December 31, 2009

I'll Be Your Constant.

PLEASE NOTE the following notes were posted on MySpace March 1, 2008

I have NOT re-watched. These are a few things that stuck out to me and things we need to think about. I'll build upon them with my upcoming research.

The Constant is a GREAT episode! WOW! WOW! WOW!

I need to start with the title of this episode as it is very important.
A constant is something that does not change over time or "otherwise"; a fixed value! So how can a person be a constant? People are variables. They can get hit by a car and die.

Things to note…Questions to ask...

* Desmond says…"I'm not here-this isn't happening". {Not real-real} I'm not supposed to be here.
* Watch out for those 4! They are not the Fantastic Four at all! They are very smart and dangerous.
* Daniel is playing with people's lives.
* GAME; A Chess game. Pieces are getting moved around. I 'm just waiting for the Queen to show herself.
* Thunderhead. Clouds. Electromagnet/Radiation over the island?
* Time is still a messed up issue. Desmond's "Flashes" are still troubling me. They are not consistent. When he goes into a "Flash" it doesn't match up physically to how he 'enters' a "Flash".
* Widmore. The auction. A Grand Master perhaps.
* The seller of the "journal" is Tovard Hanso.
* Desmond sees himself in the mirror on the ship. Two Desmond's. {part of Sayid's reflection}
* 1996. Christmas Eve 2004. 8 years in who's time?
* This "sickness: ... Are we being fooled? Why doesn't everyone have it? Daniel asks if Desmond had recently been exposed to high levels of radiation or electromagnetism. If it's due to that, they all were exposed to it. Sayid is fine, so is everyone else on the island.
* Minkowski- How come he's got this "sickness"? Really?! The rest of the ship is fine. If this is the sickness Danielle mentions why didn't she get it?
* Ferris wheel= Loop
* Freighter. Ship. Sick bay. Someone tears up all the wires for communication. There's a tube on the table.
* The numbers are all over this episode. Where's Leonard?
* 755 - Widmore's Auction Number
* 423 Cheyne Walk - Penny's Flat.
* 7946-0893 - Penny's phone number.
* Set the machine 2.342 Oscillating 11 hertz.
* The auction lot number of the Black Rock diary is 2342
* Michael's bearing 325.
* Cheat sheet bearing 305.
* Eko's stick had "Lift up your eyes and look north John 3:05".
* Widmore buys Hanso's "journal". Des ends up on the Island. Does Desmond get sent there by Widmore? Or does he steal the "journal" and coincidentally find the island on his own?
* Charles Dickens items are up for auction.
* Daniel's black and white note book. "Journal" {Pearl station uses black and white note books. I'm just saying!}
* Penny's floor is black and white. Her walls are a rose color.
* Penny and Desmond's picture.
* Sayid is a friggin genius! He can make a radio/phone out of anything! You just have to give him a minute.
* Who is their friend on the ship who opens the door for them?
* Mouse in a maze. Eloise dies from what Dan assumes is a brain aneurysm. Yet Daniel tells Desmond his fate may be the same as Eloise. How do we know how Eloise really died?
* Minkowski. Strapped down. Injection. Time "Flashes".
* Jack has a damn phone, why doesn't he call me?!
* Desmond speaks to Penny on a red phone.
* Water running in the bathroom. Water!! Just add water.
* Keamy crew member on the freighter Kahana. He is from Las Vegas, Nevada. Has a tattoo that looks like a 'bear claw' in a circle. I have to find a good picture of it, to detail it.
* Omar is a crew member aboard the freighter. He's from Florida.
* Where's Regina? {Regina means Queen in Italian}
* No one asked about Naomi.
* Dr. Ray.
* Queen's College, Department of Physics is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford.
* You would think Daniel, working at Oxford, would look more presentable. Don't they have a dress code and personal appearance requirement for not only their students but their teachers?!
* Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa.....

Great a Comic Book reference. No matter what, the 6 will return to the Island.

* The Island hidden in plain sight. Again, maybe the safe way to travel to and from the Island is deep under water or...

Vocabulary and Research...
* Constants are real numbers or numerical values which are significantly interesting in some way term "constant" is used both for mathematical constants and for physical constants, but with quite different meanings.
One always talks about definable and almost always also computable, mathematical constants.  
* Physical Constant, a physical quantity that is generally believed to be both universal in nature and constant in time, such as c, the speed of light, or h, the Planck constant.
* Cosmological constant, usually denoted by Ë, a parameter modifying the original equations of the theory of general relativity, introduced by Einstein and important for determining the ultimate fate of the universe as predicted by the theory.
* Time Constant, usually denoted by ô, a value characterizing the frequency response of a first-order, linear time-invariant system Reaction rate constant.

Last night's episode threw out the clue of "Ferris Wheel". Yes, it goes around and around, it can hold 50-100 people, and can over see much of the land below it. It's one big giant LOOP. That makes perfect sense and fit's our story like a glove. But of course, being a kid who grew up in New York and getting to ride a huge Ferris Wheel on field trips, I recalled my younger days at Coney Island. That ride used to scare the crap out of me!

In all seriousness, this was a fantastic episode. I can't wait to detail it. Share your thoughts with me.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

For my notes on the episode click here- The Constant

Posted on MySpace March 1, 2008

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