June 14, 2009

Confidence Man.

Let's talk about LOST. Confidence Man

 Kate walks along the shore carrying a bunch of bananas over her shoulder. She comes upon a pile of clothes, shoes, book, cigarettes and a lighter.
Sawyer emerges from the water yells out to her, “Hell of a book. It’s about bunnies.”

Kate remarks he must be cold without his trunks. Sawyer flirts says “You bet”, she should come a little closer and warm him up.
Kate- “You sure know how to make a girl feel special, Sawyer.”
Sawyer just smiles and Kate walks on.
{Flash Whoosh}
“Hahaha! You’re incredible, Sawyer,”
Sawyer’s in bed with Jessica. Sawyer tells her he loves her and Jessica just smiles out loud.
Sawyer touches her face and says “Look at you. What do you want, right now?”
How could she want anything else? Lol.
Jessica notices the time is 3:28 and he said he had a meeting at 3:30. Sawyer hurries to leave; she’ll stay and order room service and get fat.
Sawyer-“Why don’t you order a chocolate sundae” and when he gets back he’ll use her as a dish. Sawyer pulls a briefcase off the top of the armoire and piles of cash spill out of it.
Sawyer- “You weren’t exactly supposed to see that.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Sawyer, in a blue tee-shirt and holding his book, walks through the jungle. He stops dead in his tracks and listens. He hears a snort and then the sounds of items being tossed around. He runs and comes upon Boone rummaging through his stuff.
Sawyer-“What are you doing in my stuff, son.”

“This is gonna hurt.” Jack tells Sayid, as he treats the wound on his head.
Sayid shares with Jack that they were trying to find the source of the distress call. He saw the flare from the beach and then the flare from Sawyer’s position in the jungle, he switched on his antenna, “activated the transceiver and then darkness.”
Whoever hit him came from behind. The culprit also destroyed the equipment. Jack tries to assure him they’ll figure this out, but Sayid feels he will do whatever he needs to find the man responsible.

Shannon helps to carry bloody Boone into the caves for medical attention.
Jack asks Boone what happened.
Boone says, “Sawyer.”
Jack and Sayid make eye contact.

Claire sits on the beach writing in her diary. Sweet Charlie delivers her bottled water. Charlie figures in her condition, with the extra baggage she can barely walk. He admits to worrying about her out there, “It’s very sunny.”
But alas Claire is wearing a hat.
Charlie tells her there are plenty of hats in the caves; plus they have a doctor, that could come in handy.
Claire likes the beach.
Charlie sarcastically says, “Yeah. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day with sand fleas?”
Claire tells him she wants to be here, “For when we get rescued.”
Charlie- “When we get rescued. Right.” {Does he know there isn’t going to be a rescue? What is he implying here?!!}

Dr. Jack tends to Boone's wounds {near his temple}. Boone feels it’s just a scrape.
Jack-“Yeah. Lots of scrapes today.”
Jack comments that he’s running out of peroxide.
Boone tells Jack that “He just jumped me, man.”
Jack wonders why. Boone reveals that Shannon has asthma.
Jack hasn’t seen her have an attack before.
Boone explains she had an inhalers; he sneaks hits when no one is looking. He also mentions that she’s been embarrassed about it since she’s a little kid, “I guess breathing’s not cool.”
Jack notes Boone’s use of the word “had”.
Boone explains she ran out a couple of day ago but he had four refills, which would have been enough for a couple of months, “But she always forgets her medications so I put it in my suitcase...”
He goes on to tell Jack that today he saw that jackass reading Watership Down, this was in the bag that he checked. If Sawyer has the book then he also has the bag containing the inhalers. Boone’s concerned because her breathing got really rough today, “If she has an attack…it’s not gonna be good.”
Jack looks angry and fired up.

Sawyer sits reading his letter and smoking.
Jack shows up and rummages through Sawyer’s stuff. Sawyer carefully folds up his letter, “Hey doc. Long time, no see.”
Jack asks him where Shannon's inhalers are.
Sawyer- “Oh that.”
Jack- “You attacked a kid for trying to help his sick sister.”

Sawyer corrects him, “No I whooped a thief, 'cause he was going through my stuff.”
The stuff he had to move because everybody wants to help themselves to it.
Fired up Jack is yelling about Sawyer claiming the stuff he took from everyone, makes it his stuff. Sawyer doesn’t know what kind of Commi Sheriff Fest he’s running over at Cave town, but down here possession’s nine tenth’s, “And a man’s got a right to protect his property.”
Jack demands Sawyer “get up” because he’s sure he wants to make this his problem.
Sawyer gets up but before the boys could scuffle, Kate shows up and that stops them in their tracks.
Jack walks away, Kate follows him.
{Flash Whoosh}

Sawyer told Jessica he was going to Baton Rouge to close a deal.
Sawyer just wants her to trust him; there isn’t any time to explain, he’s already late. If he misses this meeting the whole deal’s a bust. This is everything he has, $140,000.
He shares with her there’s an oil mining operation in the Gulf of Mexico; drilling platforms, $300,000 buys you one share, but as soon as you invest a government sponsored fund kicks in and triples your money in two weeks. This is his chance.
Jessica suggests an option; she’ll get the 160,000 and “We split the profit.
She will scare up the money from her hubby.
{Flash Whoosh}

“I’m gonna kill him!” says angry Jack. But Kate knows that won’t help them get the medicine. Pissed Jack knows that “But it’ll feel good.”
Kate-“So what’s stopping you?”
Jack-“We’re not savages, Kate. Not yet.”
Kate offers to talk to Sawyer, as Sawyer feels they have a connection. {Of course, they ALL do!}
Jack- “Do you?”
Kate only says “Please.”
Jack grants permission.

Sawyer chops wood with the red ax.
Kate comes up from behind and asks “What do you want?”
She asks it again.
Sawyer tells Freckles he’s got so many answers to that question he wouldn’t even know where to start.
Kate- “What do you want for the inhalers?”
He feels that’s a good question, “Hang on a tick.”
He chops the wood and tells her “A kiss aught to do it.”
Yep, a kiss from her, right now.
Kate doesn’t buy the act; He tries too hard.
She just wants him to help a woman who can’t breathe.
Kate, who seems to blend in with the jungle, admits she’s seen him with that piece of paper; the one he keeps in his pocket. She’s seen the expression on his face when he reads it, and how carefully he folds it up; it means something to him.
Kate-“So you can play games all you want, but I know there’s a human being in there somewhere. Give me the medication.”
Sawyer gets annoyed and says “You think you understand me?”
Kate starts to answer yes, but he tells her to shut up.
Sawyer {Who seems completely different right now} “You wanna know what kind of human being I am?...Read it.”
He forces her to take the letter and read it out loud. {Watch him the whole time}

Kate opens the letter and begins…”Dear Mr. Sawyer, You don’t know who I am, but I know who you are and I know what you done. You had sex with my mother and then you stole my dad’s money all away. So he got angry and he killed my mother, and then he killed himself too.” She stops, but Sawyer wants her to read on to the good part. Kate continues, “All I know is your name. One of these days I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna give you this letter so you’ll remember what you done to me. You killed my parents Mr. Sawyer.”
Sawyer takes the letter from her and says, “Now about that kiss.”
She doesn’t budge. He didn’t think so.

Locke sits crafting a spear out of a piece of wood. Sayid enters and asks where he was last night around sunset.

Locke’s only witness to his whereabouts was the boar he was skinning for their dinner. Locke in all his Locke-ness, says to Sayid, "It would seem, whoever attacked you has a reason for not getting off the island. Maybe someone who is profiting from our current circumstances." {Yep! Locke knows they're not supposed to leave the island. Maybe he even knows why.
Locke is aware Sayid and Sawyer share certain animosity. But Sawyer has an alibi.
Sayid tells him Sawyer set off the bottle rocket two kilometers away and wouldn’t have time to…
Locke suggests, “Unless he found a way to time defuse his rocket.
But how?
Locke also adds that anyone who watches television knows how to improvise a slow fuse, “Use a cigarette.”
Sayid wonders silently and Locke offers him his red handled knife, “Just in case there’s a next time.”
Sayid touches the knife.

In the caves, Shannon is suffering an asthma attack. She gasps for air.
Boone-“Just try to breathe.”
Jack rummages through medical supplies for something to help as Sun watches. Sawyer nonchalantly strolls by apathetic to Shannon's current situation.

Sawyer is going to fill up his water bottles and Jack demands the inhalers from him.
Cocky Sawyer says, “Hell…wondering when you were gonna stop asking nice.”
Jack hits him!
Jack gets pain in his right shoulder.
Sawyer gets up and tells Jack, “Well it’s about time, Cowboy. Been telling you since day one that we’re in the wild. Didn’t know if you had it in ya.
Jack punches him again.
Sawyer eggs him on but Jack realizes all eyes are on him and walks away.
Sawyer is left with a bloody mouth.
{Flash Whoosh}
"I’m not so sure this is a good idea.” Sawyer tells Jess and her hubby, David.
They are having lunch at a nice restaurant.
Sawyer feels business between friends is always a little sticky. Apparently Sawyer works with Jess at the Auto Dealership. Sawyer tells the couple he’s just not sure if he’s comfortable with this. David says, “Louisiana will invest two thirds of the drilling costs…what is this, a loophole?”
Sawyer understands David is reluctant, after all he’s got his lumber yards; he doesn’t need this. Jess tries to get him to do it, but David is still hesitant since he doesn’t know this guy.
Jess wants Sawyer to show him the cash, and he does.
David- “How do I know this is real?”
Sawyer- “The money?
Sawyer encourages David to hold on to the money for the night, check it out; he wants him to feel secure. After a few seconds Sawyer thinks they shouldn’t do this; he’s got another investor who’s already committed…”
Sawyer covers lunch and will see Jess on Monday; he walks away.
David calls him back. Sawyer smiles; mission accomplished.

Claire and Charlie hang laundry on wires and chat about the things they miss. Charlie misses food items. Claire misses warm fluffy towels and peanut butter. She’s the only Australian who loves peanut butter. Charlie can get her peanut butter. And when he gets her the peanut butter she has to vacate the sandy shores of depression and move to the caves.
They shake on it. {Charlie's taped letters- LATE}

In the caves Boone yells out for help, “She’s not breathing!”
The attacks are getting worse
. Jack wants Shannon to look at him and listen, “This isn’t just the asthma. Its anxiety. It’s in your head. You know that your medicine’s run out and you’re panickingWe can fight this, together. Okay?”
Everyone looks on.
Shannon gasps for air but nods her head yes. Boone tells Jack she needs her inhaler but Jack is trying to get her to calm herself down; to gain control of the asthma. It seems to be helping.
Jack tells Boone to keep her relaxed, “Do not let her panic.”
Hurley- Wow, man. That was awesome. I mean, that was like a, Jedi moment.”
Sayid runs after Jack.

Sayid asks what will happen if she doesn’t get her medicine.
Jack gives the look of doom. Sayid feels then they need to make Sawyer give them the meds. That’s where Jack is headed.
Nope, not Jack.
Sayid served five years in the Republican Guard.
Jack-“I thought you were a communications officer?”
Sayid reveals part of his training entailed getting the enemy to communicate. Just give me ten minutes with him. He’ll give us the medicine.“
Jack grants permission.

In the jungle Hurley {Carrying luggage} tells Charlie the food from the plane’s been gone over a week. Charlie inquires if there’s a secret stash for emergencies; Hurley and Jack have a bunch of stuff in that cave. Hurley apologizes, “No peanut butter. No peanuts. No nothing.”
Charlie feels there’s got to be something, after all Hurley’s still large. Hurley’s a bit insulted, “Fat guy hording the that what you think?”
Charlie feels they’ve been there for two weeks and Hurley hasn’t slimmed down much.
Charlie whispers, “All I need’s a bag of peanuts.”
Hurley has NO food and for the record, he’s down a notch in his belt. “I’m a big guy. It’s gonna be a while before you’re gonna wanna give me a piggy back ride. Okay?”
Charlie apologizes.

Michael is having a hard time cleaning a fish. Sun is washing herself up behind him. Sun walks over to Michael and in English quietly tells him she can help the sick girl with the asthma.

Sawyer sleeps in tent made of yellow and blue tarps. He wakes to see Sayid standing over him. Sayid says, “Good morning” and hits him; knocking him out.
Jack and Sayid carry/drag a knocked out Sawyer.
Kate wants to know what they’re doing. Jack tells her this was Sawyer’s choice not his. Upset Kate yells, “If you do this!”

Sawyer is tied up {Hands behind his back} and kneeling on the ground.
Sayid throws water in his face in an effort to wake him.

Sawyer wakes, “Well aint you the brave one? Jumping a guy while he’s napping.”

Jack squats down in front of Sawyer and tells him they gave him the chance to do the right thing; all he wants is the asthma medicine. “Just tell me where the inhalers are and we’ll stop.”
Sawyer-“Stop what, Chico?”
Sayid is sharpening a piece of bamboo with a knife.
Jack again tells Sawyer it doesn’t have to be this way.
Sawyer-“Yeah it does.”
Sayid explains to Sawyer that when the bamboo/reed shoots are inserted underneath the fingernails; they’re effect is the same.
Sawyer tells “Ali” he thinks he’s never really tortured anybody in his life. Unfortunately for them both, Sawyer is wrong.
Sayid goes behind kneeling Sawyer and inserts a bamboo shoot. Although it appears painful Sawyer eggs him on for more.
Sayid proceeds and Sawyer screams out in pain. This scene is upsetting Jack and he has Sayid stop. Smart ass Sawyer tells him not to stop now, “I think my sinuses are clearing.”
Jack wonders what the hell is wrong with him.
Sayid-“Perhaps losing an eye will loosen your tongue.”
Sawyer concedes, but the only person he’ll tell is her.
Sawyer- “That’s the deal.”
{Flash Whoosh}
“Tell me Sawyer, do you want to die?” asks the man playing pool in a smoky bar. “'Cause when a man walks in to my place and tells me he left 160 of my hard won dollars in the care of a civilian, I gotta ask myself if what I’m hearing isn’t a desperate cry for the sweet release of death.” Sawyer lights up a cigarette and tells the man the deal closed today.
Sawyer feels women are easy; you sweeten things up and they end up thinking the scam is their idea. The husbands need to touch the money; smell it, “Believe that if they had the brass to put that suitcase in the trunk of their family sedan speed away, they just might have a chance of being an honest to gosh outlaw.”
The pool player asks why then did “Tex” need his money. Sawyer likes earning it as much as he likes spending it. Be that as it may, but this guy knows a thing or two about making people suffer, “Now you have my money, plus 50 percent by noon tomorrow or I’ll tell you all about it.”

Kate appears in front of tortured Sawyer. He’ll be happy to tell her where it is as soon as he gets that kiss and he’s serious. “Baby, I am tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a genuine Iraqi. Course I’m serious. Just not seeing the big picture here Freckles. You really gonna let that girl suffocate, cause you can’t bring yourself to give me one little kiss. Hell, it’s only first base. Lucky for you I ain’t greedy. ”
Okay, they kiss. {Only it’s a little more than one little kiss!}
Sawyer quietly tells her, “I don’t have it.” He never had the medicine.
Kate questions “The book. They said you found it in their luggage.”
Sawyer reveals the book washed up on shore.
Kate punches him in the face. Mission accomplished; Sawyer got his kiss!

Kate tells Jack and Sayid he doesn’t have it.
Sayid feels Sawyer’s lying, “Can’t you see that? He’s been lying from the beginning. He doesn’t want us to get off this island. That’s why he attacked me. He destroyed the transceiver!”
Jack tries to stop Sayid from going after Sawyer again, “You don’t know that!”

Sawyer unties his own hands and is prepared to fight Sayid. They fight and Sawyer ends up stabbed in the right bicep. Jack pulls the knife out; the knife hit an artery. Jack sends Sayid to retrieve Jacks leather backpack from the caves, “GO!”
Kate wonders if Jack can make it stop.

Shannon is asleep in the caves and Sayid runs in for Jacks bag.
Boone asks Sayid, “Whose blood is that?”
Sayid tells him.
Boone- “You went after Sawyer and you didn’t even tell me. She’s my sister.”
Shannon wakes and asks Boone not to leave her alone.
Boone assures her he’s not going anywhere. Sayid runs out with the backpack and Michael enters. Michael asks Sun if these are the right ones she asked for. He retrieved eucalyptus from a tree for her. Sun sniffs it; it’s correct. Angry Jin yells something in Korean to Sun. {Must be something about Sun AND Michael.} Sun is nervous at first but ends up just walking away from him. Jin looks at Michael as if he’s going to say something but tough Michael tells him, “Don’t, man. I’m telling you, don’t”

Jack is trying to stop Sawyer’s bleeding.
Sawyer tells Jack to Let go. I know you want to.”
Jack tells him to shut up and stop moving. Sawyer feels Jack has been waiting for this to happen so he can be a hero again, “Cause that’s what you do. Fix everything up all nice.”
Sawyer wants Freckles to tell Jack to let go; what else does he have to live for?
Sawyer tells Jack, “There’s something you should know…the tables were turned, I’d watch you die.”
{Flash Whoosh}

Sawyer is dressed in his power suit. David paces, but it looks like they’re in the oil business. Everybody’s cool. {Watch Jess here.} Sawyer tells David they’ll get the money back a week from tomorrow. Tripled.
David asks him, “You’re not gonna skip town are ya?”
Jess feels they should trust him because Sawyer left his money with them.
Sawyer feels Jess is a smart woman, “Don’t let her go.”
A little boy enters the room. Jess asks the boy What are you doing up? Are you feeling better?
The little boy asks, “Will you read to me?” {We don’t see the boy ask this}
Sawyer is moved by seeing the child. A different woman’s voice says, “In a minute, sweetheart. We have company right now.”

Sawyer and the child just look in to each other's eyes.
Sawyer tells David the deal’s off, forget it.
David asks if this is a joke. Sawyer’s calling it off; walking away. David’s getting pissed and Jess blurts out, “This isn’t how it was supposed to work.”
Sawyer drops the briefcase and walks out.

Outside the house Sawyer walks in slow motion as David yells behind him. {NO flash whoosh}

Sawyer is sleeping.
He wakes to the sound of the waves and sees his right bicep is bandaged.
Kate, who was watching over him, tells him he’s lucky to be alive. Sawyer looks a bit confused and says “Jack.”
Jack went to the caves to check on Shannon.

Kate tells Sawyer she read it again, because she was trying to figure out why he beat up Boone instead of telling him he didn’t have his sister’s medication; why he pretended to have it anyway, “The thing that I keep coming back around to is that you want to be hated.”
Then she looked at the envelope and realized it was from America’s Bicentennial in Knoxville Tennessee. Sawyer would have been just a kid of 8 or 9, “This letter wasn’t written to you. You wrote this letter….Your name’s not Sawyer is it?”
Sawyer admits it was “his” name. “He” was a confidence man who romanced his mama to get to the money; wiped them out clean, left a mess behind. So Sawyer wrote that letter knowing one day he’d find him. But that ain’t the sad part, when he was 19 he needed six grand to pay these guys off he was in trouble with. So he found a pretty lady with a dumb husband who had some money, and he got him to give it to him. “How’s that for a tragedy? Became the man I was hunting. Became Sawyer.”
He turns to Kate and says, “Don’t you feel sorry for me.”
He grabs the letter and tells her to get the hell out.

Sun is tending to Shannon. Sun has made a remedy from the eucalyptus; she applies some to Shannon’s chest and has her breathe in sniff the vapor from it. Shannon is doing better. Boone tells Jack it’s like some miracle Sun showed up with that mixture, rubbed it on Shannon’s chest, “and 10 minutes she was breathing.”
Jack takes some of the mixtures, sniffs it and says to himself, “Smart, Jack.”
He thanks Sun. Jin looks over at Sun.

On the beach, Claire wakes up to Charlie packing her stuff, as she is moving to the caves. Charlie the peanut butter she ordered. Charlie tells her its extra smooth. He presents an empty jar to her. He convinces her it’s filled to the brim; through his acting as if he’s eating real peanut butter from the jar, “Makes you want a glass of milk.”
So they play make-believe, eating the best peanut butter they ever tasted.
{All an illusion, pretend}

Kate looks out to the water.
Sayid walks by her not even stopping to say hi. Kate stops him wondering where he’s going.
Sayid feels he can’t stay there, deciding to leave the camp but doesn’t know for how long.
Kate tells him he can’t, “We still don’t know what’s out there.”

He has worse things to fear than what’s in the jungle. Sayid is ashamed for breaking his own promise of never to do what he did today ever again, “I have no right to be here.”
Kate feels there’s nowhere to go.
Sayid-“Someone has to walk the shore and map the island…see what else there is. I can’t think of a better person to do it than the only one I trust. I hope we meet again.”
He kisses her hand and walks away. {What makes these two so close?}

While the song "I Shall Not Walk Alone" plays, on the beach, Charlie and Claire make their way to the caves.
Boone sits with recovering Shannon in the caves.
Sawyer sits, about to ignite his letter, but decides against it.
Sayid leaves the beach camp, alone. {Or is he?}

Confidence man is a GREAT episode. As this particular episode unfolds we notice Sawyer comfortable in his role of con man, until he sees the little boy of a couple he's in the middle of conning. He calls that deal off as he evidently sees himself in the little boy. I love watching Sawyer with his letter. He's so intense, so angry, so hurt.
I think there's a lot more to the "conning" than meets the eye.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Con. Trick. Manipulate. Deal. Use.
* Eyes.
* Depression. Anxiety. Panic. Guilt. Hurt.
* Alias. Alibi. Witness.
* Play on words- “Incredible”
* Watership Down. Government.
* Military. Civilian. Profit.
* Bar.
* Map out. Attack.
* The word TARP is an anagram for TRAP.
* Illusion. Pretend. Imagination. What is real? AND WHAT IS NOT?
* Time. Time limit. Time defuse. Time constraints. Timer. LATE.
* Emerge from the water.
* Games. Trade. Deals. Loophole.
* Come back around.
* Why would there be the sound of a snort and then we see Boone?
* Jack says, “We’re not savages, Kate. Not yet.” When will they be savages?
* Jack can SNAP! Does Jack need to let go of something? Yes.
* Jack is literally being told to "Let go" 
* “Pregnant” Claire doesn’t have food cravings like most other normal pregnancies. Maybe she’s not really pregnant. Yep! That’s what I just said.
* Where did Charlie find a jar, let alone that kind of jar?
* Locke says to Sayid, "It would seem, whoever attacked you has a reason for not getting off the Island. Maybe someone who is profiting from our current circumstances." Is Locke that someone?
* The bit when the little boy comes in the room felt weird. Is it me or did the voices change? Sounded like it. It could be due to ADR. But it felt more like it was a peek inside to Sawyer’s own memory for a second. I know, I’m crazy.
* It’s in your head.

Vocabulary and Research...
* Con- A confidence trick or confidence game (AKA: bunko, con, flim flam, gaffle, grift, hustle, scam, scheme, or swindle) is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence. Persons of any level of intelligence are vulnerable to deception by experienced con artists. Confidence tricks exploit human weaknesses like greed, dishonesty, vanity, but also virtues like honesty, compassion, or a naive expectation of good faith on the part of the con artist.
* Hydrogen Peroxide is often abbreviated to peroxide.
* Boon- A prayer, blessing, petition benefit.
* Tick- A parasitic bug,
- Tick, the sound a pendulum clock makes.
- Tick bases game is a game that is played in iterated time periods.
- Tick, the smallest increment of system time as measured by a computer system.
- A tic is a sudden, repetitive, non rhythmic, stereotyped motor movement or vocalization involving discrete muscle groups.
- The Trusted Internet Connection initiative AKA as TIC.

At this point we find they are on the "Island" about two weeks. Jin shows a little jealousy when Michael gives Sun the plants. It's in this episode that we hear the phrase "Come back around" Kate says it on the beach. {That's important}

Again, I keep close tabs on Locke at all times! Boy, he sure does know how to play a game!! Is he conning anyone? I need to know who is profiting by their current situation.

The insight to Sawyer was enlightening. We found a very angry, hurt and 'lost' little boy, grow up to be too close to the man he hated. But is Sawyer really that bad man? Sawyer is his own worst enemy. He keeps everyone at a distance on purpose. It's almost like he self punishes himself by the behavior he displays. He does try to make everybody hate him, when in reality a con-man would try to make everybody like him. Sawyer unfortunately was a victim of circumstance (as a child).
He IS a man who can "love".

If here on the island they all get a clean slate why doesn't he take advantage of assuming a new role instead of living the same role he had in the “outside world”?
Because he can't…they all are carrying baggage and they ALL have their roles!

Love to all who are "Lost"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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