June 21, 2009


Let’s talk about LOST! Abandoned.
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Night on the beach:
Shannon pours thirsty Vincent some water into an orange lunch box.  She tells the dog to drink and kisses him on the head.
Sayid tells Shannon to gather her things; he’s leading her somewhere.
Shannon- “Where are we going?
He just smiles.
Sayid presents a tent-love nest he built for her.
Shannon is pleased and asks, “Does it have an inside?”
Inside Sayid has decorated it with lit candles, fruits and flowers.  She asks "when" he did this.
He only says, “It’s all yours.”  Shannon thanks him sincerely. They passionately kiss. {Yep. That’s what they do.}

Shannon touches the gun Sayid has tucked in the back of his pants and wonders if he needs to carry that all the time.
Sayid shares, “I only carry it because I have someone to protect.”{He needs to protect Shannon?Or someone else?}They get busy.

Night in the jungle:
The Tailies are hanging out in the trees; some are sleeping.
Cindy, who seems to be looking out for something, mentions to Ana that it's been over an hour, “Shouldn’t we start moving again?”
Ana wants to let them rest a little while longer.
Cindy’s concerned, “Yeah. But what if they come?”
Sawyer opens his eyes and remarks, “She’s lost." Ana insists, “I am not lost.”
Sawyer asks Ponce DeLeon{Ana} which way they're supposed to go.
Ana asks the genius {Sawyer} which way he would go .
His only reply is, “Hey, I’m with you. Sit tight and wait for Mr. Eko to show up and guide us.”
Ana blames Sawyer’s friend running off. “Eko would still be here now, wouldn’t he? You sure didn’t have any problem leaving him behind though, huh?”
Sawyer tells her Mike only cares about himself and his kid; neither has squat to do with him.
Michael {Orange shirt} strolls out of the jungle just in time to hear Sawyer say that. Michael's glad Sawyer feels that way.
Sawyer didn’t expect to see Michael again.  Jin talks to Sawyer in Korean, asks about his wound.
Sawyer- “Yeah yeah, Chewie I know. My arms about to fall off.”
Ana asks Eko if he’s okay. He is, but tells her they have to go, “I saw them.”
The awake folks seem concerned and ask how many were there. Libby, with her walking stick, asks if he saw the kids.
Eko, the guide says, “We need to go, now.”
Ana announces they’re moving out.

Shannon and Sayid are resting in each other's arms. She asks him if all this intent means they’re serious now.
Sayid- “Quite definitely not. I do this for all the girls I meet on deserted islands.”
She finds that amusing and whispers, “Don’t go anywhere.”
Sayid- “Where are you going?”
Shannon is thirsty so Sayid offers to get her some water.   He zips up, takes an empty bottle and heads off. A slight breeze blows out the candle and she assumes its Sayid’s quick return. She looks up and sees Walt dripping wet.   Walt says something to her, only it sounds backwards.

Shannon is outside the tent looking toward the water.
Sayid runs and tells her “There’s nothing. No one there.”
Shannon insists, “I saw Walt.”
Sayid- “It was a dream, Shannon.”
She insists, “He was here. I saw him. He went into the tent.”
Sayid was only gone for a few moments, “You must have fallen asleep .”
Shannon- “This was not a dream! I saw Walt!”
Sayid-“Then where is he?”
Charlie shows up and asks them what’s going on.
Sayid tells him nothing, “It’s just a dream. Everything’s fine.”
Shannon seems insulted and storms off.
Claire wanders over and asks Charlie what’s wrong.    Charlie informs her, “Shannon had a nightmare.”     He asks why Aaron is up. {Not sleeping.}

Claire woke him because she heard screams and got worried, “Would you rather I have I left him over there, alone?”   They bicker about waking the baby and about the running toward the screams. Claire feels it sounded like Shannon needed help.
Charlie fusses that now the baby’s awake he’s gonna need feeding and he’ll be up all night, fussy all day. Charlie will tend to Aaron; He kisses Aaron on the head. {Watch Claire here.}

Inside the “love tent”, Shannon angrily packs a bag of her stuff. {Did she have a bag before?} Sayid tells her to “Wait. Wait. Come back with me and let's talk about this.”
Shannon-“Do you believe me?”
He just stares at her. She’s insulted, “No. I know what I saw.” She walks away.

Little girl ballet students are being directed by Shannon. {They are out of sync.}
Sophie asks if her papa saw her.   Shannon fibs and says she thinks he did; as she can see “papa” if flirting/whispering with another dance instructor.
Shannon thanks the “ladies” for a great class today.
{She is sure to tell/touch a tiny Asian girl she did very nice work.}
Shannon and her friend giggle as the little girls leave with their families. Her friend shares, in a mock French accent that Sophie’s dad wants her to be their Au Pair.  Shannon’s cell rings; it’s Sabrina, her step mother.
Sabrina is headed to St. Sebastian’s hospital where Shannon’s father has been taken. Mr. Rutherford has been in an accident. She’ll meet her there.

At St Sebastian’s Mrs. Rutherford and Shannon are met by the Doctor, who tells them about the head on collision with an SUV Adam was in. {Dr. Jack Shephard hurries by with a file}

The Dr.-“Why don’t we talk down here.”
Adam suffered massive internal injuries, he stopped breathing at the site of the accident, “I’m afraid we were unable to resuscitate him.”
Mrs. Rutherford would like to see him; Shannon her step daughter is invited to come along.

Ana Lulu asks Eko, “How much further to their camp?”
Eko- “A day. Maybe more. Maybe less.” {Hmmm...We’ve heard this similar dialog before.}
Ana thanks him for being so specific.
Weakening Sawyer falls to his knees, but tells Libby he’s fine. She wants to take a look at his shoulder.
Sawyer- “What are you...a Doctor?”
Libby- “A clinical psychologist."
Sawyer- “You’re a shrink. Maybe you autta talk to my shoulder.”
She wonders how he got shot anyway. Smart ass Sawyer tells her, “With a gun.”  Michael tells Libby Sawyer got shot when they took his kid.
Sawyer asks her if it’s bad and Libby confirms it's bad, “But it’s not real bad. "You’ll be okay. Let's go.”    Libby looks troubled.
Michael tries to give Sawyer a hand but he’s fine. Bernard offers a hand, but it’s not taken.

Hurley and Rose hang clothes on the line made of wires. He asks her “again” why they’re doing this here when there’s a dryer in the hatch. Rose confesses she doesn’t like the hatch.
Hurley- “Oh. It’s because of the doomsday button, isn’t it?”

Rose feels they don’t need a dryer when they’ve got sun and fresh air, “Wouldn’t wanna spoil ourselves now, would we?”
Shannon and Vincent ask the two if they know where Michael and Walt left the stuff that they didn’t take with them on the raft is; she’s specifically looking for their clothes.
Hurley directs her to their stuff on the beach back where their tent is. Shannon leaves.
Rose says to Hurley that it can’t be easy losing the one person you love on the island. {Watch Hurley here!}
Shannon digs through Michael and Walt’s stuff. She takes Walt’s shirt and shoves it into Vincent’s nose, “That’s his, right? Come on, get a good whiff. You’re always trying to run off and find him. Then find him. Find Walt.”
Vincent, on a leash, takes off running. They run through the jungle. Vincent separates from Shannon right at Boone’s grave marker.{Coincidence? I think not.}

Aaron is crying in his Locke made cradle.Claire {wears 2 shirts} apologizes to the baby for waking him, “Please stay awake for eight hours straight. Isn’t that just cruel and unusual punishment?”
Locke-"How’s that cradle treatin ya?"

Claire tells him the cradle is great, “It’s the baby that’s the problem.”
She tells Locke he just won’t sleep.
Locke asks her permission to...

Locke wraps the baby in his blue blanket, “Babies like the feeling of being constricted. It’s not until we’re older we develop the desire to be free.”

Once Aaron is all constricted, he stops crying.{Mission accomplished! lol} He hands the quiet baby to Claire. Claire thinks everybody knows more about her baby than she does.
Locke- “Everybody?
Claire shares with Locke that Charlie read her the riot act last night for waking him. As mad as that made her, turns out he was right. It's like they're playing mum and dad to "this" baby, yet she does not remember marrying him. Seriously, they're practically strangers "him and me", for all she knows Charlie's a religious freak. Locke seriously doubts that.
Claire- "Then why is he carrying around a Virgin Mary statue?"
She tells Locke its one of the little statues; Charlie said he found it in the jungle.
Locke seems a bit taken aback., "Hmmm? How 'bout that."

Shannon sits in front of Boone's grave marker holding his dark corded necklace.

(Don't forget to click the pics!)

Shannon, dressed in black and black headband. They are at her father's funeral; it's being held ocean side/beach. She sits, starring, struck with grief.
A familiar voice from behind her says, "Death sucks, doesn't it?"

She is happy to see Boone; they hug.
Boone holds her tight, "I'm so sorry, Shannon."
Shannon holds on to him and says, "You came back."
Sabrina sees them in their embrace.

Boone takes two tiny teacups from Shannon's doll house. {It's VERY Alice in Wonderland to me.}

Boone asks where her poster of Marky Mark went.
Shannon's explanation is she's 18. {Age}
Boone "pours" something from a flask into the tiny teacups. Shannon thinks his mom's gonna freak.

Boone-"It's a wake. I mean seriously...who doesn't serve booze at a wake?" {Scotch} Boone sits next to her on the bed, raises his tiny teacup and toasts to Shannon's dad. {Bottoms up!}
He hands her gum, saying, "Maybe after all this you'll come visit me in New York."
Boone sips from the flask.
Shannon won't have to visit if she gets that job at the Martha Graham dance company; she'll be living there. She put in for an internship. It's a 1 in 3,000 chance, but she feels she may get it. Boone trying to be supportive says "absolutely", but it seems Shannon doesn't think he means it. They chat about Shannon not speaking to Boone's mother.
Shannon-"She's going through her things, and I'm going through mine."
She feels Sabrina hates her. Boone encourages her to talk to Sabrina but Shannon feels from day one Sabrina resented her relationship with him/father.
{Flash Whoosh}
The Tailies cross the rocky area near the water. Sawyer {w/machete} is getting weaker. Eko sees this and announces they need a break.
Ana the bitchy boss yells out, "5 minutes!" {Eko hands Sawyer the water container.}
Eko stands, surveying the path ahead.
Ana asks him what he's looking at. Eko says they have to cut inland.
Ana questions their heading into the jungle, "They said their people were on the beach. If we keep walking..."
Eko notes the beach goes into a peninsula ahead, "It may not be passable."
Ana- "May not?"
Eko-"May not."
Ana asks him if he's doing this to get the cowboy back faster, "You would risk our lives to help him?"
It's the only way Eko knows.
The bitch tells him, "I liked you better when you weren't talking."

Claire walks over with swaddled Aaron and tells Locke, "I can't believe he's still asleep."
Locke whispers that swaddling works every time. {Was Locke looking in a broken piece of mirror or something else?}

Claire asks if he would like to hold him.
Locke declines.
Claire has him put his arms out and she places Aaron in them.
Locke likes the good "baby" smell.
Claire agrees. {Uh...he's not food. lol} Charlie walks up.
Claire reveals to Charlie, "John just taught me a new trick. Swaddling."
Charlie came to take Aaron so Claire can take her walk. He gestures to get the baby but Locke looks at Claire. {Why? permission?}
Locke says it's great timing as he's got to get going. {Watch Claire when Locke gets up to hand the baby over.} Claire thanks John for his help and he heads off.
Charlie holds Aaron and is looking at Claire.

Eko and his stick cautiously lead the Tailies through the jungle. They all step gingerly on the path. Libby steps and cracks a branch.
They all whisper, "Shhh!"

Jin says something in Korean to the weakening Sawyer. They bicker; Sawyer responds in English that he's fine. Jin is trying to tell him something.
Aggravated Ana runs over, "Shhh ut up!!"

Michael- "What? They can't talk at all?"
Ana says if he talks he's gonna get us all killed.
Michael-"By what? Them?...I thought they lived a day back that way?"
Ana wants him to shut his mouth, "And get your buddy over here moving."
Michael's getting pissed off with that New York attitude {I know so well} coming out., "What happened to you people?"
He walks right up to Ana, "You want us to take you back with us, fine. But you want me to keep quiet. Then you need to tell me why I have to."
Ana looks back at Eko and Cindy {Why? Permission?} and shares with Michael, "They came the first night that we got here. They took three of us. Nothing happened for two weeks. Then they came back and took nine more. They're smart. And they're animals. And they can be anywhere at any time."
Jin looks around.
Ana continues to say that they're moving through "their jungle", just so he can save his little hick friend. "And if you think that one gun and one bullet is gonna stop them...think again. So shut your mouth and keep moving." {Re-think your move. Hmmm.}
Michael stares and blurts out, "They took my son."
Ana- "They took a lot of things."

Shannon {Holding dark cord necklace} and Vincent {leash} are sitting by Boone's grave marker. {It looks different}
Sayid sits on the log next to her and reveals that he too knows what it is to lose someone you care deeply about.
Shannon- "You really think this is all about Boone?...I saw Walt."
Sayid wants to know then why are they sitting at Boone's grave. She gets up in a huff, takes Vincent by the leash and tells Sayid, "Just go back, Sayid."
He asks her where she's going.
Shannon-"To find him."

Shannon looks sad as she sits at the table. {She has a ballet barre in her apt.} Her friend brings her a white letter size envelope. {It has a yellow address label on it}
Shannon says she can't open it so she pushes the envelope across the table and tells her friend to open it.
Shannon's been waiting six months for this letter, there's no way her friend is opening it.
Shannon opens the letter to receive the news that she got it. The girls jump up and down with joy; Shannon's going to New York. The phone rings, apparently her rent check bounced.
Her friend is very surprised, "But, you're"

Shannon sits on the couch in Sabrina's house. Rude Sabrina would have offered her something to drink but she has to be at a meeting in 10 minutes. Shannon timidly tells Sabrina her rent checks are bouncing. Sabrina feels that's what she gets when you make withdrawals and don't make deposits. {Hmmm...taking never giving. Karma}
Shannon outright asks when will she get the money from the will her father left her. Sabrina informs Shannon there was no will; they had a living trust, "Everything passed to me."
There was nothing specifically designated to Shannon.
Shannon is shocked, "Why would he do that?"
Sabrina- "Well. Maybe he just wanted you to find your own way. We all have to work, Shannon. Most of us are the better for it."
Shannon can work, she explains she got the prestigious internship; she won't be earning any money but will be working 16 hours a day.
Sabrina- "The only thing I've seen you do 16 hours a day straight is sleep."
Shannon just needs to get to New York.
Sabrina mocks her habit of changing her mind. Last year Shannon was interested in interior design. Sabrina knows Shannon will never pay her back, "And you'll only hate yourself even more."
Shannon pleads with her, "I really want this. I can do this."
Sabrina apologizes-"You're on your own."

Lucky Locke rolls double sixes. He's playing backgammon with Charlie.
Locke hopes Charlie didn't get the wrong idea about seeing him with the baby.
Locke's aware that Charlie and Claire are close and he spends a lot of time with Aaron, "I just wouldn't want to over step my bounds."
Charlie asks if Claire told him they had a fight.
She didn't say it was a fight.
Charlie mentions she was gonna give it up for adoption and asks if Claire mentioned that to Locke. Yep, she told Locke when he built the cradle.
Charlie- "Ah, of course...When you built the cradle."
Charlie feels Claire's got a bit to learn about being a mum, "Responsibility and all."
Locke thinks that's an interesting thing for a heroin addict to say.
Charlie corrects him, "Recovering addict."
Locke gives him, "Recovering...It's your turn."
We can hear the dice get thrown.

Eko leads the Tailies through the high grass.
At the end of the line Jin is helping weak Sawyer.
Bernard offers help and his hand, Jin turns him down. Bernard looks puzzled by that. Michael and Jin seem to communicate/understand each other. Michael tells Jin to take a break, he'll help Sawyer.
Sawyer says to Michael, "You suddenly give a damn about me."
He tells them both to leave him alone, "I got it."
Sawyer takes a few steps and collapses.
Michael tries to wake passed out Sawyer. {Listen to the voice that says Sawyer.}
Sawyer opens his eyes and says to Michael, "I would have left you behind."
Michael-"Shut up, man. Don't try to..."
Weak Sawyer says, "I did leave you behind."
Michael- "Yeah, well...Good thing I aint you."
They share a smile then Sawyer passes out.

Jin calls out for water in English. Everybody runs over to them except for annoyed Ana and Eko. Libby and Mike try to pour the water into Sawyer's mouth but he doesn't respond. Libby says it's due his fever, infection, and he's dehydrated.  Ana tells them they gotta keep moving.   She doesn't give a shit about Sawyer. Jin says something to her in Korean.
Ana- "You wanna stay, that's fine. But we're rolling out."
Bernard steps in to say to Ana they just can't leave him.
Libby thinks they could rest a little while he'll regain consciousness.
Ana- "Rest? Here?"
She asks Libby, "Do you remember what happened to us? What they did to us? You remember Goodwin?"
Eko looks unimpressed with her display.
Cindy thinks Ana's right and they should push on.
Michael jumps in, "You know what...I don't remember Goodwin whispers. Ana draws her gun and tells them to "RUN!"

Shannon is in her red door apartment packing boxes. Boone shows up.
He pulls up a chair, sits down and tells Shannon, "She said no."
Shannon looks like a mess; her hair is disheveled and she looks beat.
Boone guesses "she didn't know why I asked for the money."
Broken Shannon asks if she can crash at Boone's place in New York for a while, just until she gets on her feet.
Boone shares the news that he's leaving New York because she offered him a really good job. Shannon is blown away that Boone is going to work for his mother. He has a white envelope for her, it's all the money he has right now. Boone's trust fund will kick in at the end of the month, then after that he can absolutely keep her afloat. Insulted Shannon thanks him but she will figure out a way to make her own money.
Boone compassionately says, "But who knows when that's gonna be. Just take it."
Shannon gets defensive, "Why? You don't think I can do it?"
He didn't say that.
Shannon- "You believe I can or don't you, Boone?"
He doesn't answer.
She gets pissed off, puts the envelope in his hands, tells him to go work for his mother, she doesn't want his money.
Boone's just trying to help her.
Boone turns to leave.
Thunder rolls.

A pouring rain thunder storm in the jungle.
Vincent is literally pulling Shannon.
Sayid is running behind them.
Shannon falls and Vincent runs ahead.
Sayid wants to help her up and she demands he does not help her up.
Sayid- "Let's go back."

Shannon looks at him and asks, "Why don't you believe me? I need you to believe in me."
Sayid tells her he does believe in her.
Shannon doesn't believe that, "You don't. No one does. They think that I'm some kind of joke. They think I'm worthless."
Sayid looks in to her eyes and tells her she is not worthless. Upset Shannon says he says that now, "but you don't...You're just gonna leave me. I know as soon as we get out of here, you're just gonna leave me."
She's crying.
Sayid tenderly touches her face and tells her he will never leave her, "I love you. And I believe you."
Shannon- "You do?"
Sayid- "I do."
Shannon is visibly relieved. They hug.
They both hear whispers.
Sayid sees something over Shannon's shoulder. It's Walt!
Walt puts his pointer finger to his lips to say, "Shhhhh."
Sayid just stares.
Shannon asks Sayid, "Do you see him?"
Stunned Sayid just nods yes.
Shannon turns back to face Walt and he's still in the "Shhhh" stance.
Shannon calls out to Walt. {We get a view of Shannon and Sayid from behind Walt. We actually see the back of Walt.}
Shannon yells for him and starts to run to him, but Walt takes off running.
Sayid is motionless, staring, almost hypnotized.
Shannon yells again for Walt and this snaps Sayid out of his trance.
Sayid calls out for Shannon and runs after her. Sayid trips over a branch. He takes off running again. A gunshot rings out. Sayid makes his way to see Shannon turn around and face him. She has been shot. She falls into his arms.
She appears to die in his arms.
He holds her as he cries. He looks up to see Bitch Ana Lucia with her gun drawn.
Mr. Eko stands behind her. Jin and Michael see it's Sayid holding shot Shannon.
Sayid is pissed. {He didn't do a good job of protecting her, if it was her he was to protect.}

Abandoned is a GREAT episode!! Let's get to it.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Eye color.
* Sawyer remembers leaving Michael behind. This must have happened already. The last time he did something a bit different.
* Should Michael "remember" Goodwin?
* Charlie is very comfortable taking care of Aaron; it’s almost fatherly.
* Alice in Wonderland. Down the Rabbit Hole. Jack.
* Trick. Believe.
* Lost. Direction. Guide. Backwards.
* Chance. Odds. Game.
* Choreographing a ballet/dance/exercise. Teach/instruct/direct. Student. Passed.
* Playing roles.
* Languages. Linguistics. French. Korean.
* Dream. Nightmare. Vision. Rest. Sleep. Awake. Remember. Don't remember. "Ssshhh" Consciousness.
* Rose prefers sun and fresh air to the dryer. Does she prefer nature as opposed to machines/technology?  Also, does she know the use of the hatch and its dryer is only temporary?
* Why didn't anyone accept Bernard's help when he offered it?
* So, the dog’s always trying to run off and find Walt. Hmmm. Is Walt nearby?
* Claire refers to Aaron as "this baby" and says things like, "It's the baby that's the problem." Charlie even refers to Aaron as "it".
* "...the first night that we got here." Speaking more as if they arrived not "crashed" there. And Shannon says to Sayid " soon as we get out of here". They all speak as if they are on the "island" for a reason, like they arrived on vacation, not that they're "crash" survivors waiting to be rescued.
* If it’s not a dream and both Shannon and Sayid saw Walt, could it be a projected image? Smoke and mirrors, so to speak.   If it’s a projected image, that could account for the audio being played backwards.
*What's real and not real? Who is real and not real?

Vocabulary and Research...
* Pepper's ghost is an illusion technique used in theater and in some magic tricks. Using a plate glass and special lighting techniques, it can make objects seem to appear or disappear, or make one object seem to "morph" into another.
* Musion Eyeliner is a modern commercial variation of a stage illusion called Pepper’s ghost, using high definition video projection or LED screens to allow moving images to appear within a live stage setting.
* Holography is a technique that allows the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed so that it appears as if the object is in the same position relative to the recording medium as it was when recorded. The image changes as the position and orientation of the viewing system changes in exactly the same way as if the object were still present, thus making the recorded image (hologram) appear three dimensional.
* Tomography is imaging by sections or sectioning. A device used in tomography is called, while the image produced is a Tomogram.  The method is used in medicine, archeology, biology, geophysics, oceanography, material science, astrophysics and other sciences. {X-rays, CAT scans, MRI}
* An au pair is a foreign-national domestic assistant working for, and living as part of a family. The title comes from the French term , meaning "on a par" or "equal to", indicating that the relationship is intended to be one of equals: the au pair is intended to become a member of the family,
* Ballet: American slang for strip club.
* Mauna-Vow of silence 
* Cradle: 1).A bed for a baby, oscillating, rockers or swinging on pivots. 2). (figuratively) The place of origin, or in which anything is nurtured or protected in the earlier period of existence. 3). (figuratively) Infancy,or very early life. i.e. from the cradle to the grave. 4). A framework of timbers, or iron bars, moving upon ways or rollers, used to support, lift, or carry ships or other vessels, heavy guns, etc., as up an inclined plane, or across a strip of land, or in launching a ship. 5). A case for a broken or dislocated limb.
* Swaddle- To restrain or restrict.

I was excited to see the Alice in Wonderland theme running through this one.  The Tailies are on their journey to the beach camp.  The life size chess pieces are on the move, or more like being moved around.  A few chess pieces were even removed from the board.

The entire scene with Boone and Shannon in her room after the wake is...very Wonderland!  Knowing how Alice's experiences are happening in the book, can we assume the experiences the "Island" residents are having are happening while they are asleep, in their subconscious or unconscious mind?  Well with all the references to sleeping {and "a wake"}  running ramped here, I believe that is the case.

There is a definite nod to being guided.   Are some of the people we see "guides"?
We also witnessed a lot of carrying going on in this episode; we see the Tailies physically carry Sawyer.  It was a burden to do this, but it was necessary to work together to get to the top of the hill. Shannon has been carrying some very heavy emotional baggage/burdens, but then again, they all are.

This episode showed us what Shannon was looking for. She wanted to deal with the pain of loss but more importantly she wanted someone to truly believe in her. They all are desperately looking for something, something within themselves.

We all want people that are close to us to believe in us, but we need to believe in ourselves first. You have to find your own way, even when it's very hard and even when you don't want to. Struggling through something can be extremely painful, but when we finally do find what we're looking for, all on our own...we'll be the better for it.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Here's a pic combo of the two times we see Boone's grave marker.

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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