May 27, 2009

Live Together, Die Alone. Part 2.

Let's talk about LOST!  Live Together, Die Alone. Part 2

Inside the computer room:
Desmond with his ear to the door tells Locke, "I think your friends just blew themselves up brother."
He suggests they open the door.
Locke- "It's a trick!"
Desmond feels Locke they could be hurt; asks “Is your doctor is around?
Locke doesn't know where he is.
The clock shows 33 00 and the computers are still working.
Desmond asks Locke if the reason he's letting the clock run all the way down to the very last tick, "Is it because you need to look down the barrel of a gun and find out what you really believe, John."
Locke tells him he did look down the barrel of a gun, and he believed, "I thought, was my destiny to get into this place. And somebody died, a kid. Because he was stupid enough to believe that I knew what I was talking about. And on the night that he died, for nothing, I was sitting right up there, all alone beating my hand bloody against...that stupid door, screaming to the heavens what I should do. Then a light went on. I thought it was a sign. But it wasn't a sign. Probably just you going to the bathroom.

Sayid on shore discovers the others "Fake abandoned camp".
There’s a Dharma symbol on the double doors.

 Sayid opens a Dharma door that is built into the rock, only to reveal actual rock behind the door and not an open entrance to anywhere.

Kate brings Jack’s attention to a huge mound of pneumatic tubes filed with notebooks; journal entries filled with handwritten notes.
Kate reads a few entries. “0400 S R moves Ping Pong table again, 0415 takes a shower.” {Who/what is SR?}
Sawyer finds Locke’s blast door map and hands it to Jack.
Sawyer gives Jack the heads up to seeing Sayid’s black smoke signal to hit that beach party.

Jack figures the signal smoke is miles from here. It isn't coming from the area they assumed it should be coming from. Jack asks Michael where he's taking them.
Michael says they are headed to the beach.
Angry Jack knows they are nowhere near the beach.
Michael yells back that he had to.
They all hear whispers/Elizabeth. The group is ambushed; they’re shot at with darts. Sawyer is hit; he convulses. They try to run away.
Michael yells "Wait!” in an effort to stop the craziness.
Kate is shot with a dart. Jack tries to carry Kate to safety.
Hurley is traumatized by all this commotion, he tries to block them out! The darts take them down and puts them to sleep. The Others bag them.

The clock in the computer room is at 21 00.
Locke shares more about the Pearl Hatch/station with Desmond.

"The Pearl is a psychological station full of TV monitors. And two men sat in viewing chairs and filled notebooks with observations on what happens in here.    And they put the notebooks in pneumatic tubes that send them back to their headquarters so they could evaluate us, as an experiment." {Note Locke says "US" not the study subjects or any reference to anyone other than them!}
Desmond asks him what if he's got it backwards {Backwards!} "What if the experiment wasn't on the two men in here, but the two men in there?"
Desmond wants to see the tape.
John tells him there's no way to see it down here.   Desmond wonders what the computer in the Pearl was for.  Locke mentions it printed out numbers “Lots and lots of numbers.”
Locke gives Desmond the Log, "Reading material for the next 19 minutes. Knock yourself out.” {Yes! Knock yourself out!!! Literally!}
Desmond looks through the log. Lots of numbers, followed by the word accepted.
Desmond looks at himself in the mirror in the bathroom {A Mirror with the picture of him and Pen in the bottom left corner. Yeah Penny/Widmore and a mirror.}

Kelvin notes that Desmond has been shaving everyday for last three years, “You need to live a little. Let go.”
{Kelvin is suiting up and reinforcing his suit with tape.}
Desmond- “I’m never gonna let go, brotha.”
Kelvin says that’s the spirit, “Goodbye, Des.”
Desmond seems concerned by this ‘goodbye’.
Kelvin says he'll see him in a couple of hours. Desmond notices a large rip in the right leg of Kelvin’s yellow suit. He now realizes Kelvin hasn't been completely honest about things. Kelvin isn't sick/infected.

Desmond quietly follows Kelvin outside and watches Kelvin remove his mask; so Des removes his. Everything is fine.
Kelvin leads Desmond to the discovery of his boat; the Elizabeth.
Kelvin armed with a gun, appears behind Des and says, "I didn't think you'd have the stones to come after me. I was a spook for 10 years, Des. I know when I'm being followed." {He intentionally led Des to the boat.}
Kelvin says he's fixing Desmond’s boat; he was about a week away from leaving. He also mentions Desmond wrecked it pretty good.
Kelvin lowers his rifle and asks Des, “So what do you think? You wanna come with me?
Desmond is getting upset, "Come where?! What about the button?"
Kelvin- "Screw the button, man. Who knows if it's even real?"
He claims his rambling about dams; electromagnets and fail safes were due to his being drunk. Kelvin reveals to Desmond  he lied because he needed a sucker to save the world after he left.
Desmond is pissed, "You crazy ol bastard! You stole my life! What else did you lie to me about? Tell me!"
Desmond grabs and is pushing Kelvin in anger. They fight and Desmond bangs Kelvin’s head against the rock; Kelvin's bleeding. Desmond freaks out.
He takes the key and gun from Kelvin and runs back to the Swan. {It's a good thing he knows his way back. He's never been outside!}
Desmond runs into the hatch. The alarm is beeping, the station is shaking. The has begun, "countdown System Failure."     The timer shows hieroglyphs in red/black. He tries to enter the numbers. Stuff is flying all over the hatch!  Through the chaos he manages to reset the computer.

Back in the hatch with Locke, Desmond looks over the log. He sees a date in the log 922044:16System Failure.
Desmond  asks Locke, "When did you come here? The island. How long ago?"
Locke-"60-65 days ago. Sept. 22."
Desmond-"I think I crashed your plane."

On a long dock, the Others {No shoes} lead the hooded Lostie's, who are made to kneel near the end of the dock.
Michael of course is not one of the hooded.
Their hoods are removed but they are gagged. The Others are armed.
Kate tells Mr. Friendly through her gag that she knows his beard is fake.   He doesn't understand what she's said so Miss Klugh translates, “She said she knows your beards fake, Tom."
Tom thanks Kate for pointing that out and removes the fake beard; apparently it itches. He also thanks B/Bea for telling her his name.
A piece of shit boat pulls up to the dock. Henry steps off; no shoes. {Check out how he looks at Michael.}
Henry says "Hello again" to Jack first. He turns to Tom asks him where his beard is.
Tom- "I think they know."
Henry's not very pleased. He addresses Michael, "Let's take care of business, shall we?"

Back in the blown up part of the hatch, Charlie is waking up. The sound is VERY muffled and there is a high pitch ring. {He’s has blood on him and his right ear hurts.}
He calls out for Eko. There literally is a bit of an echo. Charlie is trying to wake up Eko.

The computer beeping can be heard.
The clock shows 3 55.
Desmond tells Locke they need to push the button.
Locke says NO.
Desmond-“Did you not hear me, brotha? I crashed your bloody plane...On that day those numbers turn to hieroglyphics.   And when the last one came down this whole place started to shake and that screen, that screen filled up with System Failure. System Failure! And that number there 9 22 04, September the 22nd 2004 …..The day your plane crashed. It's real. It's all bloody real. Now push the damn button!"
Locke insists, "I know what I saw! It's a lie! It's NOT real! None of it is real!"
If Locke won't push the button then Desmond will.
Locke grabs the computer monitor and throws it to the ground.
Desmond is stunned, "You've killed us. You've killed us all."
Locke-"No, I just saved us all."
Desmond uses the exposed wires to force the blast doors to go up and he runs out. He  moves the Ping Pong table away from the book shelves.
Charlie asks for help with Eko.
Desmond says he's trying to help, as he pulls books off the shelves. He finds the copy of 'Our Mutual Friend'.

Desmond is in the hatch with a gun and the key; he is drinking. {Alcohol is not a Dharma issued bottle.}
He opens the book a letter falls out.  He reads this letter written by Pen as Desmond leaves for prison.   She had it hidden in the one place he'd turn to in a moment of great desperation.

Pen wrote- "I know you go away with weight of what happened on your shoulders and I know the only person who can take it off is you…Please don't give up. {What Happened? When?} All we need to survive is one person who truly loves us, and you have her. She will wait for him always. She signs the letter, 'Pen"

{Note that part of the letter is not narrated by Penny, plus we see 2 versions.}

Desmond has a temper tantrum, crying, "It's all gone."
Des runs over to the bookshelf moves the Ping Pong table and starts pulling books and records off the shelf. {Locke is pounding on the hatch from the outside/above having his sown fit.}
{It's important to note that Desmond and Locke both felt “desperation” and “hope” at the same time! Des heard the banging, and Locke sees the light.}
Des takes the key out of the book and kisses the key.

In the computer room John watches the timer click down.
Frantic Desmond tells Locke, "Three days before you came down here, before we met… I heard a banging on the hatch door, shouting…But it was you John, wasn’t it?  You say there isn’t any purpose, no such thing as fate.  But you saved my life, brother, so that I can save yours."
Locke still insists none of this is real, nothing is gonna happen, we're gonna be okay."
Desmond is gonna blow the dam.
Desmond- "I’ve gotta go and you’ve got to get as far away from here as possibleI'm sorry for what ever happened that made you stop believing. But it's all real. Now I've got to go and make it all go away...I'll see you in another life brother."
Stuff starts flying around the hatch.
Charlie is still trying to get Eko to wake up. Finally he wakes up. They struggle to make their way out.
Silverware, darts, washer, dryer, pots and pans are flying at the guys.
Charlie says to Eko, "Come with me. I know…" {Know what?! Know WHAT?} The hatch is FREAKING OUT! {Interesting sound it’s making. Listen to it.}
Stuff flying everywhere, shaking, etc...
Desmond heads below.

Eko sees Locke in the computer room. The two men look at each other.
Locke admits, "I was wrong."

Desmond at the failsafe crosses himself, as he’s recalling the words of her letter he says, "I love you Penny", and he turns the key. {Or the screw…}
There is a bright light and a Hum that causes everyone to cover their ears. Everyone is looking up. {Listen to the sound again.}

On the dock: Henry LOOKS pissed at this event!!

Bernard saves Claire and the baby from the flying 'quarantine' hatch door. {Although is just looks as if it’s falling from the sky. Lol}
The event only lasts a few seconds.
Later at the beach camp they clean up the mess from this 'incident'.
Charlie wanders out of the jungle. Bernard asks him if he's okay

Charlie shows/tells him his "ears", implying an issue with his ears/hearing.  Bernie also asks about Locke and Eko, {No one asks about Desmond}
Charlie's response is, "They're not back yet?" {How much time could have passed here?}

At the Pala Ferry dock Henry says to Michael he's “not happy about the arrangement that was made with you but, we got more than we bargained for when Walt joined us, so...I supposed this is what’s best."
Henry acknowledges that Michael let him go, set him free. Michael lived up to his word.
Henry-“And we live up to our word too. Do you know how to drive a boat?"  {Not sail a boat.}
He gives him the shitty boat. {The boat that's not meant for OPEN WATER TRAVEL!}
Henry tells Michael to follow compass baring 3 2 5, "If you do that exactly, you and your son will find rescue."
{Rescue! He doesn't say anything about the outside world or home, etc.}
Michael- "How do you know I won't tell people about where I was?"
{Where are you Michael?! Do you know?!}
Henry- "Maybe you will. Maybe you won't. But it won’t matter, once you leave you'll never be able to get back here. And my hunch is you won’t say a word to anybody.  Because if you do. People will find out what you did to get your son back."
Michael asks about his friends, "I was promised you wouldn't hurt them."
Henry-"Deal’s a deal."
Michael- "Who are you people?"
Henry smiles, “We're the good guys, Michael."
He gives Michael the boat. Walt is inside. {What did Michael really do? Hmmm}
Henry-"Bon Voyage, Michael” {French.} Michael reunites with Walt, he tells him it's okay now and they’re going home.
Miss Klugh releases Hugo {Watch Hurley's expression!} She tells him to "Go back to your camp. Your job is to tell the rest of your people they can never come here."
Hugo- "What about my friends?"
Henry tells him that his friends are "coming home with us."
Hurley appears very confused. Jack gives his the “nod” for it's okay.
We see Michael leaving on the boat; he seems to make eye contact with Jack. Jack nods at Kate,  Kate blinks; a sign of some sort of 'plan' or something?  Their heads are covered/bagged again.

Night on the beach:
Claire asks Charlie what happened out there.
Charlie {still bothered by his ear} replies, “You wanna hear the part about me nearly being killed by the flaming fire ball or the flying fork?”
Claire wants him to be serious.
He carefree says "Nothing happened."
Claire-“Well something happened. I mean that noise and the sky turned that weird violet color.”
Charlie laughs, “Really?!” {Why would he say nothing happened? That makes NO sense}
Claire kisses him.

Two Portuguese men in a listening station somewhere very snowy. {Yeah! Snow globe. lol} They are drinking coffee and playing chess.

{The little window looks similar to a small airplane or portal window or even TV screen.}

We hear them say things like, “I crush your defense... It's all part of the plan... Then it must be your plan to lose."
Then we see a computer screen; a red light blinks. The screen shows Electromagnetic Anomaly DETECTED. 7418880. They’re just noticing it now. "That's it, isn't it?...We missed it again" {Again!!} "Did we miss it?"

There's beeping. One of the men unlocks a binder/log book with emergency numbers, finds a phone number to call.
The chess game gets knocked over!
"It's not a false alarm this time {this time.} The Jack look-a-like uses a yellow phone; a call is made to Penny. She gets awakened by the phone call.
On her night stand we see a picture of her and Desmond, lots of makeup items including lipstick number 20 and a clock.
"Miss Widmore, it’s us. I think we found it", says the Jack look-a-like.

Live Together, Die Alone. GREAT, GREAT EPISODE!!! There was so much to note with this one. Let’s point out some things. Keep in mind that Desmond left the Swan Hatch when the Castaways first entered it. {Replacements}

Things to note...Questions to ask...
♟ Military. Military Jail. Bomb.
♟ Confinement. Prison. Snow Globe.
♟ "There is no outside world, there's no escape."
♟ Sleep. Wake Up. Knocked out.
♟ Crazy. Injections. Alcohol/Drunk. Darts
Psychological experiment
♟ Wire. Wired. Wires.Computer. Screen. Log. Stick. Net.
♟ Microcomputer processor. Escape. System Termination. System Failure. Key.
♟ Languages. Linguistics. Write. Numbers. Understand.
♟ Listen-Hearing-Can't hear.
♟ Joke. Fake beards. Costumes. Make up. Decoy village. Sets. Proof of things being staged and fake. The pneumatic tubes/note books to nowhere. All for show and illusion.  Things aren't real
Desmond sailed around for 2 1/2 weeks. So the Castaways only had access to the hatch and the button for 2 1/2 Weeks.
♟ Is Desmond on Team B or Team A on the island?  2 teams/sides- 'A' and 'B'. Make sense? But who is on which side?
Who is S.R.?  Being watched/observed/viewed.  Binoculars can be considered 'looking glass' of sorts.
♟ Coincidence Libby gives Desmond a boat? Come on! NO it is NOT!
♟ Does Desmond know who the Hostiles are? Could Widmore be a Hostile?
♟ Are any of them tied to the Black Rock, a slave ship? A ship?
♟ Who is Libby's hubby David?
♟ Why do we hear the name Elizabeth in the whispers?  Libby is short for Elizabeth.
♟ "Smells like carrots"...A food for rabbits.
♟ The 4 toed statue: A real statue? Part of an old culture of the island or somewhere else? Was it built there? Was it dropped there? Is it just a prop?
♟ Does anyone we know on the "Island" have 4 toes?
♟ Jack says Live Together, Die Alone in this episode only to Michael.  We know he's only said it once in front of all the Castaways in season 1.  Remember that for another time!
♟ Desmond knows how to make the blast doors go down/up. Who made the blast doors go down in the episode LOCKDOWN?
♟ Where does Kelvin go every time he leaves Desmond in the hatch? Hmmm? Was it really to fix Desmond's boat?
♟ MORE LIES. Kelvin lies to Desmond about why he wears the suit.
Where did Kelvin's body go after Desmond cracked his head open?
♟ How long is Desmond on the "Island"? Is it really for three years?
Missing parts. Film Edits. Missing parts of a statue. Missing Film pieces.
♟ The Alien reference. Hostiles.
♟ Eko was wrong about everyone dying in 90 minutes if the button didn't get pushed. There was an event, but nobody died.
♟ Locke was wrong about not pushing the button.
♟ Is Michael part of something that ended up being much bigger/different than he 'signed' up for? Could Michael have been involved with 'people' of the "Island", but Henry and his people are not from the same group of said people?
♟ How many times has the 'experiment' been done?  How many times have things been done over?
♟ I know Desmond's accent is of a real dialect. But when he uses the word Aye, he sounds like a pirate! LOL!
♟ If there really is no quarantine…Maybe there aren't any hostiles or any sickness.
♟ Where are the whispers coming from, REALLY?
♟ The Others camp: Why a fake camp? Who are they trying to fool?
♟ Black- White
♟ Stick-Stuck.
♟ Drunk. Liquor = Desmond-Christian-Jack.
♟ "No Escape".   Obvious EXIT sign in orientation film.
Michael can't be traveling very far. The boat isn't meant for the open water.
♟ Jumping ahead (Naomi speaks Portuguese).
♟ The EMA DETECTED: How many times? They reference it's happened before, but missed it!
♟What is the sky turning bright/violet about, really? What happened? What did it do?

Vocabulary and Research...
♦  Echo- most commonly refers to Echo (phenomenon), the reflection (and/or repetition) of a sound. 2). An echo cardiogram often referred to in the medical community as a cardiac ECHO or simply an ECHO, is a sonogram of the heart.  3). An echovirus is a type of RNA virus.  4). A term used in computing.  5).In Greek mythology Echo was Oread (a mountain nymph) who loved her own voice. 6).  Echo park.
♦  The Turn of the Screw is a short novel by American writer Henry James. This ghost story was originally published in1898.
♦  A pen is an instrument for writing or drawing, the pen as the instrument of writing or authorship, the profession of writing: a master of the pen.
♦  Pen: Swans- is an adult genus Cygnus.
♦ "Chains and Things". A song by B.B. King.
♦ "Footprints of the Buddha traditionally symbolize the physical presence of the Enlightened One. This image was reproduced from a rubbing of an ancient stone imprint at Bodh Gaya, India, site of the Buddha's enlightenment."  The story goes that prior to his death the Buddha left an imprint of his foot on a stone near Kusinara, a reminder of his presence on earth.

I know I ask many questions at the end of the episode notes . Although I write things in question form some of them are disguise.

Live together, Die alone... I guess all the residents of the island are having a hard time living together. You know what that means.

Love to all who are "LOST" ™

Live Together, Die Alone. Part 1

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.


  1. I imagine the possibility is there for S.R. to be Stuart Radzinski (knowing that we now know his first name.)

  2. Karen, love your blog, you make reading fun! lol, seriously good job all your work is appreciated.


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