September 8, 2009

Born to Run

Let's talk about LOST! Born to Run.

A shot of a corn field area.

{Click the pics!}
A convertible car, driven by a blond/light woman, pulls into a motel parking lot. {Backpack in back seat.}
The woman reveals her stash of different state license plates that are hidden under the false floor of the trunk. She changes the Nebraska plate to an Ohio plate on her car.

As a family checks out of their no smoking room, 121, leaving the door open of course, the blond commandeers the room; but not before stealing towels and shampoo. {Note: The family leaves in a red van and the maid walks by the vacated room to open the door to another room. Also note when Kate enters the room she turns the door hanging sign from one side to the opposite side.} She changes her hair color to brown/dark.
This is “Kate”.

Kate interrupts the motel counter clerk from {looks like he’s playing a video game, I think}.

She’s expecting a letter, “Hold for guest arrival.”
Her alias is Joan Hart.  {Heart}
His filing system is in a very interesting shoe box. He gives her the letter.

 She sits in the car {Top closed} reads the letter and cries.
 We get a shot panning up toward the clouds…

{Flash Whoosh}
…A toy plane.
Kate is flying the toy plane in her hands {even tilts it nose down.}.
He blurts that out as he walks up to Kate strumming his guitar.
Charlie-“As in platinum record. As in a million units sold. Now, Drive Shaft's albums must have spiked when everybody found out that I died in some catastrophic plane disaster. When I come back, alive, it's going to be insane.”
He is SO happy! Kate asks if he thinks the raft will work.
Charlie-“Yeah, of course it will work. Look at that thing. It's not a raft. They built a sodding boat. And when they get picked up… the helicopters will come… making us ridiculously and eternally famous. What's the matter, don't you want to be famous?”
Kate looks over to see commotion by the raft and asks Charlie what he thinks is going on over there.

Arzt- “Sure, you can absolutely wait a few weeks before you launch. I was just assuming you didn't want to die.”

Michael- “So, when is the next time we can launch?”
Arzt tells him maybe four months.
Sawyer- “C’mon, even a weather man on TV don't know what's going to happen. Why are we listening to Arzt?”
Arzt reveals proudly it's because he’s a doctor and Sawyer’s a hillbilly.

Sawyer corrects him, “You're a damn high school science teacher.”
Jack wants to hear what Arzt has to say.
Arzt educates while Jin pulls on a wire. ”It's been raining every afternoon. That means that we are on the cusp on monsoon season. Monsoon season is bad. Now, the trade winds are blowing north right now… shipping lanes are north… so north is exactly where you want to be.”
He continues, “It means that when monsoon season hits the trade winds are going to shift to the south. The raft goes with the wind. Can anyone tell me what is the only piece of land that is south of us?”
The good student Jack {with key around his neck} answers- “Antarctica.”
Arzt-“That's right, Jack. Antarctica.”
Michael- “So, when do we have to leave?”
Arzt tells him, “Yesterday.”
Kate looks concerned.

Kate catches up to Michael and asks, “So obviously you believe him?”
Michael doesn’t know, but isn’t taking any chances. Kate inquires about his preparedness.
Michael-“Kate, no offense, but I've got work to do. Why the sudden interest?”
Kate-“Because I'm going with you.”
Michael tells her the raft’s full, “We need four, we got four.”
This includes Sawyer; they needed the stuff he had so he bought his way on. Kate feels that should only count for the first raft that burned. Michael isn’t going to get into semantics with her…
Kate informs him Sawyer doesn’t even know how to sail but she does. She spent two summers crewing J boats. Michael doesn’t budge and feels a deals a deal. So Kate plays the “Walt” card claiming him going-“It’s dangerous”.
Pissed off Michael decides what’s best for his boy, “And right now what’s best for him is to get the hell off this island. The raft’s full.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Kate walks down the hallway of a hospital with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. There is an announcement for the Hospital chaplain to report the Neuro ICU. This scene is bathed in purple.
Kate tells the nurse behind the glass, “I have a delivery for Diane Jansen.”
Nurse-“Right, she just came up from ICU. She's in room two zero eight. It's around the corner to your right.”
Kate sees an officer sitting, reading a newspaper guarding a room. She uses the flowers to hide her face as she walks by him.

A doctor gets in to his car on parking level 3.
Kate shocks him as she’s been hiding in his back seat.
Tom- “Oh, Katie. What are you doing here?”
Kate shares Diane’s dying of cancer and she owed it to her to go and see her. Tom heard about Diane’s situation. Kate is hiding in the back of his car because she needs his help.
{Flash Whoosh}
Jin is busy working with a wire for the raft’s sail. Sun communicates with one cuff Jin in Korean.
Sun-“Are you going? Please Jin, talk to me.”
Jin says yes and Sun walks away.

Jack asks “How much further?”
Jack and Sayid are walking in the jungle. Sayid tells him they’re almost there. Sayid hadn’t told Jack where they’re going because he feels it's better for Jack to see it for himself but Jack isn’t so sure it is. If Sayid doesn’t tell him why he brought him out there he’s going to turn around.
Locke appears! “He brought you out here because I asked him to. I asked him not to tell you. I wanted you to have an open mind.”
Jack wonders, “Open mind about what?”
Locke motions for Jack to follow him.
Locke shows him…the hatch.
Jack- “My god, what is this thing?”
Locke-“Exactly. I guess it's time we talked about this.”

Michael is dragging a large piece of metal past Sawyer.
Sawyer is drinking water and calls to him. ”Yo, chief. Dumb question here…we're sailing out in the ocean, right?”
Michael-“Do you mind?”
Sawyer wonders why Sulu is packing a suitcase full of salted fish when they should be about to catch fish.
Michael asks him if he knows anything about surviving at sea, I.e., sailing, navigating, steering a raft.
Sawyer-“Do you?
Michael feels it doesn't matter what he knows, “I built it. Maybe you are the wrong guy to go on the raft.”
Sawyer-“You're going to vote me off, Mickey? And who the hell's going to take my place?”

Kate is burning a passport.
Pissed off Sawyer asks Kate what the hell does she think she’s doing.
Sawyer- "Don't give me the aw-golly eyes. Michael just told me you were jockeying for my spot on the raft.”
Cocky Kate says she was just asking some questions and Michael must have misunderstood her.
Sawyer grabs her by the arm because he is on to her and knows what she’s doing. “Yeah, just like I know why you wanted that Halliburton case so bad, the one that belonged to that U.S. Marshal who was flying with us. You were his prisoner.”
Kate-“Let go of me.”
Sawyer-“The only chance of running is getting on that raft, ain't it? We get picked up by a ship and they come back to rescue the rest of you all…there's going to be a nice big asterisk next to your name. Don't worry puddin', your secrets' safe with me. But just so you know… no way in hell you're getting my spot on that raft.”
Kate- “Hey Sawyer. I want your spot; I'll get your spot.” She swaggers away.

Michael and Jin work on the raft. Michael wants Walt to give him the water.
Walt asks him what he and Sawyer were arguing about. {Watch Michael's body language and listen to his words, carefully.}
Michael-“I told him something he didn't want to hear.”
He tells Walt Sawyer wants on the raft badly because he knows it's going to work.
Walt-“When we get rescued we're going to come back for everybody else, right?”
Michael- “Yeah, sure, of course. The thing is…this island, uh, is, uh… finding it again might be hard.”
Walt-“Can't we fly around and look for it?”
Michael-“Absolutely, but there's no guarantees. That's why you and me...”
Michael feels sick, wobbles, fluffs it off and then doubles over in pain. He tells Walt to get Jack. {Jin, who is near them, doesn’t immediately jump down to help.}
Walt runs through the jungle and comes upon Kate and Sun. He tells the girls he needs help with his dad; his stomach is really bad. Kate will get Jack and Sun will take Walt back to Michael. Sun puts her water bottle down on the ground {in the middle of the friggin jungle} and runs off with Walt.

Kate runs through the jungle calling out for Jack; looking for him.

At the hatch Jack asks Locke how long has he known about this.  Locke, who is playing with a stick, reveals three weeks, give or take. {Jack is on the hatch and Locke and Sayid are on the ground outside of the dug up hatch.}
Jack- “Three weeks. You've been out here for three weeks digging this thing up and you never told me about it?” {He kind of knew about a hatch from Boone.}
Locke-“All due respect, Jack, but since when do I report to you?”
Jack-“All due respect, John, but you lied.”
Locke asks Jack how long did he have that case full of guns before he decided the rest of them needed to know, “You used your best discretion. I used mine.”
Jack wonders how they open it.
Sayid is shocked, “What? You want to open it?”
He feels they should bury it, “I brought you here to talk him out of this insanity. Anything could be inside.”
Jack-“Best case scenario there's supplies. Worse case, we use it as a shelter.”
Sayid-“Actually, Jack, I can think of much worse cases than that. You notice anything about this hatch? There's no handle. Could the reason for that be more obvious? Maybe it was never meant to be opened from the outside.”
Locke, Jack and Sayid walk back to camp; hear Kate calling for to Jack. Kate tells Jack it’s Michael; somethings' wrong.
Jack asks Michael, who has great stomach pain, what he had to eat and drink today. Michael had fruit, fish and 2-3 bottles of water. The water comes from the caves just like everybody else’s. Michael insists they have to launch that raft tomorrow. Jack knows that, but he needs Michael to take stay in the shade, take it easy and don’t move around too much. Jack has him lay back. Jack and Locke walk away and Kate tends to Michael telling him to lay down. Walt looks concerned.
{Flash Whoosh}
Kate is at Tom's house looking at pictures of his family on the refrigerator.

Tom is on the phone-“Hello? Hey, Adam. Hey, listen can you carve out some time for me on the MRI? Yeah, it's a favor for a friend of a friend. Um no, that would work out great, okay. Yeah. Thanks, Adam. {Hangs up and notes Kate looking longingly at the pics and tells her} His name's Conner.”
Conner is 22 months old next week. {Note pic of Tom has red eyes.}
Kate comments on the blond boy's beauty; Tom feels “It’s Rachel, it’s not me.”
Tom reveals she’s over in Cedar Rapids visiting her folks; they get back on Sunday. "I got Diane in for an MRI. Now, they'll bring her downstairs to radiology. The appointments not til 5am, so, we've got about three hours to kill.”
Kate- “Tom.”
Tom-“You're welcome.” {Was she going to say thank you?}
Kate-“You think it's still there?”
Tom- ”What?”
Kate-“You know what.”
Tom-“It's the middle of the night, Katie.”
Kate-“We might not get another chance."
They drive to a big tree with some cattle/steer grazing. Kate counts off six paces and they dig.
{Flash Whoosh}
“What do you think it is? Heat stroke?” asks Locke.
Jack doesn’t think so as Michael would have felt that coming on. It couldn’t be bad fruit or raw fish because Jin’s not sick and they’re on the same diet. Jack feels what was making him sick was metabolized fast; it hit him quick and it hit him hard. He looks through the cooler of empty bottles and comes up with one that proves something was put into the bottle of water.
Jin is working on the raft with a few of the camp residents.
Michael {white towel on his head} tells Jack the cramps are quieting down; as long as he doesn’t move or breathe. They notice Hurley and Locke chatting.
Michael asks-“You and Locke kiss and make up? {Jack shakes his head, no.} Good.”
Michael needs some water so Jack gives him one he knows isn’t tainted.
Michael-“Somebody did this to me?”
Jack doesn’t know; he’s not sure of anything yet. Walt sits nearby them watching and listening.
Michael states,“Sawyer.”

Hurley and Locke chat.
Hurley-“I'm on bamboo duty, but yeah sometimes I help refill the water.”
Locke inquires if Michael and Jin are getting along. Hurley says they fight like a married couple building a raft together.   Jack walks over and shares with Locke that Michael thinks Sawyer might have done it.
Hurley interjects, “Oh, because of Kate?”
Hurley-“Yeah, I guess she wants on the raft. So Sawyer went off on Michael because, you know he gets to decide who goes. Hey, you don't think Kate did it do you?”
Locke wonders why Kate would poison Michael.
Hurley-“Well, you know… the whole… fugitive thing.”
Jack gives Hurley a “Ya opened your big mouth look”.
Hurley-“He doesn't know. Well how am I supposed to keep straight who knows what around here? I mean Steve didn't even know about the polar bear!”
Locke asks what she did. Jack doesn’t know but suggests Locke ask her.
Locke-“And you didn't think the others should know about this, Jack?”
Jack-“Discretion, John.”

Aaron sleeps in his crib. Charlie plays and bops to the tune he’s playing on guitar, as Claire simultaneously trims his hair. Claire needs him to stop moving or she’ll cut his ear off. Charlie is very happy that he is writing again, “I'm really feeling it as well. So, what's the first thing you're going to do when we get rescued?"
Claire doesn’t know. Charlie tells her she can hang out with him in L.A.. “You and turnip head. You know, until you figure things out.”
She thanks him.
Happy Charlie finds that smashing. “Okay, check this out. This is track two. It's called... Claire forces him to keep his head straight-eyes forward while she cuts} Sorry. It's called ‘Monster Eats the Pilot’.”

Jack is in the caves looking through the Oceanic-medical cart and Kate comes in asking how Michael is doing. Jack says he’s fine. Kate wonders if somebody is going to take his place on the raft, “because Dr. Arzt said if they leave tomorrow…”
Jack cuts her off and outright asks her if she poisoned Michael. Kate is shocked and insulted he’d think that!
Jack-“He's not sick, someone did this.”
Kate-“Do you really think I'm capable of that?”
Jack-“I don't know what you're capable of.”
Kate turns and walks away. {Watch her face.}
{Flash Whoosh}
Kate digs while Tom gets a beer from the car.
Kate-“You brought beer?”
Of course he did as he’s a self respecting Iowa man. Kate chugs some. Tom feels it’s not fair; her coming back here, home. Kate knows.
Kate digs and hit something metal-ish. She retrieves an old rusty New Kids on the Block lunch box. In the box is a red Westhills ball cap, the toy plane, a cassette tape.

Tom- “Oh my god. My plane. I can't believe I let you talk me into putting this in there.
Kate indicates no it wasn’t, “That was your idea.” She picks up the tape, “Kate and Tom, 1989.

They listen to the tape in the car. We hear the voices of sweet younger versions of themselves dreaming of their future.

Tom-”Is it on? I don't think it's on.”
Kate- “It’s on.”
Tom- “Okay, uh, this is Kate Austen and Tom Brennan and this is um, our dedication for our time capsule, here on August 15th, 1989. Hey, give me that back.”
Kate- “Why are you putting this stupid plane in there?
Tom- “Because it's cool, Katie. I got it when I flew to Dallas by myself.”
Kate- “Ooh, that is cool, just like this time capsule.”
Tom- “It'll be totally cool when we dig it up in like… 20 years.”
Kate- “How do you know we'll be together?
Tom- “Because we'll be married and you'll be a mom and we'll have nine kids.
Kate- “I don't think so. As soon as I get my license we should just get in a car and drive. You know, run away.”
Tom-“You always want to run away, Katie.”
Kate- “Yeah…and you know why.”
The tape stops
Tom- “Funny how things turn out, huh?"
Teary eyed Kate kisses Tom; Kate is sorry.
Tom just suggests they get to the hospital. They drive off.
{Flash Whoosh}
Locke is sitting by a campfire mixing up some gunk paste in a coconut shell with his big knife. Walt walks over warily to him. He sees Locke has an injured leg and asks if it hurts. Locke admits it does; he had a little accident. Locke asks Walt if there’s something he want to tell him.
Walt-“I didn't do it.”
Lock-“Didn't do what?”
Walt- “I heard Jack. He thinks somebody got my dad sick. And I didn't do it.”
Locke- “You think because I know you burned the first raft that I'd think you made your dad sick? {He nods.} We're friends, Walt. I didn't tell on you before and I'm not going to tell on you now. {Locke touches Walt’s wrist.} And I know you would never do anything to hurt your dad.
Walt looks down at Locke's hand and quickly pulls his arm away as if he's afraid.
Locke-“What's the matter?"
Walt-“Don't open it.”
Locke-“What'd you say?”
Walt-“Don't open it, Mr. Locke. Don't open that thing.”
Locke- “What? What thing?”
Walt-“Just don't open it!”

Sawyer tosses a bottle of pink Stomach Relief medicine at Michael. He thought he might need it, “Wouldn't want our pilot out of commission before take-off.”
Michael wonders if Sawyer’s feeling guilty and informs him he’s off the raft. Sawyer’s pissed because they had a deal.
Michael-“Yeah, well, the deal ended the minute you decided to poison me.”
Sawyer- “What now?”
Michael waves him off, “I'm done with you.”
Sawyer-“You ain't done with me by a damn sight. You said you needed four!”
Michael- “I've got four! You've been stealing stuff off of dead bodies, keeping it for yourself, using it to buy favors. You're a liar and a criminal, and I'm not letting you near my boy."
Sawyer is shocked and pissed off! “Oh, I'm a criminal, huh? I poisoned you because I'm a criminal."
Jin pushes Sawyer away.
Sawyer tells Jin, “Get your hands off me, boy.”
Then he walks over to Kate and says, “Hey, sweet-cheeks, I had no idea how bad you wanted off this rock. Time to set things straight.”
He grabs Kate by the wrist and pulls her over to Michael. Kate demands he let go of her but he is going to reveal the identity of the real criminal to them. As everyone is chiming in for Sawyer to leave her alone, he opens her backpack and dumps her stuff out and presents the passport Kate was altering.

Sawyer- “You all remember Joanna, don't you? Huh? The woman who drowned? Now what's Kate doing with poor Joanna's ID? Could it be she'd do just about anything to get on that raft? So she could get herself rescued, run off with a new identity before half the reporters in the world descend on this damn island? She might even poison the captain himself.”
Kate yells for him to shut up.
Sawyer-“She don't care about nothin' or nobody but herself.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Tom and a hospital worker wheel Diane down the hallway. Tom dismisses his helper and motions to Kate she can come out now. Tom will wait in his office while she visits with her mom. Diane looks terrible and her eyes are closed.
Kate-“Hi, mom. Can you hear me? Mom?”
Diane slowly opens her eyes. Kate cries and tenderly touches her mother's hand, “It's me, Katie.”
Kate- “It's me, Katherine. I'm so sorry for everything I have put you through."
Diane starts to cry and very weakly calls out for “Help”.
Kate tries to tell her it's okay but Diane is hell bent on summoning help. A hospital worker sees Kate and she runs away; she runs right into a security guard who asks her what’s going on.
Kate shares that she’s her daughter, “She's just confused. I was going to get a doctor.”
The security guard grabs hold of Kate and radios that they have a situation. Kate grabs his walki talki and hits him.
Tom shows up, Kate needs his car keys. She takes off running and Tom runs after her.

They burst through the red door leading them to parking level 3.
Kate drives Tom in his car. {Plate-394-GC2} A police car blocks her escape! Kate tells Tom to get out! But Tom is not letting her do this, if she cooperates they’ll go easy and she can have a real life. Kate sees the cop calling for backup and demands he get out because she’s got to go, but he won’t go. Kate drives through the blockade and the cop fires three shots at the car hitting Tom. Kate takes off and crashes into another car. {Plate 614-GJ5}
Kate-“Tom? Tom! Oh god, Tom. No, no, no, Tom. Please wake up.”'

She sees that other cop cars are coming, notes the items on the backseat and takes off running.

"You wanna tell us why you need to run so bad." wonders Sawyer {Flash Whoosh}
"You wanna tell us the truth?"
After a few moments of hesitation, Kate admits she was on the plane with the Marshal and yes she was wanted, caught and was being transported back. "No matter what I say about what happened, about what I supposedly did...I'm going to jail. But I didn't poison you"
When she wants to step closer to Michael, he backs away from her. He also hands the passport back to Sawyer. Everyone seems a bit disgusted and walks away.

Jin and others working on the raft while Sun looks on. Jack walks over and mentions that he/Jin looks determined. Sun agrees and also admits that she doesn't want Jin to go. Jack asks if that's the reason she tried to make him sick, "Is that why you tried to make him sick? Michael and Jin working together all the time... pretty easy for them to get their water bottles mixed up."
Sun cries-"I didn't want him to die out there. I just didn't know what to do. I only used enough to make him...I wasn't trying to hurt him. Are you going to tell the others?"
Jack-"I don't see any reason why they need to know. But Sun, he's going. If I were you, I'd...I'd say goodbye."

Kate stands alone poking at a campfire with a stick. Sawyer informs her he's back on the raft, "Michael's gonna cowboy up, set sail tomorrow." She asks if he's there to say he's sorry.
Sawyer-"Nah, sorry don't suit me. You cornered me, Freckles. I did what I had to."
Kate-"I cornered you?"
Sawyer-"You said if you wanted my spot you were going to take it. I guess I believed you. Well, that's that. I've got some packing to do."
Kate asks why it's so important for him to be on that raft. Sawyer feels it's because there ain't anything on this island worth staying for. Kate tells him to be safe.

Michael tells Walt he's feeling better, "I'm going to be alright. Hey, don't worry. I'm going to be on my feet soon. We'll be sailing home before you can even..."
Walt blurts out he's the one who burned the raft because he didn't want to leave and thought he could stop Michael. He is really sorry. Michael says it's okay, they can stay there and they don't have to leave.
Walt-"Yes we do." {Why?!}

Kate sits alone sulking and Sun walks over. Sun tells her Jack knows but she didn't tell that it was Kate's idea. After all, why should Kate be punished when she was only trying to help Sun. Jack said he wouldn't tell the others.
Kate-"Yeah, Jack's good at keeping secrets."
Sun-"When I was a little girl I believed that once I found the man I loved I would be happy... forever."
Kate-" Yeah, me too."

Born to run is a great episode!
Here's another episode of Kate on the run.   Is that Kate's role, her only role on the "Island"? She obviously has become a product of her circumstances too.   Her "one crime" has led to how many other crimes? Having this woman be eternally on the run is a cycle of sorts, wouldn't you say? {Wink, wink} How can that cycle be broken? Interesting that Sawyer knows exactly what Kate is capable of.

We discover Sun is the one who poisoned the water in hopes that Jin would drink it and have to stay with her. That's so romantic! But Kate is the mastermind behind the idea and the concoction! We also learn that Jack is very good at keeping secrets. Yes, even the perfect doctor is good at that!

Michael has been in hyper mode to get off the "Island" and I still find important. I know, now the monsoons are coming, which must have been bullshit because the weather didn't really change on or around the "Island".   Maybe Arzt isn't such a good teacher, but maybe he's a better motivator. But I do love Arzt! Obviously Michael and Walt know a few "little" things about the "Island".

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* IMAGINING. Imagining what?!
* I.D. Identity. 
* Kate's plate on her car was changed from Nebraska to OHIO and we're led to believe her "flash" takes place in Iowa. Are we seeing just your run of the mill plate change or is it more important?
* MRI. Hospital.
* Charlie- “When I come back alive.”
* Neuro. Head.&
* Teach. Learn
* Hide.
* Wire.
* Roles. Prisoner. Marshal. Teacher. Doctor.
* Fly around.
* Right
* Wrong.
* Light and Dark.
* Michael knows. Here's the thing, I feel that the Lostie's know they've been “there” before; they just don't really remember. But Michael may remember more than he lets on, hence his hurried behavior to get off the island. I know, it sounds out there, but hey, this thought is brought to you by Karen. LOL! Or is all that about Michael and his "role"?
* Memory Box. Time Capsule.
* S.O.B. Walt does know! Is Walt speaking of the hatch or something else that shouldn't be opened? Hmmm…or maybe it's something else altogether. Maybe it's just me but when Walt says they have to leave, it feels like things are supposed to happen or take a specific route, so to speak.
* How many criminals are on this island?

Vocabulary and Research…
* Convertible-Adaptable-Changeable-Translatable-Exchangeable.
* J boat- The International J is the world's most popular one-design keelboat. The boat is manufactured in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
* Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), is primarily a medical imaging technique most commonly used in radiology to visualize the internal structure and function of the body.

We still have the "Island" of secrets. The "Island" itself is a secret, what goes on on the "Island" is a secret, everyone on the "Island" are secret keepers! How will we ever know who is telling the truth?

What is Kate’s role in all that we see? Is she at the heart of it all? I don’t know, but sometimes I feel like they’re playing "Grownup make believe", like a grown up live role playing game.

I'm very excited about the next episode; there is much to talk about there! And of course season 2 is filled with so many things. Season one is a great foundation for this story, but the meat of it is yet to come!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress.

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