September 8, 2009

The Whole Truth.

Let's talk about LOST! The Whole Truth.
Sun is looking into a mirror.
Jin and Sun are about to have a romantic night. He thinks she looks great.
Jin asks Sun if she took her temperature; taking her right out of the romantic mood. They've been trying to conceive for a year. Sun looks uncomfortable and annoyed. Jin suggests they see a fertility doctor.
Sun-"Why do you care so much about a baby you wouldn't even see?"
They argue about his work.
Sun feels a man coming home from work with blood on his hands is not work. Jin shares that he comes home with blood on his hands because of her father; because of what he makes him do.
Sun is crying.
Jin apologizes, "I didn't mean to... I'm really sorry.  Maybe if we had a baby your father might change his mind. Maybe if we gave him a grandchild he might give me a safer job.  A baby will change everything. A baby will make it better."
{What exactly is Jin referring to here? Mr. Paik change his mind about what? In Everybody Hates Hugo, Jin says "Everything's going to change" in Hurley's dream/vision. Note Sun not wearing wedding ring but Jin is. Fu dog.}

Sun is in her garden working and gets nervous when she hears something; scaring her.   Jin comes running over and is pissed off that she's out there alone.
Jin-"Do you know how long I've been looking for you?"
Sun explains she's working in her garden. Jin is very upset and doesn't want her out there because of the attack by The Others and he wants her safe.
Jin-"Are you trying to get taken again?"
He literally tries to pull her to go back to the beach. Sun feels he doesn't need to protect her but she just wants to work in her garden.
So Jin rips apart her garden in anger,"Now you have no reason to be out here! Shall we go back now?"
Sun walks away hurt.

At the beach bitch Ana Lucia is running very fast with NO shoes on.   Locke is sitting by her tent eating a banana.
Locke- "You were running like the devils chasing ya."
Ana- "Maybe he is."   {Ana's running like that for a reason, this chick wasn't out for an afternoon jog. Why run like that with NO shoes?!}
Locke-"Good for you, keeping in shape."
Ana's mentions she's been there over a week and Locke's never said two words to her.
Locke- "We've got a man locked up down in the hatch. There's a possibility he's one of them...the Others."
Ana-"Who's we?"
Locke-"Me and Jack. He's keeping watch right now."
Ana-"How long's he been down there?"
Locke-"Three days. I'd like you to talk with him. You have experience with the Others. You were a cop. Seems to me you're the most qualified to figure out if this man's telling the truth." {Yes! Lots of experience with the others!}
Ana-"Does Jack know you're coming to me with this?"
Locke-"We've got a serious problem, Ana Lucia...all of us. I'm taking the necessary steps to solve it. I don't need Jack's permission to talk with you because right now there's a man sitting in a room in my hatch and I want him out."

At the beach Rose and Bernard are walking by and arguing.
Rose-"I don't have to give you anything.  It's the thought that counts. You just didn't think."
Bernard-"I think all the time. You know, maybe you should think about giving me a little bit of a break here."
Rose tells Bernard to hush.
Sun is a few feet away and appears ill;  She says she is lightheaded.
Rose gives Sun water from Bernard's pack.
Rose-"Don't pay him any mind, honey. He's just mad at the world because he forgot my birthday."
Bernard-"I didn't forget. I don't even know what day of the week it is, Rose."
Rose-"It's Saturday, Bernard. {to Sun} Honey, can you walk?"
Sun-" Really, I'm alright."
Bernard-"Maybe we should go get Jin?"
Sun-" No! I think I was just out in the sun too long."
Rose-"Well, you spent a lot of time around the baby maybe you caught something.  At least talk to Jack."
Sun-"Really, I'm okay. Thank you. Both of you."
Looking a little unfocused, Sun walks on.
{Flash Whoosh}
Sun sneaks into a hotel room to meet Jae. {Sign-Do Not Disturb. Uses a key card. Sun wears black and white.}
He is the General Manager of the hotels his father owns; he has flexible hours. They speak in Korean.
Jae-"Does he know you're here?"
Jae thought she was going to tell him but she couldn't.  Jae offers her a drink and Sun would like some iced tea.
Jae-"In English." {Gives it to her in a wine glass} He's been giving Sun lessons. Jin is not aware Sun has been taking these lessons. Jae can see something is bothering her and asks what it is.
Sun doesn't want to talk about it.
Jae {In Korean}-"Well, if you change your mind, not that I'm the one to come to for relationship advice but I think Jin would proud that you can speak English."
Sun-"And what do I tell him when he asks how I learned, or who I learned from."
Jae-"If you're uncomfortable with our arrangement, we can stop."
Sun-"Is that what you want?"
Jae-"No. It's good practice for me, too."
{So, he teaches her English, what does she do for him? NOTE THE FU DOG}
{Flash Whoosh}
At the hatch Jack is coming out of the shower. {WooooHooooo! Uh, Sorry bout that! LOL} There's Locke shaving in front of the mirror.  Jack is annoyed that Locke couldn't wait until he was done.  Locke likes the way the steam opens his pores. Locke thinks it's a good time to talk about their Henry problem.
Locke-"We've had him locked up for three days now, and I can't help but get the sense that he's just not motivated to cooperate with us."
Jack-"And how are we going to motivate him?"
Locke-"I don't think there's anything we can do. I think we need to bring in some new blood."
Jack-"Obviously, you have someone in mind."
Locke-"What do you think about Ana Lucia?"
Jack scoffs-"Why her?"
Locke-"She's the one you went to start an army to fight these people, why not her? Unless you're worried about what she'll do to him?"
Jack-"I'll talk to her."
Locke-"I already did. She's in there with him now."
{We get a lovely shot of the armory door with the combination lock. A clue that the combination will change again.}
Ana is with Henry.
Henry asks Ana if she was on the plane too.
Ana shares that she was in the tail section; says they crashed on the 'other side of the Island'.  {They share a pleasant moment, but from now on pay extra attention to Ana's words and body language}
Ana-"So, You gonna tell me your story Henry?"
Henry-"Why bother, I've already told it to everyone, Jack, Locke, the big black guy that cut off his beard in front of me. Oh, yeah, and my buddy, Sayid. You can see how much he liked my story.
Ana-"So how about you try me."
Henry-"I don't mean to be ungrateful, but why are you going to help me get out of here?"
Ana-"On the other side of the Island there was this guy with us. I was 100 percent convinced that he wasn't on the plane. So I dug a whole and I threw him in it."
Henry-"And what happened?"
Ana-"I was wrong And now he's dead. But good news for you Henry. I don't make the same mistake twice. So how about you tell me your story?"

At the beach Sawyer is reading "Are you there God, it's me Margaret". {Reading glasses} Sun walks over and asks him how his book is. Sawyer feels it's predictable; not nearly enough sex! {HA! I love Sawyer!}
Sun heard that he has all the medical supplies. Sawyer confirms that she heard correct. Sun asks to look through them and Sawyer says no. "But if you'll tell me what you're looking for..."
Frustrated Sun tells him to forget it and starts to walk away.
Sawyer-"Okay, hold on. Now I'm intrigued. Tell you what, tell me what you're looking for and it's yours, gratis."
Sun-"Can't I just look myself?"
Sawyer-"It's not a drug store, sweetheart."
Sun-"I need a pregnancy test." {Again, all their needs are met! A pregnancy test on a fucking island! HA!}
The pregnancy test is from Widmore Labs.
In the hatch Locke is listening to music.{'You're pushing too hard on me'.}  The lava lamp is on, and Locke has a Geronimo Jackson album in his hands. {The room is lit low, yet the picture on the wall is brightly lit.}
Jack is trying to hear Ana and Henry behind the door, but can't hear anything. She's only been in there about 30 minutes.
Jack remarks that Henry "could have snapped her neck".
Locke asks "How do you know she hasn't snapped his?"

Inside the armory Ana questions Henry.
Ana-"So let me get this straight... you and your wife travel around the world and crash here in a smiley-face balloon?  Then she dies.  You get captured by a French chick who brings you here, and then they lock you up."
Henry-"It sounds kind of silly when you say it like that."
Ana-"Why don't you have a beard?"  {Does she know the Others wear costumes?}
Henry-"Because I shaved... because I needed something normal."
Ana-"Okay... so why don't you draw me a map to your balloon?  We'll go out there, we'll find it, and everybody will believe you."
Henry-"That's what they all keep asking me to do draw a map.  And if I mess up they'll crucify me."
Ana-"You flew around the world in a balloon and you don't think you can draw up a good map?"
Henry-"Air's a different animal. It's about wind currents and..."
Ana-"Do you or do you not know where it is?
Henry-"Yeah, I know where it is. I went back there to bury my wife."
Ana-"Why'd you do that?"
Henry-"Because our balloon was the closest thing we had to home.   You people have been looking for someone to punish for everything that's happened to you, someone to blame, and now you've got him. It doesn't matter what I do, I'm dead already."
Ana-"You draw up that map, Henry. I'll find your balloon. But if you don't, things are going to play out just like you said."
Sun walks into the jungle to find a spot to take her pregnancy test.
Hurley shows up eating an Apollo bar. They both look like two kids who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
Hurley-"Hey, Sun. Look what I found in the middle of the jungle. It's not even melted or nothing. Crazy, huh? You want to split it?"   {It's not even melted or nothing, crazy huh?!}
Sun declines and Hurley continues on his walk.
{Note pregnancy test results in 2 minutes}
{Flash Whoosh}
Jin and Sun at the fertility doctor's office. {I love Sun's shoes here! Beautiful!}
Sun is obviously nervous. Dr Kim inquires about Sun's father and makes a point to be sure to give his regards to him.
Very anxious Jin wants the results now.
Dr. Kim-"I'm afraid the news is not good. The ultrasound showed advanced endometriosis, scar tissue... blocking the fallopian tubes. I'm afraid that... even with surgery the chances of conceiving are... impossible."
Jin-"Can't you fix this? There must be something you can do."
Dr. Kim-" I'm afraid not, sir. I'm sorry."
Pissed of Jin asks Sun, "Did you know about this before we got married?"
Sun is stunned, "What?"
Jin-"You must have had some idea."
Sun-" Why would I keep something like this from you? Oh, yes. I was trying to trap the son of a fisherman."
Angry Jin pushes the stack of files off the desk and walks out.
{Flash Whoosh}
At the hatch Ana bangs on the armory door three times; the signal that she's "coming out".     Jack uses the combination to unlock the door. Locke is working on something with a screwdriver. {Tools} Ana and Jack share a look.

In the computer room Ana says that Henry told her the same story he told them.
Locke asks if she believes him.   She says she doesn't know yet as she needs more time with him.
Locke-"He's all yours."
Ana-"Tomorrow. I want to give him some time to think. {to Jack} If that's okay with you."
Jack-" I didn't tell anyone, Ana."
Ana-"No worries, man."  {Tell what? What does Jack know? Watch Jack watch Ana as she leaves, Check out the look on Locke's face as he's watching Jack!  That's why I read body language!}
Sayid and Charlie are building something.  Charlie makes a comment that it's a bit large for a dining room table, isn't it? {Grid. Bamboo.}
Sayid- "If we cut them in two it will suit the purpose." {Clue to dividing something into two (sides).}
Ana wants to talk to Sayid alone, but he lets her know she "can say it here" {When she says alone, Charlie puts himself in the conversation with them}
Ana says it's about the hatch. Charlie chimes in and says "Oh, you mean about the guy locked in the closet there...{he jumps down off the platform} What about em?"
{He always tries to get right in the middle of a jungle excursion, just like Kate}
Ana shows Sayid a simple map drawn on the back of a page torn out of "The Brothers Karamazov."
He wants to know how she got him to do that.
She said she asked nicely.
Sayid asked if Jack and Locke know about this?
Ana said that "Jack and Locke are a little too busy worrying about Locke and Jack." {Watch Sayid and Charlie SMIRK WHEN SHE SAYS THAT!  Plus…She also verbally 'mirrors' the words Locke and Jack. So Locke asks the bitch for her help but she goes behind his back and gets the map and shares that with Sayid and Charlie! WTF????}
Ana just wants to know if this guys telling the truth.
Sayid- "Why come to me?
Ana-"Judging from what you did to his face  that's what you want too."
Sayid tells her it's at least a day's walk.
Ana-"Then we should get going."
Ana and Charlie share a bit of a mischievous look.  {Sayid and Ana both have their hair up.}
Sayid leads Charlie and Ana through the jungle, by the stream, {where Charlie trips in the shallow water}
Charlie wears his black hoodie out on this trek. Sayid is in charge of the map. Sayid points out the cliff.
Ana-"Score one for Henry." {Like she's happy about it!}
Sayid-"Pointing out a geographical touchstone does not mean he's leading us to a balloon."
Ana-"Maybe not, but at least we're on the right Island." {They sure are!}
Sayid walks on.
Charlie-"Humor's not his strong suit....{Ana has no reaction} And I'm saying this to you."
They continue their trek. Charlie turns around and sees Ana staring.
Charlie-"You looking at my bum?"
Ana-"No,I'm looking at your gun." {I can't stand Ana! OMFG, she just pisses me off!}
Charlie-"My what?"
Ana-" Maybe you should give the gun to somebody who knows how to use it."
Charlie-"Maybe I will. As I recall, the last time you had a gun you murdered someone."
Sayid-"That's enough."
Charlie takes the gun out and acts like he's going to give it to Ana but gives it to Sayid. {Why doesn't Charlie keep the gun? Why give it to anyone? Why does Charlie have this gun? Behaving like children!}
Sayid-"We'll go as far as the base of the cliff and we'll camp there." {Ana is mad at spiteful Charlie.}

At the beach Kate is with Sun as she waits for the results of her two minute test.
Kate wonders where Sawyer got the pregnancy test, "I mean, who flies with a pregnancy test, right?"
Sun asks her if she ever took a pregnancy test. Kate says yeah. Sun thanks Kate for waiting with her and not asking why Jin isn't.
Kate-"You're welcome. It's time."
Two pink lines.
Kate-"You're pregnant!"
Sun looks confused and is concerned about it's accuracy, is it 100 percent sure?"
Kate-" There's only one way to find out."

Jack holds the pregnancy test and mentions, "These tests are pretty accurate. You know, a false negative in the first week maybe, but positive is a positive."
Sun-" But it's impossible."
Jack-"Oh no, it's possible. You feeling queasy, lightheaded?"
Sun-" Please, Jack. This is private, nobody can know."
Kate-"You're not going to tell Jin?"
Sun-" In time I will, it's's complicated."
Jack-"As complicated as Jin being the last one on the Island to find out you spoke English? Sun, my advice ... and it's just that because I'm the last person to ask about this, but, you should tell him. And when you do you should tell him everything , the whole truth. I'm going to get back to the hatch. Congratulations, Sun."{Just like Jin supposedly was the last to know she spoke English}
Kate asks Jack, "You've been down there a lot, Jack. Is everything okay?"
Jack tells her everything is fine.
Sun seems as if her mind has drifted to somewhere far away and she's just staring. Kate asks her if she's okay but she doesn't answer back; she just stares.
Kate-"You okay? Sun."
Jae-"Sun." {Flash Whoosh}
Sun is staring out the window. {Reflection gives us two}
Jae says she was distracted for their entire lesson so she's not fine.  Sun confesses that she and Jin went to the doctor and reveals she can't have children; and she was glad with the news.
In Korean Jae asks why they are there; she's been fluent in English for a month. {They speak in Korean}
Jae-"Why are you learning English?"
Sun-"Because...{she thinks about it for a second} I'm moving to America."
Jae-"Jin. You're going to leave him. I ran away to America for a woman because I thought I was in love.  But you can't run away from your life."
Sun-"And Jin? Is he my life? I should stay because..."
Jae in English-"I'm not saying you should stay for Jin."
{Note the Fu Dog right in front.}
{Flash Whoosh}
At the cliff Sayid is sitting, staring at a campfire. Charlie is sleeping.
Ana-"Do you mind?"
Sayid feels that she should sleep while she can.
Ana pokes a stick around in the fire, "Yeah, I can't sleep. People don't like me.  I tried to get them to most of my life. I guess I just gave up a while back. I mean, I am what I am. But've got a good reason to hate me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did."
Sayid-"You were trying to protect your people.  It wasn't you that killed Shannon; it was them. And once we find out he is one of them then something will have to be done."

It's morning and Ana is sleeping as Sayid sits staring/watching at her.
Ana says it's going to rain. Sayid feels they should get moving.
Charlie has brought breakfast; papaya's and papaya's! {Charlie Rocks!}
They trek in the rain. Sayid determines this is it;They are there.   They look around but don't see the balloon.
Charlie asks Sayid, "This balloon would be rather large, right?"
Sayid is not surprised (by no balloon). {Charlie is looking up} Ana suggests they look some more.
Ana-"If I'm going to back your play on this, Sayid, we need to be sure."
Sayid-"I'll divide the area into three grids, so search as thoroughly as you please."
{What? Sayid has a plan! Ana is in on it?}

At the beach Bernard is trying to catch an oyster not fish with a net. He wants a pearl for Rose. Jin is out there with his own net. The men use hand gestures to communicate with each other.
Bernard shows Jin he's looking for oysters.
Jin-"Ah...No oyster. No oyster here." {In English of course!}

Happy shirtless Sawyer comes down and calls Jin "Daddy O". "Way to go, Papa-san. You didn't waste much time. I'd give you a cigar, Bernie, but I'm fresh out."
Bernard-"Sun's pregnant?!"
Sawyer-"Keep it down there, Suzie; I don't think Jin Sr. here knows yet." {Does Sawyer know it will be a boy?}
Bernard and Sawyer talk about Sun being pregnant right in front of Jin but Jin is confused and can't understand them because...
********Jin hears everything backwards******
Here is the dialog between Sawyer and Bernard {Thanks to my son Kevin for helping me with this!}
Bernard- "Well how do you know?"
Sawyer- "Well, I got my sources."
Bernard- "Why aren't you gonna tell him-that?"
Sawyer- "Well it's not my place"
Bernard- "You should tell him..."
Sawyer- "Hell no, let Sunshine tell him."

Jin returns to Sun's garden and tries to replant the plants back where they belong. {Locke replants Sun's plant after she rips up her garden in anger in '...And Found'}
Sun shows up. Jin says he's fixing a mistake.
Emotional Jin says he needs her, "I hate being this way. Fighting. And I can't... I can't talk to anyone. I can't understand them. I need you, Sun."
Sun tries to say something
Jin-"It's okay. I'm sorry. It was wrong of me to..."
Sun tells Jin she's pregnant and he is very happy.
Sun-"Jin, listen to me. There's something... there's something I need to tell you."
{Flash Whoosh}
Sun is walking her big dog. Dr. Kim pulls up next to her and wants her to get in the car; they need to speak.   Sun starts to walk away but the troubled doctor gets out of the car and tells her in Korean,"Wait! Please! I've done something terrible. It's not you that can't have children...It's your husband."
Sun is shocked and wonders why the doc would lie.
Dr. Kim-"I couldn't. I'm so sorry. Your husband... he works for your father.   If I told a man like him he couldn't... he would burn my practice to the ground!"
The freaked out doctor is telling her this now because she deserves to know the truth.{Why would a fertility Dr. be afraid of Sun's father?}
{Flash Whoosh}
At the garden stunned Jin asks Sun, "Why didn't you tell me?... If I'm...If I can't... how can there be a baby?"
Sun-"I swear to you, Jin, I have never been with another man. That is the truth."
Jin decides it a miracle.   {We see Sun's facial expression change, why? Many have said she isn't telling the truth about an assumed affair. But maybe, she just knows the whole truth about something else/everything else!}

Sun and Jin work together in the garden and talk about the baby. {There are rows of crop/plants} Jin says if it's a boy he'd like to use a character from his fathers name.
Sun-"And perhaps one from my mother's."
Happy Jin asks if they can tell people. Sun names the bunch that already know. Jin realizes what Sawyer meant by Daddy o. They'd be lucky if there's anyone left to tell.
Jin-"Are you ready for lunch? Shall we go back?" {Hmm?}
Sun-" I'd like to stay for another 20 minutes or myself. If that's alright with you."
Jin is fine with that and will meet her back at the beach.
Sun-"I love you." {She seems a bit surprised she said it}
Jin kisses her and says, "I love you" in English. Sun seems happy.

In the armory Henry sits reading a book as you hear Jack open the combination lock of the door. {ticks/clicks of the lock}
Jack enters asks him "How is it?"
Henry reads out loud-"Men reject their prophets and slay them, but they love their martyrs and honor those who they have slain."
Henry- "So what's the difference between a martyr and a prophet?"
Jack- "Either way it sounds like you end up dead."
Henry laughs- "That's the spirit!" {Who are they really talking about here? Hmmm?!}
Jack asks him if he's ready for some breakfast.   Jack lets him out of the armory to eat.
Locke is pouring himself a bowl of Dharma cereal and seems surprised to see that Jack let Henry out. Henry sees into the computer room and asks what the computer is for.
Henry asks where they got cereal; he's impressed and excited.
Locke says it's been down here all along; the pantry's full of food.
Henry-"How old is it?" Nobody answers.
Henry-"You guys don't know much, huh? I mean, I'd be asking all kinds of questions about all this stuff down here. You guys don't even seem that curious."
Jack-"Do you want the cereal or don't you?"
Henry-"This must be my reward for good behavior, huh? I guess I earned myself some good will for finally drawing that map for Ana?"
Locke-"What map?"
Henry says to his balloon. The guys are shocked.
Jack asks Locke "Did you..."
Henry- "Wow, you guys have some real trust issues, don't you? Guess it makes sense she didn't tell you. I mean, with the two of you fighting all the time. Of course, if I was one of them,these people that you seem to think are your enemies...what would I do? Well, there'd be no balloon... so I'd draw a map to a real secluded place like a cave or some underbrush...good place for a trap, an ambush. And when your friends got there a bunch of my people would be waiting for them.  Then they'd use them to trade for me. I guess it's a good thing I'm not one of them, huh? You guys got any milk?"
{So much for John Locke living off the land when there's dry cereal involved! LOL}

The Whole Truth is a GREAT EPISODE!!!!
There are people right there on the Island who know the whole truth.   They may not like it or want it anymore, but they know.    Some don't recall everything, but they too know they have a purpose there.
Sun is aware of her father's power but what exactly is her father involved in, really?  What is going on with Jin and his involvement with Sun's family?   Why would Jin look for a reason (here's it's a baby) for Mr. Paik to change his mind about something that must be huge?   Does Mr. Paik have something else in mind for Jin and Sun, something other than Jin's role of messenger to his clients?
Sun's wealthy family involved in the island...yes.
Sun and Jin seem to be important to the whole truth.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
✦ Was Jin and/or Sun a 'bit part character' of a bigger plan? Or major 'characters in this play? Is Sun going to have a boy?
✦ Is it safe to note Sun+ Jin + Mr. Paik + Power + Fertility + Dr.+ Tests= Island? Maybe that's part of it. I'll keep it in mind for later.
✦ Changing the combination on the armory lock is NOT just about changing numbers on the lock itself.
✦ Story. Book. Written.
✦ Languages. Communication.
✦ Game. Quest. Trap. Ambush. Score. Trade.
✦ Character. Map. Tools.
✦ Backwards dialog. Why? A glitch.
✦ Black. White. Red.
✦ Guard. Protect.
✦ Lessons. Learn. Teach.
✦ Temperature.
✦ Brothers.
✦ Birthday.
✦ Dr Kim.  In the episode ...And Found, Jin was interviewed by Mr. Kim at the hotel.
✦ Does Ana know this prisoner in the hatch (or know of him)?    Is Ana reviewing or confirming Henry's story?   Is Ana and the prisoner just getting his story straight because she knows she is supposed to help him.   Does she want the Lostie's to believe Henry?   She doesn't sound like she's trying to prove him wrong, she wants his story to be believed, yet Ana tells Sayid she will help Sayid with his plan. I think one of these people trying to prove Henry to be telling the truth and the other one is trying to prove him a liar?
✦ Henry says to Ana that they are trying to find someone to blame for everything that's happened to them, and he's telling the truth. They are!  But is it Henry they should be mad at? There are people involved that have brought them all into this island situation. Is Henry the martyr in this story or the prophet? Or is that role reserved for one of our other Lostie's?
✦ Did Hurley get the Apollo bar from his stash?   It  wasn't even fucking melted! The island must be temperature controlled.
✦ Jin uses the word 'character' when talking about his father's name.  We need to see if/how that word fits this story in another way. Again, because I have no life and I'm friggin crazy like that! lol!
✦ Prisoner. Punish. Good behavior. 
✦ "Island" events blur together with "Flashes".
✦ Mirrors are all over this episode. Even Ana Lucia verbally 'mirrors' the words Locke and Jack.
Sawyer is able ask what they are looking for and give it to them!!!!

Vocabulary and Research...
Character- (Greek "engraved or stamped mark (on coins or seals), branding mark, symbol")
   -A Chinese character (Simplified Chinese: Traditional Chinese: Pinyin: is a logogram used in writing Chinese, Japanese, sometimes Korean, and formerly Vietnamese.
   -In science: Character structure, in psychology, a constellation of enduring motivational and other traits that are manifested in the ways that an individual reacts to various challenges. Character (mathematics) OR Trait (biology), an inherited feature.
♦  A Role...a person as portrayed by an actor. Fictional character, and such archetypes as the protagonist, villain and trickster.
 - A character actor is an actor who predominantly plays a particular type of role rather than leading ones. -Character actor roles can range from bit parts to secondary leads.
  -Computing- a sign or symbol
  -Moral character-an evaluation of a particular individual's moral qualities
  -Game character-" a fictional character in a video game or role playing game
 - Player character-as above but who is controlled or whose actions are directly chosen by a player.     -Non player character,as above but not player-controlled.
 -Sacramental character- a Catholic teaching.
Balloon: A fairy chess piece or unorthodox chess piece is a chess piece not used in conventional chess, but used in certain chess variants and some chess problems.. These pieces vary in movement abilities and possible additional properties.
 - Observation balloons are balloons that are employed as aerial platforms for intelligence gathering and artillery spotting. Historically they were filled with hydrogen.
♦ Profit, Prophet

♦ Many countries and cultures use some form of the name John. Here are a few examples of that: Johnny, Jonathan, Juan, Shane, Sean, Jack, Ian, Jonathan, Nathan, Henry, Johannes,Giovanni, Johann, Gjon, Gjin.
Feminine versions: Joan, Joana, and Jan.

Ana, Sayid and Charlie know the "Island".  They can find their way around just fine even with a primitive map with no details.  Did Ana take an oath so to speak, to protect/defend "her people" and the "Island"?   Who else may have made a similar promise?

Here's a little Pearl of Wisdom from me, do your homework. If you'd like read up on pearls and oysters, touchstone.   Also keep in mind when a word can mean something else like Character or Profit, Prophet...

Even though we've seen reflections of our characters in mirrors or windows, etc., it has become much more of an obvious clue.  We know that a reflection makes us see two images of the same person.  Could there be two of some of our "Island" residents walking around or...two sides to a person.  Do they need to truly see themselves?
I still feel that there must be people watching all of them on the "Island".   Watching them play out this adventure/experiment/journey, complete tests and lessons.   Are these tests being run for 100% accuracy?

Experiment, study, project, tests, challenges, game, whatever.....Whomever is orchestrating all of this they are watching ALL of the "Island" residents. Always watching!

The whole truth...Who knows it?
Could it be Sun, Jin, Henry and……....? Yep! It sure could be!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace Sept 7, 2007

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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  1. Love it, love it. I'm so glad we got you to help us enjoy the show even more so. Go Karen. Loved the most recent ODI podcast with Jo.


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