April 14, 2009

Through the Looking Glass. Part 2

Let's talk about LOST! Through the Looking Glass. Part 2
Bearded Jack blasts Nirvana in the car; reads the crumbled up obit while driving. {Jack’s reflection in the rear view mirror.Aviator sunglasses.}  He pulls up to the curb in an undesirable neighborhood and tries to call someone on his cell.   He reads the obit again and then crosses the street to Hoffs/ Drawler Funeral Parlor {Flash Forward} Jack almost gets hit by a car.
A Black/White police passes behind him.

Jack enters the empty parlor.  A brown casket/coffin, black chairs, piano, no mourners.  The funeral director comes out of his office carrying white roses. Jack asks if the funeral is over.  The director informs him there was no funeral only a viewing; nobody showed up.
Jack-"Nobody? You sure?" {PLAY ON WORDS: NOBODY=NO BODY}
The director-"Just you. My deepest condolences. Friend or family?"
The director asks if Jack wants him to open it up {casket}.
Jack says no.
Jack is told to take his time. He walks up to the casket, puts his right hand on it and takes a moment. He seems fine with his saying goodbye. Jack pops his last pill from the prescription bottle. {Pop top bottle}
Danielle tells Jack they’re about an hour away.    She shares with Jack the last time she was at the radio tower was the day she recorded the message. Danielle will take him to the tower but she’s not leaving the island; there’s no place for her back there, “This is my home now."

Ben is there waiting to greet them. {With his walking stick and Alex.} Ben needs to talk to Jack.
Jack is pissed.

Down in the Looking Glass Mikhail puts his black patch over his right eye.   The girls want to know what Ben said.    Mikhail asks if it’s possible to turn the equipment off. {Ben said to keep it jamming!} The girl guards confirm it could be turned off with the code and only they and Ben know what the code is.   Mikhail wonders what would happen if the station were to be flooded.
Greta-"Nothing. The casing for the equipment is waterproof. It will keep going forever."
Mikhail wonders then why they need to be there.  Bonnie tells him they’re following Ben’s orders; they never asked why because they trust Ben and Jacob.
Bonnie-"And the minute I start questioning orders, this whole thing, everything we’re doing here falls apart."
Mikhail-"She makes an excellent point."
With that he shoots Greta.  Bonnie tries to run but he shoots her in the back.  With a red glow on his face, he apologizes to Bonnie; he too is following orders.  Just then, Desmond comes out of the locker and shoots Mikhail with a spear gun in the chest/vest.   Desmond picks up Mikhail’s gun and is about to shoot Bonnie but Charlie interrupts him telling they need her for the code.

Ben and Jack are face to face.
Kate sneaks away.
In control Ben puts down his bag while Jack is on fire!
Ben addresses Naomi, "Hi I’m Benjamin. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure."
Jack warns her not to talk to him. Ben feels that Jack he just killed seven of his people, the least Jack can give him is five minutes to talk.
Kate returns to tell Jack there are only two sets of tracks belonging to Ben and Alex.   Jack agrees to give Ben five minutes.   Jack eyes the walkie and takes it from him.   {Ben didn’t protect the walkie very well. Almost like he wanted Jack to take it. Hmmm. Also, note what appears to be a huge knife Jack’s carrying across his back- of his back pack}

Bearded Jack is at the prescription counter of a drug store. ’Prescription Pick-Up’ in red.
The pharmacist tells him he has no more refills on the prescription.
Jack- "That’s a mistake. I... a…only refilled it twice, could you check it again?"
She did and that was his 3rd refill.    Jack gives her another prescription.   A guy standing on line recognizes Jack as the hero he saw  on TV.   Jack says he’s not a hero.   They guy asks the pharmacist what’s wrong with her, just give this guys whatever he needs, "You know what he did?"
Jack gives her the new Rx for Oxycodone, she looks at it and says he cannot write a prescription for himself.
Jack informs her, "That’s not me. That’s Dr. Christian Shephard, I’m Dr. Jack Shephard, he’s my father."
She has to call his father’s office to confirm.   Jack is getting upset and tells her he’s out of town right now.  Pissed Jack slams his hand down on the counter and tells her not to bother.   On his way out he knocks over the tower carousel of eye glasses.

Ben tells Jack to have a seat; he begins the chat. "Not so long ago, Jack, I made a decision that took the lives of over 40 people in a single day. I’m telling you this because, history is about to repeat itself, right here, right now."
Jack- "Let me guess. You’ve, you’ve got us surrounded and if I don’t do what you say you’re gonna, you’re gonna kill all my people."
Ben- "No, Jack. You are."
Jack laughs.
Ben explains the woman he’s traveling with, the one who parachuted onto the Island from a helicopter, she’s not who she says she is."
Ben goes on to say she’s a representative of some people who have been trying to find this Island, "She’s one of the bad guys." {Crows in the background.}
Jack-"I almost forgot. You’re the good guys."
Ben wants Jack to listen to him, "If you phone her boat, every single living person on this island will be killed. So here’s what has to happen. Get that device, the phone she carries with her, and give it to me. I will turn around we’ll go back to my people, you will turn around and go back to your people."
Stubborn Jack says he’s not going anywhere.
Both men stand up, Jack anticipating confrontation but Ben politely asks for his walkie back; there’s something Jack needs to hear, "Please."
Jack hands it over. {Ben is always very polite.}

Ben radios Tom.
Ben says to Jack, "Your plan killed seven of my people. But the ones that you failed to kill are now holding your friends, Jin, Sayid, Bernard, at gun point."
When then hear over the walki, "Jack, don’t give him any..." and a struggle.
Jack wonders, "And what’s to stop me from snapping your neck?"
Ben instructions, "Tom unless you hear my voice in 1 minute, shoot all three of them."

Jack is upset.
Ben takes out his Timex watch and watches the second hand go around. {11:40. This is not the same watch Ben wore the day he killed Roger.}
The countdown is on.
Ben- "Bring me the phone, Jack."
We hear Sayid via the walki trying to tell Jack, "Don’t negotiate..."
Ben counts down, 40 seconds.
Jack-"No.I'm getting them all off the Island, ALL OF THEM."
Ben-"Let me ask you something, Jack. Why do you wanna leave the island?  What is it that you so desperately want to get back to?  You have no one.  Your fathers dead, your wife left you, moved on with another man. Can you just not wait to get back to the hospital, get back to fixing things?" {Getting his own fixes}
20 seconds.
10 seconds.
Ben’s not bluffing. 5... 4...3...3...Gunshots!
Jack cries.
Ben says he sorry and Jack attacks and beats the shit out of Ben!
Then Jack radios Tom and tells him, "I’m gonna lead my people up to the radio tower and I’m gonna make a call. And I’m gonna get them all rescued, every one of them. And then I’m gonna come find you. And I’m gonna kill ya."

Greta floats face down in the water, bleeding.
Charlie is released from the chair.
Speared Mikhail lays there.
Charlie needs the code from dying Bonnie. Desmond comes out of the communications room and tells Charlie she won’t tell him the code.   Charlie says she will tell him because Desmond said it was his destiny to turn off the jammer. {See Desmond’s face when Charlie says that!}
Charlie says to Bonnie, "We’re both gonna die down here, alright?  Let’s be perfectly honest.  One eyed maniac just killed your friend, and shot you in the back.  It would appear that your glorious leader Ben put him up to it. Are you a sodding idiot?  You have the opportunity to make Ben very, very angry. Why would you not take that?"
Weak Bonnie starts to rattle off numbers, " 5 4 5 8 7 7 5 5 4 3 6 7 .. 6 1 1… She’s just about unconscious.
Charlie tells her to wake up! Wake up! Start again!
Boonie manages to get out "Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys"; on the keypad, the numbers correspond with music notes. It was programmed by a musician.
{Oh really now? Convenient! Coincidence? NO!}

Jack dumps bloody Ben in front of the flock; says to tie him up, he’s coming with us. Alex heads over to Ben. Danielle stands over Alex and Ben casually introduces Alex to her mother.
Danielle tenderly asks Alex, "Do you want to help me tie him up?"  {HUH? What?!}

Kate asks Jack what happened as she tends to his bloody knuckles. Jack shares the news with Kate that Ben killed them;Bernard, Jin Sayid all three of them.
Ben radioed the beach and he let it happen, "I had to let it happen. We can’t tell Rose or Sun. Not yet. We gotta keep moving. I promised Sayid, that we would keep moving."  {Jack stood by and watched Sayid torture Sawyer too.}
Kate asks why did he bring him back; why didn’t he just kill him.
Because Jack wants "him experience the moment that we get off this Island. And I want him to know that he failed. And then I’ll kill him."

Ryan explains to Tom they were following an order. Tom tells him that Ben doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s lost it. Instead of putting three bullets in the sand, they should have killed them for real.
Bernard, Jin and Sayid are still alive, kneeling, black gags in their mouths.

Sawyer and Juliet are hiding, watching the Others hold the three Lostie prisoners. Sawyer notes they have three guys and four guns, as he and Juliet are two people and no guns. He suggests they wait until night. Then they hear something.

The blue Dharma van driven by Hurley comes ripping through the jungle.  He drives it right into the beach camp.  Ryan shoots out the windshield. {Blue Rosary beads hang from the rear view mirror.} Hurley runs over Ryan.   Sawyer sneaks up the side of the van and tells Hurley to stay in the bus. Sawyer arms himself.

Sayid does some funky cool leg trick and kills one of them.
Tom crawls away toward another gun but Juliet pulls that gun on him.
Tom turns to Sawyer, holds up his hands and says, "OK, I give up."
Sawyer shoots him anyway, "That’s for taking the kid off the raft."
Hurley is surprised, "Dude it was over, he surrendered."
Sawyer- "I didn’t believe him."
Jack tries two different keys to get into the medicine cabinet at the hospital.
Once open, he steals a bunch of the drugs, putting them in his right pocket. {Interesting, we’re looking through the glass of the cabinet door!}
Jack puts the key back on the book/binder shelf. {Note: Patient Trauma Ward CP327 Medications on door.} He knocks over a few things as he falls over.
Dr. Hamill asks him what he’s doing.
Jack was just checking The Arlen charts; See how the operation went.
Dr. Hamill left three messages on his voice mail.  Jack says his phone’s broken.
Dr. Hamill would like to go to his office with Jack, they need to talk.
Jack-"I know that you’re new around here, so you don’t know much about me."

Hamill knows enough. Jack says he talk to him right here. {In the hallway}
Hamill-"Mrs. Arlen, the woman you saved, woke up in recovery two hours ago.  She was in some pain, but highly responsive to the reflex tests and entirely lucid.   But then she described the series of events that caused her accident.   She said she was driving over the bridge when she saw a man standing on top of the railing, about to jump off.   She was distracted and lost control of her car. She ran into the median, rolled over and was hit by the van behind her.  {Now they’re walking down the hallway.} So the obvious question here, Jack, is how did you get to that flaming car so fast?  What were you doing on that bridge?"
Wobbly Jack-"Do you know how many years I’ve worked at this hospital Do you know anything about me? Do you have any idea what I’ve been through? "
Hamill asks how much he had to drink today.
Jack- "You get my father down here. Get him down here right now. And if I’m drunker that he is...You can fire me!"
Hamill shakes his head ’No’...
Jack-"Don’t you look at me like that. Don’t you pity me."
Hamill is just trying to help him but Jack yells, "You can’t help me!"  {Hurley says the same thing to Libby in Dave.}
Broken Jack tears up and walks back down the hallway.

Jack is trekking on with the flock; they are all hot and tired.  Ben is tied by his hands and being led on his leash. {Like a dog}
"Attention, Others. Come in Others!"   It’s Hurley!  "If you’re listening to this, I want you to know that we got you bastards. And unless the rest of you want to be blown up, you best stay away from our beach."
Hurley informs Jack he’s back at the beach. {Hello?!  Did nobody realize he wasn’t with the group?}
Hurley explains he went back to help Juliet and Sawyer, "I saved them."
Hurley, Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Bernard and Sayid are all fine.
 Sawyer drinks a Dharma beer while Juliet helps Sayid move the bodies.  Hurley saved them all! Everyone is relieved. Jack tells them to stay there; he’s almost up to the tower.
Hurley-"I gotcha. We’ll stay put until you, like, you know, phone home."
Claire asks Hurley, "What about Charlie? Did he make it back yet?"
Hurley says not yet; they’re probably paddling as we speak; he’s sure he’s fine. Hurley looks out to the water.

Charlie and Desmond notice there is plenty of dive gear. Desmoond will take care of the gear and Charlie will tap out Good Vibrations. Charlie asks Des if he’s gotten any Flashes.
They both are pleased.
Charlie-"Meet you back here then."
Charlie finds the number key pad and hums the tune in his head. {The correct part with inflictions too, mind you!}
He enters the code and the light turns off; machine sounds.
Charlie-"So much for fate."
Ringing; an Incoming Transmission-Red button.
Charlie pushes the button and a TV monitor comes on muffled and static, then a woman’s voice can be heard.
Excited Charlie takes the mic and replies to her. She asks who she’s speaking to. "Charlie Pace. I’m a survivor of flight 815. Oceanic flight 815."
He tells her they’re on an Island, they’re alive.
This transmission woman is Penelope Widmore; She asks how he got that frequency.
Charlie calls out for Desmond but he is busy with the dive gear and doesn’t hear Charlie.
Penny is happy to hear Desmond is there and he’s "Brilliant".
Charlie asks her if she’s on the/her boat, 80 miles off shore/ Naomi.
Penny doesn’t know what he’s talking about; she’s not on a boat, "Who’s Naomi?"
Charlie is concerned.
Desmond notices Mikhail is gone.

Mikhail knocks on the window communications room, shows Charlie the grenade and pulls the pin.

Desmond is running frantically toward Charlie!
Charlie runs to the door and is closing it! Desmond sees Penny on the monitor and calls out, "Penny!"
Charlie closes and locks the door! {When he had time to escape and close the door behind him. But again, Charlie thinks he’s got to see his death through.}
Through the circular water window Charlie writes on his left hand "NOT PENNY’S BOAT" and crosses himself with his left hand. {Which is the wrong way! Plus I cry like a fucking baby, again!!!}
Water rushes in the communications room and Desmond tries to break open the door.
Aaron cries in Claire’s arms.
Naomi wonders what the matter with Aaron.
Claire-"I think he’s just scared."
Naomi-"Hard to blame him." Just then her phone gets a signal. "Charlie just got us rescued."

Danielle leads Ben on his leash. Naomi tells Jack the jamming stopped; she calls the freighter. She tries but Danielle’s distress call is interrupting. {Again, perfect timing.}
They’re at the radio tower.

They enter the radio tower, Jack turns on the lights.  The room contains computers, recording equipment, tapes, etc..
Danielle tells Alex she "recorded this 16 years ago, three days before you were born. I guess we don’t need it anymore." {Anyone notice that it doesn’t sound like Danielle on the tape?} Danielle turns it off. {Red round sticker w/85}
Naomi isn’t getting a signal inside so she has heads outside to get a signal.

Karl has tied Ben to a tree.
Naomi’s getting a signal!

Kate says to Jack, "It’s gonna work, we’re gonna get off this Island."
Jack- "We’ll celebrate when we’re home."
Vincent is there on his leash.

Ben yells, "Jack! I know you think you’re saving your people but you need to stop this.   It’s a mistakeThis will be your last chance, Jack. I’m telling you making that call is THE BEGINNING OF THE END."
Naomi in perfect dramatic timing gets a signal.
Ben yells to Jack, "You don’t know what you’re doing!"
Determined Jack knows exactly what he’s doing. Just as the connection is being made on the phone, Naomi is knifed in the back by Locke.   Jack is pissed and Ben is shocked!
John holds a gun at Jack, telling him he had to do what he had to.
Tension is rising!
The phone on the ground is ringing.  John tells Jack to stay away from the phone and shoots at it. {And misses}
Jack picks up the phone.
John doesn’t want to shoot Jack but Ben yells from the tree for him to do it, shoot Jack, "Do what you need..."
Danielle elbows Ben in the face to shut him up.
John begs Jack to put the phone down.
Jack-"No. You’re done keeping me on this Island." {Apparently no one on the freighter must give a shit about Naomi, the phone rings like, a thousand times! Was nobody waiting to hear from her? lol}
John tells Jack "I will kill you. If I have to."
Jack tells him to do it.
John-"Jack, you’re not supposed to do this."
Jack looks confused for a minute. Just then, Minkowski answers the phone. John turns and walks back into the jungle.
Jack- "My name's Jack Shephard. Are you on the boat? The freighter? {Minkowski asks how he got this channel.}Naomi, Naomi told us about your search team, about the boat."
Minkowski asks about Naomi, "You found her? Where is she? "Who are you?"
Jack-"I’m one of the survivors of Oceanic fight 815. Can you get a fix on our location?"
Hell yeah they can. They’ll be right there!
Everyone is happy except for Ben.
Jack looks tired but accomplished.
There are dirty dishes and liquor bottles in a filthy house. Water drips from the faucet. Jack sits drunk against the wall. Jack opens his eyes, takes a swig and makes a call on his cell. The whole place is filled with maps, charts, books of maps, rulers, liquor bottles, lots of Oceanic plane tickets, news papers, prescription bottles. {This place has a very similar kitchen set up and tile like in the barracks.} As the phone rings he keeps it away from his ear. {Weird.} He tells the person on the other side, don’t hang up, "I know what you said. I just need to see ya. Please. Yeah, out at the airport. You know where. Thank you."

Jack pulls up at the air strip. {Chain link fence.} He looks at himself in the rearview mirror and turns the mirror away.
Kate pulls up, dressed nice. She says she saw him on the news, "Still pulling people out of burning wreckage, huh?"
Jack-"Old habits."
Terrible looking Jack called her because he wanted to show her the obit.
Kate-"Why would I go to the funeral?" {There was no funeral, only a viewing.}
Jack shares with her that he’s been flying a lot with the Golden Pass they gave them. Every Friday night he flies all over, stops for a drink, flies home. He hopes that it will crash. He prays that he can get back!
Kate tells him it’s not gonna change.
Jack- "I’m sick of lying. We made a mistake."
Kate has to go because he’ll be wondering where she is.
Jack holds her close.
Jack- "We were not supposed to leave."
Kate- "Yes we were." She leaves.

Jack yells as Kate pulls away, "We have to go back, Kate...We have to go back!"
A plane takes off overhead.

Through The Looking Glass is an Amazing episode!!  Go back and refresh your memories on clues and researched things that were not only discovered for this episode but for all of them to this point.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Eyes!
* Sleeping. Sleep Walking. Dreaming. Lucid Dreaming. Drugged. Alcohol. Brainwashed. Altered state of consciousness. Hypnotized. Triggers. Wake up.
* Penny. Where is she, really? Did Desmond know he would be able to contact her via this communication station? Does Penny know that this is the island that Desmond is on?
* Desmond used Charlie.
* This Island…How many more Islands are there? Does the Island move around a bit? Is it tethered to something?
* How often did Kate and Jack meet at the airport?
* Water. Down. Below. Moon pool.
* Does Naomi know Ben?
* Did Christian recently die? You know my answer to that!!!
* Did you ever think about the fact that Jack is much older than Kate?
* Faked. What’s real and what is not?
* Things/people seem to be put in place to trigger certain actions. Is that part of post hypnotic suggestion? Implants. The Game.
* Dead. Not really dead.
* Santa Rosa. Closer than we think?
* Nirvana’s "Scentless Apprentice", clue to him being the apprentice. That song was on the In Utero album in 1993.
* Fertility. Babies. DNA. Blood. Breeding. Hybrid. Lineage.
* Bugs.
* Computers. Monitors. Recording. Tape. Books. Binders.
* Jack is called a ’hero’ by several people. Charlie is a hero, so is Hurley!
* Coincidence Charlie’s the one to enter the code? Nope! He needs to enter notes from the Beach Boys’ song "Good Vibrations" to stop the jamming. Is it a coincidence he picks the right part! "Got to keep those lovin’ good vibrations… " HOW DOES HE KNOW IT’S THOSE EXACT NOTES FROM THAT EXACT PART OF THE SONG? Because he’s a musician and he programmed it? This has been done before!
* Numbers.
* Timer. Countdown.
* What and where is the temple? Is Eko there?
* How can Charlie really drown? The water should only hit the top of the porthole due an air pocket. Plus there was plenty of time to get out of the room! But again, this is because he believed Desmond’s ’Flashes’.
* Mirror images. 2 sides to people. The opposite. 2 VERSIONS! Or who they really are!
* Two
* Loop. Been there, done that! Loop. Lived this before. Done all this before. Doing it again. Loop Loop Loop!
* Who is in the casket?
* What is the secret Jack is tired of keeping?
* Nirvana: A state of being. Karma.
* “Old habits”…That comment was also said in a Michael and Locke chat.
* Don’t be fooled by illusion. I think, the people on the "Island" are being lead to believe certain things, not only about their lives, pasts, futures, but what they are a part of. So are we!

Vocabulary and Research…
* Nirvana: Extinction of individuality and absorption into the cosmos, never to be reborn. This is a goal of Buddhism.
* Michael Arlen: (born Rousse, Bulgaria, November 16, 1895, died June 23, 1956), original name Dikran Kouyoumdjian, was an Armenian essayist, short story writer, novelist, playwright, and scriptwriter, who had his greatest successes in the 1920s while living and writing in England. Although Arlen is most famous for his satirical romances set in English smart society, he also wrote gothic horror and psychological thrillers.

Some thoughts for you before we head into season four...I’ve shared my insanity with you this long, might as well continue! By now we need to use our heightened sense awareness.   The bottom line here…How was this operation/mission supposed to go?   Who is really on which side? More importantly, who are the "Grand Masters", the one’s in charge of the chess board?
Are the Lostie's just pawns in the game or do they have a more regal role?

In the episode A Tale of two cities I saw a very different Jack than Island Jack. That Jack was already angry, un-trusting, confused, out of control, DESPERATE! Very much like the beginning stages of the Jack we see in this finale.  The Jack on the Island is very level headed and in control, opposite of the drunk/drugged/out of control Jack of the Island. But let’s not forget that Jack did drink before the Island. We see it!   He sits on the pool edge with a bottle the night before his wedding, chat’s about drinking beers with his best man and he even drinks on flight 815.

The "Flashes" still have all of the markings of the connection to the "Island".
Instead of just asking when are these Flashes from, we also need to ask when are "the Island" segments from?
I believe they all encompass the past, the present and the future. They are blurred together.

By the way…"THE MONSTER" IS...JOHN LOCKE and may be....too. Silly me. Lol! John is VERY SPECIAL!

Imagine if you will, that they are like birds who instinctively head south for a time, but know to return to the north, home.  It happens over and over again.  If that’s the case here, wouldn’t they instinctively return home?
One objective here: Home.


Love to all who are "LOST" ™

Posted on MySpace, March 2008.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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