June 10, 2009


Hi Losties,

Great news!
Titan books is putting out a LOST book for our summer reading. YAY!
I'm looking forward to this book to aid me with the long hiatus. We can get our hands on this gem later this month.
So until I get to send a message from the island myself, I'll happily continue to read everyone else's wonderful words.

Be sure to pick one up and enjoy!I know I will!

Included in this book:

* Full of secrets, flashbacks, twists and turns Lost is a unique and captivating television experience that both challenges and entertains. This official companion to the critically acclaimed multi-award winning series chronicles every aspect of the making of Lost. Enjoy and explore the genesis of the show through the early seasons, and the survivors' first few weeks on this mysterious island.

* Thorough in-depth interviews and articles gain a deeper insight into this incredible show:

* Exclusively written intro from executive producers Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse.

* Detailed interviews with all the shows stars.

* Original concept art and storyboards.

* Engrossing commentary on the making of key episodes.

* Scores of stunning photos direct from the set.

* Extensive interviews with the shows creators, producers and many crew members.


Special thanks to Titan Publishing.

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