September 8, 2009

Two for the Road.

Let's talk about LOST!   Two for the Road.

”Michael!”   In the jungle Kate tries to wake up Michael, but to no avail.
Jack looks around and suggests, "Maybe they just let him go."
Kate insists "Let him go?! He's alone! They didn’t just push him out into the jungle, Jack! He’s alone.”
Super Jack literally carries unconscious Michael back to camp.

In the hatch Ana Lucia is cutting up fruit. {wears a ring} She looks over to see that Locke is sleeping/snoring on the bottom bunk. Deep sleep. {Crutches.}
We get a shot of the armory door combination lock.
{Flash Whoosh}
A shot of police cars on a rooftop parking lot. {The code/numbers on the roofs of the cars. Ana is in a car with a number on top.}
Ana Lucia's mom, The Captain/Theresa tells Ana she looks tired.
The Captain asks about her whereabouts last night.  Ana tells Captain mom that she was home, cooked some dinner and watched TV. {You hear helicopters fly overhead.}
Suspicious mom asks, “What did you watch?”
Ana doesn’t answer. Mom suggests they go for a drive.

At the morgue is the dead body of Jason McCormick.
Mom-“Remember Jason McCormick.”
He was executed. He was found in a parking lot just after 3 am; he was dead an hour before anyone saw him. {He was killed at 2 am.} Crime scene pulled a gun from the dumpster. The registration was filed off, no prints, no witnesses.

Captain Mom feels Ana did it. "This man confesses to shooting you in cold blood and you refuse to ID him, so we had to cut him loose. A week later he shows up with five bullets in his chest because someone shot him in cold blood.”
Ana's reply is that she should get herself a lawyer.
Captain Mom tells Ana that they both know it's going to be a dead end investigation, so if Ana did this she has to let mom help her.
Ana thanks her, but doesn't need any help.
Captain mom- "You don't want my help, you're gonna have to get it from somewhere else. You're a police officer, Ana. If you don't respect me, at least respect that!"
Ana hands her badge to Captain mom and says, “Then I quit.”   She opens the door to leave.
{Flash Whoosh}
Ana opens the armory door and enters, “Hey Henry. What do ya say?”
She brings Henry fresh fruit. We see that he hasn't eaten the last serving of fruit.  Ana wonders how long he’s going to keep up the hunger strike.   Ana tells Henry the story about her being a cop, mentioning how she’s been around a lot of killers in her life.    She says she's surprised mostly by how much killers love to talk. She fells Henry is different; quiet.
Henry mumbles something and smirks. {Ana is the one doing all the talking. Fake Henry hasn't talked in days.}
Ana gets in close and tells him to speak up and Henry attacks and chokes her.
Henry- "You killed two of us. Good people who were leaving you alone."
Ana fights back but Henry chokes her again and says "You're the killer Ana Lucia."
Locke knocks out Henry with his crutch.
Locke-"I guess he decided to start talking, huh?!"

Bored Ana is wand-ing people in the airport. {Important! She wands a guy with a lovely plaid shirt. The signs over her head are Priority checkpoint, bars and restaurants, departure gates}
Ana appears very displeased with her current "job".

In the airport bar Ana orders a tequila and tonic from Mike the bartender.
Christian is there, drinking. He turns to Ana and says "Long day, huh? Good to see you again. You, uh, wanded me at security." {When?} He orders another drink and asks her "So how does one get into wand-ing?"
Ana-"One stops being a cop."
Christian- "What a coincidence. I just stopped being a doctor."
He didn't quit.  His son ratted him out for drinking on the job; he lost his license.
Ana chuckles and shares with him she doesn’t believe that parents and their kids should work together; too many issues. {Yet this seems to be the case with some Castaways.}
Christian will drink to that. Christian is headed to Sydney, Australia. He asks her if she wants to go with him.
Christian- "Maybe fate has thrown the two of us together, you know, like two drinks in an airport bar.”
Ana wonders, “Why would fate do that?”
Christian- “Oh. The same reason fate does anything. So that we can help each other out. You do need help, right?...Unless you don’t."
He goes on to tell her what he’s doing down there can be a little dangerous and he needs someone to protect him; a “bodyguard'.   It’s perfect for someone who stopped being a cop.
Ana-“I don’t even know your name.”
Christian-“Oooh. Let’s not use real names.”
They’ll pick made up names for each other. Ana thinks he looks like a Tom and Christian feels she should be a Sarah. {He says the name with some affection. Reading body language. Ana could appear to seem like 'what have I gotten myself into?' I know, I'm over analyzing again.}

At the beach, Ana is looking into a mirror. {Yes a mirror. We also see Libby's reflection.} She has to stitch herself up.
Ana tells Libby that she cut herself shaving then reveals, "The guy in the hatch tried to kill me."
Libby asks if she's okay.

Ana replies she’s fine, "But he won't be."

Libby advises her not to do anything stupid. {Why would she say that? What do both of these chicks know? They know things.}

Locke is inspecting the blast doors. He heads over to the armory, uses the combination and opens the door.
Henry is sitting in total darkness. Henry forgives John for hitting him with his crutch, “I’m so glad my head didn’t break it.”
Locke turns the lights on and asks Henry why he tried to hurt Ana Lucia but not him. “I was trapped under that blast door, helpless. You could’ve crushed my skull but you didn’t do a thing. Why didn’t ya?”
Henry-"Because you're one of the good ones, John."
John-“What? Good...what?”
Henry tells him that none of this matters; he's dead anyway. "Doctor's gone to make a trade. We both know he'll come back empty handed and then I've lost my value."
Either way he'll end up dead.
Locke wonders why his own people would want to kill him.
Henry-"Because the man in charge. He's a great man, John. A brilliant man. But he's not a forgiving man. He'll kill me because I failed, John. I failed my mission."
John- "What mission?"
Henry-"When that woman caught me in her trap. I was on my way here, John. I was coming for you."
Locke looks uneasy.   Distant voices are calling out for Locke to come out here.  Kate and Jack hurry in carrying Michael.  Locke closes the door on Henry.

Hot Sawyer is by the creek picking fruit.   Here comes bitch Ana, touching his mango's!   Sawyer’s been knocking those things down for 20 minutes.   The Bitch tells him she needs a gun.  Sawyer suggests she go to her buddy Jack; he’s got a gun.  But Jack is still traipsing around the jungle with Kate.
Ana-“If you got a problem cause he’s making time with your girlfriend, don’t take it out on me, man. How bout you just give me a gun.”
Sawyer tries to chase Ana off like he would a dog.  Ana turns and leaves.
{Flash Whoosh}
In a hotel room in Sydney, Ana can’t sleep. {Clock- 3 5 1} She grabs some liquor and looks out the window. {We see her reflection.}
Rough and tired looking Christian knocks on the door, "Sarah. Open the damn door.”
Ana answers.
Christian- "Good. You’re up. It's time. Protection duty. Come on. Let’s go."
Ana- "After four days of drinking and doing nothing, now, in the middle of the night you're ready to go."
That’s exactly right.
Christian- "Fate's calling, Sarah."

In the pouring rain they drive to a small home. {'Walking after midnight' plays.} Christian tells her to pull over, takes another shot and instructs Ana to stay in the car. He knocks on the door.   {Blue jeep in the driveway} A blond woman answers. They argue. You can hear Christian yell “She's my daughter and I have every right to see her!"
The blond woman says he doesn't have a right. This angers him and he physically tried to barge into the home.  Apparently he wants to see his daughter; and he pays the mortgage, etc."
Ana sees this and gets out, restrains and removes him from the house. As the woman yells “You need help.”
She and Ana share a look.

Back at camp Sayid is digging a hole. Hurley talks to Sayid about the radio they made.   He would like it to play some music for Libby.   Sayid tells him it only worked once and only for a minute, he’s tried several times since and only gotten static.
Hurley feels "Even that would be good."    He also feels he’ll score major points, “Especially when she sees me holding it over my head.” {Hurley likes static? LOL} Very Romantic! Sayid asks why he would hold a static generating radio over his head.
Hurley sounds amazed, "They didn't have 'Say Anything' in Baghdad?”
He explains how in the movie the dude holds the boom box over his head, outside this chick’s window and it plays this Peter Gabriel song, for her and BAM, the girl is his, after her dad goes to jail {The song is called 'In Your Eyes'.}
Sayid drinks water from a DHARMA water bottle, not an Oceanic bottle.   Hurley suggests Sayid check it out sometime, “I mean, if we ever get off this Island.”
Sayid suggests the romantic beach 3 kilometers from there. He took Shannon there once.

In the hatch, Jack examines Michael He's not waking up. {Jack’s actually forcing open his eye lids.}
Locke comes in and assumes for a moment that the “deal, the tradeworked.    Jack says they didn't give us anything. Locke asks if it was a coincidence that Michael came wondering out of the jungle. Jack says he was shouting and Michael heard his voice. Locke looks confused.
Jack- "What? They just let Michael go, hoping we'd keep our end of the bargain? You think they're on the honor system?" {WTF?! Jack wondered the same thing in the jungle.}
Nurse Kate enters.

Sawyer is walking by a beautiful stream; he hears a twig snap, “Come out, come out whoever you are! I know you’re there. Don’t make me come in after you.”
Guess who appears? Ana Lucia.
Armed Sawyer says, “Well, well, well. What do we got here? Is Little Red Riding Hood gonna follow the Big Bad Wolf back to his stash o’guns?”
Ana, with her arms crossed suggests he give her that one.
Sawyer-"I ain't gonna give me you nothing."
She starts to approach adorable Sawyer and he says, “We’ve been through this Lucy
She tackles him and they wrestle. {I'm cracking up!}
Ana kisses/seduces/whatever Sawyer. {WTF? I'm just sick right now.}

Ana is driving the car down by the docksDrunk Christian is with her.  Christian needs some damn music in here.  Ana asks who the woman is.
Christian-“Who is who?.. She is a very long story, Sarah."
{He's very comfortable with the name Sarah; even when drunk and his head bothering him.}

Ana tells him her real name, but he's still Tom. {He apparently needs to keep his identity a secret.}
They stop outside the 'The Last Call' bar.
Ana-“Why are you here?”
Pathetic Christian tells her "I’m here because I can't apologize to my son. He tried to help me, so I thanked him by cutting him off, I thanked him by hating him. You came here for the same reason I did, kiddo. You ran away."
Christian suggests they go in, where fate has delivered them, and have a drink or 10 and be pathetic together.
Ana declines.
Christian- "That's your call."
Christian opens the car door and hits Sawyer with it! {He appears to be walking away from the bar area, not to it. But what do I know.}
Ana tries to talk Christian into leaving.
Ana - "Lets just get the hell out of Sydney.   Let’s just go.  Let’s Go Back."
Christian- "I can’t ever go back….See ya, Kiddo." {What are the two of them really involved in here?}
Christian heads to the bar.

In the jungle, Sawyer asks Ana, “Don’t ya want my phone number?"
Ana threatens him "You tell anyone about this, and I'll kill you." {BITCH!}

At the beach food pantry Hurley is packing a big picnic for Libby.   Libby thinks the food is for him. Busted Hurley tells her, “This isn’t what it looks like...It looks like’s not.
Libby’s not there to tell him how to act around food.   He tells her about the surprise picnic 'date'.

In the hatch Jack is cleaning the medical instruments/tools.
Locke is sitting behind him reading a book.
Ana walks in says to Jack "Hey. You're back...So the Others, they didn’t show up."
She is very surprised to see that Michael is back. {What does she know?}
Jack asked Ana how she got hurt on her head.
Locke makes up a story of how she got hurt. “My fault. I left the tap on in the bathroom sink and Ana wiped out and hit her head on the counter. And I’m sorry, again.” apologizing to Ana.

Michael tells the story about finding the others. "I found them. After I left ...I hiked North, back to where we were (referring to Ana).  Hiked to the beach, followed the shoreline, a day later... I saw one...{Locke asks what did he look like}.... Dirty, worn clothing, no shoes, simple. Just like the rest of um…Yeah, his people, The Others. I followed him back to his camp. They live in tents, canvas tents, and teepees. They eat dried fish. They're worse off than we are."   He counted 22  of them.
Jack asks about the boat .{The boat.}
Michael didn't see it. Jack asks him if he saw Waaaaaaaaaaalt?
Michael- “No. But I know he’s there. {How?}
Ana asks about everyone else they took; Cindy, any other kids?
He says no. He thinks they're in the same place as his boy.   Michael goes on to mention they have a hatch, “There’s a set of metal doors leading underground. What else could it be?... They keep it guarded 24/7.  Two guards two guns. And two guns is all I saw.   They're barely armed. Most of them are old and half of them are women. {Ana looks troubled}
Mike’s getting emo, he tells them “I couldn't save him. So I came back to tell you. Tell you that we can take them.” {Yeah! Let’s rumble!}
As soon as Michael gets his strength back he's gonna take them back there and they are gonna get his boy back. {WOW! Michael sure can tell a tale! Also, Kate told Jack about the costumes she found in the medical hatch. Why didn't they mention that to Michael?}

Locke is at the computer, drawing/writing.
Jack tells Locke that he was right about Henry.  He shouldn't have gotten in his and Sayid's way.
Locke-"You did what you thought was right at the time that you thought it, Jack." {Important statement.}

Locke hopes the next time Jack decides to do something, that it includes him. And something tells him it's going to be soon. {Again, Important statement!}
Jack says Michael said they can take them.
Locke says that their friend with the beard told them not to cross the line. {But Jack crossed the line already}
Jack says they're all liars; why should they take their word on anything. Locke agrees.

Locke and Jack are "Going to get our guns back from Sawyer."
Kate is filling up water bottles. Jack tells Kate they will need her to help convince Sawyer to give up the guns. {Why would Kate be a help with that?}
Ana will stay and take care of Michael. She passes along a message to Jack, "Give Sawyer my best."
Jack- “Alright. We’ll be back soon.”
Ana looks at the armory door. {Ana, Michael and Henry are left in the hatch! YEP. Plus, which one is going to push the button?}

Hurley and Libby are on their way to the secret beach.
Hurley advises Libby to watch her head, “We’re almost there.” {THIS IS IMPORTANT!}
Libby asks him if he ever watched the Flintstones. He says he watched all the time when he was in the hospital... when he broke his hip. {A cover story.}
Libby-"You ever notice how Fred would run by the same thing over and over again. Third time past this tree."
She points to a specific tree.
Hurley says that’s a different tree.  Exhausted Libby tells him its okay if he’s lost but Hurley insists he’s not lost.
They arrive at the secret beach.
Libby-"Hurley. This is our beach. There's Jin.”
Indeed he is there cleaning a fish.    Libby suggests they have the picnic there and asks for the blankets. But  Hurley forgot the blankets and the drinks.   Libby will go get the blankets.
Hurley is to find Rose and Bernard for wine they pulled from the pallet.   Hurley says if he gets drunk enough "Maybe I can remember where I know you from." {She knows him. He still has to fully recall her!}
Jin gives Hurley the thumbs up.

Sawyer is reading the manuscript for 'Bad Twin'. {Groovy glasses.} Jack wants him to put the book down. Sawyer tells Jack he's going to be the "First and only guy to find out who done it. I think I got it figured out. So cool your damn jets and walk around the coconuts trees, I got like 10 pages left."
Jack throws the manuscript into the fire. “It’s time to give us the guns back.”
Sawyer-“You burn the ending of my book and now you wan…”
Kate tells Sawyer to stop playing around.
Sawyer-“What, you bring her around for a sympathy vote.  She aint in my head, Doc. So why don’t you two go play in the jungle.”
Jack pulls a gun on Sawyer.
Sawyer realizes that the BITCH stole his gun! “Son of a bitch.” {She's a thief and a killer.}

Locke seems to “see/think”. {Image of Ana taking a gun out from under a pant leg and opening the armory door.} He needs to tell Jack something.

Ana slides a pocket knife across the floor to Henry, “Pick it up...cut yourself loose.
Henry seems confused.
Ana tells him "You know why."
As Henry is cutting himself loose he shares with her that Goodwin told them all about her. That she was misunderstood. Goodwin thought she was worthy; about how he can change her; but he was wrong and it cost him his life. Once free, Henry puts down the knife.
Ana states, “He was gonna kill me.”
Henry -"Was he?"
{So Henry had contact with Goodwin all along. Or was this information he had prior?}
Ana asks if he’s done. Yes he is done. Ana aims the gun at Henry.
Henry-“So, this is it, huh?”

At the airport check in counter Jack is talking to Chrissy.  He’s in the same suit he’s wearing to his father’s funeral and he’s asking her a favor. We see Jin {listening}
We see Ana in a line, listening.   Wearing her Brown leather jacket, white shirt with a large round circle in it, 2 necklaces, ring on left hand. {IN ANOTHER 48 DAYS WHEN SHE POPS OUT OF THE WATER IN THE OPENING SCENE SHE IS WEARING HER BLACK TOP, BROWN JACKET, NO NECKLACES!}
Jack’s dialogue goes on to say that he can’t take his time with it because, “I need it to be done. I need it to be over.”
Ana hears all this and makes a phone call while standing in the cue.
No longer in a line, we hear Ana’s end of the call. "That was an airplane...No. I’m not at work. I’m in Sydney...That’s right, Australia...I...I don’t know...I made a mistake, mom. You knew, so I got as far away from you as I could. But now, I want to come home."
Captain Mom tells her to come home.
Ana says she's on Oceanic flight 815. Mom will be there when she lands.
{Flash Whoosh}

In the hatch, Ana is on the couch with the gun. She seems worn out and melancholy.
Michael asks where everyone is.
Ana informs him what he said got everyone worked up, they went to get all the guns back from Sawyer.
Michael seems surprised Sawyer has all the guns, “At least he didn’t get that one.”
Too bad she can’t use it, “We caught one of them. The Others. He's locked in there.” For over a week.

Michael asks if she’s taking care of him.
Ana-“He tried to kill me today. So I wanted him dead.”
But she couldn't do it. "I couldn’t even kill him. I looked at him and he…I can't do this anymore."
Michael offers to do it. He's seen these people and they are animals.
Ana gives him the combination. 18 right, 1 left, 31 right.
Michael says, “I’m sorry.” and shoots Ana!!!! {I'm doing the happy dance right now!!}
Libby enters with the blankets and  he fires two shots into her.
Michael opens the armory door, looks directly at Henry and shoots himself in the left arm.

Two for the Road is a great episode! It is very important.
We have been seeing not just connections but also parallels, repetitive situations, and "time issues".  Not to mention trades, missions, scoring major points and the loss of value! What is this...a friggin' video game?!
Plus...damn are these people tired!!

Things to note...Questions to ask...
I'm jumping up on my soapbox again...I still feel "Flashes" are not in time order! They are not linear.  They jump around and are blurred together.  I don't think they're what we're led to believe they are.
How much time passed between Ana quitting her cop job then working security at an airport to when she hooks up with Christian?
♟  Ana doesn't accept help from her mother. Why?
Ana wearing two different outfit's the day of the "flight"?   Are all "flights" to the "Island" called Oceanic 8 1 5? LOL!!!    Are they showing us different trips/times to the "Island"? Maybe Ana was not on the "plane". The Tailies are never seen on the "plane".  They make mention that they are, but we never see them (up to this point anyway).   Does that mean anything? What the hell do I know? LOL!!!   I just find it pretty important that we see Ana popping up out of the water in different clothes in another episode! 
Ana's role/job is a police officer, although she ends up working security. Is Ana security for the "Island"? Security or a killer? Both?
♟ Bodyguard.
Bad Twin did get made in to a book and published.
I always felt that Christian makes MANY trips to Australia over many, many years. Does Christian have a role with the island too? He is a rich doctor. In addition to that could he be a head hunter for the "Island"?
Ana wands Christian at the airport
Ben wands Jack at the airport in Locke's vision in "Further Instructions".
Ana meets Christian in an airport bar. Ana meets Jack in an airport bar. Coincidence? Not! What is Christian's meeting Ana, and then Ana's meeting Jack in the similar airport bar situation.
Jack throws the manuscript into the fire.
Michael throws the comic book into the fire.
Jack and Ana have to go to a morgue to ID someone.
I.D. (identity) NO I.D..  Making up names and changes jobs and roles.
Mission. Worth. Value. Cost. Strength. Points.
Color of this episode-Red.
Who is “Fate”?
♟ Static.
Just for laughs, I'll mention that Peter Gabriel was in the band Genesis at one time. Genesis=Beginning

Vocabulary and Research... 
Wand- 1) A long slender stick used by a magician, conjurer or diviner. 2) A rod carried as a emblem of one's office or authority. 3) Music conductors baton. Or a hand held electronic device, use for security purposes.
The name Henry: origins German. Meaning “The ruler of the house.”
Counter- In board games a small object, often a flat disk, used to mark a player's position or to keep score.
- A device/someone that counts.
-Return a punch
- Moving away from attacking linemen in football.
- End of a ship’s stern.
- To say something that contradicts or opposes what somebody has said. Opposition to what somebody else is doing, so as to make it less effective.

Here Ana outright says she 'can't do this anymore'; she's done and also that she wants to go home and low and behold she's out of the adventure/journey/game (level).  Interesting huh?

Jack and Christian's issues are all over this episode too.  Jack has some major healing to do. We have come back to Jack at the Oceanic counter a couple of times, all painfully pleading that he can’t take his time with it {burying Christian}, because, “I need it to be done. I need it to be over.”

Libby's Flintstones comment! WOW! That's fucking important!! A clue to them reliving or redoing the same thing over and over.   Is this a clue to them returning back to the "Island" or just having to start over or both.  If they are part of a study or experiment or just playing things over, have they been back 10 times? Or just once before and this is the sequel?

Coincidence or Fate? Are all the situations in this episode just coincidences or has "Fate" stepped in to be sure these people and situations play out?  There's got to be more than coincidence at play here.

Two for the road...Who is leading who down this road?  Does Christian lead Ana? Does Ana lead Jack? What about Henry, Locke and Hurley?

For everyone  all roads lead to the "Island".
Are the two for the road Ana Lucia and Libby, or is it two ....?

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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