June 23, 2009

The ODI LostCast "Investigates" The Incident. Part 2.

Hi Losties,

Thanks to all of you that have waited patiently for this second part of the finale podcast.
And thanks to those of you that sent in messages, posted comments or Tweeted wondering where it was!?

The initial plan was to break this part of the podcast in to two shorter versions, but since we had taken so long to get it out to you guys I decided to just make it one Super-Sized Podcast of over 3 hours of LOST goodness!!

The podcast, covers the Sun/Jin Wedding, Jacob meeting Ilana, and all the great scenes in the 2007 time line.

As requested by several of you asking to have chapters allowing you to be able to skip back and forth through the podcast, hopefully by the next podcast we will be able to have that as a new feature.
That next podcast will most likely be a Season 5 Recap/Highlights podcast with our good friend DarkUFO joining us. Also we will update you all on Comic Con happenings and plans.
So if you have any questions, please post comments or feel free to email them in to The ODI.

The podcast was posted on iTunes late last night, but for those of you that could not access it there, below is an audio player with a download link.

Hope you all enjoy!!

NOTE: If you still have not listened to Part 1, you can find it here:

ODI LOSTcast 44 - S5 Finale Recap Part 1

ODI LOSTcast 44 - Episode 5x16-17 Recap Part 2

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