May 26, 2009

The Incident. Part 2.

Let’s talk about LOST! The Incident. Part 2.

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Richard leads John’s group.
John-“What is it? Why are we stopping?”
Richard- “You’ll see.”
They have arrived at the 4 toed Statue.
John remarks that it’s a wonderful foot, “But what does it have to do with Jacob?”
Richard- “That’s where he lives.”

Jack asks Kate what’s going on.
Sawyer- “Doc. We gotta talk.”
Jack tells him if he wants to talk he has to get in the van as they don’t have a lot of time. Pissed off Sawyer aint gettin in the van, “I need 5 minutes, that’s all.”
Sawyer’s gonna say whatever he gotta say then Jack can do whatever the hell he wants to, “But you’re gonna listen. You owe me that much, Jack.”
Jack-“Five minutes.” {All this while Sayid bleeds to death.} The unarmed men go and talk.

Jack performs surgery on a girl. {The room is bathed in blue.}
Jack cut the Dural sac; it’s flooded, he asks for suction.
Composed Christian, who is observing the surgery, tells Jack “Calm down. It’s alright.”
Jack is starting to get nervous about the fluid that’s leaking everywhere.
Christian tells Jack, “Look at me…Jack. Look at me.”
Jack looks at dad and Christian tells Jack to count to five.”
Jack-“What are you talking about?”
Christian’s trying to get Jack to focus, “I’m talking about you stitching up the sac so this girl isn’t paralyzed for the rest of her life. And the only way you’re gonna do that is not to be afraid. So close your eyes, count to five and then fix her, Jack. Or I’ll have to fix her for you.”

Jack follows dad’s instructions. He closes his eyes, counts to five and he seems focused.
He finishes the surgery.
Jack puts a coin in the vending machine and pushes button D5 for an Apollo Bar. It’s stuck. {The Apollo Bar is flanked by Lindo’s/Humdinger candy that is peanut butter flavored. Lol}
Jack pushes the machine but it still doesn’t deliver the bar.
Happy Christian comes down the hall to get coffee, “Hey, Kiddo! The girl’s in recovery. She’s responsive to stimulus below the waist, so, no paralysis.” {The coffee station is set up in front of the med/lab/pharmacy.}
Christian senses something up with Jack.
Jack-“You embarrassed me…Its bad enough that everybody in this hospital thinks the only reason I got the residency is because you’re my father. But then y…you put me in a time out during my first major procedure, in front of my entire team. Dad, I know you don’t believe in me, but I need them to.”
Christian-“Are you sure I’m the one who doesn’t believe in you, Jack?” {Jack still has his mask tied on/around his neck} Christian walks away.
Jacob, with two Apollo Bars, asks Jack if one of these is his.
Jack walks over and tells him “The machine got stuck.”
Jacob- “I guess it just needed a little push.”
Jacob is sure to touch Jack when Jack takes the bar.

Sawyer wants Doc to sit while they chat.
Stubborn Jack reluctantly sits. Sawyer shares the story of his folks dying when he was eight years old. The con-man took his dad for everything he had and how dad killed mom then himself. Sawyer was hiding when this happened but heard the whole thing.
Jack- “I’m sorry.”
Sawyer-“That was a year agoRight now it’s July 1977. Which means that happened last year. So I could've hopped on the sub, gone back to the states, walked right into my house and stop my daddy from killin anybody.”
Jack asks why he didn’t.
Sawyer-“Cause, Jack. What’s done is done.”
Steadfast Jack says it doesn’t have to be that way.
Sawyer asks him what he screwed up so bad the first time around that he’s willing to blow up a damn nuke just for a second chance.
Jack says that’s not what this is about. “Three years ago, Locke told me that all this was happening for a reason. That us being here was our destiny.”
Sawyer rolls his eyes, “I don’t speak destiny. What I do understand is that a man does what he does cause he wants something for himself…What do you want, Jack?”
Jack tells Sawyer he had her and I lost her.   {In LaFleur, James tells Horace about having a shot at a girl but didn't take it.}
Sawyer- “Kate?”
Jack nods yes.
Sawyer feels if Jack wants her he can go get her; she’s standing right over there on the other side of those trees, “You want her back just go over there and ask her.”
Jack thinks it’s too late for that. He tells Sawyer his five minutes is up and starts to walk away.
Sawyer is pissed, “Jack! If what you’re doing even works you and Kate will be strangers and she’ll be in damn handcuffs.”
Jack- “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.”
Sawyer appears to concede that nothing he can say will change Jack’s mind, but punches him instead. “Who the hell do you think you are?”
They beat the shit out of each other! In the middle of the bout, Sawyer yells at Jack, “You think you can come here and do whatever the hell you want? I had a life here!”
The nasty fight continues.
Jack tells Sawyer, “Listen. You don’t get it.”
More fisticuffs! Sawyer chokes Jack and asks him if he’ll stop. Jack will not.
Sawyer looks like he could actually kill Jack but Juliet stops him. Sawyer tells her he wouldn’t listen. Juliet feels James that Jack is right, “We have to do this.” {Of course they do.}
Sawyer-“What are you talking about? You’re the one who told me to come back here and stop him. What happened?!”
Evidently Juliet changed her mind.

A young blond girl is pulling on the thread of a pillow. She’s crying. She asks her parents “Are we moving again?”
Her mom and dad are having a sit down with the two girls about their plans to divorce. {Rachel has dark hair. On the table is Mysteries of the Ancient Americas.}
Mom wants the girls to understand that she and dad still love each other but just because two people love each other doesn’t always mean they’re supposed to be together.
The blond girl asks what if you are supposed to be together.
Mom knows for sure that they’re not, “And when you’re a grown up, you’ll understand.”
The blond girl- “I don’t wanna understand.”
{This Flash looks very modern! Could this be just a look into hurt heart of child all grown up?} {Was that mom’s voice or Juliet’s voice?  AGAIN, This Flash is very modern.}

Sawyer is trying to get Juliet to stop, “We gotta talk about this!”
Juliet says there’s nothing to talk about, they just “have to let Jack do what he came here to do.”
Sawyer- “Well maybe you should have told me you had a change of heart before I brought him out in the jungle to kick his ass!”  But that really wouldn’t have stopped him. Juliet's glad that he finally got it out of his system.  He tries to get hold of her but she slaps him away.  Hurt and confused Sawyer needs her to tell him where all this is coming from, “I mean one minute you’re leading the great sub escape, now you’re on board with blowin up the damn island? I got a right to know why you changed your mind.”
Juliet admits she changed her mind when he looked at Kate.
Sawyer tries to reassure her, “I don’t care who I looked at. I’m with you.”
Juliet knows he would stay with her forever if she let him and that is why she will always love him. {WTF?! Let him!} She goes on, “What we had was just for a little while and just because we love each other doesn’t mean that we’re meant to be together. I mean maybe we were never supposed to be together. So if Jack can make it that none of you ever come here then he should. “ {Interesting choice of words. “Come here”, was meaning to where she is/always has been/always will be?}
He asks why she’s doing this.
Juliet- “If I never meet you, then I never have to lose you.” She walks away.

At the Swan site, they’re hosing down the drill.
Radzinski is looking over plans, “They can’t be like that!”
Cheng calls over to Radzinski to let him know his Gauss readings just jumped off the charts.
Radzinski’s excited they’re on top of pocket. Cheng says if they keep drilling and hit the pocket “All hell’s gonna break loose.”
Phil calls Radzinski to let him know the Hostile that shot the kid came back to the barracks, he attacked them and then he was rescued by the new recruits, they stole a van and took off. He doesn’t know where but Roger said that one of them had a bomb.
Radzinski is fired up, “That Hostile knows about the Swan! Get some men and some guns and get your asses out here right now. If they’re coming here we’re gonna be ready for em.”  {We've hear Jack say this before}

Bloody Jack is watching the action at the Swan from the trees on the ridge.
Kate runs over and asks him what happened. His talk with Sawyer didn’t go so well.  Kate wipes some of the blood from his face and asks him if he remembers when she sewed him up when they first got there.
Jack remembers, “It seems like a million years ago.”
Kate-“Or thirty years from now.”
Jack finally asks her why she made him promise to never ask about Aaron.
Kate says it’s because she was so angry with him for making her come back there.
Jack- “Is he why you came back?”
Kate- “I came back so he’d be where he belongs. With his mother.”
Jack excitedly shares if this works Claire will never come to the island and they’ll always be together just like they’re meant to be.
Kate reveals she was giving him up for adoption.
Jack feels they wouldn’t know that, “And whatever it is, it would be her choice. If you wanna save Claire this is the only way to do it….Nothing. Nothing in my life has ever felt so right. And, I just need you to believe that.”
They observe Cheng and Radzinsky argue about keeping the drill going.
Jack- “It’s about to happen.”
He turns to Kate and asks her if she’s with him on this.
Kate looks deep in his eyes and says yes.

{Click it!}

Hugo stands at the counter of the police station getting his personal effects returned to him by Officer Winter of the County Sheriff’s dept. Out of the plastic bag the officer notes 1 wallet, $227.00 cash, 1 ballpoint pen, 1 fruit roll up.
Hugo doesn’t think the officer understands this is a big mistake, “I killed a bunch of people.”

The officer shows him the discharge papers, “You’ve been cleared. So take your stuff and go.” {Is his birthplace Miami? If so, there's another tie to Miami}
Hugo shares that there are men with tranquilizer guns hunting me down like an animal, they wanna bring me somewhere against my will.
Undeterred the officer directs him to a cab stand right out front.
Hugo opens the door to a cab and sees it already has a passenger. It’s Jacob. {Dark clothes and guitar case.} Jacob’s only going a few blocks and will share. Hugo offers to share his cherry fruit roll up; Jacob declines.
Hugo-“So what were you in for?”
Hugo says he was in because he killed three people. Well, I didn’t really. I guess they figured it out.”
Jacob tells him he wasn’t in jail. He was sitting outside a prison because he was waiting for Hugo.
Hugo-“Oh. Then you must be dead.”
Jacob assures him he’s definitely not dead. Confused Hugo asks what he wants from him.
Jacob wants to know why Hugo won’t go back to the island.
Hugo-“Cause I’m cursed.”
Jacob-“Is that so?”
Yep. Hugo feels that’s why the plane crashed and his friends died. Libby. Charlie. And now they visit me and I can’t make it stop.”
Jacob-”What if you weren’t cursed? What if you were blessed?”
How do you mean, blessed? Jacob says you get to talk to the people you’ve lost, “It seems like a pretty wonderful thing to me.”
Hugo agrees it’s wonderful except for the part, “I’m crazy.”
Jacob’s got some news for him and he’s just gonna have to take his word on this, “You are not crazy.”
After a few seconds of thought Hugo asks, “Who are you, dude?”
Of course Jacob doesn’t answer, he only tells the driver, “I’m just up here on the corner.”
Jacob turns to Hugo and gives him the details on “Ajira flight 316 out of LAX, leaves in 24 hours. All you have to do is be on that plane.”
He touches Hugo, “It’s your choice, Hugo. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”
Jacob exits the cab and Hugo tells him he forgot his guitar.
Jacob- “It’s not my guitar.”

Hurley brings water to bleeding Sayid and tells him everything’s gonna be fine when Jack changes the future, “Or the past. One of those.”
Miles doesn’t think Jin’s buddy’s gonna make it.
Jin-“He’ll make it.”
Jack and Kate return to the van. Hurley asks Jack what happened to his face.
Jack- “Nothing.”
Jack tells the group that they were just on a ridge where they can look down at the Swan site. He tells Sayid something just happened down there, “They hit something. Time for me to go.”
Sayid informs Jack it’s all set to go, “Remember, be careful. It’s rigged to explode on impact. According to Faraday’s plan you must get the bomb as close as you can to the source of electromagnets.”

Jack reassures Sayid this is going to work and it’ll save him.
Unfortunately Sayid feels “Nothing can save me.”
Jack hands Hurley his gun to hold for a second and Kate helps him with his bomb backpack.
He gives Kate a look that seems to convey his confidence in this task. As he runs off, she looks like she has second thoughts.
As Jack makes his way to the Swan site, Juliet and pissed Sawyer appear.  Determined Jack walks by them but not before saying confidently to Sawyer, “I’ll see you in Los Angeles.” {Watch Sawyer here.}

John is standing arms crossed staring at the broken statue. {Damn, how long was he staring at it?}

Richard asks him if he’s sure he needs to do this, “If you waited, Jacob will eventually come to you.”
John is tired of waiting, “Where is he, Richard?”
Richard takes a torch and leads John yet again.
Sun asks Ben what happened to the rest of the statue. Ben doesn’t know because it was like that when he got there.
Sun- “Do you expect me to believe that?”
Ben realizing his track record as the island liar says, “Not really.”
John gathers Ben. Richard freaks, “You can’t bring him in…Because only our leader can request an audience with Jacob. And there can only be one leader on the island at a time, John!” {How many are there right now?!}
John- “I’m beginning to think you make these rules up as you go along, Richard.  Ben is coming in with me. And if that‘s a problem I‘m sure Jacob and I can work it out.”
Strong Richard pushes open the rock entry for them. “Tell him I said hello.”
John pushes the rock the rest of the way. Ben looks down the "hall" at the flickering light.  John asks him if he’ll be able to do this, “I know it won’t be easy. But I know things will change once he’s gone. I promise.”
Ben takes his knife; he looks focused.

Jin tends to bleeding Sayid.

Juliet and Sawyer are at the van with the gang. Miles wants to ask LaFleur a question.
Sawyer- “There aint no more LaFleur.”
Miles- “Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy’s actually gonna cause the thing he’s trying to prevent.  Perhaps that little nuke is the incident. So maybe the best thing to do is nothing?
He’s glad they all thought this through.
They see Phil and a couple of guys in a jeep on the road to the Swan site.
Kate- “If they see Jack, they’re gonna kill him.”
Sawyer looks at Juliet, knowing they have to get involved. He asks Blondie what she thinks.
Blondie-“Live together, die alone.”  {No. Really. That’s what she said!}

Phil arrives at the Swan, this pleases Radzinsky that they got there fast, “You got time to set up a perimeter.“
Phil gives orders to some men to go to the ridge line.
Cheng is mad that Stuart brought men to the site instead of getting people away from the site.
Jack watches from the ridge.
Cheng watches the gages max out. {The water tank is above the site.}
Phil spots Jack on the ridge. This triggers a shoot out!  Stuart sees the Dharma van, "Who’s this?"
Hurley drives the Dharma van to the rescue. {Again.}
Team Jack has joined the shoot out. While his friends hold off and take out a few men, Jack makes his way to the well.
Sawyer manages to grab Phil, while Cheng grabs Stuart.  Phil commands his men to drop the guns.
Sawyer tells Doc he can come out now, “Hurry up and do your business…Turn that damn thing off!”
Cheng attempts to shut it down but to no avail, “Something’s pulling the drill down.”
Stuart says they hit the pocket.
Sawyer tells Jack to hurry up, “What are you waiting for? Drop it!”
Jack looks over at crying Kate, she gives him the OK.
Sawyer lets go of Phil and looks at Juliet. They smile lovingly at each other.
Jack drops the core into the wellThey all wait in anticipation. {Eyes closed.}  
The machine is still running.
Sawyer-”This don’t look like LAX..”
Everything starts getting pulled into the well. Steam/smoke rise up, chains are rattling. The rig starts to get pulled in and falls over; trapping Cheng’s left hand.
Miles-“Dad!”   He helps him out and tells him to get as far away from there as he can.
Jack gets hit in the back of the head with a red tool box.
Radzinsky and a few guys jump in the jeep and try to get away from the magnet‘s pull. {Reminds me of a Scooby Doo bit! Lol}
Phil attempts to shoot LaFleur but gets skewered instead.
Juliet is knocked down and pulled by chains into the well. {Around her waist} She hangs on while Kate holds on to the chains trying to save her.
Sawyer grabs her hand and in an extremely emotional scene they try to get the chains off.
Sawyer won’t let go of her, “Hold on! I got you! Don’t you leave me… “
Juliet says it’s OK.
Sawyer is desperately holding on to her.
Juliet is crying and holding on, “I love you...I love you, James.”
Sawyer- “No! You don’t let go!…”
Juliet falls into the well.
Sawyer falls apart.

Richard offers Sun water from his canteen. She asks for alcohol.   He wishes he had some.
Ilana, Bram, Frank and group arrive with the box/crate. She tells them not to shoot, “It’s OK. It’s alright.”
She puts her gun down and asks which one of them is Ricardos.
Richard {Actually} steps forward.
Ilana -“What lies in the shadow of the statue?”
Richard- “Ille qui nos omnes servabit.”
Ilana is relived. There’s something she needs Richard to see. The men open the box and tip it over; it’s John Locke’s body.
Richards- “Where did you find him?”
Ilana- “The cargo hold of the plane they came there on; in a coffin. {Note John’s body is very limp. Not a hint of Rigor mortis or having been embalmed}
Sun doesn’t understand; she asks if this is Locke, who’s in there? {In the statue}. They’re all concerned.

John leads knife wielding Ben into the room with the fire pit in the center.
Ben looks up over the burning fire; you can see through to the night sky. He walks over to look at a tapestry. {Egyptian-like}
Sitting in a rocking chair is Jacob. He asks Ben if he likes it; he did it himself. “It takes a very long time when you’re making the thread. I suppose that’s the point isn’t it?”
John- “Hello, Jacob.”
Jacob looks leaden, “Well you found your loop-hole.”
Indeed he did, “And you have no idea what I’ve gone through to be here.”
Ben is shocked, “Have you met before?”
John-” In a matter of speaking.”
John tells Ben to do what he asked of him. Jacob in a button down shirt talks to Benjamin, “Whatever he’s told you I want you to understand one thing…You have a choice.”
Hurt and broken Ben asks what choice?
Jacob- “You can do what he asks. Or you can go. Leave us to discuss our… issues.”
Ben now seems insulted, “So now after all this time you’ve decided to stop ignoring me. 35 years I lived on this island and all I ever heard was your name over and over. Richard would bring me your instructions, all those slips of paper, all those lists. And I never questioned anything. I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told you have to wait. You have to be patient. But when he asked to see you, he gets marched straight up here as if he was Moses. So…Why him?! Hmm? What was it that was wrong with me? What about me?!”
Jacob-“What about you?”
Yeah, this breaks the camels/Ben’s back. Ben stabs Jacob twice.
Jacobs bleeding from the mouth says, “They’re coming.”
John-“What? I can’t hear ya.”
Jacob- “They’re coming.
John kicks Jacob into the fire pit. {Are we burning friggin vampires?!}

At the Swan site, Jack’s vision is blurred and hearing is muffled.
Kate is trying to get distraught Sawyer away from the well. Jack runs over to help her. Everything is getting pulled in.
We see at the bottom of the well all the debris managed to miss Juliet.  She is bleeding from her mouth and face up in a puddle of water. She’s crying.
Juliet sees the core of the bomb near her. She picks up a black rock and starts banging on the bomb. “Come on!! Come on you son of a bitch!!”   Bangs away.
White screen. L O S T

The Incident part 2 is a GREAT EPISODE!

Things to note…Questions to ask...
There is additional info in my posts for this episode at The Incident. Part 1. and The Incident. Preliminary LOSTNESS.
* Escape. Exit.
* Loop-holes have been used before a few times, this is not the first time.
* Does this John have all of John Locke’s memories?
* Metaphoric chains. Chains that bind you.  Hit the bottom.  Broken heart. Childhood hurt/pain. Anger. Can’t let go/move forward. Control. Communication. Disappointment. Abandonment. Emotional and/or physical Paralysis. Dishonesty. Power. Revenge. Lying. Stealing. Cheating.
* Stuck. On an island, in time, mentally, emotionally. They need a little push.
* Dead. Not dead. Un-dead.
* Tranquilizer. Alcohol. Crazy.
* Machines.
* Jacob is indeed “right here” {statute} when his “friend” comes to kill him.
* Jacob says to Jack the vending machine needed a little push. Christian told John to give the wheel a little push. The rock entrance to Jacob’s needs to be pushed.
* Is this game is on a timer? Are they candidates for the "game"? Is the "leader" the one with the high score?
* Rose has used the term "time out". Here Jack feels dad put him in "time out".
* How were Rose and Bernard able to keep hidden from Sawyer’s grid searches?
* Apollo Bars are dark chocolate.
* Why isn’t Juliet happy with having been in love and lost, than never having been in love at all?
* Why does Jacob meet with Hurley and send him to 1977?
* I perceived Christian telling Jack to calm down, not to be afraid and learn to count, as a way for him to get Jack to do just that; Focus and regain control.  I didn’t take it as him putting Jack in a time out. In Jack’s mind the bomb will reset things from the Oceanic flight and events they’ve experienced on the island. But what happens to everyone else’s lives and events associated with the island? Then there’s Jack’s line of “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be” regarding Kate, then why reset anything. If they’re meant to be together anyway why erase anything? And what about Claire’s choice?
* Jack looks like a “Ghostbuster.” lol!
* Radzinsky asks yet again “Who’s this?” This is regarding Hurley.
* Richard: What is his role in all of this? Will be also be shown the truth about something? Something he has been misled about for a long time?
* “Ille qui nos omnes servabit.” {Possible Translation: “He quae we omnes being saved”. But those words also may translate to: He/she/it- who/what/which/that- us/we-omnes serves/servant/slave/creature.
* Following and believing in someone/something you’ve only “heard” about.
* The sounds at the Swan site {when everything was getting pulled in to the well} sounded very much like the sounds we heard associated with the monster.

* I'm being very careful about Jacob. I won't assume he's a positive force. Too many things tell me he just may not be what he wants us to think he is.  We do have hints to people misrepresenting themselves. Do we have another case of "Whatever/Whoever you think I am, I'm not" going on?

Here are a couple of other things from the past I wanted to keep fresh in my mind…
* Who ordered Richard and Ben to purge the Dharma Initiative? Did it come from Jacob?
* Why would Jacob want Waaaaaalt?

* From Dead is Dead: Ben is sleeping.
John- “Ben.” Ben jolts awake.
John-“Hello, Ben. Welcome back to the land of the living.”
Ben seems surprised to see John alive. Ben shares with John he knew that this would happen.
John- “Then why were you so surprised to see me?”
Ben looks delighted, “Because it’s one thing to believe it, John… It’s another thing to see it.”

* From The Man from Tallahassee:
1). Ben tells John he brought Anthony Cooper to the Island.
2). The sub maintains the illusion…
3). Ben-"We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel in our secret underground lair/lab."

* From The Cost of Living: When Eko was dying he whispered something to John. Sayid asks what he said.
Locke- "He said. We're next."

* Remember the original Blast Door map? We were shown 6 Stations (Question mark in the center} and it contained bits of info and dates (In Latin). Of course there are math notations as well. Here's some info I want to note as it seems things are amiss as the Lostie's relive 1977 again. Since we first were introduced to this map, we've learned of The Tempest, The Orchid, And the Looking Glass and the Lamp post.
According to the Blast Door Map, the Medical Station was abandoned in 1985. So how is Claire in the medical station with Ethan?
According to Hanso, D.I. was canceled in 1987 (funding cut).
Suspected Shut down 10/28/84.
The Purge- 12/19/1992
Other Blast Door Map dates/numbers: Station wide failure of Dharmatel Intra net-04/08/00, 08/15/01, 01/06/03 Complete Shutdown in effect.
Home of H.G. Delegation inspection 12/07/81
AH/MDG Incident of 1985 {Caduceus Station believed to have been abandoned due to this.}
Possible location of Zoological research facility 4/2/02
Kelvin and Desmond in the hatch 9/22/04

Vocabulary and Research…
* Lindos- is a town and an archaeological site on the east coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese in southeastern Aegean Sea.
* Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss. A German mathematician and scientist who contributed significantly to many fields, including number theory, statistics, analysis, differential geometry, geodesy, electrostatics, astronomy and optics. He referred to mathematics as "the queen of sciences."
A few of the many things named after him: The Gauss crater on the moon. A type of magnetic gun. Gauss’s law of electric fields. Gauss a German research ship. Gauss unit, a unit of magnetic flux density or magnetic induction.

The LOST story has always been about these people being lost.  This is and has always been the basis of everything we witness.  Long time readers know my notes have always been based on this starting point.  Finding clues, using the unique ways the writers are telling us about these people's journey is the greatest, most creative way of showing us in a subliminal fashion just how deep the heart of finding enlightenment truly is.  The clues to how, where and when their journey is taking place are just an added element for us to explore.
I still believe the Castaways are "lost" and need to find themselves, add to that their journey to enlightenment via states of consciousness and seeming to be under the guise of a  game.
With that said, even though the story has taken us on an adventure through a portal to a possible other land, world, dimension and/or time or really deep inside the conscious mind, it’s still a heartfelt journey to finding yourself and finding your way home.

We do see two sides of so many things here but also keep in mind we all have two sides.   Don't count out the "mirror" theme. I wonder if next season will we see that the escape hatch has indeed been utilized to get the hell out of the loop. Would this bring us to the other side of the looking glass?

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.


  1. Good stuff Karen. I loved how you said "heartfelt journey to finding yourself and finding your way home" because that's what I have been screaming about all this season. I've been listening to the Season 4 soundtrack and it's so beautiful, it made me really realize something. I love the characters. I don't give a damn anymore about the island or the black smoke (they've kept it a mystery for so long I don't really care what it is anymore) same for Jacob and the statue and everything else from Damon and Carlton's time warp crap. I want next season to wrap things up with more of the heartfelt stories about these characters we all love and that the writers have totally gotten away from. The only time this entire season I realy felt anything was when Kate told Mrs Littleton she was going to find Clair and the following scene when she cried over Aaron. That's the kind of season one magic we need in season six. I just hope we get out of this time travel bull$h!t and get on with the characters stories, not spending the entire season to show us the whole SIDE of the statue! Thanks for all your LOST work, and you know that my disgust over this season season has nothing to do with the LOST community, just trying to give a little tough love to get us back on course.

  2. Karen~
    Hey sweetie! Bet you thought I forgot you.. Not true. :)
    I loved the season finale. I know someone on your facebook page said they hated it, must be we were watching something different?!
    I am SO curious as to what transpires after Juliet smashes the bomb. Man how to keep us hanging on by OUR fingernails.

    I know the personal walkabout you have been through, since the debut of LOST. It must be so emotional to you that it's coming to an end next season. You are an inspiration to me.

    Next season, I wish, if the crash still happened, I.E.: nothing changed, I want us all to at least be in the same time period and for Jin and Sun to be reunited, and NOT in the last episode, but early on.

    Great blog's this year and thanks for doing our research. You touch a lot of people.

    love ya
    Have a great summer

  3. Karen~
    Great job as always.
    I LOVED this finale episode. I know someone on your Facebook page hated it, we must have been watching a different show?!

    Next season, if the crash still happened, I.E.: the bomb going off changes nothing, I want our Losties to all be in the same time period. I also want Jin and Sun to be reunited at last.

    I know the personal walkabout you have been on since the debut of this wonderful show. It must be difficult to think of it coming to an end next season. You are an inspiration. You touch so many people with your blogs and your Myspace page and Facebook page.

    Thanks for a great season of blogs and comments and silly lost pictures :) As you say...You Rock! Also thanks for doing our research, so we don't have to.

    Have a great summer. I love ya


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