November 2, 2008

Ji Yeon.

Let's talk about LOST. Ji Yeon.

Frank, looking like he made a beer run, is asked by Keamy if he’s ready.

Frank tells him he'll be right up and Keamy warns him not to be late.
Frank sees Regina, who’s not looking too good and reading a book upside down. He startled her; she didn’t hear him walk up.
Frank-"Sorry. I didn’t mean to spook ya. The captain wanted me to bring these guys some grub."
Frank enters the sickbay and tells the guys he’s there to check on them and bring them some food. He asks Desmond how he's feeling; seeming as an afterthought.   Desmond is much better.
Sayid wonders why they’re being held captive; they had nothing to do with Minkowski’s death.
Frank informs them this has nothing to do with Minkowski. The captain was mad they decided to bust out of sickbay and into the radio room.
Sayid shares with him that the door was left open, "We assumed it was you."
Frank-"Why they hell would I do that?"
Sayid asks if he made contact with his people on the beach.
Frank- "No luck. Something must have happened to their phone."
Frank dumps the grub out; it's only canned lima beans. {No Dharma labels.} Frank shares with the men they had a little problem in the kitchen.  Frank gives Sayid a can opener and tells him to "Stay put. All right?"
Sayid still wants to talk to the captain.
Frank-"No you don’t."

Sun sits by the campfire. Jin asks her, in Korean, "What’s wrong?"
Worried Sun tells her husband, "Sayid and Desmond left three days ago. Why haven’t they come back?"
Jin- "Perhaps they are returning with the ship."
He kisses her and tells her they have more important things to talk about. {Huh?! That isn't important?} In English he tells her he wants to talk about baby names. Sun feels it’s bad luck to talk about that. She compliments him on his English getting better, but speaks to him in Korean. He’s surprised by her superstitious thoughts.
Sun-"I don’t want to jinx him."
Jin thinks it’s a girl, "Ji Yeon."
That’s the name he’s chosen.
Sun thinks the name is beautiful, but doesn’t want to continue the baby name conversation. She suggests they pick a name once they’re off this Island.
Jin, in English says it's a "Deal."
Mr. and Mrs. Kwon shake on

Sun is in front of the mirror. She opens the medicine cabinet/mirror to get toothpaste. She is dressed in her "outside world" colors of black and white, a wedding ring and watch. Sun packs the toothpaste/toothbrush in a red sundries bag.  The TV is showing a dubbed episode of EXPOSE with Nikki.   Sun, looking in a mirror, is about to apply her lipstick, feels pain.   She calls emergency services; she's in need of an ambulance. Sun is pregnant and thinks something is wrong.

Handsome Jin, wearing a suit and pinkish/purple shirt/tie heads into a toy store. {Power Rangers, sports balls, stuffed animals, puzzles, Disney, Pokemon, and a dragon behind the counter. No panda behind counter.}
The shopkeeper asks what he’s looking for.   Jin is looking for a stuffed Panda bear.
Hidden behind many other stuffed animals is the Panda.   He doesn’t want it gift wrapped, as he's in a hurry to get to the hospital.   The Panda toy cost Fifty thousand won.   Jin admits to the shopkeeper he’s headed to the maternity ward.   Why didn’t Jin say so?
At the counter he reveals to the shopkeeper he doesn’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet. Jin’s phone rings; he needs to rush off. The shopkeeper wishes him "Good luck."

Jin is sleeping in the tent.  Sun wakes him to tell him Jack and Kate are back. Jin, in perfect English, asks Kate what happened.
Kate-"You mean before or after the redhead knocked me out?"
Sun is surprised Charlotte hit Kate. The redhead and Dan are helping themselves to food in the beach kitchen.
Kate-"I guess she didn’t want to have to explain why she was on her way to a poisonous gas factory."
Sun wonders why Juliet would lie about that. Kate feels it's due to "Force of habit."
Kate informs them they were going there to turn it off; deactivate the gas; feeling Dan and the redhead wanted to earn some brownie points. In all the time the ship people have been there, they talked about a lot of things, but not about rescuing the Losties.

Desmond is waking up.
Sayid-"Good morning."
Sayid hopes "they" resolve their kitchen issues, as he eats the canned lima beans.   A note is slipped through the grate of the door.   From his bed, Desmond gets Sayid’s attention "There’s a note".
Sayid picks up the note and recalls that three days ago when he was in Locke’s camp, Ben claimed he had a spy on this boat.
The simple note {child-like} reads "DON’T TRUST THE CAPTAIN."

Dan has an open phone/radio with its wires exposed. Sun introduces her two month pregnant self to him. She out right asks if they’re there to save them.  Dan doesn’t answer, (That’s the answer) but goes say "The thing is, it’s not really my call, Sun."
Sun asks whose call it is.   Dan never answers the question.
Jin in English asks Jack to pass the cereal. Jack compliments his English.  Jin shares that he understands better than he speaks.  {No shit! We knew that all along.}   Sun’s been a better teacher to him than Sawyer.  Sun runs up to talk to Jin.   Jack asks how she’s feeling.  Sun is fine and the morning sickness has stopped.  He offers her help if she needs anything. Sun whispers to Jin in Korean, not to say anything, just do as she says. They need to find food for two days, "Meet me at the tent in 20 minutes."
They are going to Locke’s camp.

Sun is going through Juliet's' well stocked and put together tent. {Dharma medical kit, meds.}
Juliet catches her. Sun says she’s looking for another bottle of pre-natal vitamins.
Juliet wonders what happened to the last bottle; there should be 20 left, "Are you planning a trip?" Juliet asks where she is going.
Sun-"We’re going to Locke’s camp."
Juliet freaks because if Sun stays she won’t survive ’here’. Juliet sees that Sun doesn’t believe her because she has been less than truthful since "coming here."
Juliet promises she’s not lying about Sun’s pregnancy threat, "After everything you’ve confided in me, I should at least have your trust."
Sun feels "Claire’s baby’s fine. I feel fine.All I have are your stories that I’m going to get sick. I’m going to do what’s best for me and my baby.  Because no, I don’t trust you." {Claire! Did she "conceive" on the "island"?}
Sun takes the vitamins out of Juliet’s hand.
{Flash Whoosh}
Sun is in labor and is brought into the hospital via wheelchair.The nurse tells her everything will be okay. {Note the ambulance outside has a green cross.}
The nurse mentions to another nurse ’Oceanic 6’ {Everyone knows her and the story of the Oceanic 6.}
Oxygen is put on Sun.  The long nailed nurse removes Sun’s jewelry.   Sun doesn’t want her to remove her wedding ring. The nurse assures her nothing will happen to it.
Dr. Bae enters and introduces himself to Mrs. Kwon; he is on duty for Dr. Park, who is attending a conference.
Sun is scared and wonders "What’s happening?
Sun is given something for the pain.
The Dr. tells her "It is in distress."
Sun-"What’s wrong?"
Dr.-"I don’t know yet."
He asks if there’s anyone they should contact; her husband or parents.   Sun wants him to call Jin.
The Dr. signals to nurse and she leaves.  He’ll try to reach him, "I’m sure he’ll be here soon."
Sun gets very drowsy and falls asleep.

Jin, with the panda bear, frantically flags down a taxi. He puts the panda in the backseat of the taxi and answers his ringing phone outside the taxi.   A man knocks into him, causing him to drop the phone.    A motorbike runs over the phone. Another person snags his taxi with the panda. {That was some chain reaction, huh?!} Jin runs after the taxi yelling curse words and threatening to find, hunt, rip off their head and kill them.

He throws the phone to the ground in anger.

Jin runs into the store to buy another panda. Unfortunately that was the last one. But wait! There is one; behind the shopkeeper/counter and it’s on hold. {It wasn’t there when Jin paid for the other panda.} The shopkeeper offers him a dragon instead as they bring good luck. Jin uses all his money to buy the panda anyway.
The shopkeeper warns him not to lose this one.
{Flash Whoosh}
Kate is drawing a map to the barracks; making special note of the stream, head N.W. for a day and a half. She informs them she’ll have to tell Jack, but she'll give them a long head start. Kate tells them to be safe. Here comes Juliet to inform Jin of his wife’s medical condition right now.
Juliet demands Sun translate. Sun won’t. Juliet just blurts out her shit to Jin!

Juliet-"You’re wife is very sick. If she doesn’t get off of this island in three weeks, she will die. If you let her go, you’re wife is in danger."
Jin- "Where ever Sun go, I go." {I love him!}

Juliet tries, begging her to stay. When that doesn’t work she blabs about Sun having an affair, "Sun was with another man."  {Ethan Rom?! LOL.}
Sun slaps Juliet! Hurt Jin walks away.

At the beach, Sun tries to explain things to Jin.
Sun-"It was a long time ago." {Think about that statement.}

Jin is very angry. He takes his two fishing poles and leaves, even though she still wants to explain.
Bernard wants to tag along with Jin for some fishing.   Bernard realizes he interrupted something but Jin invites him anyway.

Jin and Bernard are fishing from the outrigger.

Bernard-"Do you realize we’re the only two married guys on the island?"
But not to each other, hahaha.
Bernard goes on to say, its not easy, "It’s wonderful. But let's face it, every decision that you make takes twice as long, cause you always gotta talk to them into it."
He goes on to share that Rose has cancer; she’s sick, dying.   Although she was dying, she says she’s better now because of "this place," the island.   But when the camp split up he was sure she’d want to go with Locke. "Why would she want to leave the island and risk getting sick again?"
Bernard says he stayed with Jack because it was the right thing to do. "Locke is a murderer. See it’s all about Karma, Jin. Do you know Karma? We make bad choices, bad things happen to you. When you make good choices, and then good …"
Jin catches a fish and Bernard considers that Karma.
Bernard feels, "We must be the good guys, huh." {Team Ben?}

Desmond paces in the sickbay with Sayid.  They can hear a banging noise. Sayid states the sound is not mechanical. {Note the first aide cross on the sign is green.} Des asks if he thinks someone is banging those pipes again and again and again. That’s exactly what Sayid thinks.
Dr. Ray {Has the 4 color pen in his pocket with the micro/pen flashlight.} "Gentlemen. Thanks for your patience. The Captain would like to see you now."

On deck, {Read security sign left of the door.}
Sayid asks where the helicopter is.
Dr. Ray- "Lapidus is running an errand." {Beer run?}
Sayid asks if he went to the island.
Dr. Ray-"Do you know anywhere else he can land?"
Desmond observes Regina wrapped in chains.   {She’s friggin' strong! Just like the rest of these chicks!}
We hear Sayid get upset and asking about Lapidus.

Desmond watches Regina jump overboard.
Des and Sayid scramble to help. "The get rope! Bring her up!"
But no one else on the freighter cares.
The Captain comes out "It’s over. She’s gone. Everybody get back to your posts."
He introduces himself as Captain Gault.   He supposes the two have a few questions.
They start with why the Captain didn’t help Regina.   Apparently the Captain didn’t want to lose any more people.
Desmond-"What exactly is going on here?"
The Captain claims his crew has been dealing with a heightened case of cabin fever. {Why? They’re pros.} "I think it’s got something to do with the close proximity to the island."
Sayid-"Why don’t you turn around then?"
Gault says he’s tried but they have a saboteur on board and he’s done one hell of a job on my engines.   He’s got his crew working around the clock to repair them. {What time zone? lol}
Sayid –"Then you’ll take our people home."
Gault-"Then we move to safer waters.   Those are my orders

He mentions Charles Widmore gave the orders.
Desmond questions, "This is Charles Widmore’s boat." {But not Penny’s}
Gault-"That’s right. You know him."

In Gault’s office, he shows them the black data recorder/black box that was retrieved from Oceanic flight 815.   A salvage vessel recovered from the bottom of the ocean. It took lots of Mr. Widmore’s resources to procure it. It was found with the wreckage of the plane along with all 324 dead passengers. "That is not the complete story as you are well aware, Mr. Jarrah given the fact that you’re standing here. Breathing.   The wreckage was obviously staged. Now, can you imagine what kind of resources and man power go into pulling off a feat of that magnitude? Faking the recovery of a plane crash. Putting 324 families through a grieving process based on a lie. But what’s even more disturbing, where exactly does one come across 324 dead bodies? And that Mr. Jarrah, Mr. Hume is just one of the many reasons we want Benjamin Linus.

Sun sits staring at the water. Juliet apologizes to her as she had to stop Sun any way she could.
Sun-"It wasn’t your place to stop us."
Juliet goes on about them all needing to get off this island.   Juliet claims she wants to leave more than anything, "I don’t know if that boat out there is the answer or not, it’s something, I need to go home.  So do you.
Sun, in about three weeks, you’ll be in an almost constant state of nausea, a week after that you will experience shortness of breath that won’t go away. A week after that you will lose consciousness and slip into a coma and then Sun you will die. And when your heart stops beating so will the babies."  {Wow! Now that’s fucking drama!} Juliet also tells her that’s why it’s her business because she is her patient. {WTF?!}
{Flash Whoosh}
Sun in labor.
The Dr. announces he has to perform a c-section; the medication makes natural childbirth difficult.
Sun wants to wait for Jin.
The Dr. wants to get her into surgery. She asks where Jin is.
The Dr.-"He’s not here yet."
The door to her room is wide open. A male passes by; Sun thinks it’s Jin.  {Look alike}
The nurse announces "The baby is crowning."
Dr. Bae-"Okay, Sun. You need to push now."
The baby girl is here.    {He looks like Jin for a second!}
Sun cries.
{Flash Whoosh}
Night on the freighter:
Dr. Ray {w/Frankenstein cut on face} leads Sayid and Desmond down stairs and asks "So, what did you think of the Captain?"
Sayid feels "He’s surprisingly forthcoming."
Ray says he tells it like it is, just don’t piss him off.
Dr. Ray thinks they guys will like their room as it’s on the quiet part of the ship.
Desmond-"This ship isn’t moving."
Ray-"Uh, if you say so."
He opens the door and bugs scatter. {Roaches, palmetto and/or even scarab bugs}
A huge blood mark stained the wall. It shouldn’t still be there.
Dr.Ray calls over, "Hey Johnson, is that you?"
Johnson is mopping the floor.
Dr. Ray tells Johnson to mop this up.
Johnson-"Sorry. I gotta go up on deck."
Dr. Ray demands he mop. Dr. Ray introduces "Kevin" to the guys.   Sayid and Kevin shake hands. Sayid is careful not to reveal he knows this is really Michael.

In her tent, Sun picks stuff off her nest,uh, I mean bed. {Check out the supplies in there!} Jin made dinner.
She thought he left her.
Sun still wants to try to explain things, but it won’t matter because Jin says he knows why she did it, "I know the manI used to be. Before this island I withheld my affections.  And I know that whatever you did, you did to that man. His actions caused this. So I forgive you. So I will go to Locke’s camp with you."
Sun doesn’t want to go anymore as Juliet was very convincing.
Sun-"We have to get off this Island."  {to go to another one?}  Since these people have a helicopter, they have to try.
Jin- "I'll do all it takes to protect you and the baby. I promise."
Jin wants the truth and asks if the baby is his.
Sun cries, "swear the baby is yours. It’s yours. I love you so much. I thought I had lost you."
He loves her too "And you will never lose me."
{Flash Whoosh}
Jin runs into the hospital with his acquired panda bear.    He arrives at the guarded patient's door.   He introduces himself to the guard as a representative of Paik Automotive, "I heard the Ambassador is now a grandfather, I came to present a gift."
Jin asks in a whisper if it’s a boy or girl.; He's told it’s a boy. While the guard goes into the room, Jin wraps a blue ribbon around the panda.
The Ambassador comes out and greets Jin.
Jin-"This panda is a symbol of Mr. Paik’s eagerness to do business in the great country of China. Please accept his congratulations."
The Ambassador-"Thank Mr. Paik for me. Tell him I’ll call."

The door is left open and Jin peeks in. {red roses, baby wrapped in green, blue roses by the door.}
Jin exits through the double doors, his task/mission is complete.
The nurse says to Jin, "Leaving so soon."
Jin- "It wasn’t my baby."
The nurse-"Well, maybe someday…"
Jin tells her, "Don’t rush me. I’m only married two months."

A baggie from CHOOGDONG HOSPITAL contains Suns’ wedding ring.  She’s reflected in the mirror again. She puts the ring and lipstick on. {Makeup}
The doorbell rings. Sun makes sure she looks beautiful.
At the door is dashingly handsome, Hurley/Hugo. They hug. She can’t believe he came all this way. He asks if anyone else is coming.
Nope, it's just them.
Hugo-"Gooood. So, where is she?"

There is pinked out Ji Yeon. {Smoke/fog escapes Hugo’s mouth}
Hugo says she’s awesome but is afraid to hold her because he has two left hands.   Sun trusts him.   He comments she looks just like Jin. They will go see him.

In the most beautiful graveyard I’ve ever seen, is Jin’s marker/headstone. Sun kneels with the baby in front of it.
Sun breaks down at his marker, "You were right. It’s a girl."
She explains the delivery was hard on her and she kept crying out for him. "I wish you could’ve been there."
She named the baby just as Jin wanted.
"I miss you so much. I miss you so much." {She’s crying, I’m crying!}

Ji Yeon is a GREAT EPISODE!!
"Flashes"!!! Not what we think.  It was easier to see this when they used two people for this example instead of me always trying to convince you that’s what’s going on.   But there it was!   Not only that,  we're able to see the blurring, crossovers and connections as if things are layers right on top of each other. Each person may be having their own "adventure/journey". 


Things to note...Questions to ask...

* Time? Time Travel? Time line-  If there are NO "time travel" issues, Sun is hanging out with Hurley and the infant around July-ish 2005.   If Jin’s marker/tombstone shows 9/22/04, how is Sun explaining the at least 6 week difference of seeing her husband last and conceiving?   I’m just asking!
* ORCHIDS ALL AROUND SUN.   As per my original research from when we saw the Orchid orientation video 7/29/07, Orchids-having to do with being a hybrid.  Even though the orientation video is saying things about Casimir effects, etc.
* The dialogue Bernard has with Jin is VERY important and telling. Go back and evaluated for yourself.  If Rose leaves the Island=Dies. If Sun stays on Island=Dies. Hmmm.
* Dr. Bae asks if they should contact her husband or parents. If everyone knows things about the Oceanic 6 why did he ask to call her husband?
* Waaaaaalt!  Could he have written the note?  It looks like it was written by a child.
* Regina reads a book upside down and then jumps overboard wrapped in chains.  Killing herself?   Well, maybe she’s just going to an underwater hatch, lair or city.
* Expose. The Cobra. Someone is working for "our" cobra.
* The boat’s moving.  "If you say so."   No anchor or because it's what Desmond wishes/envisions or creates?
* Sun really wanted to have her baby at home. So could this be a case of  "If you say it so"?    Meaning she wished it.
* If things are backwards, upside down, reversed, etc.. Why can’t the "Island"/they be in an ice cold location instead of a tropical one?
* Weren’t the Red Sox jinxed/cursed? - Christian.
* Desmond was going to be fine whether he had a constant or not.
* Proof of things being faked, on a GRAND scale.

* Loop. Circle. Crown. Ring.
* Dr Ray scares me! Dr. Bae. {Bay, Bea} Dr. Park.
* Even though Sun's doctor can pass for Jin with the surgical mask on, for a distinct moment it truly looked like Jin behind the mask, and not the Dr.

* Jin’s "Flashes" had more Chinese and Japanese references in them.
* Sun still married to Jin?  Maybe he’s gone.  Or Jin could have stayed on the Island, sent her back to have the baby.
* Jin tends to be EXPLOSIVE or possibly hazardous.
* Year of the dragon. February 5, 2000. January 23, 2012.  Dragon-Hydra.
* Captain Gault knows that Desmond knows who Charles Widmore is.
* Bugs. Cockroaches.
* Wires. Engine.
* Power Rangers. Action figures. Morphing.
* Desmond is way too comfortable taking off his shoes and catching some zzz’s. The note comes in the door/grill and he has Sayid get up and get it. WTF?!  Get it yourself!  Why make Sayid get it?  Desmond didn’t even freak when he realized it was Widmore’s boat.
* "Hurley"/"Hugo’ is not in Santa Rosa.
* Bernard calls Locke a murderer.    As I recall, Bernard shot at dynamite and blew up the tent that killed a few Others.  Many of them can be considered murderers.
* Game. Quest/Mission. Points. Bet.  Marker. Won.
* Medical hatch….Mittleos Bioscience….?
* And then there's Michael...Uh, I mean Kevin.

Vocabulary…and Research...
* Lima bean (P. lunatus is a legume) a seed that is eaten like a vegetable.
* Giant Panda, "black-and-white cat-foot"; traditional Chinese: literally: "big bear cat" is a mammal classified in the bear family. The Giant Panda is an endangered species. While the dragon has historically served as China’s national emblem, in recent decades the Giant Panda has also served as emblem for the country.
* Grub- a beetle larva, most commonly of the scarabaeoidea super family.
- a slang term for food; also as a verb to scavenge for food.
- Grub, AR- Grub, canton of Appenzell, Switzerland.
- Grub Am Forst -a town in the district of Coburg in Bavaria, Germany.
- Grub, Thuringia, a municipality in the district of Hildburghausen in Thuringia, Germany.
* C°ntinuum: roleplaying in The Yet is a science fiction role-playing game about time travel. The Continuum also refers to a collective group of time travelers as a whole and the society they inhabit in the game. The Yet, in C°ntinuum, a time traveler’s personal future time line.
(My original research from 7/29/07)
The word ORCHID is GREEK in origin. It means testicle. I looked into the Orchid I found it a very interesting flower. Interesting REPRODUCTIVE aspects. Also most orchids are HYBRIDS! The word HYBRID means: Offspring of genetically differing parents. 

* The dragon, "A serpent of huge size, a python, a dragon. Is a mythical creature typically depicted as a gigantic and powerful serpent or other reptile with magical or spiritual qualities.
* Doppelgänger (or fetch) has come to refer to any double or look-a-like of a person—most commonly an "Evil Twin". The literal translation of the German word is "double walker", meaning someone who is acting (e.g. walking) the same way as another person. The word is also used to describe the sensation of having glimpsed oneself in peripheral vision, in a position where there is no chance that it could have been a reflection.

I cried.  Jin and Sun truly love each other.  We were re-visited by a few important clues: Game, Wires, Walt and Michael, Rose’s cancer, sickness, blood, babies, birth, Orchid.  We need to keep these clues nearby.
I’ll leave you with this... Ji Yeow…C-Section, in Korean it literally means Emperor Incision. "The baby is crowning".... Royalty... Sun could be the Queen.  Someone is the Queen. Maybe the Royal Blood line continues.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

I’m still wondering if they ever really leave the "confines" of the "Island"....I don't think they do. The off "Island" events may just be an extension of the whole Island experience/adventure.
The wall coverings are very familiar. The colors aren't showing up very clear here, but you can still get the picture. Does it mean anything?  Who the fuck knows?!

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don’t claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don’t need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I’ll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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