April 1, 2009

Greatest Hits.

Let's talk about LOST! Greatest Hits.

Karl runs through the jungle, takes the out rigger and rows away very fast.

The Castaways are on their hike.
Charlie asks if anyone wants to venture a guess as to what Jack's gonna be showing them.
Hurley-"Probably secret stuff.”
Charlie questions all the secrets and suggests some openness for a change.
Hurley-"We kept the parachute lady a secret."
Desmond seems to be in thought; remembering. Charlie and Hurley continue their talk about it being different keeping the parachute lady a secret. Charlie asks Desmond if he had one of his Flashes again. Desmond says he didn't.

Jack- "We're here."
The group gathers around to see what this is all about. Jack tells the group; a couple of nights ago Juliet came to him and told him everything, "That Ben had sent her here to find out which of our women are pregnant."
Kate- "So, what? You guys were doing tests on us?"
Juliet- "No. But that's what he wanted me to do. I've been leaving tapes at the medical station. You all heard what he said. They're coming tomorrow. Sun. I'm sorry that I lied to you."
Sayid, with a bullet scar on left shoulder, appreciates Jack's honesty, but he wants to know why they are all the way out "here".
Jack calls out for Danielle and tells her to "Show em."
Danielle blows up a tree. Jack makes a speech about knowing when the Others are coming and where would they hide this time. But hiding is pointless. They're just gonna keep coming back. So he went out and found some help, "And for the past few days, she's been bringing dynamite back from the Black Rock. For the very first time we know exactly what they want, when they're coming to get it. And they have no idea that we're gonna be waiting for them. So, Juliet's gonna mark the tents with the white rocks, just like she was told to. But there's not gonna be any pregnant women inside. There's gonna be plenty of what we used on that tree. So tomorrow night, we stop hiding, we stop running, we stop living in fear of them, 'Cause when they show up, we’re gonna blow them all to hell.

A young guy plays with the radio station in a van. {23} This is Drive Shaft. The other guy is sleeping in the front seat. It's raining.
Charlie is changing a tire while Liam stands by. {Plate YRE2OL} The guys are dressed in black. Charlie is frustrated. He asks Liam, "Why are we even doing this?"
Liam proudly says their headlining.Charlie doesn't consider the gig in Clitheroe, "The ass end of nowhere" as headlining. Liam is confident they're building their fan base.
Frustrated Charlie quits the band. "There's nothing to give up on. We're broke. The album's not selling. We're a bloody joke."
Just then "You all everybody" comes on the radio." {WOW! Perfect timing!} The band mate in the van tells them to listen. {Note. Charlie's cross pin. He's wearing regular converse sneakers. The broken mirror. Sign 15.} The song on the radio even wakes up the sleeping dude. The boys are happy! Liam picks up Charlie, spins him around "I told you baby brother. We're gonna be bloody rock stars!"

Charlie leans on the bamboo table as he writes his list on a torn out sheet of lined white Black and white composition notebook paper.


Naomi comes over and asks Charlie, "Who are you people about to go to war with?" {That would be you. Naomi has new dark clothes.} Charlie tells her that's a long story.
Naomi- "You having a laugh?"
Charlie-"No, of course not. Never disrespect a fellow Mancunian."
Naomi- "You're from Manchester, then?"
Charlie tells her he is and his band got their start there In the Night and Day Bar on Oldham Street."
He informs her "We were called Drive Shaft." {Eyes!}
Naomi- "Yeah, Yeah, I know you."
Charlie says they had their moment in the sun.
Naomi- "No not that. The crash. You're the dead rock star. They made a big deal out of you when they found the plane. Huge memorial service, new album."
Charlie wonders, "A new album?"
She says yeah, it was everywhere; A greatest hits thing.
And then there's Desmond, lurking; getting Charlie's attention. Naomi tells Charlie to look on the bright side; he's not really dead, right?!

Desmond is still drawing Charlie's attention.

Jack is unwrapping dynamite with Juliet. They are building a lovely dynamite pyramid. Danielle tells them they need more wire so they can trigger them from a safe distance. Jack can get some people to start stripping the plane wreckage. That's good because they can finish rigging in the next 24 hours to be ready for tomorrow night. Sayid wants to talk to Jack about Naomi's phone.
Jack-"Not now" as Jack is too busy.
Sayid- "And I'm trying to get us off this Island!"
Sayid explains he can't transmit using the phone because Danielle's distress signal is overriding the frequency, "If you tell me where the radio tower is, I can go there switch off your message, and call for help."
Danielle tells him her signal has been playing for the last 16 years; no one's heard it, what makes him think he'd have better luck? {Duh? He has a phone!}
He tells her, “Naomi’s boat is only 80 miles off shore, I know if we eliminate Danielle's signal they'll hear us." Juliet interjects "No they won't….We're jamming it. Ben is using one of the Dharma Stations to block all of the signals off of the island except for ours." {Pick and choose} "They call it the looking glass." {Does Sayid remember?!} It's underwater; she has no idea where it is.
Sayid-"I believe I do."

Charlie tenderly looks at Aaron.
Claire comments that "Jack thinks it's best, but what if they're coming for him again."
Charlie is going to protect her and Aaron; he promises everything is gonna be fine. Of course, sexy Desy needs a hand with something, and of course, Charlie trusts Desmond so he will help.
Charlie-"So, are you ready to tell me what you saw this morning."
Desmond- “Aye." {I'm telling you Des is a pirate! lol}
Charlie asks how it happens this time. {As opposed to other times.} Des shares he saw Claire and her baby get into a helicopter. A helicopter that lifts off and leaves this island.
Charlie- "You sure?"
Desmond- "Aye." {How do we know he's not just saying that?}
Charlie confirms, "Rescue helicopter. On this beach, this island. That's what you saw?"
Charlie's excited because he thinks they're getting "Bloody rescued. I thought you were gonna tell me I was gonna die again."
Desmond- "You are, Charlie. If you don't, none of it will happen. There won't be any rescue. I'm sorry Brotha. But this time, this time, you have to die."
A father is prompting his son into the pool. This is young Charlie and his father. {Note the vibrant colors.} Dad wants him to jump in, "I'm gonna catch ya boy."
Charlie-"No. You're just going to back away."
Dad promises to catch him. Young Liam says he won't. Dad tells Liam to zip it!   Dad tells him there's nothing to be afraid of he'll catch him
{I HEARD A BOY SAY "DESMOND COME ON!" In the background! Go listen!}
Charlie jumps in. He is caught and swimming with Dad.

Desmond asks Charlie what he's writing.
Charlie-"Nothing." {Thank the Island gods for Sharpies!}
Charlie wants to know more. Well, now since Desmond has gained Charlie's trust in the "Death Department", Charlie is eager to hear what the “All seeing, All knowing” Desmond has to say.
Desmond narrates the scenario, "You're inside a hatch, a room full of equipment. There's a blinking yellow light, above a switch, you flip the switch. Light goes off and then you drown."
Charlie asks when.
Desmond- "I don't know."
Charlie- "You sure you saw Claire and Aaron get on that helicopter?"
Desmond- "Aye."
Charlie confirms, before he drowns he just has to flip the switch and asks "Where is it then?"
Desmond smiles. {Yeah, he's happy.}

We're shown prints/schematics to THE LOOKING GLASS HATCH. {It's actually called a hatch!} Sayid tells Jack and Juliet it's an underwater Dharma Station. Sayid asks Juliet for any info on this place. Juliet shares she's never been down there and that there was an ‘accident’.
Ben told them that the station was completely flooded.
Jack wonders "If it's flooded, how does it still work?"
Sayid- "How it still works is irrelevant. {HA!} The question is how do we get it to stop working so we can use the satellite phone?"
Sayid shows them that the Looking Glass is connected to the island by a cable {Anchored/tethered to the Island.} Sayid is sure this is the cable that he saw on the beach. If they follow it, it will lead them to the Looking Glass. They have to swim in; there's a moon pool, a room with no floor, big enough for a submarine to dock. Sayid feels even if the room is flooded he can swim in and disable it.   Jack asks about swimming back out.
Sayid smiles understanding that you can't.   Jack will not send him on a suicide mission.

Desmond leads Charlie right into that conversation. Sayid says someone has to do it or they'll never leave this Island. Doomed Charlie volunteers.
Charlie was junior swim champion in Northern England; he can hold his breath for four minutes. He knows exactly what Jack is talking about. Jack doesn't want to discuss this now; he wants to focus on the Others and then he'll deal with "this".
Sayid tries to reason with him.
Jack- "Look. For 90 days I've been asked to make decisions for this entire camp. There you go, I just made one."

We get a shot of some wires on a piece of wreckage being carried by two Castaways.
Bernard is giving Rose knot tying lessons.
Bernie-"Rose, that's a sailors hitch, it's not gonna hold. You wanna do a sheet bend like mine."
Now he's a knot expert. He wants her to trust him.
Rose proves his knot doesn't hold either and her knot does. Bernie wants to know how she did that!
Rose tells him to "Watch and learn, dear."

Jin asks Sun when she's going to tell him what Juliet was talking about as he heard their name on the tape. Sun shares with him she saw the baby; Juliet did an ultrasound in the medical station.
Jin- "How is it?"
Sun tells him, very healthy. They are happy.

As Hurley is digging he sees Karl row the boat ashore and yells out to everyone.  They all run toward Karl. Sayid tackles him assuming he's an interloping Other but Sawyer tries to tell him it's okay.
Sayid-"What? He's one of them!"
Sawyer knows, but it's still okay. He explains he was in the cage next to him, "I know this guy."
Karl is there to warn him that his people are coming. Sawyer tells him he's sorry he came all this way for nothing, they already knew that. Karl wonders, then what their still doing there. Sawyer goes on to say that when they show up tomorrow night, they'll be ready.
Karl informs them they're coming tonight, "They're coming right now!"

Six hours ago:
Blue eyed Alex is cutting up a bunny. Ben walks past her and she asks "Hey, when did you get back?"
Ben- "Just now."
She wonders where Locke is.
Ben is annoyed, "Here's your gun back."
She takes it with her bloody hand. Richard comes over and asks Ben what's going on.
Ben wants Ryan, "It's time to get them."
Richard quietly says, "You said tomorrow."
Ben tells him "Jacob wants it to happen now." {Lie}
Richard-"Look, what happened out there? Did John see?…."
Ben tells him John had an accident. {Lie}
Ben calls out to Ryan, who's playing chess and tells him to leave right now. Ryan will gather up his 10 best, they can hit them by night fall.
Richard is concerned that moving up the schedule isn't good as Juliet may not be ready.
Ben-"Then we'll take all their women. And we'll sort out the ones we need later." If any of the men are stupid enough to get in the way, Ben tells Ryan to "Kill them."

Alex hears all of this and goes running through the jungle. She runs to where Karl is living in the Banyan trees {Fire and all.}
Karl is happy to see her, "I thought you were bringing rabbit?"
Alex tells him he has to go warn the beach camp, "Pryce is coming to take them. And not just the pregnant ones, either. She tells him to take the outrigger so he can get there a few hours before them, "He's gonna kill them, Karl! Austen and Ford saved your life. You owe them." {Eyes!} She gives him the gun with her clean hands. Karl is concerned that if her father catches him this time he'll kill him.
Alex-"Is he my father?" {No}
She kisses Karl and tells him to go.

Karl runs through the jungle, uncovers the camouflaged outrigger and rows away, FAST!

Jack questioned Karl in front of everyone. Jack asks Kate if she trusts him but she doesn't know.
Karl-"You don't trust me? What about her? {points at Juliet} She's a spy. She's supposed to mark the tents of the pregnant women with white rock so they can take them." {White rock again.}
Juliet tells them the camp already knows that. The camp starts asking "What do they do now? Hide?
Bernard- "Hide where? It's their island. If they want to kill us, they'll find us."
Jack is thinking; says the sun's gonna go down in a few hours. He asks Danielle if they have enough wire.
Danielle- "Not even close."
Jack tells Sayid they need to figure out another way to set the dynamite off. Sayid suggests they shoot the tents. They can camouflage the dynamite next to the tents and target from their positions at the tree line.
Jack- "Juliet marked three tents. That means we need three guns."
Karl offers his.
Danielle offers to be Jack's third. {Important.} Jack says he'll take her gun, but she's not staying here, "You're gonna lead everyone to the radio tower."   He goes on to explain if this doesn't work, they can't risk the chance of not contacting Naomi's boat, "So everything has to happen at the same time Charlie, you still up for a swim?"
Yes he is; and Desmond will go with him.
In a fancy room Charlie is in bed with two chicks. {Note the fuzzy bear blanket. Sleigh bed.}
Liam- "Ho ho ho. It's here baby brother! Christmas is here."
Charlie wakes up.
Liam- "Oi. Are these the birds from row two?" {Liam's shirt has dragonfly/bug.} We learn Charlie has spent another year as the only drug free rock-star in the world. Charlie keeps looking back to the bed! Liam shares a little know fact with him, "Father Christmas lives just down the street from here."

Charlie questions that Father Christmas lives in Helsinki?
Liam-"Indeed he does. In case you haven't noticed baby brother, Finland is the bloody North Pole." {Charlie imbibes.}
Liam wants to give him a special gift; the DS ring is on Liam's pinky. No wedding ring on left hand and a dragon ring. Charlie doesn't want to take it because Mum gave it to Liam.
Liam's the first born; it's been passed down through the generations. Heirloom. We learn the band was named after their grandfather Dexter Stratton. Liam admits to being a mess but Charlie is different. Liam tells Charlie he'll be a family man; Liam will be lucky if he hits 30. The ring has to stay in the family. Liam also tells him Mum would have wanted it this way;pass it on to your little one someday. He needs to know it's safe.{Mum is dead? Little one? LITTLETON!!!!!!! WooooHooo!}
Charlie will hold on to it, but he won't take it. He puts it on his right hand. Middle finger. It fits! {Friggin Cinderella! Other rings red ruby, tiger eye? Orange nails}


Charlie asks Claire if she needs help packing. She questions him about doing this. He didn't want her to worry. It's dangerous, swimming into some underwater station. He tells her it needs to be done so they all can be rescued. He tells her he'll be fine, "You gotta me something. While I'm gone, don't worry about me."
She says okay; Aaron cries.
Charlie takes the baby and puts turnip head in the cradle, "You take care of your mum, while I'm away,okay. I love you."
He turns to Claire, "See you soon."
She tells him to be careful. They kiss and he walks away.
Charlie is playing guitar at a {Wonderwall} news stand in front of Covent Underground Garden. {Skeleton shirt on. Black thingy around his neck. No DS ring! Guitar stickers, $ Cross ring.} It rains so he packs up.

He walks by an alley and hears a woman yell for help. He comes to her rescue. This is Sayid's girl,Nadia. Charlie-"Oi!"
He hits the attacker with this guitar case and the thug runs off.

Charlie-"Pardon me while I have a heart attack. The last time I was in a fight I was eight years old. And I lost."
She calls him a hero. Charlie feels he just did what anyone would do. She tells him three people walked by the alley {If I'm getting attacked, I'm not gonna notice how many people walk by.} "You are a hero sir. And don't let anyone ever tell you differently."


Charlie and Desmond are at the outrigger preparing for the dive. Desmond makes him a weight belt to help him submerge.
Charlie-"So I just take it off when I hit bottom, swim up through the moon pool into the station, swim into whichever room has the yellow blinking switch, flip it. Nothing to it."
Desmond asks him how long he can really hold his breath for.
Charlie- "Does it matter?"

Dharma cans are getting shot at; this is target practice for Bernard. He has proved to Sayid he can shoot.
Rose-"Bernard, this is not pheasant hunting in
County." {Anthony Cooper bird hunts too!}
Bernie assures her he knows what he's doing. Nothing's gonna happen to him; he just has to shoot a tent, "And I'll be right behind you."
Rose wants to stay with Bernie. Jack interjects, she is not. Everyone is gathering at the South end of the beach. No one stays behind but the shooters.
Rose- "You wanna give me your word that nothing's gonna happen to my husband? Then I'll go."
Jack- "I'll give you my word that if we don't kill everyone who shows up here in about an hour, it's not gonna matter where Bernard is."
Rose- "I like you better since you got back Jack. You're almost an optimist."
Rose tells Bernard if he's hiding in the bushes and that he needs to get into something dark. Jack tells Sayid they better get going. Rousseau says it about a day's walk up to the radio tower.

Sayid- "I'm not taking them to the tower, you are."
Sayid will execute the mission.
Jack- "I owe them!"
Sayid- "What are you more concerned with? Killing the Others or getting our people off this island? This afternoon you said you were our leader. It's time for you to act like one.  Lead them to the radio tower, Jack. And then take us all home."

Hurley yells out to Desmond and Charlie to "wait!" He heard what they were doing and he wants to go with them. Everyone is going to the
radio tower,
"I'm sick of trekking and you know, explosions." He thinks he can help the guys out. "I'm a really good paddler."
Charlie makes up an excuse why Hurley can't go, "You're to big. You won't fit in the boat."
Hurley's hurt and starts to walk away.
Charlie runs up to him and hugs him, "Catch up with you later.
Just remember I love you, man."
Hurley- "Yeah, whatever man. I love you too." {I'm crying right now!}

Jack makes sure everyone has water.
Kate- "So here we go again, huh?" {Really. Again.}
Jack- "Here we go again." {Really}
Juliet tells him the tents are all marked,"We're set."
Sayid found a third shooter; Jin.

Hurley walks Vincent on a leash and heads over to help out Claire and Aaron. She tells Aaron they're going for a little walk. The DS ring is left behind in the cradle.

Desmond pulls up the buried cable from the sand. They launch the outrigger. We get a beautiful shot from under the water looking up.
Desmond and Charlie pull on the cable as a guide to where they need to position themselves.


It's a beautiful night sky with shining stars. This is the night of flight 815's arrival on the island. Charlie in his black hoodie, hood on, sees pregnant Claire.   He removes his hood and offers her a blue blanket; she already has one. She's warming for two so he tells her to take his blanket. This is cute.
He sits next to her and asks, "So, first plane crash?"
Claire- "What gave it away?"
Charlie can always spot the newbies. {Not his first plane crash? Hmmmm}
He tells her they will be okay, "We're alive. We're on a beautiful island, we'll sleep under the stars and before you know it the helicopters will come and take us all home." {Sounds like he's done this before!!} Claire asks if he really thinks they'll find them.
Charlie- "Yeah, why wouldn't they?"
He makes her feel better. They introduce each other.


Charlie finishes his list.
Desmond sees the Looking Glass below, "We're here."
Charlie wants Des to give the list to Claire, "It's the five best moments of my sorry excuse for a life. My greatest hits. {He's tearing up} You know, memories are all I've got."
Desmond tells him he doesn't have to do this so Des offers to go.Charlie says no, because of the flashes.
Desmond-"Maybe I keep seeing you die because, I'm supposed to take your place."
Charlie-"What about your girl? Penny."
Desmond-"What about your girl? Besides, I might be luckier than you."
Des hands him back the list,"Keep your memories to yourself. I'll take it from here."
He takes off his shoes, the weight belt is behind Desmond and as he turns to get it Charlie knocks him out. Charlie puts the list in Des' shirt pocket.
Charlie says to unconscious Des, "You and I both know, you're not supposed to take my place, brotha."
Charlie dives in with the weight belt in hand and loses one of his vans sneakers on the way down. {Dharma Logo w/rabbit.} He finds the opening, gets in and takes a breath. It is not flooded! He laughs as he climbs out of the water, "I'm alive. I'M ALIVE!"

A door opens and two chicks come out, guns drawn. {1 light hair, 1 dark hair.}

Greatest Hits is a GREAT episode!!

Things to note…Questions to ask…
* EYES. They take turns with the eye color changes! Even Ben.
* We know Charlie doesn’t swim. But now we find that he was actually taught to swim and was very good at it. Two different versions of the same person's life. Why? Is this a different Charlie? A different time on the Island?
* Drive Shaft was a "1 Hit Wonder" so how can they make a greatest hits album?
* North.  Their moral compass needs to point North.
* Clues to Underground. Tube. Underwater, Water!
* Camouflage. Hidden. Under.
* Band is a circle.
* Rabbit {down the rabbit hole}
* Is the whole '"Island" an underwater habitat?
* Okay, Okay!!! The Freezing cold, North, HO HO HO, CHILL is all over the place! How does it fit in? Is it about the listening station? Is this island really in freezing waters in the Arctic or something? Is the island a tropical habitat because they made it that way?
* "Moon Pool". Submarine Port. Underwater habitat.
* Charlie considers Claire and Aaron his family.
* Didn't Charlie and Liam both have a DS ring?   I think back a while ago.
* We have seen Charlie in the past wear dark shoes on the "Island". Charlie's shoes here are the black and white "vans" again.  Black Rock-White Rock
* Does Charlie come from a wealthy family?
* Charlie's room in Finland appears to have winter scene pictures instead of the tropical island themed ones we see in other people's flashes.
* Charlie quits the band and conveniently their song comes on the radio. Coincidence? No!
* Where's the power to the "Island" coming from?
* Does Desmond know the flipping of a switch is the key to get to Penny; he's just too coward to do it himself.
* The Looking Glass Prints/schematics say HATCH.  Proof of them "knowing" these things are called hatches. It's written out/scripted.
* I'm NOT digging how Charlie holds the permanent marker. LOL
* Album. Record. Data.
* Sayid is willing to sacrifice himself to help his friends.
* The ladies know how to tie sailors/nautical knots. How come?
* Who is Alex's father, really? Christian perhaps?
* How/Why is it that Ben seems in control of Jacob. Is Ben hiding Jacob for a reason, keeping him prisoner?
* Does the DS ring contain a wire/bug, or tracking device? Or is it just a symbolic heirloom? A trigger.
* Not dead! ALIVE!
* People ARE being lied to!
* There are tests/challenges and experiments going on here. Game.
* Prints/schematics.
* Wires. Wired. 
* Did Charlie and Liam switch places?
* Did Desmond and Charlie switch places?
* How many times has Charlie been to the "Island"? Will he be back? Sure. Charlie will see Hurley/Them again.
* Here we learn Charlie has spent another year as the only drug free rock-star in the world.

I know you're all gonna be mad at me for this…Just let me get it off my chest.  I love sexy Des, but I think he is helping himself.  I still think Desmond was using Charlie to get to Penny.  He tells Charlie if he doesn't die this time none of it (rescue) will happen.  Bullshit!  He's said that before!  Why would Charlie have to die so bad?  Is it his time to be removed from the Chess board?
Again, we see bullshit in Desmond's Flashes.  He tells Charlie after he flips the switch then he drowns. How can Desmond's Flashes be worth anything; when are his Flashes right?  How do we know he didn't use Claire and Aaron being rescued as a con to get Charlie to do it!?   We never saw that Flash!
Desmond doesn't seem like he knew Mikhail was going to set off the grenade.  As a matter of fact after the task is done they're going to scuba back up.   Desmond is happy Charlie completes the task with no one dying.  When Mikhail blows the place and the water is coming in there was time to save Charlie and Desmond tries to save him!   But unfortunately Charlie fell for Desmond's con and sees the drowning through.
Mikhail may have been the added snag to the whole underwater mission.
So, I note again, Desmond is unable in a "Pro-or–Con" fashion to change anything related to his "Flashes" to this point.  Poor conned Charlie was willing to do whatever it took, all because Desmond said he HAD to die to save Claire and Aaron. That is heartbreaking to me.

Vocabulary and Research...
Album is a collection of related items in a book or recording. The term comes from the latin albus, meaning white, as a blank plate on which things are in scripted. Early record "albums" were in book form, resembling photograph albums.
Butlin's Holiday Camps, founded by (later Sir) Billy Butlin to provide economical holidays in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Between 1936 and 1966, 9 camps were built. 3resorts remain in use by the Butlins company today in Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness. Butlins are noted for their famous "Red coats" who provide entertainment and organization at every level.
THE MOON POOL, is a fantasy novel by Abraham Merritt . Dr. Walter T. Goodwin is sailing on the Southern Queen back to New York, after a botanical expedition to the d'Entrecasteaux Islands. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ WHAT THIS BOOK IS ABOUT. IT’S VERY INTERESTING!
-A moon pool. Very deep moon pools are used in underwater habitats
— is a feature of marine drilling platforms and drill ships, some marine research and underwater exploration or research vessels.. It provides shelter and protection so that even if the ship is in high seas or surrounded by ice, researchers have the opportunity to work in shirt-sleeved comfort compared to being on a deck exposed to the elements. A moon pool also allows divers or small submersible craft to enter or leave the water easily in a more protected environment.
Wire- A telecommunication wire or cable. An electric telegraph; a telegram. A hidden listening device on the person of an undercover operative for the purposes of obtaining incriminating spoken evidence.
- Wired- a slang term for people who are tense, edgy, or even high on drugs.
- A deadline or critical endpoint… A finish line of a racetrack.
- A piece of material; a thread or slender rod of metal, a cable
- A metal conductor that carries electricity.
♦  Zip- The high-pitched sound of a small object moving rapidly through air.
-Energy; vigor; vim.
- A zip fastener.
-  slang for zero.
- Zip file in computing.

Greatest Hits...Is this episode just about Charlie's greatest moments in his life?   Which life?   Or is this episode really about people and things being switched around?  Hmmm.
Maybe it's a compilation of all the times Charlie's been back and forth to the "Island".
Either way, there seems to be a guarding of the "Island".    The responsibility must get handed down through each generation.   Each new trustee has a turn to watch the "Island".    This may continue on with Aaron and whatever children are born to this generation.
The game continues.
Karen's moral of this episode…I Love Desmond dearly, but…never trust a fucking Pirate!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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  1. When I first saw this episode I wondered if the ring would play an important role in the series because it meant to much to the Pace lineage that somehow it would link his family to the island. This episode let Charlie shine but unfortunately it was the acceptance of his death that made the end of this season so tragic, especially with so much bad coming from people leaving the island.


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