March 18, 2009

Enter Seven Seven.

Let's talk about LOST!   Enter  7  7.

Sawyer walks the beach camp and talks to the Lostie’s who are moving a Ping Pong table. Hurley tells him Jin found it when he was out looking for firewood. They made legs and paddles for it and all they need now is a ball.
Sawyer-"Found it?"
Hurley-"It must have landed in the jungle when the hatch exploded."
Sawyer- "I thought the hatch collapsed." {What, not imploded?!  COME ON!}
All Hurley knows is the sky turned purple; after that he "don't ask questions. I just make myself a salad and move on."
Sawyer can see "That's working for ya."   Sawyer asks him if he's seen Kate.
Hurley-"She's not back yet? Hmm."
Hurley asks around to see if there's anything they can use for a ball.
Sawyer sees Paulo walking with the Guns and Ammo magazine that belongs to him. {Word ammo is shown in Paulo hand.}
Paulo says it was in the magazine stack, "We share things now." {Implying a different time, perhaps? Or Sawyer was gone so long they got to change the rules?}
Sawyer calls Paulo, Zorro. Sawyer knows it was in his stuff, “Stuff you all decided to have yourselves a little party with while you thought I was dead." {But clearly is not dead}
Paulo tells him if he wants it that bad, then take it. The magazine is wrapped and hiding toilet paper. Sawyer tells him to keep it.

Sayid, Kate, Locke and Danielle are on their trek. Sayid informs them they need to eat. Locke asks him if they're still on course.
Sayid checks the trusty compass, "We're still heading North on a bearing of 3 0 5. Yes."
Locke is sensing a lack of confidence.
Sayid-"We've been walking for two days following a compass bearing provided by the carvings on a stick."
Sayid questions him about chancing on where the Others are. {Eyes}
Locke-"My bearing is the only bearing we've got. {His bearing!? It is Eko's bearing!}
Sayid is going to find some fruit, "Then we're going to have a rational conversation regarding our next move."
While Sayid picks fruit he hears clanking and comes upon a cow, (Bell and all), grazing.    A person whistles, calling the cow.  Sayid follows the cow to a little blue farmhouse with a satellite dish on top and a pen containing cows; there is a horse too.   The man with the eye patch is there.

Nikki and Sun tie up the net for the Ping Pong table.
Sawyer asks them if "Looking for something like this?" {Yellow cat ball}
Hurley's excited because now they get to play.
Sawyer-"Ah-ah-ah. We need to do a little quid pro quo first. I know I've been gone a while, you all thought the general store was having a going out of business sale. But now I'm back and I want what's mine."
Nikki says it wasn't really yours to begin with.
Sawyer-" 'A', it was mine when I took it. 'B', who the hell are you? And 'C', because I'm fair, I'm going to let you play me for it."
Hurley-"Play Ping Pong?"
Sawyer calls him Avalanche and tells them to put up their best player; one game. And when he crushes them they all have to bring him back every piece of his stash. He aint gonna lose. If he does, he tells them to 'name it'. Sun and Jin converse in Korean. Sawyer thinks Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon got something good. {I guess Sun isn't going to only speak to Jin in Korean like she said in Tricia Tanaka is Dead.}
Sun comes up with, "No nicknames for anyone for a week."
Sawyer agrees. He wants them to pick their player, he'll be back in an hour, “Then let the slaughter begin."

Sayid is looking through binoculars at the little farmhouse. {We can see Speakers.}
Locke-"Are you sure it's completely isolated?"
Sayid has circled the house there's nothing but jungles surrounding it.
Locke checks out the satellite dish, "That dish still work?"
Sayid comments that a satellite dish of that size would have broadcasting capabilities of thousands of miles. He asks Danielle "You once mentioned a radio tower. Is this it?"
She says she's "never been here before."
Kate to Sayid, "The man in the house, you said you've seen him before."
Sayid- "On a video feed from the Pearl Station." They wonder who he is; there's only one way to find out. Sayid gives Kate his rifle and unarmed he will go visit the man; they will cover him from there.
Danielle decides to leave, "I have no interest in that man inside the house. I have survived on the Island precisely by avoiding these types of encounters. I'll wait for you by the stream, for those of you who survive."

Vegetables are being cut up while Arabic music plays. This is Najeev; a cook in a restaurant. Another man tells him in Arabic that there's a man outside who wants to speak to him. {Pic of some sort sea serpent on the wall.} He exits the kitchen and heads outside to the dining courtyard to meet the man.
They are in an Arabic restaurant in Paris.
The man/Sami asks him if he "cooked this?"
Najeev says yes. Sami compliments him and asks him where he's from. Najeev says he's Syrian. Sami calls him out on this.
Sami, in their native language tells him, "You are as much of an Iraqi as I am, young man."
Suspicious Najeev asks what he wants.  Sami thinks he's an excellent cook and offers him employ at his restaurant; at 2 times the pay.
Najeev questions the motive, "You're offering a stranger a job because of a single meal?"
Sami tells him he's offering it "because we are outsiders here." And because his chef just quit. {Yeah.}

Sayid, with both his hands up in 'look, I'm un-armed' {or 'surrender'} approaches the house.  Locke and Kate are armed and ready.  Sayid sees that the horse is saddled; He also notes a gray cat. {Red barrels.} He stops and looks at the cat, then one shot fired at Sayid; he's down.
Kate wants to run to his rescue but Locke stops her, "Not yet! Do you want to get shot too?"
Patch fired his rifle from a window.
He yells, "I didn't cross the line! We had a truce. This is my land. You said I can stay here."
Sayid-"No. I am not who you think I am! My name is Sayid Jarrah. I was on a plane that crashed here months ago...I'm unarmed. I swear!"   {There are 7 +2 horseshoes hanging on the wall outside. Faded red large urn/vessel.}
Patch comes come out and there's a shootout!
Locke tells him to "Drop the rifle! Drop it right now!...Back up. Back up."
Patch is wearing a Dharma jumpsuit with a Flame logo patch on it. He asks if they really crashed here.
Sayid confirms over 40 of us did. Locke heads inside first to make sure it's okay.
Kate-"Who are you?"
Patch-"My name is Mikhail Bakunin. And I am the last living member if the Dharma Initiative."
They enter through double doors. {Red everywhere. Red glow is a nice touch.}
Mikhail has experience treating gunshot wounds. He spent some time in Afghanistan; and he has experience with field medicine in the Soviet Army.   He asks Kate to bring the medical kit from the kitchen.
Kate looks at Sayid for approval; he tells her it's alright. {Lantern and candles on the coffee table} Mikhail takes a bottle of Dharma Swan vodka from a table {Note two Dharma Merlot bottles.}
Sayid asks him how she got there.
Mikhail doesn't know where to begin. Said tells him to begin with the Dharma Initiative.
Mikhail-"I grew up in Kiev and joined the Soviet Army. I was stationed at a listening post in Vladivostok. {In the meantime Locke is looking around the place. Lamps are lit all over. Kate is looking around the kitchen. Dharma food everywhere. Jars.}  After the cold war, after we lost the cold war, my unit was decommissioned. I was dismissed from my life in the military. And after years of conducting unpleasant actions against our enemies, {Locke finds the type written pages} I found myself wanting to do something good. So I replied to a newspaper advertisement, 'Would you like to save the world?' it read. That's how I met them. The Initiative {Kate open refrigerator -meat.} Very secretive. Very rich. And very smart."
He goes on to tell Sayid he came to the Island "11 years now. I liked computers, communications equipment, and being alone, like a lighthouse keeper. So they put me in this station. They called it the Flame. {Locke finds the computer equipment, parts, mother boards, etc.} He tells Sayid the purpose of the Flame is to communicate with the outside world {Of course! As if Sayid should know that.}

Locke comes across the computer with the chess game; a computer voice, READY TO PLAY? Y/N in a red box.
Locke notes a camera's blinking red light, watching him. He presses Y; he's ready to play!
The computer shows it's his move.
Sayid asks Mikhail what happened to the Dharma Initiative.
Mikhail- "They're all dead, of course. They foolishly initiated a war against the Hostiles. A purge, they called it."
He survived by not participating in it. {He sterilized his instrument.}
Sayid-"And the Hostiles allowed you to stay here?"
Mikhail continues his story- "After it was over four men appeared in the yard. They offered a truce. They said to imagine a line that extended all the way around the valley. As long as I did not cross it, I would be left alone. Then they took two cows and I never saw them again." {He puts on his glasses for his 1 eye}
Kate wonders why they weren't interested in the satellite dish in the yard. Mikhail says it hasn't functioned for years. Sayid asks who the Hostiles are. Mikhail doesn't know, "But they were here for a long time before we were. A very long time." {Pulls out the bullet he put into Sayid.}

Najeev walks down the street in Paris to the restaurant. {Another Arabic restaurant.} He meets Sami. Sami introduces Najeev to his wife who is in charge of the kitchen; her name is Amira. {A mirror. Clever! lol}
They shake hands. Amira's hands are badly scarred. Sami asks her if she's sure this is him. She says yes.
Najeev-"Look. I don't know who you think I am."
Then there's a fight and Sami kicks Najeev in the face/head, knocks him out.

The bloody bullet is removed and Sayid is stitched up. Mikhail scolds the cat in Russian; it’s pulling at the thread/yarn of the rug. He calls the cat Nadia. "I told Nadia to be polite because you are my guests." He says he named the cat Nadia, after Nadia Comaneci; the greatest Athlete the worlds ever known. They have the same birthday.  He finishes work on Sayid, speaks some Russian and offers them iced tea. Patch will check on their friend.

Locke is playing computer chess. He pushes X H 3 on the keyboard. CHECKMATE YOU LOSE.

Mikhail opens the door and tells Locke, "Ha. Don't waste your time. For 10 years I've tried to defeat that game. It was programmed by three Grand Masters. And it cheats."
Locke-"Hmm. Well I've played a lot of computers and I'm pretty sure they don't know how to cheat. That's what makes being human so distinctly wonderful."
The Computer indicates-“YOUR MOVE.”

Kate bandages up Sayid.
Mikhail heads into the kitchen.
Kate tells Sayid her concern, "It doesn't make any sense. Why would they let him stay here?" With all the stuff/equipment.
Sayid feels it makes perfect sense. The reason they let him stay there is because he is not Dharma, "He is one of them."
Kate-"He shot you and you just let him? Why are we still sitting here?"
Sayid tells her they are still sitting because he's certain 'he' is not alone.

Sawyer plays their one draft pick, Hurley. Are they playing with a mercy rule? If Hurley is up 11-0 then he automatically wins. "Either one of us."
Hurley asks Sawyer, “Do you want to volley for serve?"
Sawyer tells him to be his guest. Right away 1-0, Hurley.

Mikhail serves the iced tea off a silver platter; He grows the tea himself.
Sayid feels "Any tea is good tea."
It's been a long time since they've seen ice. {Mikhail can make ice cubes but not wash that disgusting jumpsuit? What is wrong with this picture?!}
Sayid asks about the series of thick wires as he walked around the station.
Mikhail-"This is the hub. But they go underground to various stations around the island."
He also admits that there are cables that go into the Ocean, "There is an underwater beacon that emits sonar pings to help guide in the vessels."
Sayid asks if he means submarines.
Mikhail says yes; The Initiative used one to bring them there. He imagines the Hostiles have either destroyed or commandeered it by now.
Sayid tells Kate, "That explains how they were able to get around my position and capture our sailboat."
Mikhail is surprised about their sailboat.
Sayid-"Until we lost it to your Hostiles."
Sayid shares that at least they were able to kill one of them.
Mikhail stops to ask outright, "Why are we continuing to playing this little game? When we all know it has moved to the next stage." {That means FIGHT! And SO MUCH MORE!}
Then Kate is there with the gun on Mikhail, then she kicks him in the face knocking him out.
Locke opens the door to see.
Sayid-"Get some rope."

Sayid is chained up, being held prisoner in the kitchen. He wakes up. The door opens; it's Sami with a black bag. He also brings Sayid a silver bowl with water.
Sami- "You were a torturer in the Republican Guard."
He goes on to question him about recognizing people he tortured. Does he recognize one of his victims; His wife?
Sayid says NO! Sami has confused him with someone else. Sami tells him Amira was arrested for harboring an enemy of the state. She was held for three months for questioning; her arms bear the scars of those questions, "So I assure you Najeev, I am not confused."
He says his name is not Najeev, “I'm Sayid Jarrah. I was in the Republican Guard and yes I was an interrogator... but I have never seen your wife."
He goes on to say maybe she saw him at the same facility.   Sayid says does not know her; he remembers every face of everyone he's interrogated.
Sami says Amira remembers your face, "She remembers it so well that she recognized it from a mere glimpse when we walked by the restaurant where you worked!"
Sayid shakes his head no. Sami wants him to admit what he did, and if he doesn't he will leave the room in that bag.

Kate, Locke and Sayid tie up knocked out Mikhail. Sayid informs them the horse outside is still saddled; the stirrups are set up for someone much shorter than Mikhail, proving someone else is there with him. Sayid says they sent someone out here to Mikhail because they lost communications.
Locke suggests, "Maybe when the sky turned purple."
That would also be Sayid's guess.
Locke says they must be hiding pretty good, as he checked every nook and cranny of this place.
Sayid pulls back the rug to reveal a hidden door/hatch,
"Not every nook and cranny, John." {I suddenly want an English muffin!}

Sayid is chained in the kitchen. Amira is escorted in by Sami. Sami asks if he's ready to tell the truth. He beats Sayid. Sayid swears he doesn't know her as he would never torture a woman.   Sayid won't confess to something he didn't do. Sami shares with him his wife confessed to something she didn't do, "When you poured a pan of boiling oil over her arms."
Sami beats him.
Amira stops the beating.

Kate and Sayid head down the trap door.

The chess game beckons Locke "YOUR MOVE".
Kate and Sayid see that the area is wired with C4.

Locke chooses to leave Mikhail and play some more.
Sayid enter another area where there are file boxes, binders-Food drops, Operations manuals.

Locke plays chess. CHECKMATE. YOU WIN! He's happy!

Then the computer shows...Manual over ride achieved. (On the screen is Marvin Candle with a fake left arm. Coffee cup, Dharma binders and files/file boxes.) He's instructing person/computer commands for Video: For pallet drop- enter 2-4. For station Uplink-enter 3-2. For mainland communication- enter 3-8. Locke seems overwhelmed. Locke pushes 3-8!
Candle-"The satellite dish is inoperable. Communications are down. For sonar access, enter 5-6. Locke pushes 5-6. Candle says Sonar is inoperable. Has there been an incursion on this station by the Hostiles? If so, enter 7-7."
Locke is about to push 7 7 and gets a knife put to his neck by Mikhail. He tells Locke, "Keep your voice low and your hands in front of you."

Kate holding her lantern comes upon the rack of Dharma jumpsuits.

She gets attacked and there is a FIGHT!
Sayid pulls the rifle on the attacker, it's Miss Klugh.
Kate recognizes her and punches her. " It's her!" she tells Sayid; she was there at the dock and she knows where Jack is. Sayid asks her if there are any more of them here.
Sayid yells, "John, we're coming up!"
Outside of the house Mikhail is holding a gun to John. Sayid and Kate walk their prisoner outside.
Mikhail deals-"This is simple. Send her over to me and I will release him. Then we all go our separate ways."
Locke tells them not to listen to him, If he wanted him dead he would have killed him already, "Do not let her go!"
Mikhail threatens to execute him. There is bickering!
Lock-"I'm the only thing keeping him alive.”    {OMG!!WHAT?!!!!!!}
Klugh and Mikhail converse in Russian.
John-"Don't let her talk to him!"
There's more bickering!!
Klugh-"Just do it Mikhail!"
So Mikhail shoots her. There is struggle for the gun and a fight. Sayid has the gun on Mikhail. Mikhail wants Sayid to finish it, "Kill me."
Sawyer sits on his broken seat fixing a pair of glasses. Hurley beat him in their game. Sawyer feels hustled.
Hurley shares that "My mom had a table in her basement. I played a lot at the instit… this place I hung out for a while. I got kinda good."
Hurley continues, "It doesn't look like that last slam caused any long term damage to your forehead. And you got three points, better than zero."
Hurley returns three of his porn magazines, cause Sawyer's the kind of guy that needs stuff. Sawyer wonders if he's a shrink now. Hurley knows he's worried about Kate, "She'll be okay, dude."
Sawyer thanks him for the pep talk; just about calls him a nickname...Hurley, “It’s Hurley or Hugo, if you want."
Sawyer-"Get bent, Hugo."

Locke looks at the computer screen.
Kate grabs a box of Marshall Bullets and asks, "Are you ready to go Locke?"
He'll be there in a minute.
Locke watches the video feed.
Candle:"Has there been an incursion by the Hostiles? If so, Enter 7 7"

Now it is dark outside. Sayid is with a tied up Mikhail; he is calling for Danielle. {Watch Mikhail's face as Sayid calls out for Danielle. Wow!}
Sayid asks Mikhail if he ever was a member of the Dharma Initiative or was everything he said a lie. Mikhail tells him he was never a member, but everything else he told him was true; he tells him he moved into that Station after the Purge.
Sayid-"The purge. In which a group of scientist attacked your people."
Mikhail tells him to believe whatever he wants, but that's what happened.
Danielle comes up the rear with her gun pointed at Mikhail's back. She asked if he killed Sayid's friends. Sayid tells her no; they are collecting whatever maybe useful from the farmhouse, "And now we have our ticket to where the others live. Where we'll find your daughter and Jack. And finally perhaps, a way home."
{Again, when Danielle speaks from behind Mikhail, watch his face!}
Mikhail-“There is nothing you can do to me that would make me lead you there.”
Sayid-"I didn't say you were our ticket, Did I?"
Sayid takes out a map shows it to Mikhail. It shows electrical and data cabling running from the Flame to a place called the Barracks. We learn it's comprised of houses and dormitories with water and power large enough to accommodate an entire community. Sayid wants to visit this place.
Mikhail threatens, "There will come a time when your guard is down. And when it is I will not hesitate a moment before killing you. You should know this before..."
Danielle conveniently cuts off Mikhail in mid sentence! She tells Sayid he's making an excellent point, "You have a map. Why keep him alive?"
Mikhail smiles.

Sayid is chained to the kitchen. {He is on the ground with his silver bowl, looking very animal-like.}
Amira comes in with her gray cat. She tells Sayid the story of when she and hubby first arrived to Paris and she was afraid to leave her apartment.  She would stare out the window into the alley. She goes on to say how children trapped the cat in a box and how she rescued the cat from bad children who were lighting firecrackers and drop them in the box.  She heard the cat howl from three stories up.  Amira now had a reason to leave the apartment; she brought the cat home. The cat sits, sleeps, purrs with her.  Everyone once in a while the cat will bite or scratch her because he forgets that he is safe now. She forgives him for this. She knows what it's like to never feel safe. What she wants from Sayid "acknowledging what you did to me. That is was you who questioned me. That tortured me. That you remember me."
Sayid straightens up and proclaims, "I remember you. I remember your face. Your face has haunted me ever since I left Iraq. {He cries} I am sorry. I am so sorry for what I did to you."
They both cry and Amira forgives him. When her husband returns she will tell him that she made a terrible mistake; that it was not him and he will release him. Sayid asks her why she's letting him go. Amira tells him that we are all capable of doing what the children did to the cat. But she will not do that; she will not be that.

Danielle tells Sayid they should kill Mikhail because he will kill them.
Sayid- "No. He is my prisoner. I will decide his fate.”
Kate and Locke join them. Locke tells them he just played the chess game again.
He turns to Mikhail and says, "And now I realize why you didn't want me to beat it."
Sayid-"Meaning what?"
BOOM! The farm house blows up!
Locke looks surprised.
Sayid- "What have you done John? That place was our only hope of communication with the outside world."
John tells him that the computer said if there was an incursion by the Hostiles, I should enter 7 7. So I entered 7 7.
Sayid said they should go as the explosion may attract attention.
As they are walking away from the Flame Sayid sees the gray cat.


I have to start with something I find REALLY BIG. You’re all going to call me crazy, but...Opening with Sawyer! He looks like he walked right out of the Flash for Every Man for Himself"!! Did he? His hair is long, top pony tail, blue button down shirt, scruffy. It's not exact. But very similar!    Of course he's missing the prisoner number on his shirt.  So that makes me ask...Why would this be, hmmm???  I just find the whole 'I just walked right out of my prison flash' look, fucking AMAZING!!!!! He had the same hair style in Exodus. I've said this before and I'll say it again... Events are blurred together.

The next big thing is LOCKE!  Is he a "Grand Master" or creator of a game?  I can't help but feel not only the game element here but also the literal "connection" to computers.

Things to Note...Questions to ask... 
They are all in a living, breathing, moving Chess game. Games. Computers are involved.   Have I been watching a frickin' video game play out?
Nadia, the cat and the girlfriend- The world’s greatest athlete, Comaneci was born November 12, 1961. She won five gold medals in 1976, in Canada. The Russian name Nadia means Hope.
The cat:  An image-prop to trigger an action? The cat's are eerily the same. Hint to people looking similar, yet are different? Or are they really the same?
Mikhail:  What's the real story? How long is he really there? How old is he? He may be just a "bit" player.
Three verbal different versions of the hatch incident:  Imploded, Exploded, Collapsed.
Again, someone is surprised about the sailboat!
♜  Eye patches remind me of pirates.
♜  Ping Pong- The action of the ball being hit back and forth. Over and Over.
Computer. Wires. Logs. Manuals. Video feeds. Files. Programmed. Codes. Cheats. Hub. Uplink. Satellite dish. Game.
♜  Cheat is a loophole.
Grandmasters. {Perhaps we saw them in this episode.} Games.
♜  Where's the beef? There must be livestock somewhere to have all that meat! Mikhail aint eatin boar! Maybe he's not eating at all. Or livestock as in...?
♜  Stations and Hatches with more access to go even further under/underground/underneath.
♜  Clue to the possibility of "A. B. C."
♜  I'm noting a few new clue words lately- ice, avalanche, cold. This raises new questions for me.
♜  Is Locke a Grand Master? After all, he beat the computer game.
♜  Locke enters 7 7 with the prompt of a Hostile incursion. Why? Who is the Hostile?
♜  In Star Wars there is an event called Great Jedi Purge WooooHooo!
♜  A group of scientist attacked Mikhail's people.  Is that an answer to the Hostile question? Because Mikhail said to Sayid he didn't know who the Hostiles were. It was Sayid who says "group of scientists"
"...with the outside world."   Telling us they are "inside"something.
EYES- Again, why the eye color changes?   Now that I've gotten this far with the whole eye thing, we need to investigate a pattern (If any) on eye changes. Or point blank clue to look alike/replica, altered state of consciousness?
♜  Are we being clued in to the possibility that there are people who look the same, but are different?!  If so, how are they being separated from each other?  Are they on different "Islands"? If there are look a likes, it would be very easy to mistake someone for the other someone.   Maybe that wasn't really Miss. Klugh either. Maybe the images of certain people are cloned to fill in certain roles.
♜  When is the "Flash" from?   Sayid spends time in Paris, France and cannot understand Danielle's 16 year loop recording? Come on!!

Vocabulary and Research...  
Hostiles: An antagonistic person or thing. An enemy in warfare. Another word for Hostile is alien, adverse inhospitable, malevolent, malicious, militant, opposed, opposite, unwelcoming, unfriendly.
Satellite- Are used for many things. This we know.
   Here's a few to note:
- Artificial satellite, an object placed into orbit by human endeavor. Or, Object orbiting a celestial object.
- Satellite campus, which is physically detached from the main campus.
- Satellite- A species of moth.
- Fictional Satellite weapon. Golden Eye is the 17th spy film of the James Bond series.
Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin-was a well-known Russian revolutionary. He studied philosophy and frequented radical circles. Bakunin's political beliefs rejected governing systems in every name and shape, from the idea of God downwards, and every form of external authority. He wrote seminal work such as Statism and Anarchy and God and the State.
Chess: is a recreational and competitive game played between 2 players. The tradition of organized competitive chess started in the 16th century.  One of the goals of early computer scientists was to create a chess-playing machine, and today's chess is deeply influenced by the abilities of current chess programs and by the possibility to play online. Chess is played on a square board of 8 rows (called ranks and denoted with numbers 1 to 8) and 8 columns (called files and denoted with letters a to h) of squares. The colors of the 64 squares alternate and are referred to as "light squares" and "dark squares". The chessboard is placed with the light squares at the players' right, and the pieces are set out as shown in the diagram, with each queen on its own color. The pieces are divided, by convention, into White and Black sets. Each player, referred to by the color of his pieces, begins the game with 16 pieces: these comprise one king, one queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights and 8 pawns. White moves first. The colors are chosen either by a friendly agreement, by a game of chance or by a tournament director. The players alternate moving one piece at a time (with the exception of castling, when 2 pieces are moved simultaneously). Pieces are moved to either an unoccupied square, or one occupied by an opponent's piece, capturing it and removing it from play. With one exception (en passant), all pieces capture opponent's pieces by moving to the square that the opponent's piece occupies. Chess games do not have to end in checkmate — either player may resign if the situation looks hopeless. Besides casual games without exact timing, chess is also played with a time control, mostly by club and professional players. If a player's time runs out before the game is completed, he automatically loses. Games also may end in a draw (tie).
HUB- The center of a wheel, normally incorporating a bearing.
 - Connecting computers.
 - The code for international direct dial phone calls to Russia and Kazakhstan.
 - "The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information" is a 1956 paper by the cognitive psychologist George A. Miller. In it Miller showed a number of remarkable coincidences between the channel capacity of a number of human cognitive and perceptual tasks. Working memory is generally considered to have limited capacity. Example- In the novel Watership Down the rabbit characters use the word hrair to refer to any number too large to count. For rabbits, this is any number greater than four, whereas, for humans,hrair would be greater than 7 plus or minus 2.
In organization theory the limit has a similar meaning: the maximum number of projects that one can be involved in simultaneously before chaos starts to ensue.
- In The Dark Tower series by Stephen King there are 7 books.
- 7 Sages.
- 7 wonders of the ancient world.
- The legend of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus tells of the falling asleep of seven young men in a cave, who wake up after a great deal of time has passed.
- The 7 Seas.
- The number of chakras.
- The number of basic principles of the Bushido.
- The number of points on a sheriff's star.
- Septimal time.
* In Buddhism The Seven Jewels of Royal Power:
The Precious Queen
The Precious General
The Precious Horse
The Precious Jewel
The Precious Minister or Householder
The Precious Elephant
The Precious Wheel.
Purge: To rid of whatever is impure or undesirable, cleanse, purify. To free, clear, remove, empty.
Synonyms-abolition, catharsis, clarification, cleaning, clean up, coup, wash.

The Flame is known as the Hub, so this must mean it is this the center of the blast door map; the "?"?

Sayid seems to have looked into "Amira" {a mirror}.  Has he faced the truth about something that has haunted him or something that motivates him?
"Because he forgets that he is safe now..." Is it possible that they have forgotten they are safe now? Shouldn't they feel safe being home?!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted at MySpace on January 2008.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.


  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. Thank you so much for stopping by!
    I am happy you found my little blog :)


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