April 2, 2010

The Package

Let's talk about LOST!   The Package.

Locke's camp is being watched and heard via night vision goggles.   Sawyer offers a borderline catatonic Kate some pretend cocoa.  Locke {twirling a stick} asks Jin about his injured left leg and suggests he leave the bandage off so the air can do it some good. {That's good advice}
Cautious Jin, whose leg still hurts, says he'll try that.
Locke-"You mind if I sit down? {Jin nods OK} I know you and I haven't had time to talk, but I was wondering if James had filled you in on what I showed him at the cliffs." {Do you notice that Locke likes to sit Indian style/lotus}
Jin-"You mean the cave? The one with the names on the wall?"
Locke explains most of the names have been crossed off now. There are just a few left; Kwon is one of them. Jin wonders if that means him or Sun.  Locke isn't sure but feels what it does mean is that the only way they can leave the Island is if all the names that haven't been crossed off go together.
Jin is concerned because Sun is not there.  Locke confidently tells Jin to just take care of that leg, "I'm workin' on it."
Claire has been eavesdropping on the two men.

{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Jin and Sun are at the airport.  The customs officer is explaining to Jin in English that although he's returning him his suitcase and watch he is sorry but "Federal law says we have to confiscate the $25,000."
Jin, who doesn't understand English asks, "Confiscate?"
The officer tells him it means that if he wants it back he's gonna have to fill out the necessary paperwork. Jin is frustrated and mumbles in Korean; he wants the money.
The officer-"You can exit right over there, Sir."
Jin and Sun walk as frustrated Jin tells her he's already missed the meeting at the restaurant.
Sun asks Jin in Korean what the money was for.
Jin doesn't know,"Your father gave it to me right before we left. He told me to deliver it with the watch. I don't ask your father questions. I do what he tells me."

Jin and Sun are at the check in counter of the hotel. Sun hands the man some papers.
There is a reservation for Paik; a beautiful ocean view room for them on the eighth floor.
Jin understands him and says "Two room. Two! No marry. Kwon. Jin-Soo Kwon."
The man apologizes and after checking the computer he sees there is a separate room reservation for Kwon. Room 842. He welcomes them to Los Angeles.
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Locke walks over to Sayid who is sitting on a log as he is chopping wood, to inform him he's leaving for a little while because he has an errand to run and will be back in the morning. He wants Sayid to keep an eye on the camp while he's gone.
Lethargic Sayid states, "I don't feel anything."
Locke-"Excuse me?"
Sayid- "Anger. Happiness. Pain. I don't feel it anymore."
Locke feels that maybe that's best because it'll help him get through what's coming.
Jin was keeping an eye on Locke and once Locke walks into the jungle Jin quickly gathers his things to leave. Sawyer asks "Hoss" what he's doing.
Jin-"I'm getting out of here before that thing comes back."
Sawyer-"What thing?"
Jin-"Locke. And you're just sitting around here listening to whatever he tells you..."
Sawyer-"I ain't listenin' to nobody! I already told you I have a deal with Widmore, so if you just..."
Jin-"It doesn't matter who you have a deal with! I've waited long enough. I'm going to find my wife."
Sawyer-"Find her where?!"
Jin-"Go back to the temple. And if she's not there I'll try the beach. But I will find Sun so stop trying to..."
Jin is hit in the chest with a tranquilizer dart!
Armed Sawyer and the rest of the camp are all put to sleep via the dart ambush.
The camp is swarmed with armed people sporting their night vision goggles. Seamus asks Zoe if this is the guy, referring to sleeping Jin, and it is so they take him.
Miles and Frank are playing cards on the beach.
Miles-"Play your card, captain."
Antsy Ben watches Ilana clean her rifle on the beach kitchen table and asks her "Now what?"  Ilana says now they wait for Richard to come back.
Ben-"You'll forgive my skepticism, but... the last thing Richard said before he went stomping off into the jungle was that we were all in hell and he had no idea what we were supposed to do next! In fact, I would bet money we never see him again!"
Purple shirt wearing Ilana feels Hugo will find him; he will track him down and bring him back.
Miles thinks that unless Alpert's covered in bacon grease, he's not sure Hurley can track anything.
Frank-"Hey, don't talk about bacon." {Hmm...Bacon from a boar. Can Frank transform or Hurley or...?}
Concerned Ilana shares that Jacob has never lied to her before. "If he said Richard knows what to do, then Richard knows what to do. He'll come back. And until then, we wait."
Frustrated Sun throws a piece of fruit, angrily stabs a knife into the table and she storms off. Jack watches her.
Sun is pulling up her garden. Jack shows up asking how the tomatoes are.
Jack remembers when she first planted this here. "Feels like a hundred years ago...You don't believe Alpert's coming back, do you?"
Sun doesn't care if he comes back. Jack wonders her thoughts on them being candidates.
Jack-"Hurley took me to a lighthouse. To Jacob's lighthouse. And there was a mirror. And all around it there were... there were hundreds of names written down."
Sun doesn't care about Alpert or about being a candidate.
Jack-"Sun... there was a reason why we were..."
Sun-"I don't want to hear about how this was our purpose or destiny! I just want you to go away and leave me alone!"
Jack leaves. Sun cries
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Jin knocks on the door of Sun's hotel room. {He looks around as if he's being watched} He is carrying the watch from her father that her father sent him halfway around the world to deliver. He's going to the restaurant.
Sun-"Will you come inside? I don't want to have this conversation here."
She mentions it's 11:30 and no one is going to be at the restaurant.   Jin feels he should still try.  Sun reminds him "this man" works for her father so it's not going to be a problem.  Jin wonders why she should care, he feels she's there for a shopping trip.
Sun seductively unbuttons the top button of her sweater, "Maybe you should tell me to button it... like you did on the plane?"
Jin-"It was a crowded flight... I didn't know who might be watching us.
Sun-"No one is watching us. So... do you want me to button it?"
This playful seduction continues on, button by button.
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Sun is pulling the weeds in her garden and she cuts her right pinky. {On what?}
Locke appears, startling her.
He is there to inform her he found her husband. "I promised I would reunite you two... took me a little longer than I thought it would... but he's with my people, back at my camp across the island.  I can take you to him right now."
Sun doesn't believe him; he killed those people at the temple.
Locke-"Those people were confused. They were lied to. I didn't want to hurt them. Anyone of them could have chosen to come with me. And I'm giving you that choice, Sun... right now. I would never make you do anything against your will. I'm asking you. Please. Come with me. Jin's waiting."
He holds out his hand for her to take but Sun runs away. Locke runs after her "Sun, wait!"
Sun runs head on into a tree! {WTF?! She ran right into it!}
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Sun wakes in bed next to starring Jin. {He is in the sunlight side of the bed and she is in the shaded side}
She shares her idea that they should "run away".
{Oh really?! There's a perfect example of the on "Island" and off "Island" events blurring together.}
Sun tells Jin about her account and how she had this planned all along.  Jin seems troubled and feels it's forbidden.  Sun wonders if he's angry. He is not. They do want to be together, they love each other. As Sun is about to share something that Jin needs to know there is a knock at the door. It startles them.
Jin-"Who is that?"
Sun-"I don't know. I put out the sign..."
Jin-"Tell them you're sleeping."  {If she's sleeping how can she tell them that?!}
Jin hides in the bathroom while Sun checks herself out in the mirror.
It's Martin Keamy, a friend of her father's. Sun doesn't speak to him.
Keamy-"Mind if I come in?  I believe you've got something for me." He walks right in.
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Sun is unconscious in the jungle.  Ben happens by and tries to wake her up. "Sun? Sun, can you hear me?"
Sun wakes up, her head hurts and but can only speak in Korean.  She is asking Ben "Where is he?...He was chasing me... he was here... I saw him. He was..."
Ben-"Slow down. Tell me what happened in English. Who did this to you?"

Locke returns to his camp {white smoke hovers around the site} and finds everyone is sound asleep/unconscious.  He removes a dart from Sayid and shakes his head to wake him up. He asks what happened. Groggy Sayid says they were attacked and he doesn't know by whom.
Locke is upset and asks where Jin is.

Jin wakes up in Room 23.  The room is appears almost rusty and wires are exposed. He is locked in. He flips a switch and the brainwashing video plays, he covers his ears from the sound/volume and quickly turns it off. {Wires, speakers, video, subliminal messages, flashing.}
Zoe is standing inside the room with him and remarks how that was weird.
Jin-"Where am I?"
Zoe-"It's called Room 23.  The Dharma Initiative was doing experiments on subliminal messaging in here.  But you know all about the Dharma Initiative... don't you, Mr. Kwon?"
in-"Why did you bring me here?"
Zoe-"Relax. You're safe."
Jin-"I'm leaving."
Apparently he's not because Zoe zaps him with a taser.
Zoe-"Sorry, but we went to a lot of trouble getting you here off of the other island. And I can't let you leave."
Jin-"What do you want from me?"
Zoe shows him a map. "These are grid maps that the Dharma people used to identify pockets of electromagnetism. Whoever signed these could really help me out. I know... I know the writing's difficult to read but... but it sure looks like it says Jin Soo-Kwon. So, is it you or isn't it?"
Jin-"You want answers to your questions? Then get me your boss. I want to talk to Charles Widmore."
Zoe tells him he's in luck because he'd like to talk to him too.

Locke asks Sayid if he's a good swimmer.  Sayid feels he's good enough.  That's works for Locke so he gives Sayid a gun, tells him to wrap it in plastic as to not get it wet.  They're taking the outrigger.
Locke notices Claire watching him and asks if something is wrong.
Claire-"Um... what you said to Jin... about the names on the wall? Told him you needed them all to get off the island."
She wonders if her name was on the wall and Locke informs her it wasn't.
Claire-"Then... it doesn't matter if I get on that plane then. You don't need me."
Locke-"No. That's not true, Claire. I need you. {he touches her} And there's plenty of room on that plane for all of us."
Claire-"When we go home, Aaron's not going to know me. Stranger to my own son. He thinks Kate's his mother. Was her name on the wall?"
Locke-"No, Claire... it isn't. Not anymore. But I need Kate."
Locke-" Because I'm three people shy of getting off this island and Kate can help me get those people on the plane. But... once she does...whatever happens, happens." {Watch Claire take that in.}

Sawyer asks Locke what he and Sayid are doing with the guns,"You two goin' somewhere?"
Locke shares they're taking a boat ride over to the other island.
Sarcastic Sawyer asks, "What do you need a boat for? Can't you just turn into smoke and fly your ass over the water?"
Locke-"Do you think if I could do that I would still be on this island?"
Sawyer-"No, 'cause that would be ridiculous.What the hell are you goin' over there for anyway? Thought you were tryin' to avoid Charlie Widmore."
Locke-"They took one of our people, James. So I'm going to get him back."
{Sawyer looks as if something fishy is going on.}

Keamy looks at the really nice watch and wonders,"Your bodyguard is supposed to give me some money. Where's Mr. Kwon?"  
Sun-"No English."
There is a knock on the door. It's Omar. He checked Jin's room and he's not there.
Keamy has Omar check the bathroom when he realizes there are two champagne glasses on the nightstand. Jin has indeed been hiding in the bathroom.
Keamy thanks him for the watch but inquires {using hand gestures} about the envelope with the $25,000.
Jin communicates with Sun in Korean.  He asks "What can we do?"    Sun suggests they pay him some of their money.
Keamy is frustrated by the duo chatting in another language and tells them to "Stop it. Feel like I'm in a damn Godzilla movie. What's that guy's name, the Russian guy, speaks like nine different languages...Uh uh uh... Danny's friend?"   {Danny Pickett?}
Apparently Mikhail {The "Island" communication specialist} can communicate in Korean. {How fucking convenient.}
Keamy sends for Mikhail and demands Sun put her damn clothes on.

Mikhail sits with Sun and translates.
Sun-"The money was confiscated at customs. But I have money."
Mikhail-"She says the money her father gave them was taken at customs."
Of course this isn't Keamy's problem.
Sun suggests he let them go to the bank and they'll give it to him.
Keamy has Mikhail take Sun to the bank while he takes Casanova to the restaurant, then they'll meet there.
Jin begs Keamy in Korean to promise not to tell Mr. Paik about them.
Keamy-"What's he whining about?"    {Wine!}
Mikhail-"He wants you to promise that you won't tell her father that they are involved."
Keamy seems sincere and assures Jin, "Oh. Hey, don't worry about that. Okay, your secret, it's safe with me. Okay? Just bring me the money and then we could all live happily ever after, right?"
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Jack is checking out Sun's head injury. Ilana looks suspiciously at Ben.
Ben-"What? Oh, for the fourth time, I was gathering mangoes and she was already unconscious when I found her. Why won't you believe me?"
Ilana-"Because you're speaking."
Jack-"You gotta a pretty descent size bump, {What? Baby bump?! lol} it might be a slight concussion. You can understand what I'm saying? (Sun nods) But, you can only speak Korean."
Miles-"She hits her head and forgets English? Are we supposed to buy that?"  {Nope. We're not}
Frank-"Asks the man who communes with the dead."    {Should we ask Hurley?!}
Jack-"It might be Aphasia. It's um, a condition that's caused by trauma and it affects the language center of your brain. It's usually temporary. Sun, you're gonna be okay."
Miles wonders what Ilana is smiling about. Richard is walking over with Hurley. Richard instructs them to pack their bags because "we're leaving".

Locke gets out of the outrigger and walks toward the portable pylons.
Widmore's men jump out of the bushes and fire at Locke. {He's not bothered by it.}
"Down low!... Let me see your hands!"
Locke shows his hands,"Easy, friend, I come in peace." {Gonna smoke-em peace pipe too?! lol}
Widmore stands on the opposite side of the fence and asks Locke "Do you know who I am?"
Locke-"Charles Widmore. Do you know who I am?"
Widmore-"Obviously you're not John Locke. Everything else I know is a combination of myth, ghost stories, and jungle noises in the night."
Locke-"I think you know more than that judging by these pylons."
Widmore-"Why did you come here?"
Locke-"You took one of my people, Jin Kwon."
Widmore claims to have no idea what he's talking about.
Locke-"A wise man once said that war was coming to this island, I think it just got here."
{War is coming to Hydra Island or the main island? Both?}

Jack asks Richard where exactly are we going. {Richard is packing stuff.}
Richard asks where Locke is. "You said he came to recruit you. Where did he say he'd be?"
Ben-"Hydra Island".
Richard is in control and asks Frank, "This is exactly where you landed the plane to get back here, right?"
Frank-"That's right."
Richard-"This man wants to leave the island, that plane's the only way he could do it. You wanna know where we're going, we're gonna stop him."
Miles asks Hurley "This is your fault isn't it?"
Hurley-"Sorta."    {What exactly did Hurley do here? hmmm}
Richard informs them the only way to stop them from getting on the plane is to destroy it.
Sun freaks out and yells at Richard in Korean. "What? You want to destroy the plane? How are we supposed to get off the island?"
Jack shares with Richard that she isn't speaking English because she was hit on the head when she was running away from Locke. Why isn't she speaking English?
Richard seems surprised. "He came back here?  What, what did he want? What did he say to you? Do you understand me?"
Sun continues her fit..."Yes, I understand, you idiot!  But if you think I'm gonna help you destroy our only way off this island, you're insane!  I came here, to find my husband so I could bring him home, not so I could save the damn world!   She says I'm important. (points to Ilana) If that's true, you need me!  So, understand this! I'm not going anywhere."
Hurley-"I don't think she wants to come."
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Sun and her translator Mikhail sit at the desk with the bank rep. The rep checks the computer and informs them that Sun's account was closed. The balance is zero.
Sun feels that can't be right, "No one knows it exists but me."
The account was closed by her father, Mr. Paik, who had access. The funds were transferred to their main branch in Seoul. Sun wonders why dad would do that.
Mikhail- "Why do you think?"

Omar leads Jin {hands taped behind his back} to the kitchen refrigerator. Omar bumps Jin's head on the door on the way in. {Sign says Kitchen Safety. lol}  This concerns Keamy.  Keamy tends to Jin's head with a wet blue cloth and takes over the tape securing of the prisoner.  Keamy sends Omar to get the Arab guy. Omar seems bothered by the Arab remark.
Keamy tends to the head injury over his left eye and apologizes, "Omar's loyal but he lacks attention to detail."
He confirms with Jin that he can't understand a word he's saying.  Jin doesn't react.
Apparently he needs more tape to secure Jin so Keamy tells him to hold still,
"I'm going to strap you in here, just in case you figure out what's about to happen at the Island. I can't have you freaking out." {Yes, that is what I heard.}
"I don't think you unhappy Mr. Paik was when he found out that you were doing his little girl. You know the twenty five grand... you were supposed to deliver...that was my fee...for popping you!  From what I hear you know anyone who works for Paik knows the cardinal rule... hands off the boss' daughter. But you couldn't resist her, could you? The heart wants what the heart wants."
{He touches Jin's chest}
Jin must misunderstand him because he kindly says, "Thank you" to Keamy.
Keamy-"I'm sorry. Some people just aren't meant to be together" and covers Jin's mouth with the electrical tape. He closes Jin in the refrigerator.
Widmore asks Zoe what the hell she was thinking; this wasn't supposed to happen for days, "We had a time table".
Zoe knows they panicked and apologizes. Widmore says they should have let Jin leave the "camp" and taken him in the jungle.
Zoe-"Well maybe you should put a mercenary in charge instead of a geophysicist."
Widmore turns and sees Jin is standing there watching them.
Widmore-"What's done is done. I need you to get the package from the submarine and take it to the infirmary. Can you do that for me please, Zoe?"
She will.
Widmore walks over to Mr. Kwon and gives his deepest apology for what has been done to him. Jin knows this is Charles Widmore. Widmore shares that they searched the Ajira plane, found Sun's luggage and found a digital camera inside. He thought Jin would like to have it. "Go ahead. Turn it on."
Jin turns the digital camera on and "Plays back" the images of Ji Yeon, Sun and a dog.  Widmore narrates "Her name is Ji Yeon, your daughter" and knows Jin has never seen her.  Jin smiles and gets emotional as he looks at the images.
{Birthday party sign BIRTH is prominent. Candles.}
Widmore explains he has a daughter and knows what it's like to be kept apart.  He understands the one thing Jin wants is to be reunited with his wife and daughter, but it would be short lived if that "thing" masquerading as John Locke ever got off this island.  "You wife, your daughter, my daughter, everyone we know and love would simply cease to be. I came here to make sure that doesn't happen."
Widmore-"Come with me. I think it's time for you see the package."
Jin-"What package?"
Widmore-"It's not a what... it's a who."
Widmore seems pleased.

Jin sits in the refrigerator and hears the muffled voices in the kitchen.{Sayid-"Did you put my brother in the hospital?" Keamy's voice too.}
Three shots are fired and Jin kicks on the door for attention. Jin notes a box cutter/utility knife on the shelf nearby.}
 Armed Sayid enters and pulls the tape off of Jin's mouth, where Jin communicates with Sayid in Korean. "Please don't kill me. Please let me go!"
Sayid {in a deadpan manor asks}-"Who are you?"
Jin-"No English."
Sayid doesn't know why he's there and he doesn't really care. He starts to walk away from Jin and Jin stops him.
Jin-"Free! {gestures to the box cutter}Free! Free."
Sayid happens to have time {After shooting three people} to place the box cutter into Jin's taped hands and wishes him "Good luck".  Sayid leaves. {Just like Locke gives tied up Boone the knife to cut himself free.}
Mikhail returns to the kitchen with Sun and sees the four bodies on the ground.   Jin pretends to be dead.
Armed Mikhail asks the still alive Martin who did this to him.
Keamy -"Look behind you, you idiot."
Jin holds the gun against the back of Mikhail neck and in Korean tells him to drop the gun. Mikhail wants him to take it easy. Jin tells Sun to move away.
Jin to Mikhail-"Did you hear me?! Drop it or I'm going to kill you!"
Mikhail realizes Jin isn't the person who killed the people on the floor and goes after Jin. There's a fight; shots are fired. Mikhail arms himself with a knife but Jin fires two shots into Mikhail's head; taking out his right eye.
Unfortunately Sun is shot in the stomach. Jin carries her to get her help.
Sun reveals, "I'm pregnant."
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
At night Sun sits alone on the beach looking out to the ocean.    Jack brings her a couple of things
Jack-"I was thinking about a patient that I had during my residency.  Car crash, banged his head, when he woke up he couldn't talk.  The guy was frustrated, I mean... who wouldn't be.  Then one of the nurses said  just because he can't speak doesn't mean that he couldn't write."
He hands her a notepad and sharpie pen, asks her if she wants to give it a try.   
Sun writes down "YES", instead of just nodding her damn 'yes'.
Jack-"It'll take a little longer to get your point across but at least you have your voice back. Went back out to your garden to see if he was there, he wasn't.  But I found this... {a ripe red tomato}   That's one stubborn tomato.   Guess no one told it it was supposed to die."  
Sun writes- SORRY w/smiley face.
Jack-"Don't worry about it. You're not the first person to tell me to leave em alone."    They both smile.
Jack-"Locke....what did he say to you?"
Sun writes- He said he had Jin.
Jack-"Why didn't you go with him?"
Sun writes-I don't trust him.
Jack looks troubled-"Do you trust me?"
Sun nods yes.
Jack-"Sun, Come with us and I'll help you find Jin.  I'll help you find him and I'll get you both on that plane and as far away from this island as you can get .  I promise."
Jack holds out his hand and Sun takes it.
Quiet Kate sits starring; cuts up fruit.
Sawyer-"Where'd you go?"
Sawyer-"Like your brain took a little stroll."
Kate wonders why James isn't worried, but he confesses that he is worried. He just really good at pretending he isn't.
Sawyer-"But I got a feeling this is almost over. Cause if Locke rode over there on the boat with Sayid, then Charlie Widmore blew him right out of the water."
Kate-"And what if he didn't?"
Sawyer-"Then we're screwed six ways from sun."
Locke returns to the camp, alone; this disappoints Sawyer.  Sawyer asks Locke about going over there to find Jin.
Locke share they said they didn't have him and he doesn't believe that.  He also shares that when James went over there that Widmore had someone guarding a room on the submarine guarding something that he didn't want James to see... "I don't like secrets."

Sayid swims stealth-like through the water toward the sub dock.  He witnesses Widmore's people pulling someone out of the hatch.   They drop the man at the edge of the dock where he can see Sayid trying to stay unnoticed in the water.  The man who can hardly stand is Desmond.   Extremely groggy Desmond looks at Sayid with a sense of familiarity and/or confusion.   Zoe, who is not a nurse,  can be heard mentioning that she gave Desmond too much sedative for the trip.
Wet Sayid watches the duo carry Desmond off.

The Package is a great episode.  It's all coming together nicely all that was missing was the pretty bow.  Jin and Sun must be showing us part of the whole truth.

I know I must sound like a broken record about a few things over the years but the one about events happening on "Island" and off "Island" are indeed blended/blurred together.   It was right here for all to see.
A bunch of other continuing clue lines that showed themselves again in this episode is: Altered state of consciousness; everybody is in some state of sleep, things happening in their heads/minds/consciousness, wires/wired, technology, perception, game, and constant hints to mental health, being crazy, being lost and having to find something and/or someone.   Every episode has had reference to crazy, insane or some sort of mental and mind issues.

After all an illusion is a false perception of a detectable stimulus.  I have included some researched info on mental health, psychology and such at the very end of my notes, for those who don't want to have to read through all of it.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Crazy. Insane. Mental health.
* Sleep. Unconscious. Knocked out. Drugged up. Sedation, AND SO ON and SO ON and SO ON!!!
* Room 23. Brain washing. Speakers. Wires. Electrical tape. Switch. Grid. Map. Video. Digital Camera. Electric. Sonar. Magnetic.
* Sayid feels nothing-emptiness. This is a stage of enlightenment.
* Seoul-Soul
* Heart
* Head trauma. Brain. Wired.
* Muffled hearing
* SLEEPING. WAKE UP. "BIRTH".   FREE! {Yeah, Enlightenment}
* Pretend. Masquerading.
* In The Whole Truth we learn Sun and Jin are having fertility issues and can't conceive.  In that episode Sun asks Jin "Why do you care so much about a baby you wouldn't even see?"   And where Jin experiences backward dialogue spoken by Sawyer and Bernard about Jin's impending fatherhood.
* Room 842. In  Recon James' clock stayed on 8:42.
* Sun knocks herself out!
* Both Sun and Jin get bumped on the head.
* WTF is with the airport customs officer not involving a translator to explain to Jin why he's not getting his money back? Oh, oh, oh! Because it's not real!
* Languages. Linguistics. Communication. Mis-communication. Translation. Write. Read.  Korean. Russian.  Mikhail, Miss Klugh, Ilana and Jacob all speak Russian.
* Button. (Desmond)
* Game. Play. Gamble. Bet.
* Wealthy men.
* Pairs.
* Purple. Black, White, Red.
* Destroy the plane...the sub...the Swan hatch...the computer...
* Desmond was given so much of the sedative for the sub trip that he couldn't even stand up on his own yet was doubled locked in a room on the sub. Was he being kept in or was someone being kept from getting to him?
* The package-the watch-money-Desmond-Ji Yeon-(a pregnancy)
* Is Jin one of the creators of the "map"?    What part is Hurley involved in?
* Jin is Sun's bodyguard.  Protector.
* I find it very interesting that Sawyer seems the most disconnected about certain things that happen on the "Island".   Like there seems to be times he's not privy to who someone is, i.e. Nikki, Paulo, Ben, etc. or he's unaware that something has happened, and of course he's not fazed by Locke being the smoke thing.
* Hearts and Minds.
* "I'm going to strap you in here, just in case you figure out what's about to happen at the island. I can't have you freaking out."    Yes, that is what I heard. I don't care what is written in the script or the closed caption, I only care about how that scene came out of post/editing and I heard, "I'm going to strap you in here, just in case you figure out what's about to happen at the island. I can't have you freaking out."   So I call fucking shenanigans!
* "Then one of the nurses said  just because he can't speak doesn't mean that he couldn't write."   Yeah,  like Locke in Further Instructions.  Things seem to always connect back to Jack and Johnny Locke.

Vocabulary and Research...
* The Package: Thirteenth Step by the band A Perfect Circle. The album is a concept album with all of the songs dealing with the problem of addiction from a different perspective.
* Godzilla combo of Japanese words meaning gorilla and a whale. A giant Japanese monster created by nuclear explosions; radiation.
*Concussion: Latin ("to shake violently")or concussus ("action of striking together"),is the most common type of traumatic brain injury.
* Flight: a series of steps between one floor or landing of a building and the next.
* Aphasia is a loss of the ability to produce and/or comprehend spoken or written language. Traditionally, aphasia suggests the total impairment of language ability, and dysphasia a degree of impairment less than total. Aphasia has come to mean both partial and total language impairment in common use. Depending on the area and extent of brain damage, someone suffering from aphasia may be able to speak but not write, or vice versa, or display any of a wide variety of other deficiencies in language comprehension and production, such as being able to sing but not speak.  One treatment for this is: Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT) is a therapeutic process used by music therapists and speech pathologists to help patients with communication disorders caused by brain damage. This method uses melodic intonation to stimulate activity in the right hemisphere of the brain.
* Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt was a Venetian adventurer and author. His main book Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life), part autobiography and part memoir, is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century. He was so famous as a womanizer that his name remains synonymous with the art of seduction. He was arrested, imprisoned; solitary confinement, sentenced to five years in an "un-escapable” prison", escaped and spent many years on the run.
* Emptiness is usually the description of Enlightenment.  To the western mind this description is often difficult to comprehend, leading to the idea that it is "nothing,".  This is the final step before nirvana.

We can see that Locke and Jack  have promised things to their followers, they both have held out their hands (here it's Locke-right, Jack-left) in a gesture of hope.  It's when these types of parallels are shown  that the metaphor of the story kicks in for me, making me want to feel that we are seeing "two halves of a whole" again, or the opposition.     I've never forgotten a clue we got back in the very beginning of our story.  Take a look at Hurley's comic book.  We know that comic tells the story of alien X that was hidden away when it gets cancer, a dome covering a city, polar bear, etc.. But the cover also shows us the part of the story where the Flash and the Green Lantern combine with their new halves, creating a new being.   Two halves of a whole.

Here's a great quote from Charlie Pace in   Further Instructions.  "What's that? You're not taking drugs, are you John? I only ask because of the strict zero tolerance policy you've enacted.  And I wouldn't want you to have start punching yourself in the face." 

Is Sun in the "Island" adventure to bring her husband home and not to save the world, not to play the game?
Maybe Jin and Sun are a package deal.

Love to all who are LOST" ™

Is it all in my head?!  Maybe I'm in an altered state of consciousness.
We have seen all of the following examples directly connected to the castaways since the very beginning. How deep is the mental health and some things happening in their "head" issues playing into the journey?
Examples:  Head injuries, headaches, vision/eye problems, fever, delusions, hallucinations, hypnosis, catonic, coma, brainwashing, behavior modification, coercive persuasion, programming/deprogramming, hypnosis, self hypnosis,cognitive biases, amnesia, insomnia, memory, consciousness, decision making, natural language, learning, motor coordination, sensory perception, planning,  problem solving, thought, depression, fear, abandonment, anger, guilt, hate, phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder,  post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, substance abuse, violence, sleep disorders, problems with trust, confidentiality and engagement, etc.
Use of drugs: sedatives, hypnotics, heroin, tranquilizer, sleeping pills, Clonozapam, mandrake, cannibis, coffee, cholorform, alcohol, Locke's funky paste, etc.
And the mention of: clinical assessment by a psychiatrist, social worker, clinical psychologist, shrinks, or other mental health professional.  We've seen Locke in group therapy and of course Hurley in Santa Rosa.

We all know what my take is on the metaphor of the "Island" journey; the journey and path to enlightenment, but here are some researched items to further explain some additional "possibilities":

* Non-physical or abstract locations and/or spatial graphics were employed as memory 'places'. Perhaps the most famous example of such an abstract system of 'places' is the memory system of Metrodorus of Scepsis,
* Headache symptoms include dizziness, vomiting, nausea, lack of motor coordination, difficulty balancing, or other problems with movement or sensation. Visual symptoms include light sensitivity, seeing bright lights, blurred vision, and double vision. Tinnitus, or a ringing in the ears, is also commonly reported.
* Cognitive symptoms include confusion, disorientation, and difficulty focusing attention. Loss of consciousness may occur but is not necessarily correlated with the severity of the concussion if it is brief. Post traumatic amnesia, in which the person cannot remember events leading up to the injury or after it, or both, is a hallmark of concussion. Confusion, another concussion hallmark, may be present immediately or may develop over several minutes. Patient may be slow to respond to questions or directions, have a vacant stare, or have slurred or incoherent speech. Other MTBI symptoms include changes in sleeping patterns and difficulty with reasoning, concentrating, and performing everyday activities.
* Tinnitus can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head. It is usually described as a ringing noise, but in some patients it takes the form of a high pitched whining, buzzing, hissing, humming, or whistling sound, or as ticking, clicking, roaring, "crickets" or "tree frogs" or "locusts", tunes, songs, or beeping. Causes include ear infections, foreign objects or wax in the ear, nose allergies that prevent (or induce) fluid drain and cause wax build-up, and injury from loud noises. Can also come from Psychedelic drugs:
Mental health-
Madness. Bi polar. Obsession. Depression. Substance abuse. Other proposed disorders include: Self-defeating personality disorder, Sadistic personality disorder, Passive-aggressive personality disorder Kleptomania (stealing) or Pyromania (fire-setting). Sleep disorders; Insomnia.
* Abreaction is an emotional release or discharge following recall of a painful experience. Used sometimes by police, forensics after administering armobarbital.
Affect illusion: Illusions (Misperceptions) associated with and/or based on changes with mood for example at midnight a person may take a shadow as a ghost, but in the early part of night this may not be the case.
* Schizophrenia: It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking with significant social or occupational dysfunction. Onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood.
Despite the etymology of the term from the Greek roots skhizein (to split) and phrēn, phren-(mind), schizophrenia does not imply a "split mind" and it is not the same as dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder or split personality), a condition with which it is often confused in public perception.  The disorder is thought to mainly affect cognition, but it also usually contributes to chronic problems with behavior and emotion. People with schizophrenia are likely to have additional conditions, including major depression and anxiety disorders; the lifetime occurrence of substance abuse long-term unemployment, poverty and homelessness, are common. increased physical health problems and a higher suicide rate
Depending on the individual, a person diagnosed with schizophrenia may experience hallucinations (especially hearing voices), delusions (especially ones that seem "bizarre"), and disorganized thinking and speech. The latter may range from loss of train of thought, to sentences only loosely connected in meaning, to incoherence known as word salad in severe cases. There is often an observable pattern of emotional difficulty, for example lack of responsiveness or motivation. Impairment in social cognition is associated with schizophrenia, as are symptoms of paranoia, and social isolation commonly occurs. In one uncommon subtype, the person may be largely mute, remain motionless in bizarre postures, or exhibit purposeless agitation; these are signs of catatonia.
*Aphemia is the alternate term for mutism. Mutism is absence of speech with apparently normal level of consciousness. Mutism can be dissociative (hysterical) in which an individual (commonly a child or adolescent) stops speaking at once without involvement of any neurological or physical contributing factor; or it can be elective (selective) in which a child does not speak at all in certain situations (such as in school) but speaks well in other conditions (like at home or at play). A rare cause of mutism is a kinetic mutism which results due to a lesion around 3rd ventricle of brain.
* Automatic obedience is an exaggerated co-operation with an examiner's request, as if the patient were an “automaton” robotically obeying a command. It is usually a sign of catatonia.
* Confabulation is the confusion of imagination with memory, and/or the confusion of true memories with false memories.
* In Capgras syndrome, the patient feels that a person familiar to him, usually a family member has been replaced by a double i.e. an identical looking imposter. Capgras Syndrome and Fregoli syndrome along with some other conditions are classified as delusional misidentification syndrome.
* Defenestration Literally jumping out of window. Usually used in context of attempted or completed suicide.
* Déjà vu:  In Déjà vu, a person feels undue familiarity to an event or a person. For example, he feels that the same thing has happened before or he or she has met this person before, etc.
* Déjà pensé : In Déjà pensé, a completely new thought sounds familiar to the person and he feels as he has thought the same thing before at some time.
* In écho de la pensée, meaning "thought echo" in French, thoughts seem to be spoken aloud just after being produced. The patient hears the 'echo' of his thoughts in the form of a voice after he has made the thought.
* Fantasy is imagining that expresses desires and aims.
- Folie à deux: Also called induced psychosis, folie à deux is a delusional disorder shared by two or more people who are closely related emotionally. One has real psychosis while the symptoms of psychosis are induced in the other or others due to close attachment to the one with psychosis. Separation usually results in symptomatic improvement in the one who is not psychotic.
Folie communiquée, folie imposée, folie induite, and folie simultanée are the four subtypes of folie à deux.
* Multiple personality disorder:  a condition in which a person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.
* Tabula Rasa is also featured in Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis. Freud depicted personality traits as being formed by family dynamics. Freud's theories show that one can downplay genetic and congenital influences on human personality without advocating free will. In psychoanalysis, one is largely determined by one's upbringing.
* In Alice in Wonderland experience/Syndrome subjects perceive objects (including animals and other humans, or parts of humans, animals, or objects) as appearing substantially smaller than in reality.  Generally, the object appears far away or extremely close at the same time. Alternate term for this is somaesthetic aura.

 Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.


  1. Great recap as always! You help me to think a lot, Karen. I have a question: How Widmore KNEW about Jin as employer on ID at 70´s? Maybe a have missed something...

  2. Karen,

    So, as of Season 6, if our "Losties" are in a dream state or underwater or in a video game or some combination of these - who is watching or controlling it? I'm sure this has changed many times as more is revealed (The Others,the DI, the military,etc.) but after the introduction of Jacob and the MIB how has your overall theory changed (if at all)?

  3. Wow Karen, I'm always impressed with all the time and thought you put into these reports. Great job and Thank You. I'm just too tired to think a lot about these shows right now. After I see how the show ends, if I still like it, I'm sure I'll watch this season on bluray and really enjoy it. Not so much now though.

  4. Karen:

    Excellent Notebook as always. Here's some more thoughts:

    1. Jack: Seems as if it was "100 years ago" at Sun's garden? I was sure you'd offer a "WTF" or "Really?!!?".

    2. Did you notice Sun's pillow in the hotel? It's screaming bright red -- a tree limb! Just after she hits her head on the "island" and wakes up there in LA. This is clearly to show us the blending of the two lines.

    3. What is the secret Sun is about to tell Jin before Keamy shows up?

    4. Kate's brain took a stroll? Again, "Really?!!?".

    5. Richards says, "Pack your bags, we leave tonight..." Huh. "Two Tickets to Paradise" by Eddie Money. Oh, yeah, paradise.

    Anyway, pack your bags???? WTF? They aren't leaving, are they?

  5. Thanks for stopping by, my dear Losties!
    lostieforever- I don't think you missed anything. Widmore and his knowledge of all things "island" seems to be over the top. Even though we're being led to believe things may have changed since the "incident of jughead" and we do see different versions of things, Widmore seems to still have top level intel on everyone and everything, including changes! It's crazy!

    Wray- I think it may be a combination of a few of those elements. After all we have many layers to the story so it makes sense to me that the way the adventure is happening may be layered as well.
    My overall thoughts to the things I've pointed out over the years hasn't really changed, even with the introduction of some new characters or elements. It may be strange but the same clue words show up over and over in every episode even with the introduction of something new.
    There has to be someone at the controls for sure. Could it be a couple of the "island residents" who are actually in the game? At this point I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Waaaaalt playing too. lol

    JimC- Jack says "feels like a hundred years" in another episode. The one where Faraday parachutes on to the island and he and Kate are in the jungle at the plane.
    The same dialogue is repeated constantly.
    I saved my kinda "WTF? moment" to call fuckin shenanigans on the whole Keamy dialogue bit about the island. lol!!!

    Damn, it's like these people get to leave and come back through a revolving door. But you need to check out how this episode connects to The Whole Truth.

    Loved all your comments,guys!! Thank you!


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