December 17, 2009

Damon, Carlton & a Polar Bear End Up In 1988

Damon Carlton and a Polar bear literally end up in 1988! Gallery1988 hosted a huge finale to the 16 week underground LOST art project.

Here's how it went down...(Click the pics)
Note LeBrea in the ad above.

Then Paul releases this video.
In the video he mentions that we probably wondered if he was kidnapped, killed or cloned. But that is not the case. He claims he's the guy rolling all those posters and putting them in tubes and sending them to you. Apparently Ronie Mifdue doesn't have a person for that. {He again mispronounces that name!} He can't give you an extra one because there's only 200. {WTF?!!} He goes on about Walt's changes and looking weird.  We're informed that for one full week the 16 weeks of artwork will be shown at Gallery1988 along with 25 different artists and their new LOST art.   He claims to have worked on a new velvet painting and then shows a glimpse of a box containing different four toed statues.
Enjoy the clip...

This line of dialogue is said by Charlotte in "There's No Place Like Home (part 2).

The artist is Tyler Stout- Titled-
Size (24" x 36") and priced higher at $70.00

The event at Gallery1988 was huge.   There were even a few fans that flew in for the event.  There was tons of fun, friends, filming, t-shirts, gifts,surprises and art!  And of course a few of the creators, writers and producers were there.  Damn I wish I could meet them!!
I encourage you to head over to DarkUFO, LostARG's and The ODI for tons of pictures and accounts from fellow fans and friends who experienced the Lostness first hand.  I thank ReveredMilo for the live video feed (And mentioning Karen's LOST Notebook too) for keeping us in the LOOP!

Congratulations to all the fans that were able to purchase some fantastic LOST art!

On to the actual print:

Things to note…Questions to ask…
* LOST in red.
* Island theme.
* Shades are Blues, Grays, Greens, Yellows, Black and Whites.
* Each character faces a specific direction.
* The poster includes the characters:
Jack {Looking off to the right}
Locke {Blue eyes}
Sawyer{Blue eyes}
Hurley {Eyes seem almost squinting.}
Claire and Aaron
Juliet {Blue eyes, looking right}
Walt and Michael
Boone {Blue eyes}
Shannon {Looking down}
Ana Lucia
Ben {Blue eyes}
and Vincent the wonder dog.
* The Four Toe Statue is shown over Jack {with a touch of yellow on it.}
* A red/flame-like image behind Locke.
* What seems like "Black Smoke" near Jack and Locke.
* Total of four red flame-like images.
* Jack is shown twice
* Sayid is shown twice
* Shannon is shown twice
* Hurley's torch flame shows the Ankh. Ankh meaning breath of life & eternal life. With that symbolism connected to Hurley does this finally solidify Hurley's importance?! Is he a creator of the experience? Or is he the one who leads? Or is he the one who will make it home?
* Claire and Sun, partially circled by the letter O which also encompasses the Virgin Mary Statue. Very interesting since they are the two women who are connected to "children" and the "island".
* In the white clouds is a plane and hieroglyphs.
* The Letter F is on the red letter T.
* The countdown clock.
* Oceanic plane wreckage with Jack in his suit (The tail does not have the Oceanic logo).
* Eko with the ax looks up.
* Sayid carries Shannon.
* A couple of survivors (Right side).
* Blue Dharma Van.
* The Swan hatch.
* Polar Bear.
* The raft with its passengers.
* Someone in a Hazmet suit pulling something (Kelvin, Desmond).
* 16 Dharma logos.
* Flame {The Flame}
* Who is the dude in the bottom right?
* Rose and Bernard are not pictured.

Here are the 16 URL's and who said the line, for the poster reveals:

1. (Hurley)
2. (Alex)
3. (Jack)
4. (Charlie)
5. (Charlotte)
6. (Anthony Cooper)
7. (Hurley)
8. (Dr. Cheng)
9. (Kate)
10. (Kate)
11. (Jack)
12. (Jin)
13. (La Fleur)
14. (Hugo)
15. (Juliet)
16. (Charlotte)

16 weeks of underground art.   It was a totally fun time, even though I was not able to acquire a single poster.   I believe the underground art project may have been hinted to a year ago directly from Damon and Carlton in a DSA clip they sent us, along with another DSA about where the magic happens.

Over the 16 weeks we were hunters!  The hunt took us to many places and destinations; giving us more hints to the story and of course, the wonderful artwork.   It was great to see Lostie's work as a team to help each other out with their quest of acquiring a poster.   It was even more exciting to see Lostie's from all over meet up and get to know each other. That is awesome!!

Even though I did not have any luck purchasing a poster {but the "Island" gods know how hard I tried} I still came out of this with more information to add to my five plus years of clues.  The same clues that I gather from episodes were presented to us throughout our past 16 week experience with the art project as well as LOST University.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Underground
* 88- {88 Keys. Gallery1988}
* Games {Including Ping Pong}
* Computers. Internet.
* Video Games
* L.A.
* Creators.
* Travel.
* Adventure
* Communication
* Learning.
* LOST University has kicked in.
* Need the use of special technology (including computer and on-line) to participate and play in L.U..

We will see what's through The Looking Glass and maybe we'll even find out who has been "watching".  Maybe we'll discover we've not only been seeing things out of order but backwards.   It could be just another level/layer to the game.
With Jack wanting to erase everything on the "Island" and begin from landing safe and sound in LA X, maybe the 1977 Castaways will wake up 10 years later in L.A. in 1988.  Who the hell knows?

But after all this time and as we head in to season six I still feel we are witnessing the Castaways experiencing an adventure with the purpose of learning who they truly are, to find themselves, {Enlightenment}, under the guise of living breathing Chess game; with computers seeming to be playing a part. I know-I'm crazy.

By the way...I refuse to admit we are nearing the end game.

Love to all who are "LOST™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.


  1. Thank you, DARKUFO!
    16 weeks seems to have flown right by! lol

  2. Amazing observations as always. Good job Karen. Happy Holydays for you and yor family :)

  3. Thank you and a very Happy Holiday to you and yours too :)

  4. Unique as always Karen...always enjoy reading your take on things,The dude in the bottom right sure looks like Alpert to me..'he's always been here'!
    I have 3 of this series adorning my wall which I will treasure forever....sorry you lucked out.


  5. Thank you!
    Richard Alpert sounds like a good fit and it makes sense, as he's always been there.


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