May 5, 2009

Live Together, Die Alone. Part 1

Let's talk about LOST! Live Together, Die Alone. PART 1.

"Are we rescued/saved?" asks Charlie as they all see the boat out in the water. The survivors all wave their hands in hopes of getting the attention of someone on the boat.
Sayid-"Perhaps it's them." {Whom?}

Sayid, Sawyer and Jack dive in and swim out to the boat.
Kate looks through binoculars. {They're at a funeral and Kate happens to have binoculars.}
Charlie- "Maybe it's a trap?"
Hurley-"What do you mean a trap?"

Jack, Sawyer and Sayid climb on board and cock their soaking wet guns. The 3 amigos hear Opera music coming from below.

Shots are fired upward from below.
They hear the gun run out of bullets and a voice say, “Damn it.”
Jack kicks in the boat’s hatch.
Drunk Desmond looks up, "You."
He laughs in amusement.{We get a glimpse of Sawyer's healed gunshot wound on his left shoulder}

Nigh on the beach:
Jack brings over food and talks to a still drinking/drunk Desmond.
Jack chats with Des about him running off and that he forgot to mention that he still had a sailboat.
Jack- “Why’d you come back?
The drunk replies, "Do you think I did it on purpose?”
Desmond tells his tale of sailing out there for 2 ½ weeks, bearing due west, making 9 knots, he should've been in Fiji in less than a week. The first piece of land he saw wasn't Fiji; it was here, this island. He continues, "Because this is it. This is all there is left. This Ocean and this place here. We're stuck in a bloody snow globe. There's no outside world, there’s no escape."
Desmond wants Jack to go away and let him drink.
Sayid gets Jack’s attention.
Desmond asks Jack, "You still pushing it?
Jack smiles, "Yeah, we're still pushing it."
Desmond shakes his head as if to imply they’re idiots.
Desmond stands at the counter in a military prison.
The soldier/guard is returning Desmond’s personal property to put in a brown paper bag. {A set of keys, pocket watch-gold plated, 1 photograph w/Penny, one book 'Our Mutual Friend' by Charles Dickens. {Hardcover}
{Over the speaker you can hear, Corporal Priestly 9 1….}
The Guard asks him why he didn't bring the book inside.
Desmond-"To avoid temptation, brother.”   He's read everything Mr. Charles Dickens has ever written, every wonderful word, every book, except this one. He's saving it. It will be the last thing he reads before he dies.
The Guard
- "That it's a nice idea, as long as you know when you're gonna die." {Does he know when he's going to die? Nobody knows that! How would he know when to start reading it?}
The guard proclaims, "Lance Corporal Desmond David Hume, your sentence is hereby complete. You are now and forever Dishonorable Discharged from the Royal Scots Regiment of her majesties armed forces. Long live the queen."
A date on discharge paper April 4, 1999. The guard tells Desmond to "Enjoy your sodding book!" {Does he know Desmond is going to die? LOL!}

Desmond leaves the building with his paper bag.
Thunder rolls and it’s pouring rain.
Building 5B and sign that says Southway Garrison. B Company.
Desmond is offered a ride by a man in a fancy car {Mr. Widmore}. Desmond initially refuses the ride from him. Widmore tells Desmond to “Get in the car!”
Sitting in the back seat Desmond notices Widmore has a black box and a white box, “Did you bring me a present?”
Actually Widmore brought Desmond two presents. “One of these boxes contains your past, Hume, the other, your future.”
Desmond opens the black box containing all the undelivered letters he wrote to Penny (who he calls Pen).
Desmond is upset, “You’re a bastard. You know that.”
Widmore feels that it’s good for Penny to have not received his sentiments. Now Penny believes Desmond has forsaken her and that’s the way it’s going to stay. Widmore shares Penelope has moved on with her life and will marry. Widmore opens the white box, "This is for your new life, away from my daughter. The conditions are simple. No contact, No calls, No post. You just run away."
Widmore feels Desmond would 'just' run away because he's a coward. {Coward from what?}

Back on the beach Desmond continues to imbibe.
Sayid talks to Jack about taking advantage of Michael being compromised by the Others, "I believe fate has given us our answer. The boat."
Sayid explains to Jack the camp Michael is leading them to is where the Others will set their trap. Michael will lead them by land, Sayid will approach by sea; he can go ashore undetected and scout for them. Their numbers and positions, their weapons. Then he will go to the nearest beach and start a signal fire with these leaves that burn a dark black smoke. {Oh really? Hmmm?} "You and your team will meet me at the signal and will go in together."
Sayid feels sure Michael has been turned and doesn't want the other three to know the plan. Sayid doesn't want Michael to sense they know he is lying, "All we have is the element of surprise, Jack."
Jack’s only responsibility is to keep it secret.
Jack-"Black Smoke, huh?"
Sayid nods, "This time they will know that we are coming." {This time!}

Locke limps into the computer room of the hatch. We hear the big magnet sound, computers running and clicking.
Eko, who is happy to see John, is looking over the log printouts from the Pearl Station.
The timer shows 5 minutes.
Eko asks John where he’s been.
John’s been thinking… in a minute that computer’s gonna start beeping and he wants Eko to "let the computer run down to zero, past zero. And you're not gonna push the button."
Eko smiles, “But I am going to push the button. Why wouldn’t I?”
Locke- "But you don't want to be a slave."
Eko-"I am a slave to nothing"
-"You're a slave to that. {points to the time/timer}Just like I was. So I'm going to tell you again…don't push it."
Eko- "Do not tell me what I can do."
As Eko is entering the numbers Locke attempts to smash the computer with Eko’s stick.
Eko grabs the stick before he can hit the computer with it he punches John in the face.
Eko enters the code.
Eko literally tosses Locke out of the hatch as Locke's yelling "No, it's not real! We're only puppets! Puppets on strings! As long as we push it we'll never be free".
-"Well you're free now, John. Do not come back."
Eko closes the door on Locke.

Daylight at the beach:
The boat is pretty far off shore.
Jack gives one armed Michael a gun. Jack tries to give Hurley a gun, but Hurley says, "No way. If I take that, I'm gonna kill someone."
The point of this excursion is to get Walt back.
Jack gives Kate a gun and she looks at it weird. She talks to Jack again about the stuff they found in the medical station, "Costume, makeup, fake beards. What if these people just want us to think they're hillbillies?"
Michael gets uppity, “Listen. Listen, I was there. I saw them, they are hillbillies! They live in huts, they eat fish. They’re probably more scared than we are and they have no idea we're on our way!"
Sawyer interjects, “Alright. Enough jibber jabber. Let’s Roll."
And they all roll.

ELIZABETH Newport Beach is the name and port city on the boat.
Desmond is rowing to shore.
Desmond and his bottle arrive at the beach. Sayid tells him he needs his boat. Sayid informs Des he's not going "out there"; he needs to get to the north shore quickly.

Desmond asks if he's off to see the Hostiles.
Sayid- "The what?"
Desmond-“You know what? Ignorance is bliss. The boat’s all yours, brotha." {WTF? So don't tell him any info that he may need to save his life or protect anyone? WHY? Maybe he's only worried about himself} Sayid admits he doesn’t know how to sail. Desmond suggests he find someone that does.
Desmond is at the counter buying a cup of coffee. {The color Yellow is obvious here.} He orders the one with the most caffeine in it {stimulant} He's just arrived and doesn't have any more American money; spent it all on a taxi.
Libby, who is behind him in line, pays for it. $4.00. Desmond jokingly asks her if she has 42,000 more of those.
Libby replies seriously, “Depends on what it’s for.” {Really!?} She feels he wasn’t joking about asking for money.
Des tells her about the Solo Sailing Race Around the World. The brochure cover shows us: International Open Ocean Racing Association. Notice of Race.
Desmond’s got 8 months to get in the best shape of his life.
Desmond adamantly tells her, "I'm going to win."
Libby wants to know what he gets if he wins. To Desmond, what matters is who he wins it from. He shows her the back of the brochure; a picture of Charles Widmore. Industrialist, Philanthropist. Sailing Competition.
He openly shares with this "stranger" the fact Widmore tried to buy him off, and when Des didn’t take his money Widmore took away the only thing in the world he ever truly cared about.
Libby- “Who is she?”
Desmond-“His daughter. I was unsuitable on several levels.”
Libby asks what the 42 grand is for. Desmond reveals he still needs a boat.
Libby looks stunned as she has a boat. It belonged to her husband. He wanted to sail to the Mediterranean but he got sick and passed away a month ago. She wants Desmond to have his boat. Desmond says he can't take it.
Libby- "You have to. He'd want you to have it." {WTF? Why would he want HIM to have it?}
Desmond asks what his name was. “David named the boat after her. {Elizabeth}
Desmond accepts the generous gift and says "I thank you, Elizabeth. And I shall win this race for love." {David -Desmond’s middle name and the formal of Dave. Elizabeth-Libby-Ellie.}

Back at the beach, Sun and Sayid talking. Jin comes over to have a private chat with Sun; Sayid will be at the shore. Sun tells Jin, Sayid wants him to sail the boat to the other side of the island to help Michael. Jin smiles but says no; he won’t leave her now. But he wouldn’t be leaving her because Sun’s going with them.

Michael leads the group through the jungle.
Sawyer sees a doll on the ground and almost falls into the ol dolly trap. Kate shares it’s one of the many traps Rousseau has throughout the island. Sawyer asks her how she knows that.
Kate shares the bit about her and Jack getting caught in a net. They hear what sounds like wings flutter/fly by them. A Big {Prehistoric size, camouflage bird} flies over them. Then sound/"HURLEY" coming from the bird.
Hurley-"Did that bird just say my name?"
Sawyer says yeah it did, and then sarcastically, "Right before it crapped gold." {That's interesting, only Hurley heard anything. Also note that the bird and Hurley blend in with the jungle.}

Michael is the only one pulling the trigger at the “bird”, except he realizes his gun has no bullets. Jack gives him a new mag and apologizes for forgetting to load his. Michael realizes that they may be onto him.

Charlie comes upon Locke crying in the jungle. Locke pulls himself together.
Charlie asks Locke what happened to his face. Nothing; Locke says he’s fine.
Charlie- “Hey ahh, you’re feeling sorry for yourself, you may wanna have a drink with your mate from the hatch. I hear he’s a little despondent as well.”
Locke- “What?”
That’s right, Locke wasn’t there for "Desmond's dramatic arrival at the funeral.
Charlie-“I think he’s pushed your button too many times, if you ask me.” {Charlie has attitude/eyes}.
Locke- “Desmond?”
Charlie’s sure Locke and Desmond have a lot to talk about. Charlie gives a quiet chuckle then just walks away.

Sayid hides a gun on the small raft in a blue tarp.
Sayid says to Sun “I’m sorry if what I said was confusing but, I asked Jin to come.”
Sun explains you need at least two people who know how to sail and she'll translate. Sayid notes that Desmond managed by himself.
Sun-“And look where he ended up.” {Jin seems to have understood what Sun just said. Desmond’s boat is very far in the distance.}

At the beach, Claire is contemplating the whole pneumatic injector issue with the baby.
Desmond, still drinking his bottomless bottle of liquor, says "You're wasting your time sister. I shot myself with that stuff every 9 days for 3 years."

Desmond walks over to look at the “lovely” baby and asks, ”Is the father here on the island?”
Claire- “No. He’s been gone a long time.” She shares he walked off when he got scared over the situation.
Drunk Desmond thinks maybe the guy knew he’d be a lousy dad and did what was best for her. Insulted Claire replies, “He was doing what was best for him. “ {That is important, especially said in Desmond's company.}
At the stadium, Desmond is outside his car gearing up for a run. Jack pulls up in the background. {His tee-shirt has an emblem on the left side} Penny pulls up. {Jack runs up the steps.} Des is surprised but not shocked to see her.
Desmond-“How did you find me?
Penny was able to find him due to her affluence. "With money and determination, you can find anyone." She asks if he read his beloved book, the one he was saving.
Desmond- “Not yet.” She thought he might have read while he was away.
Des was he was in prison, “not away”.
Penny gets teary eyed and asks why he didn’t write to her. He doesn't give an answer to that question, just asks when she'll get married. They have yet to set a date.
Desmond-"I'll be back in a year."
Pen- "What if you were back right now?"
Desmond tells Pen that he's going to win this race, “his” race and in a year he'll be back.
Penny- “Desmond, what are you running from?”
Desmond- "I have to get my honor back. And that's what I'm running to." He runs off.

The beach at night:
Locke approaches Desmond {He's still drinking his bottomless bottle of liquor; finally finishes the Dharma Chardonnay and tosses it.} and asks, “So, what did 1 snowman say to the other snowman?"
Desmond, who seems happy to see him says, "Smells like carrots." {Des has a bottle of Dharma Merlot.} They both smile seemingly happy to see each other.
Locke- “Hello Desmond.”
Desmond-“Hello yourself Boxman.”
Locke shares a sip from the bottle. Desmond notes that he/Locke managed to fix the computer.
Locke- "The world's still here aint it?"
Desmond isn’t so sure about that.
Locke asks Desmond to refresh his memory. {YEAH!! Refresh it!}
Locke-"How long did you say you were you down in the hatch?"
Desmond- "Three years.”
Locke-"What if I told you that, for all that, all those years that you and all the men before you, were down there, pushing that button. What if I told you it was all for nothing?"
Desmond-"I’d ask ya how the hell you'd know something like that?"
Locke-"I found another hatch. Another station on the island. They called it the Pearl. And I saw a film there. An orientation film. And it said that everything that was happening in our hatch wasn't real. That it was a test. A psychological experiment." {"He" found another hatch! Eko did too!}
Desmond feels he's lying, so Locke presents the video tape to him.
Locke-"You want to take a walk? I'll make the popcorn."
Desmond gets mad, "You're so sure it's not real, then just stop pushing the button."
Locke says he has stopped, but someone else decided to start. He tells Desmond to sober up, "We're going to get a good night's sleep, tomorrow we're gonna find out what happens if that button doesn't get pushed."

Hurley sits starring at the campfire. Sawyer offers him a Dharma nutribar but Hurley’s not hungry.

Michael out in the jungle is breathing heavy, stressed and sweating. You can see he’s got some heavy thoughts on his mind. Jack asks is he’s alright. Michael tells him he’s just getting some more fire wood and that he’s not feeling too hot. Jack tells Michael he shouldn’t be out there alone; so he gives him a hand. Michael thanks Jack for coming out here, risking his neck for his boy.
Jack-" Live together, Die alone, man."
Sun, Jin and Sayid sail around the island. Sun pukes over the side of the boat. Jin remarks that he told her not to come. She says it’s not seasickness. {Seasick sailor.}
There’s something Jin wants her to see. Sayid is looking through binoculars.
They see a 4 toed statue in the water near the shore of the island.
Sayid-“I don’t know what is more disquieting. That fact that the rest of the statue is missing or that it has four toes.”

Eko is in the computer room of the Swan hatch. He is carving into his stick. {9 22 next to the word revelation. The log print out is underneath the stick with 9 22} the electricity is blinking and buzzing. The power goes out leaving him in the dark!
Something resets and things power back up. {You can hear winding up sound}

The countdown clock shows 101 00.
Eko, armed with his stick and flashlight, gets up to investigate. The hatch door is wide open. There is a humming sound. He sees that a fuse has been tampered with.
The static countdown with the woman's voice starts. 8… 7...6... We see Desmond handling some live wires trying to spark a connection. …5….4…. Locke enters the computer room.
The countdown clock shows 101 00. An alarm sounds and the blast doors go down!
Eko runs to try to get back to the computer. While trying to get in his stick ends up with Locke inside the blast door sealed computer room. Eko is locked out!
Locke tells Desmond that's a neat trick! {The whole making the blast doors go down thingy} Eko is yelling for John from the other side of the blast door. Desmond hopes that Locke is sure about this.
Locke- "I'm more sure about this than anything in my entire life." {Did they get a good night's sleep? Is this a day later? The same day?}
Des-"Alright then Boxman…we wait."
It's a very stormy night.
Desmond is on the sailboat in this storm. His boat is getting tossed around by the violent waves. He’s holding on to the wheel trying to keep control of the boat. He ties up the wheel with rope. Then Des heads below deck, grabs his 'Our mutual friend' book, seals it in plastic for protection, and wraps duct tape around the plastic.
Back on deck Desmond falls, hits his head and gets knocked out. {Yeah, didn't see that coming. LOL!}
Flashes of Desmond waking up face down on shore.

A man in a yellow chemical/environmental/HAZMAT protective suit and mask picks him up then drags Desmond through the jungle on a stretcher made form branches.
{Note that things are very blurry, jumbled and distorted! One person is perceived as 2 or more people.}
We then see Desmond lying in the bunk bed trying to get some clarity.
The man removes the book from Desmond's protective plastic wrap and throws the book! Then he begins to remove his protective gear as Desmond appears to watch him.
The man in the yellow suit whispers, "Are you him?…What did 1 snowman say to the other?" Desmond has no idea what this man is talking about.
This is Kelvin Inman. Inman says that he found Desmond washed up on the beach, there was no boat. Kelvin is wearing a Dharma jumpsuit with the Swan patch on it. The beeping starts.
Desmond follows him into the computer room.
Kelvin, half in/half out of his Hazmat suit, enters a code and the clock resets.
Desmond asks "What was all that about then?"
Kelvin, seeming to not give a shit says, "Just saving the world." {Kelvin walked by the same new washer/dryer that is in the hatch with the Castaways. How new/old are those appliances, really?}

Desmond is watching the orientation film on the reel to reel projector.
{Note the audio sounds backwards. Desmond stops then starts the projector and it fixes itself.}

The film: “Not long after the experiments began however, there was an incident. And since that time the following protocol has been observed. Every 108 minutes the button must be pushed. From the moment the alarm sounds you will have 4 minutes to enter the code into the microcomputer processor.” {Note Candle is in a room within a room and there is an EXIT}

Kelvin asks Desmond how many times he's going to watch that thing. {How many times? Hmm?!} Desmond asks why there are missing parts.
Kelvin mentions Radzinski (his partner) made some edits. Kelvin is suiting up to go outside. He uses Duct tape to make his suit airtight.
Desmond wonders what happened to his partner but he doesn't answer.
Kelvin wants Desmond to be sure to put the film back behindTurn of the screw’ when he’s done. Desmond asks why he wears that suit. Kelvin explains he wears the suit so he doesn't get infected out there. He gives Desmond the pneumatic injector and tells him to give himself a shot of this every 9 days, “You were out there a while before I found you. I hope it's not too late." {Manipulation-con}

In the computer room Desmond asks Locke, “Who is he, Boxman? The man out there pounding on the door.”
The timer shows 99 00. You can hear Eko pounding and yelling for John to open up the door.
John sits calmly, “His name is Mr. Eko.”
Desmond wants to know why Mr. Eko carries around a stick covered in scripture.
Locke says he's a priest.
Desmond- "We locked out a priest?"

Eko looks around; there’s a hum. He climbs out of the hatch and sees the blown open hatch door with the word Quarantine stamped on it.

Charlie is playing guitar on the beach. Eko runs up to him, “Charlie, do you know how they got the hatch door open?!”
Charlie- “No but if you hum it I can probably play it.”
Charlie reveals they blew it up. Eko needs Charlie’s help.
Charlie- "Oh now I'm back in your good graces, father?"
Eko frantically tells him about John locking him out of the hatch. Eko believes John is going to stop pushing the button. If John is successful, Eko is absolutely certain that in 90 minutes everyone on the island will die! {WOW!}
Charlie thinks about it for a few seconds, and says he's in.

In the jungle, Sawyer asks Michael if he thinks these Others are left over from the Dharma folk. Michael doesn't know.
Sawyer's theory is that they're aliens, “That's why they use the fake beards; their heads are made of prosthetic.”    Except he says the word prosthetic wrong and Hurley corrects him. Sawyer remarks about being corrected by a guy that can’t spell so he asks Freckles for her opinion.
Kate tells them to keep moving, “We’re being followed...Just keep smiling.”
Kate notes there are at least 2 of them across the river.   In 5 seconds she's gonna turn the tables on them. She asks Sawyer, “You in?”
Kate opens fire on them! One is dead, another is getting away. Kate wants to go after the one who got away. Jack says no.
Sawyer yells, “You crazy! You let him go they’ll know we’re comin'! He’ll warn them!”
Jack says it doesn’t matter if they catch him now, they’ve already been warned. He realizes Michael was indeed part of the set up. Jack knows Michael is lying and demands he tell everyone what he’s doing.
Michael reveals “It was the only way. They gave me a list…It had your names on it. I had to bring all four of you back or they said I’d never see my son again.”
Michael swears to Jack these people live in a camp with huts.
Jack takes the list from him. They now know Michael let Henry go, and killed the girls. He had to kill the girls, there was no other way. Killing Libby was a mistake; he didn’t have time to think. Hurley asks him if he had time, would he still have killed them. Michael is still claiming this is all about his son.
Upset Hurley says he's going back.
Jack talks him into staying. Jack apologizes for bringing them out there, but they have to follow the plan.
Sawyer wants to know “What plan?” {Apparently Jack has a plan.}

Sayid is on the boat, kneeling, praying.
Jin sees something through the binoculars. He leaves the wheel and shows Sayid some sort of rock structure. {Sun is at the wheel}
Sayid says that's the rock Michael described, "We're here."

Charlie and Eko are in the jungle looking for the spot that (Charlie says) Hurley showed the explosives he hid. Eko says they are running out of time. Of course Charlie finds the dynamite under leaves, wrapped in a blue/white beach towel.
Charlie warns him to be careful, “Dynamite is very unstable. Don’t handle it like Dr. Arzt.”
Eko brings the dynamite to the hatch.
Charlie is trying to get focused Eko to listen, “What if we hurt them or blow up the computer?”
Eko tells him he can leave now.
Charlie pleads with John beyond the blast door.
Desmond is twirling Eko’s stick.
Charlie says they should try to work this thing out. Charlie is trying to express to John that "Eko is very upset” and they should open the door and talk about it. Eko is running the fuse line. Charlie tells John Eko is going to blow open the blast door with dynamite from the old ship in the jungle.
Desmond tells him not to bother. It would take an atom bomb to do the job.
Locke-“You sure it’ll hold?”
Desmond looks at a damaged/crushed metal cart,Aye. I’m sure.”
Desmond is playing with 2 wires to start a connection. {The electronic woman’s voice counts down.}
The timer shows 9100 When the countdown reaches 3…2…1… Des makes the Blast Doors go down for the lockdown. He smiles when the blast door can’t completely crush a metal cart.
Kelvin is pouring laundry detergent out into a measuring cup. {He mixing up stuff to act as invisible/glow ink}
Desmond asks how he knows where he left off from.
Kelvin inspects the blast door, “Slowly, Des.Very, very slowly.”
Kelvin paints the Blast Door Map. He says this whole baby was Radzinski's idea. He has a photographic memory. Radzinski also figured out how to fake a lockdown and created this great invisible map.
Desmond considered these tales about Kelvin’s former partner.
Kelvin shows Desmond a brown stain on the ceiling, "That's Radzinski."    Radzinski put a shotgun in his mouth when Kelvin was asleep. {Sam Toomey also killed himself this way} Kelvin only had 108 minutes to bury the poor bastard.
Desmond- “Well, if you don’t want me to go crazy, next time let me go out.”
Kelvin- "What? You want to go out there with the quarantine and the hostiles?”
Desmond says he hasn't been outside for two bloody years, “Yes, I wanna go. I was in the Army for god sake.”
Kelvin mocks him- "Oh yeah, Her Majesties army…Tell me Desmond, why did you leave that nice old ladies army. Oh, I remember now, you got kicked out because you couldn't follow orders?"
Desmond asks him why he left his army.
Kelvin shares with contempt, "Because men followed my orders. But then, thank god, I joined the Dharma initiative. Namaste. Thank you and good luck."
Desmond begs to go out just once.
Kelvin-"Sorry. You stay here and push the button. That's an order." {Is Kelvin still in a role of giving orders? Is he still in command of an Army? Hmmm? By the way, it’s a good thing Radzinski was the same size as Desmond. Otherwise he wouldn't have a Dharma jumpsuit to wear. HA!}

Back inside the hatch Charlie is still pleading with John. He tells John seriously he’s about to be detonated.
Charlie then talks to Eko, who is still working intensely on his explosives.
Charlie-"What if John's right? Maybe it's just some colossal joke. Just some old computer connected to nothing. Maybe it's a bunch of wires that…"
Eko rips off Charlie's belt and throws it against the Wall/magnet!
Eko- “Is that a joke?”
Charlie sees himself out and takes his belt too.
Eko tells John “This is your last chance to end this. Open the door and I will forgive you.”
Locke- “Forgive me for what?”
Eko blesses himself. Charlie, still in the hatch, begs Eko to wait and tries to talk him out of it. Tells him it's not a good idea, they're in a very confined area. Eko lights the fuse with Dharma matches. Charlie runs! The TNT blows!
Desmond wakes up to the sound of the alarm.
He calls out for Kelvin, enters the code in the computer resetting it. Desmond hears a voice coming from another hatch in the ground of the computer room. It’s drunk Kelvin under the computer room with a key.
Desmond goes down there.
We see Caution System Termination, failsafe key.
Kelvin is swinging the key on its chain like a pendulum, says he couldn't do it. He tells Desmond this is the only other way out partner. Failsafe, “Turn this key and this all goes away. Poof."
Desmond asks what's behind that wall, “What was the incident?”
Kelvin- "Electromagnetism. Geologically unique. The incident {he snorts a laugh) there was a leak. So now the charge builds up and every time we push the button, it discharges it. Before it gets too big. “
Desmond- "Why make us do it, push the button? If we could just…"
Kelvin laughs, "Here's the real question Desmundo. Do you have the courage to take your finger out of the dam? Blow the whole thing up instead?"
{Eko is at least willing to blow up something. LOL}

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Live Together Die Alone Part 2.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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