November 2, 2008


Let’s talk about LOST! The Constant.

Desmond is on the helicopter with Sayid, Frank and meaty/dead/pod Naomi.

Des looks at the picture of him and Penny.  Sayid sits with his back to Frank. Frank checks his cheat sheet for the bearing information.  Sayid wonders why he’s flying directly into the thunderhead.

Frank-"Why don’t you just sit back and let me do my job, huh?"
Sayid asks Desmond what  he expects to find when he gets to the boat. Desmond-"Answers."
The helicopter gets bounced around in the "storm".
Frank yells "Hold on!"
Desmond holds on! Instantly has a "Flash...
... Desmond holds on to the side of his bed. He’s in Royal Scots Regiment military barracks at Camp Millar in Scotland.  Desmond wakes up confused.   The commanding officer is yelling at the soldiers to "Move!"  He wonders what Desmond is waiting for.
Desmond tells him he was having a dream.  The officer asks what was he dreaming about that took him so long to get to his sodding mark.
Des shares he was in a helicopter storm "And I don’t remember the rest, sir."
The officer-"Well, at least it was a bloody military dream.
He commands them to the yard in 4 minutes. He blames Private Hume for having to do it in double time.
Outside in the rain and mud the squad does push ups; 100 crunches.
The guy crunching next to Des says "I hope your dream was worth it, mate."
Desmond explains he never had a dream that was so vivid; it was like he was actually there.
The Officer standing over Desmond asks if he has something to say, "I asked you a question!"
Desmond is immediately brought back to...
...Helicopter flies through the thunderhead. Frank tells them they’re almost through it and he can see daylight. Desmond is a bit freaked out and starts to frantically undo his seat belts.
Sayid gets his attention. Confused Desmond turns to him and asks "Who are you? How do you know my name?"
It's daylight on the beach.
Daniel serves Charlotte coffee. Jack's still holding the phone.
Jack-"All right, they took off a day ago. Why haven’t we heard from them?"
Juliet implies to Charlotte she must know something because she’s not worried about anything.
Juliet-"Your boat’s 40 miles off the coast, it should have taken them, what, 20 minutes to get there?"
Charlotte mocks Juliet and asks "If she should wring her hands a whisper a prayer on their behalf?"
Dan suggests they should just "Tell them."
Charlotte nervously says she doesn’t want to confuse anyone.  Juliet tells Daniel if he talks real slow, they’ll be able to follow.
Dan-"Your perception of how long your friends have been gone, it’s not necessarily how long they’ve actually been gone."
Charlotte feels this is a mistake.
Dan tells Jack it’ll be fine as long as Frank flew on the bearing he gave him. If he didn’t, there may be "side effects".

Clear skies: Desmond is still freaking while Sayid is yelling something about 2,000 feet and telling him to sit down.
Desmond is really freaking "How do you know my name?" and trying to get out.
Frank tells Sayid to keep him away from the stick, "We’ll be there in two minutes." {Joystick} They see the freighter.
Desmond seems puzzled looking at the freighter; he crushes photo then opens the photo. The helicopter lands.

Sayid is sure to have his gun.
Keamy yells to Frank "What are you doing back?...Who are they?"
Frank informs him they're survivors of 815.
Keamy tells him he "Shouldn’t have brought them here. What were you thinking?"
Desmond’s freaking and asking questions. Sayid tells the sailors his friend is disoriented.
Panicked Desmond screams at Sayid "You’re not my friend. I don’t know you. I don’t know you!"
Frank tells Keamy he was fine when they took off and goes on to say that Faraday said as long as he stayed on the vector... Keamy tells Sayid they’re gonna take his buddy down to the sickbay so the doctor can take a look at him first and then Sayid can go down, "You got my word on that, Okay?"
Omar tries to get Desmond to go with him.
Disoriented Desmond-"No. Listen to me. This is a mistake,right? I don’t know these people. No. This is wrong! I’m not supposed to be..."
..."HERE!"  Desmond is back standing in the rain while the men do crunches. {20, 21, 22, 23, etc.} The officer apparently heard Desmond yell the word ’Here’… ’Hear what?’
He asks if Desmond is finished with his crunches because he wants to "RUN"... The squad is commanded to their feet for a run!
Billy tells Desmond, "Keep moving. Or so help me I’ll kill you myself."
In the rain Desmond is on the flatbed of a truck.   The soldiers are lined up in a  human chain, loading in metal footlockers.
Desmond chats with Billy, who knows Desmond is crazy.   Desmond tells Billy about this morning while in the yard doing crunches, "I left. I was on a boat...then, then I was right, right back here where I started."
Billy asks if he’s trying to get tossed out of service.
Desmond-"Billy I’m telling you the truth, man."
Billy asks if he recognized anyone on the boat.
Desmond-"Penny."    He remembers the photo of Penny.
Desmond runs to make a phone call. {Pay phone} Another solider bangs into him causing Des to drop the coins. Desmond bends down to pick it up...
...Desmond on deck of the boat and loses his balance.   Keamy tells him to watch his step.
Desmond-"This isn’t happening."
Keamy-"You are here and this is happened/happeningLook we’re gonna take care of you."
Desmond-"What am I doing here?"
Keamy introduces himself and Omar, they are from Vegas and Florida, He doesn’t... {he had a New York accent a bit ago!}
Omar interjects-"The last port in Fiji. So at least we know we’re still in the Pacific."

They bring Desmond to the sickbay. Keamy tells him to relax; the Doc’s gonna wanna ask him some questions to help sort all this out.   They slam the door and lock him in!
Desmond bangs on the door yelling "I’m not supposed to be here! I’m not supposed to be here! Open this door! Open this door!" {sign: Do Not remove articles from sickbay}  Desmond hears a voice "Hey. Hey."
Minkowski strapped to a gurney, "It’s happening to you too. Isn’t it?"
Sayid observes Keamy yelling at Frank.
Sayid thinks Frank’s friends know what’s wrong with Desmond.  Frank feels if they do they’re not sharing it with him.
Sayid questions why they took off at dusk and landed in the middle of the day.   Frank doesn’t answer that question but goes on to say he doesn’t know what’s happening to his buddy, but he should trust that he’s "trying to help you."
Sayid wants his phone, "Let me call my people."
Frank-"You give me that weapon, I’ll give you this phone."
Frank presses things on the phone and they make the trade.   Frank tells him to make it quick "Don’t go trying to call Baghdad, those phones can only call each other.
Jack’s phone starts ringing.
Sayid informs Jack something happened during the flight and now Desmond’s in their sickbay. Jack puts him on speaker.
Sayid informs them that Desmond doesn’t appear to recognize him or know where he is. Daniel is troubled; Side effects?
Dan asks if Desmond has recently been exposed to high levels of radiation or electromagnetism. Dan says they don’t know why, but going and coming from the island some people can get a little confused. {SO! THE ONLY WAY TO KNOW THAT, IS TO COME AND GO TO THE ISLAND MANY TIMES! THERE YOU GO! Wouldn’t that tip Jack off to the fact the people on the freighter are no strangers to the fucking Island?!}
This is not amnesia.

Desmond is standing over staring Minkowski; it's like he's in a trance.   Desmond gets him to snap out of it.
Minkowski-"I was just on a Ferris wheel. {He’s pretty happy about that}
Dr. Ray comes in and turns on the lights.   Minkowski tells Ray that he’s not crazy cause it’s happen to Desmond too. "And it’s gonna happen to you and it’s gonna happen to all of us.  Everyone. Once we start heading to that island again."
Dr. Ray prepares an injection for Minkowski {Convenient. The guy runs his mouth too much} Ray injects Minkowski as he repeats "Nothing can stop it, Ray." {Stop what? The constant pull of going back to the Island? Hmmmm}
Minkowski is calm and then he's out.   Desmond wants to know what the bloody hell is going on.   Dr. Ray understands Desmond is disoriented.   Desmond doesn’t want to get stuck with the needle. Dr. Ray just wants to check his eyes.
Dr. Ray-"So I can help you."
Dr. Ray asks his name.  Desmond does indeed know his own name.  Dr. Ray  flashes the light before his eyes, {hehehehe} wants to know what’s the last thing Des remembers...
...Coins in his right hand.   Desmond in the rain at the pay phone. The guy is walking away from him.
We can hear a helicopter. He picks up the last coin, puts 2 coins in the phone and calls Penny. Desmond tells her he’s in trouble, he thinks something has happened to him; he’s confused.   He needs to see her.
Penny-"You broke off with me and then you joined the army.  And now you call with some expectations I still care about you? Yeah, I think you are confused, Desmond."
Desmond has two days leave starting tonight, he asks if he can go and see her.   Penny tells him no and that she’s moved but won’t say where to.   She doesn’t want him to call her again.
Desmond-"Penny I need..."
..."You."... Desmond is in the sickbay with Dr. Ray shining the light in eyes.
Dr. Ray asks if he just experienced something.  On cue before Des can answer Frank enters with Sayid. Dr. Ray tells Frank he’s not supposed to be down there and definitely not with Sayid!   Frank tells Ray that Faraday’s calling from the island and he needs to talk to Des.
Dr. Ray-"Faraday’s not talking to my patient."
Sayid slams Dr. Ray into the wall "He is not your patient."       Sayid wants Desmond to have the phone.
Dr. Ray pushes a button that triggers a beeping buzz.  Desmond covers his ears.   Des pushes a button on the phone, "Hello."
Daniel reintroduces himself to Desmond since he doesn’t remember meeting him before they took off yesterday.
Desmond-"Took off?...What?’" {sign for Do Not remove article from sickbay is on the closet door} Dan asks Desmond what year  he thinks it is.   Desmond says 1996 and he in some kind of sickbay.   Dan wants to know where is he supposed to be in 1996, not now.   Desmond tells him Camp Millar, just north of Glasgow.
Dan instructs Des that when it happens again he needs him to get on a train and head to Oxford University, Queens College Physics Department, "Because I need you to find me." {note-Juliet is wearing jeans}
Dan needs his journal or he won’t believe him.   Jack asks why Desmond thinks he’s in 1996.   Dan doesn’t know; it’s a random affect.   It sometimes displaces between a couple of hours, sometimes years. {They’ve all experienced that!}
Jack- "This has happened before."
Dan doesn’t respond to him he just gets back to Desmond on the phone.   Dan tells Desmond when he finds him at Queens College he needs to tell him to set the device to 2.342 oscillating 11 hertz and if the numbers don’t convince him to tell him he knows about Eloise.
Desmond writes the numbers on his left hand. Keamy barges in and tries to pull the phone out of Des' hand...
...Phone in Des’ hand.  He in sitting in the phone booth with the phone. It’s raining. He drops the phone and looks at his left hand.
Bells Toll; Queens College. {Looks like Jacobs dog is there}
Desmond sees long haired Daniel handing a Quantum Physics report to someone.  He’s telling the guy he’s not impressed, go try again {something about the opposite...}
Desmond introduces himself, "I think I’ve just been to the future."
Desmond relays Dan’s instructions from the future.
Dan asks why didn’t he just help him in the future. Why would he put him through the headache of time travel, "You know what I mean? It all seems a little unnecessary. And don’t you think my esteemed colleagues could have come up with something a little more believable. What kind of a prank is that? Paradox. So uninspired."
Desmond relays the device settings saying Dan gave him those numbers, and he knows about Eloise.

Inside Dan’s space where he does things that Oxford frowns upon: {note 2 sleds} A big rat maze.
Dan tries to rationalize this referenced meeting between him and Desmond now, and remembering it for the future. That he would remember him coming to Oxford, "I would remember this, here, right now."
Desmond-"No. Maybe you just forgot" {Why 'no'?}
Dan-"Yeah, right. How would that happen?"   {WOW! This is some conversation!}
Desmond-"This is changing the future?"
Dan-"You can’t change the future."
Dan puts on a radiation vest. Des doesn’t need one; Dan’s the one that does this 20 times a day.   He doesn’t protect his head. {Doh!}  Dan puts Eloise in the maze, points a funky bright purple light thingy over the rat and tells Desmond that he’s un-sticking her in time.
Dan takes off his vest "Shhh; she’s not back yet.{WTF?} There she is."
He lifts the gate and she runs the maze.  He tells Desmond, "It worked."    Dan just finished the maze this morning, "I’m not gonna teach her to run it until an hour from now."    Dan sent her consciousness/mind to the future.  Dan thinks he sent Desmond back to help Dan not Desmond.
Desmond- "All I know about you is you end up on some bloody island.
Dan-"Why would I go to an..."
...Keamy is pulling the phone away from Desmond.   Frank yells for everyone to listen "Daniel wanted to talk to the guy, so we brought him the phone, that’s all."
Keamy is upset that he let Faraday talk to him.  Faraday said he could help.
Dr. Ray-"Faraday can’t even help himself!"
Sayid wants to talk to the Captain.   But Sayid, Desmond and George are locked in again.    Desmond starts to flash the light into his own eyes saying he needs to get back because he said he could tell me what I needed to do."
George, awake, still strapped down "Desmond? You’re Desmond?"
Desmond-"Do I know you?"
George introduces himself as the communications officer.  Before he was strapped down "all the calls to and from the boat came through me in the radio room."
He tells them every so often he would see the flashing light on his console; Incoming Call.  He was under strict orders never to answer it.  Those calls came from Desmond’s girlfriend. {How does George know its Des’ girlfriend?}
Desmond wakes up in Daniel’s office.
Dan- "You’re back."
He mentions Desmond was out for 75 minutes; says Desmond went catatonic right in the middle of a sentence, he had to carry him to the chair. {Dan couldn’t carry a fucking bag of laundry! }
Desmond says he was in the future for 5 minutes. "Why does this keep happening?"
Dan- "In your case, I’m guessing that progression is exponential. Each time your consciousness jumps, it gets harder and harder to jump back. "I would be careful crossing the street if I were you."
Desmond looks at the dead rat. She died from a brain aneurysm "probably", Dan doesn’t know.   He’ll do an autopsy later.  All the while Dan never stops writing equations on the board. Desmond asks if that will happen to him.
Dan-"The effects seem to vary from case to case..."
Desmond grabs him wanting to know if this keeps happening is he gonna die.
Dan-"I don’t know. I think Eloise’s brain short circuited."    It jumps between the present and the future, eventually she couldn’t tell which was which.  She had no anchor, something familiar in both times.   Dan points out the equations on the board are variables, random, chaotic, every equation needs stability, something known. It’s called a constant. "Desmond, you have no constant. When you go to the future, nothing is familiar." {Penny is! Always has been.} If he wants to stop this he needs to find something there, something he really cares about that also exists in 1996. {When he goes to the future? Aren’t we led to believe he’s traveling to the past? Hmm!!}
Desmond- "This constant...can it be a person?"
Dan-"Maybe. But you have to make some kind of contact."
Desmond dials a very old phone, calls his constant but the number is disconnected.
Des runs down stairs. Falls over...
...Des falls over.  Sayid asks if he’s all right.  Desmond sees himself in the mirror, a bit of Sayid too.
George-"You look a lot older now, huh? Welcome back, Desmond."
Desmond needs to call Penny.   Desmond doesn’t remember Sayid but if they are friends he needs his help. George tells them they are getting way ahead of themselves, "Two days ago someone sabotaged all the equipment. They lost all communication with the mainland. He probably could have fixed it but "then I went nuts." {Convenient. PLUS- A crazy person doesn’t realize they are going nuts!!}
The radio room is 1 deck up. Crazy George will take them there.
They will get out through a door that someone/friend left open for them. George’s nose is starting to bleed.
Sayid-"Let's go"
...Des in the stairwell, wakes up. Runs down the metal stairs.
"The Black Rock set sail from Portsmouth, England March 22, 1845 on a trading mission to the kingdom of Siam.  She was tragically lost at sea."    The only known artifact from the journey is the journal of the ships first mate which was found by pirates near Madagascar 7 years later. {Aye} The journal is up for auction thanks to Tovard Hanso. The contents of the journal were only known to the Hanso family. {Journal says Ledger on the spine} Charles Widmore bids  and wins the journal.
Widmore to Desmond, "Walk with me."

In the men’s room Desmond tries to explain that he needs to get in touch with Penny. Widmore shares that Desmond’s cowardice is what proved Penny was right to not marry him. Charles turns on the cold water faucet letting the water run, {Mirror} "I take it you’ve had second thoughts, and you’d like her to give you another chance."
Desmond- "Why do you hate me so much?"
Charles- "It’s not me who hates you." {Then who?!} Charles gives him the address "I’ll let you tell you herself."   The faucet still running.   Desmond touches the cold water handle...
...Desmond leans over the gurney.  George tells him "I know. It’s getting harder. It starts happening faster too." As they sneak down the hallway, George tells them they "were anchored here, waiting for our orders, bored out of our minds. Me and Brandon, he’s one of the crew members, we took out the ships tender, we just wanted to see the island. But Brandon starting acting crazy. So we had to turn around." {Note Sayid has bullet scar here} Brandon’s in a body bag.

In the radio room Sayid asks,"Who did this?"
George- "You got me. But when the captain finds out I feel sorr..."  George just falls over.
Sayid’s not impressed at all and he doesn’t miss a beat, he tells Desmond after his call, someone has to tell him precisely what is going on.
Sayid can fix it/radio/phone, "I need a minute."
Sayid asks Desmond if he knows the number to make the call.
Desmond is trying to wake up Minkowski. {Sayid doesn’t care about Minkowski at all.}
Sayid- "Well you better remember it."
Desmond sees the 2004 calendar of an Island.   Sayid rigs a battery and a red phone. Sayid didn’t realize it was almost Christmas. {Does he celebrate Christmas?} Des’ nose starts bleeding. George is bleeding, "I can’t get back."   He appears to die.
Sayid- "What happened to him?" {He finally noticed something!} Desmond thinks the same thing will happen to him.
...The water is overflowing from the sink. Desmond wakes up on the floor of the restroom. He looks at himself in the mirror, and Pen’s address info on the floor.

Desmond knocks on Pen’s red door.  She is surprised to see him "I don’t know if your getting the signals Desmond but I’m trying to make a clean break from you, so if you don’t mind..."
Desmond tries to explain he made a huge mistake breaking up with her, he knows it’s too late to change things but he needs for her to listen to him.
She lets him in.
Des tries to explain "8 years from now, I need to call you and I can’t call you if I don’t have your number."
She’s confused. Desmond tries to get her to understand, he knows he ruined things but if there’s a part of her that still believes in them, he needs her number.  He won’t call for 8 years!  December the 24th, 2004. Christmas Eve.
She verbally gives him the number. He repeats it over and over; he will remember it.  He tells her she can’t change her number for 8 years.  She kicks him out.
Desmond-"I’m not crazy Penny. You have to believe me! You have to..."
"...Trust me."   Desmond wakes up.
Sayid does trust him, "But you still have to remember that number."
Desmond remembers.
"Excellent timing", Sayid says as he enters the number.   As the phone rings, we see...
...Desmond leave Penny’s flat and sees her shut the curtains. He walks away, looks troubled...
...Penny answers! He is so happy...
...As Desmond walks away from Penny’s he smiles with such joy in his heart!

Penny’s flat is decorated for Christmas. She wants to know where he is. They both cry from happiness. She’s been looking for him for the past three years. She knows about the Island; she’s been researching….{interference} When she spoke to his friend Charlie, that’s when she knew he was still alive. She knew she wasn’t crazy. {She wears ring on right ring finger} They make sure they can still hear each other.
Desmond- "I love you Penny. I’ve always loved you. I’m so sorry. I love you."
Pen-"I love you too."     Both promise to find and come back to each other.
Desmond and Pen both- "I love you." {I am CRYING!}
Sayid is sorry the power source went dead, that’s all they have.
Desmond thanks Sayid and  smiles,"It was enough."
Sayid- "Are you all right now?"
Desmond- "Aye. I’m perfect." {Pirate. lol}
Overhead shot of the freighter blends into Dan looking in his journal.    The page reads ’If anything goes wrong Desmond Hume will be my constant.’ {Can Desmond never die?!}
The Constant is a GREAT EPISODE! I think this could be my favorite! Let's start with the title of this episode.
A constant is something that does not change over time or "otherwise"; a fixed value. So how can a person be a constant? People are variables; they can get hit by a car and die.
(Math problems-variables)
If this meeting with Desmond and Dan happened, how come since 1996 Daniel never figured out a way to protect the "time traveler" from side effects?!

I totally loved how this episode was shot. I loved how it literally and flawlessly showed the blending of on "Island" and off "Island" and "freighter" events.  It was fast moving and connected events beautifully.

Things to note…Questions to ask...
* Eyes color:    Is Dr. Ray  checking Desmond's eyes to see if they are in an altered state/hypnosis/drugged/etc.?  Or triggering something? Or can he detect they aren’t who/what they say they are?
* Journal...Faraday needs his journal...The Black Rock ledger is called a journal.
* DREAMS. Visions. "Flashes". Triggers…."time- travel".  Skipping/Switching. Wake up.
* What is real and what is b u l l s h i t ?!
* I’m always amazed by the fact anyone can follow a hand drawn primitive map/diagram to anywhere!  They all must follow their own map.
* WE’RE LED TO BELIEVE GEORGE APPEARS TO DIE BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE A CONSTANT...Well I’ve seen this trick before; Ben activated the implant in Claire to make her bleed and look deathly ill. How do we know that’s not the case here?  Besides, I heard him mention a Ferris wheel. If a person can be a constant in this fairly tale, then can’t a Ferris wheel be one? Screw this I’m going back to Coney Island!
* George says to Desmond- "You look a lot older now, huh?..."  Desmond didn't really look any older, but Desmond may have believed he looked older just because George put that thought in his head.
* Is Eloise really dead? Maybe.    Ben conned Sawyer in "Every Man for Himself" with the white rabbit! Small animals are very fragile. You can shake them, overheat them and they could die.
* Thunderhead. Clouds. Electromagnet/Radiation field over the "Island", could be what hides the "Island". Or is it something else?
* 755 - Widmore’s Auction Number
* 423 Cheyne Walk - Penny’s Flat. 7946-0893 -Her phone number.
* Michael’s bearing 325. Is Michael nearby?
* Eko’s stick had "Lift up your eyes and look north John 3:05".   Cheat sheet bearing 305.
* Charles Dickens items are up for auction.
* The real Camp Millar is North of the Arctic Circle.
* I should've bought an IPHONE. Damn!
* Daniel’s black and white "Journal" {Pearl station uses black/white note books. I’m just saying!} Hanso/Widmore journal.
* Sayid is a friggin' genius! He can make a radio/phone out of anything, you just have to give him a minute!
* Who is their friend on the ship who opens the door for them?
* Water running in the bathroom. Trigger? Water!! Just add water/underwater.
* No one asked about Naomi.
* Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa...
* Could the freighter "experiences" have been run through before?
* Hugo was in a catatonic state for a while when he was in Santa Rosa; When he was in for the deck breaking and a couple of people died.   This time Desmond’s Flashes supposedly left him catatonic. Where as previously they were just Flashes as in memory flashes. Mental Health
* Why was Penny calling the freighter? What does she know about it? Des calls her from the freighter.
* Why is the calendar marked with different colors? There are black, blue, red and yellow marks - 4 colors.
* Desmond was Lance Corporal when he’s discharged in his past Flash. Here he is a Private.
* Dan tells Des the math equations on the board are variables and maybe a person can be a constant. WTF?!  He’s a little backwards!
* Penny has dark hair; opposite of blond.
* We know Desmond did see/talk Penny in LA after they broke up.
* Is Penny Desmond’s constant or his trigger or both?
* Constants just may be the people who can act as a guide through the journey.
* Desmond must be "amenable for coercion"
* Triggers. Numbers. Head. Brain. {(altered) states of consciousness} Electro magnet and radiation.
* Joystick. Vector. Numbers. Maze/puzzle/game. Map. Cheats. Back where I started from...."What are things that make up a computer-video games, Alex Trebek."
* Do over, run over things. Loop. Circle. Come back around. 
* Paradox.

Vocabulary and Research...
* Constants- is something that does not change, over time or otherwise: a fixed value.    Constants are real numbers or numerical values which are significantly interesting in some way term "constant" is used both for mathematical constants and for physical constants, but with quite different meanings. One always talks about definable and almost always also computable, mathematical constants. Physical Constant, a physical quantity that is generally believed to be both universal in nature and constant in time, such as c, the speed of light, or h, the Planck constant.
* Cosomological Constant: usually denoted by Ë, a parameter modifying the original equations of the theory of general relativity, introduced by Einstein and important for determining the ultimate fate of the universe as predicted by the theory.
* Time Constant: usually denoted by ô, a value characterizing the frequency response of a first-order, linear time-invariant system Reaction Rate Constant. One always talks about definable, and almost always also computable, mathematical constants - Chaitian's Constant, being a notable exception. However for some computable mathematical constants only very rough numerical estimates are known. When dealing with physical dimension constants, a set of units must be chosen.
Physical Constant-ta physical quantity that is generally believed to be both universal in nature and constant in time, such as c, the speed of light, or H, G, etc.
* Kahana- means the drawing of a line, cutting or turning point in the Hawaiian language.
* Stick- In the military, A cluster of bombs or a group of (generally) 12 paratroopers. Or, Stick Insect, or "walking stick", an insect.
- Joysitck- an input device used to control video games, can also be read by the computer.
- is a character in Marvel Comics. The mysterious Stick is a Sencei who trained the young Matt Murdock (Daredevil).
* Consciousness denotes being awake and responsive to one’s environment; this contrasts with being asleep or being in a coma.    Consciousness is regarded to comprise qualities such as subjectivity, self-awareness, sentience, and the ability to perceive the relationship between one's self and one's environment.
* Space-time theories of consciousness have been advanced by Arthur Eddington, John Smythies among others. The concept was also mentioned by Hermann Weyl who wrote that reality is a "...4-dimensional continuum which is neither ’time’ nor ’space’. Only the consciousness that passes on in one portion of this world experiences the detached piece which comes to meet it and passes behind it, as history, that is, as a process that is going forward in time and takes place in space". In 1953, C. D. Broad, in common with most authors in this field, proposed that there are 2 types of time, imaginary time measured in imaginary units and real time measured on the real plane. In 2001, Elizabeth Rauscher developed a detailed theory of an 8-dimensional complex Minkowski space in which such phenomena as remote viewing would be possible as well as apparently being able to view things at a point. {NOT INTERACT WITH IT!!}
In physics and Mathematics, Minkowski space (or Minkowski spacetime) is the mathematical setting in which Einstein’s theory of special relativity is most conveniently formulated. In this setting the 3 ordinary dimensions of space are combined with a single dimension of time to form a four dimensional manifold for representing a space time.
* Disorientation-Because human senses are adapted for use on the ground, navigating by sensory input alone during flight can be dangerous: sensory input does not always accurately reflect the movement of the aircraft, causing sensory illusions. These illusions can be extremely dangerous for pilots.
* Catatonia is a syndrome of psychic and motor disturbances. it is not recognized as a separate disorder, but is associated with psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia (catatonic type), bipolar disorder, post traumatic-stress disorder, depression and other mental disorders, as well as drug abuse and or overdose. It may also be seen in many medical disorders including infections (such as encephalitis), autoimmune disorders, focal neurologic lesions (including strokes), metabolic disturbances and abrupt or overly rapid withdrawal from benzodiazepines. It can be an adverse reaction to prescribed medication. Patients with catatonic excitement can die of exhaustion if not treated.
* The electromagnetic theory of consciousness is a theory that says the electromagnetic field generated by the brain (measurable by EEG'S) is the actual carrier of conscious experience.
* Hypnosis-The esoteric publication Hypnotism, by Danish hypnotist Carl Septus, is an early reference work that notes the absence of the pupil reflex sign. Hestates specifically that after subjects have been asked to open their eyes during a deep trance, light shone into the eyes does not cause pupil contraction.

I am being careful not to be fooled here. Even though we have this wonderful "revelation" of "time travel" we still can’t discount illusion, manipulation and Razzle Freakin' Dazzle!!  Are they and us being led to believe something that’s not really what it is?  What if Desmond’s "side effect" is really due to something else?!
We don’t know if Daniel is telling the truth about teaching Eloise the maze. Maybe she’s run that maze thousands of times already!

Can you imagine a world with people constantly time traveling back and forth, interfering in things? No one would ever be able to move forward or possibly even cease to exist.
Can’t part of this story be about military, tests, challenges, experiments, secrets?   Maybe they are trying to integrate 'certain people' back into society?  Who the hell knows?! This journey game feels more like there's "glitching" going on here.   People on the "Island" really need to let go of shit so they become "unstuck" in whatever is trapping them in this maze.

I cried! This episode was so beautiful. Desmond really loves Penny and it shows. It was all very moving. Love is the thing that gets us through so much of life’s craziness.

Keep this in mind...It’s all about PERCEPTION! After all, a magic trick is all about your perception of what’s being shown to you.

The only constant here..."THE ISLAND".

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Here are shots from the episode I feel are important but I did not include them through out my write up of notes, as I didn't want to disrupt the flow of how each change of "Flash" scene flawlessly flowed into each other.

Pupil dilation or lack of.
Desmond is trying to hear... Listen!
A strange rat maze gizmo shines light.
Confused Desmond looks into the mirror.

Desmond sees his reflection
Desmond attempts to alter his own consciousness.

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don’t claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don’t need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I’ll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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