December 2, 2009

Yummy URL found

Hi Losties,

Here are your clues, url and poster reveal for Frame 15 over at

As we near the final frame, I can't help but wonder if Paul Scheer will show up again.
But on to this weeks excitement! It involves food.

As you can see the above clue indicated the date of Saturday, November 27th. This of course is incorrect. Shortly after the clue was corrected with the proper date.

Then a familiar face shows up on a napkin!

You can find many pictures of the night from fellow Losties LotteryTicket and ObFuSc8 over at The LOST ARG's site!
The LOST fans who attended this event raved about the food and yes, even sent back pictures of the yummy food! It was great to see fans together having a good time.

The URL is revealed on a very interesting napkin:

This line is said by Juliet to Jack in "A Tale of Two Cities".

The URL leads you to...

The artist is Jay Ryan: The Polar Bear.

Needless to say the print sold out in a "Flash", but at least fun was had by all.

My score card for the posters to date...
Revealed- 14
My Purchases-0

I'm usually very good at shopping. I don''t know what the hell happened here with my shopping abilities!

Well, only one more poster reveal to go. So until then...

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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