April 13, 2009

Dead is Dead.

Let's talk about LOST! Dead is Dead.

A middle aged man {Widmore} gallops on horseback through the jungle. He arrives at “tent village” of Richard and the Others. He confronts Richard, who is at a wash basin, about bringing one of “them” to “our” Temple, “What have you done, Richard?”
Richard wants him to calm down; this has nothing to do with him, “He’s just a boy. He was dying.” Widmore-“Then you should have let him die.
Richard states Jacob wanted it done, “The island chooses who the island chooses, you know that.”
Yes of course.
Widmore-“What’s his name?

(click to enlarge)

Widmore enters the tent that is housing sleeping Ben; his chest is bandaged.

Widmore pulls up a seat next to the cot. A fire burns in a golden bowl. Ben opens his eyes.
Widmore-“Hello Benjamin.”
Ben’s first question is, “What happened?”
Widmore tells him he was injured.
Ben- “How?”
Widmore- “You don’t remember.”
Ben- “Where am I?
Widmore tenderly tells him he’s among friends and they’re going to take care of him.
Ben wonders, “My dad…is he here?
Widmore assures the boy he'll be back to him soon enough.
Ben- "No. No. I don't want to go..." Ben tried to get up but is in great pain.
Widmore- “OK. Easy. Easy.”
Ben adamantly reveals he doesn’t want to go back, he wants to stay, “I want to be one of you.”  {John always wanted to stay on the "island"}
Widmore- “Just because you’re living with them, doesn’t mean you can’t be one of us.”  He goes on to share with Ben he should be dead, “But this island…It saved your life.”
Ben- “Who are you?”
The man introduces himself to Ben, “I’m Charles. Charles Widmore.” {Is the only thing Ben can’t recall is the getting shot part and going with Richard?!}

In the Hydra Island makeshift infirmary:
Ben is sleeping.
John- “Ben.”
That was enough to jolt Ben awake.
John- “Hello, Ben. Welcome back to the land of the living.”
Ben seems surprised to see John alive.    Ben shares with John he knew that this would happen.
John- “Then why were you so surprised to see me?”
Ben looks delighted, “Because it’s one thing to believe it, John… It’s another thing to see it.”
Curious John asks, then why was he trying to run away to the main island. Ben explains to John he broke the rules, “I came back to the island. I was going to answer for what I’d done. I was going to back…to be judged.”
John’s eyes light up in amusement, “Judged...By whom?
Ben tells John they don’t even have a word for it, “But I believe you call it the monster.” {Intriguing, huh?!}

On the beach of the Hydra Island, the Ajira survivors are moving a very large silver crate. A fire burns.
Ilana says, “Morning” to Ben. He asks her what’s in the crate.
Ilana- “Just some stuff we need to get moved.”
Ben offers one of the men “a hand.”    The guy declines his offers, “We got it.”
Ben, whose ‘good gesture of the day’ is done, bids the group a good day, and walks away. {He has a bag/satchel}
It is night and young Ben and young Ethan watch from behind the bushes. Ethan eagerly asks Ben, “Do you want me to do it?”
Ethan tells Ben he can do anything he wants him to.  Ben is annoyed; he whispers to Ethan to shut up and stay “here.”
Ben draws his gun and walks up to the “palm leaf tent”.  There are crates and wreckage all over the beach. Smoke rises from where a fire has burned out.    Ben enters the tent. A baby cries startling Ben and he knocks down a music box.  The music and commotion wake Danielle.  She reaches for her rifle, Ben shouts, “Don’t! Don’t do it.”
Danielle proclaims, “You’re the one who infected us all, aren’t you?”
Then she says something in French about him being infected or something.
Ben walks over to the baby.  Danielle is freaking out; she doesn’t want him near her baby.
Ben says to the baby, “Shhhh. It’s Okay. It’s Okay baby.”
He takes the baby. {Baby napper!!!}
Danielle pleads with him not to take her Alex.
Ben- “Do you want your baby to live?”
Danielle asks why he’s taking the baby, she attempts to go after him. Ben shoots one shot into the ground, “Be grateful you’re still alive. Now you listen to me…If you try to follow me, or if you ever come looking for me, I’ll kill you. And if you want your child to live, every time you hear whispers, you run the other way.”
Ben takes the baby.

Ben looks through desk drawers in his Hydra Island office. He’s wearing reading glasses. He finds the red picture frame that contains the picture of him and Alex. “What’s that?”
Out of nowhere, there is John, standing in his black suit. He startled Ben. Ben tells him it’s something sentimental. He folds the picture and puts it in his right pocket.
John-“So this is your old office, Huh? I never pictured you leading your people from behind a desk. Seems a little…corporate.”
John sits behind the desk; puts his feet up. He looks around.
Ben-“Was there something that you needed, John?”
John was hoping that they could talk about the elephant in the room. Referring to the fact that Ben killed John. {Really?!}
Ben- “It was the only way to get you back to the island. Along with as many of those who left as possible. You do remember, John, that’s why you left in the first place, to convince them to come back. But you failed. And the only way to bring them together was by your death, and you understood that, that’s why you were about to kill yourself when I stopped you.”
John- “If all I had to do was die, Ben, then why did you stop me?”
Ben tells John he had critical information that would have died with him, “And once you’d given it to me {Ben rolls his eyes} Well I just didn’t have time to talk you back into hanging yourself. So I took a shortcut. And look at ya, John. I was right. You’re here, you’re back. So are the rest of them. I don’t know where yet, exactly. But, they came. It worked…. and that’s why I did it.  Because it was in the best interest of the island.”
John nonchalantly says, “I was just hoping for an apology.”
John tells Ben he’s decided to help him do what he said he is on his way to do…”Be judged.
Ben- “That’s not something you want to see, John.”
John feels if everything Ben’s done is in the best interest of the island… “Then, I’m sure the monster will understand.”
John smiles, “Let's go.”

At the beach Ben and John uncover one of the outrigger boats.  Caesar asks them what they're doing. {3 guys w/ Caesar.}  John tells him they’re taking a boat over to the main island.  Ben gives Caesar a “look”. Caesar says to John, “I don’t think so, my friend.”    John asks if these are his boats.
Caesar-“Are they yours?”
John was under the impression the boats were found there, he’s gonna borrow one. He’s happy to leave the other boat for him in case he wants to follow “us”.

Caesar asks Ben if he’s going with him/John.   Ben, giving the impression he was forced, “He didn’t really give me a choice.”
Caesar thinks. “I’m sorry, but I’m calling the shots here. And I said you’re not taking anything. What you are going to do is to sit down and tell us how you know so much about this island, my friend.”
John bangs sand out of the black shoes {3x}, “You’re in the habit of calling people ‘friend’, but I don’t think you mean it.” {Puts the shoes in his pack} John will not step away from the boat, he’s gonna take it, “And you’re gonna let me, my friend.”
Caesar reaches for his gun, “You’re not taking any…” Ben stole his gun. {How? When?} “Are you looking for this?”  
Ben shoots Caesar with one shot! Ben tells the other three dudes he and this gentleman, are taking the boat, “Does anyone else have a problem with that?”
Ben tosses the gun to John, “Consider that my apology.”

Ben and John arrive at the dock on the main island.
Ben- “Home sweet home.”
John notices they aren’t the first ones “to tie up here.”
Ben reveals that would be Sun and Lapidus. He showed them were the boats were and Sun thanked him by hitting him on the head with a paddle.     John puts on the black shoes and asks Ben if she’s the one who hurt his arm.  He noticed Ben was favoring it on the way over.   Nope, someone else hurt his arm.
John-“You just make friends everywhere you go, don’t you?”
Ben- “Well I found sometimes that friends can be significantly more dangerous than enemies, John.”
John asks him if that’s why he shot an unarmed man in the chest. The man was unarmed because Ben had stolen his gun; the same gun Caesar was going to use to kill John. Ben couldn’t let that happen.
John, tying up the shoes, sees some humor, “No sense in me dying twice, Right?”
Ben- “You’re welcome.”
Ben stands on the dock, looking around and waiting for John.
John asks, “We’re going to your old house, aren’t we?”
Yes they are. It’s the only place Ben can summon “it”.
As they walk down the dock Ben explains to John, “The Monster. Once it arrives I’ll either be forgiven…or I won’t.”
John thinks he’s lying.  Ben is stunned; lying about what?
Lying about being judged for leaving the island and coming back because it's against the rules. John doesn't think Ben cares about rules. He thinks Ben is going to be judged for killing his daughter. {Check out Ben’s face!}
Ben carries infant Alex back to camp with Ethan following.  Ageless Richard and troop eat around a fire. Older/Grey Widmore {Wearing a watch} asks Ben, “Did you do it?”
Ben tells him he had a complication.
Widmore- “Is that a baby?”
Widmore gave Ben orders to exterminate that woman. Ben feels she’s no threat to them; she’s insane. Besides, Charles never told Ben she had a child.
Ben- “What was it I was supposed to do?”
Charles commands “Kill it!”
Upset Ben tells him this isn’t an “it”, this is a child. Charles finds it may be difficult for Ben to understand but every decision he’s made has been about protecting ‘this’ island.
Ben asks if killing this baby is what Jacob wants.
Ben presents the baby to Charles, “Then here she is…You do it.”
Charles smirks and walks away. Ben looks tenderly at the baby. Ben and Richard share an odd look.

The broken Processing Center sign swings. We see the playground in Dharmaville. John asks Ben whose idea was it to move into the houses. {Not barracks?}
John notes Ben’s people were living in the jungle, then after he murdered the Dharma folk he relocated there. John wondered if the move was Ben’s idea.
Ben- “Do you disapprove, John?”
John feels it just doesn’t seem like something the island would want.
Ben-“You don’t have the first idea what this island wants.”
John’s eyes light up and asks, “Are you sure about that?”
Just then a light goes on in Ben’s old house. It’s Alex’s room. They see a figure walk across the window. John prompts Ben, “Well, I suppose you better go over there and check it out.”
(Click to enlarge)

Ben heads into the dark disheveled house. {Looks like Chinese/Asian characters on-umbrella stand. Things look like they are stopped in time.}
 The Risk game and red plates are on the table. He slowly walks down the hall and opens the bedroom door.  

There is Sun. {Note the painted pics on the wall the two people.}
Ben- “Sun.”
Frank comes out and asks what he’s doing there. Ben explains this used to be his house. He wants to know what the two of them are doing there. {John is still outside.} Frank hands Ben a framed photo of the Dharma recruits from 1977. He is surprised to see Sun’s friends were in the Dharma Initiative.
Sun wonders, “You don’t know about this?”
Of course he didn’t know.
Ben asks where they got the photo and who gave it to them.
Frank, {He casts some mean shadows. lol} “We met some crazy old man outside.”
Sun reveals the man said his name was Christian, “He told us to come in here and wait.”
Ben asks, wait for what?
Sun-“He said if I ever wanted to see my husband again, I had to wait here for John Locke.”
Frank- “Considering he’s dead, we aint holding our breath.”
Ben suggests Frank look outside. Sun and Frank look out the windows to discover John Locke standing there, waiting.
John gives them a friendly wave.

Sun and the men stand in Ben’s old living room, catching up. {Note: Masks} Sun feels what John is saying is impossible.
John- “But here I am.”
He shares with her, he doesn’t know how or why, but he’s sure there’s a very good reason for it.
Frank- “As long as the dead guy says there’s a reason, then I guess every thing's gonna be just peachy.”
Frank continues, “Forget about the fact that the rest of your people are supposedly 30 years ago, now the only ones who are here to help us are a murderer and a guy who can’t seem to remember how the hell he got out of a coffin.”
Frank wants him and Sun to go back to the plane, he’ll see if can fix the radio and get some help. John informs Sun if she leaves with Frank she’ll never find her husband again.
John- “I’m all the help you need.
John has a few ideas on how to find Jin/them. Frank is sorry to say he’s leaving with or without her. Sun explains to Frank if there’s any chance of finding her husband, then she has to stay.
Frank understands but tells her to watch her back. Frank leaves.
Sun asks John, how they find Jin. John reveals that Ben has something he has to do first. Ben knows.
John tells Ben, “You better get to it then.”
Ben pulls the bookcase away from the wall revealing his dressing room of many identities; ultimately revealing the entrance into the underground labyrinth.
Ben pushes open the hieroglyph stone door and lights a lantern. He heads down a few steps and then crawls through a small tunnel. Ben arrives at a space tall enough for him to stand upright and puts his hand in the muddy puddle. He pulls up, what can only be described as a plug/stopper that contains the water in the basin. (Like pulling the stopper out of the drain in a sink} The muddy water drains away in a spiral, revealing a small hole.
Ben tells the hole, “I’ll be outside.”

Ben pushes Alex on the swing. She tells daddy she wants to go again.
Richard- “Wow, Alex! Any higher you’re gonna fly right off the island.”
Ben gives a bizarre look with that comment. Richard is there to inform Ben the sub’s about to leave. Alex tells daddy she wants to go higher.
Richard tells Ben, “You don’t have to see him off.”
Ben adamantly feels he has to.
Alex-“Higher, Higher, Daddy!”

Cuffed/roped hands Charles is led to the sub. Ben walks down the dock to say goodbye. Charles remarks Ben’s there to gloat. Ben doesn’t want Charles to act as if he didn’t bring this on himself.
Charles- “Are you quite certain you want to do this, Benjamin?”
Ben-“You left the island, regularly. You had a daughter with an outsider. You broke the rules Charles.” {So did you!} Charles wants to know what makes Ben think he can take what’s his.
Ben- “Because I won’t be selfish. Because I‘ll sacrifice anything to protect this island.”
Charles reminds him he wouldn’t sacrifice Alex. Ben feels Charles was the one who wanted her dead, not the island. Charles hopes Ben is right; because if he isn’t, and it is the island that wants her dead, she’ll be dead. And one day Ben will be standing where Charles is now. Ben will be the one being banished and he’ll finally realize that he can’t fight the inevitable.
Charles steps right up to Ben, “I’ll be seeing you, boy.”

Sun sits on the porch of the Dharma house. {It’s dark} Ben comes out of the house asking her where John went. Sun relays that he had something to do. Ben appearing concerned asked did he say what it was.
No, he didn't.
Sun feels “Jack must have lied…about Locke being dead. I don‘t know why he would, but, that‘s the only explanation.”
Ben tells her Jack didn’t lie, John was dead.
Sun, “Just because he was in a coffin doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have faked his dea…”
Ben-“Trust me. I’m sure.”
Sun feels Ben knew this would happen to Locke if they brought him back here.
Ben- “Sun, I had no idea it would happen.”
Ben’s seen this island do miraculous things; he’s seen it heal the sick, but never once has it done anything like this. {Oh really…} Ben informs her, “Dead is dead. You don‘t get to come back from that. Not even here.”   So the fact that John Locke is walking around ‘this island’, scares the living hell out of him. They hear a noise coming from the jungle. Ben suggests Sun may want to go inside.
Sun asks why.
Ben- “Because what’s about to come out of that jungle, is something I can‘t control.”
It’s John Locke,
“Any luck?” {I felt like Ben was telling a spooky story. One like your uncle would tell you when you were a kid.}
Ben tells John it hasn’t shown up yet. Ha! Last time they didn’t have to wait that long.
Ben-“It’s not a train, John. It doesn’t run on a schedule.”
John is a bit anxious to get this thing moving, so he suggests if it’s not gonna come to them, he supposes they’re gonna have to go to it.
Be- “It doesn’t work that way. I only know how to summon it. I don‘t know where it actually is.”
John reveals, “I do.”
Ben looks a bit stunned.

John is crafting some torches with sticks and burlap.   He mentions to Sun he realizes how strange this all must be; it’s weird for him too.
John-“Me. Here. I assure you, Sun, I’m the same man I’ve always been.”
Ben is ready with his bag; he tells John to lead the way. John smiles.

Ben calls Charles from the Long Beach dock. He called via his cell phone! Charles asks where he got the number. Of course Ben says it doesn’t matter. What matters is, he’s going back to the island today. {Passes a boat called Savage.}
Charles- “The island won’t let you come back. Trust me. I spent almost 20 years trying to return.”
Where Charles failed Ben will succeed.
Ben has to do something first…Kill Charles’s daughter.
Ben- “In fact, I’m looking at our mutual friend right now.”
We see Penny on board their boat named, “Our Mutual Friend.”
Charles-“Don’t you dare.”
Ben ends the call.

Daylight on their trek through the jungle, Ben asks John, “How is it that you know where you’re going?” 
 John-"I just know.”
Ben wants to know how “the knowing” works; he wonders if it came “upon him gradually or did you wake up one morning suddenly understanding the mysteries of the universe?”
John accuses Ben of not like having to ask questions he doesn’t know the answers to, “Blindly following someone in the hopes they will lead you to whatever it is you’re looking for.”
Ben admits he doesn’t like it at all.
John- “Well, now you know what it was like to be me.”
Sun tells the men they should keep moving. John agrees.

Ben thinks he knows where they’re going, “It’s the same place they brought me as a child. It’s where the island healed me.” {Does he remember?} John, who’s unimpressed, hopes it’s as generous this time around. They arrive.
Sun-“What is it?”
Ben- “It’s the wall around our temple.”
Sun- “What temple?"
John smiles; he is pleased. Ben tells her it’s about a half a mile from here, “We built this wall to keep people like the two of you from ever seeing it.”
They walk up to the wall and John announces they’re not going into his temple, they’re going under it. John wants Ben to go down first.  Nervous Ben asks Sun a favor. He’d like her, if she can ever get off this island, to find Desmond Hume for him, and tell him Ben says he’s sorry.
Sun- “Sorry for what?”
Ben looks like a fraidy cat, “He’ll know.” Ben heads below.
Ben is at the dock; observes Penny on deck of their boat.  As focused Ben walks up and draws his gun, he walks right past Desmond,who was hidden from Ben because he was removing groceries from the back of the car.
(Click to enlarge)

Desmond sees Ben, “Hey! What ya doing here?!”  
Ben shoots Desmond!

Penny sees this. Ben tells her not to move, “Not another word.”
She is shocked. Ben, holding the gun on her, “Hello Penelope. My name is Benjamin Linus.” He apologizes that she’s caught up in the middle of this thing, but her father… Penny reveals she has no relationship with her father.
Ben-“Your father is a really terrible human being. He’s responsible for the killing of my daughter. That’s why I’m here.”
From below, Ben hears little Charlie call up for his mommy. This distracts Ben for a second. Penny yells for Charlie to go back inside. She begs Ben, “Please don’t hurt my son.”
Ben is emotionally fixed on little Charlie and he lowers his gun. Desmond tackles him from behind and beats the shit out of him. {Mostly with his left hand} The gun falls in the water. {We get the POV from under the water of Ben falling in to the water. Love that!}

Frank arrives back on the Hydra Island. It’s a bright sunny day. A passenger yells out for Captain Lapidus and informs him, “They found guns….Ilana and three of the others. They said they were in charge now.”
Frank calls out for Ilana, who is on the beach tending to the large silver crate. He asks her what’s going on. She draws her rifle and asks him, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?
Frank has no idea what she’s…Ilana knocks him in the head. Things are a little blurry for Frank. Ilana says to get everyone else, tell them it’s time. And she wants Frank tied up, “He’s coming with us.”
Her goon is happy. Frank faints.

Underground, John lights two torches and he leads Ben.   Ben reveals to John he was right about why he needs to be judged. He explains, Widmore’s men gave him a choice to either leave the island or let his daughter die, “All I had to do was walk out of the house and go with them. But I didn’t do it. So you were right. John, I did kill Alex. And now I have to answer for that.”
Ben appreciates John showing him the way, but he thinks he can take it from there. {Ben just gave his confession to John. Interesting.}
Ben’s moves on, “I’ll meet you outside, If I live.”
Ben falls through the ground revealing another chamber. John will go find something to get Ben out of there. Ben shakes his head no and tells John to wait.
Ben walks around. He seems amazed at this ancient place. There are hieroglyphs on the pillars. Ben walks up to an ‘alter’ of sorts.  Its artwork depicts a dog headed/human god kneeling in front of "smoke". {It reminds me a bit of the pic young John had hanging in his foster home.} The clicking sounds of the smoke monster can be heard. Smoke starts to come out of the rock plate with all the holes. Ben backs up from it, but the smoke surrounds him.
Flashes of Ben’s memory are projected. You can see his remorse and broken heart. The smoke monster heads back to where ever it came from. Ben’s torch lights up on its own. “Daddy.” It's Alex.
Ben is moved to see her, “I’m so, so sorry. It was all my fault.”
Alex-“I know.
She grabs him, pushes him up against a pillar, “Listen to me you bastard. I know that you’re already planning to kill John again. And I want you to know that if you so much as touch him, I will hunt you down and destroy you. You will listen to every word John Locke says and you will follow his every order. Do you understand?” Alex demands he’ll say he’ll follow him.
Ben swears he’ll follow him. Ben closes his eyes and whimpers.
Alex is gone.

John calls down the hole for Ben. He’s made a rope out of vines.
John asks what happened.
Ben, looking up at John, “It let me live.”

Dead is Dead is a frigging AWESOME episode! I'm glad I've kept my eye on John Locke all these years.

Things to note...Questions to ask...

* Eyes. Watching. See.
* Roots.
* Linguistics. Learning. Chinese "characters" and Hieroglyphs a form of communication.
* Mental health. Insane. Deranged. Crazy.
* "Shhhhhh". Out cold. Sleeping.
* Charles AND Ben had been going back and forth, to and from the "Island".
* Why is Ethan Goodspeed/Rom in the woods with Ben, Richard and gang?
* Jack, Kate, Hurley, Juliet, etc. in The Dharma Initiative.
* Widmore tells Ben he’s among friends. Caesar calls Ben, John and others “friend”. Hmmmm. Everyone is friends.
* Acting. Making up stories and lies. Cons. Blindly following.
* Ben infected who with what??? Or what with what? What is he?
* The "Island" saved/spared Ben’s life at least twice.
* What’s in the crate? Hmmm… Could it be a casket/body? Friggin' Dracula? A bomb? Food or medical supplies? Guns? I'm just asking!
* "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Is this a legit question or more like "What did one snowman say..."
* Ben shoots unarmed Caesar in the chest. Ben was an unarmed child shot in the chest.
* All "John" was looking for was an apology from Ben. And at Ben's judging, the "monster" heard Ben's apology. That's all I'm saying!!!
* Bird sounds are heightened in this episode. Weird, huh?
* Spiral of the water was what jumped out at me. Is it this spiral that’s important?{Orchid} Funnel.
* The "Island" won’t let you come back…“ {Not 'go back'?!} Never out of the “confines of the "Island"
* Here, “John” is the one moving certain things along. Is it always John?
* The "monster"-shape shifter?   But could any part of the "monster" experience just be an "image".
* Is John bringing the family back together?
* Whatever is to be, will be. Inevitable.
* Where’s the corporate people?
* Ben, having a moment of second thoughts going through with the murder of Penny on the boat, reminds me very much of Sawyer not going through with his con, when the child ‘showed up’.
* Do you ever get the feeling these people are in jail/confinement? What if they’re prisoners/patients/test subjects involved in an ‘alternate way’ to see if they can be reformed/rehabilitated?
* Could Ilana and a bunch of them all be original Others?
* Ben and Charlie are BABY NAPPERS!
* Flashes of memory. {Flash Memory}

Vocabulary and Research…
* Labyrinth is also known as a Pattern/ the Pattern.
* IT, the villain {Brain} in science fiction novel A Wrinkle in Time.
* IT, an evil force haunting a small town in Stephen King's horror novel It. It is a shape shifter.
* Flowers for Algernon is a Sci-Fi story. The titular Algernon is a lab mouse who has undergone surgery to increase his intelligence by artificial means.
* Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life Among the Lowly is an anti-slavery novel.
* Roots: The Saga of an American Family is a novel first published in 1976.
* Alchemy is both a philosophy and a practice with an aim of achieving ultimate wisdom as well as immortality.
* In Buddhism The Seven Jewels of Royal Power: Characterize different qualities of a king, which he must have for staying in power.
  The Precious Queen
  The Precious General
  The Precious Horse
  The Precious Jewel
  The Precious Minister or Householder
  The Precious Elephant
  The Precious Wheel.

Dead is Dead is indeed a great episode!! We see role changes. We see how Ben and Widmore’s opposition was forged.  We see “John” lead Ben.
For me this episode was deep, and yes I see a lot of the “metaphor” theme running through it. Coincidentally I just re-read Siddhartha. It's a wonderful story about a spiritual man who continued on his own journey to find "himself".  There are many elements in the book that tied together certain themes in the LOST story.

This episode brought me back to The Wizard of Oz again. Some things I want to mention from the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz... At The Emerald City the Guardian of the gates gives Dorothy and friends special glasses to keep the brilliance of the Emerald City from blinding them and the Wizard can change his appearance for different people.   Dorothy gets home, actually "dropped" right back in a Kansas field/prairie after clicking her silver shoes together three times. In the movie version we all grew up with, Dorothy's traveling adventure takes place while she is unconscious and is being watched over by her friends and family.

John and Christian's black shoes...Tap your heals together three times and say... "There's no place like home."

Love to all who are “LOST"™

Some Interesting Photo's to ponder.
(Click to enlarge)

Those boys love to make a fashion statement!

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.


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