May 21, 2009

The Incident. Part 1.

Let's talk about LOST!   The Incident part 1
*For my notes I call the graying haired man in the dark and gray clothes, Mr. X.*

A blond/light haired man {White shirt, dark pants} removes a fish trap {Cone shape} out of the ocean. He cuts and cooks two filets on rock, then sits and eats as he looks out to the distant water where an old ship can be seen.  A graying dark haired man joins the blond man and bids him good morning. {Dark shirt, gray pants.}
Blondie asks the man if he wants some fish.
Mr. X declines as he just ate.
The Blond assumes this man is there because of the ship.
Mr. X-“How did they find the Island?”
The Blond-“I don’t know. You’ll have to ask them when they get here.”
Mr. X doesn’t have to ask because he already knows. “You brought them here. You’re just trying to prove me wrong, aren’t you?”
The Blond- “You are wrong.”
Mr. X- “Am I? They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends up the same.”
The Blond- “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.”
Mr. X turns to the blond and asks, “Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?”
The Blond-“Yes.”
Mr. X- “One of these days, sooner or later I’m going to find a loop-hole, my friend.”
The Blond-“Well when you do, I’ll be right here.”
The gray haired Mr. X says, “Always nice talking to you Jacob.”
Jacob- “Nice talking to you too.”
Mr. X walks away and we see the complete statute standing there.

A light and dark blue pickup trucks outside the Ames Central convenience store.
A boy {w/ toy plane} and girl {w/backpack. Really?!}
The girl has a “plan” to execute but the boy won’t do it. She has to do the deed herself so she makes the boy be her lookout. {Plate XA7 023. Iowa Cattleman sticker}
Patsy Cline music plays. {The Grocer and a customer have conversation about the crops coming in real good this year; Frank bought the ol…Ames Road.}
The girl steals a New Kids on the Block lunch box while the boy ‘looks out’.
The Grocer grabs the girls arm; she’s caught.
He has her open her bag and asks “Where did you get it?” {Doesn’t he know?!}
He recognizes her as Diane Austen’s kid, Katie. He’s calling her mom and then the cops because he doesn’t tolerate stealing here. A man/Jacob tells the Grocer there’s no need to do that; he’ll pay for it. {I.D. required. And 6 pack of beer cost $4 bucks.}
The Grocer guesses if somebody pays for it, there’s no harm done.   The Grocer hands Jacob the lunch box and tells Katie he doesn’t want to see her in there ever again without her parents.
Jacob hands Katie the lunch box and squats down to her level and asks, “You’re not gonna steal anymore, are you?”
Little Katie shakes her head no.
Jacob touches her on the nose in a cute little gesture, “Be good, Katie.” And he walks away.

On the sub Kate and Juliet are cuffed sitting opposite of cuffed James.
Captain Bird welcomes everyone aboard via the intercom. They will be performing system checks off shore before heading out into the open ocean and submerging to their operational running depth.
Mitch is handing out sedatives.
The captain says they will be escorted to their sleeping berths, “Have a nice rest. See you on the other side.”      {Berth=birth. }
In the glow of red light Kate tells Juliet and James “We have to get out of here.”
James- “Outta here? We’re underwater.” {That’s what I’ve been saying!}
He asks Kate what she’s doing here, “How did you get caught?”
Kate- “I came back to get you.”
James asks what for and Juliet asks where Jack is.
Kate informs her Jack is on his way to blow up a Hydrogen bomb.
James-“Why the hell would he do that?”
Kate-“Does it matter? We have to stop him.”
James tells Kate he’s gonna have to pass. He heard what Kate said but he feels she just doesn’t get it. He goes on to tell her he and Juliet were happy in Dharmaville til they all showed up, “But now that’s all over. So we’re gonna drink our OJ and take our chances in the real world.
Jack wants to blow up the Island...Good for Jack.” {Static voice over intercom}
In the cave with the bomb, Jack asks if there's anything in there that says how they’re supposed to move a 10 ton bomb across the Island.
Sayid, who is reading the journal, corrects him; it’s 20 tons.
Sayid- “Fortunately it seems Faraday never intended to freight the device in its entirety…He left detailed instructions on how to remove the Plutonium core… and how to detonate it."
Jack shares with Sayid that Faraday said he needed to wipe out some kind of pocket of energy, “Is only part of the bomb gonna be enough to do that?”
Sayid-“The core itself is a thermonuclear weapon it will be more than enough.”
He hands Jack the journal.
Richard tells Sayid they “sealed that thing up 20 years ago and we put it underground because it was emitting radiation.
He asks Eloise if it sounds like a good idea; after all she’s pregnant.
Eloise feels that is the reason they have to help them see this through.
She asks “Once the core is removed, then what?”
Sayid shares then they have approximately two hours to take it to the Swan site.
When Faraday returned to the Island he was very explicit about his timetable.
Jack says they better get moving. {Richard and Eloise share a very interesting look together}

Pissed off Radzinsky pulls up to the Swan site wanting to know who stopped the damn drill.
Cheng admits he did; because when they passed 70 meters the drill temp went up 60 degrees and he didn’t want it to melt.
Radzinsky feels that’s why they have a truck full of water, “So cool it down and turn it on.” {Gage} Cheng tells Stuart that they just evacuated the Island of all nonessential personnel; they’re on the verge of a possible insurrection, “Do you really think this is the ideal time for your experiments?”
Stu has been working on this project for six years, designing a station that will be able to manipulate electromagnetism in ways they only dreamed of.
Cheng-“Have you thought about the consequences of drilling into that pocket? We have no idea what…”
Radzinsky cuts him off, “If Edison was only worried about the consequences we’d all still be sitting in the dark. I came to this Island to change the world, Pierre.  And that’s exactly what I intend to do. LET’S GET IT STARTED!”
He starts up the drill. {The camera brings us down deep into the well.}

Thirty Years Later.

John leads the exodus to Jacob. He holds up his water canteen and tells everybody to take 5; they still got a ways to go to get to Jacob.
Sun asks Ben who Jacob is. Ben tells her he’s in charge of this Island.
Sun-“You said John was in charge.”
Ben-”No, I said he was the leader.  A title that I discovered is incredibly temporary. But everyone answers to someone and the leader answers to Jacob.
Sun asks what he’s like.
Ben doesn’t know, “I’ve never met him.”
Richard seems as if he wants to say something to John.
John notices that Richards' been staring for the last 10 minutes, “Is there something you’d like to ask me?”
Richard shares that Ben told him he strangled John.
That indeed is John’s recollection.
Richard also shares Ben was sure he was dead,He saw your coffin loaded onto that plane that you came back on. How are you alive?”
John comments that Richard has been on this Island a lot longer than he has and thinks if anyone should have an explanation to it, it should be Richard.
Richard admits to being on this Island a long time and he’s seen “things” that he can barely describe, “But I’ve never seen someone come back to life.”
John. “And I’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t age, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen.”
Richard says he’s that way because of Jacob and if he had to guess “he’s the reason you’re not in that coffin anymore.”
John agrees completely, “And that’s why I’m doing this. So I can thank him. Once I’ve done that, we’re gonna need to deal with the passengers from the Ajira flight that brought me here.”
Richard-“What do you mean deal with them?”
John- “You know what I mean.”
He yells to the group “LET'S GO!
Richard looks concerned.

Ilana is rowing the outrigger with Bram and friends as Frank sleeps. They are carting the large silver cargo crate.
On shore Ilana tells the men to untie the crate.
Bram asks her why they brought the “Yahoo” along {Frank}.
Ilana feels they might need him.
Bram- “For what? He didn’t know the answer to the question.”
Ilana-“That doesn’t mean he’s not important.”
Bram asks if she thinks he’s a candidate.
Ilana lets Bram know that Frank is awake; he’s been pretending to sleep so he can listen to their conversation. Bram wonders how long he’s been listening.
Frank-“Long enough to wonder what the hell I’m a candidate for…Who the hell are you people?”
Ilana- “We’re friends.”
Frank remarks they "smack all their friends in the head with a rifle and kidnap them.”
Ilana- “Only the ones we like.”
They all share some water. The men take the crate off the outrigger. Frank asks what’s in the box.
Bram says it’s Ilana’s call to make if they reveal the contents. {AA823. Ajira. Cargo.}
The men open the lid, Frank sees inside and says, “Terrific.”
A white church is hosting a double funeral.
This beautiful sad little boy is James. He watches the men close the doors on the two coffins and were loaded into the cars.
The boy sits alone. {Crows in the background}
He has a notebook and a pen that won’t write.
Jacob, in a dark blue suit asks, “Need a pen, son?”
He digs in his jacket pocket and gives the boy the pen, “You can keep it.”   He touches the boy’s finger when giving him the pen.
Jacob looks at the child with compassion, “I’m very sorry about your mother and father, James.”
Jacob walks away with his hands in his pants pockets.

James continues writing his letter. {‘AND I KNOW...’}
A man walks over to James as Jacob is walking away {He never asks who that man was. Did he not see him?} and tells Jimmy they need to get going to the cemetery. He also asks what he’s writing.
Jimmy- “Nothing.”
The man takes the notebook and reads aloud what the boy wrote. {Dear Mr. Sawyer. You don’t know who I am, but I know who you are and I know what you done.}
He says to the boy, “Listen to me Jimmy. I know you’re angry at the man that did this to your momma and daddy and hell you got every right to be. But you gotta move on, Boy. They’re gone, and there ain't nothing you can do to change that. What’s done is done. Now promise me you’re not gonna finish that letter.
Jimmy promises.
The man, “Let’s go say goodbye.”

On the sub Sawyer tries to get what Kate says straight. “Jack sets off the nuke which somehow resets everything, so flight 815 never crashes, it just lands in L.A. safe and sound and none of this ever happens.”
Kate’s concern is if Jack does this he can kill everyone on the Island.
Sawyer heard that part, “You aint hearing me, Kate. I made a choice and I’m stickin to it. I decided to leave and I’m leavin.”
Mitch comes in with their sedatives and Juliet knocks him out, takes his gun and corrects James saying “We decided to leave this Island, we did. And now we’re going back.”
Juliet takes Mitch’s keys and un-cuffs her and Kate.
Juliet-“We can’t just let those people die…You want out? You wanna stay here and whine about it?”
James is pissed but tells her to unlock the damn cuffs.

Captain Bird- “Galaga to base. The system check is complete. We’re locked on departure bearing and ready to leave the island.
The voice on the other end says, “Roger that, Galaga. Have a safe trip See you on the return.”
The trio with a gun tells the Captain to surface the sub.
Juliet puts the gun against his throat tells him once they’re gone proceed on course and whatever he does do not take those people back to the Island.
Captain- “What if Horace tries to contact me? What am I supposed to say?”
Sawyer shoots the speaker, “You aint home.”
The Captain turns some knobs {Gage} surfaces the sub.

Underground Jack asks Sayid if he’s done with Faraday’s journal. Sayid tells him to take it as Sayid works on getting to the core. Jack checks the mag for the gun and Richard takes a sledgehammer.
Richard asks Jack about John, “Over 20 years ago a man named John Locke…He walked right into our camp and he told me he was going to be our leader.  Now, I’ve gone off the Island three times since then to visit him. But he uh…never seemed particularly special to me.”
Jack- “You said you had a question.”
Richard- “You know him. Locke?”
Jack says he knows himAnd if I were you, I wouldn’t give up on him.”

Richard leads John’s group to Jacob.
John asks Ben why he hasn’t told Richard about John’s plans to see Jacob.
Ben assumed John wanted to keep his plans for murdering Jacob a secret.
John laughs, “When did that ever stop you?”
Ben started thinking differently after his dead daughter threatened to destroy him if he didn’t do everything John said.
John asks where did this happen.
Ben reveals it happened in the cavern beneath the temple when they went to see the monster.
John confirms that Ben is willing to do whatever he says, no matter what it is.
Ben begrudgingly says yes.
John-“Well then. I guess I won’t have to convince you after all.”
Ben-“Convince me to do what?”
John, “I’m not gonna kill Jacob, Ben. You are.” {John gives him one hell of a dirty look.}

Sayid lovingly asks Nadia, “Paris or Rome? Florence?
It doesn’t matter to Nadia her as long as they’re together.
It matters to Sayid; it’s their anniversary, they have to find the perfect place.
Nadia just wants to find her sunglasses.
The traffic light at the corner changes from red to green allowing them to cross. {LaBrea}
Nadia digs through her bag looking for the sunglasses. As they begin to cross the street a lost man {Jacob, brown shirt} shows Sayid a map and needs help with directions, “Are you from Los Angeles?”
Sayid- “What are you looking for?
Nadia turns to show Sayid she found them/sunglasses and is hit by a car. The car speeds off.
As she lies dying in the street she tells Sayid to “Take me home. Take me home.”
She dies.
His hand with his wedding ring wraps around her hand with wedding ring.

Sayid is wrapping the bomb.
He puts the core on his back {backpack} “Time is short. Let’s go.”
Richard, sledgehammer and his lantern lead the way. {The tunnels are lit up. So is the wall.}
He knocks on the wall until he finds a hollow spot then uses the sledgehammer to break through the highlighted wall. {Right through the Pyramid-Triangle stone}

This wall opens conveniently into the basement of a Dharma house. {Richard is very strong. Lol}
Jack offers to go in first but Eloise interjects, “Jack, don’t misunderstand who’s in charge here. I’ll go first. Because if someone at that house is a threat you might hesitate. But I won’t.”
She cocks the gun. Richard looks concerned.
Eloise tells Sayid once they give the "all clear" then they bring the bomb, “We don’t want any accidents…”
Richard knocks out pregnant Eloise! Richard tells Jack he’s “Protecting our leader.”
He tells Jack to get back and says that she’s gonna be angry when she wakes up but that’s a lot better than being dead. “She ordered me to help you, we helped you. Now you’re on your own. I’m taking her out the way we came in.”
Sayid and Jack move on.

Jack opens the basement door to the Dharma house.
The buzz alarm is heard outside along with chaos.
They can hear announcement over the PA. “All residents…We are in a code Black. Report with your weapons to your security assignments immediately. If you come in to contact with a Hostile you are authorized to use deadly force.”
They walk by a baby’s room.
Jack asks Sayid “How the hell are we gonna get out of here?”
Sayid-“We hide in plain sight.”   He puts on Horace's jumpsuit.
Outside amongst the chaos Sayid and Jack walk past the Dharma folk. Phil is giving perimeter instructions to a group of people to go to the pylons.  {Perimeter=circle}
From out of left field aging Roger Linus yells to Sayid accusing him of the man who shot his kid.
Sayid-“Don’t fire that weapon. I’m carrying a nuclear device…”
Roger shoots Sayid {WTF?! Nothing happens to the bomb.}
Jack snaps!! He fires at Roger! There’s a huge shootout.
Jack carries shot Sayid while shooting at the Dharma folk. {Killing a few}
To their rescue comes the blue Dharma Van driven by Hurley. {Jin and Miles are in the van too.}

The sub is submerging.
Kate, Sawyer and Juliet are on the raft headed back to the Island. Juliet looks back at the disappearing/descending sub.   Sawyer comments by the look of the sun the north shores gotta be over there.
Kate disagrees, “The sun’s over there, that’s gotta be the west coast.”
Sawyer-“Really? What? You got a compass?”
Kate-“No, do you?”
{Are they seeing the sun in two different places? Two different perspectives or does one have no sense of direction?}

On shore Kate thanks Juliet for backing her up at the sub.
Sawyer announces “I got no idea where the hell we are.”

A dog barks. {I jump up and down with excitement!!} Vincent runs over to Sawyer and {no collar-no attachments}
Sawyer is happy to see him, "How are ya, boy? I haven’t seen you since the flaming arrows three years ago!"
Juliet wonders how he survived alone out here.
Rose-“Oh hell no… Bernard!” {She has Vincent’s leash. Bernard runs out of the jungle looking like bearded mountain man with a walking stick.}
Rose is disappointed, “They found us.”
Bernard- “Son of a bitch.”

Hurley drives the Dharma van while Jack puts the bomb down and tends to bleeding Sayid. Miles asks if that’s a bomb.  {It's a core, damn it!!}
Jack tells Sayid, “Try not to move. I need to stop the bleeding.”
Hurley asks about Sayid but Miles tells him to keep his eyes on the damn road.  Hurley wonders if they should pull over, “I don’t know where we’re going.”
Jack tells him to head to the Swan, “If you wanna save Sayid take us to the Swan.”
Hurley- “Swan it is.”
Jin asks Jack what’s at the Swan. Jack tells him he thinks he found a way to get him back to his wife.

Rose and Bernard lead the trio to their cabin. Apparently they’ve been living out there in the jungle for the past three years by themselves.
Sawyer is sorry they got left behind, “Didn’t you hear me shout out meet at the creek?”
Bernard comments that with the chaos, flaming arrows raining down around us killing everyone we knew, “Sure we heard ya.”
Sawyer tells him they spent all sorts of time looking for them, “I sent Jin out searching the Island, grid by grid.
Rose- “Yeah. We know.”
Rose knows they joined up with the Dharma Initiative.
Sawyer mentions he could have brought them in, “Why didn’t you find a way to tell us you were out here?”
Rose- “Because we’re retired.” {From what? The D.I.?} They’ve been scavenging Dharma food and living out in a hut by themselves.
Bernard- “People try their whole lives to get themselves a nice quiet place near the ocean where they can live in peace. We did it. That’s what we made for ourselves.
Sawyer hates to rain on their parade but, “Your condo’s about to go KA-BLOOEY.”
Jack has a bomb.
Rose doesn’t care, “It’s always something with you people. Now you say Jack’s got a bomb and what, you guys are gonna go try and stop him, right?”
That’s right. {Kate takes off her dark Dharma jumpsuit}
Rose {looking at Kate}, “We traveled back 30 years in time and you’re still trying to find ways to shoot each other?”
Juliet says they just need to know “which way the Dharma barracks are from here so we can stop Jack. Or you’re gonna be dead. We all will.”
Bernard isn’t bothered by that, “So we die. We just care about being together. It’s all that matters in the end.”    {And that's the truth!}
Juliet looks at Sawyer but he looks at Kate. Kate doesn’t look at anyone.
Juliet sees all of this.
Rose-“The barracks are 5 miles that way.” {Points}
Sawyer says his goodbyes to Rose and Bernard. {Touching each of them}
Kate thanks them.
As they walk away Bernard asks Juliet specifically, “You sure you don’t want some tea?”
Juliet stops, “Maybe another time.” {Her hand on tummy. Plus, does Bernard know what’s next for her?}
Juliet follows Kate and Sawyer.
Ilana and crew carry the cargo crate. Frank wishes they never showed him what was in the box. He asks Bram what they’re gonna do with it.
Bram shares they need to show it to somebody, “So they know who they’re up against.”
Frank wonders what exactly are they up against.
Bram- “Something a hell of a lot scarier than what is in this box, Frank.”
He tells Frank not to worry, “as long as you’re with us, you’re fine.”
Frank feels that would be reassuring if he knew who they were, “Friend.”
Bram, in his dark tee shirt says, “We are the good guys.”
Frank- “In my experience, the people who go out of their way to tell you they’re the good guys are the bad guys."
Ilana-“We’re here.”
The cabin.
Bram notices the ash has been compromised.
This concerns Ilana. She goes in to take a look.

 One eye.
Ilana’s head is bandaged like a mummy; only one eye can see out.
She is in a very old run down clinic.
The Russian speaking nurse brings her water and tells her there is someone there to see her. Ilana sips from a straw.
The nurse explained her condition to the visitor but he insisted on seeing her anyway. She feels it would be good for Ilana to have a visitor.
Black gloved Jacob pulls up a chair by Ilana’s bed. {He’s wearing all black and dark blue, over coat and scarf.} He speaks Russian to her. He’s sorry he couldn’t make it sooner. {Why does he have a fucking schedule to keep?! But they must know each other.}
One eyed Ilana says she’s very happy to see him. {LOL!}
Jacob switches to speaking English, “I’m here because I need your help. Can you do that? Will you help me Ilana?”
Ilana says yes.
Ilana and rifle enter the charred cabin.  The only thing untouched it’s the painting of the dog. She takes a piece of tapestry off the wall. {It was held by machete.} She heads outside and tells Bram “He wasn’t there; hasn’t been in a long time. Someone else has been using it.” {Who? Christian? Mr. X.?}
She tells the guys to “Burn it.
Frank is concerned this will torch the whole jungle.
Ilana shows Bram the piece of tapestry.
Bram- "Well, I guess we know where were going.” {Statue.}
The cabin goes up in flames.

Jacob sits on a bench reading Everything That Rises Must Converge. Behind him a body falls from above. Jacob nonchalantly puts a page marker in his book and walks over to sprawled out, face up John Locke. {Woman says call 911}
Jacob touches John’s left shoulder and John takes in a breath and opens his eyes.
Jacob tells John, “Don’t worry. Everything’s gonna be alright. I’m sorry this happened to you.”
John looks at Jacob.
Jacob walks away. {Jacob was waiting for John to fall from above and land on the ground!}
John and followers end up at their old beach camp that is in ruins.
John-“Home Sweet Home.”
John tells the group Richard says they should get to where they’re going by nightfall. They should take this opportunity to rest up, “Catch your breath. Considering what I have planned for ya, you’re gonna need it.”
Ben sits alone in thought. John comes over asks him if everything’s alright.
Ben- “I was enjoying some alone time.”
John-“You see what’s behind ya?”
Ben looks back, “It’s a door. How ‘bout that?”
John-“It’s not just a door, Ben. It’s the door to the hatch. Where you and I first met.”
John asks if he minds he ask a question.
Ben- “I’m a Pisces.” {The Fish}
John asks what happened that day at the cabin when he first took him to meet Jacob.
Ben-“You clearly already know that I was talking to an empty chair, John. That I was pretending. Which is not to say that I wasn’t as surprised as you were, when things started flying around in the room.
John wonders why he went through all that trouble to make something like that up.
Ben- “I was embarrassed. I didn’t want you to know that I had never seen Jacob. So yes, I lied. That’s what I do.“
Ben asks why he wants him to kill Jacob.
John squats down, “Because…Despite your loyal service to this Island you got cancer. You had to watch your own daughter gunned down right in front of you. And your reward for those sacrifices…You were banished. And you did all this in the name of a man you’ve never even met. So the question is Ben, why the hell wouldn’t you wanna kill Jacob?”
Ben is in pain. John walks away.
Sun walks over to Claire’s old tent and turns over Aaron’s cradle/crib. {Made by Locke} She finds Charlie’s Drive Shaft ring. {Different color blanket.  Ring=Circle}

Sun holds Jin’s wedding ring. They are getting married. {Different dress. Different time?} She tells Jin she’s loved him since the first day they met, “I love the man you will become…” {How friggin handsome is Jin?!} She makes her promise and puts the ring on him.
Jin wrote his vows down.  {Jack was supposed to write his vows when marrying Sarah.}
Jin- “We will never be apart. Because being apart from you would be like the sky being apart from the earth. With this ring, I make my promises.”
They kiss. {Where’s Mr. Paik? When the fuck is this from?}
On the receiving line Auntie asks the happy couple when they will start a family.
Sun-“Maybe on our honeymoon.”
Jacob is next in line. {Dark suit} In Korean he says, “I’d like to offer you my blessing. Your love is a very special thing. Never take it for granted.”
He touches them both.
Sun asks Jin who that was.
Jin- “I don’t know. But his Korean is excellent.”

The Dharma Van speeds toward the Swan. Hurley tells them they’re about five minutes away.
Sayid- “You can’t stop the bleeding.”
Jack needs fresh dressings. Miles asks Jack about the bomb supposedly blowing them back in time.
Jack- “We not going back in time.”
Miles- "Right, because that would be ridiculous.”
Sayid says he needs to modify the bomb so it detonates on impact, “Jack we need to be there at the moment of the incident, or all of this will be for nothing.”
Hurley stops the van because Sawyer, Kate and Juliet are standing in front of it, blocking their way.

Things to note…Questions to ask... (So far)
* White, Black…what about the GRAY area?
* The “highlight colors” in this episode Blue, Purple and Gray.
* I feel the statue is fun but not real/imaginary. {only has 4 toes etc.} Even though I think the statue is hinting to a particular idol, it did seem to me the statue had a bit of additional "features" or a combination of features. As per a recent article for Popular Mechanics an Egyptologist mentions that “the pointy ears are a result of the imagination, and that, in actuality; the statue's sandals are Roman, not Egyptian.”
* When I hear certain words throughout the story I feel connected to other people.  Here with words like steal and kid, I'm brought to Christian and Jack. This happens to me often. especially I find I reference this with words like kiddo and bar.
* Time. Timer. Time Table. Time is short. Long time. Another Time. Alone Time. Years have passed.
* Life. Death. Berth/Birth. {Rebirth}  Zen Buddhism
* Richard and company did not seal up the bomb they only hid it.
* Does Richard love Eloise? Whose baby is she carrying?
* Moral compass. Map. Direction. Levels.
* Alcohol. Sedatives. Knock out. Sleep. Rest. Awake.
* Illusion. Pretending. Game.
* Cool things down. Don’t melt. Officer Winter
* Melt. Fire. Temperature went up.
* New Kids on the Block- New generation to the island?
* In 1977 Richard tells Jack he went off the island 3 times to visit John Locke. {Since 1957. Keep in mind we are given a few different birth dates for John, November 15, 1946 - March 30, 1956. And May 30th, 1956}
* Events out of order…
* Knowing that the Jacob and Mr. X need to catch their own food, cook and eat it, was a very important bit of info. If they were "supernatural beings" I would imagine there would be no need for "food" or warmth and shelter. We’ve seen Jacob with money, current clothes, traveling by taxi. This is one of the main reasons why I feel we need to be careful not to be distracted by certain things.
* Jacob speaks Russian. Mikhail spoke Russian. {So did Miss Klugh}
* Charlie Pace.
* Jacob and Ben are connected in Nadia’s death.
* Gates. Hell. Underworld. Underground. Underwater.
* How was Ilana able to find the cabin right away?
* People/Being’s hiding in plain sight. Misrepresenting themselves. Who else isn’t who/what we think? Hmmm.
* Rose and Bernard’s hut looks like a cabin. Rose and Bernard, dark and light. Retired and living in a cabin filled with love and peace. They found their place. Balance.
* LOOPHOLE. We've seen these used before.

Vocabulary and Research...
* The name "Jacob" is related to Jewish history and culture. In the biblical story of Jacob, Jacob tells a lie to his father Isaac, in order to steal the first-born birth-right from his older brother Esau. According to classic Jewish texts, Jacob lived a life that paralleled the descent of his offspring, the Jewish people, into the darkness of exile.
- Jacob the Liar is a novel written by Jurek Becker in 1969.
* Swan-Cygnus. An adult female is a Pen.
* Gage-Something, as a glove, thrown down by a medieval knight in token of challenge to combat. Also a medieval name meaning defining one.
* Gage Creed. Character in Stephen King’s Pet Semetary. After being buried in the Pet Semetary he is reanimated back to life.
* An electromagnet is made from a coil of wire which acts as a magnet when an electric current passes through it, but stops being a magnet when magnetic field disappears {current ceases}. Often an electromagnet is wrapped around a core of ferromagnetic material like steel, which enhances the magnetic field produced by the coil.
* The Incident-The Incident was a Royalist plot to kidnap a group of Scottish nobles.
-Incident Management (IcM) refers to the activities of an organization to identify, analyze and correct hazards.
- L. Ron Hubbard used the term Incident in a specific context for auditing in Scientology and Dianetics: the description of space opera events in our Universe's distant past, involving alien interventions in our past lives.
* Sobek (in Greek Suchos) was the deification of crocodiles, as crocodiles were deeply feared in the nation so dependent on the Nile. Sobek also came to symbolize the produce of the Nile and the fertility that it brought to the land; its status thus became more ambiguous.
* A loophole is a weakness or exception that allows a system, such as a law, or security, to be circumvented or otherwise avoided. Loopholes are searched for and used strategically in a variety of circumstances, including taxes, elections, politics, the criminal justice system, or in breaches of security.
* A gray area is a term for a border in-between two or more things that is unclearly defined, a border that is hard to define or even impossible to define, or a definition where the distinction border tends to move. There are several flavors of grey areas:
- A gray area of definitions signifies a problem of sorting reality into clearly cut categories.
- A gray area of ethics signifies an ethical dilemma, where the border between right and wrong is blurred.
* Tapestry is a form of textile art, woven on a vertical loom. It is composed of two sets of interlaced threads, those running parallel to the length (called the warp) and those parallel to the width (called the weft).
* The teaching of Buddha.  Hints to chakras, purification, Karma, suffering (4 noble truths) convergence of practices (Bindu-part of mediation) Life, death and rebirth. Circle.
* In philosophy of mind, dualism is a set of views about the relationship between mind and matter, which begins with the claim that mental phenomena are, in some respects, non-physical.
* The Bennu bird serves as the Egyptian correspondence to the phoenix, and is said to be the soul of the Sun-God Ra. Some of the titles of the Bennu bird were “He Who Came into Being by Himself,” “Ascending One,” and “Lord of Jubilees,”   The name is related to the verb “weben,” meaning “to rise brilliantly,” or “to shine.”  The Bennu bird was the mythological phoenix of Egypt. Because the Bennu represented creation and renewal, it was connected with the Egyptian calendar.
Indeed, the Temple of the Bennu was well known for its time-keeping devices.
The Bennu was pictured as a gray, purple, blue, or white heron with a long beak and a two-feathered crest.
* The Ancient Egyptians believed that a human soul was made up of five parts: the Ren, the Ba, the Ka, the Sheut, and the Ib.
* A person's ren (rn 'name') was given to them at birth and the Egyptians believed that it would live for as long as that name was spoken.
* A person's shadow, was always present. It was believed that a person could not exist without a shadow, nor a shadow without a person, therefore, Egyptians surmised that a shadow contained something of the person it represents. For this reason statues of people and deities were sometimes referred to as their shadows.
* The Ka was the Egyptian concept of life force, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the ka left the body.
* The Akh (3ḫ meaning 'effective one'), was a concept that varied over the long history of ancient Egyptian belief. It is besides Ka and Ba one of the central elements, aspects of immortal personality, even after the death of the physical body. In this sense, it was a sort of ghost.
* In Egyptian mythology, Duat (or Tuat) is the underworld. The underworld is a generic term approximately equivalent to the lay term afterlife, referring to any place to which newly dead souls go.
This was the region through which the sun god Ra traveled from west to east during the night, and where he battled Apep.. It also was the place where people's souls went after death—for judgment. The structure of Duat and the dangers faced there by the souls of the dead are detailed in texts such as the Book of Gates and the Book of the dead. The Duat was located beneath the earth where Osiris presided over the dead. It was believed that the sun on its journey through the Duat, brought light and revitalization to the deceased, including Osiris, and with whom they were to arise in the morning.
* The most famous scene from the discussions of Duat is the Weighing of the Heart, in which the dead were judged by Anubis, using a feather, representing Ma’at, the goddess of truth and justice. She was responsible for maintaining order in the universe after having eliminated the emptiness of chaos at the beginning of creation.
* The Book of Dead.
* The Book of Gates.
* The Books of Breathing.
* The Book of Caverns.
* The Book of the Earth.

I know how long these two posts will be. There is just so much to explore.
In the meantime, watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing and other people who find loopholes as really a way to cheat their way out of something.  I've always said to be careful, people and things are not what you think they are.

Which side of the chess board are you on? Light or Dark?  Dark doesn't mean it's automatically the bad side and Light doesn't automatically make it the good side. Think about it.
Time to use the "escape hatch".

The Incident part 1 is a great episode about heart.

Love to all who are “LOST”™

For additional insight and research go to The Incident. Preliminary Lostness.


  1. Great stuff Karen :)
    A very interesting post.
    I'm glad there are bloggers like you who break it down a bit,get into the nitty gritty.Personally,it adds to my experience of watching the show,and I'm very appreciative for all of the work you put into doing this.Also,your work for the podcast.
    Thanks for contributing greatly to my overall enjoyment of this season.
    Love and God Bless.

  2. Thanks a lot for your post, Karen. You're a flood of words and I love to be Lost in them! And you notice things that other people hardly notice, like the possible hint of the New Kids On The Block's box. :)

  3. Awesome analysis here!

    I, too, was VERY intrigued by Richard's statement that he'd been off the Island "three times" to see Locke. Once at his birth, once when he brought him that weird object test (pick the one that's already yours), but...the third? I know the birthdates are confusing the issue further....

    I think it is very significant that Jacob was wearing those black gloves when he visited Ilana. I think his touch messes with free will. He seemed to want her to want to help him. (Whoa, sounds like Ben, there.) Maybe that's why he didn't want to touch her. With the other characters he visited, I think his touch makes the choice for them -- at that point they were destined to come to the Island. But for some reason, Ilana had to choose it on her own.

    Great post, as always! Looking forward to part 2!

  4. I finally got time to read your blog work and this time I really miss something.
    You are right it is about the core, the core of Lost.
    I think the major plot for next season, the finale season lays in the introducing dialog; and this dialog isn't an easy one to understand:
    a) you have to ask WHEN they arrive --> a possible hint to the end of the finale: they are coming and it is not Ilana, no it could be the metaphorical announcement the 4 Hoursemen of the Apocalyse (a term from the Bible in chapter 6 of The Book of Revelation) are coming, so who are those 4 out of our survivors' group? Jack is certainly one of those.
    b)You're just trying to prove me --> it sounds pseudo- religious, the temptation of Christ refers to the temptation of Jesus by the devil as detailed in each of the the Synoptic Gospels and this leads to ancient Egpytian religious dogmas, because this is totally identic with the Christianity view, even some symbols are equal (listed some similarities on my blog )
    c)It only ends once --> a hint to the Apocalypse, the ultimate end of all!
    Anything that happens before that is just progress
    --> a riddle itself and a revelation Jacob loves progress, the other one not; also a revelation Jacob has faith in humans, the other one not
    d) the loophole
    I think this is the biggest hint, so the Man X is searching for a loophole to kill Jacob, and a loophole is a weakness or exception that allows a system to be circumvented or otherwise avoided! If the system is Jacob the weakness might be his favor for having faith in humans.
    --> we've seen different security systems on island; the smoke monster and the ash circle around Jacob's cabin and the sonic fence of Dharma, but one missing security system for the nuclear weapon!
    In a security system the one, who breaches the system exploits the loophole by breach, but the violator studied long time in advance weaknessess and often spend a lot of time observing and figuring out the routines of the system and sometimes conducts surreptitious tests, which let us think of the scannning smoke monster and perhaps the moment John Locke looked into the eye of the smoke monster was the moment of his demise! He was chosen from the violator to breach the system and was meant to be a mere tool! And in the finale's end we hear the Man X speaking through the body of John Locke fulfilling his plan to kill Jacob!

    So I think it is less about the aspect to be reborn or being resurrected. It is about to avoid the apocalpse in the shape of extinguishing faith in the hearts of humans.

    1 Corinthians 13;9-13
    For we know in part and we prophesy in part; 10 but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away. 11 When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. 12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known. 13 But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.

  5. Nice recap Karen. Looking forward to ur next season's recaps.

  6. I wonder if the three times mentioned by Richard (for visiting John off the island) is when he was born, when Richard showed him the items that belonged to him... and could it be their eluding to when John was a teen and was 'scouted' at the science fair? Mittleos Bio Science gave the teacher a brochure.
    Or is a time we have not seen yet?

  7. Your texts are AWESOME, probably the best ones about Lost. And I agree with your ideas almost all the time.

    Thank you and congratulations!

  8. Thank you SO much, Losties,

    I don't know where the story is leading us and I am the first to admit I could be wrong in where the clues 'I see' are going. We don't know how the Losties are experiencing all these things. There are MANY possibilities to consider.
    I feel there will not be one blanket answer to cover the entire labyrinth that makes up this story.
    I find it important to keep my options open to all the glorious possibilities.
    In the end, no matter how we get there, I think we'll find that what ever these people lost, will be found.

  9. Did anyone ever notice that the fish that Jacob was cooking was a RED HERRING? Wonder if that is an inside joke? GREAT post!


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