September 8, 2009


Let's talk about LOST! Outlaws.

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A little boy’s eye opens. His mom wakes him up, “He’s here.” A man’s voice can be heard in the distance banging on the door in anger and demanding the door to be opened.
Mom hides him under his bed, “He’ll think you’re still with your grandparents, okay?”
It’s important for the boy to listen to mommy. She wants him under the bed, don’t make a sound and don’t come out no matter what happens. She hugs him and they both say I love you. All the while the man is trying to get in the door.
Mom-“Let’s go. Down you go.”
The boy hides under the bed.
He hears mom yelling for Wayne to “stop it” and wanting to know what’s wrong with him. A shot rings out!
The man comes in to the boys room (The boy has tears in his eyes. We see the man’s cowboy boots.) and sits on the bed, shoots/kills himself.

Sawyer jolts awake. It is night in his beach tent. He seems disoriented for a moment. He hears noises; snorting and grunting. Something is in his tent with him and knocks things over. Sawyer uses a flashlight to shine some light on the thing and discovers it’s an ugly ass boar.
He attacks it with a stick but it runs away, taking the tarp with it. Sawyer chases it as it runs through the beach camp and into the jungle.
Sawyer stops and looks around in the dark jungle and hears whispers. They sound like layers of different voices. One voice stands out, "It'll come back around”.

It’s daylight on the beach and Sawyer is cleaning up the mess the boar made.
Sayid wanders over and wonders, “Boar took your tarp?”    It was dark but Sawyer’s pretty sure it was a boar. Sayid thought the boar vacated this area. Sawyer tells the genius they got some bad info. {That info came from Locke.}
Sayid asks what it was doing inside his tent.
Sawyer-“It was staring at me. Then it came at me so I hit it and it ran off into the jungle.” with his tarp.
Sayid jokes, “Perhaps he wanted to go camping.”
Sayid happens to be enjoying himself at Sawyer’s expense. Sawyer tells Mohammad to laugh it up, as he closes up the suitcase housing some of his stash, “But I come back, find my stuff’s goneI’m coming after you.”
Sayid smirks as this amuses him; Sayid walks away.
Sawyer calls him back and in all seriousness asks him what he heard after he ran into the French woman in the jungle.
Sayid- “I was injured. I was exhausted. My mind was playing tricks.”
Sawyer-“What did you hear?”
Sayid-“I thought I heard whispering.”
Sawyer- “What was it sayin?”
Sayid asks why, “Did you hear something?”
Sawyer seems to have second thoughts about this and tells Sayid to “Forget it. I didn’t hear anything.” Sawyer turns and marches off. {In to slow motion, I might add!}

{Flash Whoosh}

A door opens Sawyer and a woman enter making out. She asks him what he’s still so afraid of. Sawyer remarks he’s not the one trembling. They kiss in the dark room.
A voice in the dark says “Okay. This is really awkward.” Hibbs is sitting in a chair, in the dark waiting for him. He needs to have a chat with Sawyer alone. So Sawyer sends the lady down to the bar to get a drink. She wonders who that is and doesn’t want to leave Sawyer there. Sawyer will go get her and explain as soon as he gets rid of Hibbs. “I’ll come find you. Promise.”

Hibbs compliments Sawbucks on the women he gets.   Sawyer pushes him against the wall and recalls with certainty he told Hibbs if he ever saw him again he would kill him.
Hibbs showed up to make things right, “We both know you ain’t the killing type.”
Hibbs wants to make things even for the Tampa job.
He presents a large yellow envelope containing the known whereabouts to the man who ruined Sawyer’s life.
Hibbs makes himself a drink and offers Sawyer one. He asks Sawyer if he remembers old man Parks; ran capper for us on that gig in Atlanta. Sawyer remembers; he looks through the file, papers and photo.
Hibbs-“He's been working the wire at an off track parlor down in Sydney. So last week one of his regulars gets a little too sauced starts running his mouth off about his glory days as a grifter. That guy, Frank Duckett, real hard luck case. Gambling addict, alcoholic, runs a shrimp truck. Back in the day this guy Duckett was quite the hustler.  He ran the romance angle, hooked the wife and took the husband for all the money. He was pretty good at it too from what I hear. Till sadly one of his marks in despair took a gun, shot up his wife and blew his own head off.   All in front of their little boy. I paid Tony to pull his jacket.  Turns out Frank Duckett used to be named Frank Sawyer. A name I believe you appropriated for yourself.”
Sawyer looks at the photo intensely and asks, “This is him?”
Hibbs-“That’s him.”
{Flash Whoosh}
In the jungle Kate thanks Jack for the loner. {Both are wearing purple.} They are putting the guns back into the beat up silver case.   Kate asks if anyone’s curious where they came from.
Jack shares the others knew there was a marshal on the plane and he guesses they assumed he was traveling alone. “Protecting them from terrorists. Sounds like a good theory to me.”
Jack locks up the silver case with the key, hides the silver case under a black rock and covers it with grass.   He got all the guns back except for one.   Jack will give Kate three guesses to guess who still has a gun.
Kate guesses Sawyer on the first try and says she can get it back. After all she speaks his language.
Jack chuckles- “We’ve done this before, Kate and if I remember it right, you made out with him and he never even had what you said you could get.“
Kate only made out with him because torturing him didn’t work.  Jack chuckles again and says to let Sawyer keep the gun; it’s not worth it.   Jack doesn’t want Kate to owe Sawyer anything.

In the caves pregnant Claire sits next to Charlie and reveals she had some dreams last night; actually more like memories and Charlie was in them.   Charlie is busy working on something. Claire asks if he wants to go for a walk.
Charlie doesn't appear to be as interested and makes up an excuse, “Sorry. I have to do…something.” He says he’ll see her later but he seems a bit annoyed.  Claire waves goodbye to him.

Sawyer is out in the jungle looking for the boar.  He comes upon his blue tarp. He angrily carries it back to camp. On his way he hears whispers again. "It'll come back around." The boar grunts and sorts behind him and chases Sawyer. Sawyer throws the tarp down as he runs.
Sawyer ends up in the mud with the boar running past him. “Son of a bitch!”

Later Sawyer, packing a knife and cleaning up the mess the boar made, tells Kate that the boar did all this. Last night it wrecked his tent and this morning when he went to get his tent back it attacked him from behind and runs off into the jungle like a coward.
Kate is amused, sharing that a boar wouldn’t attack you for no reason.
Sawyer thanks the boar expert, “This one did. It’s harassing me.”
He gets his gun; he's getting even! Kate tells him to listen to himself and suggests telling Locke about the boar and he’ll go kill it. Sawyer says no, because this is his fight.
Kate offers to help him track the boar {Because she knows how.} She thinks he’s going to get himself lost or worse. Since Kate really doesn’t care, he excuses himself as he has some revenge to attend to. Sawyer walks away.
{Flash Whoosh}

Sawyer is in Australia. He walks down the dock and into what appears to be a machine/metal shop. {The open door’s sign says Do Not Enter.} There is welding going on.
Sawyer walks right up to a guy in the back of the shop who knows Sawyer is Hibbs’ mate.  This contact did a few jobs with Hibbs back in the States. He is preparing a gun for Sawyer.  The contact informs Sawyer of a few disclaimers…”
Australia doesn’t allow citizens to carry handguns. You get nicked with this…”
Sawyer-“I’m not gonna rat you out.”
They exchange the gun for cash.
The contact goes on to say, “Secondly, you know, I've been doing this for awhile and a man who buys a compact 357 with hollow point loads… he's not looking to scare or steal. He's looking to kill. But when it comes down to it if he finds he doesn't have what it takes to do the job. . .”
Sawyer tells him his sales pitch needs some work.
All this dude is saying is you look a man in the eye and point a gun at him, you find out who you really are. “And should you find you’re not a killerthere’s no refund.”
Sawyer feels that won’t be a problem.

Hurley is helping appreciative Charlie carry Ethan’s body.
Charlie-“I killed Ethan, I can bury him.”
Hurley- “Yeah. Until he rises from the dead.”
{Note: this line is said by Hurley but Hurley’s mouth isn’t moving in the shot. It could be an editing/ADR mishap...or not. But I’m noting it just the same.}
Hurley-Dude, I know how this works. This is gonna end with you and me running through the jungle screaming and crying. It catches me first because I’m heavy and I get cramps.” {Watch Charlie’s face here.}
Charlie starts digging the grave.  Hurley quietly asks Charlie if he’s alright but Charlie doesn’t distract from his focused digging, never acknowledging Hurley.

At the beach Hurley asks Sayid if he ever got that Gulf war syndrome.
Sayid-“That was the other side.”
Hurley wonders what is the one where you’re like, “Shell shocked.”
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Hurley- “Yeah. That’s it. Did you ever have that?”
Sayid wonders why he’s asking.
Hurley’s worried about Charlie, “I mean he killed a guy. Shot him in the chest four times.”
He suggests Sayid talk to him.

Sawyer walks through the jungle trying to track the boar.   Kate is right behind him.
She informs him based on the tracks he’s been following Boone for about an hour.  She supposes it could be Charlie. {Why? Boone and Charlie make the same tracks?!}
Kate offers to help track this boar but she wants Carte Blanche. (Blank check.) Apparently over the last few hours Sawyer has managed to follow the tracks of humans, birds, a rock slide, himself, basically everything except boar.   He has no idea what he’s doing.
Kate-“Anytime I want something from your stash, medicine, soap, whatever, I get it. No questions asked...Take it or leave it.“
Sawyer- “Alright, you got a deal.”

At night Sawyer and Kate sit around a campfire. Sawyer takes out a little bottle of booze and starts drinking it.   Kate wonders where he got that.
Sawyer- “Plane.“
Kate- “Jack was looking for the liquor cart.” {Oh really!!!}
Sawyer- “It's a good thing I found it instead then, huh?”
Kate asks if he’s got any more.
Sawyer- “I've got a lot more of everything.  But you ain't got Carte Blanche yet.”
Kate- “Is that a no?”
Sawyer tells Sassafras if she wants to drink, she’s got to play.
Kate- “Play what?”
Sawyer- “I never.”
Kate doesn’t know what that means.  Sawyer calls it a way to get to know each other better.
He gives an example, “I know you've never been to college.”
Kate- “And how do you know that?”
Sawyer- “If you had, you'd have heard about I Never.   It's simple.   You say "I never" and then you finish the sentence.  If it's something you did you drink, if it's something you never did, you don't drink.”
Kate feels that makes absolutely no sense.
Sawyer- “Learn by example. I never kissed a man. Now you drink 'cause you've kissed man. Your turn.“
Kate- “I never implied that I've been to college when I never have.”
Sawyer drinks.
Sawyer- “I never been to Disneyland.”
Kate doesn't drink.
Sawyer- “Ah, that's just sad.”
Kate- “I never wore pink.”
Sawyer drinks, claiming the 80’s. He never voted democrat. Kate doesn't drink.
Kate- “I never voted.”
Sawyer drinks.
Sawyer “'I’ve never been in love.”
Kate “You've never been in love?“
Sawyer- “I ain't drinking, am I?”
Kate drinks.
Kate- “I've never had a one night stand.”
Sawyer drinks.
Kate- “Bottoms up, sailor.”
Sawyer-“I've gotta drink for each one?”
Kate- “Your turn.”
Sawyer- “I've never been married.”
Kate cutely drinks a small sip.
Kate whispers- “It didn't last very long. I never blamed a boar for all my problems.”
Sawyer drinks.
Sawyer –“I never cared about having Carte Blanche because I just wanted to spend some time with the only other person on this island that just don't belong.“
Kate drinks.
Kate- “I never carried a letter around for 20 years because I couldn't get over my baggage.
Sawyer drinks. That question rubbed him.
Sawyer-“I never killed a man.”
They both drink.
Sawyer- “Well, looks like we got something in common, after all.”
The mood has changed. {These are some fucking magical tiny bottles of liquor. They never run out of alcohol!}

A shot rings out.  The little boy is hiding under the bed.   The door opens and the cowboy boot wearing man enters.  All of a sudden the man is now the grunting boar. “It’ll come back around.” {Sounds like a gunshot possibly combined with a Flash Whoosh}
Sawyer jolts awake. Kate asks if he’s OK; he was shaking.
He’s fine. “I was just having a …”
They see the area is a mess. Sawyer can’t believe this. There are hoof marks everywhere. {And white smoke from extinguished campfire.} The boar went through his stuff and ate it, but not Kate's stuff. {Was the boar extra courteous because Kate was there sleeping, that he didn’t grunt, snort, growl or make any noise as not to disturb her?! WTF?!}
Sawyer swears that hog is gonna suffer.
They hear something in the jungle so angry Sawyer grabs his gun.
It’s Locke eating fruit. He waves, “Morning. What happened to your campsite?”
John sits and prepares coffee.  Kate wonders what he’s doing all the way out there.
Locke’s looking for salvage from the crash. He found scraps of metal and a few bags of coffee. He picked up their path about a mile back and thought he’d say howdy.
Sawyer puts his cigarettes back into the cigarette pack. He discovers the boar peed on his shirt. “Took my shirt out of the bag and peed on it. And you say this ain’t personal.”
Kate shares with Locke Sawyer thinks the boar they’re after has a vendetta against him.
Sawyer-“That’s three times it’s got me.”
Kate thinks it’s got his scent, “Maybe it doesn’t like your cologne.”
Locke tells a story over his good coffee. “My sister, Jeanie, died when I was a boy.  Fell off the monkey bars and broke her neck.   And my mother, well, my foster mother, she blamed herself of course.   She thought she wasn't watching close enough.   So, she stopped eating, stopped sleeping. The neighbors started talking, afraid she might do something to herself I guess. {Sips his coffee} Oh, that's good.  Anyway, about six months after Jeanie's funeral this golden retriever comes padding up our driveway walks right into our house sits down on the floor and looks right at my mother there on the couch.  And my mother looks back at the dog.   After about a minute of this, of them both staring at each other like that my mother burst into tears.   Beautiful dog.   No tags, no collarHealthy and sweet.   The dog slept in Jeanie's old room on Jeanie's old bed and stayed with us until my mother passed five years later.  Then, disappeared back to wherever it was she came from in the first place.
Kate- “So, you're saying the dog was your sister?”
Locke- “Well, that would be silly.  But my mother thought it was, thought that Jeanie had come back to tell her the accident wasn't her fault Let her off the hook.
Locke smiles.
{Flash Whoosh}

Sawyer arrives with his gun and heads out to the Shrimp Shack.  Duckett is serving a customer at the window. “Good to go.”
Duckett tells Sawyer- “Only two choices.  Shrimp and mild sauce and shrimp and hot sauce.”
Sawyer just stares at him.
Duckett waits and whistles to get Sawyer’s attention. Sawyer snaps out of it and will go with the hot. Duckett prepares the shrimp and Sawyer prepares his gun. Duckett remarks that he is a fellow American and asks where Sawyer’s from.
Sawyer- “Tennessee.”
Duckett loves the south. He tells Sawyer “For what it’s worth…run a special at the truck here, half price for all American’s
Sawyer is focused but is shaking with the gun in his hand. Duckett reveals his name is Frank. Sawyer seems to soften a moment and reveals his name is James. {Note white smoke from the pan.}
Frank turns to give James his order but James is gone. You hear a car pull away.

Sawyer is downing shots.  He is in a bar; a soccer/football game on the TV.
Sawyer tells the bartender, “Again.”
The bartender-“Are you sure about that, Mate?”
A drunk further down the bar says- “You tell em, cowboy.  These bastards think American’s can’t hold their liquor.”   {He changes his American accent to Australian.}
{All the dialog is important here.} The drunk hates to hold his hand out but claims to have misplaced his wallet.   Sawyer tells the bartender to set em up.  The drunk drinks to him and asks the cowboy his name.
The drunk is Christian Shephard. “To Sawyer. May he find whatever he’s looking for at the bottom of a glass.”
He asks what brings him to Sydney.
Sawyer- “Business.”     {Note the ship wheel behind Christian}
Christian shares that they call Australia down under is because it’s as close you can get to hell without being burned.
Sawyer has the bartender leave the bottles and Christian pulls up a seat next to Sawyer. We find out Christian was the chief of surgery back in the States.
Sawyer- “So we’re in hell, huh?”
Christian-“Don't let the air conditioning fool you, son. You are here, too. You are suffering. But, don't beat yourself up about it.   It's fate.   Some people are just supposed to suffer.  That's why the Red Sox will never win the damn series.   I have a son who's about your age.   He's not like me… he does what's in his heart. He's a good man… maybe a great one.  And right now, he thinks that I hate him.   He thinks I feel betrayed by him.  But what I really feel is gratitude, and pride because of what he did to me.  What he did for me.  Ah, it took more courage than I have.  There's a pay phone over here. I could pick it up and I could call my son. I could tell him about all this. I could tell him that I love him. One simple phone call and I could fix everything.
Christian- “Because I am weak. This…this business that you have will it ease your suffering?
Christian-“Then what are you doing here?“
Sawyer- “It ain't that simple.“
Christian- “Of course it is. Unless you want to end up like me, of course it is.“

Back at the Shrimp Shack, it’s night and pouring rain. Duckett is closing up shop for the night and taking out the trash.
Sawyer sits in the car watching him. Sawyer takes the gun out of the glove box and checks the bullets. {Of course there’s bullets! You didn’t friggin use any yet ya dumb ass!}

Charlie is sitting on the beach breaking coconuts open by pounding them on a spear. Sayid tells him he’s developing quite a talent.
Charlie gets that Sayid is there to check up on him.
Sayid states “You killed a man.”
Charlie-“A man who killed one of us. Who kidnapped Claire. Who strung me up and left me for dead. He deserved to die. I'd do it again in a minute. Pardon me, if I'm fresh out of bad feeling.
Sayid- “When I was in the army in Tikrit in Iraq, the man who lived next door was a policeman. One day his car was rigged with a bomb. It killed his wife and three young children instead. They caught the man who did it. I volunteered to be on the firing squad and I did my duty without a single ounce of remorse. Then for no reason, I found myself waking up at night, replaying what I did in my head.”
Charlie- “It looks like you're the one who needs checking up on.”
Sayid- “All I'm saying is that what happened with Ethan will be with you for the rest of your life.”
Charlie softens a bit and asks, “Any suggestions?”
Sayid- “You're not alone. Don't pretend to be.”

Sawyer and Kate walk through the jungle. He takes comfort in knowing someday this is all gonna be a real nice shopping complex; maybe even an auto mall.  Kate discovers a wallow. {Mud hole}
Sawyer- “What the hell’s a wallow?”
Kate- “A boar’s wallow?  It’s his den where he sleeps.”
Sawyer hears the squeals of a baby boar and captures it.
Now Sawyer knows “daddy’s gotta be around here.  Here piggy, piggy, piggy!!”
Sawyer taunts, calling for the “piggy” while Kate is trying to get him to put the baby down; she fears he’s gonna hurt it.
Kate-“Not funny!” and she kicks him. The baby boar runs away.
Kate- “You’re sick!”
Sawyer didn’t hurt it.
Kate walks away and tells him to “Find your own way home.”
Sawyer-“No problem!”
{Flash Whoosh}
In the pouring rain Sawyer marches over to Frank, who is putting out the trash.  Sawyer draws his gun and calls out for “Sawyer!” and shoots Frank.  As Frank is dying, {Hand over his heart and bleeding}
Sawyer kneels down in front of Frank and reads his “Sawyer letter” out loud. “Dear Mr. Sawyer.”
Sawyer- “You used to go by the name of Sawyer.”
Frank doesn’t know what he’s talking about. “You didn’t have to…tell Hibbs I would have paid.”
Sawyer wonders how he knows Hibbs.
Frank-“You don’t know what you’re doing, do ya?”
Sawyer realizes this is really about this guy borrowing money from Hibbs.
Frank-“I was gonna payIt’ll come back around.”
Sawyer realizes the Con man got conned.

Sawyer walks through the jungle.   He seems lost.
He calls out for Kate and comes face to face with the big ugly ass daddy boar. Sawyer draws his gun and aims at the grunting boar; he’s staring at it.   Kate quietly watches from the sideline.
Sawyer and the boar stare each other down. Sawyer seems to snap out of his stare and soften a bit.
He lowers his gun, sees Kate there and says, “It’s just a boar. Let’s get back to camp.”

Sun and Jin are on the beach with the net.
Claire sits alone, watches Walt play ball with no collar Vincent.
Michael is working on the raft.
Smiling Charlie walks over to Claire and offers to take that walk with her.

Jack is in the jungle cutting up fire wood.   Sawyer walks up behind him, draws his gun, “Stick em up.”
Jack-“You trying to be funny?”
Sawyer smiles, “Yeah. I was fresh out of pies to throw at ya.”   He returns the gun to Jack the sheriff. {Because Jack's the gun guy now}
Jack asked him for the gun two days ago and Sawyer told him to “stick it”.
“I made a deal with your girlfriend.”
{This line is said off camera.  Who said this?  Was it Sawyer? It could be another ADR issue but this kinda felt like Jack heard this line but Sawyer didn’t say it then. I know, I’m crazy. Watch it again. 
Jack doesn’t correct the “girlfriend” line, so does he consider Kate his girlfriend here?}
Jack-“What did she give ya? Kate…what did she give ya?”
Sawyer–“Nothing she wasn’t willing to part with.”
Jack-“That’s why the socks will never win the series.”
Sawyer asks him what he just said.
Jack-“I said that’s why the Red Sox will never win the series.”
Sawyer asks what the hell’s that supposed to mean. Jack shares it’s just something his father used to say. “Going through life knowing that people hated him.  Instead of taking responsibility for it, he just put it on fate. Said he was made that way.
Sawyer asks if his daddy…a doctor too.
Jack-“Was. He is dead. Why do you want to know about my father?”
Sawyer- “No reason.”    And walks into the jungle.

Outlaws is a GREAT episode!

WOW!!!  An episode about Sawyer, but we learn about Jack and Christian too.   Sawyer is a hurt lost little boy all grown up.  He's really not a killer {I know he "killed" Duckett and a polar bear} but he's a con man, not a killer.   He is a product of his circumstances.   Things do haunt him, that's true.   He feels he needs see this revenge through but is it for closure?  Maybe. Or it's just his role to play?  Either way he comes face to face with what kind of man he really is.

We learn a few things about Sawyer and Kate when they play "I never". They both killed someone. {Hmmm} Do we have any other outlaws on the "island"?

Christian's drunken conversation with Sawyer is very interesting. He is a "father" who loves his son. But what "things" is he talking about?   Is it really about what we assume it is, or is it something else? If love, pride and forgiveness are important then make the damn phone call and fix it, it's that simple! If it's about something else like a secret he can't reveal to Jack, then that would explain his "weakness" to reach out to him.  There's something he can't tell Jack! {Remember, Christian IS capable of being tender with Jack, we saw it in All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues. YEP!  Christian apologizes to Jack.}

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* “It’ll come back around.”- Circle-Loop-Karma.
* Con. Grifter.
* Game. Gambling. Deal.
* Mental Health/state.
* Afraid. Scared. Hurt. Alone. Loner.
* Hear. Learn.
* Purchase. Deal. Disclaimers. Refund. Pay. Paid. Business.
* Anagram for Stare is Tears.
* Hurley-“Until he rises from the dead.” What is he trying to say here?! Is Ethan not what we think?!
* Hurley- “I mean he killed a guy. Shot him in the chest four times.” In Homecoming Charlie fired six shots!
*It is important to note that although Charlie looked distant and distracted, he says he'd do it again {Kill Ethan}.
* Jack and Christian don't use the term "World Series" when talking about the Sox. They only say "series."
* "Island" events/dialog/imagery and "Flash" events/dialog/imagery are mirrored and blurred.
* I wonder if there are words or something that triggers “Flashes”.   At this point it seems that sleeping/consciousness and certain events/actions are tied together.

Vocabulary and Research…
* Staring is a prolonged gaze or fixed look. In staring, one object or person is the continual focus of visual interest, for an amount of time. Staring can be interpreted as being either hostile, or the result of intense concentration or affection. Staring behavior can be considered a form of aggression, or an invasion of an individual's privacy
Staring conceptually also implies confronting the inevitable – ‘staring death in the face’, or ‘staring into the abyss’.
- This has been the subject of psychoanalytical studies on the nature of scopophilia.
- The Psychic Staring Effect is concept of 'non-visual detection of staring'.
* Con Man- Confidence tricks exploit typical human qualities like greed, dishonesty, vanity, compassion, credulity, or naive expectation of good faith on the part of the con artist.
The victim is known as the mark, and any accomplices are known as shills.
Con's are AKA bunko, con, flim flam, gaffle, grift, hustle, scam, scheme, or swindle.
* Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-(PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to one or more traumatic events that threatened or caused great physical harm. It is a severe and ongoing emotional reaction to an extreme psychological trauma. This stressor may involve someone's actual death, a threat to the patient's or someone else's life, serious physical injury, an unwanted sexual act, or a threat to physical or psychological integrity, overwhelming psychological defenses.
Also been recognized in the past as railway spine, stress syndrome, shell shock, battle fatigue, traumatic war neurosis, or post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Diagnostic symptoms include re-experiencing original trauma(s), by means of flashbacks or nightmares; avoidance of stimuli associated with the trauma; and increased arousal, such as difficulty falling or staying asleep, anger, and hyper vigilance.

Baggage and trying to come to terms with it.  Wallowing in past hurt and mistakes.  Are the Lostie's sick people who are just trying to find their way home?
Facing your own demons can feel very much like being in hell. Are they purposely on this “Island” because they are suffering?
Is the "Island" inadvertently playing therapist or is it outright with intention playing therapist?

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace July 2007.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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