December 30, 2011

Ben Linus' Journal For Sale

 Dear Losties!

Want to own Ben Linus' Journal from LOST, handwritten by Michael Emerson?!  Now you can.  My dear friend, Jooky22, is giving other Lostie's a chance to own a piece of LOST history as he parts with the journal from his winning LOST Auction lot.
Here is the link to the Ebay auction- Ben Linus' Prop Journal from LOST

Jooky22 gave me the opportunity to review the journal, notes and photos he received with his LOST Auction winning lot.  It was an honor and a thrill to hold these items in my hand.

Here are my posts about the journal, notes and photos:
Pages From Ben's Journal

Exclusive-More Pages From Ben's Journal Part 1

Exclusive- More Pages From Ben's Journal Part 2

Exclusive- More Pages From Ben's Journal Part 3

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