September 8, 2009


Let's talk about LOST!   Homecoming.

Charlie is sleeping. You can hear voices in the distance calling out for Jack.

Sawyer- “Over here!”
Locke-“Where’s Jack?!”
Charlie slowly wakes up. He looks over and sees the group gathering in need of the doctor.
Locke is carrying passed out Claire and calling out, “Doctor!
Michael asks if she’s alive.   Jack takes Claire from Locke.
Locke informs him he found her about a mile north of here; we were looking for the dog.
Jack- “Was she conscious?”
Locke- “She collapsed in my arms.”
There is a bit of commotion with people wanting to know if she said anything, if she’s alright, is she injured.
Jack needs everyone to back off; give her some air. {There are other voices in the distance.} Jack wipes her forehead and tries to wake her.
Jack- “Claire. Can you hear me? Wake up now...”
Claire slowly wakes up and just screams. She backs away as she is very afraid. Jack tries to tell her it's okay. Charlie tells her she’s safe.
Panicked, pregnant Claire asks “Who are you?”
She looks around at everyone and yells “Who are you? Who are you people?”
Claire tells them she doesn’t understand. “I don’t know any Ethan.”
She doesn't remember any of “you” or “any of this”.
{Important! Keep that for another time}
Charlie-“What do you remember?”
Claire remembers flying on a plane to L.A. from Sydney.  Jack tells her they were all on that plane that crashed here on this Island. “That was almost a month ago.”
Claire freaks a second, “I’m due.”
Jack tells her the baby is fine and everything is normal.   Claire wonders if it’s been almost a month how come no one’s come to get them.
Jack looks over at Locke. {Watch that look!}
Sun and Jin are standing by, watching; they quietly speak in Korean.
Jin- “What do you think is going on?”
Sun –“I don't know.”
Jin- “Is she alright?...The girl?”
Sun- “Yes, I think so.”
Jin- “And the baby?”
Sun –“I'm sure the baby is fine.”
Although she looks like she knows something.

Locke is sitting quietly.
Boone wonders if she escaped.
Locke sits staring- “You were right beside me, Boone, you know as much as I do.”
Boone- “Well, where did she come from? I mean, we were out pretty deep. Nothing's out there. {Locke smirks.} She didn't say anything at all about Ethan?"
Locke- “Apparently she doesn't even remember Ethan.”
Boone- “The guy pretends to be one of us. He drags her through the jungle for almost two weeks, she doesn't remember him?
Locke– “Apparently.”
Boone- “You think he's around?”
Locke- “I sure hope not.” {Locke replies to Boone’s questions and statements, but doesn’t really move.}
Charlie gives Claire her journal to help her remember. “And this is where you sleep. It’s quite cozy, isn’t it?”
Claire doesn’t say anything.
Charlie asks when he, “Ethan. When he took you away...He took me too. The others came after us. They got me back but were gone.”
Claire-“Who is he? Ethan.”
Charlie thinks as if he’s trying to find the right answer and then replies, “Ethan’s the bad guy.”
Claire looks a little confused and confirms she and Charlie were together when...
Charlie says yeah.
Claire wonders why he left Charlie. Charlie suggests they leave that lovely story for the morning as she’s had enough for one day.
Claire-“I won’t be sleeping.”
That’s lucky for Charlie because he’s not much of a sleeper himself. “Finally I’ve have someone to stay up with.”
Claire questions, “We’re friends?”
Yep, they are friends.
{Flash Whoosh} {Sniffing sounds.}

Charlie now feels fantastic. Tommy says that’s good because they’re almost all out. Charlie states that they’re not out yet.
Charlie- "Carpe diem, my friend."
Tommy tells him to save his French for someone who appreciates it. Charlie corrects him; tells him it’s Latin.

Tommy- “Is it Latin for I got a pile of money so we can score vast quantities of illicit substances?”
Charlie says no.
Tommy suggests Charlie clean up then; it’s time to put him to work. Charlie looks troubled. {Sirens. Taxi in the alley. A train passes by.}

In a bar, Tommy relays “details” of a woman’s life. “Miss Lucy Heatherton, 22 and right in oh, so many wonderful ways.   Just graduated from Oxford, lives in Knightsbridge with her dear old dad, Mr. Francis Price Heatherton who, my friend is bloody loaded.”
The guys are having a drink.
Charlie- “How you amass this information never ceases to amaze me, Tommy.”
Tommy- “Ready to fall in love Mr. Charlie Pace of the legendary rock band Drive Shaft?”
Charlie is.
They toast and Tommy pushes 134 on the jukebox; plays ‘You all everybody’.
Charlie is at Lucy’s table where she is with her friends. Charlie jokes that the ladies should stop buying him more drinks. “I’m a man of high moral standing. Your obvious plans to take me home and ravage me will not work. Saucy sirens. I believe in monogamy. I will not be shared like a common currier.”
Lucy is charmed by Charlie.

Locke, Charlie, Jack and Sayid are on the beach.
Sayid- “The girl is pregnant. Very pregnant. Are we supposed to believe that she escaped from him?” He feels Ethan infiltrated them. Whoever he is, where ever he comes from, he’s intelligent. “Who’s to say he didn’t even send Claire?”
Charlie-“You’re off your head, Mate!”
Jack feels that’s a stretch.
Sayid- “Then tell me Doctorhow many times have you diagnosed actual amnesia? And such a selective brand of it?”
Jack agrees it’s rare but Claire’s been through a major trauma and it’s possible her memory reset to the crash.”
Locke- “And the chances of that memory returning?”
Jack doesn’t know.
Charlie leaves to spend time with upset Claire.

Jin, carrying a net, is walking through the jungle and Charlie comes up behind him.   Charlie asks him if he’s heading back to the caves; he actually uses the proper Korean word. “Safety in numbers, right?  Of course, you have no idea what I'm talking about.  How nice it must be to not be involved in the bloody insanity that surrounds us at every turn.    It's quite beautiful, really. You take care of your wife… everything else is someone else's problem.   No need to be involved in the decision-making process.  No tree-shaking behemoths, French transmissions, just sweet bloody ignorance. You don't know how lucky you are, you know. Must be nice. You wake up and...“
They hear a whirling sound as if something is winding up.
Jin gets knocked down by a flying black rock and collapses.  {Beside birds, do you hear monkey/chimp sounds or is it just me?}
Ethan walks up to nervous Charlie demanding Claire back. “I want you to bring her back.”
Ethan’s face has four scratches on the left side.  Charlie asks what he did  to her and tries to hit Ethan with a stick. Very strong Ethan grabs Charlie by the neck and holds him up a few inches off the ground against a tree.
“You bring her here. If you don't, I'm going to kill one of them.  And then if you don't bring her back before sundown tomorrow... I'll kill another, and another, and another. One every day. And Charlie...I'll kill you last.“
Ethan lets him fall and walks back into the jungle.

Charlie is back on the beach talking to Locke and Jack
Charlie-“What do we do?! We go out and we bloody kill him!”
Locke tells him to calm down; they don’t want the others to get upset.
Charlie-“Forget the others. He’s out there right now.”
Jack feels Charlie's right. The man threatens to kill one of them unless they bring him Claire, “What? We just wait for that to happen? We tracked him once before, we can track him again.”
Locke thinks Jack and Charlie had forgotten how that turned out. He bested Jack physically and hung Charlie from a tree. “Running into the jungle unarmed is not going to get the job done.“
Charlie-“So what does get it done?”
Locke-“We circle the wagons, tell a select few about the threat, we post them as sentry’s here and back at the caves.”
Jack feels if Ethan does what he says then that blood’s going to be on their hands.    Locke concedes by agreeing to tell everyone but Jack has to start thinking defense. Jack suggests moving everybody off the beach and into the caves.
Locke wonders what if Ethan isn’t alone. “What if he delivered his threat so that we would gather like sheep to the slaughter in a confined space where they can roll in and take us all in, in one fell swoop?”
Obviously John has a plan and Jack wants to hear it.

In the caves Sun is tending to Jin’s injury. {It’s on his chest.} Sun asks him what he thinks is going on. How would Jin know?
Sun-“Maybe the others understand...”
Jin-“The others? I was attacked because of what they have done.”

In the jungle Claire tells Charlie, “The others are avoiding me.”
No one will talk to her; she feels like something is going on. Charlie asks her is anything’s coming back.
Claire opens her journal and says, “After the crash, no. Some of this stuff’s better forgotten anyway.” Charlie smiles and mentions that the rest of them have been having a wonderful time, “We even built a golf course.” {Someone walks by.}
Claire asks Charlie if he’s sure there’s nothing going on.
Charlie musters up the word, “Absolutely.”
He seems to get lost in thought; staring.
{Flash Whoosh}
Lucy brings Charlie to her home. Charlie sees all the beautiful collectibles her dad has acquired and asks where the old man is.   She thinks he’s off buying some paper company up in Slough. As Charlie is alone snooping around the parlor and Lucy is making tea, he asks her if she’s gets along with her father.  Lucy feels dad’s pretty cool and was excited to learn she was going on a date with a bonifide rock star.    Charlie is drawn to a small silver cigarette case displayed on the table. He collects rubbish/mementos from all the great leaders of the empire, i.e. Winston Churchill.

Lucy suggests meeting him.
Charlie misunderstands thinking she’s talking about moldy Winston Churchill but she is talking about her dad. Lucy invites him to dinner.
{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie still sits staring in the jungle.

In the caves Jack is focused on sharpening a knife. He doesn’t turn around when Kate enters saying he looks hungry. {WTF?!} She tosses him fruit and shares that Locke told them what happened.
Kate wonders why “he” wants her back.
Kate-“Maybe it’s time you use that key you’ve been wearing around your neck. There are four 9 mm in the marshal’s case and...”
Jack won’t do it because he’s concerned if he hands them out and someone out in the jungle hears something and gets scared the chances of them shooting each other are much higher than of them shooting him. He is not putting guns in untrained hands.

Locke is tying up a wire and yells over to Boone {w/stick} to trip it. It triggers a bag of cans to fall. Locke tells Sayid four of those around the perimeter will do the job.
Sayid informs him he has fires prepared at 20 meter intervals. He also mentions some of the men have volunteered for sentry duty and he's going to put them on rotating shifts.
Boone volunteers for a shift.
Sayid doesn’t look to sure about that but Locke is counting on Boone.

In the caves Jack is lighting torches.   Charlie asks him if he thinks they should move her.   Jack feels she’s safer here.    Charlie wonders about the mountain; there can be another cave.   Jack insists she’s safer here.  Charlie blurts out that nobody is safe.   He feels it’s his fault Ethan took her; he was responsible for her and should have taken care of her.   Jack puts his hand on Charlie’s left shoulder and confidently tells him nothing’s going to happen to her.
Charlie looks over at sleeping, pregnant Claire.
{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie has dinner with Lucy’s family. Mr. Heatherton mentions he and his daughter agree Charlie is the most impressive person to ever have dinner with them.  Charlie gives his condolences.  Mr. Heatherton reveals he was in a band once called The Protestant Reformation.   He gave it up even though his mum {god rest her soul} wanting him to keep trying; he is more practical and responsible. A man has to provide and take care of his family; think about the future.   Lucy claims dad’s band was bloody awful.
Mr. Heatherton-“Yes, there was that, too. Small detail. So, are you working on a new album, Charlie?” {Glasses seem to have snowflakes/frost design on them.}
Charlie- “We're in a bit of a hiatus right now. Liam, my brother, just had a daughter. So, you know, we're taking some time off. Quite a lot of time off, actually, it's been a year since we were together. I'm thinking of doing a solo project.   Liam and I don't exactly keep in touch and there have been some problems with royalties.  The fact of the matter is sir, uh..I think that Drive Shaft might be dead.”

Charlie sits at the bar drinking while Tommy flips out that he took a sodding job selling copiers. Charlie admits he likes Lucy but Tommy calls her a moose.
Tommy is pissed because he’s been getting Charlie off on his skag for over a week now on spec. Spec means speculation. “In this case, the speculation that you'll execute your end of the plan and steal something of value which I can, in turn, sell. And by the time the poor helpless bird realizes it's missing it never even occurs to her that rock star Charlie bloody Pace could be responsible for such larceny, and the bloody party continues.
Charlie doesn’t think Liam’s coming back and he has to think about his future. Charlie will start the job on Monday and it is Friday.   Should he be able to go the weekend without a fix; Monday should be bloody wonderful.
Tommy- “Let’s see how the future treats you then.”
{Flash Whoosh}
At night at the beach camp Boone sits near a campfire sitting guard duty and holding a spear.
Locke is also guarding nearby as is Sayid and other guards.
Boone starts to fall asleep. He tries to stay awake but can’t.   He sure loves that Four Aces cards shirt!
The bag of cans crashes down causing Boone to jolt awake. Its daylight and he’s alone in what appears to no longer be on the beach but the jungle.  He hears footsteps and he takes off running through the jungle in search of the source.  He hears the crunching down of twigs and trips and falls on his way to go after something.   He looks up to find Vincent running up to him.
Locke yells “Over here. Something near the tree line tripped the alarm.”
Locke and Sayid come upon Boone on the ground being licked by collarless Vincent.
Sayid- “I think we found another missing castaway.” {What the hell is that supposed to mean?!} All of a sudden there’s a scream.

A castaway turns up dead on the beach! Scott is killed! John looks out toward the water as he's over the dead Castaway's body.
Charlie is standing there just staring.

Hurley thought those guys had the full on perimeter set up.
Kate says Locke said it didn’t matter, that he came in from the water.
Hurley wonders if it was an accident and maybe the guy just drowned or something. We see the men carry the dead guy in a makeshift body bag.
Kate- “His neck was broken. His arms, all the bones in his fingers...”
Hurley gets it.
Sawyer- “So Steve drew the short straw.”
Hurley corrects him revealing it was Scott.
They all stand beside a fresh grave and cross marker.
Hurley speaks- “Scott Jackson worked for an Internet company in Santa Cruz. He won a sales prize, two week Australian vacation, all expenses paid. He was a good guy. Sorry I kept calling you Steve, man. Um, amen, I guess. I don’t know how to end these.”

In the caves Claire notes everyone staring at her. She asks Shannon why this is.
Shannon isn’t staring at her.   Claire informs her that she is indeed staring.
Shannon-”You mean nobody's told you?”
Upset Claire asks Charlie why he lied to her and wonders what else he hasn’t told her. Charlie thought with her “memory” there was nothing she could do.
Claire- “Why would you keep me in the dark, Charlie? I’m already in the dark.”
Charlie is sorry; he just wanted to take care of her.
Claire-“I can take care of myself.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie is getting dressed for his first day as a salesman/respectable businessman. {Mirror} He is sweating. Lucy bought him the suit he’s wearing. Lucy wonders what he would have worn to work otherwise.
Charlie-“I have shirts...with...buttons.”
She asks if he’s okay; he claims to be a bit nervous. Lucy tells him not to be, as dad’s already put the fix in; he demanded they buy two copiers to boost his confidence.
Lucy, in the distance, asks if he memorized the manual.
Charlie-“Backwards and forwards.”
He eyes the little silver cigarette case.
Lucy wants him to say something impressive.
Charlie-“The Heatherton C815 Copy Centers leading scan offerings combine the benefits of document capture with instant delivery, anywhere, any time.“   
Yes, anywhere, any time!
Lucy feels he will do great, “I believe in you.”
She almost forgets something and leaves the room.
He steals the silver cigarette case that once belonged to Winston Churchill.
Lucy presents him with a briefcase so he can be respected in his complete “salesman” costume.
Charlie seems moved, “I’m gonna be late...the bus...”
Screw the bus, Lucy’s driving him.
Lucy-“Then let’s get you to work.”
{Flash Whoosh}
In the caves Boone is sharpening his spear with a knife.   Jack asks John to take a walk.
Jack-“What do you think happens after the sun sets tonight?”
Locke- “Uh, we don’t bring Claire to em. Rhetorical, Jack. Same thing happens tonight happened last night.
Jack asks if John can track him, pick up the trail.
Locke says yeah, but he wouldn’t.   Locke isn’t a cold man; he feels for the loss of one of their own but nothing fundamental has changed. “Whoever he is, where ever he comes from...we’re on Ethan’s turf. He has the advantage. To him we’re nothing but a bunch of scared idiots with sharp sticks.”
Jack implies he has a way to get the advantage back. So Jack takes the key from around his neck and leads Locke to where he’s been hiding the silver case with the guns.     Jack opens the case.
Locke-“Why,’ve been holding out on us.”
Jack guesses Locke knows how to handle one of these. Locke demonstrates that he does and he is pleased.
“Are you insane?”    Charlie asks the men.
In the caves having a PowWow are Jack, Locke, Sayid and Charlie. Then men feel they have to give Ethan what he wants if they want to capture him.   Charlie is upset because he knows Ethan will kill all of them, they can’t protect her.
Claire is standing behind Charlie and can talk for herself.  Charlie explains they want to use her as bait.  Claire doesn’t remember Ethan or what he did to her but if she can help stop him from hurting anyone else, she will.
Now Charlie wants to be part of this, “You said there were four guns.”
Locke asks him if he ever fired a weapon. {As if he already knows the answer.}
Jack blows Charlie off.
Jack is in the distance and is you can hear him say- “Let’s figure out a game plan. Alright... Sayid you be the soldier...Locke you’re the hunter.”

Charlie is at his demonstration with the businessmen. Island music plays.
Charlie shuffles papers and technical manuals while mentioning the awesome speed of the C815. He loads the documents into the copier and a man pushes the timer on a stop watch to time the speed of the thing. Charlie pushes the button four times and realizes something is wrong. He looks in the manual for a solution and panics. He starts pushing buttons, inputting stuff with other buttons, opening the lid, looking in the manual for a fix to the issue, and asks for more time as he knows the timer is ticking away. Charlie ends up getting sick/puking right in the copier!
{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie stands alone in the caves.
Locke tells Jack Charlie’s right. "We have four guns, we should have four men.”

Down at the beach Jack wants Sawyer’s help; asks if he knows how to handle a gun. Sawyer knows at least one polar bear that seems to think so.   Of course Kate is right there in the mix of it all.    Jack gives Sawyer a gun. Sawyer wonders where he got the hardware.   Just then Kate interrupts declaring she wants to go with them.
Jack apologizes as they are out of guns and no one goes out there unarmed. They have about 100 rounds of ammo; give or take. Sawyer offers the gun he lifted off the marshal "Back in the old days."
Sawyer reminds them their entire brief island past with the marshal.
Jack remembers he’s the guy Sawyer shot and missed.
Sawyer-“Bygones. And hell, five guns are better than four.
Thunder rolls overhead.
Charlie leans on a tree watching the posse set up their sting operation using Claire as bait.
Sayid- “You’ll be surrounded at five points. Everyone will be in visual contact. Make sure you stay in the area I’ve shown you. Remember, guns are a measure of the last resort. We want him alive.”
More thunder.
They head out into the rainy jungle.
Claire is at her mark, waiting. Sayid hides up in a tree while everyone else is hiding. They wait.
Animal Ethan chases Claire! {How did he know she'd be there?}
Jack tackles Ethan and the gun falls off to the side. {At one point it looks like Jack is scratching Ethan’s face.} The two fight. It takes the rest of the gang a while to get to Jack and Ethan. {Why so long?} Locke tells them all don’t shoot, they want him alive. Jack continues to beat up Ethan.
Sawyer declares Jack the “Winner by a knock out. Now maybe somebody could tell me who or what this son of a bitch is!”
The jungle boy/Ethan tries to get up but the gang draws their guns on him. Six shots are fired into Ethan. Charlie kills Ethan!

Charlie sits quietly in the caves and Jack asks him why he did it.
Charlie-“Cause he deserved to die.“
Jack feels Ethan could have told them where he came from, what he wanted with Claire, etc.
Charlie wonders if Ethan would have told them anything.
Charlie-“I wasn't going to let that animal anywhere near her again, ever.“
{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie knocks on Lucy's front door, first using the Disney Haunted Mansion Madam Leota looking door knocker then his fist.     Lucy answers and they both look like shit.
Charlie apologizes to her as he’s been having some problems, "I made a mistake."
Apparently her father’s sales manager came to her house to return a cigarette case that the EMT’s pulled from his suit pocket at the hospital and it still smells of his sick.
Charlie looks remorseful but Lucy calls him out on meaning to do that from the start. She believed him but knows he’s a liar and a selfish bastard. Lucy understands why he pretended to like her, why he stole; because he’s a junky. But she doesn’t understand why he took the job.
Charlie says he wanted to be respectable and wanted her to think that he could take care of her.
Lucy-“You’ll never take care of anyone."
{Flash Whoosh}
In the caves, Charlie sits alone in thought.
Everyone in the caves is quiet and involved with something or someone but they just look weird; like they’re just going through the motions of stuff.
Claire walks over to Charlie and says she remembers peanut butter. Charlie tells her it was imaginary peanut butter. Claire doesn’t know what happened to her and she’s scared, but she wants to trust Charlie. They say their good nights to each other.

Homecoming is a GREAT episode!
Are you going to tell me that after a fucking month together they’re calling each other by their roles, i.e. Doctor, The girl, etc, instead of their “names”. Come on!

Things to note...Questions to ask...
Eyes. Eye color. And what’s the reason for all the “staring”?
The diary is now called a journal. Manual.
Story. Legend.
Copy. Replicate. Fake.
Language. Linguistics.
Roles: The Bad Guy- The Soldier- The Hunter- The Doctor- The Pregnant Girl- etc..
Game. Strategy. Chances. Odds. Injury. Value. Timed. Timer.
Safe. Sentry. Guard.
Drugs. Sleep. Unconscious. Wake up.
Head. Amnesia. Memory. Remember. Forget.
♟ Bar. Liquor/drinks. Drugs. 
Blood and lots of it.
A few Lostie's seem to be responsible for the protection and maybe even transporting of other people or items.
Is it possible that Jack’s not really a doctor and Claire’s not really pregnant and John was never really paralyzed?
Are there replicas of items or people?
In The Moth, Locke told Charlie-”You make excellent bait.” And remember what I mentioned in my posted notes for The Moth- That is was the first computer bug.
Charlie tells Claire “They want to use you as bait.”
Is Locke literally in control of something here?
Wire. Stick. Shift. Bar. Buttons. Capture. Copy. Key. Escape. Threat. Memory. Internet. Net. Crash. Bit. Copier. ROM. Scan. Documents. Manual. Reset.

Vocabulary and Research... 
♦  Copier- A game backup device, formerly usually called a copier and more recently a flash cartridge, is a device for backing up ROM information from a video game cartridge to a computer file called a ROM image and playing them back on the real hardware.
  Copy or the product of copying (including the plural "copies"); the duplication of information or an artifact.
  Copy- a computer command.
A replica is a copy that is relatively indistinguishable from the original. Replicas are often used for historical purposes, such as being placed in a museum. Sometimes the original never existed.
The Protestant Reformation (1517–1648) was the European Christian reform movement.
Boosting-A technique used in machine learning algorithms. 2). Slang term for theft. 3). To strengthen, elevate, or promote something; 4). Boost it- Slang term which means, quickly go somewhere. 5).A Marvel Comics character.
The 4 Aces is the quartet of passenger cargo liners- Excalibur, Exochorda, Exeter, and Excambion, originally built between 1929 and 1931. Brochures and print ads published by American Export Lines identified their quartet of ships as "4 Aces", as opposed to "Four Aces".

On the surface this episode shows us Charlie's protective side (or is it?).    He has made mistakes but tries to correct them.   He seems to have a conscience and has a desire to take care of someone.
In this episode Charlie did indeed pull a "solo project" with killing Ethan.
The question that comes up most often thus far is “Who are you?”    I think these people/or person are in need of finding out who they are.
We need to always pay attention to the possible time-lines of things. I do think that many times things are definitely blurred together.

With the clue words highlighted, it seems I'm able to relate some of those words to computers, programming and even gaming.   Is it possible that computers are involved in what the Castaways are experiencing? But what the hell do I know? I could be wrong about how I'm collecting clues.

But I will leave you with something to think about it...Memory reset to the crash.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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