September 8, 2009

Hearts and Minds

Let's talk about LOST! Hearts and Minds.

A beautiful open eye.
Boone is watching is Shannon read on the beach from afar. He seems annoyed as Sayid walks over to Shannon with a present/gift for her; for helping him the translations. His gift is a pair of fancy shoes he found in the wreckage.  Wow! They’re even Shannon's size, “Well half a size off but she swears this place is actually making her feet swell.
Sayid-“Another mysterious force on the island revealed.”
Boone doesn’t take his eyes off of them.

Hurley breaks Boone’s focus on the couple. He wonders why Boone and Locke go hunting for boar everyday but never come back with any. “We haven’t had fresh pork on a plate in about a week, dude.”
Boone-“It’s not like they’re domesticated animals.
Hurley also wonders if they’re not trying hard enough.
Boone-“We’re hunting, alright?”
Hurley hopes so because people need food, “Solid food. This isn’t a game, man.” {Well I think it is!}
{Flash Whoosh}

A cell phone rings.
Boone is at the tennis court with his arm around a girl who looks like Shannon. {He’s wearing an Italy shirt.} They’re talking about a lucky shot that was made.

Boone-“I wish it was luck.”
He realizes his phone is ringing and answers it; It’s Shannon. She is calling him because things aren’t so good. Boone hears her yelling and crying at a guy to stay the hell away from her.
Boone-“Just tell me where you are and I’ll come get you.”
Shannon-“Sydney…Sydney, Australia.
We see that Boone lives a very nice life!
{Flash Whoosh}
Boone approaches Sayid on the beach ordering him to stay away from his sister. Although he claims it’s really just a friendly suggestion.
Boone-“If I were you I’d listen.”
Sayid smirks and asks, “What if I don’t?”
Locke calls out to Boone from behind him. This breaks Boone’s focus on his chat with Sayid. Locke informs Boone he found some fresh tracks down by the stream. Boone will see Sayid later.
Sayid-“You know where to find me.” and watches the two head off.

Hurley breaks a leaf off a plant and chats with Jack about his current important issue. First he confirms that they have Doctor patient confidentiality. {Jack has key around his neck.}
Hurley confides he hasn’t been feeling so great; his stomach has major digestive issues. He’s been eating all fruit. Hurley even ate fruit someone said was good for digestion, “Let me tell you they lied.”
Jack feels it would help if he had more protein in his diet.
Hurley continues to collect leafs. According to Hurley if there’s no boar there’s no protein. Jack suggests fish as Jin’s been catching a lot of them.
Hurley feels Jin has it in for him and he’s not kidding, “He offered me something to eat like, right after we you know... got hereum, what’s the the thing with the spikes?” {Jack says Sea Urchin}...Yeah. And when I turned him down it’s like I soiled his family honor or something. He hasn’t looked me in the eye since. The guy holds a serious grudge.”
The leaves Hurley picked aren’t for eating; he excuses himself. This amuses Jack.

Jack comes upon Kate who is in the jungle picking fruit. He doesn’t make his presence known, he just quietly watches her. Kate can see him there.
Jack-“I wasn’t hiding. Just didn’t want to disrupt you from doing whatever it is you’re doing.”
Kate-“It’s not like it’s a secret.”
Jack-“Hard to tell with you sometimes.”
He notes the gross little grayish yellow things. They’re really passion fruit seeds. Kate will show him what they’re for.
As the walk Jack says, “Please tell me you found a coffee bar.”
Not quite.
Kate leads him to where Sun is working on a garden. This is all Sun’s idea. Kate just wandered into it when she was put picking fruit.
Jack tells Sun it’s beautiful and great.
Kate shares with Jack Sun planted some herbs and low growing stuff here and she started a grove over there.
Jack finds that smart, “With the boar running out we’re gonna need as much food as we can possibly get.”
Sun is listening to him.
Kate suggests that maybe it’s not running out. “Maybe Locke’s just decided not to catch it for us anymore.”   She feels it’s because there’s a lot of mouths to feed. “If the boars thinning out then why should he feed everyone else at his own expense.”

At the hatch Boone mentions the glass isn’t breaking and the door is sealed shut. “I think its cement.”
Boone’s wonders what the stuff is in the bowl that Locke’s mixing up.
Locke-“It’s for later.”
Boone doesn’t want to be too difficult but he brings up they’ve been coming for two days just starring at this thing, “I’m not really sure what we’re supposed to be doing.”
Locke-“Lodovico Buonarroti. Michelangelo's father. He was a wealthy man. Had no understanding of the divinity in his son, so he beat him. No child of his was going to use his hands for a living. So, Michelangelo learned not to use his hands. Years later a visiting prince came into Michelangelo's studio and found the master staring at a single 18 foot block of marble. Then he knew that the rumors were true, that Michelangelo had come in everyday for the last four months...stared at the marble, and gone home for his supper. So the prince asked the obvious, what are you doing? And Michelangelo turned around and looked at him, and whispered, ‘Sto lavorando’-‘I'm working’. Three years later that block of marble was the statue of David."
Boone-“We’re not gonna stare at this thing for four months are we?”
How are they going to open it?
That is what they have to figure out; that’s why they’re sitting there.
Locke-“I mean, how do you open a hatch that has no handle, no latch…no discernible way of opening it.”
{Flash Whoosh}
There are three knocks on a door:
Boone is looking in the screen door of the house.

 He tells the guy inside he’s looking for Shannon: he’s her brother. The guy lets Boone in. {Note the light switch has one light and one dark.} Shannon walks into the room and asks Boone what he’s doing there. Boone just spent 15 hours on a plane. Shannon tells him this isn’t really the best time because she and Bryan were on their way out to meet friends.
She discretely reveals a big bruise on the right side of her head.
Shannon-“Why don’t you give me a call tomorrow.”
Okay, he will.
{Flash Whoosh}
Hurley runs after Jin who is on his way to fish. {He has a net.}

Hurley-“Jin! Yo, Jin! Alto! I know you don’t like me cause of the sea urchin thing, but that’s okay cause I’m not asking for any favors. Just let me know where you get the fish.”
He uses the hand gesture to indicate fish. “Just point me in the right direction.
Hurley will take care of his own business with his own tools. {He has a handmade spear.} Jin is amused; he replies to him in Korean.
Hurley-“You just said something mean, didn’t ya?”
Jin strolls away.

In the jungle Boone informs Locke that they’re gonna have to tell them what they found. “You know they’re not gonna keep believing that we’re coming out here hunting , we never go back...”
Lock cuts him off, “They’re not ready. They won’t understand it.’
Boone-“I don’t think I understand it.”
Locke-“That’s the problem.”
Boone feels he has to at least tell Shannon. Locke asks him why he has to tell Shannon; why does he care so much about her?
Boone gets a bit defensive and replies-“You don’t know her, man. She’s smart and she’s special in a lot of ways.”
Locke feels that’s fair enough. They walk on.
Boone can’t keep lying to her about this.
Locke-“You mean you can’t keep lying to her, or you can’t stand the way she makes you feel because you’re lying to her.”
Boone-“Both. Whatever. Look, she can keep a secret.”
Locke asks if he’s sure.
Boone is sure, except Locke is talking about something else.
Locke-“No. I mean are you sure you wanna do this?”
Boone feels he has to get her off his back. {Like a monkey?} “She keeps asking me about this, she keeps asking me about youabout the whole thing.”

Locke-“You sure you’ve thought through the ramifications?”
Yes, Boone has.
Locke-“So be it.”
Locke knocks Boone unconscious with the butt of his knife.

Boone is regaining consciousness. Locke has tied him up with rope in a kneeling position with his right arm tied in front of his body, his left arm tied behind and around his neck.    Locke is focused on mixing up some sort of gunk; a paste.
Boone-“Locke. What is this?...Can you hear me? Untie me right now!”
Locke, who is smelling his mixture, asks “Or what?"
Boone swears and promises he won’t tell anyone about the hatch thing.   Locke explains he is doing this because it’s time for Boone to let go of some things. “Because it’s what’s best for you. And I promise you’re gonna thank me for this later.”
Boone doesn’t think this is best for him. Locke applies the paste on Boone’s untreated wound, “out’s gonna get infected.”
Locke also says whether Boone stays there is up to him and that the camp is four miles due west.”
Boone-“Which way is west?”
Locke doesn’t point him in the direction; he only throws a knife that lands in the ground right in front of tied up Boone.
Locke-"You'll be able to cut yourself free once you have the proper motivation."
Locke heads in to the jungle leaving Boone all alone.
Boone struggles to reach the knife to cut himself free, but can’t. He calls out for help.
{Flash Whoosh}
“I’m sorry Mr. Carlyle I’m afraid I can’t help you.”
Boone is at the Sydney police station and the investigator would need a little more to go on. Boone doesn’t understand this as he’s reporting a crime. In the distance you can hear Sawyer complaining about sitting in a bar minding his own business…. Sawyer is cuffed and paraded right past Boone, “Hey Crock Hunter! How come nobody wants to hear my side of the story?”
The investigator uses Sawyer as an example, “Now if that were her mate see, then I could help you.”
The investigator asks Boone why her last name is Rutherford and his is Carlyle. Rutherford is her father’s name. Their parents got married when Boone was 10 and she was 8. They are step siblings; no blood relation. Shannon was married but not anymore. {YEP! And remember Shannon is 20 years old}
Boone wonders if the investigator has heard of his mother Sabrina Carlyle; owner of the largest wedding business in the U.S. Boone is the C. O. O. of the wedding clothing subsidiary. The investigator is not impressed and offers him his wife’s $2,000 wedding dress. All Boone wants is for someone to pay this guy a visit but in the absence of any physical evidence or a direct complaint from Shannon they can’t just go barging into people’s apartments. Sadly they’re the police not the dating police.
Boone leaves.

Boone pays Bryan a visit down at the docks. He offers to pay him off with $25,000 to break up with his sister. {U.S. dollars.} "End it right now, today."
Bryan tells him to bugger off. Boone explains that he’ll be the third guy Boone paid to leave her. He instructs Bryan to go to her house when she’s not there, pack his stuff and never have contact with her again.
Bryan-“So you flew all the way over here to bribe me.”
Bryan claims to love her but only $50,000 worth. Boone writes a check. {Red pen}
Which guy fell for all that bullshit hook line and sinker?

Kate asks Sun can she believe they’ve been there for over three weeks.
Kate shares her story about how she was on her way to Bali as she travels a lot. “I was looking forward to exploring the island. Somehow I ended up on a flight to L.A. instead. I guess that falls under the category of be careful what you wish for."
Sun smiles and Kate realizes Sun understood her and can indeed speak English! Sun begs her not to tell anyone.

Hurley and Jin are doing some fishing. Hurley is struggling with catching fish and Jin has no problem at all. Jin catches three fish. Jin says something to Hurley is Korean.
Hurley-“You know what? Its fine, you win, okay. You happy now? Keep your damn fish. I’m outta here!”
Hurley steps on a friggin urchin. Jin helps Hurley out of the water. Hurley is yelling about understanding infection and green amputation. His foot really hurts.
Hurley tells Jin he has to pee on his foot to stop the venom; he saw it on TV. “Just pee on my foot!... I’ll lose my foot if you don’t!”
{This makes me crack up every time I see it!! As a matter of fact I'm cracking up right now as I type this!! HAHAHAHA!!!!}

Alone in the jungle Sayid makes a compass.  Locke quietly comes upon him; Sayid didn’t hear him.
Locke- “Sorry. Sneakier than I give myself credit for."  {Oh really?}
Locke tells Sayid he and Boone were out hunting and Boone suggested Locke take the rest of the afternoon off. Sayid seems surprised Boone is hunting. Locke feels the boy is eager to learn.
Sayid-“Think he’ll catch anything?”
Locke-“Nope...What are you doing out here Sayid?”
Sayid is orienteering. “I’m trying to make something of Rousseau’s maps but...”
Locke-“There’s nothing to make.”
Locke’s impressed with Sayid’s’ compass crafting skills. Locke hasn’t seen one like that since he was a Webelos.
Sayid asks, “What’s a Webelos?”
Locke-“That’s halfway between a Cub scout and a Boy scout.”
A Webelos acquires badges/patches, tie knots and identifies birds. Locke confesses he wasn’t the most popular kid.
Locke gives his compass to Sayid, “Maybe this will help your cause.”
Locke doesn’t need it anymore.

Tied up Boone is unconscious in the jungle. He jolts awake when he hears Shannon scream in the distance for somebody to help her. Shannon yells over to him that she’s tied up too. We hear {wings flutter}. The Monster!! It seems to be making its way through the jungle.
Boone painfully struggles and reaches for the knife Locke left for him and cuts himself free.
Boone runs through the jungle and sees Shannon tied up to a tree. He cuts her free and they run like the devil’s chasing them. They  hide in a Banyan tree.
The monster is right outside the tree. The Monster actually pushes against their hiding place in an effort to make them move.

In the jungle Sayid asks Jack which way he thinks North is. Jack looks around and analyzes the sun sets in the west and points in the direction he believes it is. Sayid feels that is indeed where North should be but shows Jack on Locke’s compass that North is off kilter from where it really should be.
Sayid feels a minor magnetic anomaly would explain a variance of two or three degrees, but not this. Sayid is saying that this compass is obviously defective. He shares that Locke gave it to him this afternoon; he saw him about a mile east of where they, “Walking through the jungle. At least I think its east.”

Boone is literally covering Shannon in protection while they hide in the Banyan tree. All seems quiet outside.
Shannon wants to know what Boone did to piss off that psycho Locke.
Boone-“I didn’t do anything to him.”
Shannon- “What? He just did it because he was bored.”
Boone just wants to go back to camp. They quietly make their way out of the Banyan tree.
{Flash Whoosh}
Three knocks on the door:
Boone arrives at Shannon’s house, “You have any bags? Anything you wanna take?
Boone was supposed to come later. He tells her they are getting out of this country and asks if there’s anything she wants to bring with her. Brain enters the house.
Boone doesn’t “get it” right away then Boone learns he was used, set up for the money by Shannon. Shannon wants what is owed to her because she got screwed over when her daddy died by Boone’s mother. This little bitch has done this before. Bryan beats the shit out of Boone. {With my trusty headphones on you can hear jungle sounds faintly in the background. Call me crazy...or don’t.}
Boone walks out.

Locke sits quietly on the beach looking out to the water. Jack joins him and asks, “Any ships?”
Locke- “Not yet. But I’m…patient.”
It’s been a while since the two talked as Jack is a busy man.
Jack-“So are you.”
Jack drinks from his Oceanic water bottle and wonders where Boone is.
Locke-“Haven’t seen him today.”
Seeming as they’ve been attached at the hip all week, Locke checks his hip, no Boone.
Jack- “How’s the boar hunting going?”
Locke- “Between you and me?”
Jack- “Always.”
Locke is afraid their beginning to migrate outside their valley. They’re smart animals and smart animals adapt quickly when a new predator is introduced into their environment.
Jack-“You mean us.”
Locke nods yes-“The most dangerous predator of all.”

Kate and Sun walk through the jungle. Sun admits Michael knows of her ability to speak English. Kate can keep a secret so she won’t tell. Sun took English lessons in Korea and Jin doesn’t know, “It’s complicated.”
Sun can’t even tell him now because she loves him. “Have you ever lied to a man you’ve loved?”

Hurley asks Jin in English-“You sure you don’t speak English? Cause there’s a rumor that you do. You’re wife's hot.”
Jin looks up at Hurley. {Does Jin understand and speak English too? Or can they all understand Korean? Either way, I see them all understanding Jin at one point or another. So it can't be much of a rumor, it must be true.} 
Jin presents a remedy to Hurley but Hurley thinks it’s payback for him not eating the urchin the other time. “I eat this you give me a fish, right?”
Hurley downs it and pukes.

Jack gives Charlie a pill/aspirin. As Jack helps him move big sticks Jack mentions he’s seen him around the caves lately. Charlie needed a change of scenery. Charlie is going through week two of heroin withdrawal and dealing with Claire being abducted by the freak that tried to kill him.
Jack asks Charlie what he thinks Locke’s story is. Locke is still sitting there quietly and patiently looking out to the water.
Charlie- "The guy’s a freak of nature. Highly disturbed. Chances are he probably killed all his mates at the post office the day his mum forgot to put a cookie in his lunch tin. That was my first impression anyway. And then he saved my life”
Charlie trusts Locke. There is one person on this Island he puts his absolute faith in to save them all it’ll be John Locke. 
Locke still sits staring out to the water.

Michael looks in a little wooden box. Walt comes in playing ball with Vincent and makes him smile. {Vincent has a collar.} Michael has found his own bag. Michael cuts up Hurley’s papaya with Hurley’s pocket knife.
Hurley tells him something to wish on his worst enemy, “Hope they step on a sea urchin.”     Jin comes in and presents Hurley with a cleaned fish.
Jack notes to Kate that Jin and Sun look happy. He also hands her slimy little bluish black thingies; guava seeds.
Jack-“What’s a garden without guava?”

Boone and Shannon are cautiously making their way through the jungle.
Shannon-“Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?”
She wouldn’t have to follow Boone if he wasn’t best friends with the nutcase who brought them out there.
Shannon- “You and Locke weren’t hunting, were you? You were doing something else.”
They’ve been over this before.
Shannon calls him a horrible liar and wonders why Boone’s keeping secrets for this guy.
Boone- "Do you know who this guy is? He's the only one here who has a clue to what's going on." It means he’s smart!
Shannon-“He tied us up, Boone. Why?!”
Boone comes clean about finding something; a piece of metal buried in the jungle. They’ve been excavating it. A hatch buried in the dirt.
Shannon- “Like a door?She asks where it goes.
You can hear the sound of {wings flutter}. Boone feels Locke did this when Boone told him he wanted to share the news about the hatch. Just then the monster explodes out of the ground! They run! They keep looking back at it.
There is some sort of metal sound and Shannon is pulled up and taken away by the monster. Boone can't help her.
He looks for her in the jungle.
{Flash Whoosh}
Three knocks on the door:
Shannon pays Boone a visit at his hotel room. He is applying ice to his bruises. {Lamp is light and dark.} Shannon takes off her shoes before she enters. Bryan has taken the money and is gone.
Boone- “So the player got played. It’s poetic, don’t ya think?”
Shannon knew Boone would bring the money. He claims Shannon was drunk. Shannon knows Boone is in love with her. He says she’s plastered and calls her a self centered little bitch that is now delusional. “You’re sick.”
They end getting physical and kissy.
Boone sits up in complete darkness.
Shannon immediately returns to her bitchy self, telling Boone when they get back to L.A. he should just tell his mom that he rescued her again, just like he always does “and then we’ll just go back.” Back to what it was.
Boone- “Like it’s all up to you.”
Shannon just tells him to get dressed.
{Flash Whoosh}
Boone follows a trail of blood that leads to Shannon’s torn up bloody body that it lying on the rocks of the stream. He holds her lifeless body and cries.

When Boone arrives back at camp to find Locke just sitting there quietly staring, waiting. Boone attacks him with a knife claiming Locke killed her.
Locke- “You made it back.”
Boone is very emotional, he said that thing killed his sister and its Locke’s fault; she died in his arms. He doesn’t want Locke to play dumb with him.
Locke- “You’re sister? Calm down.”
He wants to know why there's no blood on him.
Boone- “What the hell just happened to me out there?”
Locke says he doesn’t know. “But your sister, Shannon…”
Just then they hear Shannon’s voice. Boone sees her with Sayid all safe and sound. Boone swears she was dead.
Locke appears pleased- "Is that what it made you see?"
Boone- “What made me see?”
That stuff you put on my head, you drugged me.”
Locke-”I gave you an experience that I believe was vital to your survival on this island.
Boone- “It wasn't real?”
Locke- It was only as real as you made it.”
Upset Boone insists he saw Shannon die.
Locke- “How did you feel...When she died?”
Boone- “I felt… I felt relieved…I felt relieved.”
Locke is indeed pleased- “Yes. Time to let go.“
Locke gets his backpack and tells Boone, “Follow me".
Boone follows Locke.

Hearts and Minds is a GREAT episode!
We see the pain of the heart fighting with logic. Learning to let go of emotional pain, hurt and attachments seems to be one of the goals of this adventure.
I think there are a few Lostie's who know somewhere "deep down inside" that they are supposed to be there.  I think they have forgotten the “Island” is “home” or “home” is the “Island”.    I know sounds a bit out there, but that has to do with my thoughts about what's going on. Of course that will evolve as the episodes evolve.

Things to Note...Questions to ask... 
  Eye color.
♥  Swollen Feet. Rose’s hubby gets swollen fingers.
♥  Italy. Alto. Michelangelo
♥  Jealousy. Grudge. Anger. Hurt. Lonely. Addiction withdrawal.
♥  Cycle. Pattern. Habit.
♥  Psycho. Highly disturbed. Nutcase. Head. Head injury. Sick. Patient.
♥  Boone gets there to find what appears to be Shannon involved in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Bryan. It is revealed to be part of a con.
♥  Mind altering substance. Delusion. Hallucination.
♥  Boone calls Shannon’s Bryan issue poetic and Sawyer uses the same sentiment with Kate in Tabula Rasa.
♥  Game. The Lostie's involved in some sort of adventure journey hunting game with players and do-overs, missions/quests, two sides and teams.
♥  Of the earth. Sun’s garden and grove. The fruit and its seeds. Locke’s paste.
♥  Jin must know English.
♥  The monster makes a plethora of sounds. Mechanical, growls, clicking, hissing, breathing. We've heard giant footsteps, trees getting pushed down and wings flutter. Are they all one in the same? Does the 'monster' change its form? Is there more than 1 monster? If it knocks down trees how come we never see a path of knocked down trees?
♥  The sound of what I’m describing as wings fluttering, what is it really?
♥  “What did you do to him, to piss him off...Locke.” Locke is tied to the goings on in the jungle and the “monster”.
♥  Is Locke’s compass defective or is Locke? Or is it just a hint to all of them being a bit ‘off’. Or is the “Island” a bit ‘off’?
♥  Shannon was very excited to learn about the hatch...being a door. Maybe it’s a way out.

Vocabulary and Research...
♦  Seeds lay dormant, germinate and grow-transform/morph into something else.
   -SeeD: a mercenary working for Garden in the video game Final Fantasy VIII
   - Seeds (cellular automation): a cellular automaton rule similar to Conway's Game of Life
   -Seed- (Bit Torrent): a peer that has a complete copy of a torrent and still offers it for upload. (You're taking info from files on someone else's computer and copying it to yours.)
  -Bija- literally "seed", a metaphor for the origin or cause of things in Buddhism and Hinduism.
Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni: Sculpted David in the nude- from 1501 to 1504. The 5.17 meter (17 ft) marble statue. The completed sculpture was unveiled on 8 September, 1504.
Alto- Italian for height or up.  Adjectives: overhead-tall-wide-loud-deep-lofty- noble
HIPS(Computing), a host-based intrusion- prevention system to detect attacks on the system it is installed on.
   - Human interaction proof, a Captcha.
Smart-Intelligent S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) of hard disk drives.
  -Smart Recovery-Self Management and Recovery Training, an alternative to 12-step programs (such as AA or NA) from addiction recovery based on REBT principles.
  -SMART criteria- a mnemonic used to evaluate goals or objectives.
Compass:  a compass is any magnetically sensitive device capable of indicating the direction of the magnetic north of a planet's magnetosphere. Like any magnetic device, compasses are affected by nearby ferrous materials as well as by strong local electromagnetic forces. Other, more accurate, devices have been invented for determining north that do not depend on the Earth's magnetic field for operation (known in such cases as true north, as opposed to magnetic north).
Orienteering: a sport that combines map reading and cross-country running. Competitors make their way through unfamiliar terrain using a compass and a topographical map.

This episode shows us some of the power of Locke.   Not only because he can mix up freaky gunk and make people have visions, but because there are Lostie's who know he's important!    Locke knows he's important!    He is somebody, but whom?   Locke is the only one who has a clue to what’s really going on there.    He’s very, very smart,  thinking man, creative man. Could he be a creator of something? Does Boone know more about Locke besides the discovery of hatch?
So don't be fooled by first or even second impressions of Locke. He is not what you think. Maybe Locke gave us a bit of insight to who he is with his Michelangelo story.  One bit may be that "Locke is working".    One of my favorite Michelangelo quotes is “Genius is eternal patience.”

It just may be the freak of nature is more involved in what we’re seeing than anyone realizes. He gives an experience to people that is vital to their survival on this Island!! But I wonder which parts of the experience is not real, the “Flashes” or the “Island” experiences...or both. Could it be that this whole "Island" adventure is his or someone else's?

Let’s acknowledge the comment about “There’s nothing to make of Rousseau’s map” That’s because there really is nothing to make of it!

I always pay attention to Locke, you all know that, but my other key player is Hurley.

About the boar...yeah, um...I'll answer that here.  I was asked this question in a few e-mails. I would have liked to have waited to discuss it a few more episodes from now, but it came up too often, so here goes....There's not a need to catch the boar at this point of the "game" because once the hatch gets opened they don't need boar.  That's how things work on the Island. It’s a very smart and clever “Island”!!

Free your mind and see the truth.   Boone was able to do just that. It was a painful journey and experience for him, but he was able to face the truth and let go of certain feelings and move forward.
The Lostie's are looking to be pointed in the right direction to explore the Island”.    In addition to that I see that the Lostie's are very emotionally lost with no real sense of personal direction. Meaning they all seem to be a bit off of their own true North and are in search of some direction, some guidance.
Just as those issues blend together, I feel there is a distinct blurring of “Island” events and “Flashes”.
Yes, they are blurred together.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace July 5, 2007.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are
my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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