November 4, 2008


Let's talk about LOST! There's No Place Like Home. Part 3

Sayid, dressed in black, approaches a man sitting in a car outside of Santa Rosa. He asks the man for the time.
Sayid fires three shots/kills the man.
Upstairs, Sayid finds it easy to make his way undetected to Hurley's room. Hurley sits overseeing his chess board. A chair is pulled out as if his opponent had been sitting there. Sayid walks right in and informs Hurley he's not there for a visit; he wants Hurley to "come with me, somewhere safe."
Why would Hurley go anywhere with him, as he "has not seen him in like,forever."
Sayid explains circumstances have changed, "Bentham's dead…. Two days ago…They said it was suicide."
Hurley asks why they 'said' it was suicide and why is he calling him Bentham when his name is…
Sayid-"Don't say it….We're being watched."   {Really?! HA! NO SHIT!}
Hurley-"Dude. I've been having regular conversations with dead people. The last thing I need now is paranoia."
Sayid-"I just killed a man who's been perched outside this facility for the last week. I'm finding paranoia keeps me alive."
Hurley-"We're not going back, are we?"
Sayid-"No. Just somewhere safe."
But before leaving Hurley moves a chess piece on the board, "Checkmate, Mr. Eko."
Sayid looks down at the empty chair.


Sayid, looking distant for a second, as he sits on the chopper.   He asks Frank where the freighter is. Frank doesn't know; he stayed on course, but they must have it on the move again.
They only have 4-5 minutes worth of fuel left, "Unless somebody else wants to jump." {Jack?!}
Jack tells Kate as soon as they get to the boat they'll go back for him. Hurley yells out he sees the boat behind them. {Hurley's left} Jack is happy.

Bloody Keamy; his monitor is beeping. John is still trying to keep the heart beating.   John wants Ben's help.
Ben tells John it's not his problem that everyone on the boat dies. Keamy tells Ben, where ever he goes, Widmore will find him.
Ben-"Not if I find him first."
Keamy expires; the light turns red.

On the freighter, Jin sees the light turn red.
Michael tells the two to go and get everyone off the boat; they have maybe five minutes left in the tank.
Jin tells Des to go; Jin wants to stay. Michael uses the last of the Nitro.
Desmond runs up to the deck, wants to grab life jackets, ends up trying to stop the chopper from landing, "You can't land! Don't land! Go back! There's a bomb! Get away from the boat!"
And yes, Jack hears the bit about the bomb over the roar or the chopper.

Frank doesn't care what Desmond is screaming, "I'm flying on fumes. I gotta put this bird down."
Desmond-"NO! DON'T LAND!"

Michael is still freezing the battery.
Sun with Aaron, is just staring at the door.
Desmond is still trying to get the chopper passengers to understand.
Jin and Michael are doing everything they can but there's no time!
Aaron's crying.
Frank duct tapes the bullet hole. 
Jack needs to know "How long till we fly again?"
Desmond will patch the other hole were the bullet came out. {Frank tosses him a red rag.}
Sayid fuels up the chopper.
Kate stops Sun from going below to get Jin.
Kate will go, "There's no time."
Sun won't leave him.
Kate instructs her to get the baby to the chopper.
Michael taps out the last of the Nitro and Jin checks out his schematic drawing. Michael wants Jin to leave, but Jin feels that he can find

Michael tells Jin, "It's over. I'm almost out of this stuff. You are a father now. Get to your wife and get her home."  {Isn't he going to be a father, or is he one already?}
Jin thanks him and heads upstairs.

Frank starts the chopper and tells Jack, your buddy said we got five minutes; that was three minutes ago.

Jack goes after Kate. Kate tells him Jin is still inside and can't leave him behind. Jack grabs her hand, "I'm not leaving without you. We gotta get outta here now."
On the chopper is Frank, Hurley, Kate, Sun, Aaron, Jack and Desmond.
We see Jin run out of the door just as the chopper is lifting off. Sun is screaming for the chopper to "Go back, turn around!"
Jin is yelling for the chopper.
Frank won't return.
Sun screams "We have to go back!"
Michael is out of Nitro. He hears Whispers.
Christian is standing behind the C-4; he tells him "You can go now, Michael."
Michael- "Who are you?"
BOOM!!!!! The freighter is blown up!
Aaron is crying.
Sun is screaming, "Go back lower! We have to go find Jin!"
The freighter sinks below very quickly.
Jack-"Sun, there's nobody down there."
Sun- "You can't see anything from here."
Sun insists he's down there, "Turn back around!"
Jack- "He's gone."    {Check out the look Sun gives Jack.}
Jack tells Lapidus to fly them back to the island.

Sun dressed in a black and white pinstripe suit; she answers a phone call from her mother. Sun is at London bridge. {Still wears wedding ring.}
She speaks to Ji Yeon. {Mama}
Sun is leaving London tonight after some business. She stands outside a restaurant waiting to speak with Charles Widmore. Sun introduces herself to him as Sun Kwon, Mr. Paik's daughter; she's the managing director of Paik Industries. Apparently Widmore and Paik play golf together, and Paik won the last game they had. She accuses him of pretending to not know who she is.
Sun-"Yes You do know Mr. Widmore. Just like you know we've been lying all this time about where we were, and what happened to us there. You and I have common interests."
She presents her red business card to him, "When you're ready to discuss them, call me. As you know, we're not the only ones who left the Island."
Widmore takes the card and asks, "Miss Kwon, why would you want to help me?"
She turns her back on him and walks away.

Ben is still packing metal into the vault. John asks him why he killed him if he knew it would destroy the boat.
Ben-"Well John, I wasn't really thinking straight. Sometimes…good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses. I'm sure you're gonna do a much better of job of separating the two than I ever did."
Ben turns a knob on a control panel and it closes the vault doors. He turns more knobs and the machine starts up. John wants to know what he's doing.
Ben-"If I were you, I'd duck."
The vault blows a huge hole in the back wall.
Ben-"I'd better change."

Juliet is drinking a bottle of Dharma Rum as she sits looking out over the water.  Sawyer emerges from the water.
Juliet wonders, "What are you doing here?"
Sawyer-"I decided to take a dip. Whatcha celebrating?"
She is not celebrating. She draws his attention to black smoke rising from the water. It was their boat.

Ben takes a parker out of a locker; it belongs to Halliwax. He tells John he's going to somewhere cold and John isn't going with him.
John-"Yes, I am going with you."
He insists Jacob told him what to do.
Ben cuts him off, "He told you what to do, but he didn't tell you how. Because he wants me to suffer the consequences….Whoever moves the island can never come back. So I'd like you to get on the elevator, John, go back up. Richard and my people will be waiting two miles east of the Orchid… Ready willing and able, to share what they know, and then they will follow your every word. Goodbye, John"
Ben apologizes for making his life so miserable.
John-"What do I tell em to do?"
Ben-"You'll find your way, John. You always do."
They shake hands.

John approaches Richard and the rest. They are in a ditch with tents; set up for camp. They have guns and papayas. John stands above them.
The Others stop and look at John.
Richard says, "Hello John. Welcome home."
John smiles.

Ben clears out the metal from the vault and he climbs through the hole. {Sounds.} The down a wooden ladder then he breaks a layer of ice. He climbs down a frozen ladder and it breaks causing him to fall and hurt his right arm.
He lights a lantern with a match. We see Hieroglyphs. Ben's arm is bleeding. This "room" is frozen.
Ben takes hold of the wheel that is part of a much larger mechanism, looks up and says, "I hope you're happy now, Jacob."
He tries to move the wheel, but it's FROZEN. {Stuck}
Using a crowbar he breaks away some ice.
Ben pushes the wheel, working very hard! It starts to turn.

Richard, John, Others, Juliet, Sawyer and Dan with Lostie's on raft hear Hum sounds. The passengers on the chopper also seem to hear it.

Ben is still pushing the wheel.
Bright daylight is coming through where the wheel turns the sky turns bright.
Aaron cries.
Then…Island gone!
Where's the Island?
It's gone.
Jack tells Frank there's another Island close by; he could land there.
Frank-"I got news for ya Doc. There's nothing but water in every direction."
It doesn't matter, they're out of fuel. He tells them to put their life vests on; they're going in. They toss the life raft out.
The chopper crashes into the water, hard!
{P.O.V. from underwater!} Jack is underwater. We hear muffled voices, asking "Where's Jack?"
Jack swims to the surface. Kate gives Hurley the baby.
Desmond is face down in the water. "Is he breathing?"   They get him to the raft.
Jack performs CPR, saving Desmond.
Jack whispers "It's Okay. It's okay. We're alive."
They are adrift.

Kate is sleeping in her comfy bed. Creaking sounds wakes up Kate; she turns on the light.  The phone rings.   Kate answers; there's clicking. She asks who's there. She hears whispering.  A door opens and creaks.
Kate jumps up to get a gun. {Making a lot of noise doing so.}
The door is ajar to Aaron's room. Claire is sitting over him, holding his arm. {White Rabbit on door.}
Armed Kate says, "Don't you touch my son!"
Kate whispers, "Claire. How did you…"
Claire warns her,"Don't bring him back Kate. Don't you dare bring him back."
Kate bolts awake! It was a dream. She runs onto Aaron's room, cries, "I'm sorry." {1 on blanket.}

Night on the raft:
Aaron's asleep in Kate's arms; the baby is fine. It's a miracle.
Hurley can't believe Locke moved the island.
Jack-" No. he didn't."
Hurley-"Oh really, cause 1 minute it was there and the next it was gone, so, unless we like overlooked it, dude. That's exactly what he did….But, if you've got another explanation, man, I'd love to hear it."
Frank spots a big boat. Jack announces that they're gonna have to lie about everything, all of it; every moment since they crashed on the island. Frank's a bit baffled, being new to the group and all, by Jack not being overjoyed about the impending rescue. Jack says that the men on his freighter were sent there to kill them, "You said that our plane was discovered on the bottom of the ocean. Well. Someone put it there. Someone who wanted everyone to think that we're dead. So what do you thinks gonna happen to us when we tell them it wasn't our plane. What do you thinks gonna happen to the people that we left behind?"
Kate says matter of fact, "We can't pull it off." {She knows they can't.}
Jack will do the talking.
They flag the boat down.
A Portuguese man yells something to Ms. Widmore. The boat is called "SEARCHER".
There's Penny! {Coincidence?! HA!}
Desmond is shocked, "Penny?"
Desmond climbs up the ladder to Penny's arms and they kiss. {Scarf around her neck.}
Desmond whispers "I'm fine."
She claims to have found him because of his phone call,"I have a tracking station." {Again, How fucking convenient!}
Desmond-"I love you, Penny. And I'll never leave ya again."
More kissing. The men are help the Rafties up.
Desmond introduces Kate to Penny {Kate and Penny hug!} He introduces Penny to everyone else. {NO HUGGING}
Jack tells Penny they need to talk.

One week later on the SEARCHER, Hurley asks Sayid, "What's this place called?"
Hurley asks him why they are doing this, "Sailing 3,000 miles to another Island."
Sayid says it's the only way to keep them safe.

A raft is put into the water. Jack is ready to put his plan/lie into action. Frank tells Jack they'll hit land (if the wind aint too brutal) in 8-9 hours, "Just long enough to give you a nice convincing sunburn."
Jack shakes Franks hand and tells him it's been a pleasure "I hope we never see each other again."
Frank-"Roger that, Doc."
Penny hands Aaron over to Kate.
Desmond asks Jack if he's sure about this. Des feels as long as he's got Penny, he'll be fine.
Jack warns him, "Don't let him find you , Desmond…then I'll see you in another life, Brother."
Desmond- "Aye. I guess you will." {I'm sure of it!} They shake on it.

Jack says to the Rafties- "Let's go home."
The raft arrives at a fishing village. The villagers help them to the beach. Kate with Aaron, looks back to the open water.
Then Jack walks; leading them.

Bearded Jack {Band aide over right eye} drives, listening to the Pixies. He breaks into the funeral home and then breaks into the back room where the coffin is held.
There is another dead body in the room under clear plastic sheet.
The clipboard shows Body Release Form for Jeremy Bentham.
Jack opens the coffin to see inside.
Ben says Hello from behind him; startling Jack. Ben didn't mean to scare him.
Ben, dressed in black asks, "Did he tell you I was off the Island?"
Ben asks when he spoke to him and Kate.
Jack tells him, about a month ago. He goes on to say that Bentham said after Jack left the island "Some very bad things happened. And he told me that it was my fault, for leaving. And he said that I had to come back."
Ben mentions hearing that Jack was flying on passenger planes hoping that he'd crash, "It's dark, Jack. Very dark."
Ben is there to tell Jack that the "Island won't let you come alone. All of you have to go back."
Jack informs Ben he doesn't know where Sayid is and Hurley is insane; Sun blames me for...And then Kate won't even talk to him anymore.
Perhaps Ben can help him with that, "This is the way it has to be, Jack. It's the only way. You have to do it together. All of you."
Ben-"I have a few ideas."
Jack is teary eyed.
Ben-"Jack. I said all of you. We're gonna have to bring him too."
Locke/Bentham is in the coffin.

Things to note…Questions to ask...{Including bunch of things that are making me jump up and down with excitement as they are ties to major things I've hinted at.}
* Obviously the vault is not the mode of transportation to and from the "Island".   So, what is?…Submarine?
* Change.
* Remember…Ben is never entirely truthful.
* How often is the island "Moved"? Is it really "moved"?   Did Ben just hit the rewind button?
* Only Jack was meant to see "John's" body.
* John didn't move the island. At this point, John didn't "do anything"
* "The island needs you. You have to go back before it's too late." whispers on the phone to Kate.
* Ben breaks a whole in the wall of the pod that is implied by Halliwax to be used in the whole Casimir crap dished out by Dharma.
* Regular conversations with "dead" people. "Dead" people who play chess!
* The Vault was really hiding the stuck wheel.
* Chess moves. Game piece moves. Three minutes.
* Mr. Eko... Where is he?
* Aaron. Christian. 1.
* Ben yells to Jacob as if he's physically above him. Just as Jin does when he has his "Missing Pieces" temper tantrum on the golf course.
* Santa Rosa is an institute. So, they are doing research on patients.
* Desmond helped himself to get to Penny. Mission accomplished!
* Ben mentions Jack taking passenger/commercial airlines But you can't get to the island via commercial planes.
* Again I come back to, Under, Underground, Underwater. Moon pool.
* Jin-I don't think is dead.
* Where is Sayid's "Somewhere safe"?   Is it cold there too?
* Why would Kate shun "John's" funeral?   What did he do to her?
* Is the black smoke a means to transport the others around the "Island".  Hiding them?
* How would Ben pushing the wheel, get him "off the Island"?  By the way, did he speak the truth to John when he said whoever moves the "Island" can never come back? Hmmmm.
* Why would Locke be off the "Island" when he knew he never wanted to leave?
* Frank Duckett?
* How come John's the one to watch the orientation video's and never questions why the host of the video's look the same but goes by different names? I'm just asking!
* What's with Kate and Penny?
* Is John "DEAD" in the coffin or Cryo (frozen)? Is it really John?
* If the plane crash was an illusion on the "Island", or things can be faked or manipulated, couldn't the blowing up of the freighter also be?
* If the "Island" moves physically in time and space, how come Desmond is led to believe he traveled consciously not physically?  {Mind}
* If the "Island" moves in "time" then the Island would still be there, but exist in another time.
* Did the "Island" disappear for a second and then submerge underwater?
* Who is the "Him"  Claire's talking about to Kate in her dream?
* I want to mention that in the episode Man of Science, Man of Faith (I believe it is) Desmond says something like..."Be persistent. Sometimes the wheel sticks."  I found that totally cool and amazing!!!

Vocabulary and Research…
* 305- area code for South Florida. (plus a bunch of other things I noted in previous blogs.
* Institute: from the Latin word institutum meaning facility or habit; from instituere meaning build, create, raise or educate.
-An institute is a permanent organizational body created for a certain purpose. Often it is a research organization (research institute) created to do research on specific topics. An institute can also be a professional body.
-Arctic Institute Island,an island in northern Siberia.
* Paranoia- Original Greek (paranoia) simply means madness (para =outside; nous = mind) and, historically, this characterization was used to describe any delusional state. Paranoia can also be a side effect of medication or recreational drugs such as marijuana and particularly stimulants such as methamphetamine and crack cocaine.
* The Conversation, 1974, mystery thriller about audio surveillance. Harry Caul is a paranoid surveillance expert running his own company.
* Klick, a military unit of measurement.
-Click is another military term meaning one minute of arc when adjusting the sighting system on a weapon such as a rifle.
-Klick (fictional species), an alien race in the Alternity role playing game.
-Click(heart sound) a concept in cardiology.
-Clique in society.
-Click- You click a computer mouse, and click on links etc.

There's NO PLACE Like Home was an amazing season finale!
Jeremy/John visits Jack a month before.  Yet, the paper Jack reads in TTLG has the "suicide victim" as a resident of N.Y with a teenage son.  How long had this John/Jeremy been there?  If John/Jeremy had NO family or friends at all and died in N.Y., why have a wake for him in L.A.. Who put it together? Hmmm?
I think Ben used the tool of the 'dead John' as a means to coax Jack into finally getting him to realize he HAS to go back to that "Island".   Jack's not surprised or angry to see Ben.  Things with that whole funeral home scene didn't jive with me.  Can Ben still go back and forth?  He must be able to. Or maybe Ben can't get back to the "Island" without those people.   Ben, is ALWAYS in control, even here in this "off Island environment".   If John in the casket is really dead, why have Jack transport another casket back to that "Island"?!!  Hmm!?
Being "born" on and of the "Island".  What makes them special/important/different?
Remember, I still feel like they're never out of the CONTAINER/CONFINES that surround the "Islands".  I'm still holding on to the possibility of this having ties to Santa Rosa.  Can the "Island" be one big giant Greenhouse-hatchery=cultivating life- breeding, creating, molding, transforming? Literally or metaphorically?
I really feel that the references to "rabbit"  relates directly to Jack.  Jack and his trip down into the rabbit hole and other side of the looking glass.

But when all is said and done here…I still feel as I did when talking about Part 1 of this finale. That, just as Dorothy, thought she was somewhere far away, traveled back home, but in reality never really went anywhere.  She experienced her adventure while in a sleep state/unconscious/altered state of consciousness.  Eventually she wakes up.   Her family was always around her, watching over her. Same for the islanders.
There's "NO PLACE" like...HOME.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

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