November 2, 2008


Let’s talk about LOST! The Economist.

Eyes closed.
Sayid kneels, meditating by the chopper. He opens his eyes and sees Naomi’s body is covered, except for her Head {Just like Tom was on the beach!} Her left arm sticks out; she is wearing a silver bracelet.
He walks over to her; we can hear the conversation Jack is having with Miles with regards to finding Ben and the people who hired him. {Listen to that conversation!}
Jack asks Juliet if Ben ever mentioned knowing anyone off the island.
Sayid closes Naomi’s eyes,covers her head and takes the bracelet from her.
The inscription reads "N. I’ll always be with you. RG"
Miles tells Jack their mutual problem is this Locke guy.
Kate-"Even if Locke has your friend you can’t just waltz in there and grab her. They’re armed."
Miles reminds them they are too. Sayid informs them they’re not going anywhere then asks Frank, "Will that helicopter fly?" {DUH, Sayid told Jack it would fly!} 
Sayid wants to be taken to his ship.
Frank burned a lot of fuel coming in and he can’t take much weight, "I’ll take three of ya." {They had this conversation already!}
Miles-"In case you zoned out while you were tweezing your goatee, one of these Yahoos took Charlotte prisoner."
Sayid claims he can bring her back, safely, "And if I do will you take me to the ship?"
Frank-"You bring Charlotte back safe, and I will take you off this island."

Sayid is golfing. {Lefty. Redtowel}
Mr. Avellino carts over and chats with him. "Long walk to the next hole. Want a ride?"
Sayid-"Thank you, but no. My ball is right here."
Sayid is the first person he’s seen out there all morning. Sayid feels they pay a premium for that kind of privacy. Avellino inquires if this is Sayid's first time in Seychelles.
Sayid nods "Yes".
Avellino suggests Sayid use the 5 iron for the shot he’s about to take but Sayid will stick with the 7.  Avellino wagers him 50 Euros that 'his' gets closer to the pin with the 5. Sayid ups the wager to 100. Avellino comments that how we wager makes just about anything more fun. He also asks Sayid what he does for a living.
Sayid- "I do nothing."
He goes on to say he was the recipient of a large settlement.
Nosy Avellino asks-"Corporate merger?"
Sayid-"A plane crash. Oceanic Airlines, flight 815. I’m Sayid Jarrah. One of the Oceanic 6."
This seems to frighten Avellino. He remembers reading all about it. Avellino takes his shot. Sayid remarks about him being right using the 5 iron.
Nervous Avellino tells him to enjoy his round and don’t worry about the wager, "All in good fun."
Sayid insists on paying on the bet. Sayid reveals that he knows this man’s name, pulls out a gun and shoots him right there on the green!
Sayid walks away seemingly unaffected.
The sprinklers go on. {Water}

Sayid enters a cafe. {Passes the 'menu'} He's looking very much like Prince. lol.
He asks a blond woman, in German "Is it free?" {Red walls. Die mauer.}
Sayid is looking at a map.
She {in German}-"Where would you like to go?"
He apparently only knows one sentence in German. He loves Europe,Everyone speaks English."
She asks, "What are you looking for?"
He is looking for Potsdamer Platz. Elsa introduces herself to Sayid. He orders an espresso. The business that brings him to Berlin is, "I’m a headhunter, a corporate recruiter."
Her employer is an economist; he works in emerging markets. She doesn’t understand what he does. It doesn’t matter; all she does is shop for him. {That’s what Sayid does!} If her pager goes off she’s at his side instantly. Her boss is in Berlin once or twice a year.
Elsa-"Do I know you from somewhere?"
He’ll tell her exactly where she knows him from if she lets him take her to dinner. She marks the restaurant she wants to be taken to at 8:00 on his map, "If you can find it."

Sayid enters a number into a cell phone as he walks down the snow and icy street.
"I’ve made contact." He hangs up and throws the phone in the garbage then grabs a hand full of ice and crosses street.

Sayid tells Jack to take a look at the picture he removed from Naomi’s back pack. It’s Desmond and Penny’s picture; she was looking for Desmond. Sayid-"Whatever their real agenda is, it’s clear they’re not sharing it. Maybe Desmond can shed some light on this."
Juliet can go to the beach and back in a couple of hours. Kate assumed she would be asked.
Sayid feels Jack is "not the best candidate for this mission."
Sayid will make Locke release Charlotte without any bloodshed. {Bullet scar on upper left forearm.}
Jack-"As opposed to the way I’d do it?"
Sayid mentions he almost killed Locke the last time he saw him, "That’s not good diplomacy."
Miles will go with Sayid, of course; and he also wants his gun back.
Sayid walks by Miles, "We leave in 10 minutes."

Continuing their trek to the barracks, James asks Ben "Are you ready to give us a name, Gizmo?"
John informs James that Ben won’t tell him the name of the spy on their boat, because that’s the only thing keeping him alive. {Not.}
James-"Here’s an idea. Why don’t we take a gun, point it at his big toe and send that little piggy to market?..."
John doesn’t like the idea, as they would end up having to carry him.
John stops at the ash circle where the cabin should be. He doesn’t see it. Aaron starts fussing; Claire needs to feed him.
Hugo wonders, "Maybe we got turned around. It could be anywhere."
Ben reveals to James that John needs the cabin because he’s looking for someone to tell him what to do next.
John-"I guess I was mistaken. It doesn’t matter. The plan’s the same. We keep moving. The barracks aren’t far."
Danielle tells John that Charlotte’s team is with Jack, which means they know they are headed to the barracks.
James mentions that RED was wearing a vest, so her posse are expecting a gun fight.
Hugo suggests if all they want is "her" they should let her go, "I mean, I thought we were just gonna go hide. Why do we need to take prisoners?"
John explains that they are keeping her because she will be valuable, as a hostage.
Hugo-"Un uh, no, this is not what I signed up for. If we let her go they will look at is as a sign of good faith."
John-"They’ll look at it as an act of foolishness, which is what it would be."
Hugo is just looking to come up with a compromise of some kind.
John-"We’re beyond compromise. And right now, Hugo, I’m making the decisions. Is that gonna be a problem for you?"

Kate shares with Jack the suckiness of being told not to come along, "Now you know what it feels like to be me."
Jack asks her if that means he should wait 20 minutes and go anyway? {Touché!}
Jack tells her she should go with them; he doesn’t trust Locke.
Kate-"So what’s preventing him from doing to me what he did to Naomi?" {WTF?}
Jack-"Sawyer won’t let him."
Kate and her gun go ask Sayid and Miles if they've got room for one more. Sayid informs her the gun’s a last resort.
Kate-"You give Locke that same speech?"
Miles-"Let's move out."
The little group heads into the jungle.

Frank asks Jack where Sayid is from.
Frank-"Iraq. He's just gonna work everything out? What was he, a diplomat?"
Jack tells him no, he was a torturer. This confuses Frank.

Sayid looks at the bracelet again. He asks Miles how well he knew Naomi and notes he’s not affected by her death. Miles reveals he just met her on the boat; she was hot and he dug her accent. {Affected by her death, maybe she’s not dead or human! Lol} Apparently he doesn’t care for Charlotte very much.
Sayid-"So much for camaraderie."
Miles-"Yeah, Gee, who’s the one going after one of their crash buddies with a guns."
Miles cares about Locke. He wants to know how Locke split their happy little family in half.
Sayid explains the fundamental debate "as to whether your people were coming to rescue us?"
Miles asks what side did he land on.
Sayid-"I’ll let you know when I decide."

Elsa opens the door to Sayid. They are dressed for a night at the opera; she is taking him. {Red dress, hanky. She looks old fashioned, music and apartment has old fashioned touches.}
This is their 5th date. They stand in front of the mirror and he puts on her necklace for her. She is wearing a silver bracelet. {Looks more like a handcuff.}
Elsa decides not to take her pager, "If tonight’s the night he calls, so be it."
Sayid offers to carry the pager for her, "If he does call, I don’t want you fired over me. You should tell your employer there is new technology."
She mentions her boss is very old fashioned.
Elsa-"Do you have a boss?"
Sayid-"Everyone has a boss, Elsa."
She asks him why is he still there, in Berlin. He originally told her he’d be there for one week.
Sayid-"The job I’m on is proving harder to accomplish than I thought."
Elsa was hoping it was because of her.
Sayid-"Let’s go. Strauss awaits."

Watch Dan wander around to find a place to set up his gadget.
{case and a large metal pole, equipment and; tripod from the helicopter
Jack asks Frank what Daniel’s story is. Frank tells him he couldn’t tell him because half the stuff Dan says goes over his head.
Dan asks Frank permission to use the phone to call Regina on the boat; he’d like to do an experiment. Frank gives him the phone and tells him to keep it to the science stuff, "If Minkowski gets on there you hang up right away."
Dan agrees and calls Regina.
The phone rings and she picks up right away. {No delay.}
Dan puts Regina on speaker so he can prepare for the experiment at the same time. All equipment is working properly. He’s all set, has a fix and asks her if she’s locked in.
Jack watches.
Regina-"I’m getting your signal pretty clear." {What? No interference? No Delay? HA!}
Dan-"Fire the pay load."
Regina-"Pay load away."
Frank tells Jack, he does this kind of stuff on the boat all the time."
Regina gives play by play of the pay load…40 kilometers to beacon…35….30….25 to….20…15….1 0…. He should have it but he doesn’t.
Regina calls it weird.

The three arrive at the barracks.
Miles wonders "What’s with the swing set? These people had daycare?"
Kate wonders "if they’re here yet?"
They hear noises; it’s coming from Juliet’s house. {Kate has really great hearing!}
The house is ransacked and they can struggle noises coming from the closet.
It’s Hurley; tied and gagged. Kate removes his gag.
Hurley tells her, "They left me."
Hurley-"Locke’s gone off the reservation……..hostage, he says Walt was the one who told him to kill this other chick."
Hurley was trying to not argue with Locke so he would just ’CHILL’.
Miles wants Tubby to stop babbling, "Where did they go?"
Hurley-"Oh Awesome. The ship sent us another Sawyer."
Hurley doesn’t know where they went, they were freaked, "Locke said the people on the ship were here to rescue Charlotte and then kill us. So... Are you?" he asks Miles.
Miles seems to be zoning in on something.
Miles turns to Hurley-"Not yet." {And Sayid and Kate don’t respond to that comment? Why?}
Hurley tells Sayid that Locke said they were going by Ben’s house before they took off, "For all I know they could have locked Ben up in a closet too."
Miles wants to know where Ben’s house is.

Jack asks Frank-"The red socks really win the series?"
Frank-"Hey, don’t get me started on that, all right? My dad’s from the Bronx. I bleed Yankee blue."
Jack can’t believe it’s been 100 days since he’s seen a game."
Daniel is alerted. The pay load/rocket has arrived. It is shown to be 31:18 minutes off/ahead.
Dan feels "This is not good."
Frank notes in perfect timing that Jack’s friends are back. Desmond and Juliet are pleased to see the helicopter.

Sayid leads the group into Ben’s house where they are looking for clues to where they have gone. Armed Kate enters Ben’s room. {Along with the masks and stuff. Why does he have a bathroom scale in there?} The closet’s empty.
Sayid looks at books on the shelf.
Almost as if he knew he crouches down and moves the book case away from the wall. This reveals another large closet filled with clothes, shoes, passports; it’s, money from all over the world. {Did Hurley know Ben was hiding something in a closet?}

Sawyer enters Ben’s room and holds his "Shhh finger up" so Kate will be quiet. She holds the gun to him then she calls out for Sayid! He runs for her.
Locke pulls a gun on him, "Don’t worry, Kate’s fine."
We discover Hugo lured them all into Locke’s trap. {STAR WARS!}

Danielle moves her prisoner, Sayid; he wants to know where Locke is. Hugo-"He’s talking to that angry Chinese guy."
Sayid tells Hurley he’s not going to hurt him. But Hurley is concerned because he saw him snap that guys neck with that break dancing thing he does with his legs, "I think I’ll hang back here."

Apparently the new Brig is the Game/Rec room.
Sayid is delivered there while Ben is already there. Ben tells him he lost a dollar bet with John; he bet that Sayid "wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for your friend as bait." {So Locke told Ben what he was going to do?!!}
Sayid-"What do you know about friendship?"
Ben knows it’s no use having friends you can’t trust.
Kate asks Sawyer if she’s his prisoner; she asks what he’s doing there with Locke.
Sawyer-"I’m not with him."
She feels he is.
Sawyer asks what she’s doing with Jack.
Kate-"I went with Jack because I believe he can get us off of this island."
That’s the difference between them, he ain’t looking to leave. He doesn’t have anything back there for him.
Kate-"And what’s here that’s so much better?"
He asks why she wants to go back, "I seem to recall you being shuttled off to jail before we landed here. So if you think there’s anything waiting for you other than handcuffs, then you really don’t know how the world works." He’s happy with where they are. They have roofs over their heads, electricity, showers, food, beds etc.
Kate-"For how long, Sawyer? How long do you think we can play house?"
He would like to find out.

Locke delivers the prisoners Iced Tea and says, "I’m sorry about all the theatrics but, a, I didn’t know how many of you there’s be, whether you’d be armed. I had to cover my bases."
He tells Sayid Kate is with Sawyer and Miles is somewhere else. All he did was ask Miles some questions but he didn’t answer any. He didn’t particularly have answers from Charlotte either. {Because Ben gave the answers for that!} Sayid wants Miles turned over to him.
John- "Why would I do that?"
Sayid agrees these people are liars and they’re certainly not there to rescue them. Sayid goes on to explain if he returns safely with Charlotte they will take him to their ship. It’s their best chance of finding out who they are and what they really want.
John shares with Sayid that Ben says he has a spy on the boat.
Ben-"It’s a secret."
Sayid-"Forgive me, but the day I start trusting him, is the day I would have sold my soul. Give me Charlotte! Allow me to do things my way, or a war is coming which we will both be powerless to stop."
John asks why he would give her to him for nothing.
Sayid didn’t expect him to give her to him for nothing. {John pours and drinks the ice tea. Never gives any to the other two.}

Sayid and Elsa in bed. {Silver bracelet, black, white, red, gray, mirrors.} Elsa refers to the fact at some point Sayid will have to leave to go to his job; the one he never talks about. He says it’s just a job.
Elsa shares that she knows nothing about him. She understands he doesn’t want to talk about the crash, but what about life now, "What about you? That’s what you do when you’re in love, right?"
Sayid-"No more secrets. What do you want to know?"
On cue, the pager goes off! Guess who?! The boss!
Elsa-"He’s here. My boss."
Elsa looks at the pager in front of a mirror; she has to go to some hotel. She’s in the bathroom getting dressed and Sayid tells her she has to leave Berlin, "You can’t be here anymore. People will be asking questions soon. About what happened to your employer. And you can’t be around to answer them."
She appears surprised, "This is about my boss? Who are you?"
Sayid was meant to meet her at the café. He used her to get to her boss. She starts to cry "you gonna kill him? Do you even know him?"
She runs the water in the bathroom.
Sayid reveals "His name is on a list." The list came from his employer.
She asks who his boss is.
Sayid reveals the man she is working for is not an economist! {She gets lots of mirror time!}
Elsa shoots Sayid and calls someone on the phone, speaks German; something about her supposedly to be called at 10:30. And no, she didn’t kill him- "He’s not going to give up the name now. Should I kill him?"
She will bring him to whoever she is speaking to on the phone, "Leave the hotel. I’ll meet you at the safe house."
Sayid throws something breaking the mirror on purpose to cause a distraction, grabs a gun and shoots her; 2 shots!
Sayid cries over her body while touching the bracelet.

Desmond is going to ask Frank one last time, "Why was Naomi carrying this picture of me?"
Frank tells Des that he has to understand that she was Senior Management; it’s not like they hung around the cafeteria together.
Des explains to Frank that Naomi told him "that you people were hired by her" points to Penny. "So you look me right in the eye and tell me, you’ve never seen or heard of Penelope Widmore?"
{Frank and Dan give each other the ’UH OH look} Des will find someone to tell him the truth. When it takes off, he’s on it! {The chopper.}

Sayid’s back with Charlotte. Sayid tells Jack that Kate decided to stay. Sayid traded Miles for Charlotte.
Filthy Frank feels "You cheated" {Kinda did}
Frank-"Lucky for you that guys nothing but a pain in my ass."
Frank has room for one more. Charlotte doesn’t want to leave because{WTF?} "I’ve got work to do."
Dan will stay with Charlotte.
Dan whispers to Frank, "Be sure to follow the same exact bearing that we came in on, OK? No matter what. By that I mean, no matter what. Just stay on it."
As much as Jack likes helicopter rides, he’ll stay. {For Kate I’m sure.}
Jack wishes Sayid luck and tells him to"Send me a postcard." {WOW!!! WHAT DOES JACK KNOW?}
Sayid wants to take Naomi’s body, "We should bring Naomi home."
They looked relaxed in the chopper. It takes off and they fly away.

We get a shot of dog kennels in a Vets office. A voice {off camera} tells Sayid to take his shirt off. {Why is the voice slightly disguised? We can tell who it is. Is it a clue to Sayid’s ’state’ not being clear?! Hmmmm?} "Is she dead?"
Sayid says yes.
The voice asks "Why didn’t she kill you?"
Sayid is crying, "She was trying to get information from me."
The voice/Dr. is treating the bullet wound. It is Ben. {Looks like it anyway.} He asks if he’s crying because it hurts or stupid enough to care for her. He tells Sayid these people don’t deserve our sympathies, "Need I remind you what they did the last time you thought with your heart, instead of your gun."
Sayid-"You used that into recruiting me into killing for you."
Ben-"You wanna protect your friends, or not, Sayid?"
Ben tells Sayid he has another name for him.
Sayid-"But they know I’m after them now."

The Economist is a GREAT EPISODE!

Things to note…Questions to ask.
* Sayid golf's Lefty. The Sayid we know is a righty.
* Somebody get Danielle a fucking bra! PLEEEEEEEASE!
* Another Sawyer- A different Sayid? …2 of ....
* MASKS. Ben’s house is full of masks.
* Meditation
* The Boston Red Socks- Cover my bases- Christian.
* How and when are all these back and forth trips occurring?
* Do they leave one "island" only to go to another "island" or ’place’?
* Naomi was NOT wearing a bracelet in Through the Looking Glass.
* Are things like bracelets, songs, vans, cats, etc., Triggers for certain hallucinations/visions to happen?
* I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again…How old is ’Ben?’ How old is everyone else?
* Frank says Sayid "cheated." Trade. GAME.
* Frank -The Bronx. Rose is from the Bronx.
* Told NOT to talk to Minkowski.
* Daniele=Savant?
* Old fashioned because they are OLD? The Flashes had such an older time period feel to it.
* Spies, Spies everywhere. Was Sayid always a spy for Ben? Do Sayid and Ben share a past as well as a possible future? How many other Losties are working on the inside?
* What did they all sign up for...Really?
* Blood. Red. Blue
* What great secrets are being kept by these powerful people? Family, Money. Power. Control….. WORLD DOMINATION! MWAHAHA!!!
* Is there something going on with marketing something? Are they harvesting body parts or babies or aliens for sale on the black market? Or is someone just going to make the island one giant RESORT? I’m just asking!!
* Masks. I.D. Passports.
* Locke makes tea for Sayid. Mikhail brought Sayid and Kate tea in another episode.
* The wall.
* Kitchen. Cafeteria. Bathroom. Water.
* Mirrors. Broken Mirrors.
* Naomi’s dead body. Come on!!
* Recruitment. Recruiting.
* More like prison.
* Pager. Beeper. Cell phone. Radio. Communications. Languages.
* Sawyer talks about Ben…."shoot off his toe"…Statue clue?
* A German guy is mentioned in an early episode involving the tail section. Germany.
* Red cross symbol on Ben’s passport is on the truck that delivers the vaccine to Eko’s village.
* A bigger war!
* Vet. Dogs. Vincent.
* "I have work to do."
* Sayid ’claims’ to be one of the Oceanic 6. His role happens to be an extension of torturer. Hit man. Yet the word diplomat is associated with him. I find that very important.
* Desmond is in the CO-PILOT SEAT!   That is VERY, VERY important!!
* ’Ben’ is still in control of things but who’s ’Ben’s’ boss? He can go back and forth between the island and elsewhere. He wears many masks,different identities too.
* Water. Cold. Ice. Are these clues to the listening station? Or a symbol of the cold hearted side of a person? Or a clue to the ’island’ itself?!! Where it is? What’s black and white and red all over?!!
* Are there people who look identical but are different? I’ll ask this again, are we seeing events from 2 separate sets of people?
* Are they really ever out of the ’force field/confines’ of the "Island"?
* The Oceanic 6…Not what we assume it is?

Vocabulary and Research...
**The following Clue Words and Research can be found in the original Episode Clues Blog for this episode. You can find them by heading back to that post titled- LOST. THE WORLD OF Espionage.
Minkowski, Pager, Economist, Faraday, Electromagnetism-Electromagnet. Tea. Crystal Ball/Sphere.
* A diplomat is someone who represents a government in its relations with other governments.
* Seychelles: officially the Republic of Seychelles (French), is an archipelago nation of 155 islands in the Indian Ocean, some 1,500 kilometers east of mainland Africa, northeast of the island of Madagascar. Other nearby island countries and territories include Zanzibar to the west.
* Head Hunter- One who recruits senior personnel for a company.
* A savage who cuts off the heads of his enemies and preserves them as trophies.
* The novel is set in a dystopic Toronto, Ontario buffeted by a mysterious plague called sturnusemia, which is believed to be carried by starlings. Against this backdrop, a schizophrenic spiritualist "of intense but undisciplined powers".
* Espionage is usually part of an institutional effort (i.e.,governmental or corporate espionage), and the term is most readily associated with state spying on potential or actual enemies, primarily for military purposes, but this has been extended to spying involving corporations, known specifically as industrial espionage.

The reason I use the word espionage is because Frank asks if Sayid is a diplomat….Diplomatic immunity?!
Another word for espionage or words associated with it… intelligence, reconnaissance, secret service, shadowing, tailing, undercover operations, undercover work,underground activities, agent, beagle, detective, double agent, emissary, espionage agent,foreign agent, informer, inside man,intelligencer, investigator,lookout, mole,narc, observer,
operative, patrol, picket, plant, scout, secret agent,
secret service, sleeper, sleuth, snoop, spook, spotter, undercover agent, watcher.

Permanent magnets occur naturally in some rocks. I.e.. Lodestone.
You can use magnets in magic.
* Dog- In Greek mythology Cerberus, 3 headed dog guarded gates of the realm of the dead and acted as a spirit guide. Dogs are also a symbol of faithfulness and protectiveness, of blind love and obedience.
* Silver is a symbol and link to the moon. It’s bright but it tarnishes. Symbolizing the corruptible side of human nature, which needs cleaning.
* Diplomacy is a strategic board game in 1954 and released commercially in 1959. Its main distinction from most board war games is negotiation: Players spend much of their time forming (and betraying) alliances with other players.

Here are a few things before I end this painfully long post…
Let me tell you what pissed me off….Daniel radio’s the ’boat’…there is NO DELAY in communications with the boat, yet there is a delay in the payload arriving. Anyone care to explain that!? Don’t tell me it’s a plot hole. They show us an episode with Hurley and Sayid listening to "In the mood" on the radio. Sayid comments it could be coming from any place and Hurley comments it could be coming from any time. So, how come radio waves delay isn’t?

Could our Cerberus be...Locke, Hurley and Walt?

This episode reminded me of this game- AT-43, the science fiction war game developed by the French miniatures company. It’s a very, very interesting game! Please go read up on it!

Boy, Sayid falls in love fast! Thinks with his heart. That doesn’t make for a good soldier or killing machine, huh? His emotions are human while his skills are mechanical.

Biggest discovery of this episode besides no time delay with the payload…Sayid does NOT have a bullet scar where Mikhail shot him in Enter 77 before Elsa shoots him in the apartment.
So when or who are the FLASHES from…REALLY?

This episode is about war. Lots of negotiations going on and deals being made, trades and cheating! Loyalty my friends, lets not forget loyalty.

Still the bottom line here…They keep getting pulled back to the "Island"! They all are connected! Always have been! Always will be!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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