossed away as some waste of time.    In the LOST universe everything is connected!   

✈ Thank you so very much, Jooky22, for having Karen's LOST Notebook be the conduit in sharing  your wonderful piece of LOST history with the world!  This has been a wonderful opportunity and great fun in continuing my LOST journey.

* A special thank you to the many sites that found Karen's LOST Notebook useful, and Jooky22's generosity for sharing the pages,  and for kindly linking fans back here to view and explore the scans.  We both appreciate that very much!

Due to the amount of pages I would like to share, they will need to be posted over several posts.

When the journal and loose pages made their way here, I had fun exploring them just as I do with all LOST hints and evidence, as a means to enlightening myself to more of the story.   The pages do connect with clues mentioned in my notes through the years.

So first I want to display the pages from Ben's journal that I highlighted with yellow highlight, as items of interest to me.
  • You will see that again, dates don't connect to a "time reference" and/or certain events seen on "Island".    In my opinion this is nothing new and this may not be just indiscriminate jottings by Michael Emerson.  We all know when Oceanic crashed and the approximate days on "Island" that Ethan and Goodwin "lost their lives".   The pages to Ben's journal weren't part of the story until the end of season 3.   Should we wonder why the erroneous dates in the journal were not taken out/fixed before it made its way to the public.    The constant display of dates/times and events being out of sync have happened all along the path of this story; even into the The New Man in Charge.    This of course reiterates the "only fools are enslaved by time and space" notion.
  • The circling around the letter J:  Since the dates aren't adding up as per the "canon" of the story, do we dare assume the letter J represents Jacob?   Could it mean John or Juliet?  Maybe, just maybe it is referring to Jack.
  • The circle around the letters R and M:  Who could they relate to?   Richard or Rose. Mikhail or Michael.  Think about it, it could be anyone or even no one.
  • The word and imagery pertaining to "sink" is interesting.  Remember it may not be a literal place at all.  It could bring us right back to the writers use of metaphor and symbolism to indicate: sinking deep down into the bowels, emotionally sinking lower and lower/deeper and deeper, hitting bottom, things being out of sync, and/or Mind and Body are out of sync.  
  • We hear about "sink" and "sinking" many times over the course of the LOST story; such as in The End  and early on in Raised by Another. (Other episodes as well)

    A note about the additional scanned pages:
    • Many pages were folded in half or in quarters, and one was folded to frame the zodiac.
    • A couple of pages had other pages tucked into its folds.
    • Pages appear to be old, and some aged and/or stained.
    • Handwritten notes are on notebook paper (torn out of  a spiral bound notebook)  and loose leaf paper (college ruled/spaced).
    • Handwriting on notes is different; a few even look like they were written by an adolescent/kid.
    • Notes pertain to Astrology, Astronomy/charts,  Math/equations, Reproductive System, Head/Brain, Art (painting/sculpting), Religion, Hindu, Buddhism, Botany, Plants/trees, Fruits, Rocks/stones, Alchemy, Sea-shells, creatures, Animals, Shamanism, Numerology (6),  Languages (Latin)  and   Life-death-rebirth.
    • Note dates on pages.
    Also noted here are my own notes to the notes.
    This handwritten (child-like/student) page (107B/1070-READ READER Study guide) is dated 2/2/05
    It gives us hints to portraits (likeness of someone/something), Tromp Loeil {To fool the eye}, counterfeiting, 3-D not 2-D,  and so much more.
    This side of the page is fascinating!
    Patinir : Renaissance painter of panoramic landscapes.
    Temptation of St. Anthony :
    -It has been the subject of famous paintings by Michaelangelo, Dali and many more.
    -Hieronymus Bosch painted the famous triptych,  symbolize the story of Anthony's mental and spiritual torments.
    -A book by French author Gustave Flaubert in 1872. It is written in the form of a play script.
    The chart is drawn on (college ruled/spaced) loose leaf paper:
    This plastic bag contained the photo of Ben: We can now see that Ben appears to be standing at a scanning machine, and is holding paper in his hands (possible ticket):
    Pages detailing the Head/Skull/Brain:  Imagine that! Wink, wink.


    1. I just thought that you might like to know that in the context being used here, the word "cannon" should be "canon".

      Thanks for all your hard work!

    2. Thanks a million for pointing out that word :)
      All fixed!
      Thanks again!

    3. its all a bunch of gibberish though, right?

      even though ben references jacob (J), richard (R) and mikhail (M), none of it connects to anything else from the show besides the names. and while its tempting to think the deep sink ben referred to was the "source" cave, it probably isn't, as emerson didnt know about the source yet.

      he also makes it sound like ben was actually taking orders from jacob (J) though we know ben never actually met jacob before killing him.

    4. (To Jefferson) but wasn't it richard who relayed the messages between Jacob and Ben? maybe he just considers that as taking orders from him?

    5. I got the impression that Ben Always took orders from Jacob in spite of never seeing him. Maybe via Richard, or just notes left for him somewhere. Regardless, I'm digging this info in general. It's hard to see the names on the books though.

    6. To Colin: Isn't that what Ben said to Jacob just before he killed him? "All those lists" you sent from Richard -or something like that? And "I did as I was told but when I asked to see you myself I was told I had to wait". So Ben (like Widmore) never saw Jacob. Richard brought him Jacob's orders and Ben followed them.

      But Michael Emerson just made up all the stuff in the journal (he has said as much in interviews) so the dates and everything else are meaningless. It must be fun to read and well... hold...something Michael held (I'm going all fangirl now) but there are no clues here. She does have an original piece of Michael Emerson art work though!

    7. Thanks for stopping by :)
      Not only was it totally fun and exciting to hold something Michael used on set, I also found some insightful bits that corroborate and support the many layers of the LOST story and clues explored here on this site. (Including the "dates" being out of sync)

      We all know the date Oceanic crashed and the approximate days on "Island" that Ethan and Goodwin lost their lives. The pages to Ben's journal weren't part of the story until the end of season 3. We are told the pages were read/cleared by the producers, but I really would have hoped that they would have wanted to correct the erroneous dates in the journal before it made its way to the public, but they didn't.(Especially knowing that some of us keep track of certain dates and events, etc.) We've see this type of issue many times over with details of dates and events being out of sync/order or just wrong.
      Is it all a fun coincidence? It very well could be. But then we have to add the loose pages that totally support the many "issues" on the "Island"...they all make total sense.

      What one considers "clues" differs from viewer to viewer. But either way it was great fun to explore the pages and share them with the LOST universe;D

    8. Why is there a picture of a stargate??!

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. "sink" and "Sinking" could also be read "Synch" and "Syncing"


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