May 7, 2009

Eloise's journal.

Hi LOST fans!

Here is yet another example of different versions of things.
Eloise has different handwriting in the journal.
Does it "matter"?...Hmmm


  1. I think they were written by the same person but at different times. The handwriting looks the same to me with a few differences (like to lead-in tail for the "m" in matter on the bottom images).

  2. KAren, been following you on ODI broadcast. I found another one...along this that is SOOOO CLEAR and OBVIOUS. Go to the Variable, check out the end of the episode where Faraday is looking for Eloise (40min50 seconds onward). Now go back and look at the start of Follow the leader...Faraday is looking for Jughead. Same scene, totally impossible to ignore difference in "reality". Thought it might come in handy for the next ODI broadcast.
    ; )

    Veronique (


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