November 2, 2008


Let’s talk about LOST!  EGGTOWN.

Locke’s right eye opens.
He wakes up in Ben’s bed.
In the kitchen he opens the refrigerator and cooks up two eggs; and melon. He grabs the book Valis and heads to the downstairs room where he is keeping Ben.
Locke opens the padlock and brings Ben breakfast. Locke tells Ben these are the last two eggs; as he twirls his huge knife.
Ben comments about the book Locke brought to him to pass the time coming from his own bookshelf; he’s already read it.
Locke suggests re-reading because "You might catch something you missed the second time around.
Ben asks him why he was moved from the Rec room to "down here".
Locke-"I wanted you under my own roof."  {His!?}
Ben also asks where he’s keeping his other prisoner, Miles.    Locke  doesn't really want to share that info, but was hoping Ben would share info seeing he claims to have a spy on his ship.
Ben tells John he feels for him, "You keep hitting dead ends.  You couldn’t find the cabin, you can’t make contact with Jacob, you’re so desperate to figure out what to do next you’re even asking me for help. So here we are, just like old times, except I’m locked in a different room. And you’re more lost than you ever were."
John knows what he’s trying to do and it’s not gonna work.
Ben-"Excellent, John. You’re evolving
Pissed Locke takes the food away, locks up the door and he throws the tray of food at the wall in frustration. Ben hears all this, and we see that’s exactly the reaction he was hoping to get from John.

Outdoors, we see John slams the front door to the house.  From the porch Kate, Claire and Aaron witness him do this and wonder what that was all about.
Sawyer says good morning to the ladies, "Coffee smells good."
Claire offers to make him a cup.
He tells Kate it’s kinda weird, sitting on porches, drinking coffee out of mugs; and he found some clothes about her size; he says he’ll kick out Hugo, but Kate cuts him off.
Kate-"I’m not moving in with you, James."
He wonders why she stayed, but she feels It’s none of his business.
Sawyer- "Oh, you got a secret agenda, huh? Well, if you're spying for Jack..."
Kate says she's not spying for anyone and she won't tell him anything because she doesn’t trust him.
Sawyer-"This is about the pregnancy thing."
Kate tells him to go home.

Kate sits in the car with her attorney, Duncan.   She asks him if there’s a back entrance, as there is a crowd of people outside and she wants to get past them.   He tells her she’s going in the front door with her head held high.  Kate puts on her sunglasses. Photographers are all around; Flashing.   They make their way through a crazy crowd into the courtroom. {Guy yells something backwards. "We hate you!"}

A glass half full is in front of Kate on the table in the courtroom.
This is the trial of the people vs. Katherine Ann Austen. {Feather earrings. The California seal/ Eureka} She is charged with fraud, arson, assault on a federal officer, {Melissa Dunbrook eyes her up and down.} assault w/deadly weapon, grand larceny, grand theft auto, murder in the first degree.
Kate pleads not guilty The "people" want her in custody for the remainder of the trial instead of bail.
Kate’s attorney reminds the judge that Kate’s been free pending arraignment and she’s not a flight risk. Apparently Melissa Dunbrook feels Kate's the very definition of a flight risk.  Kate’s attorney, Duncan tells the court that she has one of the most recognizable faces in America, where is she going to run? The judge agrees with "the people", based on her prior history.  She will remain in federal custody for the remainder of the trial. Kate is cuffed.
On the beach Jin is looking at a map with Sun.  He wants to pick a place to live with the baby. He calls off a couple of suggestions; Albuquerque, New York.
Jin-"We are going to leave this island any moment now." {Banana} Seoul. {Soul}
Jin learned English for her, to live in America.
Sun tells Jin- "I want to raise my baby at home."
Jin corrects her "Our baby."

The beach residents see that Jack is back.
He introduces Charlotte and Daniel to the group and informs the camp that their helicopter already took Sayid and Desmond back to their freighter, "They can make arrangements to get all of us off this Island." {Dan’s face says otherwise} He also tells Sun that Kate stayed with Locke.

Locke opens his front door with bloody hands. {he claims to have killed a chicken.}
Kate shares with him she wants to have a private talk with Miles, "Where are you keeping him?"
Locke won’t say, so she asks what gives him the right.
Locke-"You may think this is a democracy, Kate, because of the way Jack ran things, but this is not a democracy."
Kate-"Then I guess this makes it a dictatorship."
He explains if he was a dictator he would just shoot her and go about his day. "Dinner’s at 6, if you’re hungry."
He closes the door on her.

Kate sees Hurley walking with a tray of food.   She gets the whereabouts on Miles from him.  Scooby do’d!!    Kate lies to score the info by saying Locke asked her to deliver the tray.
Hurley reveals Miles, the dude that creeps him out, was moved to the boathouse, "Just don’t tell Locke it was me."
On her walk to the boathouse listen to the bird/animal sounds. {Sounds like peacock}
Kate rubs dirt off the window to see in.
Miles-"So the Arab traded you too, huh?"
She pulls up a chair and asks, "Do you know who I am?…Do you know what I did?"
Miles-"I’ll tell you everything you want to know, but you gotta do something for me first."    He doesn’t want to be let go because, "I’m exactly where I wanna be. What I want is one minute of someone’s time. You bring him to me and I will tell you everything I know about you."  {He has pulled this before. He gets what he wants first.}
Kate- "Who?"
Miles-"Who do you think?"

Kate in a red jumpsuit talks to her attorney.  {Windows all around} "Listen, the DA’s decided to try this case herself."
He wants her to start thinking about cutting a deal15 years; Kate will serve 7.   

Kate won’t have it.  He tells her if she goes to trial, she’s looking at 20 years not to mention a life sentence on the murder charge. He reminds her that she confessed to her mother that she killed her father, and now she’s their star witness. How is he supposed to win this thing? He doesn’t want to put her on the stand and risk the DA cross examining her. They have one shot at this; he’ll make it about character, not about what she did or didn’t do, "but about who you are."
Kate- "What do you mean about who I am?"
Duncan wants "him" in the courtroom but Kate won’t do it.   Duncan wants it to generate sympathy. Kate tells him he is not using her son.

Jack’s on the beach still trying the phone.   Charlotte and Dan help themselves in the kitchen.  Juliet yells over to Jack maybe they should try another number other than the boat, like 911.
Sun asks Jack-What’s wrong?"   {Everything is wrong!}
Jack shares with Sun they’re having trouble getting a hold of their boat. Sun’s concerned because Sayid left yesterday.
Jack- "I’m sure they’re fine."
Sun wonders,"What if Locke was right? What if these people are here to hurt us?"
Jack insists Locke has no idea what he’s doing. {Juliet gives him water}
Sun-"Then why is Kate with him?" {Check out Juliet}

Kate and Claire hang laundry.  {The hatch had a dryer. They don’t have one?}   Kate asks Claire if she’s sure Locke’s got Ben in his basement.   Claire admits she saw Rousseau take him in there last night. We learn that Locke doesn’t go out; he’s been in there cooking all day and has invited them all over for dinner.
Aaron fusses and Claire asks Kate to get him, "Just pick him up and rock him a little bit."   

Kate tells her she’s not good with babies. {Kate’s two clothes pins on shirt. I guess Kate only delivers babies, huh?
Kate-"I wouldn’t wanna get him all upset." {Who? Aaron?}
Claire thought the last thing she thought about herself was being a good mum. She tells Kate, You should try it sometime."

Court Trial:
Duncan quietly tells Kate not to fire him, as he feels they got killed in the opening; he had to bring Jack in. The judge tells the jury to note that the witness did not meet Kate until after the alleged crimes she’s being charged with. He is a character witness only.
Jack is sworn to tell the truth. {But he doesn’t. He lies about everything}
Apparently everyone in the court knows how Jack met Kate. It was all over the news, Internet and the papers.
Jack tells of the crash of Oceanic flight 815, "Which crash landed on an Island in the South Pacific." {HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE! I thought the "outside world" thought the plane was found in the bottom of the trench!}
Jack says he eventually learned that Kate was a fugitive being transported by a United States Marshal for trial.
Jack says the Marshall died in the crash; he never spoke to him.  Jack says Miss Austen told him.  Jack continues on about not questioning her guilt as he thought there had been a mistake, "Only 8 of us survived the crash. We landed in the water…" {Now you landed in the water?!}   He tells the court he was hurt badly and if it wasn’t for Kate he wouldn’t have made it to the shore.   Kate took care of all of them. {Friggin Florence Nightingale} "She tried to save the other but they didn’t..."
Kate interrupts wanting him to stop.
She tells the judge "This has nothing to do with, anything. This is my trial and I don’t want him to say anything else."
Miss Dunbrook asks Jack "Do you love the defendant?"
Duncan objects.  The Judge says he opened the door; he’s going to allow it.    She asks again if he loves Miss Austen.
Jacks' response is, "No. Not anymore."
Sawyer reads Adolfo Bioy Casares, The Invention of Morel.  {His glasses are wired together.}
Hugo asks Sawyer what he wants to watch; Xanadu or Satan’s Doom. {VHS tapes.} Sawyer just wants to read. Hugo puts on Xanadu. {'Open your eyes and see'!!!}
Sawyer opens the door to Kate and introduces his room mate to her.  Hugo winks at Sawyer. {Cute}
Sawyer suggests they talk in the kitchen.
Sawyer pours boxed Dharma wine that he thinks is pretty good; he tested it. He asks her how life is at Casa de Claire.   Apparently Baby Aaron doesn’t keep her up all night, he’s a good sleeper
Sawyer knows she’s up to something, "You already said you didn’t stay behind for me. So at least be woman enough to tell me you want to use me for something." She does indeed want to use him. She wants help busting Ben out.
Sawyer shows up at Locke's house with a Backgammon game {Sawyer light, Locke dark}
Locke asks him, does he think he knows what he’s doing and if he regrets following him out there, "Are you worried about what we should do next?"
Sawyer tells him he’d be a lot more worried if he was sitting on that beach. Locke’s asks what the rest of the group is saying.
Sawyer-"I think they’re sayin Baaaaaa. It’s the nice thing about sheep, they’re predictable. But I ain’t so sure about Kate."
He wants Locke’s word he isn’t going to do anything to her. Sawyer goes on to tell Locke Kate's plan to break out Miles-Ben and mentions that Kate talked to the Bruce Lee guy from the freighter, the guy he has locked up.   Locke tells him she doesn’t even know where Miles is.
Sawyer-"What? The boathouse down by the dock. If Hugo knows, everybody knows."
Locke takes his big knife and a gun and he gives Sawyer a flashlight, "Whatever Miles has to say to Ben, he can say to me."

Locke and Sawyer run down to the boathouse. Miles is gone.
Kate breaks a window and leads Miles down to the basement to talk to Ben. She shoots the pad lock for entry. Miles hands are still tied. She gives him one minute.
Miles asks Ben-"You know who I am?"
Ben does indeed and he also knows who he works for.
Miles-"You know he’s put a lot of time and energy into finding you."
Miles blackmails Ben for 3.2 million dollars to keep his whereabouts to himself. Miles can lie and tell them Ben was already dead. By the way it’s extortion if you want to get technical.
Baffled Ben wonders, "Why not 3.3? or 3.4? What makes you think I have access to that kind of money?"
Miles is annoyed, "Do NOT treat me as if I’m one of them. Like I don’t know who you are. And what you can do."
Miles can take care of Charlotte, as she’s already seen Ben alive.
Miles gives him two days to get the money.
Polite Ben inquires,"My present situation is a little bit restricted. Can that be amended?"
Miles concedes and gives him one week; in cash.Kate informs Miles "Times up."
Kate got him his meeting, now she wants her answer. Miles says they got her name when she called the freighter. They know about her and everybody else on the 815 manifest. He proves it by listing her crimes, Australia etc.
He says "If I were you, I’d stay right here on the island. Who knows, maybe you didn’t survive the crash."
She heads up the stairs with him and is met by Locke and Sawyer.

Kate listens to Patsy Cline at Casa de Claire.
Kate tells Claire she couldn’t sleep. {They aren’t dressed in pj’s} Claire says beds take a little getting used to.  {That's a weird statement}
Concerned Kate asks, "I didn’t wake Aaron did I?"
Claire-"Aaron was born on this Island. He can sleep through anything."
Locke walks right in the front door, no knocking.   He wants to talk to Kate in private.  Locke doesn’t need to know why what she did what she did, "I just need to know what they said to each other."
Kate tells him and then apologizes.
Locke-"You’re not welcome here anymore. I want you gone by morning." {Banished!}

Kate is in a conference room. Diane gets wheeled in by Duncan; she’s on oxygen. He worked it out so they can have some privacy. Angry and hurt Kate has nothing to say to her.
Diane-"Is it true what he said? Dr. Shephard. That you’re a hero." {Everything in the room is dark except for the red on the table}
Kate doesn’t want to talk to her because of the last time she tried to talk to her, when she got sick, Diane screamed for help and called the police.
Diane tells Kate everything changed when she thought Kate was dead, "My doctors have given me 6 months to live for the last 4 years. I don’t know how long I’m going to last. I came here to tell you that I don’t want to testify against you."
Kate-"Then don’t."
Diane-"I want to see my grandson."
Kate-"You came here to make a deal?"
Diane wants to meet him and Kate doesn’t want her anywhere near him.

Kate heads over to sexy Sawyer in his boxers, reading in bed. {Mirror} He apologizes that he couldn’t do "nothin", "I wanted him to think that you fooled me too. No sense in him not trusting both of us."
Kate lets Sawyer know that Locke wants her gone by tomorrow.
Sawyer Un-banishes her and tells her she can stay right there in his house, "You’re gonna be alright. I’ll keep you safe."
They kiss.

Charlotte is time testing Daniel on his memory of three cards. {Dharma cards} Queen of diamonds, 6 of clubs, he guesses the red 10 of hearts which is really the 3 of spades.  He recalls 2 out of 3.
Charlotte feels that’s not bad, it’s progress.
Dan-"Three cards, Charlotte, is that progress?"

Jack informs them he’s been calling their boat all day, "Why isn’t anyone answering?"
Charlotte makes like she doesn’t know.
Jack asks if there’s only 1 line on that boat.  Charlotte admits there is another number to be used only in emergencies.
Juliet takes the phone from Jack, hands it to Charlotte "It’s an emergency."
Jack tells her to put it on speaker.

Charlotte calls Regina. Regina questions why she’s calling on that number.  Charlotte tells her Minkowski wasn’t answering, and she tells Regina the people on the Island want to talk to their friends to make sure they’re Ok; because they left last night.   Of course Regina doesn’t know anything. She didn’t even know Frank took them via helicopter back to the freighter.
Locke enters the boathouse with his back pack. Miles his tied up by his hands hanging from a rafter.
Locke- "Morning."
Locke has Miles open his mouth, wide, don’t talk, bite down. Locke put a hand grenade in Miles’ mouth and pulls the pin! John feels he made the mistake of failing to introduce himself the other day when he tied him up, "My name is John Locke. And I’m responsible for the well being of this Island. Eventually, Miles you’re gonna tell me who you are and you’re gonna tell me about the people on the boat and you’re gonna tell me why you’re so interested in Ben. In the meantime however, you’re gonna keep your mouth shut."
John continues "I learned something yesterday. There’s no use having rules if there’s no punishment for breaking them." John tells him he’ll be fine if he bites down on the trigger. {Trigger!}
"Enjoy your breakfast.

Sawyer and Kate sleeping. Kate wakes up. Sawyer wants lovin. It is revealed they didn’t go all the way last night. She makes him back off, forget it.
Sawyer- "Oh right. You still think you might be pregnant."
Kate says she’s not worried she’s not pregnant and she’s sure about it. Sawyer is happy and relieved! He tells her it would have been the worst thing in the world, "What we would have done with a baby?"
Kate decides she's going back to the beach.
This upsets Sawyer; makes him mad, "Don’t make this about me, Kate. You didn’t want a baby anymore than I did. You’re just looking for some excuse to split and now you got one. That’s all right freckles, I ain’t gonna hold it against ya. I’m just gonna sit right here in my comfy bed, cause in about a week, You’ll find some reason to get pissed at Jack and bounce right back to me." {I’m proud of Sawyer! He’s right!}
Kate slaps him and leaves.

Kate is in the courtroom. The people’s attorney’s are whispering. The attorney’s approach the bench. Miss Dunbrook tells the judge that Kate’s mother, Diane is unable to testify because of medical reasons. The judge tells her they will recess for lunch; but be prepared to proceed with her case after they return.

In the conference room is Kate with the two attorney’s. Miss Melissa Dunbrook tells Duncan that her key witness spoke to her daughter yesterday and now she has cold feet; she presents a deal, "4 years in".  

Kate says no.
Duncan says no jail time, as she is a worldwide hero who saved 5 other people’s lives after a plane crash and nearly starved to death on a deserted Island. After all that she gets put on trial for rescuing her mother from an abusive husband. He doesn’t think the jury would give her actual time.
Melissa presents a new deal "Time served plus 10 years probation, in agreement that she does not leave the state."
Kate blurts out she will take it. Kate doesn’t even want to hear what Duncan has to say, "Give me something to sign and I’ll sign it. And then I walk out the back door." Kate just wants this to be over. The deal is 10 years probation and she stays put.
Kate-"I have a child. I’m not going anywhere."
Kate exits the courthouse; taking her hair down. She’s happy to see the taxi waiting. She runs into Jack in the garage. {Same car/Bronco as in TTLG} Her lawyer gave Jack the heads up that she would be there, "He owed me one."  {Hmmm.}
Kate tells Jack she’s heard him say that story so many times, "I’m starting to think you believe it."
Jack wanted to tell her what he said in there "I didn’t mean it."
Kate- "You wanna follow me? Come by for a visit."
Jack has to get over to the hospital, maybe they can get together for coffee.  Kate says she knows why he doesn’t want to see the baby, "But until you do, until you want to, there’s no you and me going for coffee. But um, if at any time you change your mind, come and see us."
Jack says OK. Kate leaves in the taxi.

A taxi pulls up to a nice house; Kate’s house. {Mirror, keys, double doors} A caretaker/babysitter is so glad she’s back.  She tells Kate he missed her so much. Kate asks if he was kept away from the TV. The sitter just put him down for a nap.
Kate enters a little boys room {Clues to the Island all around} He is about two years old. The boy wakes up, "Hi mummy."
Kate-"Hi Aaron."

Things to note…Questions to ask...
* EYE COLORS.  Sign of a replica/twin or a sign that they are in an altered state of consciousness/hypnotized?
* Baaaaaaa!- Jack or Christian?
* Katherine Ann Austen
* Picture in Ben’s house. Similar picture was in the house when we saw young Ben too.
* Docket number ( As per the enhanced version) 42231615.
* Albuquerque. Montgomery blvd. Cliffs Amusement Park.
* Is Kate pregnant?
* Lock. Locke. Padlock. Locker….
* Backgammon.
* Timer. Deals. Rules.
* Trial anagrams to Trail.
* The last two eggs.
* Pregnancy. Parental figures.  Natural parent. Parent figurehead. Who are the biological parents to these all these people? Really? 

* Baby.  Born- new. 
* 3.2 million dollars.
* Oceanic 6. Not what we think…
* Diane wants to see her grandson.
* If this is Island Aaron then he’s Jack’s nephew. But if it’s Kate’s natural child, who’s the father? Really? Maybe that’s why Jack doesn’t want to see the baby, it’s Sawyer’s. I don't know, it's just a thought. Maybe it’s Jack’s baby. We just didn’t see how yet! Hehehe.
* "This Island"
* What’s in the food and water?
* Where’s this damn helicopter? Charlotte and Miles don’t wonder why they haven’t heard from their own boat in over a day?! Come on! Call 911. WTF?
* Is there a "father" with MANY children? Hmmmm.
* Illusion. Fooled. Are tricks being played?
* In the courtroom we hear the marshal died in the crash. We know that’s a lie. Jack ends the marshal’s life after Sawyer fails to end it.
* The hatch system/underground must be like a multi-layered Honeycomb.
* 8. 6 survived. How is this baby Aaron being explained as one of the Oceanic 6?
* Democracy VS. Dictatorship.
* John’s evolving. From what to what? {Different John}
* People and things not being what we think!
* Sun "…My baby." Hmmm.
* The Lostie's are "Mainstays" of the "Island". Thanks to the Wal Mart reference on the bottom of Kate’s coffee cup.
* If this is two years later, this Jack isn’t a mess.
* Maybe they just go from one "Island" to another, not "off Island".
* I wonder if the side effect really is "Forgetting"?
* Aaron’s room: Pictures of topical/monkey, picture over the dresser by the door has a 6 of spades in it. Two robots over his bed.
* Cabin-Boathouse.
* Opening Doors. This "Island" must have an open door policy.  Mr.Friendly mentions opening doors to Jack, Sawyer and Locke when they were out looking for Michael in Season 2.

Vocabulary and Research...
Important clue words I’ve researched already can be found in the original notes for this episode in the blog titled, LOST GOOD MORNING, BACON AND EGGS.  XANADU is listed there.
* Evolving/Evolution-
- In biology, evolution is the process of change in the inherited traits, of a population of organisms from one generation to the next.
- Evolution- There are also evolutionary economics, evolution of languages, evolution of networks, and many other fields of science where systems evolve by quasi-random generation and selection of individuals within a population.
- A pre-programmed task, as in a military maneuver, using this definition, may be termed an "evolution."
* A few other ways to use the word banish…Ban, cast out, deport, discard, discharge, dislodge, dismiss, dispel, drive away, eliminate, eradicate, evict, exclude, excommunicate, exile, expulse, extradite, isolate, oust, outlaw, proscribem relegate, remove, sequester, shake off, shut out, transport, blackball, bar, ice out, outlaw, cast out, censure, denounce, doom, excommunicate, flame, object to, penalize, punish, sentence, slam, thunder against, voodoo, abandon, desert, dispatch, divorce, drop, eject, write off, deep six.
* VALIS by Phillip K. Dick. In Valis, extraterrestrials are trying to communicate with the human race by transmitting information from the star Sirius in the Canis Major (the greater dog) constellation. It stores the information in humans DNA, and the information can be brought back by being in a higher consciousness. (Brain)
* EGG-TOWN a term that refers to the days of bartering, during the 1800s.(make a trade deal)
- The Easter Egg Escapade’ by John Michael Williams.

I live in south Florida and I have peacock in my backyard! They are loud when it is mating season! VERY LOUD! So for fun:
Mrs. Peacock was an original character in the board game CLUE!
-A male Peafowl or sometimes any peafowl.
-Peacock (butterfly) several unrelated butterflies with ocelli resembling those of a peacock
-Red sandalwood tree - sometimes called peacock flower fence.
-Bornite- sometimes referred to as Peacock ore. (Rock)
-Peacock is also a name for the brightest star (Alpha Pavonis) in that constellation.
Pavo (constellation)the peacock
* DOOM- Science fiction/horror theme. The player takes the role of a nameless space marine, who has been deported to Mars. He is forced to work for the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC), a military-industrial conglomerate that is performing secret experiments with teleportation between the moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos. Suddenly, something goes wrong and creatures from Hell come out of the teleportation gates, or "Gateways".
* Character-The Characters, a book by the philosopher Theophrastus.

- Traits and features that define an individual.

Eggtown…While we’re still in the midst of a wonderful chess/war game and yes, everyone is making deals, but we need to mention the "fertility" issue too.  Could Aaron be Kate and Sawyer’s child? It’s possible. She could have fooled/lied to Sawyer.…or is Claire’s Aaron is being raised by another?

Remember, a scripted lie if told over enough, will be believed. Maybe we’re the ones being lied to.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

For my immediate reaction after the episode click here: Good morning, bacon and eggs.

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don’t claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don’t need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I’ll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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