April 14, 2009

Season 2 Wrap-Up.

Let's talk about LOST! Season Two Wrap-Up.

Please Note: This composition was originally posted on MySpace, November 4th, 2007. So things may be a bit dated. But these are all original notes/questions and comments. I just moved the post over to this site.

First of all I'd love to thank you for the support of this little blog. These are the crazy thoughts that go through my head and end up here. I'm just a fan like you. Well, maybe I'm a bit over the top. LOL! I know that my LOSTNESS isn't for everyone. I appreciate that we who DO fall under the category of Lostaholic, Lost Addict, Obsessed LOST Fan, Lostie, Lostketeer and any other creative name that has been said about or bestowed upon us, wear our titles very proudly!

On to business…I've been known to give you my two cents in the form of a question.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again…I try very hard to show you things that “could be” considered repeated clues.  You never know which clues are legit and which are given by the writers to have fun and throw us off.  I also try very hard to enlighten you to a few angles and issues while being very careful not to tell you what to think, how to think, give you an answer or to create a spoiler for you ahead of time.

Okay, repeated clues typed in BOLD:  Has it been helpful to you, me putting my notes together in this fashion?   Has it made it easier to follow certain things, or given you a way to go back and find where a point of interest has popped up?  Are they really clues at all?  Have I been picking out the "right" clues? What the hell do I know?  I just note them all with the hopes of putting them in the proper place of the puzzle as we progress with the story.

Here are things we may need to question as a means to get to our answers…
Go back and look at ALL the clues in bold. See for yourself how many times a clue is repeated! Again I wonder am I on the right track? I don't fucking know! But it sure gives me some place to start. Some of those things must be part of the puzzle.

Here are only some of the bold clue words. What do we make of these?
…Numbers * Records * Code * Coded * Repeating *Reset * No I.D./identity Time * Space * World * Le Mer * Silver * Sea * Stars *Travel* Games * Play * War * Guns * Teams * 'A' and 'B'* Statues * virgin Mary * 4 Toed * No Shoes * Church * Comic book * 2 halves making one * DNA * Alien * Genome * Blood * Cancer * Transformer * Morphing * Hulked * Super Hero * Injections * Drugs * Alcohol * Food* Fruit * Apollo Bars *Crazy * Insane* Hallucinations * Visions * Dreams * Illusions *Delusions* Pneumatic Tubes and Injectors *Film * Video * Cameras *Projector * Photos * Books * Scripts* Manuscript * Written* Files * Pen * Fake * Staged* Costumes * Makeup * Beards * Role * Illusion * Trick* * Real * Not Real*Power * Money* Military * Ranking * Prison * Police * Security * Guard * Fu Dog * Vincent * The smoke monster* Signal* Binoculars *Bathroom * Mirror * Reflection * Bars * Airport *Counter *Ticket * Plane ticket * Lotto Ticket*Recruiters * Hatches *Stations*Chicken * Rabbits*Language *Communication * Translation * Greek * French * Asian * Music *Names * Roles * Jobs * Work * Memory * Remember * Forgot *Two

Things for possible future clues… Jars * Phone * Call * Parachute *Temple and many more.

These are some questions that cross my crazy mind…
* Did any of them arrive on the Black Rock? Is the Black Rock a real ship or just a prop? If some did arrive on the Black Rock, would they have gone by different names? Is there another ship/vessel on or associated with the "Island"?
* Are any survivors or Islanders older than we think? Maybe Sayid, maybe Locke? Who else?
* What is the importance of Rose?
* Were any of them recruited or “born” (created) into the whole “Island” experience?
* Can any of the survivors or Islanders transform, morph, and change their shape?
* Is there a possibility that the vaccine/medicine is really a hallucinogen?
* If the Lostie's are being kept in a "certain state" of manipulation, are there other ways of making the survivors hallucinate or go to sleep? Gas, medication, food, injections?
* Are they part of a huge game? War game? Experiment? Study? Project?
* Are certain families involved?
* Do people really die on the "Island" or are they just "removed" from the "Island" playing field?
* Are things written out, scripted? Kept in files or books?
* Are things backwards?
* Are things/people mirror images? Is there a 2 way mirror? (So to speak).
* Could there be holograms? Images being projected? Sounds being sent out over speakers?
* Does time run different on the “Island”?
* What is Santa Rosa, really? Where is it, really? Crazy, Insane, Mental Health seem to always be hinted to.
* Who is related to whom?
* Is Desmond really there for three years?
* Where did Charlie get the hood to kidnap Sun?
* Was there really a quarantine?
* Are there really Hostiles? If so who are these Hostiles? Are they people we are already aware of?
* Could the Blast Doors be protecting them from something else? Maybe the Smoke monster?!
* Is the smoke monster a shape changer?
* Who is really watching all of them? And from where?
* Is one of our Castaway's the "smoke monster"? {You know my thoughts on that}
* Reality and alternate reality?
* Two versions of things?
* Done twice? More than once.
* Could there be two or more of some of our Lostie's running around the "Island"?!

Some things to keep in mind:
* Eye-Island.
* Jack has a “universal” blood type.
* Ana Lucia is wearing different clothes in two important episodes.
* Names: Many characters have the same names. A few Castaway's go by different names.
* Something important being built on the island.
* Do we see the "same" actors show up in their Flashes because those really are "actors" portraying various manipulated scenarios?  {WOW! How's that for thinking outside the damn box?}
* Why do you see Dr Candle with an apparent fake arm? Then see him as Mark Wickman and he seems to have perfectly normal arms. Is this really the same man play acting different roles? Or is it two different people? Did he 'get' a new arm?
 * Are there really clues in the comic book? Maybe. The comic is about two halves of a being (In that case the old Flash and the new Flash, The old Green Lantern, the new Green Lantern) created to make one new greater Super Hero. There is also the part of the story that tells us about the alien that came to earth, got sick with cancer. They hid the alien away in a ship.
* Does our LOST story involve the manipulation of DNA, genetics or "coding" to "create" a new "super" or superior human? Could that be where our blood disorders or cancer comes into our story? It could be a possibility. Quarantine…
* Is there a "being" somewhere on the "Island" being hidden away? What about a "ship"? Is there an alien?
* Who are really biological "parents" to certain people?

Jobs/Roles: Examples
* Desmond was almost a doctor once, a priest once, in the military, and jumping ahead to season 3; he was involved in the theatre.
* Locke was a home inspector, worked in a discount store, worked in a box factory.
* We have a few Soldiers on the "Island", guards, police, security, a couple of doctors, teacher, rock star, etc.

Other notes of interest:
* What/Who are they protecting, really?
* What is the importance of Ontario Canada and Tallahassee? Could they be portals, recruitment stations? Great vacation spots?
* What if the Blast Door Map really isn't just a map?  What if it's a diagram for something else?
* Could the “Island” be a ship?   Underwater?
* Were they on this “Island” before?
* Who is building something important?
* Are all of them “special”?
* Are some of them genetically different from the rest?
* Danielle- How long is she really on the "Island"?  And who might her "traveling buddies" be?
* All their needs get met. Medicine, pregnancy tests, boar, food, books, glasses, etc.
* They are in a "snow globe" (of sorts).

Oh the fun I have looking up vocabulary words! I find that clues are always in the title of the episodes!
Two very important words I have not addressed yet are Hatch and Race.
Hatch- 1). Lid/entrance to boat/ship. 2). Contrive (a plot). 3). Bring or come forth from an egg. WOW! They all could fit this story.
Race- 1). Run at a set time over a regular course. 2). The course of time.
In Geology, 1). A strong or rapid current of water as in sea or river. 2). An artificial channel leading water to or from a place where energy is utilized.
In Anthropology, 1). A human population partially isolated reproductively from other populations whose members share a greater degree of physical and genetic similarity with one another than with other humans.
And in Zoology, a variety, subspecies. Again, many could fit into our story.

I still feel they were NOT in a real plane crash. I still think they were placed in those positions on the "Island".   Did Desmond screw up the arrival/timing of the plane?   Maybe that happened.  But no matter what, I feel they all were on their way to that “Island”.   They belong on the “Island”, they need to be there.

I've always felt that FLASHES are not in time/linear order and NOT all things we witness are real.   I do believe that someone we think we know something about will shock us when it is revealed who they really are!

I feel that someone who holds the key too much of this story is Hurley. Yes Hurley. This is not to say every one of our Castaway's is not key to the whole of the story. Locke is pretty damn important and so is Doctor Jack!

There are things that I note with Hurley, Libby and Desmond that are different from the rest of them, although I have a strong feeling with Locke that I'm going to keep to myself for now.

With LOST I feel that the writers try very hard to blur the lines of what's real and what is not real for/with the Castaways.   They have crossed that 'Blur' line over into our reality!
I'll explain.
The show introduced us to a manuscript called Bad Twin; then the book in "our reality" is published. The show introduces us to Apollo Bars; in "our reality" Apollo bars are given out all over the place and LOST references showing up on TV shows on other networks. The LOST Experience; ARG… In the real world we went on a hunt for clues and pieced together a video with more clues and some answers. Plus, leaking of video clues at LOST events, etc. Rachel Blake shows up at an event. Jigsaw puzzles to put together. Coincidence? Come on! Does the writer’s manipulation stop there? No!  Look around! There's more! Much more!

We're told to ignore "prop" errors, yet, we're also told that everything we "see" is there for a reason! So, MRI's, different versions of lotto tickets, different outfits, "dates" on or missing from official papers, eye color, misspelled words on posters, etc. are fair game for either argument.

I always feel compelled to tell you all that I could be wrong about everything. I know, even my dear friends have a giggle about me always saying that! LOL! (You know who you are, And I LOVE YOU GUYS!!) Don't take all that I write and share here too seriously. This is not a message board or a thread on a major LOST site. This blog has been my way of sharing ALL the notes I have taken over the past three years; a way to track things, clues and anything of importance. OMG, you have no idea how many notes, stuff, and glorious shit I have with my research. I really must be friggin nuts!

So Lostketeers, share your thoughts with me. It will take all of us together to solve this TREMENDOUS MOVING PUZZLE. And yes, I always give you additional clues in each LOST blog/post, with the music, books, video and pictures in the section below.

I hope you guys continue to have fun with all of this LOST craziness!

You guys are awesome, I love ya!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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