May 27, 2009

The ODI Lostcast "Investigates" The Incident. Part 1.

Hi Losties,

We are two weeks into this final hiatus and I know many of you are counting the seconds until Season 6 starts next year. As usual you know I'm dealing with this hiatus heavily medicated.

As promised we are here and will continue to do our best to help speed up the wait and one way is via the podcast.
We do have lots of things planned to keep us all in a L O S T state of mind.

NEED A FLASHBACK? Then please note that I am continuing to bring over my posted notes from my other site to this site. So keep checking back here if you'd like to refresh your memory on any and all the L O S T episodes.
You may need to use the drop down menu here to locate an episode. Every episode will be right here before we begin season 6.

Thanks to all of you that sent in messages wondering when the Season 5 Finale (Episode 5x16/17 The Incident) podcast would be posted and to those that waited so patiently.

Once again we had so much to chat about, discuss, analyze and theorize that we decided to break the recap into two parts. Part 1 is now available on iTunes.
For those of you that can not access the podcast via iTunes, below is an audio player along with a download link.

Hope you all enjoy!!
and we discuss the opening scene with Jacob and his dark shirted friend along with all the scenes in the 1977 time line and the flashbacks that were connected.

Remember to check The ODI for L O S T updates and Darkufo for episode recaps from Vozzek69.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

ODI LOSTcast 44 - Episode 5x16-17 Recap Part 1

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  1. Any idea when part 2 will be out? I know Odi has been busy with a lot of stuff, just curious.

  2. I haven't heard an update from The ODI yet. I'm looking forward to hearing it. We talk about a ton of interesting connections.
    Thanks for listening :)

  3. Definitely can't wait to hear it, it's been too long!! :)

    But in the meantime, I've been re-watching the series, just got done with the Moth yesterday...having your writeup made me notice some things I would have never picked up on! Thanks for writing! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. It's my pleasure. I'm happy to share those things that jump out at me. They may or may not be useful clues, only time will tell.
    I'm bringing all of my season 1 and 2 notes over here. So keep on checking back.
    Thanks again for the support :)


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