September 8, 2009


Let's talk about LOST! Special.

Open eye.
Michael calls out looking for Walt.
Charlie walks up asking Michael if he’s seen Claire’s bags.
Michael-“Have you seen my son?”
Charlie- “You seen her bags?”
Michael- “Claire’s?”
Charlie- “Her luggage. It’s not been brought back here. No one seems to know what happened to it.”
Michael apologizes, he doesn’t know; he’s just looking for Walt. Charlie hasn’t seen Walt. Jack {Key around neck} walks up carrying firewood. Michael asks Jack if he’s seen his boy out there.
Jack says no, “He was at the caves.”
Michael shares Walt took his dog for a walk and he told him to stay close as usual.
Michael-“You listened to your old man when you were 10, right?”
Jack claims to have listened a little too well.
Hurley comes over to tell the two dudes he has a new tourney lined up. They’re playing for the last of the deodorant sticks, “You dogs up for some golf?”
Michael has to go find his kid. “If Walt shows up tell him I said stay here until I get back.”
Michael continues his search.
Hurley mentions to Jack that Michael seems to hate being a dad.
Jack-“Nah. It’s just…a lot of hard work.”
Michael continues calling out for Walt.
Hurley scoffs and says, “Nah. He hates it.”
“Walt!” Michael is pissed. He continues his search through the jungle.
{Flash Whoosh}

“This is the one.” Michael and Susan are in the store looking at baby cribs. He’s excited he’s found “My baby’s crib.”
Susan looks at the price tag and remarks it will look great in the alley they’ll be living in. “This is three months rent.”
Michael wants the best for this kid but Susan insists they can't afford this. Michael feels their baby in this crib is a happy kid. {Note the store has items corresponding to the island.}
Michael tells Susan he talked to Andy and he can send some work Michael’s way.
Susan-“Construction? What about your art?”
Michael assures her he’s not giving it up, just taking a break until she finishes law school. “Pass the bar, get hired by some fancy ass high paying law firm.”
He’ll get back to painting eventually. Meanwhile Susan can support him and Walt in the manner to which they soon will be accustomed. Michael wants to name him after his dad.
Susan- “Walter. Walter Lloyd.”
Michael- “Lloyd? Oh, all right. That's why you won't marry me. It's not that you think marriage is too prosaic; you just want him to have your last name.”
Susan- “Hey. You want me to agree to Walter or what?”
{Flash Whoosh}

In the jungle Locke hands Walt a knife.
Boone and Vincent {Collar/leash.} are watching.
Walt throws the knife at the tree and it doesn’t penetrate it.
Walt-“Man, I suck!”
Locke-“You can do better than that.”
Boone-“You might want to take it easy on him.” {On whom?}
Locke explains-"See this knot Walt…I want you to aim for it. Right here. Focus on it…alright? Picture it…in your mind's eye. You know what that is, the mind's eye?”
Walt knows it’s like a picture in your head.
Locke tells him to do it again but, See it. See it before you do it. Visualize the path. See it. See it.” {It's kind of like using the force, like a Jedi. Also note Locke touches Walt’s hand.}
Walt focuses. We get a shot of Vincent. Walt throws the knife and sticks his mark! Boone is impresses and Locke knew Walt had it in him.
Walt-“It was weird. I actually saw it in my mind or something, like it was real.”
Locke- “Who's to say it wasn’t?”
Michael comes upon them and he’s pissed! He takes the knife from Walt and tells him to take Vincent and go back to camp now.
Michael- “You gave my boy a knife.”
Locke- “You should’ve seen what…”
Michael-“Don’t tell me what I should’ve seen, man! We were back home I’d call the police on your ass! Encouraging a kid to sneak away from his parent, giving him a knife like this!”
Locke- “Walt knows his own mind.”
Michael pulls the knife on Locke. “Ah, don’t talk to me about my son like you know him.” Locke needs Michael to calm down.
Michael-“You keep playing my son against me…and I’m gonna have a p…”
Boone tackles Michael and holds the knife to him, “The man said calm down.”
Michael punches Boone and says, “What are you his attack dog?”
Michael was the one waving the knife around and Boone was just trying to make sure Michael didn’t hurt someone.
Locke knows it’s been difficult for Michael to bond with his son. “You know why he’s formed an attachment to me? Cause I treat him like an adult and you still treat him like a boy.”
Michael- “He’s 10 years old!”
Locke says he’s been through more than most people in their entire lifetimes and Michael hasn’t spent enough time with him to see it, “He’s different.”
Michael (concerned)-"What did you say?" {Did Michael realize Locke is on to the wonders of Walt?! Maybe he realized at that moment Walt and Locke share something. Maybe Michael realized where he really is and what's going on. I think it's at that moment Michael realizes he has to make that raft; he's got get Walt off the island!}
Locke-“And we’re not back home, Michael. As long as we're here I think Walt should be allowed to realize his potential.”
Michael warns Locke to stay away from him and his son. {This scene was very important!}

{Note the huge painting is heads.}
You’re not taking him.” Toddler Walt plays on the floor with Michael. {Does he have Legos?}

Michael tells Susan she can go if she wants too but she’s not taking his son. Susan wants to take Walt to Amsterdam. She's got a great job offer and is leaving with him. Michael thought her position with the legal clinic was a good fit. This is offer is a huge opportunity for her as she’s always wanted to do international law. Susan says that she loves Michael but they need time apart. Michael knows they’ve talked about a lot of things, “You said you wanted to live on a boat.”
Susan mentions they’ve been through so much in such a short time. Michael understands they’ve got problems; he down with going to counseling. Susan had already made up her mind and took it; after all he hasn’t worked in months. Michael had already told her construction slows in the winter. But Susan knows she is the one who can provide for Walt. Michael doesn’t want to be away from Walt; there are laws against this kind of thing. Susan already knows the courts would side with her.
The two are not married. Susan says it’s not goodbye forever; she just needs some time. Michael is getting emotional.
{Flash Whoosh}
Walt is sleeping. {With his hand on his head} Michael watches him. Sun asks Michael if he’s alright.
Michael-"I just don't know how to talk to him, how to get him to understand, I’m on his side.    Locke says I should stop treating him like a child. I missed his whole childhood, so…This can’t happen…He can’t grow up here….Can’t grown up in this place.” {He can’t talk to Walt but he can communicate with Sun- a woman who is supposed to be speaking Korean.}

“Once I realized these equations were coordinates latitude and longitude, I assumed the French woman was trying to determine the location of the island. But it was incomplete; her notations fragmented.”

Shannon- “Except for the fish song.” {Is the fish song not nonsense?!}
Jack- “The what?”
No one explains the fish song to Jack.
Sayid just continues on with, “But when I lay the pages down like this I realized it wasn’t showing the location of the island…I think it’s a location on the island, specifically here…”
Jack asks where they are in relation to the triangle. Sayid admits the map in not in scale so he doesn’t know.
Jack states they’re not even sure it’s a map of this Island. Sayid admits they’re not sure but thinks it this may be the transmitter sending out the distress call and its power source.
Michael wonders what they’re doing now. “Looking for an excuse to get chased down and killed by whatever lives in the jungle?”
Michael feels they can’t keep doing this; building water filtration systems and playing golf, making a sweet little home here. “We need to get off this Island.”
Shannon-“You think any of us want to be here?”
Michael says no and that no one wants to get off this island as badly as he does right now.
Michael suggests building a raft because “No one’s coming.” He feels they can use the seats from the fuselage, ax, a whole bunch of trees; bamboo.
Sayid thinks the chances of surviving the rough waters, the odds of finding a shipping lane and Shannon’s seasickness would make this a waste of time.   Michael sarcastically tells them to stay there, grow old together, “Good luck to ya. But I’m doing this. My son and I are leaving.”

 In the caves Walt is reading the Spanish version of the comic The Green Lantern and Flash- Faster Friends. Vincent is at his side.
Walt is sounding out the Spanish words. Michael wants Walt to help him with something but Walt wants to enjoy the comic. Michael remarks Walt is reading a comic book in Spanish but doesn’t speak Spanish. Walt likes the pictures. Michael is intrigued Walt likes the art. Michael shares with his son that when he was a little older than Walt he used to trace comic books. “Taught myself about perspective, you know what that is? Perspective?”
Walt doesn’t even acknowledge dad so dad grabs the comic from him. He needs Walt’s help and needs him to go with him; because he sees what happens when he doesn’t keep an eye on him.
{Flash Whoosh-Sounds like a train.}
Michael is talking to Susan on a pay phone in New York City. He wants to talk to 21 month old Walt. Susan comments Walt doesn’t use the phone.
Michael will do all the talking, “I just want him to hear my voice. I miss him.” {Two pay phones}
Michael hears Susan say to someone on the other end of the phone say “Shhhh. It’s Michael.”
Susan tells Michael it’s not a good time to talk but Michael is ultimately informed by Susan she’s been seeing Brian Porter; the guy who hired her.
Michael feels she lied when she said she needed time to think about “us”. She says it wasn’t like that. Michael is pissed off, “I’m coming to Amsterdam.”
Susan doesn't want him to because it’s over between them.
Michael yells-“I’m not coming for you! I’m coming for Walt! I’m getting my son back!” Michael slams the phone down, crosses the street and gets hit by a car.

Kate walks over to chat with Charlie on the beach. He is going through Claire’s things/bags, Who brought them here?
Kate- “I did.”
Charlie is looking for Claire’s diary. She kept a diary in the side pocket.
Charlie-“Someone’s taken it.”
“What are we looking for again?” asks Walt. Michael needs any long piece of metal or long tubing, anything that looks like it would work as a frame.
Walt- “A frame for what?"
Michael- “You’ll see soon enough.”
They look through the wreckage as Michael instructs Walt to separate the cushions, the plastic, the tarp, “Put everything you find in different piles so we can take stock.”
Walt-“Am I being punished?”
Michael feels,This is us taking control of our destiny.”
Walt-“Feels like punishment.”

Kate and Charlie head over to Sawyer’s tent. He doesn’t answer the call at the tent door so Charlie says, “I can just go inside…”
Sawyer- “Trick or treat.”
Sawyer is sitting a few feet away.
When something goes missing they figure it’s got to be Sawyer who took it.
Kate asks if he has the diary or not. Just like a magician he presents a diary, “You mean this one?”
Charlie wants it. Sawyer doesn’t think that’s a good idea because maybe Missy Claire doesn’t want Charlie to read it.
Charlie-“I wasn’t gonna read it.”
Sawyer wonders if Charlie’s curious about what she wrote about him. Sawyer mentions “good literature is kinda scarce around here.”
They assume Sawyer read the diary.
Sawyer reads a passage aloud. “Dear Diary. I’m getting really freaked out by that has-been pop star. I think he’s stalking me.”
He reads on- “Diary, the little limy runt just won't let up.”
Charlie punches him in his bicep wound, knocking the diary away.
Charlie acquires the diary.
Sawyer punches Charlie in the face. Charlie feels he hits like a ponce. Kate stops them from really getting into it. Charlie walks away.
Kate asks Sawyer if he really read it. Sawyer just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Walt is listening” to something. Distant voices become clearer.
Michael rummages through the wreckage. Walt gets excited when he sees Locke and Boone emerge from the jungle and head into the caves. Michael never even notices them. {Locke is eating something.} Walt tells his focused dad he’s going to get some water. Michael would like Walt to bring him some. Walt doesn't acknowledge him at all.
Michael-“Please and thank you. Gotta work on that.”
Dad is displeased with Walt’s lack of manners.

In the cave Shannon wonders if Boone and Locke are just going to keep coming back without any food.
Boone is disconnected from her. Shannon wants to know what’s going on with him, “Could you be acting any weirder?”
Boone- “Shannon. You’ve been a functioning bulimic since Jr. High. I thought you’d be excited about dropping a size or two.”
Shannon feels since Boone isn’t having any luck hunting maybe he should help Michael build the raft. She was thinking maybe she should help Michael so she can finally get the hell out of there. “Why don’t you help me?”
Unimpressed Boone replies, “No thanks.”
Locke is going through his silver case and Walt walks over to him.
Locke- “Your father doesn’t want us spending time together.”
Walt feels dad isn’t the boss of him. Locke tells the child, “But he’s your father. And he cares about you and you need to show him respect. Now I’m serious Walt. You’re not to come to me anymore.”
Just then Michael enters and he is pissed!
“Damn it! What is wrong with you?!”
Locke-“I was just coming to see…”
Michael told Locke to stay away from his son. Walt tries to interject but Michael doesn’t want to hear from him.

Locke- “I was just giving him this pencil to give to you. I thought you could use it. Consider it a peace offering.”
{Pen or pencil?}
Michael quietly speaks in Locke’s ear. “I catch you with my son again…I’ll kill you.”

Locke picks up his silver case and walks away.
Walt calls Michael "a jerk!"
“Mr. Locke didn’t do anything wrong, he’s my friend.
Michael- “He’s not anymore. I’m looking out for you!”
Walt feels Michael doesn’t care about him and he never cared about him. “You only show up after my mom died. Where were you when I was growing up? Huh? NOWHERE!”
Michael-“Listen, Walt. It’s complicated.” {Remember that for later}
Walt doesn’t even care, “You’re not my father.” {That’s right.}
Michael- “You wanna hate me? You wanna punish me for something I can’t change? Fine. But you will listen to me.”
Michael throws the comic in the fire! He demands Walt “get over there. And you stay there. Now!”
Walt walks over by the waterfall and Vincent.
Michael looks at the burning comic book with the polar bear.
{Flash Whoosh}
Michael is drawing with a pencil.

He's been in a hospital for three months. His nurse never knew he had a kid. Michael explains he'll be two next week and lives in Amsterdam with his mom. Michael mentions he never knows what to write.
The nurse suggests a joke. “How about what's black, white and red all over?”
Michael guesses a newspaper.
The nurse's answer is a penguin with a sunburn.
Nurse-"Trust me, mother of four talking here. He'll get a kick out it."
Susan comes to see him. She hadn't heard from Michael in two months, she had to call Andy to find out about the accident.
Michael- "Yeah, well considering how our last conversation went."
Susan tells him Walt is at home.
Susan pushes Michael in a wheelchair down the hallway. The nurses feel he will make a full recovery but Michael informs Susan he needs a year of physical therapy. Susan will cover all his medical expenses. She already spoke to the hospital administrator and all his bills will go to her.
Susan goes on to reveal she is going to marry Brian, he wants to adopt Walt and they will move to Italy at the end of the month. Brian is taking over the firm's Rome office.
Michael- "You're kidding me right?"
Susan- "Consider what's best for Walt. You can keep holding on if you want, but ask yourself why you're doing that. Is it really for him? Or is it for you?" {I find this line to be very telling! Are we NOT talking about a child here? Or are we talking about my Darth Vader action figure that I've been holding on to since I'm a kid? lol}
{Flash Whoosh}
Hurley walks up to Michael and says -"Uh, dude. You're kid is gone."
Walt just grabbed the dog and took off.
Michael knows where he's gone.

Locke is sharpening his knife.
Michael asks Locke where he is, "I'm not in the mood for your games, man. Where's Walt?"
Locke tells him Walt's not here but Michael thinks he's lying.
Boone-"Hey man. He's not here. Look around."
Well, Michael wasn't talking to Boone.
Locke- "I told him this morning that he couldn't be around me anymore. Trying to respect your wishes." They realize Walt is gone.
Locke tells Michael "Let's go find your boy."

Kate and Charlie arrive at the caves with Claire's bags. Charlie feels Kate didn't really have to help, "I could have managed. I've had my share of manly encounters."
Kate thought he could use the company.
Charlie tells Kate "It's weird. I barely knew her...barely know her, Claire. She's missing over a week. Everyday she's gone it feels like bits of me are crumbling or something.
Kate thinks its right he keep her stuff safe until she gets back. Kate touches Charlie's leg and leaves.
Charlie retrieves Claire's blue diary and contemplates a peek. He's so tempted that he picks it up and puts it down a few times before thumbing through the pages. He fights temptation and puts the diary back in the bag, zips it up and walks away from it.

Walt walks Vincent through the jungle. {On a red leash} Something "growls".
The dog barks and Walt looks around because they hear something walking through the jungle. Walt doesn't see anything just hears it. Vincent starts freaking as if he sees something and Walt asks him what's wrong. Vincent runs off, breaking the collar and leash off of him! {Why doesn't the damn dog stay? Did somebody/something call him away? I would think a good, loyal dog would protect its family} Walt drops the collar and leash to run after Vincent.
{Flash Whoosh}
Walt is lying on the floor staring at Vincent, although it could appear as if he's "listening" to him.
Susan is telling Brian about someone who is "trying to weasel his way out anything not to let the case move forward. He was arguing it wasn't his jurisdiction."
Brian- "Oh, you're kidding me."
Susan- “I wish I was. Same argument third time in a row. Barkley said it was an immigration issue."
Brain- "Barkley, that's classic."
Susan- "He thinks because I'm new to Australian law that I'm some kind of yokel or something"
Susan wants Walt to do get back to his homework. Walt told her he needs help. Mom the lawyer can tell when someone's stalling.
Susan and Brian are distracted in their own conversation and not paying attention to Walt. {There is a blue binder near Walt and he holds a pencil}
Walt asks "Who cares about birds of Australia, anyway? We're in Australia."
Brian asks Susan if she's okay. Susan admits she's feeling kind of flu-ey
Walt- "Shouldn't we be studying birds of Egypt or something?
Brian- "You haven't been sleeping much lately. Maybe you need to take a personal day."
Walt just continues talking about the bird he picked; the Bronze Cuckoo. It's funny. Wanna see?
Susan asks Brian what about Barkley?
Walt continues on- "I mean, it doesn't look funny, just the name"
Susan- "Sleeping in late that's too much. . ." {The nanny is sitting in the room.}
Walt is getting annoyed; tries to get Brian's attention-"Hey, Brian, look, look. You're not looking. You're not looking." {We hear bird chips and wings flutter.}
All of a sudden a bird flies in to the closed glass door. Walt wonders if it's dead. Brian says it is and just looks at Walt. Walt isn't really fazed by the bird incident; he just goes back to reading his bird book.
{Flash Whoosh}
Walt is alone in the jungle calling out for Vincent. We can hear noises of something moving around in the jungle. The sound of low growls is heard.

Brian Porter knocks on Michael's door. {Peephole} The men seem to not know each other. Brian breaks the news to him about Susan's death-YESTERDAY! {She dies yesterday, in Australia, he files all the way to N.Y. to see Michael and leaves Walt with the nanny...WOW!!}
Turns out Susan had a blood disorder and was sick for one week. Apparently Michael hadn't talked to her in a while. Brian informs him before Susan died she wanted Michael to have custody of Walt. Michael seems surprised at this and feels he hasn't been his father in nine years. Brian goes on about how he didn't want to be a father; he didn't know how. Brian presents a yellow envelope containing money for travel expenses, two tickets; 1 round trip, 1 one way, so Michael can go and get Walt. Michael feels the idea for Michael to have custody is really Brian's idea and not Susan's.
Brian's a wreck right now, he just lost the woman he loves and he can't be Walt's father, he's not his son.
Brian tells him there's something about him. Sometimes when he's around things happen; he's different somehow.
{Flash Whoosh}
Michael finds Vincent's red collar and leash. He and Locke hear Walt yell for help. Locke points Michael in the direction to go.

Michael goes to Australia. The nanny mentions Walt will be home from school any minute. She also gives him a yellow envelope with some of Susan's effects and a box with cards/letters. The nanny thinks Walt should have it. She just walks away leaving him alone.

In the distance you can hear the nanny tell Walt someone is there to see him. Michael walks down a long hallway to Walt.

 Michael is running through the jungle, Walt is calling out for his dad's help and there are loud growls.
A polar bear is trying to claw his way into where Walt is hiding in the banyan trees. {This is the second time we see a polar bear.}
Locke stops Michael from just rushing over {actually covers his mouth, tells him to "shhhh" and directs them... "up here."

Walt plays with Vincent and a ball. {Wearing a vest.} The birds are singing.
Michael- "Hey Walt."
Walt- "Who are you?"
Michael tells Walt he's his father. {I know!! Walt looks at him like he has three fucking heads!} Michael shares that he and Susan loved it each very much when they had him. Walt asks where Brian is.
Michael- "He's not here."
Michael's there to bring you home with me."
Walt isn't going anywhere with him.
Michael- "I know this is really hard to understand all of this. See Brian... Brian loves you very much. And he wants you to stay with him, but it's not his choice. It's mine. I'm your legal guardian. And a, it's not like he's going to disappear from your life. He'll still call you, write to you, come to see you whenever he can. And you know, you'll still have your dog.
Walt- "But Vincent isn't mine. He's Brian's."
Michael- "Brian said you could have him."

The polar bear is trying to get to Walt. Michael calls out to Walt as he and Locke walk across a tree limb {like a tight rope walker} that allows them to pass over the polar bear action. Michael slips but Locke saves him!
Walt is crying as the bear continues to reach Walt. Michael tells Walt to hang in there. Michael climbs over to the tree with Walt. {What is with the white smoke there for a second?} Locke tosses Michael a knife to give to Walt for protection.
Walt stabs at the bear.
Michael wraps leafless vines around and yells up to Locke, "Okay, Locke now!"
Locke works hard to pull Walt out. The polar bear returns and Michael stabs him; the bear runs off. {Locke watches the bear run off.} Michael climbs up the tree and is reunited with Walt. They hug; everybody is happy! Michael is glad Walt is safe.
Walt is concerned that Vincent ran off again.
Locke- "He found his way back to you once, Walt. He will again." {Indeed}
Michael and Locke share a smile.

At night in the caves Michael gives Walt a present; every card and letter of the past eight years! {NOT 9 years}
Walt said he likes to look at pictures. Walt's never seen these before and wonders why his mom never gave them to him.
Michael feels although she didn't give them to him, she never threw them out either and that deep down she must have wanted him to have them. They both feel the "penguin" joke is dumb.

Charlie sits engrossed in Claire's blue diary. Something on the page gets his attention and he heads over to talk to Jack and Sayid. "You have to hear this." They're surprised he's reading her diary.
Charlie- "Yeah, I know, I'm bloody scum. Just listen to this. "I had that weird dream again the one with the black rock I can't get away from. I try to leave it but it won't let me."
Sayid -"Black rock?"
Jack-"It's just dreams, Charlie."
Charlie- "No, Sayid mentioned black rock before."
Sayid- "The French woman said something about her team returning from the black rock. The triangle on the map. Maybe it's the triangle on the map."
Charlie- "Maybe it's where Claire was taken. Maybe she's there?"
Jack-"Maybe. Charlie, we all want to find Claire, but there's no sense going out into the jungle in the middle of the night."

Locke is blowing into the whistle he made to 'call' Vincent. {We hear the high pitch whistle.}
Boone- "I don't think that whistles working, John."
Locke- "You can't hear everything, Boone. The sooner you learn that, the better."
There's a noise that Boone actually hears.
Boone whispers loudly, "Vincent. Vincent. Is that you?"
Locke readies his knife as they wait to see what's coming out of the jungle.
I guess the whistle it works on Claire too because she walks out of the jungle! {Damn Locke is good! Keep your eye on Locke.}
Locke- "Claire."

Special is a GREAT episode!! Just what is the tie or connection with Walt and Michael? What is his role? Is he really his father, biologically or as a figurehead? In name only? WHAT?! I feel that Michael may be more of a protector/guardian than a father.   Walt wasn't supposed to be Michael's and wasn't supposed to be with Michael.
So Walt is different. What does he share with Locke really?
Bottom line is Michael's got to get Walt off the “Island” before the shit hits the fan! I think Michael knows all about Walt and the "Island"! There, I said it!

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* Eyes
* Michael and Jack wear plaid shirts.
* Bar. {Jack and Christian}
* Black. White. Red.
* What is the deal with dog/dogs? Vincent.
* Understand. Teach. Learn. Language. Linguistics. Communicate. Talk.
* Picture. Art. Drawing. Frame. Pencil/pen.
* Read. Write. Wrote.
* Diary is a journal.
* Attachments.  Literal, computer or metaphor?
* Pictures in your head. Hmmm.
* “Lifetimes.” Plural! Who has more than one lifetime? Hmm.
* Claire and a connection with the Black Rock. Maybe they all have a connection with it.
* Feelings of being punished.
* Game. Puzzle. Trick. Joke. Kid/kidding
* Therapy.
* Anagram for TARP is TRAP.
* Bags=baggage. It seems like they it's a metaphor for emotional baggage. They seem to find their own bags.
* Susan hadn't heard from Michael in two months, Walt was 21 months the night of the accident and he will be two next week.
* Brian Porter and Susan are a black and white couple. Vincent's leash is red.
* The bird that flew into the glass door doesn't really look like any of the birds in the book.
* Again be observant to when the "Flash Whoosh" is there and when it's not.

* I've been excited to talk about this, yet also afraid to talk about this. Reason being you all know I think outside the box with this show and I could be way out there on some things( I know that), but this could make me look like a fully fledged patient at Santa Rosa's! LOL!
The comic is in Spanish.
Let's talk about the basic idea/story of the comic. I have kept these clues as part of my thoughts since the first time I saw them.
I see many common elements between this comic book story and the "Island". MANY! Some of which I know you're going to say I'm nuts! But I see more than just the polar bear bearing a resemblance to our island.
We are shown an alien, the dome around land, bug, polar bear. Okay, that comic story/series is about two halves of a super hero (Flash and Green Lantern) put together to make a superior super hero. The old and new of both halves create the new being, a better world.; Two halves brought together to make a whole.

I'm paraphrasing here, but this is the idea: A reference to parallel earth, they want to mix a part of each reality to create a perfect world, and identity crisis.
The alien: The alien in the story comes to earth, and gets sick with cancer; they hide him away in a ship.
The dome: Could our island be in a "dome" or something "dome-like"? Something that is "containing" them?
Bug: Walt shows us the page with the bug on it. So does the "Island" have a bug?
Polar bear: Many have felt that the polar bear was manifested by Walt. Nope, I don't think so.
Besides that the "polar bears" were already there in that "environment".

Vocabulary and Research…
* Air Chief Marshal Sir Walter Lloyd Dawson KCB CBE DSO RAF (6 May 1902 – 1994) was a senior commander in the RAF in the 1950s. He was the last RAF commander in Palestine, before the creation of the State of Israel. He died in 1994.
* Crib- in cryptanalysis, is a known or suspected plaintext. The term originated at Bletchley Park, the British WWII decryption operation.
* The usage "crib" was adapted from a slang term referring to cheating— example: "I cribbed my answer from your test paper."
-A "crib" originally was a literal or interlinear translation of a foreign-language text — usually a Latin or Greek text — that students might be assigned to translate from the original language.
* Triangle- Trinity.
* In semantics: a triangle is the structure of every system composed with three reciprocally connected/interrelated abstract or real objects
*The phrase "mind's eye" refers to the human ability for visual perception, imagination, visualization, and memory.
*The Mind's I: Fantasies and reflections on self and soul is a 1981 book composed and arranged by Douglas R. Hofstadter and Daniel C. Dennett. It is a collection of essays and creations about the nature of the mind and the self, tied together with commentary by the editors.
-The Mind's Eye series consists of several art films rendered using computer generated imagery of varying levels of sophistication. The series began in 1990.
* New Amsterdam- was a 17th-century Dutch Colonial settlement that later became the city now known as New York City. Whenever the Dutch went to new places they would name each colony with the word "new".
* Stalling (gaming) obstruction of the flow of play while leading in a timed game.

You've heard me say many times before that we are given a clue and then it gets dropped for a while…then BAM! There it is again! This is not the last time we got a comic or super hero clue. Just wait, it comes back around.

Every single episode tells us to LOOK, SEE and LISTEN because answers are right in front of our eyes! I guess that's going to become my catch phrase. Also, answers are in their eyes.  So think about what could actually be going on in their “heads/minds”.

The comic book.....Is it a clue or just entertainment? I think it's a clue and for fun!  It’s Michael who stares at the burning comic book with the polar bear page showing.
I sometimes feel that there's a bit of "Mr. John Locke" in most of the centrics even when they're not "his". Weird, huh?

Perspective…it’s all about perspective.

Thanks for reading my blog and experiencing my LOSTNESS, as crazy as it can sometimes be. I really appreciate it. You guys ROCK!!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace July 2007

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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