May 12, 2009

Follow the Leader.

Let's talk about LOST! Follow the Leader.

Dan demands Richard tells him where the Hydrogen Bomb is, “The one I told your people to bury.” Richard wants Dan to lower his gun so they can talk, “Nobody has to get hurt here.”
Dan’s gonna give Richard three seconds… {Where’s Eloise? Where’s the bomb?}

Kate asks Jack what Dan’s doing in there, “Jack, he’s crazy.”
Jack- “Is he? What if this is why we’re here? What if this is our one chance to put things back the way they’re supposed to be?”
A shot rings out and Dan is down. Jack wants to run over to Dan but Kate fears Jack will get shot too; she tells him they have to get out of there now.

Charles Widmore comes galloping over and hits Jack with his rifle.   Another Other tells Kate, “Don’t move!”
Widmore kicks Jack and asks, “And just who the bloody hell may you be?” {This is bloody Jack. Lol}

Eloise crouches over dead Dan. She thumbs through the journal landing on the sentiment she left Dan on the first page.  Dead Dan just stares up. {Creepy} Charles enters the camp with his two prisoners and asks Eloise what happened.
Richard- “This man walked into camp and put a gun to my head and Eloise reacted.”
Widmore found his prisonerscrouched in the bushes, like rats.”
The two prisoners came there with Dan. Eloise tells them to, “Put them in my tent.”
Charles asks Eloise, “Do you care to tell me, Eloise, who he is and why The Dharma Initiative seems to have declared war on us?
She tells him these people aren’t from The Dharma Initiative.
Charles-“Then where the hell are they from?”
Richard just observes.

Thirty Years Later:
(Click the pics!)

Richard, wearing his reading glasses, is building an old sailing vessel in a glass bottle. He is literally working with tweezers to hoist a sail. {Looks like the Black Rock}

A female member of the camp runs up to Richard to announce “He’s here.”
John Locke arrives carrying a dead boar over his shoulders and announces “I brought dinner.”    These campers are drying fish on a line. {Michael said the others ate dried fish.} Richard seems confused to see him, “John?”

John shakes his hand, “Hello Richard, It’s been a while.”
Richard chuckles and remarks it’s been three years. He asks what happened, Where were you?”

John will explain on the way. John tells Richard it’s going to be night soon, “You and I have an errand to run and we don’t have a lot of time.”
Richard stares at John with confusion.
John-“What’s wrong?”
Richard feels there’s something different about him.
John agrees and smiles, “I have a purpose now.”
Then Richard sees beaten Ben and Sun walk into the beach camp. Richard wants to know what “he’s/Ben” doing there.
John- “He helped me get back.” {Did he know Ben would ‘kill’ him?}

Sun asks Ben why Locke said these were his people, “I thought they were yours?”
Ben explains when he left the island John stepped in, “He’s the leader now.”
Sun doesn’t know the man talking with John.
Ben shares this is Richard Alpert, “He’s a kind of…adviser. And he has had that job for a very, very long time.”
This triggers Sun to get out the photo {minus the frame} of the 1977 Dharma recruits she was shown by Christian and asks Richard if he was there in 1977.   She’s asks if he remembers any of them. {Watch John} Richard admits he was here 30 years ago and he remembers meeting these people very clearly because he watched them all die.

Sun sits staring at Jin's wedding ring.   John offers her a drink of water. Sun asks John if he thinks it’s true; that they’re all dead.
John- “I don’t think we went through all this for nothing, Sun.”
Richard’s ready. John asks him if he still has that compass he gave him and indeed Richard does still have the rusty compass; she can still find north.
John invites Ben to go along.
Ben sarcastically replies, “Why, John, don’t you trust me here with my former people? Afraid I’ll stage a coup.”
John isn’t afraid of anything Ben can do anymore. In that case Ben would love to go. John tells Sun to stay here, “We’ll be back in a couple of hours. I’ll see what I can find out. But whatever happens Sun, you have my word. If there’s a way for you and Jin to be together again, if there’s a way to save our people, I’ll find it."

Kate is getting roughed up by a Hostile.
Jack- “Take it easy on her!”
The Hostile kicks Jack in the face, “Don’t talk. Understand?”
Kate chats with bloody Jack. “You know, before we were caught, you said we needed to put things back the way they were supposed to be. What did you mean by that?”
Jack feels if they can do what Faraday said, then their plane never crashes, “Flight 815 lands in Los Angeles and everyone we lost since we got here…they’d all be alive.”
Kate -“And what about us? We just…go on living our life…because we never met.”
Jack seems fine with wiping away the all the misery, “…Wipe it clean. It never happened.”
Kate feels it wasn’t all misery.
Jack- “Enough of it was.” Eloise enters the tent asking about the man she shot, “What did he need the bomb for?”
Jack doesn’t think Eloise would believe the story.
Eloise shares, when she was “17 years old, I took a young man to the bomb. He proceeded to tell me that if we buried it underground, that things would work out splendidly. When I asked him how he could be so sure…he said that he was from the future. And then he disappeared, right in front of my bloody eyes. 10 minutes ago I shot that man in the back. And before he died…he told me that he…he said he was my son.”
She wants Jack to explain to her, and she gives her word she’ll believe him.

 Eloise shows Jack her handwriting in the journal but doesn’t remember writing it. Jack admits it’s because she hasn’t written it yet. Jack knows it’s hard for her to understand but what she just did was an accident but he thinks there’s a way for her to take it all back.

Jack goes on to say her son came back there because her son figured out a way to change things, “He doesn’t have to be dead. You don’t have to have killed him.” If they do what’s written in that journal, none of this will have happened. Eloise asks Kate if Jack knows what he’s talking about.
Kate, with tears in her eyes replies, “He thinks he does.”
Eloise will take them to the bomb but explains there’s a small issue. They secured it over 20 years ago underground, but since that time it appears that someone has built an entire village over it. The Dharma Initiative.
Eloise- “It appears that you two have been passing yourself off as members so, I suppose coming and going will be relatively simple.”
Jack thinks it might be a little more complicated than that.

In the Security station Radzinsky shows Jim the video tape with Kate and demands he reveal where she is. Jim wants his lawyer.
Radzinsky starts roughing up Jim {His way of getting answers} while cuffed red shirt Juliet watches. Horace, who is still in charge orders Radzinsky to stop, but fired up Radzinsky feels he’s the one in charge now. “If we’re gonna protect our people and all the work we’re doing here, you don’t have the stomach for what happens next.”
Radzinsky gives Jim one last chance to tell where Kate is or he will kill Jim.

Radzinsky continues beating up Jim, “You ready to talk now?”
Bloody Jim says,”Nope.”
Juliet is getting upset. Radzinsky is getting tired of this, but still demands to know “where your girlfriend took the boy. She bring him to the Hostiles? You know where they are?”
Juliet begs Radzinsky to stop beating on Jim, but he won’t stop. “Tell me what I want to know!”
Juliet pleads with him, “We have known each other for three years. We are not bad people. We are not here to hurt you.”
Jim, who’s on the ground tells Juliet “Don’t...Whatever you tell them...they aint gonna believe you. It’s only gonna get more people hurt.”
She looks heartbroken. Horace asks what they’re doing there because beating him is pointless, “He’s not gonna talk.”
Phil feels he can make Jim talk so Phil punches Juliet in the face. This pisses off Jim, “Son of a bitch! You’re a dead man, Phil! I’m gonna kill you.”
Mitch comes in to tell Mr. Radzinsky that there’s still no sign of Miles or Jin. “But the recruits from last week, I got their sub’s manifest from Amy there were three last minute add-ons. They were the two people that shot at you …Shephard and Austen, and one guy we can’t track down. He’s gotta be a part of this.”
Radzinsky- “Who the hell is Hugo Reyes?”
Phil- “He’s the fat guy.”

Hugo the Chef is in the Dharma food pantry packing heavily for his trek to the beach. The security alarm is buzzing in Dharmaville. Hugo, his filled food backpack and guitar case leave Dharmaville and head into the jungle. Dr. Cheng sees him from afar.

Hugo meets up with Miles and Jin, shows him his food stash and asks what the rescue plan is. Miles tells him there is no rescue plan because they’re headed to the beach; that’s why they sent him for food. Hugo’s concerned because, “But they got Sawyer and Juliet.”
Miles acknowledges there are 30 of them and they all have guns, “The only people we can rescue is ourselves.”
Hugo feels they gotta do something because he knows, “Sawyer would never leave us behind.”
They hear rustling in the grass; it’s Dr. Cheng. He wants to know what the boys are up to. Cheng walks right up to Miles, “Your friend Faraday said that you were from the future. I need to know if he was telling the truth.”
Hurley-“Dude, that’s ridiculous.”
Cheng starts questioning Hugo, “What years were you born?”
Hugo- “1931.” {Making him 46. lol}
Cheng- “So you fought in the Korean war?”
Hugo hesitates then forces out, “There’s no such thing.”
Hurley’s asked- “Who’s the president of the United States?”
Hurley, apparently not knowing the answer breaks down and admits they are from the future. Cheng walks up to Miles, with a bit of excitement in his eyes, and asks Miles if it’s true, “You are my son?”
Yep, it’s true.
Cheng reveals to Miles that his friend the physicist told him to evacuate everyone he could off the island because there will be a massive accident the Swan, “Now is that true?”
Miles thinks for a second and tells dad that “He’s been right about everything so far. If Faraday said get people off the island, I’d do it.”    {WHAT?! He’s been right about everything so far? Really?!}
Cheng- “Well, let’s hope he knows what he’s doing.”

Dead Dan stares at the sky. Charles crouches beside him and asks Richard why this man looks so familiar. Eloise walks over with a blanket to cover Dan’s body and tells Richard that he and Eric are going with her. She tells Richard to untie the prisoners and give her a moment with Dan. Eloise covers Dan and closes his eyes. She tells Charles she’s taking them to the bomb. Charles touches her stomach and you can hear him in whispers say, “Are you insane?…I‘m worried about you…Not in your condition.”
Jack asks Richard, “Who is he?”
Richard says the man he’s asking about is Charles Widmore, “He and Eloise are...Let’s just say love can be complicated.” {Does Richard carry a torch for her?}
Kate’s still teary eyed. Eloise and her group move out.

Richard carries a torch while John leads him and Ben through the jungle. Richard asks John if he’s ready to tell him where he’s been the last three years.

John looks a bit confused, “You really don’t know?”
Richard knows that the day that Ben here turned the wheel that he and John were sitting on a log, “there was a bright light and a loud noise and then you just…disappeared.”
Well Richard is about to see where John disappeared to. After they’re finished with that, John would like Richard to take him to see Jacob. Ben and Richard stop, stunned at by what John wants. Ben speaks with caution, “That’s...not how it works, John.”
John asks Richard if that’s true; is this gonna be a problem?
Richard, also seeming hesitant, “You just got back, John, there’s no reason to rush into...”
John- “I am the leader now. Right?
Richard confirms he is.
Richard can take John to Jacob.
John- “Let’s keep moving. We’re almost to the plane.”
Concerned Ben asks, “What plane?”

They arrive at the beech craft; the one used to smuggle heroin; flew out of Nigeria and crashed here. John tells Richard to listen carefully, “because you’re only gonna have about three minutes get this right.”
“To get what right?” asks Richard.
John-“A man’s about to walk out of the jungle. He’s been shot in the leg. You’ll need this to get the bullet out.” {Gives him a satchel} Richard isn’t following/grasping.
John insists he listen, “This is the important part. You’re gonna need to tell him he has to bring everyone who left back the island. And when he asks how to do that, you tell him he’s gonna have to die.”
Just then they see a man walk out of the jungle.
Ben- “Who is that man John?”
John smiles, “Me.”
Flash/shot- John tourniquets his leg with his belt. He hears someone coming and draws his knife. It's Richard. John is surprised to see him, “What is happening?”
Richard tells him that what's happening is that he's bleeding to death...I need to get the bullet out.”
He breaks out a medical kit.
John-“How did you know there was a bullet my leg?”
Richard- “Because you told me there was, John.”
John-“No. No, I didn't.”
Richard- “Well, you will.
Observing this scene is Ben and John.
Ben- “This must be quite the out of body experience.”
John-“Something like that.”
Ben remarks that his timing was impeccable, “How did you know when to be here?”
John- “The Island told me. Didn't it ever tell you things?”
Ben- “No, John and clearly it hasn’t told you where to find Jacob or you wouldn’t need Richard to show you.”
John accuses Ben of never having seen Jacob. A whoosh and thud can be heard. Richard in the visual playback with John is now alone.
Ben- “What just happened? Where did you go?” {Hugo}
John- “To give Richard his compass back.”
Richard walks over to John, “You want the bullet?” {Bullet is held by Richard's tweezers.}
John- “Keep it.”
John asks Richard if everything went okay. 
Richard feels “Flash” John seemed pretty convinced, especially when he told John he’d have to die.
Richard’s certainly glad that didn’t have to happen.   John confesses it did.  He suggests they get back to camp. Ben and Richard share interesting eye communication.

Dr. Cheng heads down the stairs to the Security Station telling all they need to evacuate the island of all non essential personnel. He walked in on the bloody interrogation of LaFleur and Juliet. Cheng wants to know what’s going on.
Radzinsky- “Aren’t you supposed to be at the Swan right now, Chen? We’re supposed to break ground in less than 20 hours.”
Cheng explains they’re under imminent threat, “If we start drilling, there’s a high probability of a cataclysmic accident.”
Radzinsky insists they are drilling on schedule. Cheng turns to Horace, who he assumes is still in charge, for help.
Radzinski cuts him off announcing “He’s not in charge anymore. This is my decision. And it’s been made. We keep working” {Who the fuck is Radzinsky really?!}
Jim interjects by revealing Cheng is right; it aint safe. Put the woman and children on the sub, but he wants for him and Juliet to go on the sub also, in exchange for Intel on the whereabouts of the Hostiles. Jim asks “Sweetheart” if she’s okay with that. And yep, she is.
Radzinsky says if Jim wants on that sub, “Draw me a map. I wanna know exactly where the Hostiles are.”

At the stream Eloise asks if “You two know how to swim?”
Kate wonders why they just don’t go around it.
Eloise smirks, “No dear, we need to go in. We have to swim under the pond to get to the tunnels.”
Kate decides she’s not going, she’s gonna go back and find everyone else. She tells Jack she can’t go any further with him, not this time. Jack tells her she can’t go back there now, “they know about us. They tried to kill us.”
Kate- “And what are you trying to do?”
No answer.
Kate- “Bye, Jack.”   She runs off. Eric aims his rifle at Kate, “You’re not going anywhere.”
Jack gets protective of Kate.
Eloise- “We’re not in the habit of telling our secrets to strangers then just letting them saunter off. Kate, with her back to them, says she doesn’t care about their secrets she just wants to leave. Jack tells Eric to lower his gun, “If she wants to leave she can leave!”
Eric fires a shot and Kate actually stops in her tracks to see if she’s been hit. She has not. Sayid pops up from the bushes and fired the shot killing Eric.
Eloise and Richard put their hands up as if surrendering.

Richard asks Eloise what are we doing here, “That man just killed one of our own people and you’re acting like it doesn’t matter. Eloise feels if these people are right about what they’re about to do, it won’t matter.
Richard- “And what are they about to do?”

Sayid questions Jack, “So you’re telling me we’re going to erase the last three years of our lives?” Excited Jack feels they can change things.
Sayid doesn’t know if Jack’s aware of him already changing things, “I killed Benjamin Linus. And we’re all still here.”
Kate- “It’s because you didn’t kill him.”
She shares that she and Sawyer took Ben to the Others so that they could save him.
Sayid- “Why did you do that?”
Kate-"...Since when did shooting kids and blowing up Hydrogen Bombs become ok?”
Jack- “The three of us disappeared off that plane and ended up here, ended up now because this is our chance to change things.”
Kate-”And if you’re wrong then everyone on the Island dies. Do you understand that?”
Jack-“I’m not wrong, Kate! This is it. This is why we’re here….This is our destiny.”
Kate accuses him of sounding like Locke, the guy who Jack said was crazy.
Jack- “
Well, Maybe I was wrong.”
Kate- “No you were right.”
So she’s going back to find the rest of their people because if I can’t stop him then maybe they can. Kate heads off.

The PA system announces "The sub will part in 30 minutes. All evacuees please proceed to the dock."

Miles looks through binoculars at the people entering the sub. He sees young Charlotte and her mom get out of the van, then his dad, mom and infant self.   Miles observes his dad yelling at his mom {Lara} to leave now. 

Hurley asks why the dads yelling at her. Miles realizes that’s the only way he can get her to get on the sub. Jin suggests they get moving. They wait a second because Miles sees Jim and Juliet heading toward the sub. Miles hands the binoculars to Hurley to witness as well.

Hurley tells him not to worry, everything’s gonna be OK, “Sawyer always has a plan, right?”
The cuffed couple is marched down the dock toward the sub

Sawyer tells Juliet “We’ll buy Microsoft…and then we’ll bet the Cowboys in the 78 Superbowl. We’re gonna be rich.”   They’re amused.   He also says he’s sorry for not listening to her three years ago about her getting on the sub. Juliet is glad he talked her out of it. Red shirt Juliet heads into the sub first. Before Sawyer enters the sub he takes another look back at the Island and bids it “Good riddance.” 
Down into the hatch he heads, but not without another last look.

Richard dives into the water.
Jack tells Sayid, “If I don’t see you on the other side, I won’t blame you.”
They shake hands.

Eloise tells Jack to “take a deep breath and follow Richard under. There’s an opening in the bottom of the rocks at the far side.”

Jack dives in.  He swims through the underwater tunnels and comes up the other side to Richard and ruins.  He tells Richard, “It was a lot further than I thought it was. Where are we?”
Richard replies {as if he can’t believe he’s say it} “The tunnels.”
Jack asks how they’re gonna get a bomb out of there.
Richard- “The same way we brought it in.”
Jack assumes he doesn’t mean through the pool.
Richard- “It’s a 12 foot long, 40,000 pound Hydrogen Bomb. No, not through the pool.” 

Eloise emerges from the water and then Sayid. Jack is happy to see him.
Sayid feels if this works then Jack might just save them all and if it doesn’t, “At least you’ll put us out of our misery.”
Eloise- “ All right, let's get started.”

At night at the beach camp, John, Richard and Ben arrive. Sun looks at John awaiting an answer. John just nods yes at her. Richard will have a tent prepared for John and says they can get going first thing in the morning.
Eager John “Thought we could leave right now.”
This shocked Richard and Ben. Richard tells John “We can do whatever you want, but maybe the two of us should go to my tent and…” John cuts him off to ask if this is everyone.
Richard tells him there’s another group at the temple. John would like to talk to everyone here now. Richard, “Be my guest.”
John introduces himself to the group “I’ve been told that for some time you all have been accepting orders from a man named Jacob. And yet, oddly enough it seems that no one has actually seen him. Now, I’m sure there are very good reasons why his existence and whereabouts are a secret. I just don’t know what they are. And to be honest with all of you if there’s man telling us what to do, I want to know who he is.” Sun asks if this man Jacob can tell them how to bring Jin and the rest of their people back here.
John smiles, “Absolutely... Richard has agreed to show us where we need to go. So I’m gonna go and see Jacob…right now...And I’d like all of you to come with me.”
The camp is on board with this. Except for Richard and Ben who share a private moment where Richard admits he’s starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble.
Ben- “Why do you think I tried to kill him?”

The sub is still being loaded up. Mitch cuffs Juliet and tells them they’re shoving off in two minutes and he’d appreciate it if they didn’t cause them any trouble.
Jim- “Wouldn’t think of it, Nemo.”
Juliet asks Jim what they’re gonna do when they get to Ann Arbor. Jin says they’re not going to Ann Arbor, “These guys aint cops. They got no authority over us back in the real world. So once we dock wherever we dock, we’re free.”
Juliet- “Real world.
I don’t even know what that means anymore.”
Jim holds her hand and tells her “whatever happens, I got your back, remember?” They share I love you.
Phil {from topside} yells not to close the hatch because there’s another passenger about to board. “Horace wants her off the Island too. We’ll let Ann Arbor deal with them. I actually caught her coming back into town.”
Enter Kate. They cuff her with the others. {They sit Kate next to Juliet so the two women are in front of Sawyer. Juliet seems to know Kate will always be her competition, the thing that comes between her and James} 

Juliet and James aren’t thrilled to see Kate.
In the subs control room we hear, ‘Clear the bridge. All personnel lay below on the double.’

Captain Bird-“We’re away. Engineering take your stations. Boat is clear for sea.”
Over the speakers- ‘All men to your stations. Prepare to dive.’ Engines start up, Red light glows.
Bird- “Stand by main vents.” V.O., , “Ship has been cleared for dive. Ship to dive. Test two and three.” Submerge! {It looked like a bunny for a second, didn’t it?}

Richard leads Eloise, Jack and Sayid through the tunnels. 

Sayid whispers to Jack, “I’m sure it’s occurred to you this woman’s motivation in helping us detonate the hydrogen bomb is only to annihilate the Dharma Initiative.”

Jack knows but still trusts her. Sayid asks why. Jack, “Because 30 yeas from now she’s the one who’s gonna tell us how to get back to the Island.”
This makes him trust her. They arrive at the cavern that houses the bomb. Eloise removes the tarp, uncovering the Jughead.
Eloise-“Now what?”

There is an Exodus of Locke’s flock as they head out to find Jacob. John mentions to Ben it’s a beautiful day.
Ben- “Yes. So far.”
Ben goes on to confide that “Richard had some concerns…This pilgrimage to Jacob makes him uncomfortable...He’s expressed reservations about whether or not you know what the hell you are doing.”
John appreciates him bringing this to his attention. Ben knows they’ve had their differences in the past but Ben is there to follow him now. So if he needs Jacob to help John reunite his people then he’ll do whatever. John isn’t interested in being reunited with his people.
Ben asks why they are going to see Jacob.
John-“So I can kill him.”
This stops Ben in his tracks.

Follow the Leader is a GREAT EPISODE!  Was there only one leader here?  Richard is leading the way through the underwater tunnels and will lead John and the camp on their journey to Jacob.  It seems we see there are a few people in charge or in the lead.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* Eloise is pregnant.
* Miles finds closure to his daddy abandoning him issues. He sees the truth that dad’s actions were for love, although Miles is a contributor in these events.  If you can’t change the past, wouldn’t that mean Miles would have always been a contributor in these events?
* Hurley’s fear was being asked who the president is.  Sawyer tells him it’s not a ‘game show’ but maybe it’s a game nonetheless.
* The "Islands" "healing" power: It fixed young Ben but seems to have an aversion to fixing vision issues. If the “Island” doesn’t age Richard, why would his eyes age, requiring him to need reading glasses?

* Jack seems to be in a lot of emotional pain.  Hurt enough to want to erase everything. He should just friggin push the "DELETE" button!
* Microsoft. Add-ons. Log. Map. Plane.
* 2 John Locke’s.  2 Miles’.  Technically 2 Dan’s.  Richard in 2 time periods.
* Did you see the “Older woman” that looked like Older Juliet on the beach drying fish?
* The Jughead “leak” is in a different spot than we originally saw.
* The tunnels: how the Hostiles get around undetected.
* New logos.
* What and who is Richard advising?
* Wipe it clean. Start over. Erase. Tablua Rasa.
* Disappear. People disappear. The “Island” disappeared.
* Notice that a few of our Lostie's, including Miles, is getting more gray hair.
* As the sub with Sawyer and Juliet are submerging, Richard along with Jack, Sayid and Eloise are diving into the underwater tunnel. Down the fucking rabbit hole we all go.
* The “idea” to die didn’t come from Richard, it came from John himself.   This “Idea” would have to originate from somewhere.  Does/did John already know Ben will try to kill him on his trip to retrieve the people who left?  Unless of course, John is indeed talking to himself here.  Plus this scene reminded me of Back to the Future when Marty played the riff to Johnny B. Goode, and Marvin Berry called his cousin Chuck Berry to tell him about this new sound.
* The Looking Glass. They are underwater.  Ship.
* Eloise is willing to detonate this bomb. Does she not realize it would destroy the island and its people completely? Plus, this thing is supposedly leaking radiation and she’s right next to it! Ass!
* Jack is trying to change things.  Sayid thought he changed things but he didn’t.  Nothing has changed for Miles.  Desmond didn’t change things and thus far Dan hasn’t changed things.
* Real world as opposed to UN-REAL WORLD.
* Jack- Because 30 years from now she’s the one who’s gonna tell us how to get back to the Island.” Isn’t the goal for “those future events” NOT to happen after the changes made after the bomb detonation? He speaks as if those events are still going to happen.
* Are events out of time order?
* We only get the Thirty Years Later cue once.

Vocabulary and Research...

 * Follow the Leader: A children’s game. First a leader or "head of the line" is chosen, and then the children all line up behind the leader. The leader then moves around and all the children have to mimic the leader's actions. Any players who mess up or do not do what the leader does are out of the game. The last person standing other than the leader is now the new leader.
* Advisor- guide, guru, authority, coach, confidant, consultant, counsel, counselor, director, doctor, expert, fortuneteller, friend, instructor, judge, lawyer, mentor, monitor, priest, teacher, tutor, Dutch uncle, backseat driver, quarterback, referee right hand man, second-guesser.
* Compass- The range of notes of a musical instrument or voice.
- (Obsolete) A space within limits; area.
A compass rose is a figure on a map or nautical chart used to display the orientation of the cardinal directions, north, south, east, and west.
- Jeep made its public debut of the Compass in 2006.
* 1748. David Hume. Inquiries concerning the human understanding and concerning the principles of moral. London: Oxford University Press, 1973. § 8. There is a truth and falsehood in all propositions on this subject, and a truth and falsehood, which lie not beyond the compass of human understanding.
* Misery is a psychological horror novel by Stephen King. This story deals with manuscripts, obsession, drifting in and out of consciousness, mind games, crazy, confinement, kidnapping/prisoner, amputation, prosthetic foot, plans to escape.
* Galaga is an arcade video game from 1981.
* Plane-In metaphysics and esoteric cosmology, a plane, other than the physical plane, is conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe.
* Logos (Greek) is an important term in philosophy, analytical psychology, rhetoric and religion. In ordinary, non-technical Greek, logos had two overlapping meanings. One meaning referred to an instance of speaking: "sentence, saying, oration"; the other meaning was the antithesis of ergon ("action" or "work"), which was commonplace. It also means the inward intention underlying the speech act: "hypothesis, thought, grounds for belief or action." It derives from the verb lego "to count, tell, say, speak".
* Tabula Rasa is a massively multi player on-line role-playing game was about humanity's last stand against a group of aliens called "The Bane". This genre of computer role-playing games in which a large number of players interact with one another within a virtual game world.
* Three minutes in Chess. Time control: Blitz chess with a time control of three to fifteen minutes for each player or Bullet chess- three minutes and under.
- Three minutes can refer to the original Doomsday Clock. (3 minutes to midnight)
- In the episode Three Minutes, the Michael centric that goes back and forth from "Today" to "13 Days Ago"; "11 Days Ago"; and "3 Days Ago"
* An out-of-body experience, (OBE) is an experience that typically involves a sensation of floating outside of one's body and, in some cases, perceiving one's physical body from a place outside one's body (autoscopy). AKA such as "astral projection” or "spirit walking". In some cases the phenomenon appears to occur spontaneously; in others it is associated with a physical or mental trauma, use of psychedelic drugs, dissociative drugs, or a dream-like state. Many techniques aiming to induce the experience deliberately have been developed, for example visualization while in a relaxed, meditative state. OBEs can be induced by direct brain stimulation. Some of those who experience OBEs claimed to have willed themselves out of their bodies, while others report having found themselves being pulled from their bodies (usually preceded by a feeling of paralysis.) Heautoscopy is a term used in psychiatry and neurology for the re duplicative hallucination of "seeing one's own body at a distance".   It can occur as a symptom in schizophrenia and epilepsy.

Self discovery.  Find yourself.    Here, John sees himself and gives himself instructions.  His next stop is Jacob.   Is there a part of John that is Jacob?  A part that he needs to see metaphorically put to death so he can move on?  Or does John need to end Jacob’s life the basis for something else, maybe to help someone else move forward perhaps.
Through out this episode I felt like I was in the middle of a video arcade game and comic book combo, especially when we went through the underwater tunnels.  That screamed Tomb Raider to me.   Other moments reminded me of other games and the Indiana Jones movies. Of course this element has been there since the very beginning, especially here with the "lead" and knowing that the "leader" does indeed change plus the quest taking them through underwater tunnels, caves, temples, stations and landmarks/places.

Maybe I’m the only one holding on to the metaphor of LOST, and have been since the beginning. I’m still seeing this aspect of the story and maybe this is why I cannot grab hold of the “time travel” element as I normally would since I’m a sci-fi fan.  I think things are more simple than that; there is an explanation for the "time" skipping {being more like a glitch.}
These people are lost and suffering.  Not just in their lives but also on this "Island" adventurous journey.  Their experiences are being lived out in their consciousness, maybe combined with a bit of technology. They really are trying to find themselves, who they are and where they belong. I’m sure they will eventually find themselves and only then will things be right in their universe and they can thrive in a “real world”.

The journey to enlightenment; streams of consciousness, learn from the past, fight your demons/temptations, close some doors, open new doors, make the right choices, let things go, dive in and make a change, find a new path.  If you don’t learn and grow, create a new path to a better you, find yourself and truly know who you are and then guess what?... You’re not going anywhere.
After all the “Dharma Initiative “translates to “The start of the eightfold path”.

Love to all who are “LOST” ™
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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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