October 15, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! More of Ben's Notes. Part 3

Hi Losties!
My friend and fellow Lostie Jooky22, was the winner of Lot #660 in the LOST Auction. His very special winning lot contained Ben's island messenger bag, journal, loose papers and the photo of Ben (that Miles had when we first met him.)

✈ Thank you so very much, Jooky22, for having Karen's LOST Notebook be the conduit in sharing  your wonderful piece of LOST history with the world!  This has been a wonderful opportunity and great fun in continuing my LOST journey.

* A special thank you to the many sites that found Karen's LOST Notebook useful, and Jooky22's generosity for sharing the pages,  and for kindly linking fans back here to view and explore the scans.  We both appreciate that very much!

Exclusive! More of Ben's Notes part 1

Exclusive! More of Ben's Notes part 2
Pages from Ben's Journal

A note about the additional scanned pages:
  • Many pages were folded in half or in quarters, and one was folded to frame the zodiac.
  • A couple of pages had other pages tucked into its folds.
  • Pages appear to be old, and some aged and/or stained.
  • Handwritten notes are on notebook paper (torn out of  a spiral bound notebook)  and loose leaf paper (college ruled/spaced).
  • Handwriting on notes is different; a few even look like they were written by an adolescent/kid.
  • Notes pertain to Astrology, Astronomy/charts, Math/equations, Reproductive System, Head/Brain, Art (painting/sculpting), Religion, Hindu, Buddhism, Botany, Plants/trees, Fruits, Rocks/stones, Alchemy, Sea-shells, creatures, Animals, Shamanism, Numerology (6),  Languages (Latin)  and   Life-death-rebirth.
  • Note dates on pages.
Also noted here are my own notes to the notes. (More will be added)
This Honolulu Star Bulletin newspaper was folded (as shown).  It is dated Friday August 25, 2006:
The feature is an article about hurricane Katrina and a scam.  And a political drawing with the "imagery" of Napoleon (Chavez).

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