October 13, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! More of Ben's Notes Part 2

Hi Losties!
My friend and fellow Lostie Jooky22, was the winner of Lot #660 in the LOST Auction. His very special winning lot contained Ben's island messenger bag, journal, papers and the photo of Ben (that Miles had when we first met him).

Exclusive! More of Ben's Notes part 3
Exclusive! More of Ben's Notes part 1

Pages from Ben's Journal

✈ Thank you so very much, Jooky22, for having Karen's LOST Notebook be the conduit in sharing  your wonderful piece of LOST history with the world!  This has been a wonderful opportunity and great fun in continuing my LOST journey.

* A special thank you to the many sites that found Karen's LOST Notebook useful, and Jooky22's generosity for sharing the pages,  and for kindly linking fans back here to view and explore the scans.  We both appreciate that very much!
 A note about the additional scanned pages:
  • Many pages were folded in half or in quarters, and one was folded to frame the zodiac.
  • A couple of pages had other pages tucked into its folds.
  • Pages appear to be old, and some aged and/or stained.
  • Handwritten notes are on notebook paper (torn out of  a spiral bound notebook)  and loose leaf paper (college ruled/spaced).
  • Handwriting on notes is different; a few even look like they were written by an adolescent/kid.
  • Notes pertain to Astrology, Astronomy/charts, Math/equations, Reproductive System, Head/Brain, Art (painting/sculpting), Religion, Hindu, Buddhism, Botany, Plants/trees, Fruits, Rocks/stones, Alchemy, Sea-shells, creatures, Animals, Shamanism, Numerology (6),  Languages (Latin)  and   Life-death-rebirth.
  • Note dates on pages.
Also noted here are my own notes to the notes. (More will be added)

Here is another torn out page from a spiral notebook.  (2-7-05)
It notes the arts/painting, film classes, Temptation of St. Anthony, {Path of Life and Choice/Big Theme}:
This page has very interesting doodling all over it:
The paper below is on (college ruled/spaced) loose leaf paper: Astronomy/Star chart. It is drawn in pencil with  precision:


  1. Hi Karen! I am a fellow "LOSTIE" and your son,CJ, told me about your Blog. Like a true LOST fanatic I still lurk around all the LOST blogs and forums.. LOL I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

  2. It is wonderful to meet more LOST fans! Welcome to my LOSTNESS!
    I am very happy you stopped by my notes. THANK YOU!!

  3. Hey Karen,
    Your notes are great. I use a lot of reference material to create my LOST maps, and your notes may very well help me. I think you would love my site. It's

    If you visit, please just comment and say hello.


  4. Hi Michael,
    I stopped by your wonderful site and left you a comment.
    I still can't seem to let LOST go. I guess we really don't have to...because we still have work to do!

  5. Hey Karen,

    You're right. I seem to remember Darlton saying that LOST was written and produced not only for the current seasons of TV, but for 20 years down the line. I can see that. There are
    many different mysteries where answer seemingly were not provided. I believe there are answers, it just takes some detective work. Just becuase they don't make an answer obvious doesn't mean they didn't provide it. I really believe people will be uncovering answers for the next ten years.


  6. Thanks for stopping by, Michael!

    The fun of LOST was that we all took different things from it.
    Personally I feel the answers were provided all along the path, we just needed to really look and listen. After all "careful observation is the only key to true and complete awareness".

    Some of the answers just weren't in the places some automatically assumed they "would" be or "should" be, and didn't want to look elsewhere for them. But trust me, the answers are right in front of our eyes.

    I think we may witness many cases of fans living a moment like when Hugo leads Jack to the reveal of the lighthouse and they both wonder how they "never saw it before".
    Hugo-"I guess we weren't looking for it."
    Or simply, they are looking for them in the wrong place.
    It is a wonderful treasure hunt that I'll continue on :)


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