November 2, 2008

The Other Woman.

Let's talk about LOST! The Other Woman.
Juliet with wavy hair makes waves in a miniature sand ZEN garden.
{Light/dark rocks} She looks around the room. {Diplomas, citations, interesting pics, sailboat, sand clock.
Harper Stanhope is the therapist to meet and greet with Juliet.  Juliet doesn't want Harper to take this the wrong way, but she feels she doesn’t need therapy; Harper suggests they call it talking instead of therapy.
Harper-"Let's talk. So you've been here a week. And what's your least favorite part so far?"
Juliet shares she feels like a celebrity; all eyes are on her.  Harper reveals Juliet is big news right now. Juliet, being the center of attention makes her feel isolated and alone.
Harper makes it known to Juliet that all eyes may be on her, but she’s not a celebrity, "You’re no different than anyone here."
A mustached Tom knocks on the door, "Ben would like to see the Doc."
Harper-"She’s all yours, Tom."
Harper welcomes Juliet to the Island.

People are in their front yards of the barracks milling around and doing chores. Everyone watches Juliet’s every move with excitement. Tom tells Juliet that Harper is a piece of work, "But you give her a week, she’ll have you crying about your daddy. I’m speaking from personal experience here."

Tom leads her to a front porch where Ben is waiting with flowers to welcome her. This is her new home. Ben tells her she’s there to help them with some very important research so they pulled out all the stops. Two bedrooms, two baths, washer, dryer, fresh linens, a well stocked fridge and he knows she loves the opera. He has hooked her up with all the classics on CD. Juliet says it’s amazing but shouldn’t have gone to all the trouble as she’ll only be there for six months. {Yeah, right.}
Ben wanted it to feel at home.
{Flash Whoosh}
It's night on the beach. 
Juliet is putting up a bamboo post for her tent and Sun helps her steady the pole. Sun asks her why she’s doing that as they are about to be leave this island. Juliet feels they still need a place to sleep. Jin pets Vincent. Jack asks Juliet if she’s seen Charlotte and Faraday, all their stuffs gone.
She hasn’t seen them but asks Jack if he still has the SAT phone. {Jack seems to shake his head no.} Jin, in Korean, says he saw them go into the jungle. Sun and Jin continue to  converse in Korean.  Jin didn’t say anything about the two earlier to anyone because Jack said "They are friends."
Sun wonders, "Aren’t they?"
Jack leads Juliet, Jin and Sun with their torches in to the jungle. They’ll fan out to cover more ground.
Jack-"If you cut their trail, call out to me, I’ll come to you."    {Trail-trial}
It starts to rain. {Tracking in the rain.} Jin and Sun stay together while Juliet goes off on her own.
Juliet hears whispers. Out of nowhere Harper standing in front of her. "Hello Juliet. Long time, no see."  
Harper claims to be there to deliver a message from Ben. "The two people you're looking for, Faraday and Lewis... they're headed to the Tempest. And if they figure out how to deploy that gas... then everyone on this island is going to die."   {oooh-aaah}
Juliet asks why she doesn’t stop them.  Harper says Ben wants "her" to go. Even though he’s a prisoner, Ben is exactly where he wants to be. Harper instructs Juliet to kill them "by pointing the gun and pulling the trigger."
"Hey!" It’s Jack with a gun. {He can see her too!}
Harper informs Jack, "I’m an old friend of Juliet’s. I just told her where the people you are looking for are headed. Maybe you and your gun can go too."
They hear whispers; Jack looks around and Harper is gone; disappeared. {No one friggin asks where she went!}
{Flash Whoosh}
Juliet is sitting on the floor crying in a lab. She hears noise. A man/Goodwin is looking for some gauze in another room filled with boxes. {Tissue box behind him. One second has nothing, the next ’Tissue’ is written on it, and shipping labels!}
He has a burn on his left arm.  The man says he works over at the power station; he pressed against a transformer.  He looks at her, "You’re Burke. The baby doctor?" {Doesn’t he know for sure who she is?! Come on!} He heard they lost Henrietta this morning.
Juliet was brought there to fix the pregnant women dying issue they claim to have.
The man-"Believe me, nobody expects you to fix it overnightYou have anyone to talk to? Any friends here? Maybe Harper." 
Juliet-"Harper hates me. We only talk because we have to. I get the feeling that she is a mean... and spiteful person."  
The man reveals he is married to Harper.   
He shares with Juliet that he knows "This place can wear on you, so if you need to talk I’m around."   
Juliet makes a deal with the man, "If you promise not to tell your wife what I said about her, I won’t tell anyone that you lied about how you hurt your arm. I know a chemical burn when I see one."  {It looks like a tattoo gone wrong, if you ask me! Lol}
The man gives her the ol "STING" finger to the nose gesture, says she’s got a deal. Before he walks out the door he says, "By the way, I’m Goodwin."
{Flash Whoosh}
Jack and Juliet trek in dark the rain. Juliet tells Jack it’s safer for him if she doesn’t talk about The Tempest; but she tells him anyway. It’s an electrical station that powers the island. Jack wants her to open up to him; now is the time to do it.   
Juliet- "What I need is for you to help me. Will you help me? {Jack just looks at the ground} If we move all night maybe we can still catch them.Thank you."
It's daylight by the stream
Dan looks at a map to The Tempest and asks Charlotte what happens if he can’t do it.  Supportive Charlotte knows he can do this.
Kate stumbles upon them. Charlotte pulls her gun on her. Dan tells Charlotte it’s okay; it’s Kate.
Kate fills her water bottle and reveals to them ’they’ have Miles and he’s being treated fine. Kate mentions that she thought they were with Jack at the beach, "What are you guys doing out here?"   
Charlotte lies and says Jack was trying to communicate with Sayid and Desmond on the freighter and the SAT phone ran out of juice so they volunteered to get spare SAT batteries out of the pack. Dan threw his pack out of the chopper
Kate sees the SAT phone is working and is in Dan’s pack; she wants to take a look.  While she looks through the black bag she discovers gas masks.  Charlotte knocks out Kate.

Jack asks Juliet what that woman’s name was. Juliet explains Harper was her therapist.
Jack is surprised they have therapists.
Juliet- "It’s very stressful being an Other, Jack."
Jack-"She seemed kind a hostile even for a therapist." 
Jack mentions things in his past and them being read about in his file.
Juliet- "Trust me, Jack. You don’t want to see my file."
{Flash Whoosh}
Juliet is looking through a microscope while Ben looks adoringly at her.  Juliet’s trying to figure out why during the 2nd trimester the pregnant women’s immune system is triggered, the white blood cell count plummets "It’s like the immune system turns on the fetus." {Could it be treating it as an alien invader?}
Ben takes a look into the microscope. Juliet apparently doesn’t like his hand too close to hers. Ben asks her about the cause.
She explains "It’s too early to tell. Only women who’ve conceived on the island does it happen to, which makes me wonder…"  
Goodwin opens the door {Juliet smiles at him} and sees Ben; says he’s there to offer Juliet Ethan’s egg salad on rye sandwich as Ethan is out sick.   Ben knows something is up with these two.  Juliet turns down the food as she already ate. Besides she has an appointment with his wife in 10 minutes.
Goodwin- "Great. Tell her I said hi."    
Ben turns down the food too. 

At her session with Harper, Juliet is asked what she thinks of Ben. {coffee}
Juliet thinks he’s very smart and intense, challenging. "He’s been really good to me."
Harper sarcastically remarks, "Of course he has. You look just like her." {WHO?!
Harper goes on, "I see you and my husband have become friendly."
Juliet thinks he’s great and helpful. Harper continues writing in her steno pad.  
Harper-"When did you start sleeping with him?"
Juliet is caught! Harper followed them! "Watched you." 
Harper-"Look, Juliet, I'm not an idiot. So just tell me. When did it start?"
Nervous Juliet-" Okay.  I'm not doing this. We're done."
Harper-"No. Please respect me enough to spare me the pretense that you are actually offended. I know. I followed you. Watched you."
Juliet whispers-"I'm sorry."
Harper-"It doesn't matter anymore. But what does matter is that you listen to me and that you believe me. And if you continue to have a relationship with Goodwin, there will be consequences. I don't want him to get hurt."
Juliet-"I would never hurt him."
Harper-"Look it, I am not talking about you. I am talking about Ben." {She did say "him", why did Harper say "you"?}
{Flash Whoosh}
Locke is cutting up a dark haired rabbit for dinner.  Claire with Aaron, wants to know what’s going on with Miles.  Apparently, not a whole lot is going on. They’re bringing him food and water until he decides to talk.
Claire-"I’d like to talk to him myself." 
John wonders why. 
Claire tells him they have to find out "who these people are and where they came from, and why they’re not interested in rescuing us."    
John wipes his bloody hands.
John-"And you don’t think I’m gonna get that out of him?"
Claire-"No. I just think we may be taking the wrong approach.  I mean you killed one, Ben shot one. Now we’re holding one prisoner.  You know, it’s not hard to understand why they might think we’re hostile. I might be a little less intimidating."
John tells her it’s not gonna happen, "You do remember what Charlie said about these people."
Claire-"All Charlie said was whose boat it isn’t. Don’t you wanna know whose boat it is?" 

Ben is reading Valis in the basement cell. {Horselover Fat.} John brings him clean clothes and dinner/rabbit.
Ben-"Rabbit, today."  
John informs him, "We’re running out of chickens."
Ben looks at the rabbit and asks, "This didn’t have a number on it, did it?"
John tells him to "Eat, change, put your laundry dishes by the door. I’ll be back to collect em in 15 minutes."
Ben asks if the revolution has begun yet. John is always intrigued by Ben’s statements.
Ben knows about John being the leader now, "I know it’s a tough position, you have to deal with all those people constantly second guessing your decisions. And it always starts out so innocently doesn’t it?  A question here, a comment there, then if you’re not careful you find you have a full blown insurrection on your hands. Believe me, your people are gonna be SO angry when they realize you still don’t have a plan."
John-"And I assume you have a plan."
Ben-"I always have a plan."  
John asks if his plan involves raising 3.2 million dollars. Ben looks stunned.   John gives him a dollar to get him started.
John again tells him to put his laundry and dishes by the door.
Ben- "I can help you John. We have shared interests."   Again as John is closing the door on a speaking Ben, Ben manages to get him to keep the door open.
Ben- "Or at least a common enemy."
John-"That would be our friends on the freighter."
Ben-"Not them. The one they work for. Let me outta here. Give me some semblance of freedom. Let me sleep in a bed and eat with utensils. And I give you my word I’ll tell you everything you want to know about the..."
John-"Yeah, but see, there's the problem. I don't trust your word."
Ben-"All right then. I guess I’ll have to show you."

Juliet emerges from under the water. She and Goodwin are having a picnic. He swiped the wine off the sub. Goodwin wishes they didn’t have to be so private as he’s been sleeping on the couch for a year.   Juliet doesn’t think it’s a good idea to tell Harper.  Ben wouldn’t like it.  She’s worried about Ben because he has a crush on her. Everyone knows; he follows her around like a puppy.
Goodwin-"A little less than a kilometer from here he has me working with chemicals that can kill every man woman and child on this island if I flip the wrong switch. Trust me. Ben has enough on his plate the last thing he cares about it you and me."  
She gets the feeling Ben would be upset.
Goodwin-"What’s Ben gonna do?"
Oceanic flight 815 breaks up over head.  Everyone comes running out of their barracks homes, yet everyone is calm.  Ben gives his instructions to Goodwin and Ethan to integrate with survivors.  Juliet and Harper look at each other, they know something is up. {Is this the same crash day, or a different time? I just asking! Eye color}
{Flash Whoosh}
Jack and Juliet arrive at the stream.
Jack-"Something’s wrong. We should have caught up with them by now."
Juliet comments about these people stepping out of a helicopter
Jack comes upon knocked out Kate. Juliet goes to get her water.
Jack tends to Kate's head wound and informs Kate That Charlotte and Dan disappeared out of camp last night. "We've been trying to catch up with them."   They were headed to some sort of power station.  Kate reveals Faraday and Charlotte had gas masks. Of course, Juliet has gone off on her own. 

At the barracks John has hands tied Ben in house/kitchen.
John-"All right. No tricks. You’re not leading me out into the jungle so you can disappear, or shoot me in the back."  {He can disappear too! Terrific! Transform too? Is this even Ben?}
Ben-"No tricks, John. We don’t even have to leave the living room."   {HA!
Ben makes sure they have a "deal".   
Ben tries to assure John he’s not going to run off.  His people "…would have stormed this camp long ago." 
Ben tells him it’s behind that picture. 36-15-28 is the combination.
John opens the white wall safe w/black dial/numbers and removes a VHS tape labeled Red Sox in red. Ben tells him he taped over the game. {Yeah right}
They watch the tape.
Ben explains this is Charles Widmore, the man whose boat is parked off shore, the man whose been trying to find the island. {Warehouse} There’s a man in a blindfold, who is one of Ben’s people who had the misfortune of getting caught.  Ben says he doesn’t know how Widmore knows about the island.
Ben-"Three months ago in Gainsville Fl, the Virgin Mary seemed to appear in a patch of mold on the side of an old housing complex when the word got out over 5,000 people came to see her face for themselves. You survived an airline crash on this island, one minute you’re in a wheelchair the next minute you’re doing jumping jacksIf 5,000 people came out to see a piece of mold, how many people do you think would come here to see you?"   
Widmore is beating up the blindfold guy.  
Ben says Widmore wants to exploit this island and will do everything in his power to posses it
We see Widmore make eye contact with the camera for a second, then static.
Ben gives John a red file about Charles Widmore. Some of its vague, guess work, some concrete. {In other words, Bullshit!} 
Ben’s apologizes for not telling him this sooner, but it was the only bargaining chip he had left.  John wants to know who the man on the boat is. {Ben seems like, ’I just told you this big story, why do you still want an answer to that question’}
Ben-"All right. But you might want to sit down."

Kate is tracking Juliet.  She tells Jack she stayed at Locke’s to find out if the people on the boat knew about her and what she did. And they do.
Juliet arrives at the Tempest.  She open the door and drops her bag on the ground.  Armed with her gun, she goes on the hunt for the two boat people.
{Flash Whoosh}
Excited Ben invites Juliet in. She’s come bearing dinner rolls for a dinner party. She assumed it was a party, not a romantic dinner, as Ben has planned. He’s cooked a ham. She asks how he’s feeling.
Ben-"Never better."   
He’s very excited to have her there. {red plates, opera} Ben thanks her for how wonderful she’s been with Zack and Emma. Juliet’s concerned because the children keep asking for their mom in L.A. .
Ben-"They’ll stop asking in time."
Juliet-"They’re children. Do they really belong here?"
Ben-"If they’re on the list, Juliet. Who are we to question who’s on the list and who’s not?"
Juliet asks, now that they have everyone on this list from the tail section, what about Goodwin; he’s been undercover for 3 weeks?
Ben explains Goodwin is making a case for Ana Lucia. He thinks she’d be a valuable member of our society but Ben doesn’t see it.  He says Goodwin feels very passionately about her.
Juliet-"After losing Ethan it’s a risk."   
Ben promises Goodwin’s assignment will be over soon.
{No Flash Whoosh}
At The Tempest
A woman’s computer voice announcing the computer is switching to manual operation; an unauthorized attempt…
Warning. Manual entry override denied.
{Error messages flash on the screen, someone is entering commands}
Warning. Manual entry override denied. Repeated attempts to access storage tanks will result in contamination.
The alarm is blaring.
Juliet finds Dan wearing hazard gear. Dan’s at the computer trying to override it. Juliet pulls the gun on him.
Dan-"Juliet. What are you doing here?"  
Dan can’t stop what he’s doing.
Final Warning...1 minute to contamination.
Juliet pulls his mask off, "You wanna release the gas you’ll die with the rest of us."
Dan tells her he’s not trying to release it, he’s trying to render it inert. He wants to make it safe.
Charlotte starts fighting with Juliet.
Warning. Contamination Imminent Evacuate Immediately.
While they battle it out Dan continues to work on the computer. Juliet demands Charlotte to make Dan stop.
Charlotte explains they’re trying to disable it before he can use it against ’us’, "Juliet, look me in the eye and tell me you are certain that Benjamin Linus wouldn’t use this gas to kill everyone on this island!" 
They know he’s used it before so Charlotte feels Juliet would have to shoot them both to stop them.
The countdown…5….4…3…2….The system appears to reset and everything’s secure. Juliet is relieved. That was a close one. {Why didn't they just shut it off with the Emergency Switch?!}
{Flash Whoosh}
Juliet looks over Shepherds file. Mikhail dropped it off.  Ben comes in to talk. Juliet shares with him that Shepherd is a spinal surgeon with extensive experience in tumor removal
Ben, unimpressed-"How bout that."    
She thought he’d be more excited. Ben seems to  have other things on his mind and needs her to go with him.
Ben-"After our last raid on the tail section survivors they ran off, left the beach. I sent Pickett and Tom to track their location and they came across this. I’m sorry, Juliet."  
He presents Goodwin’s dead speared body. {Flies} Juliet is very upset. Ben assumes they found out he wasn’t one of them. There weren’t any witnesses. Juliet asks why he brought her there.
Ben- "What you mean instead of his wife?" {He knows}
Juliet-"You knew this would happen. You sent him out here because you knew this would happen. You wanted this. You wanted him to die. Why?’’
Ben-"Why? You’re asking me why? After everything I did to get you here. After everything I’ve done to keep you here, how can you possibly not understand, THAT YOU’RE MINE." {I don’t think we’ve seen Ben so worked up
He calmly tells her to take all the time she needs.
{Flash Whoosh}
Juliet and Charlotte meet up with Jack and Kate/gun outside the Tempest. Juliet tells them "They’re on our side."  
Kate begs to differ as Charlotte knocked her unconscious. Charlotte will be happy to show Kate that Daniel is in there securing the facility and explain how they just saved her life! Untrusting Kate wants to be shown.
Jack-"I’ll take their word for it." {WTF?!!} Get ready…Cause now, I’m gonna fuckin get sick!... Jack tenderly looks at Juliet’s cut on her head. She shares that "He wanted me to kill them. Ben. He told me to kill both of them."
Jack wonders how Ben told her anything.
Juliet-"I don’t know. But he knew how to get to me. And he knew where they were going and what they were doing. Don’t you understand these people came here to wage war against Ben. And Ben’s gonna win, Jack. And when he does you don’t wanna be anywhere near me."  
Why? You ask…  "Because he thinks that I’m his. And he knows how I feel about you." 
MUST I?! Then there’s the kissing! Son of a bitch!
Jack-"He knows where to find me."   {Hint=Beach}

Hugo and James play horse shoes.
James is good but Hurley gets ringers, "I guess I’m just lucky."
They see a happy go lucky Ben with folded laundry pass by to go home.
Ben waves, "See you guys at dinner."

The Other Woman is a great episode! When I saw The TEMPEST, my first thought....Star Wars/Return of the Jedi, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca. They shot their way into a similar entrance! But there’s much more of a Star Wars feel running through this episode.
Things feel wrong in this episode. Of course things feel wrong a lot of the time. lol

Things to note…Questions to ask...
* Can Ben disappear, transform or slip under doors like a cockroach? Hmmmm. Who else can do those things? And How? Wink, wink!! YEP.
* Ben mentions fresh linens to Juliet. Did she not have fresh linens before? Where was she staying…the beach?
* Hostile. Transformer. Smoke Monster. The "A" word.
* Even "Vincent" looks different. 
* Zen garden, waves, balance (dark/light).   A journey... Path to enlightenment.  
* People would want to come to the island to see John…Why-can he transform/morph? Is he ageless? Is he from somewhere else? Was he immaculately conceived?  Special!
* They don’t even have to leave the living room for Ben to play a trick!
* Little quiet, intelligent, timid Juliet has an affair with a married man. A man who is her own therapist’s husband! Shouldn’t she know better? Isn’t the island a little small to pull off an affair?
* Laundry…."Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh?" LOL!
* Revolution. Boston Tea Party.
* Juliet gets a washer and dryer yet Kate & Claire hang/air their laundry at her house in the barracks.
* Juliet in therapy! Yeah, right, who would have guessed that. We have to keep the ties to Santa Rosa going. Mental health.  It’s stressful being an Other! Is it stressful being a native too?!  Could the "Island" adventure a form of therapy; game-like challenges and tests, to help these people find what they've lost, fix themselves or need to heal from.
* The mind/brain.   Heart-feelings.
* What is happening different with "island" conception? Or is it in the DNA?
* Goodwin is working with chemicals. Yet we’ve seen him in the Medical procedure room. Is he a doctor, scientist or researcher?  Maybe "he" plays many roles.
* Private- Military ranking.  We’ve also had references to Captain, Lieutenant, Colonel, Sergeant, Brig, Officer, etc.
* I wonder if there is anything else behind any other pictures?
* Smoke Monster posing as Harper? Could be. Why transform into Harper? Unless the ’smoke monster’ is there to trigger a certain action from Juliet.  Or maybe the smoke monster wants to manipulate the Jack/Juliet situation one way or the other.
* I wonder how many times we see the smoke monster and assume it’s one of the Losties or Others.
* The Red Socks. A hint to Christian and Jack.
* Safe. Box. Locke.
* Ben is very jealous of Juliet’s and Goodwin’s relationship.  Are we led to believe that Ben amped up the "arrival" of flight 815.  He knew putting Goodwin in a certain situation would take Goodwin out of the picture.
* And how come Ben wasn’t jumping up and down when a ’spinal surgeon’ was available to him?
* Harper’s degree has a HANSO logo on it.
* They’re running out of chicken! Why? The rabbit wasn’t white! Did it have a number on it? Is that a hint to Ben not really killing the bunny with Sawyer? Or a hint to The Orchid?  Why couldn’t we be taken to the damn Orchid already?!
* Why is Goodwin, a doctor, lying to another doctor about how he got hurt?
* Does Juliet and Jack have history? Do I really have to discuss their kiss?
* The Lostie's at the barracks are way too comfortable there.
* War game. Chess game. GAME. Sacrifice. Deal/bargaining chip, Moves put into play. Tally on kills. Two sides.
* Why isn’t Locke asking a million questions?  Ben still gets his way.  He is the Jedi Master!  Locke doesn’t even ask him how he got footage of Widmore from the "outside world"!
* What’s with tracking in the rain? Tracking….
* Real, not real. Con. Sting.
* Waves. The Tempest Logo is a wave. Juliet's hair is wavy. Ben waves.
* Computers. Commands. Programming. Errors. Bug.
* The ’Lostie's the original Hostiles…
* Is someone or someone's father on the island trying to protect their child or keep order?
* John is the leader.

Vocabulary and Research...
* A tempest is a violent storm.
-The Tempest was a steamship of the Anchor Line. It was with the Tempest that the Anchor Line began its transatlantic service between Glasgow and New York. She sailed on February 26, 1857, with a crew and passengers of one hundred and fifty on board, and vanished without a trace.
-TEMPEST is a codename referring to investigations and studies of compromising emanations (CE).
-The Tempest is a play written by William Shakespeare.
-Tempest is the name of a powerful, 4-legged Martian Machine in the 1998 PC Game Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds.
-Tempest is the 3rd novel in the Legacy of the Force series, taking place some 40 years after the original Star Wars trilogy.
* Horseshoes is an outdoor game played between 2 people (or 2 teams of 2 people) using 6 horseshoes and 2 stakes. The game is played by the players alternating turns tossing horseshoes at stakes in the ground, which are traditionally placed 40 feet (12.19 meters) apart.  In horseshoes, there are 2 ways to score: by throwing "ringers," or by throwing the horseshoe nearest to the opposite stake. This scoring system gives rise to the popular expression "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."   The game can be traced back to ancient times. Horseshoes are made of iron.
* Molds (or moulds) include all species of microscopic fungi that grow in the form of multicellular filaments, called hyphae. In contrast, microscopic fungi that grow as single cells are called yeasts.
-Mold or mould, a kind of a framework or shape used to make an object of complementary shape from a pliable or liquid raw material.
* The Goodwin Sands are a 10-mile long sand bank in the English Channel, lying 6 miles east of   Deal in Kent, England. More than 2,000 ships are believed to have been wrecked upon them and as a result, they are marked by numerous lightships and buoys. Notable shipwrecks include the VOC ship Rooswijk, Stirling Castle and the South Goodwin Lightship.
* Valis- The title is an acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System. First book of trilogy.

The Other Woman. As far as what we are seeing on the "Island" and Juliet’s Flashes, is it safe to assume time lines?  Is the past the past and present really the present?   Or are the time lines blurred so badly that we can’t see things clearly?Everything blends into everything else on the "Island".
Remember, a man in love will fight for his woman, not matter who or what she is.

Check out my initial thoughts right after the episode at The Other Woman Ho-Ho-Ho

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don’t claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don’t need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I’ll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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