April 27, 2009

The ODI Lostcast "Traverse" the LOST world and Star Wars.

Hi Losties,

Thank you all for being so patient for the podcast this week. With the show on break we were able to work all of our schedules out to have our good friend
DarkUFO join us to chat about Some Like it Hoth. Also joining us is Darkufo's LOST recapper Vozzzek69. YAY!

All four of us are big
Star Wars geeks, so we had a great time chatting about this episode in particular.

We cover all of the key scenes, with Hurley and Miles' interaction, learning about Miles' ability, Pierre Chang being Miles' dad, and so much more!!

The podcast was a BLAST!
Keep in mind the four of us are in four different parts of the world with three different time zones, and we're not in the same room. Basically we were
on the same "plane" but we weren't together. lol!

The podcast is available on iTunes, but if you can not access it there below is an audio player with a download link.

Hope you all enjoy!!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

NOTE: This is indeed Part 1, but Part 2 is the Preview for Episode 5x14 and spoilers that will be posted in a few days once we have some more spoilers squared away.

ODI LOSTcast 41 Part 1 - Episode 5x13 Recap

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