June 14, 2009

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues.

Let's talk about LOST! All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues.
“He wasn’t on the plane!” Hurley is heard saying.
Sayid is shown sleeping while Jack works on his injured leg. Upset Hurley goes on to reveal Ethan the Canadian guy wasn’t on the passenger manifest. They all start to get worked up.
Jack calls out, “Has anyone seen Ethan? Has anyone seen Ethan?” {He asks twice.}
Michael {Orange shirt} has seen him; on the path to the beach to get wood. He asks, “Is he/Sayid okay? What happened?”
Panicked Jack wonders, “Where’s Charlie? Where’s Charlie?” {Again he asks twice. Interesting.}
Locke informs Jack “He went after Claire.”

Jack is running through the jungle extremely fast;  Locke is running right behind him. {It actually looks like he’s chasing Jack or two animals running.} Though they are tear-assin through the jungle, Locke happens to spot Claire’s bag off to the side; not even on the same path they were running. He takes out his knife.
Jack-“She was moving back to the beach. Claire. That’s hers. What happened? What…”
Locke notes at least three distinct sets of footprints all over the place, “Looks like there might have been a struggle.”
Focused Locke also notes drag marks.
Jack-“Charlie. They were together.”
Locke thinks they’ve been taken. Jack starts calling out for Claire and Charlie.
Locke tells Jack to “Shhhh.”
Detective Locke notes the broken foliage and fresh tracks. It doesn’t make any sense.  Jack wonders how can one man drag off two people; one of them pregnant.
Locke-“You’re asking the wrong question. Not ‘how?’…why?”
Jack-“You think it was Ethan?”
Locke-“Certainly feels like it was Ethan, doesn’t it?”
Jack-“By himself? How?” {Again, Jack didn't ask "why?"}
Locke says they can’t account for all of our people. And more importantly who’s to say they’re even our people?
Locke-“Sayid said there were others.
Jack corrects him, “Sayid said we’re not alone.”
Jack feels Sayid is injured and they don’t even know where he went, “He’s delirious.”
Locke is just telling Jack what the ground is telling him.
Jack-“So which way is the ground telling you that they went?
Locke tells him they don’t know what’s going on here; they need to prepare. They can be back at the caves in 10 minutes and organize a search party. {Locke’s eye color.} Jack just wants to know which way they went.
Locke points in the direction with his knife.

Jack takes off running extremely fast through the jungle.

Jack is performing surgery on a woman who is “in arrest.” {Heart}
The flat-line sound is heard from the heart monitor. Jack calls out for the crash cart. They charge the defib; Jack calls “Clear.”
Jack tries desperately to revive the patient, but to no avail. Jack even encourages her to “Come on back…you can do this…come on.”
The rest of the medical team is pretty much just there, not participating.
Standing off to the side in the dark is Christian. He tells Jack to “Call it, Jack…It’s over! Call it.” Jack removes his mask and protective glasses and tells him, “You call it.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Kate-“You let him go alone?”
In the cave Locke tells Kate not to worry; he’ll catch up.  He asks her what's the word from the beach.
Kate-“Nothing. Nobody has seen him. I’m coming with you.”
Locke figured she’d might; and he hands her a knife.  Boone hears Locke is forming a search party and wants to help. Shannon is freaked. She wonders how Boone is going to find them.
Locke-”By following Ethan’s trail. No one can walk through the wilderness without leaving a signs, bending blades of grass, breaking twigs.  Especially with captives in tow.” And yes, Locke could use another hand. Boone’s up for it.
They get moving.

Walt, who has Vincent on the leash, wants to help by utilizing Vincent; he could sniff something that belonged to Charlie. Michael says no.
Michael tells Locke a lot of them don’t want to just sit there and wait for news, they want to help. Locke basically tells they’re set, “Anyone else is gonna just slow us down.”
Michael will put together another party.
Locke thinks that's a good idea. They’re going north; he suggests Michael should head south.

Jack is running through the jungle and stops at spot looking around. {Bird sounds, wings flutter.} He seems to be looking for a sign of some sort. He grabs at a branch, lets it go and just stares.
{Flash Whoosh}
The dead patient's eyes are taped closed and her head is covered with the sheet. Christian never thought he’s see the day when Jack would barge into his O.R. and work on his patient. Jack feels Christian didn’t have to do this procedure.  Christian doesn’t have to do anything, he chose to do this procedure; this emergency procedure.
Christian-“Because when this girl crashed in the E.R. they called me.”
Jack-“I was right upstairs.”
Christian-“And you should have stayed upstairs. And how did you find out?”
One of the nurses went to get Jack.
Christian wonders who, but Jack won’t give her up. Christian sarcastically says he’s grateful he has Jack and some anonymous nurse to rescue him.  Jack was told Christian’s hands were shaking; he cut her artery. Christian is adamant about her insides being a mess because of the car crash.
Jack doesn’t care whether they called Christian or not, “You made a mistake.”
Christian reveals while Jack was upstairs Christian was in a restaurant having lunch and he was the one they called. Jack asks dad how many drinks he had at lunch.

Locke calls out to Jack and Jack snaps out of his “trance”.
Locke tells Jack it’s a good thing he was going in a circle; it’s not much of a search grid but they wouldn’t have found him otherwise. Kate asks Jack if he found anything.
Nope, he didn’t.
Locke suggests Jack go back to the caves for Sayid’s leg.
Jack already dressed Sayid’s leg, "You found me. We can find Charlie and Claire. Now do we have a trail to follow or not?” {Watch Kate and Boone in the background. It’s weird how they just stay put with their backs to the conversation.}
Locke feels this is his fault as he hunted with Ethan and spent time with him and never sensed anything 'off'. But for everything Locke knows about hunting, tracking, whoever he is, he knows more. If they catch up to him Locke doesn’t want anything to happen to the only trained physician on the island, “So go back. Be the doctor. Let me be the hunter.
Stubborn Jack-“Can we go now?”
Locke-“Follow me.”
Kate, looking concerned, watches them walk off.
While in the caves filing up water bottles, Michael complaining to Hurley about Locke telling him to go south; like he’s just going to get in the way or something. Hurley thinks they’re all feeling tweaked, including Locke.
Michael doesn’t care as he has five other guys who are going out there with him, putting their necks on the line trying to find Charlie and Claire.
Michael is tired of getting treated like a second class citizen around there cause Mount Baldy can bag a boar.
Walt feels Mr. Locke can do a lot more than bag a boar, “Mr. Locke’s a warrior. He can hunt, he can track stuff and he’s the only one who brought knives. So if it were me, I’d listen to him.”
Michael does not want Walt to listen to Locke.
Walt understands.
Michael wants Walt to stay with Hurley, “I might not be a warrior, but I am going south.” {He says it as if that’s the only way he can go. Lol}
Hurley tells Walt that back home, “I’m known as something of a warrior myself.”  Walt obviously doesn’t believe him.

Locke uses hit teeth to tear strips of bright red fabric to use as markers. “We mark our progress by line of site, tie these off so we don’t get lost.
Concerned Boone wants to be sure Locke can lead them back to camp and Locke will, “If nothing happens to me.”
Boone-“Maybe I better take marker detail.”
Locke hands him the bright red fabric.”

Jack and Kate run up to them. Locke hasn’t found anything yet, but feels he’ll pick up the trail again. He tells them, “We need to rest a minute to get our clarity back.”
Jack-“You’re gonna take a break? It’s gotta be almost 4:00, when the sunsets…”
Locke looks at his watch- “It’s 4:25 and yes, I’m taking a break.”
You can see this pisses Jack off. Kate wants to talk to Jack.
Kate asks Jack, “Would it kill you to give the guy a little space?”
Jack-“It might.
Kate wants him to stop that; she wants to know what’s going on.
Jack shares that he didn’t believe Claire; he gave her a sedative, “She told me someone was after her, that she was being attacked. And I…she just seemed so out of it. I thought that her pregnancy was amping up her stress. I didn’t believe her.”
Boone yells out for Jack. We see a quick montage of Charlie's “L” tape and him writing on the “L” tape at the beach. {LATE}
Locke asks Jack, “Look familiar.”
As Jack takes the tape out of Locke’s hand it looks like Jack’s hand has blood {or dirt} on it, “It's Charlie's.”
The tape didn’t just come off; he’s leaving them a trail. Locke concurs with Jack.
The foursome look around the jungle for more of Charlie's left behind clues.
Jack finds the tape with the “A” on it and tells the gang, “They went this way.”
Locke isn’t so sure, “There’s another trail here.”
Jack-“What do you mean another?”
Locke-“These are footprints. People moved off this way.”
Jack checks it out and tells Locke that Charlie's leaving these for us to follow, “They went that way.”
Kate suggests, “Unless Charlie isn’t the one leaving them. If Ethan knows that we’re behind him, he could be setting up a dummy trail. Take off in one direction, double back in his own footprints.”
Boone-“Wait. Now you’re a tracker?”
Locke tells Kate she’s just full of surprises. Jack suggests splitting up due to two trails, “I’ll take that one.”
Locke suggests they stay together. Jack thinks they still should split up because they have two trails and two trackers. {Locke doesn’t seem happy that he’s not the only tracker.}
Locke tells Jack to be careful and they split off.

Who got taken by what?” Sawyer asks Walt in the jungle.
Walt informs him of the whole Charlie and Claire and Ethan taking them, story.
Sawyer bends down to tie his shoe and asks,”Took em why? And who the hell’s Ethan?”
Walt doesn’t know,“His name wasn’t on the list thing, the manifest.”
Sawyer suggests to Walt that he might have lied about his name. Walt feels it’s stupid to lie about your name.
Sawyer asks Tattoo where he thinks Ethan came from.
Walt-“Maybe he was already on the island before were."
Sawyer feels the kid has one hell of an imagination. Walt says there can be lots of other people on the island.
Sawyer-“So a tribe of evil natives planted a ringer in the camp to kidnap a pregnant girl and a reject from VH1 has-beens. Yeah. Fiendishly clever.”
Walt is unimpressed. Sawyer wonders why he’s getting the evening news from a six year old.
Walt-“I’m 10."
Sawyer- “Okay. Then it must be true.”
Walt says if he doesn’t believe him to ask Sayid, “He said we’re not alone.”
Sawyer-“Sayid’s back?”
Walt ’kind of’ nods and walks away with his stick.
Boone is tying a red strip of fabric onto a tree as a marker. “Red shirt.”
He asks Locke if he ever watched Star Trek. Locke looks like he can’t be bothered with this. “Not really.”
Boone shares that the crew guys that would go down to the planet with the main guys, The Captain,red the guy with the pointy ears, always wore shirts and they always got killed. {As Boone tugs on the red fabric.}
Locke feels it sounds like a piss poor Captain. This statement amuses Boone. He asks Mr. Locke what he does in the real world.
Locke-“It’s John. Why don’t you guess?”
As they continue to look for clues Boone thinks he’s either a taxidermist or a hit man. John laughs and tells him, “I was a regional collections supervisor for a Box company.
Boone-“A box company?” he says, surprised by John’s reveal.
Locke-“They made boxes.”
Boone doesn’t believe him.

On their path Kate tells Jack to slow down, but he is determined to go in the direction Kate gave. Although she admits she only thinks they went that way, “I’m not as good at this as Locke is.”
Jack asks her if she picked up the tracking skills before or after she was on the run. Annoyed Jack wants some honesty from her, “Something real. Anything.”
Kate shares her dad was “in the Army, Ranger Battalion. We were stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington State. We go hiking together. One day we spent eight hours tracking deer. Being in the woods, it was like…his religion.”
Kate looks uneasy and makes like she’s looking for tracks/something. She tells him “That was real. Anything you wanna share, Jack?”
{Very short Flash Whoosh}
Jack enters Christian's office. {Jack dressed in light and dark, no wedding ring,also note his hospital badge. Blue eyes}
Christian, who is sitting behind his desk, would like for Jack to sign a report about “the truth”. “That a patient was brought to the E.R. following a car accident, rushed into surgery with massive internal bleeding, you joined me, and in spite of our most heroic efforts, the patient succumbed to her injuries.”
Jack-“Looks like you fixed everything but the patient.“
Jack feels dad had no business being in O.R.. Christian wouldn’t have walked in there if he couldn’t have handled it.
Jack-“You’ve done it before.”
Christian has done it before because he’s perfectly capable. Jack wonders how he can say that after what happened yesterday, “You were impaired!”
Christian claims to know his limits. Jack won’t sign this.
 Christian reminds Jack he’s part of a team, “I’m not the only one on the hook for this. You called me off. {Like a dog?} You were the surgeon of record when she died.  Look, accidents happen in surgeries all the time, Jack, that’s the truth and you know it. But if you contradict this report, if you mention alcohol…well that’s the only fact that’s gonna matter. They’ll strip me of my license.” {Jack has been pacing the whole time.}

Jack emphatically says, “Yes, they will.”
Now Christian looks concerned and troubled. “I know I have been hard on you, but that is how you make a soft metal into steel. That is why you are the most gifted young surgeon in this city. And this… this is a career that is all about the greater good. I've had to sacrifice certain aspects of my relationship with you so that hundreds and thousands of patients will live because of your extraordinary skills. {He puts his hand on Jack’s shoulder and they share a very bizarre moment together.} I know it's a long, a long time coming. What happened yesterday, I promise you, will never happen again. And after all what I've given…this is not just about my career, Jack. It's my life."
Jack signs the paper. Christian thanks him.

Sayid is sleeping in the caves.
He jolts awake when Sawyer is next to him.
Sawyer doesn’t know if those Islam’s have a concept of Karma but he feels the island just served him up with a heaping platter of cosmic payback.
Sawyer has to hump it up to the caves to get his meds because Dr. Do-right doesn’t trust him with the antibiotics. He intimidates Sayid. {Sawyer’s fingers have dirty white tape on them.}
Sayid tells Sawyer to take his shot, “But know that I left this camp out of shame for what I did to you. It was never my intention to return.
Sayid returned because he was taken prisoner by the French woman who was on a ship wrecked science expedition. She said that there are “Others” on this island. She believes her people had all gotten sick; she murdered her entire team.  He doesn’t know who these Others are and she’s never seen them, but she knows they’re there. {If you believe her.}
Sayid isn’t sure if he believes her, but on his way back he heard something in the jungle surrounding him.  Sawyer tells Sayid the tide is coming up the beach and that he kept Sayid’s signal fire burning and he exits the cave.
At the beach Walt and Hurley are playing backgammon. “Yahoo!”
Walt blows in the cup for a long time; he needs a 4 - 3.
Hurley- “Dude! Would you please roll?”
Walt rolls a 4 and a 3; his skills have gotten very good!  Hurley’s turn; he rolls a 6 and a 3. Hurley didn’t just start playing; he took 17th in a tournament once.  Hurley feels 17th is very good.
Walt’s turn, he blows in the cup again wanting to roll double sixes. And he does!
Walt-“I’m lucky.
His dad said he was the luckiest person he ever knew. Not Michael of course; Brian his other father.
Walt wins and wants to play one more game; double or nothing.
Hurley {lucky lotto winner}, owes Walt $20,000 and will be sure he gets it. He’s off to a “meeting

In the jungle Boone tells Locke it been 15 minutes since they’ve seen any sign. “What are we following?”
John-“My gut.”
John asks Boone what he does in the real world. Boone runs a subsidiary of a wedding business; his mother has this “empire”.
John wonders who is running it now.
Boone-“I guess it doesn’t matter.   John touches Boone's shoulder and tells him he’s sure there are people who can run it temporarily. {Why? Is Boone going back there?} He also says, “It’s gonna start raining in one minute.”
Give or take a few seconds.
Locke tells Boone he should head back, the trails been cold a quarter mile, dangerous terrain ahead; if he starts now he can make it back to camp before dark.   Locke admires Boone courage and Locke can take care of himself. Boone isn’t heading back.
It starts to rain and John is happy.
Boone wonders if they taught Locke how to predict the weather in at a box company.
In the rainy jungle Jack feels he and Kate were right; he found the letter “T”.
When he asks Kate 'where to now', very strange and loud sounds begin; screams. He runs off in search of their source and Kate calls out to him.
Kate, “Where are you going?
Jack climbs the hill and asks if she heard “her”.
Kate-“What? Hear who?” {Kate heard something for sure! But was it something different than what Jack heard?}
They both struggle they’re way up the rainy, muddy hill. Jack slides down to the bottom.
Standing over him in the rain is Ethan.
Ethan kicks Jack and warns him, “If you do not stop following me, I will kill one of them. Do you understand?” {As he’s squishing his foot down on jack like he’s a bug.} Jack gathers up his anger and uses it to fight Ethan. Although Jack tries, Ethan kicks Jack’s ass!
Ethan-“No more warning.”  And kicks Jack in the face; knocking him out.

Jack, dressed in scrubs and his white Dr’s coat, walks down the hall and sees Christian talking to another man at the other end of the hallway.
Jack asks Andrea about the man Christian is talking to. That’s her husband; he’s threatening to sue. Jack sees Christian put his hand on the man’s shoulder in an effort to comfort him. Jack has seen this gesture from dad as well. {Jack knows the truth of this case and yet in an effort to win Jack’s sympathy Christian used the same gesture to get Jack to sign the paper.} You can hear Christian’s voice as if it’s whispers.
The husband cries.

“Jack……” Kate wakes Jack. {There is something else said when Kate says ‘Jack’, but I can’t make it out.}
Jack-“How long was I out?
Kate tells him 4 minutes;You slammed your…on the rocks.
Jack tells her Ethan was here but Kate just says he banged his head. She insists he has to stop; the rain washed away the trail even if he was here.
Jack is on a mission, “I’m not letting him do this.”
Kate- “Not letting him?!”
Jack-“Not again.”
{Flash Whoosh}
At the meeting with the hospital board, Jack is deep in thought while Christian tells the board “We realized that her blood pressure was continuing to drop precipitously, at which point the patient went into cardiac arrest. Of course, every effort was made to resuscitate her, but the severity of her injuries, the amount of internal bleeding, made that impossible. Now, in my professional opinion, ladies and gentlemen, and that's all I have, by the time I was called in the damage was irreversible.”
The man at the head of the table apologizes to Christian for this formality. Just one final detail, “You were aware of the patient’s pregnancy when you went into the procedure.”
Christian says yes; the husband informed the attending in the E.R. and it was extremely early in the pregnancy so their primary focus had to be on the mother. This news stuns Jack. {Did Jack not look at her chart at all?!} A final report will be filed.
The meeting is about to adjourn when Jack indicates he needs to revise his statement. Jack reveals he didn’t come into the O.R. until well into the procedure. He was warned by one of the nurses that his father was operating under the influence. Christian tries to interrupt Jack but Jack goes on. “By the time I got there it was clear that my father was not only incapacitated, but that he had also severed the patient's hepatic artery, which, in my professional opinion, caused the crisis which led to her death.”
Christian is stunned.
{Flash Whoosh}
Jack and Kate continue to make their way through the jungle. They come upon Charlie, who is blindfolded and hanging unconscious from the Banyan tree. {The tape letter “E” is still on his left index finger.}
Jack holds on to Charlie, trying to keep him up, while Kate cuts him down. All the while Jack is holding hanging Charlie he is literally slipping in the mud. Kate cuts him down.
Jack checks his eyes and also determines he’s not breathing. He tries desperately to resuscitate him. Kate is crying.
Jack doesn’t give up!
He pounds on Charlie's chest 23 times. Seeming as Charlie is gone, Kate tells Jack “It's okay.”
Jack still doesn’t give up and pounds on Charlie's chest some more. Kate wants Jack to stop. On Jack’s 9th whack Charlie is back gasping for air. Jack cradles Charlie in his arms and tells him to breathe deep.

Back at the caves Charlie is in shock; he’s just staring. {This guy has been through more crap the past few weeks than many go through in an entire lifetime!}
Walt hugs Michael after a long day of searching.
Walt-“They brought Charlie back but he hasn’t said anything since he came back.”
They didn’t find Claire.
Jack checks Charlie's neck. “Does that hurt? How's your breathing? {Charlie just stares.} Charlie, you've got to talk to me. We're going to back out and look for Claire the moment the sun comes up, and I could really use your help. And anything that you can tell me about what you remember, where you were going. Did you see or hear...?”
Charlie-“I didn’t see anything…hear anything. I don’t remember...anything…Claire…That’s all they wanted….All they wanted was Claire.”

Shannon's worried that Boone and John aren’t back yet. Kate tells her not to worry, if there's anyone on this island your brother is safe with, it's Locke.  Freaky huh?!

In the dark jungle Boone asks Locke, “Are we lost?
No. they’re not lost. Boone can’t see how Locke can be following his trail; he thinks they should go back.
Locke-"Don’t you feel it?"
Boone-“Feel what?”
Boone’s gonna follow the strips back. Boone needs the flashlight more than Locke does, so he tosses it over to him. The flashlight falls to the ground onto something metal. Locke claims it to be steel. Boone asks what it is.
Locke-“That’s what we’re gonna find out.
They wipe away the leaves, dirt and mud.

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues is a GREAT EPISODE! It shows us the relationship between Jack and Christian. Christian has a bit of a liking for happy hour. Jack is in professional mode at all times, or so it seems. He ultimately doesn't want to lie for his father, even though Christian has made sacrifices for Jack. {I wonder what sacrifices they could be. Hmmm.}

We also get more insight to Locke. Did he send Jack into Ethan's path? Locke can predict the rain and he can claims to physically feel it; whatever is pulling at him, yet he hung out with Ethan and never sensed anything “off”.

Walt knows of Locke's strengths and we know a few Castaways trust him enough to feel safe; and even that Locke would be the one to save them. {Keep that info for later too.}

I must question Jack’s encounter with Ethan. Jack experiences a physical fight with Ethan yet Kate chalks it up to Jack hitting his head.   Where was Kate when “Ethan” was fighting Jack?  Did she not see him?  Why wouldn’t she have seen him?  I wonder if the “Ethan” encounter was only for Jack to experience.

Things to Note...Questions to ask…
* It is very important to note when the “Flash Whoosh” sound is signified and when it is not. Especially when we see an off “Island” event happening. Why, you ask?… Because it’s not always there! I believe that’s because they blur together.
* Locke-Warrior.
* Game. Playing. Teams. Captain. Tournament. Sacrifice. Time. Win.
* Wrong/weird
* Karma. Path. Wood. Water. See. Hear. Chakras.
* Boone mentions here that he works for his mothers wedding company. In the pilot episode he tells Jack he’s a licensed Lifeguard.
* I love how Boone is in the jungle with the red fabric attached to him.
* Eye color.
* Drinking. Addiction.
* Why wasn’t Jack the first choice to do the surgery?
* Michael headed south.
* Sawyer seemed more interested that Sayid heard things in the jungle not really about Danielle.
* Made up names. Fake identities. Double lives/jobs/careers. Anonymous nurse.
* “Be the Doctor. Let me be the hunter.” Plus a Tracker. As if they’re assigned a role to play. But here Locke sounds like he wants to be the hunter.
* Real World…as opposed to fake or unreal world? It is possible some of the people aren’t real either.
* Ethan-Already on the island. Native.
* Shhhh. Sleeping.
* The word LATE is an anagram for TALE.
* In Jack's "Flash" Christian talks about how the "primary focus had to be on the mother" and Charlie tells Jack "All they wanted was Claire."
* Jack hits Charlie in the chest 23 times. Then 9 more.

Vocabulary and Research...
* Semantics: The study of meaning. Language. The Greek word semantikos,"significant", "to signify, to indicate" and that from sema, "sign, mark, token. 2).In Linguistics: it is the study of interpretation of signs or symbols as used by agents or communities within particular circumstances and contexts. Within this view, sounds, facial expressions, body language, proxemics has semantic (meaningful) content, and each has several branches of study.
* Grid: A system for delivery of electricity, consisting of various substations, transformers and generators, connected by wire.
-In computing: A system or structure of distributed computers working mostly on a peer-to-peer basis, such structures being known as a computational grid or simply grid computing, and used mainly to solve single and complex scientific or technical problems or to process data at high speeds (as in clusters).
-Grid Compass-the first laptop computer released in 1982
-Cartography: A method of marking off maps into areas.
-Tension grid-an area of a theater.
- Managerial grid model-a behavioral leadership model.
* Mark, or marches, the border territory of a country.
* Marker: An object used to mark a location or even a place in a game. 2). Someone or something that marks. 3). A felt-tipped pen. 4). A signed note of a debt to be paid.
* A hatch is a small door or opening as on a ship. 2). Emerge from an egg.

This episode gives us a look into a dynamic with Jack and "Christian".
We also get a hint to Walt and his issue with more than one dad. These people seem to have emotional issues that have their insides all messed up.

I can’t help but note that Locke has taken Boone under his wing for this quest. Speaking of my favorite Mr. Locke…predicts the rain. Hmmm…is it precognition or does he just “know” it’s coming.
This is all SO exciting.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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