September 8, 2009

Fire + Water.

Let's talk about LOST! Fire + Water.
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We open on a religious picture depicting when John baptizes Jesus. A little boy comes down the stairs in bunny slippers to welcome Christmas. He looks under the tree and discovers all the gifts are labeled Liam; they are technically labeled "From Liam".

Liam is enjoying his Voltron action figure. We are in Charlie's home. Charlie asks where his presents are and his excited mom removes layers of fabric, jackets and plain brown paper to reveal his gift...a piano. The boy is happy. Liam doesn't even look up to see this.    Mom shares that Father Christmas must have known how talented he was.
Mom-"You're special, love, and someday you're gonna get us out of here, all of us...Now. Go on... play us a tune."
The image of grownup Liam wearing diapers and still with the Voltron tells Charlie, "Come on baby brother you can't save your family if you don't play." {Play what? The piano or a game?} Happy Mom wants Charlie to play her a tune while grown Liam plays with the Voltron. Now Charlie is grownup and is confused.
Mom-"Let's hear it." {When young Charlie and grown Charlie attempt to play he gets interrupted.}

Dad- "He aint saving no one he is. Music... music will never get you anywhere Charlie boy. You need a trade!"

{Listen to the sound the cleaver makes. Plus we don't see dad's head.} This while daddy the butcher is chopping red meat which turns into chopping heads off dolls.
Liam- "Do it baby bro, Save us."
Mom- "Save us Charlie. Save us."
Charlie plays the piano and it switches scene to him playing the piano on the shoreline on the Island, still in pajamas.

Then in an instant he isn't in pajamas; he's wearing his black hoodie. He hears Aaron crying {It's muffled} and thinks it's coming from inside the piano. {finger tape -FATE}

He tries to open the lid but can't.    Then he whispers/sounds and looks over toward the jungle. The piano falls into the water and floats away. Panicked Charlie calls out for Aaron.
{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie wakes up! {dream/vision.}
Charlie has just woken up from his vision and is frantic to find Claire and Aaron.
He sees that Locke is hanging out with Claire and Aaron down by the beach and he can't stand it. So much so that it changes Charlie's facial expression intensely. Angry Charlie backs away into the trees. {Watch Charlie's face change! He's very emotional about Locke with them.}

Claire is writing in her journal while she's playing the baby in his cradle.
Charlie brings her baby nappies he made. {Charlie is wearing his hoodie.}

He smiles when looking at Aaron and wonders, "Has he been asking about me?"
He apologizes to her again, "I should have told you about the statue and what was in it. I just wish things can get back to the way they were before."
Claire-"There is no before, Charlie. We were strangers on a plane and we became friends." {Sayid said a similar line at Shannon's funeral.}
Angry Charlie asks, "Now Locke's your friend, huh?" {with that look in his eyes!}
Claire notices his attitude and wants him to give her some space {just for now}.
Charlie says to Aaron, "See ya, mate. Take care of your mum now."
{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie looks in on a newborn baby girl from behind the observation glass in the maternity ward. This is his new niece. {He sure does love babies!}

Karen, Liam girl, walks over to Charlie, happy to see him. Concerned Charlie asks her what's she doing up, "You should be laying down."

Karen and Charlie find the baby to be beautiful. Karen names the baby Megan; after their mom.
Liam isn't there.
Charlie lies to her saying it wasn't Liam's fault and that they were leaving the club in Dresden, "I was in a cab, he, he was in a van with the gear, it blew a tire on the way to the airport. He... he missed his flight. He's on the next plane, alright? He'll be here soon."
Charlie tells her that Liam is great/fine, "He's a dad."

Charlie enters through the door of his flat. The Kinks song "He's Evil" is playing in the background. Charlie sees that Liam's behavior is unbelievable as he's left a cigarette burning on Charlie's piano.

Liam is passed out and Charlie tries to wake him up. Charlie wonders what is wrong with Liam; he's supposed to be cleaning up. Instead Liam has been shooting up.

Charlie-"Get up. I told Karen you missed your flight. She's all alone at the hospital and you're here fixing! What's the matter with you?"
Liam- "I'm cool. I'm cool. I just needed to get right, that's all. {Charlie picks up the needle/drugs} Don't worry, I left you some."
Charlie-"Get right? Why don't you get up? Take a shower, get dressed, get to the hospital."
Liam-"Alright. Alright, I'm on it. Alright."
Charlie-"Oh, by the way, you have a daughter. Her name's Megan."
This pleases Liam.
Charlie-"Yeah, after mum. Now clean yourself up. You're a sodding father now."
{Charlie still seems very responsible here, he cleans up the apartment and is annoyed that Liam is doing drugs but is Charlie really using at this point? Also note the posters on the walls, "Big Star", Drive across America", etc.}
{Flash Whoosh}
At the beach Kate is helping Sawyer with arm exercises.
Hurley asks Sawyer how well he got to know the Tailies when he was "over there; across the Island.
Sawyer-"Well enough. Why?"
Hurley thinks that Libby chick's pretty cool.
Sawyer is amused and asks "Whoa, you got a little love connection brewing over there, Jabba?"
Nope, Hurley's just asking.
Sawyer hears him asking.
Hurley just tells him to forget it.
Kate asks Sawyer, "What's with you? You're acting like you're in Jr.
Ana Lucia {Big stick} and Jack come out of the jungle. Sawyer notes this and remarks she's getting the $20.00 tour.
Kate seems bothered as it's the 3rd time Sawyer's seen them walking out of the jungle. Sawyer wonders what they're doing out there. Kate just wants Sawyer to do his exercises.

Charlie is sitting on the beach playing guitar. As he is tuning the out of tune strings he hears Aaron crying. Charlie looks out into the waves and sees Aaron's cradle out in the middle of the water and yells for help.    He takes off his shoes and runs into the water, swims around frantically looking for Aaron. He brings the cradle and baby to shore and takes the baby out, telling Aaron he's safe.

Charlie looks up the beach and sees a vision of his mom and Claire dressed as religious figures/angles in a pose right out of a Renaissance painting/the picture in his house. {The whole scene is tinted golden yellow, much like Eko's flashbacks in his last episode.}
Mom and Claire are both repeating, "He's in danger you have to save him, you have to save the baby.  The baby's in danger, He's in terrible danger."
Aaron is crying. Then the drug plane (Beach craft) flies over the jungle and "proof" it turns into a dove and flies out over the water.

Hurley comes out of the jungle dressed in a 'biblical' type robe and asks Charlie what he's doing.

{Flash Whoosh}

Charlie "comes to" {It was a dream/vision!}
Hurley is standing there asking him what he's doing with the baby in the middle of the night.   Charlie is confused, disoriented and doesn't know what is going on; yet he's standing at the shoreline with Aaron.   Claire is freaking out thinking Aaron's gone and that somebody took her baby.    Jin comes running out with a torch.   Charlie tries to tell her he had this dream, but Claire just slaps him! Charlie is very confused.

On the beach, Hurley and Sawyer are playing cards.
Hurley-"Stick? I don't know, dude. Don't you need 21? I think you should hit."
Sawyer-"But I've got a 6; I'm going to bust."

Hurley-" How do you know that?
Sawyer-"Well, I don't, but you've got to assume that I'm going to bust.

Sawyer is getting annoyed; then sees Libby carrying some clothes.
Sawyer-"Well, well, look who's off to the laundry-mat? {she drops the clothes} Well, go on. I'm sure you've got a load you need to drop in, don't you, Jethro?"
Hurley-"I'm kind of waiting for my moment."
Sawyer stands up-"Well, your moment is now, Hoss. Hey Libby!"     Sawyer disappears into his tent. Hurley waves to her and she waves back, "Hey yourself."

Charlie sits outside the hatch waiting to talk to Locke about Aaron. He takes it Locke heard about what happened last night.
Charlie explains to Locke that this whole thing was a big misunderstanding; he was sleepwalking. "I don't know how or why..."
Charlie was hoping Locke could put in a good word for him with Claire.
Locke-"Are you using?"
Charlie is surprised by the question and then gets aggravated.
Charlie-"Kate sees a horse... nothing. Pretty much everyone's seen Walt wandering around the jungle, but when it's Charlie it must be the bloody drugs, right?!"
Locke-"It's funny you didn't answer the question."
Charlie asks if John remembers the plane and shares that he and Eko burned the plane with the heroin and the statues, it's all gone, "Destroyed."
Charlie confirms to Locke "All of them."
Locke- "Trust is a hard thing to win back. Claire needs time. You should leave her and the baby alone for a while."   {Charlie's face says it all! Also, "Pretty much everyone has seen Walt!" WTF? Now everyone has seen him?!}

{Flash Whoosh}
Drive Shaft is on set for a video shoot. They are in robes and Charlie is drinking tea. The band is filming a commercial for nappies; Bubbies diapers.
Liam is high. {Charlie doesn't seem to be.} Charlie asks green looking Liam if he can do this.
The director is heard saying, "Let's give this another go, shall we."
Charlie says to Liam, "Get it together, alright. Lest you forget, we need this."
The director hopes they can get it right and not blow it again; they have only 20 minutes before they're in overtime.
The set is a big playpen with toy polar bears in the corners. Charlie has a pacifier in his mouth. {Note the packaging of the nappies is a moon and star. And a pacifier means to keep calm.}
The director-"Alright. Camera. Rotate on the 8 count."
Cameras roll on Bubbies diapers, take 53.
Crew yells for "Playback".
Director calls, "And, action! They sing "You All Every Butt-ies"

Liam messes up, falls out of the playpen; the director has had enough.

The director tells Charlie they were only hired as a favor to their lawyer. He also suggests if they want another chance they ditch the bloody disaster,Liam.
Charlie won't ditch his brother.
Director-"Right. Well then, I guess you're fired."

{Flash Whoosh}

In the hatch, Hurley and Libby do laundry. {Song Mama Loves Mambo is on}
Libby notes that the washer and dryer are "newer than everything else in here".
Libby shows him a sexy purple shirt she got out of the abandoned luggage and asks him if he thinks she can "pull this off".
Hurley looks puzzled wondering where he knows her from.
Libby says other than the flight... he says "Flight?" {As if trying to place her there but can't.} Libby tries to change the subject by trying on the sexy top.
Libby tells Hurley that on the "flight" he stepped on her foot but he doesn't seem to remember.
Libby-"And it was hard. I know that because I remember you were the last one on the flight, and you were all sweaty, and you had headphones on, and crunch! You stepped on my foot. Okay, turn around.
What do you think?"
Hurley finds her top awesome.
{Did the flight bit really happen or is she trying to convince him that it happened? Hmmm? It's a possibility.}

At the beach Eko is marking trees with black "X" marks. "Because these are the ones I like."
Charlie asks him if he told Locke about the statue he gave him.
Eko-"Why would I do that?" {Note, Eko's cross is now hanging from a cord instead of the chain it was on when he put it over his head when he took it off Yemi's body.}
Charlie feels the bald wanker knows something.
Eko-"Something wrong, Charlie?
Charlie-"Apart from me losing my mind? No, everything's just peachy."
Eko-"Why would you say you are losing your mind?"
Charlie-"How about the fact that I've been sleepwalking? Stealing babies from their cribs? Oh yeah, and then there's the vivid dreams that make me feel like I'm completely awake until, of course, I wake up."
{Why does Charlie use multiples of babies and cribs?}
Eko-"What are your dreams about?
Charlie-"Variations on Aaron being in mortal peril, trapped in a piano, drifting out to sea, there's the flying dove, and Claire and my mum dressed as angels telling me I need to save the baby. {Eko doesn't say anything} What?"
Eko-" Have you ever considered that these dreams mean something?"
Eko suggests that maybe Charlie does need to save the baby.
Charlie runs over to talk to Claire because she'll want to hear this but Kate the bodyguard literally pushes him away. Kate offers to be the messenger for him. Charlie manages to get to Claire and shares he believes the baby's in danger because of the dreams he's been having. This is making Claire very afraid of Charlie.
Charlie-"We have to baptize Aaron. We can do this, Eko's a priest! We can do this!"
The bodyguard removes Charlie, pushing him away and telling him it's time to go; all the while Locke is watching from afar. {Much like the end shot in Tabula Rasa I find very important!!!}

Ana {wearing her ring} is building her tent. Jack gives her a tarp for when it rains. She wants to know when Jack is going to tell her what happened in the jungle; she wants to know why he came back? {Why he came back? Was he not supposed to come back? Keep in mind she's a Tailie.} Jack said he already told her.
Ana-"You told me what that guy said. You didn't tell me what made you turn around. What made you come back." Jack reveals the guy had a gun pointed at Kate's head.
Ana the pig {Not the cop, LOL} wants to know if Jack's 'hittin that?' {WTF? I hate Ana!}

Charlie heads out to his stash O' virgin Mary's, breaks one open and holds some heroin. {wears black and white vans, black bracelets w/1 red}
{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie is at his piano, composing/writing
{Wears DS ring}
Liam tells him Karen kicked him out because she feels he's dangerous; he dropped Megan. {Kinks poster on fridge door} Charlie gets a bottle for Liam and himself. Liam is crying as he's got no money; got nothing.
Charlie, trying to be positive tells his brother he's been writing again. He's got a new song about two brothers.
Liam-"Two  brothers who
should be butchers."

Charlie feels like this could be the one.
He plays and sings the tune-"Funny now, you finally see me standing here. Funny now, I'm crying in the rain. All alone, I try to be invincible. Together now {Liam sings harmony} we can be saved. {Charlie stops playing} Nice, man."
Liam is rejuvenated feeling they can write all night just like the old days.
{Old days? How much time has passed?}
Liam asks baby brother, "You got any?"
{Flash Whoosh}
Locke appears in the jungle, "I'm disappointed in you Charlie."

Charlie-"You followed me?"
Charlie- "John, you've got the wrong idea, man."
Locke-"You said you destroyed them all, and yet here they are. How is that the wrong idea?"
Charlie-"I came out here to finish the job. I'm going to get rid of these right now."
Locke-"Yeah, that's very convenient now that I found you."
Charlie-"What are you doing?"
Locke takes the statues, "There was a time when I let you choose whether or not you were going to do this to yourself. Now I'm making that choice for you.

Charlie-"Oh, you don't believe me? Give them to me. Give them to me right now; I'll destroy them. Look. {breaks up the heroin baggies} I'll throw them in the sodding wind. Look, John, I know I lied, alright. {Locke walks away} Wait, wait, wait. Remember all those talks we had, you and me? You said everything happens for a reason...this Island tests us. That's what this is, John, a test. This is my test."

Locke-"These are here because you put them here, Charlie."
Locke starts to walk away again.
Charlie-"Wait, John, wait. {Charlie grabs Locke's arm, Pissed Locke breaks it free.} What are you going to do? Are you going to tell Claire? You can't. If she sees them, I'm done. She'll never trust me again, and she has to, John. It's about the baby, alright? Aaron's in danger. You have to believe me."

Locke-"You've given up the right to be believed, Charlie."
{Why does Locke feel he needs to make a decision for Charlie? Is he trying to save him? What is that all about?}

Back at the beach Locke sees Claire and asks "How's our boy?" {Our boy, Uncle Johnny?}
Claire asks if she and the baby could stay in the bedroom at the hatch but Locke tells her it's not a good idea due to the loud alarm that goes off every hour and a half; it's not the best place for a baby to sleep through the night. He offers to move his stuff down by them for a few days.
Claire asks him what he knows about baptism. Locke doesn't know a whole lot.
She tells him what Charlie said about needing Aaron baptized because he's in danger and this seems to put a curious look on Locke's face.
Locke-"My understanding is that baptism is about making sure that children get into heaven... should anything happen. Call it spiritual insurance. There isn't any danger, Claire.
Charlie is just {Locke looks in his pack and stops talking for a second} Charlie just feels like he has to save the baby because he can't save himself. {Locke playfully tugs on Arron's right foot} I'll see you tonight."

It's night in the jungle and we see Charlie set a fire. {Thank heaven that after 50 days he still has matches! He doesn't wear finger tape.}
Black hooded wearing Charlie walks past Sayid and another survivor who are working on a makeshift piece of equipment.    Sayid asks for a hand but Charlie keeps moving telling him it's not a good time.
Sayid sees the fire in the distance  yells "Fire!" and runs through the camp getting everyone to help to put it out.   Locke tells Claire to stay there with Aaron and runs to help Sayid along with the rest of the camp.
At the fire Locke has a few people go with him to get water while Sayid's group uses blankets and buckets of sand to put out the fire.

Hooded Charlie stares as Claire stands alone. {Aaron in the cradle}
{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie enters the flat to find his piano is gone.

Liam sold it! Charlie wants to know where the money is? Liam says he's clean and hasn't used in two days.   He asks how long has Charlie been clean. Liam is packing up.
Liam-"She was going to leave me, Charlie.  She was going to take Megan."
Charlie-"What did you do, Liam?"
Liam-"Karen's got an uncle in Australia. He's going to get me a job. There's a rehab clinic in Sydney. I just needed the money to get us there. I have to do this. I have to take care of myself for them...for my family."
Charlie-"I'm your family!"
Liam is walking down a street with Charlie following/hurrying behind.
Charlie-"Wait. Will you just wait."
Liam-"I can't, Charlie."
Charlie-"What about the band? What about the song?"
Liam-"Try to understand. I have to go. I have to. Look, I'll give you a call when things settle down for me."

He heads over to the Brixton Underground.
Charlie-"For you? What about me? What about my family? What about my family?!"

{Flash Whoosh}

Hooded Charlie takes Aaron out of the cradle and tries to scurry off but the baby fusses and calls attention to him.
Claire yells, "What are you doing?"
Charlie is doing what he has to do. Claire chases him as he runs toward the water with Aaron in his arms. Locke hears Claire's calls for help and abandons the fire brigade.

Claire begs Charlie to stop but Charlie just wants to save him/Aaron. Locke runs over and wants the baby handed over. Everyone runs over to see.
Charlie looks to Eko for validation.
Eko-"This is not the way."
John wants the baby.
Charlie-"Who the hell are you, John?! Aaron's not your responsibility! Where were you when he was born?!   Where were you when he was taken?!    You're not his father! You're not his family!"
Locke-"Neither are you, Charlie."
Charlie starts to cry, "I have to do this. I need to. I'm not going to hurt him."
Claire cries-"You're hurting me, Charlie."
Locke carefully takes the baby from Charlie and hands him over to Claire.    Charlie is upset and crying tells Claire he's sorry.    Then Locke beats him up and knocking him into the  water.

Daytime on the beach:  Jack looks at Charlie's cut and says he needs stitches.
Charlie admits to Jack he started the fire; Jack says "Yeah, I know." {Jack knows!} Jack needs to know Charlie won't ever do anything like this again.
Desperate Charlie tells Jack he's not using even though he really wanted to.
Jack-"That's not what I asked, Charlie."
Charlie says it's not going to happen again.
Jack stitches up Charlie.

Eko {and his stick} looks around the area burned by the fire.
Claire, knowing now that Eko is a priest comes over and says, "He said that you told him that I had to have..."
Eko-"I did not tell Charlie to do what he did.  I'm sorry if he misunderstood me."
Eko explains baptism to her as she thinks it's something that gets you into heaven. "It is said that when John the Baptist baptized Jesus the skies opened up and a dove flew down from the sky. This told John something, that he had cleansed this man of all his sins. That he had freed him. Heaven came much later."
Claire-"I haven't been baptized. Does that mean that if you do it to Aaron and something happened to us that we wouldn't be together?"
Eko baptizes them both; using the water ritual.

In the hatch, Locke changes the combination on the armory lock again and puts the Virgin Mary statues high on a shelf.

It's night. Charlie sits alone by the fire...he puts his black hoodie back on his head.

Fire + Water a Great Episode!!!!! Weird, but great! This is probably the most bizarre episode I've written about.  I hope you all enjoyed your trip down the rabbit hole.
It's Charlie's turn to have a "vision"...But it is clear we can see that Charlie's "dream" blurred right into "Island" events and/or vice versa.    I wonder if that's how the whispers come in. There are definitely experiences happening in the consciousness/mind.

Charlie’s mom calls him special, apparently because he's the only one who can get the family out of here...Out of where, the situation, the game?
Charlie has to save the family.
We may be accepting the word “special” to mean the same thing for all situations. “Special” technically means, unusual or unique or particularly favored or how about this one…set aside for particular use. Which of those meaning pertains to Charlie?
Is Charlie supposed to be the one to get his “family” out of the whole Island business or is he something else?
Charlie’s father chops the heads off dolls. In the caves Jack found many dolls in the fresh water.    Are there entire families involved with the Island?    Are the dolls clues to Charlie's family being involved just as we have clues about Christian or Anthony Cooper being involved?   I think we'll find many more families and extended families involved.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...

♫ The title Fire and Water… I laugh because I sang the song "All right now" every week in my band for MANY years. That song came off the old album 'Fire and Water' by the band FREE! Just thought you'd like to know. A LOST connection! HA!
♫ Two brothers. Family.
♫ Eyes. Eye color.
♫ Filmed. Cameras. Staged. Sound stage. Storyboard. Playback.
♫ Stick. Connection.
♫ Game. Win Back. Play. Playpen. Bet. Time. Overtime.
♫ Trade. Save. Hit. Invincible.
♫ Sleep. Sleepwalking. Vivid dreams. Vision. Hallucination. Illusion. Awake. State of Consciousness.
♫ Nappie=Sleep.
♫ Tests. Exercises. Challenges. Turn around. Go-around. Come back/Go back.
♫ Everything happens for a reason.
♫ Losing your mind.
♫ Write. Compose. Written.
♫ Piano. Music. Tune. Flat. Listen. Dance. Hear.
♫ I should ask if we're seeing a person/persons whom are in a serious state of depression and/or addiction and are in need of rehabilitation.
♫ In Charlie's dream/vision he swims. In season 1 he mentions he doesn't swim. Why would this be?
♫ He sees people in his life as spiritual beings. Nods to John the Baptist.
♫ Eko's cross now hangs from a dark cord and not a chain.
♫ He's Evil: Charlie also sang at the beach while fishing with Jin.
♫ We find Charlie tells lies and has been shown to be a liar many times in these episodes. We just touched on much of this in "The 23rd Psalm".
♫ Charlie is special. John is special.
♫ Clean up. Wash. Cleanse. Baptize.
♫ Claire baptizes the baby anyway. Why wouldn't she just let Charlie do it? That never made any sense to me. Why put Charlie through all that?

Vocabulary and Research...
♦ A doll is an object that represents a baby or other human being.
- "doll", also known as a "downer", is a slang term for a depressant.
- Northern Irish dialect, Meaning "kiss"
♦ The name Karen is a short form of Katherine. From the Greek name (Aikaterine). The etymology is debated: it could derive from the earlier Greek name (Hekaterine), which came from (hekateros) "each of the two"; it could derive from the name of the goddess HECATE; it could be related to Greek (aikia) "torture".    In the early Christian era it became associated with Greek (katharos) "pure", and the Latin spelling was changed from Katerina to Katharina to reflect this.
Megan- Derived Margaret; from Latin Margarita, which was from Greek (margarites) meaning "pearl", probably ultimately a borrowing from Sanskrit. Saint Margaret, the patron of expectant mothers, was martyred at Antioch in the 4th century. Later legends told of her escape from a dragon,
Baptism:  from Greek baptizo: "immersing", "performing ablutions", i.e., "washing"
(Ablutions may be used to describe washing facilities, or a building in which such facilities are located.)
- Baptism is a purification ritual. It involves water; poured or sprinkled over the head or full-immersion submersion).
Voltron is a shape changing giant mecha robot; he is the defender of the universe. There are vehicle Voltron characters, Air Team, Sea Team, Land Team, Allies, Mecha.
Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is a sleep disorder belonging to the
parasomnia family.  Sleepwalkers arise from the slow wave sleep stage in a state of low consciousness and perform activities that are usually performed during the day. Sleepwalkers often have little or no memory of the incident, as they are not truly conscious.
-Slow-wave sleep (SWS), often referred to as deep sleep, consists of stages three and four of non-rapid eye movement sleep.
♦ The unconscious mind might be defined as that part of the mind which gives rise to a collection of mental phenomena that manifest in a person's mind but which the person is not aware of at the time of their occurrence. These phenomena include unconscious feelings, unconscious or automatic skills, unnoticed perceptions, unconscious thoughts, unconscious habits and automatic reactions, complexes, hidden phobias and concealed desires. A familiar example of the operation of the unconscious is the phenomenon where one thinks about some problem, cannot find a solution but wakes up one morning with a new idea that unlocks the problem.
Observers throughout history have argued that there are influences on consciousness from other parts of the mind. These observers differ in the use of related terms, including: unconsciousness as a personal habit; being unaware and intuition. Terms related to semi-consciousness include: awakening, implicit memory, the subconscious, subliminal messages, trance, hypnagogia, and hypnosis. Although sleep, sleep walking, dreaming, delirium and coma may signal the presence of unconscious processes, these processes are not the unconscious mind. Science is in its infancy in exploring the limits of consciousness.
There are some drugs that can be prescribed for sleepwalkers such as a low dose benzodiazepine, tricyclic antidepressants, and clonazepam.
Tea- Tea (programming language), a high level scripting language for the Java environment combining features from Scheme, Tcl and Java.
- A shell command.
-Transient epileptic amnesia, a temporal lobe epilepsy
-Tetraethylammonium, a potassium channel blocker used in neurophysiology
-A tee is a stand used to support a stationary ball so that the player can strike it, particularly in golf, Tee ball, American football and rugby. 2). part of a golf course from where each golfer plays his first shot at each hole.
- language spoken in Nigeria.
Mambo- Dance.

Charlie tells Eko the dreams/visions feel very real.    He has the feeling of being awake but he's really sleeping...A Waking Dream perhaps.   Isn't that the state they all are in or have been at one time or another?  Again, I feel the journey/experience {to some degree} is happening within the head/mind/consciousness.

The Kinks song is about someone who looks like one thing on the outside but inside is something else.   A direct lyric to the song is, "He's the devil in disguise".     This is the second time this specific song is heard around Charlie.   Will we see someone as something 'good' but really will end up revealing they to be the opposite or vice versa?
I need to touch on Voltron. I find it very important to Charlie and clues I have left you in past blogs.  Voltron shape change/transform into different things. Is one of them literally a shape changer, or do they know of one?  Have we 'seen' our shape changer? Hmmm?!! {Yep}

The following is an example of the two versions/variations of things I notice. Are we seeing different 'times' of Flashes, a different go-around? Could there be at least two versions because there are two sides of a Looking Glass?

Time issues: Liam just had a daughter. We are to assume the band is together because Charlie explains to Karen they just left a gig. In the episode "Homecoming" Charlie tells Lucy's dad that Liam just had a daughter and that Drive Shaft hadn't been together in a year.
Again I bring up the point of the “Flashes” we see.    I don't think we see all these Flashes in a linear time line.   In this episode Liam implies Charlie is using at one point, but Charlie seems clear headed/level headed.   Is tea drinking Charlie really a user in ALL of those “Flashes”?

Trying to figure out this puzzle can be very exhausting for me at times.
A little off topic here… Another thing that has crossed my mind (just in general) is the twins thingy. We had to read Bad Twin, why?  I re-read that book a couple of times. It is about a set of twins.   I hope we're not seeing Flashes of one person’s life and then a version the twin is living, because that just wouldn't be fair. Let's get that out of our heads right the F*@K now! lol!

I feel like the connection with Jack, Locke and Charlie is very personal, like they are the two brothers playing a game.  The other thing I seem to get a vibe about is the dialogue with Charlie and Locke in the jungle...was that really all about heroin or...something completely different?

Fire + Water.    Both are known to be forms of purification.  But I really think we're being told someone/something is opposite of how we perceive them/it to be.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace August 17, 2007

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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