April 21, 2009


Let's talk about LOST! Adrift.

(Click the Pics!)

Sawyer pops up from the water to the sounds of Walt screaming out for “Dad”.
Michael crying out in desperation for Waaaaaalt!!
The Others took Walt. Whatever is left of the raft is on fire.  Sawyer calls out for Mike while Michael cries out for Walt. {You can hear Jin say “Sawyer”}
Sawyer yells out for Jin, but Jin doesn’t reply. {Listen to the sounds and voices in the background.}
Sawyer makes his way to a piece of floating wreckage/junk in an attempt to get to Mike.“Hang on Mike!”
Michael just repeats “Walt” over and over.
Michael appears to black out and go underwater. Sawyer pulls Michael up onto a piece of raft.   Mike is unconscious and seems to not be breathing and Sawyer tries to revive him by frantically pounding on his chest, “Mike! Mike! Mike!”
On Sawyer’s third strike to Mike’s chest...

The bright light goes off in the hatch.
Locke is still holding the “rope” {cable-vine} that was lowering Kate into the hatch.   He yells down there for her.  Locke ties up this cable-vine to a tree and goes in after Kate.

Sawyer continues CPR on Mike and saves Michael!
Right away Mike asks “Where’s Walt?”
Sawyer doesn’t know.
{Flash Whoosh}
“How'd you hurt your leg?”   asks the attorney .
Michael, who is fidgeting with his walking stick/cane tells the lawyer he got hit by a car. {World Trade Center/Twin Towers is seen outside the window.}
The lawyer chats about the paperwork Michael’s ex-wife sent over.
Michael corrects him, “She's not my ex-wife, man. She's just...Walt's mother. She, uh, Susan, she just got a new job in Romethe boyfriend... they want to take Walt with them.”
The lawyer tells him not to worry, “I'm going to take very good care of you, Mr. Dawn.”
Michael corrects him, “Dawson."
The lawyer is looking over the papers, “This boyfriend...this is this guy, Brian Porter?”
Michael wonders what it says.

The Lawyer-“It seems that Susan wants you to relinquish your rights as Walt's father so that Mr. Porter can adopt him. “
Michael’s upset that Susan wants him to sign his son away.

The lawyer-“It's the only way they can proceed with the adoption, yeah. Listen, if you sign this document...legally, he'll be no different than any other kid you pass on the street. You'll be giving up your paternal rights...All of them.”
Michael wonders if he can stop her from going. The lawyer mentions they could file and injunction so she couldn’t leave the city. Michael wants to do that.
The lawyer- “Right. Um, Mr. Dawson, the fact that you came in through these doors that tells me something. It tells me that I'm the best that you can afford. If we go forward with this, it's going to take money. A lot of it...even at my rates. This is David and Goliath, so I've got to ask you...are you sure you want to do this?"
Michael-“They're not taking my son away.“  {Uh, well they just did!}
{Flash Whoosh}

Michael continues calling out for his son. Concerned Sawyer suggests Mike save his energy.
Sawyer saw that they took Walt onto a boat which means he's not in shouting distance.“
Michael-“You don't know that.“
{Huh?! Do you see the friggin boat?!}
 Sawyer-“Well, I got a pretty good sense. And even if he was, there's nothing you can do."

Michael is freaked out and determined, “Look, if he can hear me, he knows that I'm alive, that I'm coming for him, that I'm Going To Get Him Back. Right now, all I've got is that maybe my son can hear me. Does that make any sense to you?”
Mike goes on crying out for Waaaaalt!

Locke arrives down inside the hatch; whispering loudly for Kate.
Locke steps in a puddle of muddy water. {Mirror in the corner.} {There is the sound of a loud hum and machine-winding down; that sound is repeated.}
Locke takes off his shoes before entering the area. {Why would he do this? It's not so he can sneak around-shoe-less!}
Locke touches the Dharma Swan Logo on a fuse box. Locke’s shadow is cast as he makes his way into the living area. {Art/graffiti on the walls, Lava lamp, Ping Pong table.}
He creeps his way around. He opens the blinds and reveals fake sunlight.
He hears Kate moaning. {Keep those thoughts clean, guys! Lol}

Kate's on the floor of the computer room; she was knocked out. As she’s waking up she warms Locke of a man behind him.
That man holds a rifle on Locke and asks, "Are you him? Are you him?"

Sawyer’s on the raft calling out for Jin.
Michael- “I thought we had to save our energy?”
They do, but Jin's still out there in the water, so if it's okay by Mike, Sawyer’s going to keep shouting for him. He continues calling out for Jin!”
Annoyed Michael asks Sawyer if he’s feeling guilty for making him fire the flare.
Sawyer-“I made you fire...What, this is my fault?”
Michael-“They took my son. They found us took Walt, because you made me fire the flare!” Sawyer feels at least Walt is on a boat, probably wrapped in a blanket with a cup of cocoa, while they’re on this piece of...Michael demands Sawyer get off of his raft.  Something hits the bottom of the raft and they wonder what it is.   There is something under there. We see an above shot of the water with a shark swimming by.
Floating on what's left of the raft, Michael remarks that Sawyer was able to hold on to his best friend {a gun}.
Michael-"...thing aint gonna work, anyway. You were underwater.”
Sawyer wonders what Hoss knows about guns anyway, “It’ll work.”
Sawyer removes the clip and pops out the bullets. He feels if the bullets are dry, the powders dry. The raft is bumped into hard by their underwater visitor causing Sawyer to drop the bullets. They realize it’s only a shark.   Mike feels the shark is hanging around because of Sawyer’s bleeding shoulder.
Sawyer-“Oh, well, I'll just stop bleeding then. Did you suddenly forget what happened? Why I got shot?”
Michael- “What?”
Sawyer-“Hey, how about a little gratitude here? I'm mean, a thank you."
Michael-“Thank you? For what? For you trying to save your own ass?"
Sawyer-“You want me off this raft? You got it.”
Sawyer pulls/paddles with his one arm to get to another piece of raft.
Sawyer tells Mike, “I was trying to save your damn kid.”
{Flash Whoosh}
“Let's talk about Walt, shall we, Mr. Dawson?” asks Susan’s lawyer, Lizzy.
Lizzy-”When was the last time you actually saw your son?”
Michael-“Um, about a year ago."
Lizzy corrects him, “It was 14 months, actually. “
She wonders, “Why so long?”
Michael-“Susan took him to Amsterdam… for work. “ {History lesson, New York City was originally called New Amsterdam.}
Lizzy-“And you didn't have a problem with that?”
Michael-“Excuse me?”
Lizzy-“Well, since she's now going to Rome and you're filing an injunction. It just seems a little inconsistent to me.“
Michael-“Incon… no. No, no, no, no. ..She took him…I didn’t want her to go.”
Mike’s lawyer informs him that she’s baiting him.  Michael says to Susan, “You said there was nothing I could do.”
Susan looks uncomfortable.
Lizzy-“And you didn't do anything, did you?”
Lizzy feels there is no answer to that question. “You were in an accident recently, no?”
Lizzy-“You had several surgeries. Spent weeks in a private hospital room. Extensive rehabilitation. Who paid for all of that, Mr. Dawson?”
Michael is getting worked up and says to Susan, ”I didn't ask you for anything.”
Lizzy wants the court reporter to have the record reflect that Mr. Dawson acknowledged that Ms. Lloyd paid his bills."
Michael’s upset,”Susan! Tell them. Susan, tell them that I didn't ask you for anything.“    Apparently Michael is not to address Susan directly.
Lizzy asks Michael-“Do you know what Walt's first words were, Mr. Dawson?"
Michael-“I'm sorry, what?"
Lizzy-“His first words, do you know what they were?"
Michael-“, I...I wasn't there."
Lizzy-“Do you know what his favorite food is? {Michael rolls his eyes but doesn’t say anything} Do you..."
Michael’s lawyer feels this is unnecessary but Michael finally replies ‘no’ to her question.
Lizzy- “Well, for someone who wants to retain his paternal rights so badly you don't seem to know much about your son, Mr. Dawson.”
Michael-“I'm his father.”
Lizzy-“I'm sorry, could you say that louder please, just for the record.”
Michael repeats, “I'm his father.“ {Note there’s a man videotaping this meeting.}
{Flash Whoosh}
The full moon shines down on Michael and Sawyer, each on their pieces of raft wreckage. Sawyer is digging around his bullet wound. {It’s a good thing these two raft pieces don’t drift away from each other. Lol}
Michael asks Sawyer if he’s crazy,” You're going to take a bullet out with your bare hands.”  He feels Sawyer will never be able to do it by himself, besides Sawyer thought they parted ways.
Michael-“We're caught in the same current.“
Sawyer is in pain and gathers nerve to dig at the wound.  He screams as he pulls the bullet out. Sawyer asks Mike if he’s got a Band-aid and then Sawyer passes out.

Are you... are you him?” Desmond asks Locke.
Locke stands up and states, “Yes. Yes I am. {His first response is to say yes!}  Desmond is relieved, “I can't believe it. You're finally here."
Locke smiles and says,”Well, here I am.”
Desmond asks who she is.
Locke helps Kate up and informs Desmond, “She's with me.”
Cautious Desmond asks him, “What did one snowman say to the other snowman?”
Locke doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Realizing Locke is ‘not him’, he demands Locke get rid of the knife.   Locke tosses the knife and tries to explain to Desmond that they’re not there to hurt him. Desmond wonders why they came. Kate reveals they were in a plane crash.
Desmond-“Were you now? And when was that?
Locke-“44 days ago.”
Desmond-“44 days? Move.”
As Desmond is moving his visitors along, Locke sees the wall is filled with strike marks in groups of five, indicating a counter/calendar.  Locke asks him how long he’s been down there. Desmond tosses Kate a black power cord and tells Kate to tie Locke up.
Locke-“Wait. Wait, wait! You're tying up the wrong person.”  He tells Des it's pointless to tie him up, he’s not dangerous. But her, she's a fugitive.
Desmond-“So, what does that make you then, brother?”
Locke-“I'm a regional collections manager for a cardboard manufacturer. Boxes primarily.”
Desmond-“All right then, box man, tie her up.
Kate doesn’t want Locke to touch her but he does tie her hands behind her back and he whispers to her, “I'm doing what's best for all of us. Locke slips a pocketknife in Kate's jeans.  Kate struggles but they lock her up in a dark storage room.

At the caves Hurley asks Jack,” You're kidding, right? You're going back?”
Indeed he is.
Hurley-“What about all that stuff you said about waiting 'til morning and watching the sun rise?”
Jack changed his mind.
Claire asks Charlie, “What do you suppose all that's about?”
Charlie reckons Jack's going to do something heroic. Claire rolls her eyes at that. Then Claire remarks that Charlie always ‘tries’ to be funny when he doesn’t want to answer a question. She hands him the baby and he makes funny faces at Aaron. Claire finds a Virgin Mary statue and asks, “What's this?”
Charlie found it in the jungle, “Yeah. Be careful. Be careful with it. Hey, take Aaron. {Gives her the baby} You've got to be careful with it, you know. It's the Virgin Mary. She's holy.”
Claire didn’t realize Charlie was so religious. Charlie says he’s not, “It's just, you know, it might come in handy. It'd be a nice thing to have around.”

Mike and Sawyer float individually near each other on their rafts.
Sawyer-“It wasn't the flare. I said it wasn't the flare. Those people… that did first I thought they were fisherman or pirates or something. Then I got a good look at their boat. You know anything about boats, Mike? A boat like that wasn't built for the open ocean. Water's coming over the side with the first little squall...maybe got a range of 100 miles. A boat like that had to have left port from somewhere close. Like the island. French chick said the Others were coming for a kid. I think they came, Mike.”
Sawyer feels he’s/Walt is the one they wanted and why he has a bullet in his shoulder, “Hell, Bluebeard blew us up because they wanted your kid.”
Michael-“Are you saying this is my fault?”
Yep, that’s what Sawyer is saying.
Michael feels they took his son because of Sawyer, “They were sailing away.”
Sawyer-“They found us because they were looking for us, for Walt."
Michael points something/stick at Sawyer and yells him, “Don't you ever say his name again, ever.
Sawyer-“Oh, what are you gonna do? Splash me.“
So, childish Michael splashes Sawyer, and Sawyer's raft unravels.
Mike literally turns his back on him. Injured Sawyer and his gun make his way over to Mike’s tiny raft.
Sawyer-“Look, I know you...”
Pissed off Michael tells him to “Shut up! Don't EVEN… You have no idea what it's like to care for somebody else.“
{Flash Whoosh}

Susan is waiting for Michael in a lawyer-less office. She wanted to talk to him alone. Susan thinks he’s going to win.
Susan- “In court. I think you're going to keep me from leaving the country with Walt. I just have to ask you why?”
It’s because Walt’s Michael’s son.
Susan- “Since when, Michael? {Pretty important statement! Don't you think?} Look, I know you don't care about what's best for me, but in Rome I'll be senior partner at the firm. I'll be able to give Walt anything he needs. You're still on disability, Michael. You can't work. You're about to be evicted from your apartment.“
She had her lawyer’s checking up on him, “Just like you had your lawyers checking up on me. Nobody's winning here.”
Michael-"Then stop."

Susan-“Michael, the first thing you need to do is take care of yourself. You need to get healthy. You need to get back on your feet financially so you can get back to pursuing your art. You have rare talent as an artist, Michael. But how are you going to do that, any of that...and still be a part of Walt's life?"
Michael will do it by doing it; Walt’s his responsibility too.

Susan-“Then let him go. Because it's not about you or me, it’s about him. I don't want to go court, Michael. So please just let him go.”
Michael just looks at her.
{Flash Whoosh}
In the dark storage room Kate struggles to free her hands. Son of a bitch! She frees herself by using the pocket knife and cutting the black power cord cuffs. She feels her way around and turns on the light. She is in a food pantry that is stocked with goods! As she moves a box/crate to get up to the air/AC vent she finds an open tin labeled candy and is filled with Apollo Bars. She enjoys eating one and puts a bunch in her back pockets.
Kate climbs on a crate and opens the air/AC vent and climbs into it.

The bright fake/simulated sunlight pours into the hatch. Locke fills Desmond in on their arrival. “The pilot said we had lost radio contact, but by then we were already a thousand miles off course. Any search teams would have given up weeks ago.”
Armed Desmond-“So you were traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles?”
Locke says yes.
Des seems a bit amazed, “So the world is still out there?
Locke-“As far as I know... Could you tell me your name?”
Des now seems baffled and asks, ”My name? My name is Desmond.”
Locke-“Desmond, I'm John. You should know the gun is really unnecessary.”
Des acts all tough for a second and then asks, “How many of you are there?
Locke-“43, but 4 sailed out this morning on a raft.”
The raft idea amuses Desmond.
Locke wonders about that simulated sunlight “Is that because you never leave? Is there another way out?”
Desmond doesn’t even respond to those questions, he only wonders how many of John’s group have gotten sick; as in ill, as in dead! Locke asks if that’s why it says QUARANTINE on the inside of the hatch. Desmond just wants the answer.
Locke-“No one has. No one. No one is sick.”
All of a sudden there is beeping. {We get a shot of a speaker}
Kate crawls through the AC duct. {Another shot of a speaker}
Desmond demands John get up and shuffles him to the computer room. “Stand right there. Do you know how to use this, box man?”
Locke looks amazed-“I haven't seen one of those in 20 years.”   But he knows how to use it. The countdown clock clicks down from 2:38 to 2:37 to 2:36.
Desmond wants him to, “Listen carefully, type in exactly what I tell you. Exactly, nothing else. 4, 8, 15... Did you hear that?”
Desmond-”What did you just put in? What number did you just put in?“
Distracted Desmond continues, “Right, 16, 23, 42. Now press execute.”
Nervous John stalls, wanting to know what’s going to happen.
Desmond-“Just push it!”
Locke pushes EXECUTE and the timer resets to 108. They both seem relieved. {Execute- as in carry out fully, enforce or put to death?}
Jack calls out for Kate and Locke. Desmond wants to know who the hell that is.
Locke-“That would be Jack.”
Desmond looks through his fancy looking glass contraption of mirrors {adjusting a dial} and asks Locke whom that is.
Locke-“His, uh, his name is Jack. He's our doctor.”
Locke is a little surprised to see Jack there.
Desmond reveals Locke’s doctor has a gun and pushes brotha to move, “Make one sound and I'll shoot. Move.“
Desmond walks over to the stereo, flips a switch and blasts the record player {it scratches and the song plays “Make Your Own Kind of Music.}
Kate crawls through the vent.
Desmond threatens to shoot if Locke makes a sound then pushes him, “Move!”
From up in the vent Kate can see through the grid that Jack is looking around down below {there’s a sofa}. Kate calls out to him but he doesn’t hear her. Jack takes a closer look at the computer. The record scratches to a stop! 
Locke is standing alone in the doorway, “I wouldn't do that, Jack.”
Pissed off Jack asks where Kate is.
Desmond stays hidden but points the gun at John’s head. “Move and I kill him. Put the gun down.“ {Kate has ringside seats!} 
Jack just wants to know where Kate is. John says she’s fine and to put the gun down. Jack isn’t putting anything down.
Desmond shoots and it hits in the vicinity of Kate’s VIP seat.
Desmond-“Do you want him to die? Put it down.”
Jack-“Is this what you were talking about, Locke? Is this your destiny? All roads lead here?”
Calm Locke tells Jack to calm down.
Desmond scoots behind Locke and tells Jack to “Lower your gun or I'll blow his damned head off, brotha.”
Jack realizes something familiar. Desmond shows his face.
Jack- “You.“ {He gets a messed up look about him}

Michael and Sawyer sit in opposite directions on the raft. Sawyer decides to one arm pull himself over to one of the pontoons.   Mike tells Sawyer to stop paddling because he’s putting a strain on the binds and it’s going to break them up.   Determined Sawyer keeps on paddling. The raft starts to break apart and Sawyer falls off. Michael wants him to climb up.
Sawyer- “I do and we both sink. I'm going for the pontoon.”
He hands Mike the gun and tells him if he sees that toothy son of a bitch, you aim and squeeze. Sawyer makes break for the pontoon as Mike roots for him to make it. The shark shows up and Michael pulls the trigger but nothing happens.
Michael fires 5x and we see blood; he hit something. All is quiet; no shark, no Sawyer.
Michael calls out for Sawyer and paddles near the pontoon.
Sawyer pops up on the other side of the pontoon, “Give me your hand.”
Michael helps Sawyer climb onto the pontoon; then Mike joins him.

Michael with his cane sits on a park bench in a park.  Susan and a young Walt meet up with Michael. Susan {Pearl earring.} apologizes that she’s late, “Packing's been a disaster and the plane leaves first thing in the morning.”
Susan asks Walt {stripe polo shirt} if he wants to say hi.
Michael-“Hi, Walt. I'm... I’m...hey, uh, {pulls a stuffed polar bear out of the bag.} this is for you, man. {To Susan} He like bears?
Yes he likes bears, he’s just really shy.
Michael kneels down, looks deeply at Walt, “Hey little man, look. I guess I can't call you that, I mean, because look how big you are. So, you and I...well, we're not going to see each other for a while, Walt. But you are going to have...a great life. I know your mommy she's going to take real good care of you. And Brian is...going to take good care of you, too. But you know what? I just want you to know… that no matter where you go... I...That your daddy...Yeah, your daddy...he loves you very, very much. And I always will. Always, okay.“
Smiling Susan is sorry about this.
Michael is emotional, he hands her the bag and wants Walt to know its from him, “sometime”.
She says okay and goodbye.
Michael-“Yeah, bye.”
He is sad as he watches them walk away.
Michael is crying on the pontoon. {His hands against his head.} The sun is rising. Sawyer wakes up and asks Mike if he’s OK.
Michael feels it's his fault, “I never should have brought him on the raft. {Now motivated and determined} I'm going to get him back. I'm going to get back my son.”
Sawyer looks over to his right and sees that, “The current brought us back. We're home.” {Indeed. They are home.}
Sawyer and Michael make their way on shore.
They hear Jin yelling. Jin's comes running over to them with his arms tied behind his back. He falls; Michael unties him while Jin's rambles on in Korean. He’s trying to tell them something important.
Jin-“Utter! Utters!...Others.”

They all look over to see a tribal looking group of people. Others.

Adrift is a great episode!
The raft guys face one hell of a challenge and end up returning right back to where they started from.
They are literally drawn back to the Island because that is where they need to be and yes...these guys are really at home.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* Sawyer saves Michael's life. CPR. He should be a saint. Saint Sawyer, that works for me. He could have let Michael die but that's not what Sawyers all about.
* Save your energy.
* Simulated. Fake.
* Power cord. Computer. Speaker. Countdown clock/timer. Reset.
* Team. Challenge. Another way out-Exit-Escape. Win.
* Sawyer calls Michael-Mike.
* Desmond questions Locke. The lawyer questions Michael.
* Kate and Apollo bars. I can't help but wonder if those delicious treats contain a hallucinogen in it, to help keep them in an altered state or something. Remember, I feel that they may have an "altered" thing going on; their minds would have to be altered.   That could be done with hallucinogens in food, candy, gas, injections, brain washing, etc. This is just a thought. But the candy has to have some importance.
* Susan has lots of money and a powerful job with people in high places. We should all be so lucky. lol!
*"She is just Walt's mother"...Was she just the carrier of "Walt" or carrier of something else? Is Michael a carrier of something? Is this a simple case of two people who just crossed paths, fell in love, had a child, and moved on with their lives?  Or is there more to their "role" with bringing Walt into the “world”? After all this is LOST.
* "Not made for the open water."   It's a good thing we find that out now, because later when Walt and Michael are released to find rescue we know they can't go any farther than 100 miles. I hope to heaven a big giant boat showed up for them!

Vocabulary and Research…
* New Amsterdam was a 17th century Dutch colonial settlement that later became New York City. The town developed outside of Fort Amsterdam on Manhattan Island in the New Netherland territory (1614–1674) which was situated between 38 and 42 degrees latitude as a provincial extension of the Dutch Republic as of 1624.
Buffalo, New York was called New Amsterdam for a brief period in the early 1800s
"New Amsterdam", a song by Travis on their album The Boy With No Name adrift (comparative more adrift, superlative most adrift)
* Shark is a derogatory terms for Lawyer.
* Adrift: 1). Floating at random. 2). (of a seaman) Absent from his watch adrift 1.In a drifting condition; at the mercy of wind and waves.

Who is Desmond, the man in control of the electronics/mechanics of things inside the hatch? He must be important.
I still feel Michael knows the truth about Walt, the island and his role, but he must not remember everything.
Again I can't help but wonder the parentage of Walt. Susan raises him and Michael does not. I still question the biology of Walt.
Call me crazy, even Superman was raised by another!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Here's a picture to ponder!

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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